Pinch Paisley’s Photography is Phabulous

Pinch Paisley, a retired Navy F-14 RIO, takes wildlife pics as a hobby. He’s fantastic, and even with just a camera phone, does terrific work.


Full sized original HERE.

As some of you jagholes have noted, my photography skills are a bit less developed.


  1. Looks like I need to take a curry comb to Sox.


  2. I got up at the crack of 10 am for this shit?

  3. *tapes Xbrad’s picture of a kitteh to the fridge*

  4. Let’s talk about your crack habit.`

  5. That’s old news.

    How about “Help me decide whether to sink $100 (don’t have an actual total yet) to fix something wrong with a printer that has not given me a lick of a problem for 20 years, literally, or buy something newer, shinier, and faster that will probably shit the bed in three years”.

  6. Damn. I liked that dude.

  7. (the ‘old news’ wisecrack referred to my crack habit, not Roy).

  8. I’m wondering, how much do you print? I print out about 1 page a month. (And *both* my printers were free).

  9. I really don’t want to buy a new printer considering I just shelled out to pick up one of these sweet rigs:

    And I managed to score a copy of Office 2007.

  10. Just walked 10 blocks to and from breakfast – 20°, 20mph wind, but sunny. Going was easy because the wind was at our back, but coming home was a tad brisk.

  11. My olden printer says I’ve printed 42,000. And I bought that printer barely used, summer 1994. For $200.

  12. New printers are lucky to make it a year.

  13. Printers are a scam.

  14. I own no clothing that would protect me from that kind of weather any more. Dang.

  15. The last three printers I’ve bought for the desktop are all-in-ones. They lasted three years. My workhorse is the HP LaserJet 4 plus with a mfr date of June 1994. I’ve had it longer than I’ve been married. Still works better.

  16. Marriage is a scam.

  17. Cyn, maybe search eBay for another?

  18. That’s the way I’m leaning, X.

    I have four things that could be the problem: bad batch of paper, or three components that typically fail. Need to open up the machine and check out those three then price out the components.

  19. They used to build enterprise printers to last
    I can still use my huge original Apple LaserWriter from 1985 if I needed to crank it back up
    I bought it in 1985

  20. My North Face Thermoball jacket weighs about 12 oz. and keeps me incredibly warm. And I look really sexy.

  21. I have a nice Brooks Brothers bathrobe. That’s about the full extent of my cold weather clothing inventory these days.

  22. I bet you look really sexy in your bathrobe.



  23. >> How about “Help me decide whether to sink $100 (don’t have an actual total yet) to fix something wrong with a printer that has not given me a lick of a problem for 20 years, literally, or buy something newer, shinier, and faster that will probably shit the bed in three years”.

    The money isn’t in printers it’s in consumables.

  24. also 20 year old printers have the most expensive consumables.

  25. That crossed my mind too, Dave. But… I can go about 18 months on a $40 toner cartridge.

    The newer printers? Fuggedaboutit.

  26. I look like shit in my bathrobe.

    Of course, I look like shit out of my bathrobe, so there’s that.

  27. I stockpiled a bunch of old
    toner cartridges years ago off eBay
    It’s far cheaper

    I do a lot of map printing and need specialized toners

  28. If you can spend 100 to fix it and it only costs you 40 a year and a half to run it, you just answered your question babe.


    Genetically and temperamentally, I don’t think there’s even a shadow of a chance that it would’ve ever happened. It’s nice to imagine though isn’t it nancy boy?

    Unless the son took after his mom. Then he might be a beast.

  30. Xbrad, that shot of a cat looks like you used a portrait lens, perhaps a 90 or 85mm. Pretty low on barrel distortion. Nice.

  31. ______ is a scam.

    Have at it.

  32. Stull, football is still safer than breaking into George Zimmerman’s neighbor’s house

  33. Still, playing football is still safer than breaking into George Zimmerman’s neighbor’s house

  34. Wordpuss does it again

  35. I think that’s a picture of Wordpuss at the top of the post.

  36. Cyn,
    There are several places near you that fix Laserjets. Call around. Reputable ones will tell you whether it’s worth fixing.

    We’re still rocking our HP 4550N.
    When new, it came with on-site maintenance and a free “All-In-One” inkjet, scanner/copier, and fax. We gave that one away…

  37. I’ve had good luck with Brother laser printers, monochrome. Cheap and uneventful.

  38. I love the sound of wind turbines in the morning. Sounds like… failure.

  39. George
    Each of those 1.5 MW wind turbines have a 25 percent efficiency and produce far less than an energy equivalent of 5 barrels of oil per day.
    At well over two million bucks of taxpayer subsidized cost each

    Wind power is an energy sinkhole
    It takes a tremendous amount of coal and or oil and gas energy to produce the steel for those things, usually far more than the energy it will ever produce

  40. Wind power is an energy sinkhole

    TexasJ, you say that as if it’s a bad thing. Feature, not bug in DC.

  41. BTW the same energy wasting production requirements apply to electric cars and their exotic chemistry batteries. Lots of energy input to make batteries that might go tits up in as little as five years, provided they don’t catch on fire first. Top Gear’s episode looking at the Nissan Leaf and Peugeot’s electric shitbox was quite enlightening. Cars for people who don’t have to go anywhere.

  42. Honey! I’m Home!

  43. XBrad’s cat demands respect

  44. Welcome home, MCPO.

    Though I have to say, I was disappointed you didn’t post more DG (and Violet!) pics this trip. I hope you have some in reserve.

  45. xBrad – My charge was to keep her alive. That was my first priority.

  46. Have any of you done anything useful today?

  47. Wow, Andy’s movie review is great!

  48. Took all of that Michigan/Canadian road glop off my car. Reduced the tare weight by over 100 lbs! You can actually tell it is red again!

  49. xBrad – My charge was to keep her alive. That was my first priority.

    Huh. I figured that was Herself’s job, with you along strictly as backup.

  50. >> Wind power is an energy sinkhole

    There’s a measure of energy production that’s by.. what.. square foot? Something physical. Nuclear is at the top, oil next. Wind and solar are sucking hind tit.

    Anybody? Bueller?

  51. I cleared a plate of steak and eggs, drank coffee, went to the dump…that’s about it.

  52. You guys made me recall this article:

  53. Dave
    It’s all watts converted to joules as well as average efficiency, comparing the energy equivalent of a barrel of oil ( 42 gallons) to the over touted megawattage of one of those wind turbines
    It’s all smoke and mirrors by the alternative energy crony capitalists and greenies
    Don’t even look at the energy profile of corn-based ethanol; that’s really ugly

  54. Because I work for the Army I have tomorrow off.

    Because I also do commercial work I am off to Dallas again tomorrow.

  55. No serial.. it’s a measure by square mile or something. I get it that “green” is inefficient.. I’m trying to recall the measure.

    Do something. You’re a scientist.

  56. It’s watts to joules per second

  57. Newton-metre?


  58. Cheese per kilowatt hour?

  59. Expensive or cheap cheese? It matters.

  60. Ok
    There’s 5.86 million joules per BO
    1.5 MW turbine is equivalent to right at 27 BOPD
    25 percent efficiency equals 6.5 BOPD
    Additional efficiency losses brings the number below 5 BOPD

  61. 5.86 billion joules
    Me bad

  62. There’s 5.86 million joules per BO
    1.5 MW turbine is equivalent to right at 27 BOPD
    25 percent efficiency equals 6.5 BOPD
    Additional efficiency losses brings the number below 5 BOPD


    Is that above or below the equator?

  63. At.

  64. The only thing that should determine energy effectiveness is economic viability. It can make you feel good all day, but it isn’t worth it if you have to subsidize it to pay for it.

    Wind might be right for certain areas, but only if it isn’t subsidized.

  65. what’s a BO?

  66. >>>what’s a BO?

    2nd Course

  67. I was told there would be no math.

    Or was that meth.

  68. Sorry
    Barrel of oil per day

    The bottom line is : it sucks

  69. Math killed it

  70. Usually does.

  71. Okay – printer inspected and a good portion of it cleaned. If it’s an easy fix, looks like I can get almost all the parts for about $20. In other news, I may have blown out my back hefting that sucker from the floor up to my desk so now I’m looking at $1000 in chiropractic treatment.

    Most Expensive Printer Repair Evah!!

  72. you want me to rub it for you?

  73. Why the fuck did you have boys if not to lift heavy shit?

  74. Yes. I’d even pay you.

  75. Lemme know when your front hurts.

  76. Cyn just can’t let go..

  77. Lunch was roast beef.

  78. They are not here or I would have had them do it.

    I lifted yesterday with no problems. Hell, I even pretended that Leon was screaming at me as I did it, “Lift with your legs. Lift With Your Leeeeeggggssss!!”

  79. fuck.

    dopped my iPhone and it landed flat on the screen, shattering it.

  80. You just can’t catch a break, Wiser.

    Blame it on Wiserbud.

  81. You can interview the Asian guy in the mall who repairs iPhones for 90 bucks

  82. If it’s not too heavy, I could prolly fix that for ya, wiser.

    Or maybe you pick it up from the floor and then I fix it.

  83. Depending on the version, you can get an out of warranty replacement for around $150, if it hasn’t had unauthorized work done.

  84. Asian lady today was looking for some caulk.

    “Excuse me, where can I find some cock?”

    I nearly died.

  85. HAHA! The interwebs have warped you forever, Scott.

  86. Sorry to hear that Wiser
    My iPhones have done that three times
    That damn gorilla glass..


  88. Depending on the version, you can get an out of warranty replacement for around $150, if it hasn’t had unauthorized work done.

    4S. And i just gave up my upgrade to one of my kids, ’cause I really don’t care if I have a 4 or 5

  89. Or maybe you pick it up from the floor and then I fix it.

    You just want to watch me bend over.

  90. You just want to watch me bend over.

    At least one of us can.

  91. I got my 4S screen repaired for 90 bucks
    It’s quite a procedure; there about a zillion tiny screws and they have to take the whole damn phone apart

  92. I deserve this shit in my life.

    I decided today that I hadn’t used our juicer in years. So I pulled it out, cleaned it up and made a glass of juice, using a recipe I had on my iPhone.

    I kept the phone up on the toaster, off the counter, so it wouldn’t get messed up.

    As I pulled the plug out of the wall, it hit the iPhone and knocked it to the floor.

    Most expensive glass of juice EVER!

  93. Where’s my muthafoching ride?

  94. so, $90 to fix, $150 to replace….

    great choices.

  95. OMAHA!!!

  96. Sorry I missed your radio solo show debut yesterday, Wisersweetie – it sounds like you did great! :P

  97. At least one of us can.

    poor baby. Here, let me get you a hot cup of tea and a heating pad.

  98. Of course, the solution to not having your screens break like that is….

    ….always buy the cheapest, shittiest phone you can find – those suckers NEVER break (so’s you can convince yourself to get a newer, fancier one)

  99. Here, let me get you a hot cup of tea and a heating pad.

    Next, you’ll be offering her a “back rub”…..

  100. Sorry I missed your radio solo show debut yesterday,

    Thanks, TiF. I did okay. I have a little improving to do though.

  101. I just spent the better part of the afternoon polishing a brass oil lamp. Barbara Eden was nowhere to be seen.

  102. Next, you’ll be offering her a “back rub”…..


    I have a plan……

  103. I like how they go on and on about OMAHA, but when he pulls one of the best audibles of the playoffs, and it’s OBVIOUS, nothing is said.

    That draw play audible was a masterpiece.

  104. Krikie! I just found a kit with all the rollers and pads AND a new fuser for $56 AND they’re here in town, all USA parts!!

    My luck keeps up like this, I will only need $750 in chiropractic treatments!

  105. >> Yes. I’d even pay you.

    I’m in.

    Hey wiser, could be worse.. could have fallen in the Atlantic Ocean with it

  106. I did okay. I have a little improving to do though.

    It has almost always been my experience that the very people who say stuff like this are the ones who are better than just about everyone else who attempts to do what they are doing. They don’t realize how very good they truly are.

    Duning-Kruger on the “skilled” side of the scale, if you will.

    You are much better than most, sir ♥♥♥

  107. shhhhhhhh…..

    I have a plan……

    As in, a payment plan?! Oooo, tell me more.

  108. Wow, this store is worth linking for printer and copier shit:

  109. Cyn
    Just join the 50 million other Americans and go on Disability

  110. Does Ganson accept EBT?

  111. Heh… I’ll ask if they do take EBT. I may even still have a few Green Stamp books that I inherited. I could walk outta there with everything free!11!

  112. Or roll out on my new disability scooter from Liberty Medical!

  113. You are much better than most, sir ♥♥♥



  115. I expected this to be much closer.

  116. I have to get a pic of the little knee scooter Viki is using. She’s forbidden to put any weight on her foot. The insurance company wanted her to use a walker, which wouldn’t have been at all practical. She managed to borrow a wheelchair, but the apartment is simply far too confined for that, plus getting in and out would tend to risk putting weight on her foot. This little scooter is the bees knees, giving her enough mobility to get from the bed to the couch to the bathroom, but not enough for her to do much else (which is exactly what we want).

  117. This is bound to be our disability future.

  118. xbrad, try this one

  119. No, I want to make things difficult for her.

  120. I’ve seen those knee scooters. They’re cool. How fast can she get it going?

  121. She got rolling fast enough leaving the doctor’s office that falling off would have ruined the entire surgery.

  122. She didn’t quite “gone to plaid” but close enough.

  123. **poke?**

  124. **peek**

  125. J’ames, what’s the best pizza you guys serve to go with Seahawks beating SF?

  126. Pinin’ for the Fjords, it is…

  127. Brady didn’t want this game badly enough. That’s okay.
    Cyn ♥s Peyton.

  128. Well, someone feel free to push it down like Cyn elbowing her way to the buffet.

  129. Also, Tylenol 500 didn’t touch my back pain. Moar ice and another 500 popped. I’m a pinch worried.

  130. …mmmmm buffet…

  131. Down by 10 with 2:00 left and Denver has the ball. They went further than I thought they would.

    Go Shehawks!

  132. J’ames, what’s the best pizza you guys serve to go with Seahawks beating SF?

    I’d go with the garlic chicken bbq. Since it has bird on it.

  133. Tylenol never helps my back. I have to go with naproxen/Advil.

  134. Wait…. you’re not pulling for Seattle, J’ames?

  135. What kind of cars do they run at the Tylenol 500?

  136. I have a long simmering hatred of all things Pete Carroll, from his previous stint with the Chefs.

  137. I have a feeling that Peyton calls it quits after this one.

  138. I like it when Russell Wilson makes the Packers cry, and when he used to beat the Hawkeyes at Wisconsin. So I’m a bit conflicted.


  140. What kind of cars do they run at the Tylenol 500?

    Formula 44.

  141. Tylenol never helps my back. I have to go with naproxen/Advil.

    I’ve never had it do much for me either, but I hadn’t eaten anything and I’m leary about that when it comes to the ibuprofen or naproxen. Just talked to the hubby who’s been out with his mom car shopping – his dad usually has a cache of muscle relaxers so he going to see if he can bring some home. *does success baby fist pump*

  142. If you really want to mess up your back, take pills to mask back pain.

  143. I was looking for a video clip of this from Superman for Cyn’s back…I failed but I did not realize it was Larry Hagman:

  144. I’ve got some flexiril, but I can’t fit it in the USB port, so it won’t do you any good.

    I’m with scott, and don’t usually take anything. But when it hurt to sit, I got the pills out.

  145. No way, Scott, but I get what you’re saying. I want to try to muscle relaxers to confirm that it’s just a muscle I’ve pulled, as opposed to an alignment issue (which I can have now and again) or something worse.

  146. The kid Dr. at Urgent Care gave me a script for Valium which he called muscle relaxers when I wrenched my back. Didn’t help with the pain at all but it did help me to relax and not move to much.

  147. Maybe it’s Lakkannuki.

  148. I may still go to my chiro in the morning. I trust him to tell me it’s an easy fix with an adjustment, wait it out, or go see a specialist.

  149. Also


  150. If you really want to mess up your back, take pills to mask back pain.

    Heh. I was just talking to a friend who’s been clean from pills for about a year, and she said one of her legs may have been hurt for years.

  151. *nods*

    That’s prolly it, Dr. Hotpurt.

  152. You probably need some marijuana.

  153. Ice sitting up isn’t working; gonna try ice laying down.

  154. Strictly medicinal.

  155. Bad backs are the worst.

  156. Patient: Doc, I’m suffering from a weak back.
    Doc: When did it start?
    Patient: Oh, about a week back.


  158. *looks sternly over reading glasses at Cynabuns*

    You’re not supposed to lift heavy things by yourself, young lady….

    *pours bowl of chicken noodle soup through USB port, looks at Ganson website for block and tackle sets*

  159. Ann Wilson is alive!

  160. Is it just me, or is Laura Dern actually Nicholas Cage and Helen Hunt’s tranny son sent back to the 90’s from the future?

  161. Cyn,
    Try putting some of that ice in a glass, IYKWIMAITTYD…


    I got something that fits the bill, IYKWIMAITYD.

  163. Great national anthem from Ann Wilson!

    Didn’t Nancy and Ann complain about Sarah Palin using Barracuda?

  164. Did she just sing what I thought she sang?

  165. It was an okay Star-Spangled Banner until that mouse ran up her leg toward the end.

  166. Yeah, she tried to go a little higher than she should have.

  167. Did I miss something, vmax?

  168. Seattle can kiss my pasty white fat ass – they ain’t the 12th Man, I don’t care if they did settle out of court for use of the trademark from the Aggies…..

  169. Go fuck yourself, TiFW.

  170. BUM FIGHT!!!!!!

  171. Seattle is where they came up with Windows 8 so fuck ’em

  172. Isn’t Seattle where Starbuck’s started?

  173. ^^^^That.

    Typed on a crappy Windows 8 system

  174. Well, my comment would have made more sense if Hotspur hadn’t piped up.

  175. MS isn’t technically in Seattle.

  176. Well, they’re up north there somewhere. Good enough for me.

  177. And there’s no tech firms in the Bay area that have earned your wrath? didn’t piss you off?

  178. I thought she substituted a word for free in the SSB in addition to not hitting her note.
    I may have heard wrong Jay.

  179. Redmond is NOT Seattle.
    If’n you really hate Windows-8, Bing ‘Puppy Linux’, and replace it.

    I’m still running XP, but then, I spent a couple years helping to build it.

  180. ha ha

  181. Now trying heat, sitting up.


  182. Feel better soon, Cyn.

  183. Cyn, if you were lifting a printer, it’s Worker’s Comp all the way. Lie back and enjoy a well earned vacation.

  184. What’d I ever do to you, XBrad? I mean, geez – am I not allowed to hate on a team for silly personal reasons (just like other people here)?

  185. I once cured tennis elbow by sticking my finger into a light socket.

  186. If you are rooting for Seattle, you’re kinda fucked.

  187. I once cured erectile dysfunction by sticking my Michelle in a light socket.

  188. Seattle may have the 12th man, but they also have Pete Carroll.

  189. Hey…. YEAH! This IS a work comp dealie!

    *leans back, fires up bong of blue meth and purple hair sense, leans back in chair, kicks up feet on desk, winces in agony and shakes fist at Hotspur*

  190. I once cured tennis elbow by sticking my finger into a light socket.

    Hunh. Sounds legit.

  191. Serious. My elbow hurt for weeks.

    I accidentally zapped myself working on the washing machine and I was cured.

  192. Tennis elbow blows, it can last for months.

  193. Bad memories of Pete Carroll linger in New England.

  194. I think he screwed up the Jets too.

  195. Niiice.

    My stove is 210v – I think that’s the ticket to my back.

    Also, the heating pad has allowed me to stand up straight again. Must be muscle pull.

  196. I’ve had it. It truly sucks. Learning about it and treating it gives you no insight until you have it.

  197. Dammit. 220v.

    210, 220, whatever it takes.

  198. Same with plantar fasciitis. Or syphyllis for that matter.

  199. wow

  200. All you Seattle haters can go fuck yourselves.

  201. Learning about it and treating it gives you no insight until you have it.

    True dat, with tons of life stuff.

  202. if you manage to short out the stove while trying to fix your back, you won’t have to cook for a while, either…. :P

  203. Or syphyllis for that matter.


    Oh, wait… um…

  204. Or syphyllis for that matter.

    Wait, you can cure syphilis by household electrocution?

    I’ll bet that’s prescribed by IPAB. Thanks, Obama!

  205. I’m actually kind of rooting for Seattle since Harbaugh used to coach for Stanfurd, and fuck those guys,

  206. Or if I short out the whole house, I won’t have to clean it either.

    This is looking more and more like a done-deal win-win thing.

  207. Lying liars and the lies they lie:

    Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) told a Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) committee hearing today… “On multiple occasions, and most recently on May 30th of last year, President Obama has said, and this is a quote he has used several times, he said that ‘the temperature around the globe is increasing faster than was predicted even ten years ago’ and that ‘the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or ten years ago.’

    “Both statements are false, and through letters to you, Ms. McCarthy, and on the record in this Committee, we’ve asked the EPA to provide us with the data backing up these two statements, the two statements made by the president, but they don’t have any data and referred us to the UN IPCC. And, their scientists, apparently, the EPA thought they were the source of this.

    “Well, we went there and they had nothing to back it up, so apparently the president just made that up.

  208. didn’t piss you off?

    I kinda liked the little dog with the microphone.

  209. so apparently the president just made that up.

    It’s what he does. What a small, mean, sneaky little shit he is.

  210. If he ever were to tell the truth, I’m afraid my heart couldn’t take it….


  212. “Well, we went there and they had nothing to back it up, so apparently the president just made that up.

    This is the most racist thing ever in the history of racism.

  213. Looks like coach Harbabagh has put on some lbs.

  214. Hey TiF, did you ever get in touch with the missing caregiver?

  215. TiFW,
    If he ever were to tell the truth, I’m afraid my heart couldn’t take it….

    I really don’t think you are in any danger.

  216. Fuck Seattle

  217. **mails DinT a highly agitated bobcat**

  218. we got em.. send something scarier.

    also fuck the 49ers too. so there.

  219. Fuck em both.

  220. **mails DinT Nancy Pelosi in a latex catsuit**

  221. Dave, you had one of the best comments of all time last night.

    I snickered all day.

  222. Now that’s just mean.

  223. Crap, I was referring to the trauma of Dave receiving Nancy Pelosi in any form.

  224. **mails DinT Nancy Pelosi in a latex catsuit**

    One can always hope it suffocates her.

  225. Sorry if I took that the wrong way, XBrad – kinda sensitive right now for no good reason.

    Lippy, we heard from our caregiver, but she still hasn’t made it to our house. Not sure if she’s sick or if something else is going on – if it’s the latter, it’s VERY unlike her (and could be cause for some concern).

    DD#3 has stepped in, and she is able to get paid as a caregiver through the same agency, so it’s working out. But Rebecca misses her “Miss Teresa” (yeah, that’s her name….)

  226. Comment by xbradtc on January 19, 2014 8:36 pm
    **mails DinT Nancy Pelosi in a latex catsuit**

    I hope you thoroughly deloused and disinfected after that

  227. The SeaHawks fever here is really pretty funny. Anita said there was a big turnout at church this morning, with a LOT of folks in Seahawks jerseys. They, of course, immediately rushed out after the service to go worship their ‘false idols’ of the Green & Blue.

    Last night on the local FOX affiliate, rather than actually reporting on the “Local News”, it was “ALL SEAHAWKS, ALL THE TIME!!!”
    The did an interview with Wilson(seems like a nice kid), hoping for some ‘Trash Talk’.
    All they got was; The 49rs are playing very well this year. Their coaching is good, and they deserve our respect.
    They went to Pete Carroll to ask him about “His Hate for the SF coach.”
    He said something like; I really don’t know him that well. I know he is as competitive as I am.

    Is there a football game on? I’ve not turned the TV on today.


  228. TiF, I hope she gets through whatever is causing her life to tilt.

  229. >> Dave, you had one of the best comments of all time last night.

    I did?

    I’m like that. Whatever the heck I said.

  230. xbrad is just trying to scare me. If HE showed up in a latex outfit I’d freak out.

  231. Thanks, Lippy – she’s been with us for quite a while now, and we’ve come to think of her as family. Even the agency is flummoxed at this point. We’ll see what happens; we’re just glad that she’s OK.

  232. If HE showed up in a latex outfit I’d freak out.

    Sez the dude with the lime green banana thongsie….

  233. Bad call, tht was a catch.

  234. “I did?”

    You would probably remember if you weren’t such a bad parent.

  235. probably so.

  236. Hi guys! Glad the heating pad helped, Cyn.


  238. My coworker gave me a little bit of ebola. I think I’m better now. I should survive.

  239. Did everybody but me know that Pete Carrol was a 9/11 Truther?
    I really did not.
    Thunderb, at Aces sent me this:

    He really is insane…

  240. Xbrad just gave me a seizure. I doubt I’ll ever recover.

  241. Jewstin?
    A little bit of Ebola?
    Is that like “A little bit pregnant”?
    “A little bit dead?”
    “I have a little hemorrhagic fever?”


  242. Yes!

  243. It was Ebola Lite. None of my insides liquified but I wanted them to.

  244. Ugh, this weekend was busy, but fun, and I’m going to be sore tomorrow. How is everyone else doing tonight?

  245. hey, who doesn’t have to work tomorrow?

    this guy.

    who’s gonna work in spite of it?

    this guy..

  246. Tomorrow is a work holiday for me.

    Which makes it even more fun to be traveling for business down to Fort Hood.

  247. I worked 6 hours today to make up for the fact that I also have to work tomorrow.

  248. and after I work on my “day off” I’m going to drive to Dallas to work all week starting each day at 5am.

    I’m too old for this shit.

  249. What’s “work?”

  250. What do you guys use for a home page? I’ve used Yahoo! for so long I’ve been blind to how bad it sucks.

  251. I pretty much slept all weekend. Just couldn’t seem to get enough (shut it). Productivity – zero.

  252. I set up 8 new memberships and had to chase out all the Bronco fans that came by after the game to shop. We close at 6. Doors are locked. You WILL get tired of me on the PA telling you to leave.

  253. I have to take leftover vacation days from last year. I will work on Wednesday.

  254. They should put you up in a nice hotel Dave. That’s like a 2 or 3 hour drive for you, yes?

  255. Pups, we keep changing once the home page starts bogging down with auto plays. Currently, USA Today.

  256. Oh, man, that knee looks awful.

    And yeah, that should have been a turnover.

    Tough break for SF.

  257. My home page is here.


  258. Lippy, if your body says sleep, you sleep. My body says stay up all night worse case scenario-ing about fire ants.

  259. Did anybody revoke anybody else’s grown-up scissors privileges today?

  260. You should move here, Oso. Fire ants can’t survive the cold winters.

  261. We aren’t supposed to have fire ants here!!! Supposed to be too high and cold. I H8 them. They H8 me.

  262. Hmmm…Wyoming has Culver’s. Wyoming has Cheyenne Days.

  263. Oso, that’s what I did, and now feel better and am eating a rigatoni and sausage frozen meal.

    Pups, I have used Drudge since the 90s.

  264. I don’t have a homepage. I’m a rebel.

  265. Two and a half pups. But I get to see my sisters.

    Also, this is now the second worst laig breaking in the NFL

  266. I get leftover tamales and tacos.

  267. I was surprised that they showed it as many times as they did.

    Very Ooogie

  268. MMM scheduled for 602am. Sleep scheduled for now.

  269. I used to have a sidebar widget in Yahoo where I could put my favorites, but yahoo thinks I shouldn’t be able to do that anymore so fuck them.

    Also their mail sucks but I’ve been using it since 2006.

  270. WOW

  271. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-IV)” just came on Pandora. Nobody tell Cyn.

  272. this is just about the ugliest game I’ve ever seen

  273. What browser do you use, Pups, and have you ever tried “bookmarks”?

  274. Dan: Fuck you, Harbaugh! (I have two frightened dogs) Dan: Oh gee, now we have NO Harbaughs in the Super Bowl.

  275. A song about diamonds?! Hmmmm… I may have to check that out……… when hell freezes over.

  276. Pete Carroll lucks out again.

    He saved all his luck from his previous coaching stints.

  277. Sherman showing his ass in the post game.

    I’m sure it will be a fine. Good.

  278. Sherman showing his ass in the post game.

    classy guy, huh?

  279. Sherman is a douchebag. Kill me nao Super Bowl.

  280. I use firefox and chrome Cynabrokeback, but I’m also on about 6 or 7 different devices every day and having a homepage widget with the 10 sites I want is easiest for me. I use bookmarks for stuff I want to come back to later, like pictures of future BBF models.

    Also Richard Sherman is a thug and a punk and a classless ape.

    Congratulations Xbrad.

  281. Also, this is now the second worst laig breaking in the NFL

    No way I’m clicking that. I’ve lived this long without ever seeing that and still don’t want to.

  282. Yahoo kept making me change the password for mail and now I can’t remember what it is and the questions they ask for retrieving it make no sense to me. So, if anyone has my yahoo email, I can’t see it and haven’t been able to for months.

  283. I missed it, and while it’s probably not that big a thing, what did Sherman say?

  284. what did Sherman say?

    Just talking shit, screaming into the mic and basically just being and asshole.

  285. So glad that Dan has a Tebow Bronco jersey for me to wear to the Super Bowl Party. I plan on spending the game in the hot tub drinking wine.

  286. …and basically just being and asshole.

    Curiosity satisfied.

  287. Can you get Chrome on all your devices, Pups?

    (Yes, bookmarks are good for BBF ideas – or folders of bookmarks *cough*)

  288. Why is Steven Tyler interviewing the Niners’ coach?

  289. >> I’ve lived this long without ever seeing that and still don’t want to.


  290. Dit,
    That makes ‘the boys’ crawl right up to my chin.
    Nobody should have to look at that, or live it…

  291. I remember watching that game on TV when it happened. LT was so distraught. Yikes….

  292. Never liked Theisman. My favorite was him getting his nose broken after rhinoplasty.

  293. It was simply due to Theismann accidentally getting his leg caught and three guys then jumping on top of him
    Dick Butkus would have just snapped it off and chewed on it

  294. it’s pretty goddamn awful, I’ll stipulate

  295. LOOK AT IT


  296. I’ve seen worse.

  297. Whoopty doo
    I’ve see dozens of boxing matches fifty times worse

  298. So I guess the couple year diff between me and my friend wiserbud is I was watching MNF that night.

  299. Not looking.

  300. I was watching MNF that night too. Steve Yeager’s bat to the throat on Saturday Baseball was much worse. I saw a boxer take a blow to the occipital bone and they used a dixie cup to put his eye back in place. I can’t remember the headliner. Stopped watching boxing at that point. I think the guy was Irish.

  301. it happens

  302. Dan is watching tennis. Ghey or not ghey?

  303. Hahahahahahahahaha

    Roamy: Put your colored clothes in the laundry room, I’ll do that load now and the white load later.

    Rocketboy: Racist.

  304. Actual customer name just now: Yu Hu.

  305. Roamy,
    I’ve got enough for a “White Load” tomorrow (especially with Anitas robe and the coffee-stains), but it will be a few days before a “Dark Load” is due…

  306. When I was a tiny little kid my dad and I watched Emile Griffith literally beat Benny Peret to death live on TV
    That was interesting

  307. My Indian name is White Load.

  308. My Indian name is Noopur Patel.

  309. My Indian name is Goober Patel. We might be cousins.

  310. ChrisP,

  311. Hey, well, it’s possible. It’s pos- no, okay, that’s not really possible.

  312. Roamy,

  313. OK, goodnight shmoopies.

  314. Goodnight, Lauraw!

  315. Actual customer name just now: Yu Hu.

    I hope you didn’t ask him if he wanted a chocolate flavored milk based drink.

  316. Don’t talk shit about YooHoo! George. That shit is the bomb.

  317. Actually Yu Hu sounds like my neighbors. Lots of Koreans in our ‘hood.

  318. Heh. Dickbutt.

  319. Sherman holds a degree in communications from Stanford.

  320. That says a lot about Wendy Davis. I wonder what’s the percentage of fathers who get custody of the kids in a divorce? Mundy might know.

  321. Stanford must be proud.

  322. Stupid computer has been freezing when I comment here. I’ll say g’night from my phone.

  323. He actually comes off as the most likable student in that thread.

  324. Your patriachial heteronormative hate is dripping in that comment, Shawn.

  325. I’m enjoying harassing my 49er/Stanfurd grad familia with Sherman. Only 2 of them, but they are both obnoxious. Other Stanfurd grad is a lifelong Charger fan.

  326. OMG the people that are criticizing Sherman are a bunch of RAYCISSS is gathering steam in the social media world.

  327. I watched the game and saw Sherman get all frothy. Meh. Roid rage I suppose.

  328. Criticizing him is one thing. Then, there’s this…

    Protip: When you have to use #noracismintented, you probably shouldn’t have tweeted what you just tweeted.

  329. Deadspin had the clip of his postgame up about 1 minute later. I was pretty impressed.

  330. What did Sherman say?

  331. Some of my idiot relatives in Houston are so excited about Wendy Fucking Davis, I want to hurl

  332. TJ, my hippie friends in Texas are the same way. I still don’t get how kids of military and CIA types could turn into such hippies. I know our teachers were a bunch of hippies, but I thought they were teaching us to think. I’m surrounded by hippies in RL.

  333. I swear
    Texas is going to go blue
    There’s so many shit-for-brains FSA types here now
    Years ago this state was really badassed about things, but now The Suck is becoming evident
    What’s left?
    Wyoming or South Dakota?

  334. Wyoming has Culver’s and Cheyenne Days.

  335. Shit
    He jabbers like some wrestler in an interview

  336. Every state is going blue. Our future is a socialist anthill. It may take generations before liberty is rediscovered and prized again.

  337. Who was it – Mr. T – that said ‘I don’t want to hear your jibber jabber’.

    Wow. Back to you in the studio indeed.

  338. As long as Bernanke keeps on printing toilet paper, it’s Candyland Forever

  339. I used to play football, I used to love professional football, but it’s just so much stupid chest pounding shit these days, I don’t even follow it anymore

  340. How about them Seahawks!

  341. Notice how the interviewer recoils as if his breath is really bad.

  342. Now it’s Janet Yellen in charge of endless easy credit to those with first access to money and political connections. Let’s be clear too. No one has any intention of paying down national debt, not here or in any of the first world economies. The world economy is built on fiat money and the printing press is here to stay.

  343. Yellen is just Bernanke in drag
    Or is that Larry Summers…?

  344. Larry the Cable Guy.

  345. Phat must still be at the convention.

  346. Nothin’ you can’t handle
    Nothin’ you ain’t got
    Put your money on the table
    And derp it off the lot
    Turn on that old lovelight
    And turn a maybe to a yes
    Same old schoolboy game
    Got you into this mess


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