Merry Christmas 2013


  1. Merry Christmas Peeps.

    The annual yulelog poat. Enjoy.

  2. Merry Christmas from Casa de Miguel.

  3. Thanks for the squirrel videos, Sean. I’m jumping at every little noise, but there’s no burning couch and no bloody noses.

  4. So how did the squirrel get in?

    *emails Jewstin to change his avatard stat!*

  5. Oh, Happy Birthday Michael!!

  6. Carin, according to USPS, you got your package Monday. Are they lying?

  7. No idea, Cyn. I’m hoping it was when Mr. RFH was bringing in firewood or one of his many trips to his shop rather than a hole somewhere.

  8. You should burn down your house, Roamy, just to make sure there are no others hiding… waiting for you… when you least expect it.

  9. BTW, I saw your comment on the olden poat and an afternoon HHD would be loverly.

  10. Merry Christmas morning all!

    Breakfast is ate, prezzies opened and kids are playing with their new shtuff. Mom is taking a quick shower before we turn the generator off for 5-6 hours. Yup, still no power for most of our county…

  11. The boys will shower when we can smell them. I showered last night. Paula doesn’t like to rough it without a shower so she gets hot water for Christmas.

  12. Ugh, that sucks Jimbro. Any ETA on when things will get working again?

    Great move letting her get in a shower–makes for a happy momma.

  13. Kids are still sleeping here. I’ve had my coffee, though, so life is good.

  14. Carin, according to USPS, you got your package Monday. Are they lying?

    I can check the box by the road. I didn’t check when I drove in last night (at the wee hours – too tired).

    But I’m not checking until I’ve had my coffee. It’s freezing out there.


    gmumble chrismumble everly brothers I need moar sleep…

  16. Coffee. Dave. Now.

  17. SWEET!!!!

    wiserson gave me an iPhone case with a built-in bottle opener!

    *tests case on Sam Adams Maple Pecan Porter

    It WORKS!!

  18. Everybody’s still asleep here. Just finished breakfast (omelet with enough Sriracha to make Oso wince) and now off to feed the horses and work in the shop for a while.

  19. Roamy, this is important, did you destroy the hive?

  20. Hooray!! I found my Bisquick cinnamon rolls recipe. I have been tweaking this recipe for MONTHS and was going to be devastated if I couldn’t find it. It’s not Christmas morning without warm cinnamon rolls.

    Going to try to substitute with a bit of almond flour to see if I can get the carbs down even more and still keep it tasty. Also going to try to add a bit of mayo to increase the moisture. Wish me luck squeeeee!

  21. Merry Christmas friends.

    The Wonder Dog and I are the only ones up, I made a big breakfast with sausage, ham and cheese scrambled eggs, and biscuits. I made enough to share but so far I’m the only one to enjoy a hot breakfast.

    Fire is a cracklin, it is going to be a good day…I can feel it.

  22. On the CMP website I can see some power 2 streets over from me but they give no estimates for return. The news said it could be Friday! We need a propane delivery before then. Wood stove is glowing red and we are 2 cords ahead with dry seasoned wood. I’ll see what’s going on here when the generator is back on! Until then, Merry Christmas to all you morons!

  23. I re-heated the ‘dillo eggs in the oven. They are just as good as yesterday.

  24. Mrs Caruthers has slept through her snooze alarm 7 times now.

  25. Merry Christmas, good people! Well really….

    Mare Christmas!!

  26. For Lauraw:

  27. I just realized that by the time we finish gift-giving the baconses, there will be very little left for us. It shrank an awful lot between curing and smoking. So for this reason I started having shortness of breath and longness of selfish thoughts but then remembered that I still have the power to make more.
    *plans trip to hog belly supplier tomorrow*

    Just finishing breffish. Scott is still abed. I squoze him some fresh oj and made him a nice breakfast that is waiting for him.

    I might go up there and kick the bed. You don’t know.

  28. She’s awake!

  29. Merry Christmas, Hostages!

    Good one, Mare. Reminds me of the evil thoughts I had when someone stole my lunch from the breakroom fridge many years ago.

  30. Merry Christmas
    Hope no one got a lump of coal or will miss a propane delivery..

  31. Youngest has been here for a few days, oldest arrives around 7:00 pm tonight. Kind of different waiting to open gifts but the anticipation amps up the fun!

  32. wtf is a dildo egg

    …you know what? Never mind. Do not need to know.

  33. Armadillo Eggs, Laura. Chorizo sassage wrapped around a cream cheese-stuffed half-jalopeno. Muy delicioso.

  34. OHHHH.

    That is a better idea than the ones I was having.

  35. You put a little cheddar on top of the cream cheese before you wrap them so it looks like a yolk when you cut them open.

  36. That’s a nifty food item. Is it fried?

  37. Sorry leon
    Think I’ll stick to real armadillo eggs…

  38. Merry Christmas, dorks.

  39. This blahg is ON FIRE!


    Merry Christmas to all, even Xbrat

  40. You probably could fry them. I baked mine on cookie sheets.

  41. Baked sounds better.

  42. Marry Chrithmith!

  43. This the worst day of the year if you work for ESPN.

  44. Are anyone’s chestnuts roasting by an open fire?

  45. Sipping hot cocoa and talking about ACA.

  46. and waxing my eyebrows.

  47. I’m drinking coffee and watching anime.

  48. I’m drinking coffee and giving HotBride a scolding because she keeps wanting to talk about work.

  49. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas.

  50. Climbed a fence to illegally walk the dogs on the golf course. Ended up carrying the Chunk for half the walk. Headed to inlaws right now.

  51. Ok, done cleaning the house post-no electricity. I just need to take apart the washer now, because water isn’t getting into it – I suspect debris when the water went out. Joyous Holiday.

    No one here yet- kids, mr Car in. I’m hoping I can work out, but that’s iffy today. People get pissy when I work out on holidays. WTF is up with that?

  52. My gym is closed or I’d probably be there now.

  53. HUZZAH!

  54. Well, I can work out at home too. I have a bit more cleaning to do, then I’ll evaluate if I have more time.

    Of course, I have to do that washing machine first. arg.

  55. Drinking Coffee and reading H2. Does life get any merrier than that?

  56. Hahahahaha, Mr. RFH has written a poem about last night’s saga. Waiting for him to post to Faceplant.

  57. Eventually I’m hoping to add a shed on a concrete slab and put a power rack in it, but I don’t really have anywhere to lift at home.

  58. Leon, my husband wanted me to ask you the name of the website you’re using for learning Spanish.


    Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
    There was a creature stirring, but it wasn’t a mouse.
    The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
    In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

    When out of the library there arose such a clatter,
    Oldest child said he’d heard a flitter/flutter
    Away to the room I flew like a flash,
    Looking around the couch and the sash

    It’s a bird, he said, but where did it go
    It rushed along the floor down below.
    Thinking this through, trying to calm all our fears,
    It can’t be a bird, but a mouse, my dears.

    With a little grey flash, so lively and quick,
    I thought for the moment I’d made the right pick.
    Getting some traps, the mouse to claim,
    I set four out, all just the same.

    Checking the traps to catch this guy,
    A crouching grey shape appeared to my eye.
    It wasn’t a mouse, that I knew.
    It was a dang squirrel, now what would I do?

    I set out sticky traps for his little foot so cute,
    And feared that the little guy, I might have to execute
    A Christmas Eve task I’d gladly give back,
    But other solutions I sadly did lack.

    My son spoke up: a solvent might work,
    If a traps holds him, from where he might lurk.
    From out of my shop, mineral spirits I chose
    Hoping this incident, soon we could close.

    Stalking him is becoming quite a chore,
    There he is! Quick! Open the door!
    Chase him that way! No this! Do him no harm
    Well where’d he go now? We lost him. Oh darn.

    Back in the living room, moving quite slow
    Was my wife, eyes transfixed on the window.
    Get in this box, you little creep…
    Oh my, that was quite the leap!

    Across the living room and under the couch
    We’d failed to get him in our little pouch.
    Creeping upon him with a box and a stick
    Holy cow! Do you believe it! That did the trick!

    Getting my coat, I gave the box to my wife,
    Thinking, wow, we just saved this guys life.
    Though she was steady and left nothing to chance
    After returning the box she did the creepy-crawly dance.

    He flew from the box, I sighed like a whistle,
    And away he fled, avoiding the trees and the thistle.
    So now I was glad, everything was again right,
    “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

  60. I ROCK. I FIXT IT.

  61. It’s a Christmas miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. I can’t do much lifting – but I can do cardio, pushups, squats, pullups, etc.

  63. I went to an absolutely fantastic Midnight Mass. Knights of Columbus pageantry, a pro level choir, the priest nailed the sermon making it expansive and yet mentioned the Love of Jesus Christ at least 5 times. And a reverence and high mass quality that was inspiring. Made Christmas for sure.

  64. Mare, and sometimes I use to translate phrases I can’t tease out.

  65. HA! Well done, Mr. RFH!

    My favorite part:

    “After returning the box she did the creepy-crawly dance.”

  66. Thanks Leon!

  67. I think you should have taught the squirrel to water ski, Roamy.

    You could have become an internet sensation.

  68. Better yet, make the squirrel an astronaut. Need one of those big Estes rockets………

  69. Mare, I was holding the box and spazzing every time the squirrel scrabbled around inside, terrified that if I moved, it would find a way out. Rocketboy laughed his ass off at me.

  70. hahahahaha….I’m glad you kicked its ass, Roamy.

  71. Even if your legs were shaking.


  73. Best Christmas ever!

  74. Can’t let Mare own the blog.

  75. That’s Hotspur, the responsibility was killing me!

    Merry Christmas, fellow douche!

  76. Dialect quiz put me between Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Toledo.

  77. Foookin’ Toledo.

  78. New wireless router and extender. Going dark in 3…2…

  79. … and that was the last we ever heard from him.

  80. Merry Christmas you bunch of degenerates!

  81. Marry Christmas, to all y’all, and yours.
    Stay safe & warm and pray for a better 2014.

  82. See? Pupster’s lost forever now.

  83. Who’s Pupster?

  84. Eating leftover Christmas Trifle.

  85. Leon, my husband likes that website! Muchas Gracias!

  86. No more pupster? Sigh. he was funny.

  87. Just about to sit down to eat with the in-laws. Wish me luck.

  88. XMom just LOL’d at Mr. RFH’s epic poem.

  89. Yeah, pupster linked great gifs.

  90. Re: Pirates Cove trackback:

    It always makes me laugh when I am reminded that other people read this dumbass blog.

    Almost makes me feel guilty we don’t provide more content.


  91. How early on Christmas is beer acceptable?

  92. Beer Baron. Wow, Russ, that’s a blast from the past.

    *buys a case of Schmidt longnecks for $5

  93. You should already be drinking. If you put a piece of fruit in it that’s considered breakfast

    *tailgating rules

  94. It always makes me laugh when I am reminded that other people read this dumbass blog.

    I thought you said it was a chatroom.

  95. Best Xmas gift so far (besides you guys!)~ Cash and a coupon for Jim Beam.

    XMom occasionally earns the right to live.

  96. Wiser,
    I know of a certain “Ex Bootneck” (retired Royal Marine) that checks in on this Hive of Scum & Villainy pretty regularly from England.

  97. Coffee w/Baileys for breakfast.

  98. How early on Christmas is beer acceptable?


  99. Merry Christmas!

    Hope you all got what you deserved wanted.

  100. I made a fairly sizable dent in a fifth of Mount Gay Eclipse last night. I better stick to Coke Zero for a few more hours.

  101. Sorry, still giggling every time Hotspur talks about his rum.

  102. Eclipsed Mount Gay, huh?

  103. >>>How early on Christmas is beer acceptable?

    Well, I opened my first at 8:30, but that was only to test my Christmas present out.

    Honest. I hated drinking it.

  104. Merry Christmas, and may God bless us, every one.

    Yes, even wiserbud and wiser.

  105. >>>I know of a certain “Ex Bootneck” (retired Royal Marine) that checks in on this Hive of Scum & Villainy pretty regularly from England.


  106. >>>Yes, even wiserbud and wiser.

    That’s a pretty tall order to ask of the big guy, doncha think?

  107. XBrad and XMom~

  108. “Why?”
    I don’t know, really.
    He followed me back here, just like BCoch..
    Actually inquired about MJs wrist injury the other day.

  109. Too bad you lost that bet, and had to wear that Roll Tide auto cleanup rag!

  110. That’s a pretty tall order to ask of the big guy, doncha think?

    Me and the Lord, we have an understanding.

  111. That’s a pretty tall order to ask of the big guy, doncha think?

    Wouldn’t it be kind of a break for him, wiser? Seems he’s been singling you out a bit. Maybe he can just go on break?

  112. I’ll cut you, J’ames, and watch the Crimson Tide of your lifeblood flow from your body.

  113. >>>Maybe he can just go on break?

    Yeah… I really see that happening….

    You do realize that this radio gig is just a set-up, right?

  114. Hahahaha

    Ace said Ghetto Fireplace.

  115. I sorta feel like I’m the lobster that gets “rescued” from the seafood shoppe.

  116. I can totally see Roamy doing the “Creepy-Crawly Dance” Totes McGoats.

  117. Father in law is telling me about a self-taught engineer in Oklahoma who invented a perpetual motion engine. Magnetic based, that took a small battery to start, but then would run forever. He put it in a Ford Fiesta. Was set to make one that would power a house. But “he mysteriously disappeared” ……………………. The government was probably behind it.

    I have not used JTFC once, at least not so far…………

  118. Pepe, that’s the reason God invented rum.

  119. Pharmacist SiL told MiL that her last med prescription had been denied. I may have made a crack about 0care and people that voted for him. Made my niece and nephews laugh. They’re little 0bots too.

  120. Pupster’s still gone?

  121. Actually, I’m kidding. My problems are minuscule compared to the vast majority of people on this planet.

    I don’t think the big guy wastes a precious moment of his time worrying about me.

    My problems are my problems and it is up to me to solve them. Leaves more time for Him to handle the far more difficult stuff.

  122. Xbrad seems particularly loving to the H2 scum today. I think it’s nice. A real nice change around here.

  123. That’s the reason God invented guns. My eye is twitching. Now getting a lecture on how good Tesla cars are. Very affordable and the best built car EVER!!!

    Me: What about when they burst into flames?
    Him: Myth. Only happened once when the battery compartment was punctured.

    They are even racing electric cars now. They go 200 MPH for 200+ miles, then they just swap a couple of batteries and they’re off again. Electric car technology is pretty much perfected now.

    Me: *Eye still twitching*

    Him: If you put wood ashes around your house, rodents won’t dig there. It keeps ’em away. If you want to keep ’em away from your car, just pour a circle of lye all the way around it. They hate lye.

    Me: Won’t that hurt the dogs if they get into it?

    Him: Oh yeah, chemical burns. But they usually figure it ou pretty quick.

    Me: *eye still twitching*

  124. >>>>The government was probably behind it.

    Your father in law is Alex Jones?

  125. Daughter and husband making armadillo eggs!

    Can’t wait.

  126. Secret Santa thread is closed?! Look what I found behind the Christmas tree?


    Thank you, sweet Lipstick!


  128. Fuck you, Mare.

    /but I mean that in a nice way.

  129. Hahahaha

    Pepe, I had a son-in-law like that once. Eventually I’d just say “Andre, shut the hell up.”

  130. My father in law is nuts.


    erm, i mean, you’re very welcome.

  132. The best way to stop that is to top it.

    Reptoids, TimeCube.

  133. There is no topping him, Leon. For a while he was working graveyard shift at a mine. He’d spend all night listening to the radio talk shows on conspiracy theories, aliens, Area 51, etc. He believed it all, and tried to convince everybody else.

  134. I tried to find the prettiest photo frame in order to do justice to the DG pic I guessed would inhabit it.

    hehe, we were all opening the presents and no MCPO. Then he showed up in the next day or so, and I was so restraining myself from asking, “so, what did you get?” – all innocent-like. First time SS participant gauchery, but it was fun.

  135. FIL: Pepe’s knife-making means he is part of the military-industrial complex. He sells them, therefore he is an arms dealer.

  136. Lippy, you did good. I’m so glad you are back with us where you belong.

  137. ahh, tanks, Oso. Here is what I wrote at IB this morning:

    “Last night I went to a dinner party/gift exchange given by old friends. Their daughters were 5 and 2 when we first met and now they are both out of college. One is living in Switzerland and came home for Christmas. It was wonderful. For eight years I was living away from them and the place I love best, but last night was a re-entry to the people and rituals of the old days.”

    And it was good.

  138. Merry Christmas Hostages.

  139. I’m about to lose it.

    My Christmas cookies have “disappeared”.

  140. Lippy, that’s lovely.

  141. I did it again. I bought into the whole “Let’s not get presents and just buy something for the Condo.” I got trashy novels and a bottle of Single Barrel Evan from the dogs. Dan got “Crickets”

  142. Merry Chrisrmas, dear ones!

  143. Aaaaand they’re gone. Whew.

    F-i-L: Did you know they ran a 2014 Corvette on the track at Daytona and it went 264 mile-an-hour? Then they ran a 1972 Calloway Corvette, and it got to 384!!!!!

  144. Merry Christmas, Tifw!

  145. Pepe, did you roll out how you won the interwebs with your “Michigan” comment?

  146. Oso, I really didn’t want to start an internet discussion with him. :)

  147. >>>F-i-L: Did you know they ran a 2014 Corvette on the track at Daytona and it went 264 mile-an-hour? Then they ran a 1972 Calloway Corvette, and it got to 384!!!!!


  148. Dan and I sing Feliz Navidad as Fleas on mi dog. OLD. Hispanic guy at work sings it as “Police on mi lawn”

  149. Second Christmas in a row not having to tolerate being around my brother in law.

    I just say no.

  150. Fuck you, Mare.
    /but I mean that in a nice way.

    That’s the spirit!

  151. I don’t even know what a barrio fireplace looks like. I just know that this ghetto fire is way nicer.

  152. Mare, any friends denied access to Kailua Bay because TFG is in town?

  153. HotBride is making the Beef Wellington. I’ve offered to help, but she’s got things covered.

  154. We got too full on armadillo eggs and monkey bread, so I’m making the prime rib on Sunday instead.

  155. Mmmm…still getting Prime Rib in NM. Dan forgot to buy horseradish.

  156. >>>Fuck you, Mare.
    /but I mean that in a nice way.

    Is there any other way to mean it?


  157. Lobster dinner was awesome.

  158. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Chick basketball? I guess UConn needs to be tossed a bone.

  159. Watching Chicken Run. Is there any other way to celebrate the birth of the Lord?

  160. >>>Dan forgot to buy horseradish.

    Therefore he deserved no gifts.

  161. Yeah Pepe your FiL is nuts

    One thing about being in the Energy Biz is that you discover that most people are fucking idiots

  162. >>>…way to celebrate the birth of the Lord?

    You mean with your pants on? Probably best to stick with a family movie.

  163. Bottle of Cupcake Petite Sirah uncorked and breathing. Beef Wellington in oven for thirty minutes. Christmas carols playing. Fireplace glowing. Pants on.

  164. Love you guys! Especially Wiser right now. Who forgets Horseradish?

  165. Pants off. Drinking bourbon. ESPN on TV. Wiener dogs getting bossy. Gingy has a fucked up belly clock.

  166. I feel bad for making jokes at my MiLs expense. She is really losing it. She asked Dan about my parents. My Dad died in ’09 and they were divorced in ’03.

  167. Christmas obligations? Done!

    It’s over! WOO HOO

  168. Thanks to Hotspur mentioning Beef Wellington, a dish I’ve heard of but never had, I’m feeling compelled to either show up at his door uninvited or learn how to make the dish for us here.

  169. You’ve got 15 minutes to show up, Jimbro, or I eat it all gone.

  170. I would like to try it.

    Hotbride should offer overnight shipping.

  171. For all you FB snobs, we get DG pics and HS links. Sohos and Peej are on FB. Jazz is a Twitter snob.

  172. Durn it…not gonna make it. I just found a recipe and I’ll make it this weekend or next if I can find the herbs. The recipe I found is for the whole meal:

  173. I made so many icebox cookies this year that I have a blister and deep bruise on the base of finger where the knife rested against. Scott laughed when I showed him.
    He is a bad man.

  174. Beef Wellington! Duxelles. I wanted to make a big batch of duxelles and can it in fancy little jelly jars for my family. But apparently you cannot safely home-can duxelles. Too thick and dry. Made me sad.

  175. Heh. Hostages <3 Scott


  177. That’s right.

  178. I’m home waiting for my stepmother’s family to arrive.

    Spent the morning with my dad’s family. It’s the first time in over 15 years that all of the grandkids were around. My jailbird cousin was out of the slammer and so made an appearance. He looks in rough shape, and I’m guessing that he’s not fully clean. I’d give him a 50/50 chance of surviving the next few years/staying out of jail.

  179. I had Duxelles once, but the doc said itwould go away on its own if I just didn’t touch it anymore

  180. I hate that they make Christmas basketball only. They could play at least one football game.

  181. We need Ice Dancing on Christmas.

  182. Watching national news….Michigan (crap in the woods) got nailed with ice. The Car in family was lucky, lots of people are still dark.

  183. The chickens escaped.

  184. Merry Christmas.

  185. Damn. Facebook snobs, the lot of you.


  186. I made a ham, smashed potatoes, gravy, green bean stuff, roasted carrots and celery, sweet potatoes and pecans, pumpkin pie, a rum cheesecake, buttered brandy sauce, and eggnog.

  187. Facebook is a scam.

  188. It was invented by Big Identity Theft.

  189. Identity Theft is a scam.

  190. I worried it might not be enough for five but my folks’ friends brought green jello so we squeaked by.

  191. Why no beef?

  192. Buttered…brandy…sauce? Oh my goodness.

  193. Christmas is over/ruined.


  194. The steer isn’t dead yet.

  195. Home from Dallas. Very light traffic. Which was welcome.

  196. Speakers to eleven…….

  197. Pupster!
    Configuration troubles?

  198. Alright Dave, I’ve got cash to make a firearm purchase. If you had about $750 to spend, what are you looking at?

  199. Let’s have a drink while I tell you how much I miss challenging wiser & Wiserbud not to die in a fiery crash. . .

  200. The bassline in that Christmas song by the waitresses is pretty funky too.

  201. BCoch,
    Try to narrow it down a bit for him.
    Carry piece, hunting (what?), competition, rifle/pistol?

  202. 3 hookers and a Ruger.

  203. *looks at Jewstin’s dinner menu, wonders if Obamacare will pay for sex reassignment surgery and enough plastic surgery to convince him to marry me*

  204. Most likely carry piece.

  205. 2 hookers and a S&W.

  206. Already got the S&W (M&P .40).

  207. Teresa, where in CT is your daughter?

  208. Hey BC. It all depends on what you have already. If I was starting from nowhere a good full-sized 1911A1 is where I would go. My first one was a Springfield for about $600 and it’s one of my favorite pieces.

    Since I already have one I might consider an HK in .40 (which I’ve resisted in years because I really don’t need one more damned caliber but I like that weapon a lot) or a CZ 75.

    Tip though: always shoot one before you buy. It’s a lot of jack and if you ain’t happy with it – well you know, you ain’t happy. Most ranges will let you try before you buy (ranges with gun shops – pretty common).

  209. ^—- *especially a carry piece* Got to feel good about how you can conceal it, use it, etc. I like Galco gun holsters

  210. Dave, I currently have a S&W M&P 40 and a Mossberg 500.

    I know it’s blasphemy in gun circles, but I’m just not a fan of the 1911 model. I’m sure it’s a champ, but I just don’t like the way they look.

  211. I’ve been tempted by the Glock-27, but I already have a Colt Commander in .45ACP, so why?

  212. Oh, and I would never buy a gun without firing it first.

  213. There was a minor incident with the pie. I put it in the broiler to brown the crust and my attention wandered. It got extremely brown and when I opened the door the crust burst into flames. It was fine after I cut the charred bit off.

  214. “I know it’s blasphemy in gun circles, but I’m just not a fan of the 1911 model. I’m sure it’s a champ, but I just don’t like the way they look.”

    If’n it’s a carry-piece, no-one should see it, except for a just a second before it goes-off…

  215. Good man.

    I have always liked the classic look and functionality of a 1911A1 but it ain’t the easiest thing to conceal in the summertime.

  216. Flaming pie at Christmas. The day is complete!

  217. Now that I think about it my “conceal” .45 in warmer weather is a Zimber Ultra CDP II. 3″ barrel

  218. Glock G-19, and ammo.

  219. That is a fine looking firearm Dave, but…uhhh…$750, remember?

  220. yeah, yeah, I know. It ain’t cheap. But it is easier to hide. And a great shootin iron

  221. Brent,
    How do you like the M&P?
    Is it the DA-Only, or the SA version?

  222. Also Zimber is a knockoff inexpensive Kimber.

    ok I’m lyin I just can’t type

  223. Bcochran – Pawn you Pez collectables and you can afford it! ;-)

  224. Chrispy, I absolutely love it. DAO.

  225. On .45s, Pupster emailed this to me and Andy and it’s pretty cool

  226. Lmao at MCPO. I still don’t know who sent em. I got the IRL name, but no idea who it matches up to.

  227. Configuration troubles?

    Naaah. Family time stuff.

  228. If they haven’t owned up to it here, it probably means they didn’t want you to match the name to the online identity.

  229. Our new wireless network is “NSA Surveillance Van”.

  230. HA ha ha haaaa!

  231. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if everybody’s wireless modem had some NSA code running on it.

    *just kidding NSA dudes*

  232. When we built this place I ran 2,000′ of CAT-5/6 through it and put Ethernet jacks everywhere, except the bathrooms.
    Wireless was slow, then.
    If either of us gets a new laptop that is wireless enabled, I’m gonna have to put an ‘Endpoint’ on the LAN. I’d name it the same thing and lock it down tight.

  233. Dave,
    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if everybody’s wireless modem had some NSA code running on it.

    I saw an article somewhere this week that NSA had forced the RSA folks to let them put a “BUG” in the RSA encryption algorithms to enable them to snoop.
    Don’t know if it’s true , or just some “Alex Jones CHEMTRAILS!” nonsense…

  234. Did anybody cause anybody else’s heart to grow three sizes today?

  235. If so, you should go to the hospital. That would kill you.

  236. No, but my pants feel a bit tight around the middle.

  237. >> I saw an article somewhere this week that NSA had forced the RSA folks to let them put a “BUG” in the RSA encryption algorithms to enable them to snoop.


  238. I believe they convinced the RSA guys that it was an algorithm “improvement”. So not just a bug, but deliberate deceit to boot.

  239. Meat-up fun

  240. I saw an article somewhere this week that NSA had forced the RSA folks to let them put a “BUG” in the RSA encryption algorithms to enable them to snoop.

    O shit! Did I type that out loud?
    Sorry! Just kidding!
    No harm, no foul!

    Right, NSA Bob? We good, Bro?


  241. These short days are brutal. Been full dark since 4:45. I feel like a night owl at 9 pm.

  242. I can’t remember if I told this before, Wiser will remember and remind me if I did.

    Once upon a time, for about ten years, we wrote, sold, and supported a software-package that came to be used in 27 countries. We were making calls to, and getting calls from, all over the world, at all hours.
    Was that a PITA? Why yes, yes it was.

    Any-who, after a bit, we started noticing this gray stretch-van, with dark windows and government plates, driving slowly by the house *at least* once a day.
    We always used to joke about it; “Hey, they’re late!” Then we started to wonder, are we being watched?

    We off-loaded the system(and the income, and burden of support) to someone else.

    We never saw the van again.

    Just sayin’…

  243. They’re almost that short here, not quite as early as you. Full dark by 5:20. I felt like I was driving home at midnight.

  244. The days are supposed to get longer every day now. If you ‘believe’ what ‘They’ ‘say’ about ‘time’ on the so-called ‘planet’ ‘Earth.’

    *winks, touches nose, winks again, hands you a fat pamphlet full of Truth*

  245. Crispy, I find your story reassuring, if true.

  246. Nope. They’ll just keep getting shorter until Ragnarok.

  247. Days are pretty much the same length here, 24 hours each. It’s dark a helluva lot of the time now, though. :)


  248. LauraW,
    Oh, it’s true.
    E-mail, I’ll give you a phone # (or get from Cyn) and ask Anita.

    7.56 Sunrise
    16:23 Sunset


  249. Some people dislike the whole “daylight savings time” thing.

    I like coming home when it ain’t dark.

    Not cause I’m afraid of Cthulhu or nothin.


  250. Pepe,
    That’s a drone-strike…

  251. If Leon had access to Laura’s flying monkeys I’d be nervous.

  252. Dave,
    Even with DST, when you’re this far north, it’s going both ways in pitch-dark.
    Sucks, it does.
    About 8 hrs of light is not a good thing.

  253. *hands Pepe his Nobel Prize for wiseassery*

  254. Winter wouldn’t be so unbearable if they didn’t send the gardening catalogs in Dec-Jan.

    For crying out loud. I can redesign my garden six times between now and the end of next week, based on whoever’s catalog I’m drooling on.

    This is cruelty.

  255. Catalogs?

    They still do that?

    Chris, weirdest thing I ever saw was a bright tiny sun in the sky over London, at 10pm.

    Northern climes are.. well, just not my thing.

  256. Waits for Monday Motivational Monkey.

  257. If Leon had access to Laura’s flying monkeys I’d be nervous.

    I figure hijacking the drones is a one-hit wonder, sort of thing you can only going to get away with once. That being the case, really gotta keep that card in your hand until it’s a game-winning move.

  258. Loni Anderson seems nice.

  259. Also, “night” and “day” wiseassery isn’t my thing. I’ve got just a touch too much romantic sensibility for that. Or maybe I read too many vampire novels in my twenties.

  260. Lauraw,
    Just when you are at your most depressed, Parks, Gurneys, and Burpees send the catalogs with bright-sunny-garden-pictures, showing perfect vegetables, flowers, and herbs.
    It’s a filthy psychological trick.
    I hates them, my precious…

  261. You are weird.

  262. Good grief. The children need to go to bed.

  263. Comment by lauraw on December 25, 2013 9:37 pm
    *hands Pepe his Nobel Prize for wiseassery*
    “I’d like to thank all the little people………………….and my mentor, Wiser.”

  264. I am going to work tomorrow.

    But it will be spring here next week and I should be planning plants for the back yard around the pool.

  265. You are weird.


  266. Dave,
    Winter started on the 21st. It’s NOT Spring any fucking where next week.
    NO, not even in Texas…

  267. It’s best that I not mention plants.

    There was an…incident…and the wife is very angry at me.

  268. Crap. Gonna be high 30s and dry this weekend. I’m going to have to travel again. Was really hoping for a blizzard or something.

  269. In Boise I had a couple of neighbors complain that they couldn’t steal my wireless broadband. I used MAC address filters and IP chains. I think wep or wpa is a solution looking for a problem.

  270. >> NO, not even in Texas…

    If you say so. I’ve played golf in shirt sleeves on New Year’s Day here. Weeds start springing up 2nd week in January.

  271. Dave,
    That’s just “Winter in Texas”, not spring.

  272. I was discussing temperate climes, not calendars as you.

    So I see we were talking past one another.

  273. You do that a lot Dave. Why can’t you just understand?

    *ducks and covers*

  274. Rodger,
    I was talking “Seasons”, as defined by solstices and equinoxes.
    We have those up here.
    I do realize that you have only two:
    Hotter than Hell, and Moderate.
    That’s okay, but I’m a little jealous of the “moderate”, this time of year…

  275. Whoever wins this argument gets stung in the neck with my barbed ovipositor, is paralyzed, and nourishes my squirming larvae until they hatch and depart his husk.

    (all debate teams should have this kind of incentive)

  276. That was really fucking horrifying lauraw

  277. *compares the relative bennies of Dave’s and Crispy’s corpora for my young*

    *is deeply conflicted*

  278. Thanks, bcochran81!

  279. LauraW,
    This time of year, the larvae stand a damned good chance of freezing to death, as WINTER is just beginning in the PNW.
    Just sayin’…

  280. >> Why can’t you just understand?

    Comments are imperfect means of communication. We don’t have all the other forms, tone of voice, body and facial expressions.

    Also everybody else is stupid.

  281. oh shit

  282. laura? I think we’ve found the winning candidate for you barbed ovipositor.

  283. Look I had hepatitis B when I was 20 that would totally kill off any aspiring larvae. Plus the heat down here.

    Not a good climate for aspiring young.

    Up there where ChrisP is, they have a fighting chance.

  284. Dave,
    The “HEAT” down there is not a factor this time of year.
    You win!
    I surrender.
    Good luck with that…

  285. Hold still.

  286. I think I see the merits in Dave’s argument

  287. They’re right behind his ear


  289. OK, seriously though; big work day tomorrow. Goodnight dearies. Stim-U-Later.

  290. You ALL win

  291. whew.

    what’s this bump on my neck?


  292. Scott, I believe DD#1 is in Southington,CT (?). Don’t know when they are heading back for home, though.

  293. Uh…you might want to get that looked at, Dave…

    *makes note to keep a look out when passing through Dave’s neck of the woods on the way home next week*

  294. Relax, Dave, it’s just a goiter.

  295. Take some Cherry juice…

  296. I don’t feel so good

  297. You don’t look so good either.

    //as usual

  298. NYTOL, and Merry Christmas, everyone.
    Sorry, Dave.
    Sucks to be you.

    Sleeping-pills and whiskey all around!
    So it goes…

  299. Ok, how do we determine dibs on Dave’s stuff? Draw numbers for order of choosing stuff?

  300. Ok, how do we determine dibs on Dave’s stuff? Draw numbers for order of choosing stuff?

    Cage match.

  301. DiT
    Probably nothing
    Lots of things can cause swollen lymph glands
    I get that often
    But get to your Doc ASAP

  302. Well way up north where the derp gets cold
    There’s a tale about Christmas
    That you’ve all been told
    And a real famous cat all dressed up in red
    All he spends all year workin’ out on his sled

  303. How long is the incubation period for Dave’s bump?

    wakey wakey

  304. Teresa, Southington?

    That’s where our business was for 15 years.

    If we don’t know the family, we probably know some neighbors.

  305. We could have a bag of poo burning on their front step in about 25 minutes.

  306. I saw Bag of Poo Burning open for Cheap Trick in ’88.

  307. Looks like I’m the only one working today in my orifice.

    *closes blinds*

    *removes khakis*

  308. Morning, children.

  309. YEA!!! Christmas is over!!!

    woot woot

  310. Morning, revelers.

  311. I think I’m going to take a nap today. I never do that.

  312. Have a splendid Boxing Day.

  313. Filthy Canadians.

  314. G’moorrrnnning

  315. Cyn, you’ve shortened your name.

  316. Heh – yes I did. Just a few day thing.

  317. NEW POAT

  318. Good morning all!

    Day # 3 of no power and the natives are restless. We are using the generator for just a few hours at a time to cool the fridge and freezer and warm the upstairs. The wood stove does a good job downstairs. We called for a propane delivery and they were nice enough not to laugh in our faces. We sent the boys off with the older one’s dad to get out of the house before we had a homicide on our hands.

    When you get a chance Scott can you leave some flaming dog doo on our steps to warm my hands up on? Make it a large bag please.

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