A Large Diameter Candy Cane

Happy Christmas Eve, y’all.  We got some snow this morning that just might stick around for a while.  White Christmas!

Racist Hardware!

Let’s see what I can find for poat fodder

Maybe one of you scientistey types can explain this to me…sticking tape on frosted glass.



  1. Feels like Saturday.

  2. Watching an episode of La Patrona and then heading in to be lonely at work.

    Tape makes the rough surface smooth.

  3. Going to work to avoid wrapping presents is a dick move.

  4. So Amazon lost one of my orders, a new extra large crate for Nessie the Wonder Dog. Re-ordered last night with their customer service, and got a free month of Amazon Prime when I told them they ruined my dog’s first Christmas.

  5. I have no presents to wrap. I’m not sure what I’m going to do at the office, either, but I told people I’d be around if anything came up. I think I have a telecon this afternoon.

  6. I managed to get something ordered for Penelope. In an amazing feat of tactical brilliance I got my mother in law to intercept it at the Post Office so Penelope wouldn’t see it. She’s also wrapping it,so I’m winning so far. I ordered her a bunch of tea stuff from some hippie place Revvy mentioned on Facedouche.

  7. Take some tools in to work, Leon and partially dis-assemble cow-orkers office furniture. Think how much fun it will be to watch someone’s desk collapse when they sit down after Christmas. Chairs would be good too, that way you can mock them for gaining weight over the holiday.

  8. Going to work as well.

  9. At least you’re not getting her a bunch of douche stuff that Revvy mentioned on Facetea.

  10. Pepe, I don’t do pranks. Not my thing.

    I might linger here a little longer and eat some breffast.

  11. Dave in Texas is not working. In. Texas.

  12. Wakey wakey

  13. Power back, Car in?

  14. G’morning cool kids and peepers.

  15. I’m not much for pranks either. Maybe you can work on the drone takeover software.

  16. Cross-poated to AI.

  17. I LOVE that snow gif with Calvin & Hobbes!! Nice work Puppy.


  18. I have 166 songs in my Christmas playlist. I’m on #24

    Horn Concerto No. 3 in E-Flat Major by Mozart

  19. Ugh.

    Open house for radio station at 6am, then work at music store, then back to station for 5 hour shift.

    Yannow, maybe this radio gig ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…..

  20. You need to be there for your fans. It’s bigger than you.

  21. >>>You need to be there for your fans. It’s bigger than you.

    Actually did have a couple of people tell me they listened to me on Saturdays.

    Was kinda cool.

  22. How many autographs have you signed so far?

  23. Comment by wiserbud, wuzong of the yuan. on December 24, 2013 9:54 am
    >>>You need to be there for your fans. It’s bigger than you.
    Actually did have a couple of people tell me they listened to me on Saturdays.

    Were they mocking you?

  24. >> Yannow, maybe this radio gig ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…..

    Radio. Unglamorous. Not for sissies.

    You’re up to the task my man.

  25. Merry Christmas, y’all.

  26. Merry Christmas to youse, Oso.

  27. http://www.NoradSanta.org


  28. I have always loved that NORAD shit.

    Years ago when the girls were little, after they (finally!) went to sleep, I would take a pair of boots and get ashes on them from the fireplace and make sooty footprints from the fireplace to the tree.

    They soooo bought it.

    And I sooooo had to scrub the carpet afterwards.

    Merry Christmas Oso, and you too Tits McGhee!

  29. >>>Were they mocking you?

    Looked like they were smiling, but it could have been a smirk.

  30. >>>How many autographs have you signed so far?

    Sadly, my pen left my pocket.

    Ungrateful bastards

  31. >>>Radio. Unglamorous. Not for sissies.

    Eh, if I wanted glamor, I would play the bass.

  32. >>>Years ago when the girls were little, after they (finally!) went to sleep,

    We mix glitter with oatmeal and throw it outside to attract the reindeer.

  33. Ungrateful bastards

    Assholes indeed!

    *pulls down neck of shirt for a boob-top autograph*

  34. >> Eh, if I wanted glamor, I would play the bass.

    Do clarinet if you want the chicks.

    Just sayin.

    Merry Christmas my friend.

  35. >> *pulls down neck of shirt for a boob-top autograph*


  36. Years ago when the girls were little…

    We have a Santa Key that the boys would hang outside the front door since we didn’t have a fireplace for him to get in. I have taken a picture of them every year still hanging this silly key. *sniffs*

  37. awww

  38. >>>Merry Christmas my friend.

    Back atcha.

    Merry Christmas to all of the Hostages.

    And thank you , Roamie, for the CD. I now have even better bumper music than I was planning to have.

    Hugz, y’all. Nap time.

  39. >>>*pulls down neck of shirt for a boob-top autograph*

    I’m gonna need a bigger pen…

  40. I am smoking the Christmas pork belly.

    14 lbs of Christmas bacon…mmmmmmmmmmmm

  41. I’m gonna need a bigger pen…

    As the saying goes, I believe that’s what she said.

  42. I might try making these http://www.homesicktexan.com/2011/02/armadillo-eggs-recipe-jalapeno.html for dinner tonight.

  43. I couldn’t believe we totally ran out of pork yesterday. I was calling other Clubs for Members and they were in the same shape we were. One Club had pork chops.

  44. Have a Merry Christmas, H2!

    Don’t forget these guys (always to include gals):


  45. I’m hoping there’ll still be loose chorizo at my grocer. Probably going to do filet tomorrow as it’s the cut of beef most likely to still be available.

  46. I thought gifting pork might be kind of strange.

  47. Bacon is basically a perfect Christmas present. It’s a celebration of the New Covenant making all foods clean, as well as proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  48. Pork on Christmas? We’re not in the midwest anymore, are we?

  49. Those armadillo eggs look awesome, leon. There’s no bacon, though.

  50. Leon, I think we might make your Armadillo eggs too!

    Thanks. My husband just said, “print out that recipe.”

  51. Jay, you could make some really crispy bacon, crumble it, and then combine it with the cream cheese filling.

  52. A coworker made some for a company potluck, Mare, and I was sold on the idea.

  53. They would be awesome on the smoker. I saw one in the comments, Scotch Eggs. Hard Boiled egg in sausage, deep fried. That sounds awesome too.

    And how is this not the H2 Christmas Theme Song™? (from AOS)

  54. Jay, you could make some really crispy bacon, crumble it, and then combine it with the cream cheese filling.

    Or you could wrap the sausage in a strip of bacon.

  55. A nice little appetizer before midnight Mass.

  56. I think the bacon in the cheese filling sounds good. Now, I just have to gat Dan to make ’em. Hmmm…I bet green chile in the cheese filling would work too…

  57. J’ames, is traditional Midwest a Turkey dinner?

  58. Yes, but goose is a Scandi tradition. Ham is also popular.

    We have steak tomorrow.

  59. Green chili would rock in the cream cheese.

  60. Being from the mid-west, we’ve always done turkey on Christmas day. I’ve shaken it up a bit and we’re going with a big ol’ hammy ham.

  61. We would have beans, tamales, posole, carne adovada, green chile chicken enchiladas, and ham and/or turkey. Sometimes mashed potatoes or papitos. Most of our Christmases growing up were at the Naval Hospital, the NCO Club, and a few times at the AF base.

  62. I was thinking I’d mix some of the jalopeno seeds into the cheese.

  63. mmmm, tamales. My all time favorite Mexican food.

  64. After Christmas last year we found whole pork loin for .99 per lb. Probably because people were only buying hams.

  65. Tonight we are having a crown roast of pork. Tomorrow it’s just HotBride and me. We are having Beef Wellington.

  66. Why are tamales a traditional Christmas food? It gives the kids something to unwrap!

  67. Good morning, holes of jack.

  68. Mornin’ jacks of hole.

  69. Lounging around today, then a quick trip to the grocery store, church for the kids pageant, then dinner with friends at a friend’s house.

    I like the lounging around part.

  70. Quick trip to the grocery store?


  71. Yeah, I got that grocery stuff out of the way yesterday. It was nuts!

  72. Look, running to the grocery store isn’t my idea. It’s OTHER family members who forgot stuff.

    On the otter heiney, they sell liquor in the grocery store here, so I’ve got that going for me.

  73. Dan has to go to the grocery store and Total Wine today after work. The dogs wanted to ride along to pick me up last night, so we couldn’t go then. I hope my boss is off tonight so I can make closing announcements.

  74. I gotta go to the Co-op to pick up a loaf of bread that HotBride forgot. She needs it for the stuffing for the crown roast. Then I’ll stop at the liquor store and pick up some wine, and a bottle of rum so I can use my new stainless steel cubes from Mr. Phat.

  75. Listening to WiserClaus.

  76. It’s a high of 80 here today, so chances of a White Christmas are pretty slim.

  77. Just go down to the clubhouse. I bet it’s pretty white there.

  78. Merry Christmas, Pups.


  79. Heh, Hotspur, usually, yeah. But I’m in Irvine today. It’s a little more colorful.

  80. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGnNjEbNXLk

  81. It’s a sin that WATR.com’s page doesn’t have a pic of Wiser in its slide show.

  82. Is Wiser taking calls?

  83. Bacon is done!

    Christmas is saved!

  84. Mare looks like she is enjoying Christmas


  85. Power is out all over town. Generator is working though. Kids are driving us crazy. Cannibalism is sounding good right now.

  86. When I saw those convoys heading North I knew it was going to be a bad one.

  87. Central Maine Power lists nearly all of Waldo County as having no power. Could be Friday for restoration. Teh suck.

  88. I’m still waiting patiently for the air conditioning to kick in.

  89. Where’s Waldo?

    /runs far, far away.

  90. Heh.


  91. non sequitur:

    I like to walk by my cat as say, “SUP” real street like and watch his expression of disdain.

  92. Comment by xbradtc on December 24, 2013 12:30 pm
    Lounging around today, then……… church for the kids pageant,
    So, the restraining order expired?

  93. Heh.

  94. *assembles components for JDAM icicle death bomb and signals to waiting Stealth bombers

  95. I was shopping. I met a guy who said he’d been doing this on Christmas eve for 44 years since he married his wife. I said “well, we’re on 32” and he said “well you gotta start somewhere”.

    And he totally cracked my shit up.

  96. I’m giving a baby a bottle of sriracha for Christmas. This should be funny.

    Have fallen in love with that stuff. I didn’t think I would care for it but I do, I really really do.

  97. Carin?

  98. I didn’t know Christmas was supposed to smell like garlic.


  99. sriracha?


  100. Has anyone donned their gay apparel?

  101. Yes.

  102. Sean hates it when I do that. Heeee.

  103. Lauraw, I gave my sister a baby shower gift of the largest bottle of ketchup Sam’s Club sold with a baby bottle nipple attached.

    Glad I’m done with work until Monday. Yesterday and today sucked.

  104. *hugs roamster*

  105. {{{HUGZ}}}

  106. get off me you goof..

    oh okaay.. hugs

  107. *hugs*
    OK, time to go to Dad’s.
    *runs away with the bacon*

  108. Something tells me that Mare isn’t the only one to have donned their gay apparel.

  109. Roamy sandwich!

  110. https://www.buyperfectbacon.com/

  111. I’m getting into the Christmas spirit. I let my sister have the last of the coffee with only a little whining.

  112. I made a point of finding one co-worker this morning and telling him that of all the people I’ve had to deal with since Saturday morning, he was the best. He walked into my office yesterday, said, “I know you need a hug”, hugged me, said, “Sorry about Don”, shared a goofy story that made me laugh, then GTFO before I got all maudlin and shit.

  113. Comment by Hotspur on December 24, 2013 3:10 pm

    Has anyone donned their gay apparel?

    Just the leather codpiece and the nipple rings.

  114. 27 armadillo eggs bake now in my oven.

  115. Fixed your italics, Alex. Merry Christmas.

  116. Just the leather codpiece and the nipple rings.

    Lace Wigs or nothing!

  117. Bullwhips, asspennies, and potatoes.

  118. Christmas pasties.

  119. New Poat.

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