Fine, fine, fine

Good grief you people are a pain.


I’m looking at you Cyn.

So here I am, what is it that y’all are looking for?



Intellectual stimulation?

Well, you’re in the wrong damn place. I’m a Moron, so you get what you get.




  2. This is the worst post in the history of this POS blog. Good job!

  3. Hi Cyn! *double devil forks*

  4. If you’re gonna do something, especially if it’s wrong, do it right!

  5. Also, you will never get a Nobel with this POS.

  6. BREW!!! How are you daaahlink?!

    *double forks you back*

  7. Shave your back hair, Leon. I understand that’s important.

    Phone interview. Didn’t even wear pants.

  8. Are we talking one of the useless, Al Gore type Nobels? Or a real one?

  9. Lollipop Chainsaw was a pretty boring game, but the cosplay compensates nicely.

  10. Link URLs – kindly remove them and I’ll let you have a week of free shower webcam time.

  11. Heh?

  12. Dayum, pulled that last thread right out from under me. So, recommenting.

    Hello everbody. I hear there have been rumors of my nonexistence.

    Exaggerated ones.

    I had a weird experience with web ads around Christmas. I searched for a bracelet by a certain manufacturer before purchase, looking at certain specific styles.

    When I purchased, I hoofed it to a mall jewelry store (NOT previously browsed on the Web), perused the stock in person, and chose a very different style to purchase over the counter, using my debit card.

    For the next month, I kept seeing web ads for these bracelets, but only for the specific style that I actually purchased, out here in meatspace. How the hell did they connect me to that purchase?

    I’m an IT guy, and keep my system pretty clean, BTW – I don’t leave a lot of identifying trails behind me.

    Hi Rev, if’n you are there.

  13. Ok, I think that fixed it.

  14. Obligatory

  15. Well hey there, West!

  16. We’re going to be in AZ in March. When we get closer I’ll get you the dates so you can leave your blinds open maybe we can get together for lunch/dinner/whatever.

  17. Oh, West finally emerges, and it was right when the new poat came up.

  18. Hi Lips! *waves*

  19. Are you in CA now Lips? Gonna be there in March too.

  20. West is alive!
    Good to hear from you, Bro…

  21. Howdy Cyn. Lipstick I don’t believe we’ve met. Formally that is.
    *Sweeps off hat & bows low*.

  22. Ok, I think that fixed it.

    Nice work, punk. Check you email for all access shower webcam link and password.

  23. We’re going to be in AZ in March

    Outstanding! Keep me posted for sure :)

  24. Hey, Chris. Alive, Chewin gum & takin names. Still got some gum left.

  25. Hey Bcock, she told me the same thing once.

    Don’t get too torqued when you realize she’s just a tease.

  26. Cyn, I fix things, too.

  27. Aren’t they all?

  28. The ones that aren’t are the most dangerous. They take half your stuff.

  29. Just read this little factoid: for 12/1/13 to 1/21/14 there have been only 14 colder winters in Wisconsin since 1894. Can’t wait for March to get here! Oh, and thanks AlGore!

  30. And.. This poat gets 4 DeBlasios!

  31. You know Leon, I know almost no divorced people. It’s odd now that I think about it. I mean, if roughly 50% of marriages end in divorce, shouldn’t a fair number of friends be divorced?

    My sis and a friend I met through work both are, but I honestly can’t think of anyone else right now.

  32. Comment by Cyn on January 22, 2014 9:38 pm

    And don’t forget the NNR.
    Hmmm, pretty sure the NNR is violated every HHD. Are y’all sexists or something?

  33. Hiya Dad.

  34. The ones that aren’t are the most dangerous.

  35. >>>The ones that aren’t are the most dangerous.

  36. The 50% stat is a myth. The arrived at the number by taking the number of marriages in a year and the number of divorces in the same year and dividing. The number sounds astounding, though, so it stuck. The real numbers are much lower, as I understand it.

    In my family, I have about 20 cousins in my generation. 6 of us have been divorced, the rest are still married to spouse #1. At least one of the divorces was after less than a year when my cousin’s husband started hitting her. The tribunal fast-tracked her annulment, as I understand it.

  37. The Jennifer Connelly .gif made the ONT.

  38. Bcoch, my family makes up for it. Two of my brothers have been married four times. One married and divorced the same woman twice, so that’s really five for him. Both parents, my sister, two nephews, and four cousins have/had one divorce under their belts.

  39. The back is screaming for ice and meds and rest. Sweet dreams cool kids. And BC too. ;)

  40. Hi, west! Smooches, darlin’!

    So, the n00b finally popped his posting cherry, huh? Did he cry? I bet he cried. He looks like the type that would cry.

    Rub some dirt on it, n00bie; you’ll be fine.

  41. Forgot the 4 cousins on my mom’s side, all still married to spouse #1. And my sister and brother-in-law don’t seem to be at risk in the slightest. So that’s 6 divorces in a not-awful N of 25, all in Gen X/Y.

  42. Huh. I mean, I know I’m an outlier. Until my sis, the closest family member who had been divorced was a cousin. (My paternal grandmother’s nephew.)

    Just seems odd that I don’t know more who have been through it.

  43. *sniffles*

    *ignores TiFW*

  44. I take it back, my mom’s sister is divorced. But she split from her husband when I was like 2. She remarried when I was about 9. I couldn’t pick her first husband out of a lineup.

  45. My sister’s marriage and divorce pretty much taught me what to avoid and what to not put up with in a marriage. Dumbass slapped her in front of my parents, and I’m still amazed that Dad didn’t kill him.

  46. Mr Carin is a divorce.

    He married young, when he was in the military. She cheated on him, they divorced.

  47. As I understand it, the number for families where both husband and wife regularly attend religious services is very low. Some atheists like to tout studies showing a lower divorce rate among nonbelievers, but that advantage more than vanishes when you correct for practice vs stated affiliation.

  48. Hi, Rev.

    Hey, BTW, that set of 3 toys you got the nuisance for x-mas are really great. He likes ’em and they are holding up amazingly well.

    Good pick.

  49. The statistics for early marriages suck. Percentage of survival goes up after age 20 or so, and at 25 it rockets.

  50. Evening everybody!

    So I spent all day Monday traveling to Fort Hood to support training this week. There were probably six of us total from other teams that were pulled to support the exercise. Tuesday morning we were briefed by the site lead and headed out to the field. Around noon the unit still hadn’t shown up, and at about 1pm we were told to pack up and come in. It turns out that the unit decided on Thursday night to cancel training and didn’t tell anyone.

    Oh yeah, and a bunch of site leads from other sites were there, as well as the regional director.

  51. As I understand it, the number for families where both husband and wife regularly attend religious services is very low.

    I’ve seen that, too, Leon. IIRC, it was something like 2%.

  52. Well, Alex, that sounds like it sucked. May your week improve.

  53. Wasn’t 3/8Cav was it?

  54. Off to slather on the wrinkle cream and put my hair in curlers. ‘night, all.

  55. Evening, fellow Texans!

    Today was a day off from training, so I did laundry, filed a pay grievance (they’re shorting me 2K while I’m in school), studied, and am now drinking.

    It was a Good Day.

    Supposed to snow here in Houston on Friday and everyone is LOSING THEIR SHIT! Hilarious.

    If Vmax is lurking, never got your email on my g mail.

    Post your addy to me and I will try to send one to you.

  56. Phat
    You better hope it doesn’t snow
    Houstonians can’t drive in that strange white stuff
    Never saw it before..

  57. Your link didn’t display for me, xbrad.

  58. Sorry, J’ames, hotlinking the mothership is hit or miss.

  59. TJ,

    It will be fun to watch. I’m only a mile from the training center, so I have no trouble getting to work. The instructors and support staff may be another kettle of fish.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see them shut down for the day.

    Pretty sure there aren’t a whole lot of deice trucks at the airport, either. That should be a cluster.

  60. So are boobs covered or am I going to half to cut a bitch?

  61. Covered, done, and over with. Sit back and enjoy Friday!

  62. *puts away bitch cutter*


  64. Vmax,

    disregard, sent you an email.

  65. Phat, I grew up in Houston – lived there until I was 22. It snowed ONCE the entire time I was there.

    There’s a reason they’re all losing their shut.

    My advice would be to shelter in place – trust me, you’ll be safer there than on the streets…

  66. Their shit…. stupid autocorrect

  67. TiFW,

    I watched the news tonight and it was funny. Got a feeling most people aren’t going to be coming to work.

    Which is for the best if you live in a place that doesn’t have the equipment and infrastructure to deal with winter weather.

  68. It’s kind of like that Ray Bradbury (?) story about the one day every seven years when it doesn’t rain – nobody wants to go to work if they might have a chance to make a snowman with their kids.

    Granted, it will he more dirt, sticks, and pine needles than snow, but still…

  69. Looking at the forecast ground temps for tomorrow, I doubt anything will stick or freeze. If it does, Katy bar the door!

    Will be a PITA for airplanes, however. No idea where the deice pad is at IAH, pretty sure there’s not one.

  70. 4 year old left his iPad mini in a shopping cart tonight. I had both cart associates looking for it and the Mom came to help look. No luck. They did find a jacket and a 4pk of kids books.

  71. Who gives a 4 yr old an iPad Mini?

  72. Gingy and Maryann both have iPad minis.

  73. Grandparents. The Mom was quick to explain he was too young and it was a gift. I didn’t ask if it was the grandparents who let him take it to Sam’s Club and leave it in a cart :)

  74. I don’t even have an iPad, mini or regular.

  75. Ok,

    Glass of wine then off to bed.

  76. I’ve got this ‘cube o’ wine’ in the hotel room fridge. It’s maybe 6″x^6″.

    It’s an Argentinian Malbec. Label says it’s the equivalent of 4 750ml bottles. That’s some serious consolidation.

  77. I’m unwinding with box chablis.

  78. Bourbon.

    Really cheap bourbon, but at least it ain’t some fairy wine.

  79. I’d be drinking bourbon, but I have to get up early tomorrow. I’m starting to like Evan as my cheap bourbon go to.

  80. I have to get up early, but it’s only a 4 hour systems class that hopefully we can knockout in two.

    I don’t have to be smart, don’t have to fly, just have to be there.

    Will stay up late, go to class, nap, workout and study a bit.

  81. That’s 216 cu. in. of box, phat.

    According to some site on the web, 750 ml is roughly equivalent to 46 cu. in., so 4 of those would be around 184 cu in.

    Hey, I can still do word problems!

  82. Awesome,

    That’s probably what the internal bladder cubes out at.

    The wine box seems to be a very efficient way to deliver alcohol. I’m a fan.

  83. One of my Tias is coming to town and I have to get her the key and code to my other Tias house. She will be here between 5am and 10am. At least she called. (Dan had a hard time adapting to the ‘Knock and walk’ Hispanic culture. He insists everyone calls before dropping by)

  84. You can take the wine bladders out of the box and just pack a cooler with them when you are tailgating or camping.

  85. Goodnight, gentlefolk and xbrad.

  86. Here’s a thought. You *could* put down your purse, and drink bourbon.

  87. My Mom won’t marry her creepy boyfriend for insurance and money reasons. She can’t take Communion because she lives in scandal. I think it is sad that Capt and Tennille may be divorcing because of his Parkinsons and healthcare. My Mom wanted me to tell my Dad she was divorcing him on Valentine’s Day. I refused. Told her to put on her big girl panties and tell him herself. She got my bitch ex-SiL to do it for her. Then they put him in a home up here in ABQ.

  88. Where is Americano? We need to recruit some more West Coast Hostages so I don’t have to hang out with freaks and weirdos on FB and Twitter.

  89. I guess I could own the comments, but what’s the point? Moon is being bright and obnoxious. Cloudy all day, but now when a few clouds to block the moon would be welcome…nada. No clouds=cold nights. 3 dog night and I only have 2 dogs. 2 fat dogs that equal 1 medium dog if that one medium dog was a blanket stealing bed hog.

  90. Annnnnnnd now, The Derp..

  91. SOON…

  92. Annnnnnnd now, The Derp..
    The derp that can be described is not the true derp.

  93. We need to recruit some more West Coast Hostages so I don’t have to hang out with freaks and weirdos on FB and Twitter.

    There are only freaks and weirdos on the Left Coast, Hostage or otherwise.

  94. Bourbon.

    Really cheap bourbon, but at least it ain’t some fairy wine.

    You cannot ferment fairies, no matter if you add yeast or even sugar.

  95. GO just called Lippy a freak and/or weirdo.

  96. Maybe if we derp and wish and hope and pray it might come true
    Baby then there wouldn’t be a single thing we couldn’t do

  97. It arrived on time (sort of)

  98. GO just called Lippy a freak and/or weirdo.

    Takes one to know one. Besides, I’m Left Coast too.

  99. I was born in San Diego, but I really don’t consider myself a Californio. I think I was baptized at a church called Mary, Mother of the Sea, but I don’t know. All my records were burned in a fire in St Louis.

  100. TJ, Barbara Perez is my Mom’s 1st cousin. She’s running for JoP district 4 in El Paso. I think she’s the incumbent.

  101. I was born in San Diego, but I really don’t consider myself a Californio.


  102. Worst. Post. Ever.

  103. Meh, I’ve seen worse. Usually on a Friday.

    Citizenship is vogue again…
    or something-
    oh wait, what?

    ( i recognize that this article is so yesterdays news)
    bcoch – nice job; i give you a j kerry nod of approv-dis-al (i vote for you after i voted against you)

  105. -2°F
    things are lookin’ up

  106. i was listening to beck yesterday re: his cyro vat pain management treatments; i’m thinking of going for a little jog through the neighborhood nekkit, it should accomplish the same thing – right?

  107. C arin’s morning theme song:

  108. time for work

  109. nice chatting with y’all

  110. Glad you got to see us, jam!

  111. It’s a balmy -5 at our weather blog. Des Moines cancelled school, way too cold with the wind.

    I remember being late because my car wouldn’t start at -30 one morning. Had to make up the time. Lucky kids these days.

  112. You think this is a game?

  113. Wakey wakey

  114. I don’t wanna.

  115. Well, then you can just lay there for a bit longer.

    *hits snooze button for Cyn

  116. Poor pussy.

  117. It’s a balmy -5 at our weather blog. Des Moines cancelled school, way too cold with the wind.

  118. *hits snooze button for Cyn

    Thanks, Mom.

  119. *stretches, blinks*

    Whose turn is it to scrape the barnacles off my hump?

    *waves a paint scraper around*

    helooooo? Hellooooo

    *doesn’t see anybody*

    Oh come on. There were people here a minute ago.

  120. *hides underneath computer table

  121. I heard people talking. I am not imagining this.
    *looks into other rooms*

  122. Only if I get to beat the dog.

  123. How cold is it today, MJ?

  124. We have warmed to 6

  125. 4 here

  126. People in New Hampshire are stealing firewood.

  127. Jam, I’ve read up a bit on cold exposure. It’s basically a mild hormetic stressor, and it’s pretty simple to implement by just taking a cold shower now and then. I find it helps my workout recovery.

    I also won’t be doing any until Spring. Because fuck that.

  128. I hear there are going to be propane shortages.

  129. 39 for the morning walk.

    I broke out my new North Face jacket. It worked.

  130. Yeah, wait until there’s snow on the ground and it’s freezing out to get propane.

    Good plan!

    I see Car in is watching the same news channel that I did this morning.

  131. J’ames, i have to buy propane throughout the winter. Every five or six weeks, basically.

  132. Looks like Dave may be getting snow tonight – it’s supposedly going to pass south of the DFW area.

    Texas weather is weird…..

  133. I don’t watch any news in the morning. Mr car in heard it on NPR the other day.

    I watch the 6 pm news thing on fox, and the Chris Wallace show on Sunday. Sometimes I’ll catch the five, but that’s not really “news”.

    I can’t stand news shows. Repeating the same thing. Not enough detail. Drives me nuts. I *hate* those news crawl things they all do now.

  134. I was referring to the news story I saw this morning, not to you in particular. Guy had a HUGE tank, and deliveries are slow.

  135. 39 would feel really good this morning.

  136. I have no idea if I’ll stay in Charlotte, but my guess is that I’ll live in a cold environment again.

    I love cross country skiing, so there’s that.

  137. I have no idea if I’ll stay in Charlotte, but my guess is that I’ll live in a cold environment again.

    So you’re planning on eventually remarrying?

  138. If I go move to somewhere without Winter, that’s it for me. No return.

  139. Morning, children. A balmy 14 degrees here.

  140. A few years back a crowd of lost cross-country skiers came through our yard. They came out of the woods out back, to the suburban road out front.

    There actually is a lot of wild-ish land out there by the river, but it was still a funny sight. They must have missed that left turn by Albuquerque.

  141. I don’t watch any news in the morning. Mr car in heard it on NPR the other day.
    I’m with you Car in. I’m not getting cable in NC, which if I was a liberal I would feel particularly smug about.

    Because I’m not, I’m just cheap like everyone else here.

  142. Charlotte is in a nice spot. Drive a couple hours east and you have beautiful beaches, a couple hours west and you are in the mountains.

  143. So you’re planning on eventually remarrying?
    I have no idea. What do you suggest?

  144. MJ, is that the actual beard you are having right now?

  145. You could probably swim and ski during the same weekend.

  146. I’m very sad to hear that NM can get that cold.

    *crosses off list of warm places to go to when the glaciers come*

  147. You are going to need a boat too.

    All the hip kids in NC have boats.

  148. Cold environment/marriage.

    A joke.

  149. BC just phoned it in.

    Normally it takes years to develop that skill. Good job lazy ass.

  150. I don’t really like the cold, but I do love Michigan. I’m weird that way.

    I like the change of season. And I live visiting warm places. Just never felt that I had to be somewhere warm all the time.

  151. Dave, the bar is low.

  152. Dave, the bar is low.
    Hence the header.

  153. MJ, is that the actual beard you are having right now?
    Sort of. I shave about once a week, or if I have to see people for work.

  154. Nice

  155. I think I’m looking forward to riding through the mountains the most. I’m sure there are groups that I can join, but I may just map out some routes for the weekends.

  156. I don’t really like the cold, but I do love Michigan. I’m weird that way.

    I do too. When we have mild winters this place can be heavenly. Last year and the year before were awesome weather-wise, if a bit rainy in the springtime. This is just brutal cold. Hasn’t been like this since apple was just a fruit.

  157. It had been in the 50s lately and I was already opening windows. Right now, 28 feels like 13. Stupid wind.

  158. Here’s an article about our town. HotBride has one at the Co-op, but it didn’t make it into the article. :(

  159. I hope MJ’s new house has a tiny door. I’m sure it’s hard for him to deal with the regular sized ones.

  160. Hahahahahaha

    A friend posted this on FB for me.

    HotBride commented: “Trust you to find this… What are the tiny little indentations for -must be for an Englishman wearing a kilt.”

  161. Good morning all!

    Minus 4 when I was up at 6AM, high of 14 predicted.

  162. Cool link Hotspur. I’ll talk with our Child Life workers and see about getting a couple in our hospital on the Peds Ward. There’s gotta be a UMaine art major looking for a thesis. I’ll pay for materials even.

  163. Eye exam at 1230. Time for my first exam in 8 years. Reading glasses on the menu. I’ll ask you guys some other day for the on line source for glasses someone mentioned here before.

  164. Yeah, kids love them, especially little girls. Sometimes grandmothers take their granddaughter around town to see if they can find all of them.

  165. Fairies are for fa-


    Never mind.

  166. My 10 year old was acting up the other day and I had to tell him to eat a bag of dicks. Paula told him I said eat a bag of Trix.


    “• What if I get an erection?
    It rarely happens, but when it does it’s okay and nothing to be embarrassed about. It will pass quickly. Erections happen for a lot of reasons and are not limited to sexual attraction. Yoga moves a lot of energy throughout the body and sometimes erections happen. But once we start moving, there is no way an erection could be sustained, because of the physical nature of Vinyasa Yoga.”

    Well, that’s swell

  168. My 10 year old was acting up the other day and I had to tell him to eat a bag of dicks.

    Good thing he isn’t your daughter.

  169. Cheese Blog

    For the Cheeseman’s poat.

  170. Nude yoga, pffft.
    Nude crackfat.

  171. >>>Good thing he isn’t your daughter.

    Who ever knows what the future holds?

  172. Alright, gotta get presentable for the doctor.

  173. Nude yoga? No one wants to see all of that. I don’t care HOW hot your are. Nude yoga is going to get very ugly, very quickly.

  174. I H8 restructuring. Yesterday, Sam’s eliminated 2 management positions and a few associate positions, and tomorrow we find out what is happening to Leads. Club Manager told Dan he doesn’t “Have to worry” but I’m still worried. I’m a worrier.

  175. Know how Clownifornia is supposed to be an example of Obastardcare working well?

    “Beth Kramer…
    …disabled mother of two says she’s out of medication for an autoimmune disease, she’s run out of antibiotics for a painful internal infection, and the health plan she’s paid for through the Affordable Care Act keeps sending her to doctors who say they can’t treat her because they won’t take her insurance.”

    Says the reporter, “Kramer signed up for health care under the Affordable Care Act through Covered California, the agency that is coordinating health care coverage between consumers and health insurance companies in California.”

  176. Scratch Subway off my list.

    The first lady was expected to announce Thursday that the Subway sandwich chain will spend $41 million over three years to encourage finicky young eaters to eat more food that comes out of the ground or grows on trees. The announcement was being made at a Subway shop near the White House.

    Subway will only offer a kids’ menu that mirrors federal standards for school lunches. That includes offering apples on the side and low-fat or nonfat plain milk or water as a default beverage.

  177. Our phones at work have been 70% for the pharmacy since the 1st. We have 15 lines at the switch and at any given time most of them are for the pharmacy. Vision has been busy too. People that still have vision plans lost coverage.

  178. Nude crackfat.

    Some fairly high-production-value pr0n studio filmed a movie in a crossfit box in CA awhile back because a fair number of their “actors” and “actresses” were members. Pretty sure it resulted in some discipline from corporate and I don’t know if it ever got released. I’ve only heard joking mentions of it in podcasts.

  179. Crackfat pr0n killed it?

  180. I haven’t eaten at Subway in almost 4 years now. I was retroactively boycotting.

  181. Good morning, folks! Seems the only place in Chicago that I get wifi is in the fecking hospital, where I CAN’T get phone calls, but I CAN get texts. WTF?

  182. I used to buy Ruby Red Squirt at the liquor store near my house outside of Detroit. The guys at the checkout counter called it “Rrrrrooooby Rrrrred Suh-kwerrrrrt”

  183. Subway suxs.

  184. Subway is great! No rats or cats within miles of the store!

  185. So, between prayers and medical expertise, things seem to be taking a turn for the better for my sister Emmy. I got the following message from my brother the doctor this morning, before I got to the hospital. My brother is chief resident at a hospital in TN, and he’s getting regular updates from the docs here in Chicago.

    Good morning, all. Overnight, Emily started reacting to some stimuli. At about 4 this morning, she was moving her eyes, does not open her eyelids. Nurse checked her pupils and found some reactions on the right, not on the left. It’s tough to interpret this in light of recent sedatives and her longstanding problems. At about 7, she would weakly squeeze a hand on request. That was with her left hand — Im not sure whether she can follow command on her right. She does withdraw to painful stimuli in all 4 extremities. This is pretty good news. Still not great, but the hand squeeze is hopeful. Everything else could be seen in someone with only a functioning brain stem, but response to command is a pretty big deal. They have been able to wean some blood pressure meds, and she should get her CT scan today. Hopefully, she will also get her MRI. In the meantime, it sounds as if sedatives are wearing off. It is tough to say what will happen next, but things are changing and there isn’t terrible news on the recovery front. Will update again when I talk to her doctors or when something happens. Pray hard.

    A half hour later came this:

    There is another report that she’s moving voluntarily, reaching her hand out to a visitor. Include some prayers of thanks in today’s prayers.

    I’ve got prayers of thanks for all y’all. I believe with all my heart you’re part of this good news. Thank you seems so inadequate, but, thank you.

  186. Ahhh, fuck. That last paragraph was mine, not from the text I received. I just fucked up the html.

  187. I had to use soap to shave this morning. I feel like I’m wearing someone else’s face now, someone much, much smaller than me. This sucks.

  188. That’s good news, Jazz. About your sister, not your HTML inadequacies.

    We’ll deal with those later.

  189. Fucking up HTML is just par for the course here.

    Or you’re stealing George Orwell’s schtick.

  190. GREAT news, Jazz – we’ll continue praying that not too much long-term damage was done. Sounds like she’s a fighter; that’s a good thing!

  191. And – not that our weather comes even close to what you guys up North are currently experiencing, but – dang, it’s getting cold here; temps are expected to drop throughout the day. My toesies are getting colder by the minute…..

  192. H8TML

  193. That’s ok, TiFW, we’re used to it.

    *frozen face falls off

    Uh oh.

  194. That’s good news, Jazz. About your sister, not your HTML inadequacies.

    We’ll deal with those later.

    Added to a LONG list. :-)

  195. H8 big doors. Sooo heavy.

  196. I feel like I’m wearing someone else’s face now, someone much, much smaller than me.

    But are they better looking than you is the question?

  197. But are they better looking than you is the question?

    Well, my skin is stretched taut, so there are fewer wrinkles. I’d say prolly say, “hell yes.”

  198. Well, then, I’m trying it tomorrow. Certainly can’t hurt.

  199. Great update, Jazz. I hope she continues to progress well!

    Also, try shampooing your face first to remove the oils, then shave with conditioner. Works great on my legs in the Spring.

  200. How does Cyn get away with not shaving in the Winter? She can wear shorts year round!!! MAAARRREEEEE!!!!!

  201. How does Cyn get away with not shaving in the Winter? She can wear shorts year round!!!

    I think she just braids the hair, just like under her arms.

  202. Been catching up on Breaking Bad. Just watched the end of season 4 yesterday (heh–Face Off) and dug the song they played at the end of the episode.

  203. Eye drops are in and I’m waiting for the optometrist to arrive. He poked his head in briefly and is a tight ass prig. My old optometrist left here a few years ago—should’ve found out where he is now.

  204. Drops are working…you guys are all blurry.

  205. I’ll bet I look stunning in your blurriness. Plus, you can’t see the french braids on my legs. Hawt!

  206. I had rattlesnake chorizo for lunch.

  207. How does Cyn get away with not shaving in the Winter? She can wear shorts year round!!!

    And what about at the gym?

  208. I just cleared the driveway of snow.
    19 degrees and bright sun!

    I didn’t even put on a coat.

  209. It’s kind of ironic,’ quipped Marvin Washington, 53, of Midtown as he passed by to

    ‘Everyone drops their phones and the screens break. Now, it’s happened to them.’

  210. Cyn goes to the gym? I thought she went to the gin.

  211. She doesn’t admit it, but I can’t believe everyone doesn’t secretly go to the gym.

    I bet a dozen hostages do crackfat too, you’ve just frightened them underground about admitting it.

  212. Car in, you run, do crack fat, AND you shave year round? MAARRRREEEEE!!!!

  213. Why you should be careful about trusting anything told to you by scientists:

  214. Oso, I can’t not shave if I’m at the gym.

  215. but I can’t believe everyone doesn’t secretly go to the gym.

    What can I do to convince you?

  216. I bet a dozen hostages do crackfat too, you’ve just frightened them underground about admitting it.

    Wait wait wait… your premise here is that I’m intimidating.


  217. Srsly, I’m flattered.

  218. The Gin Gym

  219. BoozeFit.

  220. Been catching up on Breaking Bad. Just watched the end of season 4 yesterday (heh–Face Off) and dug the song they played at the end of the episode.
    I downloaded the music from all five seasons. Pretty interesting stuff.

    BTW: the spoiler that I put in BBF last week wasn’t true or even truthy. I just made it up assuming no one reads the word parts anyway.

  221. Two sweatshirts = one coat.

    No soup for you!

  222. I always figured that since Car in does enough working out for at least 3-4 people, I don’t need to.

    Law of Averages and all that….

  223. Wait wait wait… your premise here is that I’m intimidating.


    We all remember what happened to that opossum.

    None of us want to turn into a Zombie.

  224. This week’s drink will feature gin. And a whole bunch of other shit.

  225. I can’t wait until you all come out of the closet.

    It’s going to be awesome when we all feel free enough that we can openly talk about wall balls, and snatches.

    Without judgment.

  226. I get a pretty consistent 3-4 workouts a week, not counting yard work.

  227. I live 1/2 a block from Planet Fitness and I walk past 2 cross fit places on my way to work. We drive our dogs to the park. I really don’t think I’ll be coming out of any closets any time soon.

  228. (it is now obvious to me that TiFW does not read my blog/workout log)

    (not that I blame her)

  229. When Oso comes out I may shed a tear.

    She’s really wearing that beard pretty well.

    (I work out 6 times a week because I love it – although one will be a pretty light cardio one)

  230. But how many snatch walls can you do?

  231. As many as I have to, MJ.

  232. Hey, I work 6 times a week too!

  233. This will brighten up your day:

  234. 6 workouts a week would mean dropping my intensity a lot and/or spending way too much time getting into/out of the gym.

  235. Also, laundry.

  236. I do crossfit twice a week. The other four workouts are of various intensity and dependent upon what I did at crossfit. If they were conditioning classes, then i’ll do more weights. If they were heavy weight ones, I’ll run more. Usually one is nothing more than 30 min on the nordic track, or a short cardio workout.

  237. I can also workout at home which helps.


  239. Anybody want to hear about gluten?

  240. Could be worse Sean, you could live in Cuba. Michael Totten’s latest:

  241. Sean – it’s 20F with snow flurries winds at 5-10 WSW. Good enough?

  242. *mixes flour and water, stirs and kneads

  243. Thank you, Chief. That sounds like good weather for just curling up by the fire with a good book. Or maybe watching a movie.

    Sedentary things is what I’m getting at here.

  244. This is one of those days I wish I had a free standing desk that I could flip over. Stupid cubical furniture.

  245. Pupster, building risers for your cubical desks is easy, and they are super-easy to flip.


  247. Car in, my son has signed up to compete in the open this year in hopes of getting to the Crossfit Games in July. He has 2 trainers working with him twice a day as well as a full college schedule. The wods he designs for us to do at the house he routinely beats me by several minutes on. This being his first year to try, we are preparing more so for the experience of, but he is quite the crosscrackfat athlete as it is. I am still too intimidated by Leon to openly admit that I am part of the chosen.

  248. Peggy, what the feck are the “deepest resources of his mind”?

    This is not a turn of phrase that I’ve heard or seen before, and it’s one that makes no sense to me. Maybe a typo/spell-check thing, but she’s a NYT writer, right?

  249. I am still too intimidated by Leon to openly admit that I am part of the chosen.

    Heaven’s Gate thought they were chosen too. But I’m sure you’re fine, they wore Nikes, not Reeboks.

  250. Nude yoga? No one wants to see all of that. I don’t care HOW hot your are. Nude yoga is going to get very ugly, very quickly.

    In the 70s they just called it “Twister”.

  251. Every time the First Lady starts nagging about healthy eating, I buy a giant burrito and a strawberry milkshake.

  252. Guess who is going to this:

    Click to access Buffalo-Trace-Experience.pdf

    *points paws at self*


  253. I don’t believe in working out.

  254. Working out is scam, Scott.

  255. Work is often a workout, and Home Depot is good for 20-25 miles of walking per week.

  256. I hope I don’t have to mix and pour 200 lbs of concrete again for a long time.

  257. Free Justin!!!

  258. 200 lbs? leon carries that to the office!

  259. Guess who is going to this:

    Your pups?

  260. 200 lbs is a lot for a dead man.

  261. I lifted 200 lbs last week.

    It took me all week, but I got it done!

  262. 200 lb is a lot to walk around carrying.

    Or did you shovel it a little at a time and now you’re whining in your plaid onesie?

  263. Had to mix it in batches and pour it into a weird hole in the walk alongside the house where the garbage cans live. Just a lot of stirring and lifting and kneeling and so on. Tiresome and dull, plus naturally extra trips to the hardware store.

  264. It’s the trips to the store that kill me.

  265. I haven’t mixed cement since the time that hobo went missing around here.

  266. You always forget something. Plus you buy more than you intended. All I wanted was a final 60 lbs bag of Quikcrete, but I also returned with another LED bulb and a countersink bit.

  267. According to new records obtained by the taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch, three separate jaunts taken by President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden during last year’s Presidents Day weekend cost at least $295,437.

    But don’t worry. Obama plans to highlight income inequality in his State of the Regime speech.

  268. Hmm, I commented earlier, but it never showed up.

    Just made my first parts with the CNC mill. I didn’t wreck it, so I’m pretty happy. :)

  269. Can we please get someone other than Ralph Lauren to design our athletes’ uniforms? Colorblind Dave would be an improvement, we just have to check the reds.

  270. Afternoon.

  271. CNC? Ooh, there be many softwares out there to control CNC milling. For example

  272. Hotspur?

  273. Today I built eight (8) of these:

  274. Today I built eight (8) of these
    Let’s ask Pepe how long it would take to mill one out of billet.

  275. Good output Jewstin!

    What’dya build today Pepe?

  276. Jewston, are you on PEDs? You only made five (5) units yesterday.

  277. Getting ready to frack a well

    Fuck you Obummer

  278. Yesterday we spent more time prepping. Today everything was ready to build.

  279. I like the PED explanation better.

  280. I’ll have an update on Em after about 8 PM or so. There are too many folks here in the room to share right now. Some not unexpected concerning news, though.

  281. If you want the real answer. . .

    *Looks left

    *Looks right

    *Checks under bed


    I was huffing the red Loctite.

  282. The wind was blowing from Colorado yesterday, so he was distracted by the munchies.

  283. (((hugs Jazz)))

  284. I miss when Colorado made sense.

  285. Can you still get a job without taking a drug test?

  286. How’s drug testing supposed to work in Colorado now?

  287. I think pot smokers are supposed to join the FSA.

  288. Just found out that NRO has gone yellow-bellied and parted ways with Mark Steyn over Mann’s fraudulent lawsuit.

    Cowards running that rag.

  289. Damn, y’all left this thing up all day?

  290. Steyn and the editor at NRO had a rather public argument this year. He’s Phil Robertson to their A&E at this point, though, so the stupid’s on their end. As usual.

  291. Damn, y’all left this thing up all day?

    We kept stepping over it and once you’ve done that with a thing more than a few times it becomes a part of the landscape.

  292. NRO, Goldberg et al are incredible pus does
    They fired Ann Coulter for nothing, tossed Derbyshire for a hard edged article on black crime and now, for some ridiculous reason, gets rid of Steyn?
    Fuck those RINO bastards

  293. Relevance wasn’t on the NRO list of things to do this decade.

  294. Pus does for pussies?
    Damn spellcheck does it again
    Plus it invents a new word..

    At least mine doesn’t confuse “people”for “Ripple”

  295. Damn, y’all left this thing up all day?

    you thought we’d help hide your shame?

  296. At least mine doesn’t confuse “people”for “Ripple”

    You can get a buzz off of Ripple.

  297. I have no problem with legalizing pot, as long as people getting public assistance are required to pass a drug test.

    Cigarettes should be part of the drug test too.

    If you can afford drugs and cigarettes, I shouldn’t have to pay for your food.

  298. My kid doesn’t do crossfit but she’s a track star (sprints, jumping) so we finally got her together with a hardassed coach and she’s really feeling the pain

  299. as long as people getting public assistance are required to pass a drug test.

    Pretty soon the test will be to make sure you have a drug habit that keeps you voting Democrat.

  300. Scott, have I told you about the Corn&Beans plan for prosperity?

  301. Can we have a drug test to get a ballot?

  302. Pro tip: the corn and beans plan can supplement natural gas production.

  303. The problem there is harvesting. I’m content to let the methane out to warm the planet and stave off the ice age.

  304. It’s a good plan Leon.

  305. I should write it up as an Op/Ed and send it to newspapers.

    A Modest Proposal For Agricultural Prosperity and Healthful Food for the Impoverished

    It’s a sure winner at the Hawkeye Cauci.

  306. Submit it to a paper around here. You will get tons of wonderful hate mail.

  307. sleet, now snow.

    winter is weird this year

  308. Did anybody tell anybody else that their favorite movie was overrated today?

  309. Yeah, that system went south of us, Dave – stay warm, buddy!

  310. Holy crow, it’s Browning’s birthday.

  311. You will get tons of wonderful hate mail.

    I do need kindling.

  312. How often do you see snow there?

  313. Fun with photoshop….

  314. Empire of Jeff is killing me in the comments at AoS:


  315. I ended up making some machined titanium clips for knives. Strangely enough, machining the clips is more involved than the other knife parts. I just sent the next program off to a friend to look over. If he says it’s okay, I’ll run it tomorrow.

    This is kind of like learning to fly a plane by remote control with 2 days of training. I’m just hoping to avoid a crash, literally.

  316. I’m still seeing red. I really get sick and tired of restaurants using SNAP cards for their businesses.

  317. You should make Dave’s next knee.

  318. leon, it was fucking hysterical. I’m glad I was there for that. He actually drops the joke and tells ace off at one point.

  319. You should make Dave’s next knee.

    I LOL’d.

  320. SNAP card in a restaurant?! We don’t go out to eat because we can’t afford it!

  321. My Uncle Tony has some recessive gene that leads to some kind of Muscular Dystrophy that is found in Northern New Mexico. He is part of a study at UNM. He is married to one of my Tia’s. I was explaining about the genetic markers and getting excited about the study while talking to Dan. Dan’s response: Inbreeding. Queue banjos. $20

  322. They use their SNAP cards to buy items for their restaurants and flea market booths. I keep a mental list of the abusers. If you report fraud, they go after the businesses not the card holders.

  323. If you find out the specific type or name of MD Oso I’d like to read more about it. There are several regional disorders I’ll never learn about. Before moving to Maine I had never heard of this one:

  324. I’ll try to be stealthy about it. I wasn’t really paying attention because I already knew about the diagnoses and I knew his son was showing symptoms.

  325. Pepe,
    I had a really hard time working with Titanium. Always wanted to gall. Did not respond well to high speed cutting. I had only worked with steel and Aluminum. Titanium kicked my butt.

  326. I saw Jumping Frenchmen of Maine open for the Everly Brothers in 1989.

  327. Stupid surrender monkeys.

    They are jumpy everywhere.

  328. >> How often do you see snow there?

    Maybe once every other year or so. I don’t remember two snows in a single winter here.. Dallas got more.

  329. Dallas gets more I meant to say.

  330. I remember more ice than snow from my 4 years in Mesquite.

  331. I was gonna say – we didn’t see any this time.

    But yeah, we see sleet/snow a little more often than the folks further south of here.

  332. I don’t remember grass.

  333. Jazz said to say “Thank you” from the bottom of his heart.- he and his family have been so touched by all of the kindness that has been shown them, and they greatly appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers ♥♥♥

  334. Tifw, has Emily’s status changed?

  335. Hillarys’ “LIST”:

    This is gonna’ be great!


  336. Did anybody tell anybody else that their favorite movie was overrated today?

    “It insists upon itself.”

  337. Mark Ruffalo has gone out of his way to make it impossible for me to watch The Avengers again.

  338. I had to weigh Ruffalo, Jackson, and Johanson against RDJ and LOKI!!!! Loki, won.

  339. Planet Hillary is a bitch..

  340. Sorry, I can’t make implants. There are guys who do custom surgical implants. Some of the teeny tiny stuff they do is amazing.

    Friend says the new program looks good, so either I’m a sooper-genius, or he’s fucking with me and waiting for the wreck to happen. I’ll find out tomorrow. :) I’m assuming he’s not going to intentionally let me crash my expensive machine.

  341. Dave, I used to get more when I lived in Dallas

    A lot more

  342. I watch it for the Iron Man suit. It’s the real hero.

  343. Leon, have u seen IM3?

  344. >> Dave, I used to get more when I lived in Dallas

    We’re still talkin about snow, right?

  345. I think that Emily is doing as well as can be expected, given all that’s happened. They still don’t know everything, and Jazz knows more of the particulars. Mostly we just talked about “general” stuff – I think he just needed to talk to a non-hospital person about things in general.

    Anyone who has had a loved one in the hospital probably knows what I mean – I’m not saying it very well, I’m afraid.

    Sometimes we all just need someone to talk TO, but not about anything earth-shattering. Just a calm voice on the other end of the phone.

    He’s going to be OK, and he is able to be there for his sister – that’s the important thing right now. There are some issues, but she’s alive, and at this point that’s more than they thought they were going to have 72 hours ago.

  346. I started to watch Iron Man 3 with my kid

    After 20 minutes of pain we quit

  347. Tifw, been there; done that. Thanks for being there for Jazz.

  348. That’s good to hear Teresa


  349. IM3 is all about the suit.

  350. That’s good to hear Teresa


  351. Thanjs is Albanian for “You’re wonderful!”

  352. Prayers for Jazz.

    My grandfather is in the hospital right now. Nothing like that 545am phone call. “Your dad needs you to get into the shop to open it up and get the schedule and the men to where they’re supposed to go. Your grandma called rescue, at your grandfather’s insistence, and they’re taking him to the hospital.”

  353. The other good thing is that his mom knows some of the folks in the Catholic diocese there, and they have been able to put him and his mom up in one of their centers, so they don’t have to worry about an expensive hotel stay.

    And they have a direct line to God, which is good :P

    They’re able to go to mass every morning before they leave for the hospital – I think that is giving them a lot of comfort.

  354. Last nights Night Terrors featured 3 foot centipedes on the side of my condo keeping me from making it home. They kept dropping and scurrying towards me. MaryAnn is still pissed at TJ. I may have kicked her a few times.

  355. Oh, gracious, BCoch – prayers for your grandfather and the rest of your family as well ♥♥♥

  356. Leon, have u seen IM3?

    Yes. I was sad that Iron Man only had a cameo.

  357. Jumping Mexicans of New Mexico.

  358. Send TJ some bags of flaming MaryAnn poo – that’ll teach him to tell those kinds of stories….

  359. Terrorizing weiner dogs is a specialty of mine

  360. BC, sorry to hear about your grandfather. You and he are in my prayers.

  361. Sorry, bud. I hope everything is ok.

    Your post still sucked harder than a million Hillaries hitting the ‘I wish I was President bong.’

  362. I appreciate all the kind words. Except for you MJ. You…….you get a big ole hug. Come here!

  363. And what did you expect? Late at night, half asleep, put it together in about 10 minutes.

  364. There’s no whining on the blog.

  365. When my mother was in a coma, I liked having her surgeons in the Sanctuary with me. Funniest thing ever was when we were in the chapel and a guy coded and the Priest called a code blue to the chapel and one of my Dr cousins was there and went to work. The Priest cancelled the code, several residents showed up anyway: None of them knew where the chapel at the VA was located.

  366. Cereal though, I hope your grandpops is doing okay.

  367. >>>There’s no whining on the blog.

    So that explains why I haven’t seen wiser in a while.

  368. Hey, BCoch, I’ve got a pretty open line to the upstairs office these days, and your granddad and fam are now included in my conversations with The Boss.


    Well, good and bad news. Em just woke up about ten minutes ago and freaked the feck out – she obviously was not digging the intubation. But, she followed directions and tracked her eyes on command, and she squeezed my hand on command before she need to be sedated again. That was super exciting. However, CT scan reveals two areas in her brain that were oxygen deprived. We don’t know how severely. She needs a MRI, but she’s not stable enough to withstand that procedure yet. Doggone girl is still breaking my heart. We’re nowhere near the end of this yet. So, it’s been a good – but trying – day.

    Again, your continued prayers are appreciated. I don’t know who makes me weep more, though – my sis for her pain, or you for your kindness and compassion. “Thank you” is starting to feel overused, so let me say “merci beaucoup” this time.

  369. *ducks to avoid the swing of the banhammer*

  370. told you it was phoned in.

    not hugging you either.

  371. Please, don’t interpret my use of French as an insult.

  372. I want to send each of you an email individually to thank you, but I’m just so exhausted right now.

  373. >>>So that explains why I haven’t seen wiser in a while.

    Fuck you very much.

    1) Glad to hear things are progressing well with your sis, Jazz. Still in my thoughts at all times for a full recovery and a positive resolution to the issues that drove her to this choice.

    2) In case anyone is interested, CAC from Ace’s will be my guest at 1pm Saturday

  374. Squeezing your hand had to be so very comforting, Jazz, and I’m glad she did that, for her and for you. Take the little wins when you can, and one day at a time. Good thoughts continuing for her and for you and your family.

  375. And also good thoughts going out to BCoch’s grandpappy

  376. Jazz,
    Hugs for you, In a totally platonic and non homo way.
    Wishing and praying for Em, and you…

  377. Intubation sucks.

  378. Jazz,

    No email required, just very glad to be in a position to help.

    My prayers are with your family.

  379. Watching the original Superman movie.

    Seriously, Supes?? Lois Lane and not Miss Tesmacher???

    You may have X-Ray vision, but you really don’t see so well….

  380. Jazz, continued Prayers for Emily and your family. Bcoch, you are my favorite Ginger. (OK, my dog is my FAVORITE Ginger, but you’re right there)

  381. Wiser,
    Anita was pretty excited about your feedback.
    She went to the local music store “Ted Browns Music”, that does sales and rental to the local high-school band kids, and rented a viola for a month to see if she could “Do This” (she plays keyboards and guitar).
    If she thinks she can pull it off, you’ve made a sale…

  382. Xbrad?

  383. Cool, Chrispy!

    Is it a rent to own program? That might not be a bad way to get a decent viola.

  384. Radiobud – what’s CAC going to be talking about?

  385. Last time I yelled at a doc was when he ripped my mom off the tube and she completely crashed.. .. Jazz.. tell the doc to wean her slow.

    It’s not the best advice but it’s what I got based on experience. Had several nurses tell me so.

  386. Polls, etc.

    Meanwhile, Larry Hagman is currently molesting an “injured” Miss Tesmacher

  387. Quit looking at my browser history, Cyn!

  388. Sounds riveting.

  389. Talking to Brandon, wiser? Did you hear him on Coffee and Markets?

  390. >>>Sounds riveting.

    He’ll be on occasionally to discuss the hot races around the country.

  391. Ha ha, that was for the Hagman comment.

  392. >>>Did you hear him on Coffee and Markets?

    No. Was he good?

  393. he’s very good at that shit wiser

  394. This hospital stuff is exhausting. Much love to everyone for your kindness, compassion, and thoughts and prayers.

  395. >>>he’s very good at that shit wiser

    I’m counting on that

  396. Yeah, you can check him out on their site. I think he was on last week.

  397. CAC knows art and astronomy and polls. And stuff.

  398. I think he had a haunt before he moved. That could be interesting.

  399. G’night Jazz – taking care of yourself is very important right now and rest is good.

  400. >>>Yeah, you can check him out on their site.

    Will listen tomorrow.

    Threw the offer out a few weeks back on the inner circle AoS group and he generously offered to be a guest.

    This radio shit is cool and getting core everyday

  401. Oooooh, Miss Tesmacher in a white dress diving into pool….

  402. I comment on CAC’s astronomy posts

    Good stuff

    I sent out his last one on Dobson out to some people from NASA

  403. I have the night shift tonight, Cyn. I’ll be in the room until 9 AM. I’m settling in. My bro just brought me a metric ass-ton of sugar and water, and craptastic au bon pain is open all night, so I can get some badass tea there. ABP’s other shit sucks, but man, I’ve gotten some great tea there over the past few days.

  404. Okay, so Supes is too slow to catch two missiles heading in opposite directions but fast enough to reverse the rotation of the Earth.

    Stupid movie….

    No more Miss Tesmacher. Time to change the channel

  405. Miss Teschmacher: Tell me something, Lex, why do so many people have to die for the crime of the century?
    Lex Luthor: Why? You ask why? Why does the phone always ring when you’re in the bathtub?

  406. Good luck Jazz. Praying she’ll be okay.

  407. CAC talking polling on the radio? How do you do giant plaid maps on the radio?

  408. You’re a rock, Jazz.

  409. Superman: you enjoy watching people die?

    Lex Luthor: No, I enjoy making them die.

  410. Wiser,
    She’s just trying to see if Viola is do-able by her, then buy one from you…

  411. English, motherfuckers.

    Do you speak it?

  412. Lex Luthor, philosopher

  413. Starts singing lame Can You Read My Mind from Superman.

  414. Your prayers are invaluable. Thank you, pepe.

  415. Scott, I may say that several times a day under my breath before I start helping non-English speakers at The Club.

  416. How do you do giant plaid maps on the radio?

    Stereo and trick mirrors.

  417. Margot Kidder was pretty cute before she had her teeth fall out and started living in dumpsters

  418. >>>Wiser,
    She’s just trying to see if Viola is do-able by her, then buy one from you…

    If I can save you money, cool, but don’t do that for me. I don’t make a penny from the sale.

    I’m happy to help. And if I can save you a few bucks, even better.

  419. What is The Club?

  420. *pictures Scott with a black afro; giggles*

  421. >>>Starts singing lame Can You Read My Mind from Superman.

    *reaches for earplugs and banhammer

  422. Sam’s Club. Our new campaign is everything is better at The Club.

  423. Lex Luthor: This is Lex Luthor. Only one thing alive with less than four legs can hear this frequency, Superman, and that’s you.

  424. Better than what?

  425. Of course everyone is waiting to see if they have a job after tomorrow and what our bonus is going to be, but at least we aren’t Kmart/Sears. Yay?

  426. You’re a rock, Jazz.

    I’ve been kind of a weepy rock, but I’ve been able to keep that shit under wraps in front of the fam for the most part. I got caught with wet eyes a little while ago when I checked my email and read messages from some of the folks here. THAT was humbling on a bunch of counts, foremost among which were embarrassment and thankfulness. Your confidence inspires and bolsters my spirits, though, GO. I’m so appreciative. ;-)

  427. Better than Walmart. Better than Costco. Just better.

  428. That sounds racist.

  429. Heh. I was in Warren, MI (home of K-Mart) when K-Mart tanked a few years ago. I was in Warren, MI when Big-Boy tanked a few years ago. Now, I’m in Chicago when Sears tanks.


    You tell me.

  430. Do I need an ID to join The Club?

  431. >>>Lex Luthor: This is Lex Luthor. Only one thing alive with less than four legs can hear this frequency, Superman, and that’s you.

    And let’s just assume Lex Luthor had a Sirius satellite back on the late 70s…

  432. Margot Kidder was pretty cute before she had her teeth fall out and started living in dumpsters

    She could have qualified for a free bamapho’.

  433. Yes. You need a govt issued ID.

  434. I saw that movie up in Taos during a geology field trip
    The theater was full of drunk Indians ( ie, Native Anericans) sleeping it off

    I thought Marlon Brando looked pretty ghey

  435. Yeah, you do Scott.

  436. Margot Kidder was pretty cute….

    Compared to Miss Tesmacher, she was nothing.

  437. Do I need an ID to join The Club?

    But not to vote. Because racism.

  438. wow it’s coming down like a snarklefucker now..

    it’s pretty

  439. I thought Marlon Brando looked pretty ghey

    I hear Marlon Brando used tuck for Rock Hudson. Just sayin’.

  440. >>>Do I need an ID to join The Club?

    First rule of the Club is…

    You don’t talk about the Club.

  441. >>>Coincidence?


    The fuck.

    Out of Connecticut

  442. TJ, drunk Indians is rayciss. Most Natives I know have an intolerance for alcohol. Like an allergy. It’s genetic.

  443. *pictures Scott with a black afro; giggles*

    Try corn rows.

  444. I first saw Valerie Perrine in Slaughterhouse 5 – a sucky movie
    and so-so book

    She was hot

  445. Snarklefucker?

  446. O M G My Dad was all Valerie Perrine and Ann-Margret.

  447. Kitten With A Whip.

  448. Dan is freaking out about tomorrow and if he’ll have a job. Checking out to be supportive and snuggle/cuddle time.

  449. Snarklefucker?

    He’s the 2016 GOP nominee.

  450. A good-luck beej would go a long way toward calming him down. Just tryin’ to help.

  451. I think GO should put up a poat.

  452. Superman: Why did… why did you kiss me first?

    Miss Teschmacher: I didn’t think you’d let me later.

  453. It isn’t March 17.

  454. I’m 7 indians!

    *dodges racism claim because I’m part native american.

  455. >>>He’s the 2016 GOP nominee.


    Couldn’t be any worse.

  456. Phat, are you on a roll? Or are u just Fauxcohontas?

  457. If I were to put up a poat it would be a Two Minute Hate.

    Three if I’m in a good mood.

  458. Three minutes is good. H8 is always good.

  459. Romy, I hope you got my email. :-)

  460. Hey Jazz, did you get any sleep? Saw your update above, she is moving in the right direction!

  461. I need a movie to watch. Any suggestions? I like scifi a lot, and I have netflix.

  462. Hey, Lipstick. Not a lot of sleep, but some. I seem to do best on about 6 hours, and I seem to be getting about 2 and a half. I feel a little beat up, but I’ll live. I think a couple more of my sibs will show up tomorrow – my bro the doctor and another sister who’s a nurse (Emmy’s a nurse, too).

  463. How many bear claws can a man eat in one sitting? I’mma give it a run.

  464. So did your part of Texas get snow, phat?

  465. Bear claws pastry or BEAR CLAWS?

  466. My sister would die if she could see the male nurse caring for her. He’s HHD material, fershur. She can hear me (so they say), so I keep saying embarrassing shit about him AND her when he’s in the room. He’s laughing it off – he’s a great sport.

  467. Weekends are the worst at hospitals – skeleton staff and none of the “auxiliary” departments are running, either. It gets eerily quiet at times.

  468. Ha, that’s good – it will give her nice dreams!

  469. Very special people, those ICU nurses.

  470. What are bear claws pastry? :D

    I actually meant Bear Claus. He’s Santa’s lesser known brother. I’ve been known to fricassee a little long pork every now and then, you know.

  471. How many bear claws can a man eat in one sitting?

    All of them.

  472. All of them.

    You are koresh, sir! For that, you earn one (1) flaming Waco.

  473. I’ve been seeing lots of Ursine H8 lately and I’m starting to get mad.

  474. Bear with us, or bear down, but don’t bare your soul.

  475. I’m not a ginger. I still have soul. I’ve got soul but I’m not a soulja

  476. hahahahahahahah I just ate a twix, a snickers, a bearclaw, and a cheese danish and washed it all down with a sprite. How long before I start tweaking and start saying, “I need TP for my bungholio!”? I’mma crash harder than Princess Di.

  477. I’m gingerish. Some folks say I’m one, and some folks say I’m strawberry blond. You don’t wanna know what I say – it’s vulgar and rude.

  478. Hahaha. Jazz is a Ginger!!! How many captured souls do you have? (I may have freckles, but I can’t see them so they are Gringo lies)

  479. Dan’s boss had a minor stroke over restructuring. I’m trying to chillax and be supportive. A part of me wants to hit Dan with a clue bat about the past fucking 5 years and TFG.

  480. Oso, you had mentioned Dan going in to have some med tests – I missed the update, if there is one yet.

  481. Not cancer. 3 months and the Dr will test again. His new primary was his parents former primary. He is amazed that my inlaws are still alive. Dr Goodluck takes his job seriously because he knows the family history.

  482. Jazz, you’re being strong for your family, as is your duty, but do please try to take a little care of yourself.

  483. Oh great, Oso, extremely glad to hear it!

    And what Xbad said, Jazz. And why the hell are you shaving with soap? The hospital must sell shaving cream or have overnight packs for family like you. Don’t make me cut a bitch. But it seems like you may be doing that job for me.

  484. Sometimes I think God looked at my genes and Dan’s genes and said
    “Oh Hell No”. In the meantime, we laugh, we love, we Pray. (I just shot myself for the BS that I just spewed)

  485. Are you intimating that bear claws and twix and snickers and danishes are NOT taking care of myself? :D

    Thank you, xbrad. :-) I will heed your advice.

    I never indulge like this, actually. I’m only doing it because my sister gave me permission. I read it in her EEG.

  486. Jazz, my Mom didn’t have a current DNR because I wouldn’t sign her DNR. Neither would my Madrina. She is still here because I wouldn’t “Pull the Plug”.

  487. This is my first night taking the night shift, Lip. I’ve been tending Mom until now, but one of my brothers had to go home today, so the schedules had to change up a bit. We’ve been staying at a retreat house connected to a Catholic parish here in the Chicago, and they don’t really provide personal grooming supplies. I could walk downstairs to the Walgreens here, tho, I bet. Good idea, Lip! Thanks!

  488. Oso, isn’t it embarrassing to realize that some ‘trite’ sayings are actually pithy and true. grrrr

  489. I eat souls like Carter eats peanuts. They’re tasty, but not very filling one at a time.

  490. Oso,

    My great grandma was full Choctaw. We also have some Comanche from the Texas side of the family tree.My uncles are in the tribe, never saw a point in joining for me. May reconsider so my kids can get a shot at scholarships.

    In other words, I’m a legit 8 Indians!

    Don’t have to fly tomorrow, just classroom stuff.

  491. I’mma snatch a cat nap. Snatch. Nap. Snatchnap.

  492. Cool, phat! Get them in on some of that sweet, sweet casino money, too!

    /Please check your email

  493. Ok, Jazz, looks like the West Coast contingent will be up with you through the night. I know those chairs in ICU aren’t the most comfortable for getting shut-eye, but do try and get some rest.

    See ya tomorrow, sweetie.

  494. Lippy, I realize daily that dichos are totes true. My favorite was my grammo’s I’m no chicken spring.

  495. No, Jazz, you seem to eat Snickers like Carter (spit) eats peanuts. :)

    Oso saved her mom’s life, very cool. My soon-to-be-ex always said he wanted the plug pulled right away if he went into a coma and I told him somewhat forcefully that I want every chance to live and wake up and two or three months is still too soon to kill me.

  496. Jazz, when my Mom was in a coma her sisters were manning the watch so I could be in AZ with my Dad in hospice. Familia.

  497. Lippy, at the time I was on Catholic autopilot.

  498. G’nite, T. Sweet dreams. Thank Mr. TiFW for me, too, please. ;-)

  499. ‘Night TiF, sleep well and next chat I want to get caught up on whether your daughter moved to England. (I dropped off the radar for a few months and missed a lot.)

  500. I do so love having heartfelt conversations with wiserdaughter.

    Being a dad is fun.

  501. Lippy, I love you. Choose life, (Starts doing a cheesy Wham dance from the early 80s)

  502. Is it irony in the air that I smell?

  503. I’ll have reinforcements tomorrow, I think. I hope. If not, I’ll hunker down. I love this girl so much. If I could, I’d take her pain myself and set her free from the agony that brought her to this point. I so wish I could.

  504. FFS. I didn’t plan on being the Hostage centrifugal force for Wiser and Wiserdaughter too.


    *sells all possessions, moves to Venezuela*

    *enjoys post-coital silence*

  506. Oh, hell, I was talking about wiser’s comment, not oso’s. Love you too!

    *dances to Careless Whisper or something

  507. Jazz, let her know that we are here for her in her recovery.

  508. Goes into creey bathroom in LA with Lippy for the horde

  509. I will, oso. She’s gonna hear ALL about y’all.

    I can’t tell if wiser was being facetious, or if he was really enjoying this dad stuff. Last wiserdaughter story I heard sounded like a prelude to a stranglin’.

  510. creepy/hs

  511. >><*sells all possessions, moves to Venezuela*

    Why does that scare me?

  512. That sounds ominous, Wiser.

  513. jazz, we have a Catholic group on FB with priests and everything. If you need the Prayer support, let me or Roamy know.

  514. I’mma lettin’ U know. I’m not on FB, but I think my mom is.

    I don’t know how to say thanks anymore without sounding like an inadequate broken record.

  515. gotta step away for a bit. they need the room for some tests on Emmy and to wash her up. bbiab.

  516. I know that you are on twitter. I just thought it was odd that there were Morons that read Ace that are priests. 3 priests. They are great.

  517. Keep us posted.

  518. Wiser? Don’t be gone cause you’re strangling someone.

  519. Rosetta really wanted to post the OFB mannequins, but that is so Dave at Garfield Ridge.

  520. >><*sells all possessions, moves to Venezuela*
    Why does that scare me?

    Perhaps instead of Connecticut you live in Venezuela.

  521. Dan is tripping about his job. G’night y’all.

  522. Goodnight Oso.

  523. Bon Chance to Dan.

  524. Jazz
    If you are at Northwestern Medical Center there are many relatively cheap eating places near you if you can stand the -20 windchill to get there

  525. Since this is BCock’s first poat, I think we should bronze it

  526. I tried to give you consolation
    When your old man had let you down.
    Like a derp, I fell in love with you,
    Turned my whole world upside down.

  527. derpity

  528. Back. I’ve been singing to Emmy as best I can. Gotta stay away from certain songs, tho. I can’t seem to get thru “You are my sunshine.” Whoever woulda thought such a dumb little ditty would kick the shit outta me?

  529. I’ve been singing this song to her. I spent 4 years in the seminary, and I can sing this in my sleep:

  530. BTW, my sister’s roommate is a fashion freak (and super, super, super hot- OMG), and she LOVES the USA Winter Olympic unis. When I dished on’m, she gave me a fashion beat-down.

  531. Good morning all!

    Busy AM then 3 days of call, ugh.

    “You are my sunshine” brought me to tears when my mom sang it to my dad at his Alzheimer’s unit so you are not alone there.

    Off to work, see you morons later.

  532. Gmorn, Jimbro. Have a good day. :-)

  533. I just poated my 44th poat on this blog. You should go see it!

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