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UofMMM was undefeated in ’97

Greetings and salutations. It’s Monday again, and I know you’re all just chomping at the bit to get started on your week. Or at least Mare is. We’re facing some craptastic storm activity here in SE MI, which I’m pretty sure is Obama’s fault.

The storm that is Obamacare continues to rage from coast to coast, which really is Obama’s fault, but he’s angry at it and that makes it okay and it’ll stop hurting America now, ’cause he said so. Fortunately, as badly as I thought this would go, as thoroughly awful as I anticipated the roll-out to go, I underestimated in every respect. It has been glorious. Remember, healthcare.gov is going to be fully functional (whatever that means) in less than two weeks. Stop laughing. No, really, Obama said to stop laughing, and we all know that makes it a law.

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Start your engines

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Seize the Day


Roamy and her “thermostat”… prolly just needs fresh batteries again. Anyhoo, isn’t there just something kinda yummy about a man in a tie and coat? I think so too.

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MMM, the worst 96th post of any kind.

Fell asleep in bed at 8pm, got up at 630am. Slept most of that time. I am so ready for Monday I almost feel guilty.

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