Happy Easter, Peeps and Peepers


  1. Let this sink in.

  2. groannnn

  3. Happy Easter


  4. Morning, children.

  5. Happy Easter, y’all.

  6. Check out these stunning Easter eggs


  7. Ha ha! I saw Pupster’s ‘let this sink in’ comment, saw the photo, and was wondering what hidden message he wants to sink in that I am not getting.

    I am not smart.

  8. Good morning Hostages!

    Happy Easter

  9. Cyn, I think you should recommend hotels near the place of action in Phoenix. That way, people can all book in the same place and take over their bar. Requirements: has a bar, won’t throw people out for small stuff like drunken brawls.

    Also, find out a nearby full service gun range.

  10. Or a bar with a range.

  11. groannnn

  12. A Marriott would be nice for me…lots of points.

  13. Comment by Pupster on April 20, 2014 9:33 am

    *rolls up magazine*

    Bad. Bad Pupster.

  14. http://tinyurl.com/kqjk9gk

  15. He is risen. And now his minions are headed to my restaurant to eat.

    Everything is awesome.

  16. Marriott can work.

  17. http://goo.gl/x7UbBr

  18. >> Also, find out a nearby full service gun range.

    Highly recommended: http://www.scottsdalegunclub.com/

  19. Father films his daugher 1x a week from 0-14 yrs of age

    14 yrs in four minutes. Really cool.

  20. Andy, they got a nice collection of handguns. Cool.

  21. Because racism is ALWAYS in fashion, even when you objectively fall short:

    Brooke Kimbrough, an 17-year-old high school senior, always dreamed of attending the University of Michigan.

    But when she received her rejection letter in the mail this spring, Kimbrough took an unusual step: she held a news conference and rally at the campus to protest the decision.
    * * *
    “I have left the plantation to get my freedom but I am coming back for you too,” she said in a video posted by Fox 2 Detroit.

    Kimbrough says she carried a 3.6 GPA and scored a 23 out of 36 on the ACT standardized test. She applied through U-M’s early action program and was given a deferred admission decision prior to her subsequent denial. The Michigan Daily notes that her scores are below average when compared to the university’s fall 2013 class, which achieved an average GPA of a 3.85 and an average ACT score range of 29 to 33.


  22. He.Is.Risen.

    Happy Easter, all!

  23. Please refer to me from now on as “White Chocolate”.

    *holds press conference*

  24. Happy Easter everybody.

  25. Kimbrough says she carried a 3.6 GPA and scored a 23 out of 36 on the ACT standardized test.

    My first wife got wait-listed with an ACT of 27 and a GPA of 3.9, was a national honor society member, was in her high school’s regular and elite choirs, etc. The half-cubano friend she made in her freshman year got straight in with a 21 ACT and no activities. This was 1995, i.e. before the lawsuits about the AA program being counter to law, reason, and common sense. The friend struggled to complete Women’s Studies degree and basically wasted her education.

    So, in short, Jazz’s story warms my heart and fills me with joy.

  26. Also, Happy Easter. I slept from 1-5am, then from 6 to 10.

    It’s greater than 7 hours. *updates spreadsheet*

  27. This is f’in awesome – Her Majesty the King’s Guard (HMKG) from Norway during military tattoo in Oslo (Spektrum) in 2004:

  28. Because racism is ALWAYS in fashion, even when you objectively fall short:

    I hope future employers do a Google search and think twice before hiring her.

  29. Also note- GPA is detroit schools is not equal to similar GPAs elsewhere . Grade inflation, very easy classes, etc.

  30. A 23 ACT correlates to a 115 IQ, so she’s not dumb, but she’ll likely have a tough time unless UM got very easy since I went.

    Or she gets a Michelle 0bama degree.

  31. My first wife got wait-listed with an ACT of 27 and a GPA of 3.9, was a national honor society member, was in her high school’s regular and elite choirs, etc. The half-cubano friend she made in her freshman year got straight in with a 21 ACT and no activities. This was 1995, i.e. before the lawsuits about the AA program being counter to law, reason, and common sense. The friend struggled to complete Women’s Studies degree and basically wasted her education.
    I’ve probably told you this before, but my roommate for the first semester freshman year got a 19 on this ACT. Job on campus, free tutors. He studied hard, but he was learning Algebra, which we covered in 6th grade.

    A fucking 19. He got less than half of the questions right.

    But it was Illinois, so hey, racism!

  32. Happy Easter!!! The red chile on my burrito was so hot this morning, my mouth is on fire and my tummy hurts. Yay!!!

  33. The ACT to IQ correlation is pretty much dead on. That’s kind of cool.

  34. Oh, and Happy Easter!!!!

    I have no one to go to church with so I’m just going to read and drink coffee.

    Awesome book.


  35. I got a 32 on the ACT, and mine was tested at 139 when I was 12, so it’s accurate for me at least.

  36. The Bell Curve is a bitch

  37. I dunno..
    I took some graduate engineering classes at UT/Austin in my early 40’s and my GRE scored way above the SAT’s that I took when I was 15 or 16

    My Math score went from 590 (as I recall) to 800 for example
    You can’t normally go into graduate engineering with much less than 750, btw..
    My English went up to over 700

  38. I took an online IQ test a few months back and scored 145. That is where the genius category starts. So I am at the bottom rung. I am a retard among geniuses. At the genious convention, I serve water and clean the tables. When they discuss their theories, I lick the windows.

  39. I couldn’t figure out how to take the online IQ test so I watched pron instead.

  40. I took the ACT as a senior and the SAT as a junior. Per the chart they were comparable from an IQ perspective (670M 660V).

    I’m only just smart enough to be unhappy.

  41. Ok, you polytheists here’s Migdal, Mary Magdeleine’s hometown


  42. And, from a boat, the moon over the Golan and the Sea of Galilee


  43. Hmm, it’s been so long, I don’t remember my ACT score fore sure. I remember I was in the 99.5 in one part and 99.0 on another.

  44. Beautiful, TJ – thanks!

  45. One God, three persons, like a shamrock.

  46. I went to city public schools around the time the good teachers were getting the hell out of dodge as deseg was coming. My 4th and 5th grade teacher was usually too hung over or drunk to teach much of anything. Between grades 6 – 12, I had one math course, and two science classes.

    The first time I took the ACT, after a night of working late, and no sleep, I got a 16.

    After some remedial classes in college, I took it again and jumped at least 6 points. (can’t remember the exact number though it wasn’t over 25).

    Yeah, I was pretty serial once about my kid’s education.

  47. *removes ‘once’ *

  48. Though, through all the boredom, I did teach myself to draw really well.

  49. Leftover crappie and delicious, glorious, fudgie brownies, for breakfast.

    *hugs pan of brownies*

  50. Beautiful photos, TJ.

  51. Of course, Teresa
    I can’t seem to find my pics of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (where both the crucifixion and resurrection took place, of course) or even the Via Dolorosa. But here’s something rarely seen – the southwest corner of the Temple Mount under the Al-Aqsa mosque complex
    Those stones sticking out are all that remains of the huge entrance, now known as Robinson’s Gate, that Jesus would have taken to enter the Temple Mount back in the days of the Second Temple.


  52. My only pilgrimage site was one we lost in the divorce. Literally.


  53. They make the best steak in that town.

  54. I take that back, I completely forgot that we also went here:


  55. Happy Easter, cool kids.

  56. Lippy
    If you’ve never gone to Israel, you really need to go
    It’s literally breathtaking to be there in the Holy Land and see it all
    I’ve been many times and it just gets more amazing

  57. Great pics, TJ.

  58. Happy Easter to you too you silly bastard.

    *when I was in college the night before my buddy got married we paid a stripper to like on him some. Her name was “Christmas”. So standing next to him in the wedding the next evening I whispered “Merry Christmas” and he didn’t quite get what I was talking about. He whispered back ^– “well Happy Easter to you too you silly bastard.”.

    Then he said “oh”. Heh heh heh

    The preacher was so confused

  59. also they did not do the naughty

  60. TJ, I went! So lucky. Five days in Jerusalem, Ein Gheddi (sp), Masada, then Tel Aviv. It was only about 8-9 days and only scratched the surface. It was on the poor student backpacking budget :)

    There is so much more to see.

  61. TJ,
    With the news that Israel has discovered an giant offshore oil field, I am praying that they start pumping oil soon.

    You may know the old joke: some jewish guy grumbling that Moses led the jews through Arabia for so many years only to settle in the one part that does not have oil.

    So, maybe Moses was onto something after all.

  62. Tushar, I read a long detailed article about the oil discoveries and it is exciting news. They have some possibilities on dry land, too that can be fraced.

  63. Actually it’s a collection of very large gas fields, Tushar, off the coast from Haifa
    It was discovered by a consortium led by Noble Energy out of Houston
    Still not much oil in Israel, sadly..

    That’s great Lippy!
    That’s pretty good for a short trip, to go to the Dead Sea and the Judea desert.
    Tel Aviv is such a beautiful city.
    My favorite part of Israel, besides the Negev, is northern Israel and the Golan

  64. I kind of wish I’d have seen that IQ/ACT chart when I was a Junior in HS, but it probably wouldn’t have changed my tendency to zig when I should zag.

    I’m only just smart enough to be unhappy.

  65. The Golan, i.e., high ground launching pad for muslim attacks, which they must never give up, please. (I know you guys already know this, but had to say it anyway.)

  66. Wiser will appreciate this:


  67. Mensa, Camelopard

    You are so fucking smart, why are you a giraffe?

  68. TJ, correct me if I am wrong, but I think the big advantage gasoline has over NG as a transportation fuel is increased range. Well, Israel is a small country and except for their battle tanks, don’t need much range. They can easily rejigger their people and goods transportation fleet to use NG. Plus NG is a nice power plant fuel. And if they invest in the necessary facilities, they can sell LNG to Europe.

    Still pretty good.

  69. Mr. TiFW worked with the IDF on one phase of F-16 development/production, and had the opportunity to go there a few times on business trips.

    His buddies were always driving him around, showing him the sights and teaching him some rudimentary Hebrew. He’s quite the cut-up, so one day as they’re driving around, he pipes up, “Man, this guy ‘Kosher’ must be really rich – I see his name on EVERYTHING!”

    They almost drove the car off the road, they were all laughing so hard….

  70. >> So, maybe Moses was onto something after all.

    What? What the fuck did my dog do now?

  71. Thanks for the pics, TJ. Been there too, you brought back some good memories.

    Happy Easter to all!

  72. Dave, after all these years, when you google image search ‘guilty puppy’ Moses still shows up as the first image.

    That dog has a lot of guilt in him.

  73. That IS Moses, right?

    People have even made sketches of him.

  74. Michael! Long time no see. Hope you are doing well.

  75. http://imgur.com/gallery/Ly5wTvZ

  76. We talked about Judas a lot on Palm Sunday at RCIA. I’d always sort of thought that Judas lost faith and decided to cash in on betrayal.

    The blood price, though, was a pittance (a good donkey cost more). The better argument I heard was that Judas sold Jesus out because he hoped to force a confrontation between Jesus and the Pharisaical priesthood, something that would provoke Jesus into using his power and authority to overthrow earthly leadership. It was the devil’s plan, and Jesus turned it inside out.

  77. Lent is over, where is Mare?

  78. Finally, the solution to New Jersey traffic.


  79. http://i.imgur.com/b5YDh66.png?1

  80. Why there is no archery at meat-ups

  81. Ya know, I think longbows may be on the approved H2 activities list.

  82. >> That dog has a lot of guilt in him.9 years later. He’s a winner.

    It will be sad to me to see that after he passes one day.

  83. Facebook now identifies 56 or so genders.

    This news will complicate this further.


  84. Oh, never mind. Insects.

  85. Dave, that is exactly the reason pets are more or less banned in my family. You have to face it. I guess parrots and tortoises would have been ok.

  86. I’ve faced it several times. It’s ok. You give them a lifetime of love and all they ask at the end is that you hold them and love them on to the end.

    It’s kind of how life is, with a compressed timeline. It helps us deal with grief and loss. What we get in return is love and relationships.

  87. I am hoping that my low carb diet works and I don’t have to come to the Arizona meatup like this:

  88. I hope that guy doesn’t sit next to me.

    I climbed back up to 218.. shaved off 10 since Feb. Working to get my fat ass under 195

  89. Tushar

    There’s well over a million species of insects; anything is possible

  90. So…what you’re saying is that Judas was just misunderstood?

  91. I got up to 177 but now I’m back to 171.

    Mind you, I’m only 3 feet tall and composed almost entirely of felt.

  92. MJ, you have what they call muscles all over your body. I just have one rather large and thick one, between my ….. ears. Thats why you ate ok at 177.

  93. I don’t even want to know what he ate ok at 177

  94. http://imgur.com/gallery/YnOxKEg

  95. You know what would be a really good idea?

    Diet bag of dicks.

    There’s a ton of people who seem to eating a bag of dicks lately. Why not make a diet version?

  96. Both daughters visited today.

    No blood. Close.

  97. Anyone looking for 22LR ammo can find it at Palmetto State Armory with free shipping over $100.


    It’s about the same price as Walmart has for it if you get the free shipping. With warmer weather I may actually get to the range.

  98. Dave

    THESE are big hornets..


  99. Laura and Cyn confront each other at the Phoenix meatup:

  100. Comment by MJ on April 20, 2014 5:15 pm
    There’s a ton of people who seem to eating a bag of dicks lately. Why not make a diet version?

    You can find it in the finer truck stop restrooms around Provincetown.

  101. I’ve often wondered if Bea Arthur preferred the company of women.

    Now I’m wondering about Angela Lansbury too.

  102. You can find it in the finer truck stop restrooms around Provincetown.
    I’d expect you to know.

  103. I’d expect you to know.

    Your dad was an excellent tutor.

  104. So…what you’re saying is that Judas was just misunderstood?

    No, I just never really understood his motives. Doubt probably played a part, I just no longer think it was about the money. He still did a bad thing for the wrong reasons and then felt such remorse about it afterward that he hung himself.

    And then became Dracula. I’m pretty sure on that one.

  105. Your dad was an excellent tutor.
    You’re a tutor? I thought you just wore a cod piece at the rest stop.

  106. And Pontius Pilate went on and became a fitness instructor.

  107. Greetings, people who are keen on Jesus.

  108. A Møøse once bit my sister…

  109. I’ll kill the first people to link to mooseknuckle.

  110. Oh my God…

  111. You’re a tutor? I thought you just wore a cod piece at the rest stop.

    No, I only wear the codpiece when I’m among the Sword-Carrying Alcoholics.

  112. Easter Bunny Kate for everyone!


  113. Mooseknuckle just for Xbrad


  114. Mooseknuckle killed it.

  115. Ok, I found a moose knuckle. What is the big deal?

  116. Work sucked. Sucked worse for the cashier who took in $700 in fake twenties.

  117. How bad were the fakes, Scott?

  118. Damn, just a few inches.

    Do you hear this phrase a lot?

  119. They looked pretty good, but the paper felt wrong and there was no security strip in them.

    He tried earlier in the day and got shot down.

  120. Do you hear this phrase a lot?


  121. I’d love to see that lying son of a bitch fly over the center field fence

  122. Scott, before I came to US, in 1998 I went to Philippines for a couple of months. Most all big retail places would have Forex counters where they would take US currency along with major world currencies. They had a little machine (maybe with an ultraviolet light source? Not sure), and they would pass every currency note through that.

    I am sure technology has changed a lot since. It should not be difficult to cobble together a $200 machine that can quickly spot a fake. US retailers should get together and Git R Done.

  123. >>>The lawsuit against the engineer has already been filed.

    In this day and age I really don’t know whether you’re joking or not.

  124. The IRS audit of the engineer has already been filed.


  125. Sometimes I see the cashier take out a pen (looks like a highlighter) and make a swipe across the bill. I have no idea what they are looking for.

  126. The ink from the pen is supposed to show up as a certain color when you mark a real bill with it, roamy. I’m not sure how reliable they are.

  127. It’s a chemical pen, checks the paper and ink. Mrs. Pupster had a false positive at a Giant Eagle from an inexperienced clerk, and has never used cash for groceries since. She was embarrassed and humiliated for no reason, the bill was good.

  128. I work in a store where we have always used a counterfeit detector pen to check banknotes? Do these counterfeit detection pens work?

    The best way to determine whether a banknote is genuine is to rely on the security features in the note. Counterfeit detection pens are not always accurate and may give you false results, which is why we recommend relying on security features such as the watermark and security thread. To learn about these and other security features in genuine U.S. currency, visit the U.S. Currency section of the website or explore the interactive notes.


  129. Spring is not easy for some.

  130. I’m going to go ahead and apologize now for the NASA press release tomorrow for Earth Day that has my name associated with it.

  131. Roamy, be more careful please. Don’t create any links between work and online life.

  132. I want to get one of those counterfeit pens and check the $ I get back from the cashier, just to piss ’em off.

  133. I tried to change a $100 bill at a bank once, and they wouldn’t do it. This indicates to me that even a bank can’t tell is a bill is counterfeit or genuine.

  134. Maybe you should have taken your mask and gloves off first.

  135. Those pens are pretty worthless. They show a “good bill” when assholes bleach a $5 and print a $20 on it, as it is on good paper. There were folks in my neighborhood passing $100 bills that were printed on $5s. They got my liquor-store and the local Safeway. Lots of stores now have a little ‘black-light’ under the counter, as the seal has special ink that reacts to it. The laser-printer bills won’t do it…

  136. Tushar, a little late for that since I started blogging at XBrad’s.

  137. Sure, but you don’t want to be outed as the person who did not treat Earth Day propaganda as gospel truth.

  138. They know I don’t believe in global warming, so Earth Day is not a stretch.

  139. I respect and love the Earth. That’s why I don’t pour used motor oil into the soil or dispose of industrial heavy metals in the woods.

    Pollution is bad. Gases exhaled by every animal, plant, and internal combustion engine on the planet aren’t pollution.

  140. I think pups clued me into that link

  141. MMM at 602am. G’night, folks.

  142. OMG! Dave I clearly remember watching that video when it came out. I remember the backstory too. Must be, what 7-8 years ago.
    That incomprehensible background song is actually a Bollywood number.

    Here is the song. Still incomprehensible, but the girl is hawt.

  143. Goodnight Leon.

  144. I can’t believe it’s Erf Day again.

    Seems like just yesterday.

  145. Tushar

    That is one frightening video

  146. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj878_ICHE0

  147. TJ, sure the guy looks frightening, but otherwise it is a nice video, no?

  148. Did anybody try to talk anybody else into “one last job” today?

  149. Wait… today was Earth Day too?

    *runs out to the back yard and lights up a tire*

    Whew. That was really close.

  150. Scary Brown Guy, the comprehensible song is The Baby Elephant Walk by Henry Mancini, who did all the soundtracks for the Pink Panther movies (including The Pink Panther).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OPc7MRm4Y8

  151. Dave, I know. I love that song, and the pink panther one too. I have not seen any pink panther cartoons, except the little snippets.

    I watched the pink panther movies though, both the Peter sellers one, and the Steve martin one. The movies have only a tangential relation to pink panther.

  152. The PP Movies never did much for me, but I always loved the cartoons.

  153. *denounces Cyn so hard*

  154. It was a nice video, but I’d be scared falling off the train or getting my head torn off by a tree branch or a train switch

  155. I’m still coming there but you are on fucking notice cute girl

  156. I couldn’t watch it.

  157. Not just notice, but “fucking notice”.

    Bring it.

  158. worst video ever

  159. At least he can’t fall into the ocean in Phoenix

  160. for Cyn NOBODY ELSE

  161. Dead man walking.

    That’s all I’m gonna say.

  162. I watched the video and thought the dancing on the train was really nifty and I enjoyed the dance moves and the rhythms.

    Never occurred to me that things might take a grisly turn.

  163. Every event we do in Phoenix is going to be near water. I guarantee it.

  164. He can fall in.


  165. Wait… today was Earth Day too?

    Earf Day is April 22. Today is Hitler Day.

  166. The rest of the world does not share America’s recent obsession over safety. A reasonable amount of safety conciousness, yes. Safety induced paralysis, no.

  167. SCOTT!!!

    Not you, too??

  168. Wait for it


  169. No hot Bollywood actresses were harmed during the making of this video..

  170. http://is.gd/WG9nJh

  171. I am not askert of you except my internet connection shit the bed.

    Did you do that?

  172. Easter Dinner was a 1/3# Angus burger with swiss, pastrami, and bacon.

  173. I guess Pink Floyd may have been awesome music when it came out.
    Except for Western classical symphony music, nothing really grabbed my attention. Maybe jazz, because it is so different.

  174. I’m gonna miss clicking your links, Scott. *sad face*

  175. Think of how much time it will save you.

  176. I am also not averse to country music. I liked what little I heard.

  177. Since we’re talking about slightly exotic videos, here’s Israel’s greatest singer, the late Ofra Haza singing Im Nin Alu, the Yemenite Jewish song in Arabic, English and Hebrew
    Her family were Yeminite Jews from Sanaa
    Filmed in Petra in Jordan

  178. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzJyHigCvDM

  179. Tens of seconds every year. TENNNSSSSS!


  180. Holy crap, I feel liberated already.

  181. *clicky finger twitches*

  182. Only for Cyn

  183. It’s safe. I won’t do it anymore.


  184. Uh huh

  185. Tushar

    I read that they had a country music festival in Chennai

  186. Shakes fist at sky


  187. I would never stick something like that with my kid on YouTube
    What the fuck is with these people?

  188. TJ, the ‘country’ in question in the Chennai music festival is india. I think it was a Indian folk music festival.

    I don’t think there are many people in India who have heard US country music.

  189. Tushar
    I just found this

  190. Of course, it’s mainly Anglo-Indians, like my family

  191. TJ, that is interesting. The Anglo Indian community is quite small, and it is amusing that they would take a liking to American country music.

  192. So, TJ, what genes do you have in you?

  193. 100 percent Jew
    But my dads family married into the Sassoons and several of his uncles served in the Raj
    I still have some relatives in Mumbai

  194. I mean, a Jewish guy who lives in Texas, whose lineage goes to India and all the way to David Sassoon? Very interesting.

    You don’t need the ‘A Rabbi, an Indian and an oilman walk into a bar’ joke. You could just say, TJ walks into a bar.

  195. Ah, ok.

  196. I hope you did not lose anyone in the infamous attacks in Bombay on the jewish people a few years back, along with a whole lot of Indians.

  197. I don’t think there are many people in India who have heard US country music.

    *considers moving to India*

  198. Must sleep now. G’nite folks

  199. Oh no thankfully

    But the young Chabad rabbi there in Mumbai and his wife were cousins of the Chabad rabbi here
    That was very shocking

  200. But my dads family married into the Sassoons

    Ooh La La!

  201. Goodnight Tushar

  202. I didn’t mean to kill Cyn.

    School nite.. gotta go *stupid Arizona DST*

  203. The haircare Sassoons are very distant
    They were poor Greek Jews originally, not French
    All originally came from Baghdad, including David Sassoon who was the largest businessman in India

  204. Jeans, TJ, not haircare.

    That said, when Vidal Sassoon died, I found out that he actually fought in the 1948 Israeli war for independence. I had not known that.

  205. So, TJ, what genes do you have in you?

    Mostly Rosetta’s, after one drunken night… But hey, we don’t judge.

  206. That said, when Vidal Sassoon died, I found out that he actually fought in the 1948 Israeli war for independence. I had not known that.

    He also spent part of his youth engaging in street fights against British fascists in London. He was actually kind of a badass.

  207. Yeah, the dude didn’t really fit the mold of the poncey London hairdresser.

  208. I don’t care what they may say
    I don’t care what they may derp
    I don’t care what they may say
    Jesus is just alright, oh yeah

  209. Go Pro Trombone

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