Big Boob Sunday!

Ok, it’s just pictures of cheerleaders, but we could make it a thing, if you want!


Cold weather gear is important!


It’s not that cold in Dallas.


It’s usually colder in Washington.


And Cincinnati…


But she’s happy to be in Tampa (Hi MJ!)


This will teach you ladies to make a poat when you get up, or you get BOOBS!

Happy Sunday, and GO CHIEFS!

[Impotent Update-Cyn…]

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  1. Some of my best work, I’d say. Thanks for the guidance on elbows, Dave!

  2. If the last poat needed to be replaced this is the one that needed to do it.

  3. Oh my God who is that grandmother in Cincinnati?

    All seriousness aside, boobs on Sunday. Good job J’ames. *flips you a dog biscuit*

  4. Go Chargers.

  5. This will teach you ladies to make a poat when you get up


  6. Indeed.

  7. Since I’m too lazy to open another window and look at the answer to the question I posed earlier…

    I can haz SS today?

  8. Yes –


  9. What is that in normal time?

  10. Open it now, Dave.

  11. 19000 HRS for you Dave

  12. Am I in the Eastern Time Zone? Or should I just open my vibrating FedEx box, now?

  13. Am I in the Eastern Time Zone? Or should I just open my vibrating FedEx box, now?

    Quit whining.


  14. In other news, I see that Obama might be at the Iowa State – George Mason basketball game tonight in Hawaii.

    Must see TV.

  15. Snowboobs!

  16. How is your wrist today, MJ?

  17. where??

  18. what did you do to your wrist MJ?

  19. It’s much better, thanks.

    I was sharpening a knife and looked from the kitchen to the living room when I heard the crowd go nuts during a fight I was watching.

    It was at that moment that I decided to see if one of my wrist bones would sharpen the knife.

    3 stitches. Cute nurse. $20.

  20. Second picture, second from the left has a serious pair of floaties.

  21. Tetanus shot?

  22. It’s much better, thanks.


    Now do the other one and get your butt back in there to axe her out.

  23. I had a tetanus shot a few years ago so I’m all good.

    She was a wee bit out of my age demo, but cute all the same.

    The Ghetto Clooney™ lifestyle demands that I take advantage of younger women, although I’m sure the veterans could teach me a thing or two.

  24. Second picture, second from the left has a serious pair of floaties.

    I saw that too.

    Also, how those outfits are not riding up is a real mystery.

  25. well you silly, cut away from the body

  26. Yup Cyn, no toe is a bad thing.

  27. Andy Reid isn’t much for halftime adjustments, is he?

  28. Playing catch-up. My chirrens are home grazing and being general lounge lizards and I’m taking a break before the cleaning marathon, last minute shopping, and baking commences.

    I was in
    Switzerland once for Christmas. We (my wife’s cousins and I) were waiting for the gondola.

    Couple of German guys were talking next us. Suddenly, wiserbride’s cousin says something to them in German and the two Germans got really quiet and embarrassed looking.

    Guess they were talking shit about us Americans and wiserbride’s cousin told them that they were flaming assholes in their native tongue.

    Same thing happened to us in Italy. Waiting to get into the Uffizi and some Germans behind us starting badmouthing us. Mr. Beasn turns around and starts sweet talking them in his limited German and they quickly changed their tune/demeanor. He understands German well, his speaking not so well.

  29. Between her nagging and Dan’s nagging, it hasn’t been pleasant. I’m almost ready to start taking care of myself again.

    *tackles oso and gives her noogies*

    Do it. NOW. If not for yourself, for your wieners and their husband. We love you and your wiener and grammo stories.

  30. I may have missed something.

    I do that.

  31. So, the boys and I are loading up the old couch in the back of the truck, them on one end and me on the other. Mrs. Pupster was close by, supervising, and asked if I needed help. She has had two shoulder surgeries in two years so of course I say no, I got it. When I lift up to put it on the tailgate, something twists the top of the couch so one of the legs bangs me in the head. Hard. I see stars an say a bad word. I still plop it on the tailgate and tell them to slide it forward while I check my scalp.

    Later, at lunch, Mrs. Pupster confesses that she grabbed the couch to try and help me and that’s why it hit me in the head. She was smart enough to not take the blame while I was still woozy.

    $20 and an icepack

  32. I hate it when people do that, Pups. You’ve got it balanced, then all of a sudden it shifts crazily.

  33. She meant well.

  34. I was carrying an armoire when a customer decided to help.
    The wall broke it’s fall.

  35. Great .gif Cyn.

  36. You should spank Mrs. Pupster with a rolled up newspaper.

    But after happy fun time, figure out some punishment for her.

  37. Howdy, sub-sapien clods and Hawt honeys!

  38. Back to work.

  39. “Work” is a filthy word and should not be used in polite company.

  40. Pups, I’m glad she didn’t hurt herself when inadvertently hurting you.

  41. Is the Redskins/Dallas fiasco over yet?

  42. Dallas should have won by 20. We suck so bad.

    also go Bears

  43. Being a Chiefs fan can break your heart. Not like being a lifelong Browns fan, but close.

  44. I’m getting ready for the Patriots to suck. Not just today, I mean going forward. The end of the Brady-Belicheck Era is near. If not next year, the year after that.


  45. Fracking Deadskins are gonna cost me $$! Rat bastages!

  46. you bet on the racists?

    bad call, you

  47. Ace needs a workout thread.

  48. It would only scavenge the hits we have here at our workout blog

  49. I don’t think we exercise much. And by much I mean at all

  50. “Ace needs a workout thread.”

    And a recipe tab.

  51. I’ll not make the ss dealing . No power, and no secret Santa gift. A duo of fail. May not get power back for Christmas.

    Fuck you ice.

  52. Dave – on the Wagles winning the NFC East!

  53. I’m runnign a bar tab. Close enough?

  54. Car in, I’ll call you to express my sympathies.

  55. It’s not particularly warm here today, but I did have to crank the A/C in the car for a bit earlier.

  56. Ugh, sounds like Car in got the storm we had earlier.

    Fuck you, ice, indeed!

  57. leon didn’t have ice earlier, did he get some?


  58. Mare didn’t get me for ss, did she ?!

  59. I opened the sliding glass door on the back porch and stuck my toe out on the deck. Sheer ice. I think we had less freezing rain than Downeast Maine. Power is on and the wine bottle a not empty yet.

  60. Greetings, people who are sick with anticipation and/or AIDS.

  61. Carin, no, you got me. I ordered it December 2. I had no idea it would be late, or I would have picked something else. Sorry! I got the notice it was shipped Thursday, so maybe it will show up tomorrow.

  62. Hey, what does FSA stand for when talking about various types of lefties?

  63. Just popping in for a sec, still wrapping gifts while the boys aren’t here, but I wanted to let you know that I have a poat readied for the SS gift opening tonight. You can email a pic of your gift to me at TheH2SecretSanta g-string account when the magic time arrives.

  64. Good evening Hostages. SS tonight! The damn thing started beeping about an hour ago.

    Is that bad?

  65. Free Shit Army

  66. Sean…..Free Shit Army

  67. Thanks. All I was coming up with was Flexible Savings Account or Free Syrian Army, and I figgered neither one of those was right in that context.

  68. Roamy’s new Delta Tau name is “mare”

  69. Roamy’s new Delta Tau name is “mare”

    **wears ponytail of shame**

  70. I don’t even remember what I got for whoever.

  71. >>>**wears ponytail of shame**

    You borrow that from Jennifer Lawrence?

  72. Highlander is a really bad movie but I totally understand why I liked it at 13.

  73. Still no ice, but we went shopping. I got a silicone candy mold and some flood lamp bulbs that I’m going to pretend are my SS gift.


  74. Highlander is a really bad movie but I totally understand why I liked it at 13.

    It’s got trenchcoats and swordfighting and explosions. I don’t get how that’s a bad movie. What I never understood was how gaining the ability to age and die was a prize.

  75. Highlander is a really bad movie but I totally understand why I liked it at 13.

    No, #2 and #3 are REALLY bad. I like the first one.

  76. People always want that which they can’t have, leon. For most of us, this leads to restraining orders. For immortals, sword fights.

  77. Presents wrapped.

    CaRin, pack up your stuff and head down here for Christmas, I got 2 hams and no ice or snow. I’ll let you outline my 2014 workout routine. We do have some flooding so you better fly.

  78. Silicone candy sounds awful.

  79. Roamy, because it was you, you are forgiven. But I will call you roamingMarehydrant for the rest of the evening.

  80. Tracker says it was in Allen Park yesterday.


  82. Car in, at least your deck will make great firewood.

  83. I’m thinking after a few thousand years you’d probably decapitate yourself on accident.

    Especially in those first few years.

  84. *sees shit that roamy is getting, puts hands in pockets and whistles nonchalantly*

  85. Not all immortals watch MMA when sharpening their knives, MJ.

  86. No, #2 and #3 are REALLY bad. I like the first one.

    Jay, there were no sequels.

    You’re just wrong about this. Never happened.

  87. I initially read that as “depreciate,” MJ.

  88. I did not get anything by Thursday I was busy packing Friday so I could have great things waiting for me.

    Or not.

  89. Did the TV series happen?

  90. I like to think that too, leon.


  91. Who the fuck cuts themselves like that, MJ?

    I mean, what kind of idiot would do that?

  92. Where’s laura? I want to know if she double processes her stock.

  93. Did the TV series happen?

    I like to think of it as fan fiction that was relatively true to the source material. Sort of like Buffy.

  94. Who the fuck cuts themselves like that, MJ?

    I cut the heck out of my birdflipper because I looked up to talk to my wife while cubing roast beef.

  95. I like to think of it as fan fiction that was relatively true to the source material. Sort of like Buffy.


  96. Just got home from Obamajob. Double-whatsie, now?

  97. I made a huge amount of stock last Spring, then reduced and canned it. Really need to get around to using it. Maybe I’ll make some soup after Christmas.

  98. Don’t talk shit about Buffy.

  99. Hey Oso…cleanup on aisle you.

  100. >> I made a huge amount of stock last Spring

    buy low and sell high

  101. I wouldn’t, XBrad. I loved most of Buffy, but it diverged a lot from the movie.

  102. buy low and sell high

    Be sure to tip C arin.

  103. Had clouds prevented the Star Tracker from getting an accurate fix while we were still on the ground, the inertial system would have continued to provide navigation guidance until we were above the clouds and star tracking was possible.

  104. Highlander.

    Oh yes, I watched that.

  105. Well, I can see I’m being highly respected at this dump!


  106. You do realize the movie diverged a hell of a lot from what the creator envisaged?

    The whole reason Whedon made the series was because the movie pissed him off?

  107. So, should I be concerned about opening my SS gift in front of the wife?

    Is there going to be an attempted awkward explanation?

  108. The movie had Luke Perry in it.

    No one ever envisages that.

  109. Not even Luke Perry.

  110. So, should I be concerned about opening my SS gift in front of the wife?
    Is there going to be an attempted awkward explanation?


  111. Naw, really; this is about as bad as it gets:

  112. You should put on latex gloves and safety glasses to unwrap it.

  113. Yes, Whedon wrote his own fan fiction. George Lucas did that too, only he sucks at it.

  114. I coulda used one of these for my SS gift.

  115. *facepalm*


  116. That’s fucking cool as hell Cyn

  117. Laura, do you boil the bones once, then strain, keeping the bones and picking out the veggies.

    Put new veggies and water in again, and start right over? I think Imma gonna try that

  118. It’s fine if you ship t-shirts.

  119. That’s pretty cool, but the whole “it opens when you press down on it” thing is gonna need some work. Unless they’ve also invented a transporter beam.

  120. I coulda used one of these for my SS gift.

    OMG!! Those fellas invented the die-cut carton! Except they already exist! And the ones that already exist won’t pop the fuck open in shipping if anything accidentally hits it in the sweet spot!!

    Millenials. What can’t they reinvent, only lousier?

  121. Did you see how easy that box opened?

    When those boxes deliver they will be empty. Postal employees say “thank you college hipsters”.

  122. But it does save trees, and who the fuck knows how to grow them.

  123. Millenials. What can’t they reinvent, only lousier?

    Heh, things heard at work: “why does your method work better than mine?”

  124. >> So, should I be concerned about opening my SS gift in front of the wife?

    What Cyn said. Get a flashlight and go to the garage.

  125. Or the shed. Do you have a shed?

  126. Jay, holy crap. Yes, I tried that last Spring on a lark but kept the second batch separate. Old bones, new veg, just plain water.

    Because I wanted to taste what was coming off the bones in the second round of long-stewing.

    Answer: Virtually nothing. The broth I got from that was nearly flavorless. The bones had given pretty much whatever they had, and there was no economic return from this effort for me. YMMV.

  127. How much cardboard gets tossed aside since it comes in rectangular flats? How many extra manufacturing steps are there?

  128. K, I’ll just throw them out.

    Thanks for the pointer!

  129. How much cardboard gets tossed aside since it comes in rectangular flats?

    Oh come on, they use different sized trees for that!

  130. President Obama was at the ISU basketball game, in case you were wondering:

    Pollard is the ISU Athletic Director

  131. Get a flashlight and go to the garage.

    I’m sure he meant fleshlight.

  132. They will also be more expensive than regular boxes, so the chances of you ever seeing one are slim to none.

  133. XBrad, most paper processing is run extremely lean, as I understand it. Almost no waste.

  134. Disturbingly heavy SS present is ready to open.

    Wife and kids are watching a DVD they got from family xmas. Bears game starts soon.


  135. Xbrad, their initial core assertions about cartons and cardboard production, right in the beginning of the video, are wrong.

    *Right now* there are methods that produce virtually no waste.

    Furthermore, sometimes you really do need cartons with several extra folds and layers and heft. Because if the carton ‘saves cardboard’ but the valuable contents get damaged because the box turns into an accordion in shipping, what did you really save? Etc.

  136. What time is it?

    Is it time to open presents?

  137. I watched True Grit thus afternoon.


  138. I coulda used one of these for my SS gift.

    I thought that was going to be the boob apron.

  139. Heh. They just had to say “Pussy Riot” on the CBS Evening News.

  140. I’m sorry, you may have misunderstood what I was feebly attempting to point out. When you look at a conventional cardboard box, very little is cut away. It’s a rectangle with about 6 small strips gone.

    The whippersnappers is an odd shape. It’s die cut. Where’s the other stuff go? You may be able to lay a pattern to minimize the loss, but there’s still loss, almost certainly greater than the loss involved in a conventional box.

    The seller is going to charge you for his total cost in cardboard stock, so if you buy the new whippersnapper box, you’re not saving money just because the end product uses 15% less.

  141. Lmao. So we did Christmas with my family today since we’re leaving Tuesday to see the wife’s family.

    My mom gave the girls “Mary Poppins”.

    My wife just informed me that that’s the third time she’s given us that movie.

  142. So we’re a cardboard blog, now?

    Makes sense.

  143. My present is wrapped in newspaper, heavy on the comic page for a festive touch. awww.

  144. Well, my dad was a cardboard product salesman in ATL for a few years.

  145. Xbrad, The conventional box may not seem to waste cardboard when you see the flat cutout, but if your conception of the perfectly efficient carton is one layer of cardboard, then yes the conventional carton is wasteful. Because when you put it together, the flaps overlay each other and create a double thickness of cardboard at the top and bottom of the carton.

    And yes, there are already die-cut cartons designed so that the ‘waste’ stock (or negative space left on the sheet, however you want to see it) is just the reverse image of the same die-cut carton, or some other one, so that out of a single sheet of stock, virtually nothing is wasted.

    This has already been done.

    Furthermore, it is not even suitable for mailing t-shirts, because the seams are not glued or taped. Shipping lanes are filthy! Cartons get covered with this fine, dark gray filth. That stuff will surely infiltrate a seam that is not taped or glued.

  146. The H2:

    Smart Cardboard and Pee SolutionsTM.


  147. heavy on the comic page for a festive touch.

    I always do that for my soldier and college student care packages.

    My friend Don said his wife would use popcorn for packing material in his care packages to Vietnam. It would be stale as hell, but he would eat it anyway.



  149. Cardboard Box Solutions ™

  150. I sure hope this was actually a marketing project and not really an engineering one.

  151. Is cardboard gluten-free?

  152. Laura, kindly be up shutting the fuck.

    I’m agreeing with you.

  153. Pouring drink for the festivities.

  154. Cardboard box and Pussy Riot seem like they’re slightly related.

  155. >> Shipping lanes are filthy! Cartons get covered with this fine, dark gray filth. That stuff will surely infiltrate a seam that is not taped or glued.

    wait what?

  156. So are we opening gifts or arguing about cardboard?

  157. And wiser, I posted over at AI.

  158. *stomps off in huff*
    *slams bedroom door*

    *plays Guns n’ Roses on my boombox at vol. 11*

  159. Fuck the presents
    Lets just keep the cardboard

  160. Looks like Lauraw spelled ‘Shitting’ wrong.


    Shipping lanes are filthy!

  161. >>>And wiser, I posted over at AI.


    Crazy blog merchandising money, here we come!

  162. You guys keep talking about a blog.

    We should get one of those. I hear bloggers wipe their mouths with 300 count bed sheets and their butts with cans of caviar.

  163. ReadySetGo!!!

  164. Now?


  166. Cyn, you doing a new poat or do we wait for a signal?

  167. Roamy about 20 years ago some hippies were moving. They decided to pack all their stuff in popcorn because it was green.

    Something bad happened with their closing and all their stuff went in to storage for a couple of months.

    Turns out rats love popcorn. Their storage lot was the biggest rats nest in all of Hartford.

    Here’s your rat urine soaked couch……think of the trees you saved.

    HA HA HA stupid hippies.

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