Big Boob Friday

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday, holiday party addition. I am Pupster, your humble but highly flammable host.

Turkey’s done.

Today’s musical selection was a recommendation from Mrs. Pupster…I think she likes it when the singer says “Yow“.

Today’s model was born in Frisco, Texas in 1974. With her big fake boobs she measures in at 36-26-36. Please drop your turkey legs and welcome Marzia Prince.


I’m not doing history or anything else.


  1. Come on Barbie, lets go party.

  2. wakey wakey

  3. She seems very nice.

  4. The Mrs. Pupster gif made me lolololol.

  5. Mrs. Pupster gif was awesome. Raw marrow bone for Pupster.

  6. She does have that “girl next door” thing goin on.. if you live next door to a titty bar.

  7. Oh my.

  8. Nice rack

  9. Fake but accurate… nice job Pupster! Yowza.

  10. Good deal on some commie rifles:

  11. Pups, the funnest thing to shoot in the Dave in Texas armory is my old commie SKS

    Might take it to the range this weekend with the girls. YEE HAAAAA

  12. Shouldn’t everyone be at the gym right now?

  13. >>>Shouldn’t everyone be at the gym right now?

    My wife currently is. Which means it counts like I am. Cause marriage.

  14. Carin, answer the phone!

  15. That looks like a rifle with a story, pups. And a good deal to boot!

  16. Dave – I actually lost your number in the great Address Book Mysterious Disappearance that occurred earlier this week.

    I shouted out to folks to text me … but alas …

    Sad, really. I was —->this close<—– to calling you yesterday.

  17. You could just post your number, and we could all call you. That way you’d have our numbers.

    Might work even better if you posted it at AOS.

    Just sayin.

  18. I would, J’ames, but my IP gets banned from Ace too often.

    Sad really, because I really would enjoy making new (and exciting) friends in that manner.

  19. I missed that Carin.. just txted you

  20. AAAAAnd failed delivery.

    I’m beginning to see the flaw in your plan

  21. OHAI

  22. It’s not my fault if you can’t even send a text, Dave.

  23. Yes it is

  24. Found your number on old text.

  25. shit!

  26. Ha Ha

  27. Christmas Cyn… that was fast.

  28. I’m headed to the gym after I get a cup of coffee brewed.

  29. hmmmm

  30. Hunh… I’m down four pounds from yesterday.

  31. You measure less than 5?

    I wait until my pants fall off, or the belt extends to the second belt loop

  32. I haven’t stepped on a scale in years.

    Denial. It ain’t just a river in Egypt.


  34. Because my body sucks, I was at a specialist’s the other day. Joy oh joy, they measured my BMI.

  35. Comment by Pupster on November 29, 2013 11:52 am


  36. Third bag of stuffing made to try to fix the first two (too moist).

  37. BMI

    Bold and Manly Incredibleness?

  38. Let’s not increase bcock’s ego too much, mmkay?

  39. Bowl

  40. >>>Bold and Manly Incredibleness?

    Yeeaaahhh…..not so much

  41. BMI = Breast Meat Inflation aka Today’s BBF model

  42. We’re watching The Incredible Mr. Limpet now.

    I’ve been to town to grab some comic books and had the chance to pose for a picture with Wonder Woman. WW was an incredibly nubile cosplayer hired by the store as an annual Black Friday tradition. Last year was Scarlet Witch. Somehow I don’t think they’ll ever have a male cosplayer for the few ladies who wander into the store.

  43. That’s rayciss!!1!

  44. >>>Bowl

    Sadly, not far off. I’ve got some awful GI thing going on. Lots of pain. No clue what it is. So I get to have a bunch of blood drawn and then this tuesday morning an upper endoscopy. Yay me.

  45. Where the hell are the pics Jimbro???

  46. That sounds like the bug thing that I had last week (that I attributed to “The Greek Yogurt”) that my mom now has. Icky.

  47. Bowl

    Bowel Movement Impaction?

  48. To be emailed to me eventually. I got the one from last year in January. Just picture a hot girl wearing a skimpy Wonder Woman costume and you’ll get the effect.

    I initially turned the offer down by saying I already had a mental picture which I think both annoyed and pleased her. Cus I’m like that.

  49. Today will be a landmark day in the X household. We’re actually getting internet. Instead of mooching off the neighbor’s signal.

  50. >> I’ve got some awful GI thing going on.

    Dude. Do you have a fever? Ask Scott about that shit and don’t mess around with it.

  51. Scott is a scam.

  52. >>>Dude. Do you have a fever? Ask Scott about that shit and don’t mess around with it.

    No fever. This has been a steadily increasing issue for months. At one point they thought I had IBS. Nope. Like I said, seeing a specialist now. Could be anything from a bacterial infection all the way up to Celiac Disease.

    Almost all the possibilities are in some way related to my diabetes. Cause that shit sucks.

  53. Ok just checkin. No fever is positive. A ruptured diverticulae is a bad bad thing, and almost killed two of my best friends

  54. Scott being one. Don’t tell him I called him a best friend.

  55. Ok, I looked that up. Symptoms do seem similar, other than no fever. I’ve had two X-rays and a CT done already, all came back fine.

    Don’t worry, I’ll keep it between us.

  56. Could be anything from a bacterial infection all the way up to Celiac Disease.

    *hastily packs bag*
    *changes identity*
    *begins new life in Canada*

  57. Scott is a scam.

    It’s all a conspiracy by Big Hump.

  58. Big Humps all the way down.

  59. Fever means rupture.. do not mess around with that.

    Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  60. Any bowel prep before your endoscopy? You said upper so most likely no but local customs vary.

  61. Not really Jimbro. Your standard no eating or drinking starting at midnight the night before.

    But I think that has more to do with being sedated than it does the procedure.

  62. Yeah, tell them you’re a big drinker so your liver will metabolize the drugs really fast. That’s what Michael Jackson did. I read that in the National Enquirer.

    All kidding aside I hope it’s a smooth procedure and you get some answers. “Not knowing” is a shitty state of mind.

  63. *whispers


    [runs off to work]

  64. Thanks Jimbro. Yeah, the not knowing thing sucks. I can deal with a lot, but I’ve got to know what I’m supposed to be dealing with. And I’m tired of feeling like hell.

    It’s supposed to be a quick and simple thing. Check in at 630, IV, go night night, procedure at 730. Doc says it shouldn’t last more than a couple minutes. Tube down the gullet, take a peek around and maybe a couple snips of lining here and there. Done. Should be outa there by 1030.

  65. Next month I will get an endoscopy. colonoscopy and my personal favorite – a cystoscopy

    The first two are like a trip to Disneyworld compared to that last one


  66. The cystoscopy…that’s the tube up the favorite appendage, correct?

  67. A scheduled visit with your Rear Admiral.

    My first and last scope was clean, I’m on the ten year check it again plan.

    Good luck boys. And all serial aside, hope they figure it out and fixt it

  68. Turkey in oven, potatoes chopped, pan ready for carrots, rolls arising, gibs and neck boiling in celery leaves *snickers*, flour and empty jar at the ready, chicken bullion cubes unwrapped, and quickie load in the dishwasher. Mom will have to get a care package this year 😦

  69. a quickie load?

    I had to do that. Had to.

  70. Things do go more smoothly after, don’t they.

  71. After all, a clean ship is a happy ship.

  72. Anyone want a slightly dead mother? I swear to Gaia, she’s driving me fucking crazy.

  73. Yes they do

  74. I swear to Gaia, she’s driving me fucking crazy.

    You’re obviously not drinking enough. I recommend the Rum & Coke.

  75. Here…

    *swirls cup around to mix up the rum and coke, then takes a long sip through the straw*

    I’m helping even.


  77. Careful to not end up pregnant waiving that turkey baster around, Cyn.

  78. Anybody want some Black Friday pizza?

    On special, double price!

  79. Jeebus, I almost had a crisis in the kitchen: my rolls rose too fast (SYWM) so I had to pull the turkey, cover it, and bake the fucking rolls.

    *makes a slurping sound sucking the last of the rum ‘n coke*

  80. What fucking rolls rise in 2.5 hours?!

    I’m gonna be reeeeaaally pissed if my turkey button does some wonky premature popping.

  81. Double anchovies please, Jay!

    *uses Andy’s credit card to buy pizza for everyone*

  82. African American Friday, you racists!

  83. I like a good spice rub before basting a bird. Guaranteed to make my rolls rise.

  84. Reading about Cyn’s belated Turkey Day prep made me thirsty. I think the box vintage is White Merlot.

  85. I like a good spice rub before basting a bird. Guaranteed to make my rolls rise.

  86. And

  87. Cardboardeaux or Cardboardonnay?

  88. *has never basted a turkey

    *has never used the popout thingy on a turkey

    Sourdough rolls rise in 2.5 hours. Commercial yeast takes less time.

  89. Cardboardot.

  90. My favorite. 🙂

  91. I keep a box o’ wine in the fridge for special occasions. HHD, Friday, Sunday, Days that end in Y.

  92. I like your celebratory thinking, oso. Excellent.

    Time to make the pizza, au revoir!

  93. I had some Reisling wine yesterday. My little guy was fascinated to see me drinking out of a wine glass. When I have a drink it usually involves a 12 oz bottle or can.

  94. I like Reislings and Liebfraumilchs. They don’t have them in box form TTBOMK.

  95. Greetings, turkey sammich eaters.

  96. I love giblets.

  97. Greetings, Sean. We’re having turkey burritos.

  98. Sounds super authentic.

  99. Oso, if you haven’t seen it yet, go back to last night’s poat and check out the Instapundit link right before the derp.

  100. It’s raining in the desert.

    In related news, today was the first time in about three years I’ve driven the Beemer in the rain. Who knew windshield wipers would disintegrate if left in the sun for three years?

  101. I tryptophaned early. BRB

  102. Has Carin chosen her Christmas avatar yet?

  103. Sean, I really H8 the Tree People!!! Funneh!

  104. XB, windshield wipers in the desert is a scam!

  105. Heh. Indeed.

    Comment by lauraw on November 29, 2013 6:49 am

    Nice tits on Insty!


  106. Things are not looking good for the WSU Cougars.

  107. In general, or is there something specific going on?

  108. I saw one of my former regular store customers today. We shook hands and greeted each other, me saying “____ ____! So nice to see you!” And him exclaiming, “Laura! My God, what…what has happened to you?”

    Like me wearing a smock at another retail store is evidence of some kind of terrible deterioration. The conversation continued with me talking about the good things I am up to, and him responding to me in a sad tone of revolting pity. Holy shit. I wanted to tear him apart. Fucking snob.

  109. Okay, I just emptied the dishwasher and loaded the final dirty shit from yesterday. 3 loads totes, but that’s because my soninlaw and his friend made a shit job of the first load.

    You can’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  110. Yet, there he was…at your Obamajob. Shopping. All the usual suspects are posting Small Business Saturday links for tomorrow. Yeah, whatever.

  111. **looks down at nose at Laura**

  112. Like me wearing a smock at another retail store is evidence of some kind of terrible deterioration.

    Yes, the…smock.

  113. Did you like having two kidneys, Sean?

    *dispatches monkeys*

  114. Monkeys have been exposed. They’re afraid of a few thousand large crows.

  115. Wait, is it monkeys that are a scam or having two kidneys? I forget.

  116. I survived!

    Turns out that Black Friday and Mothers Day are the two slowest days in the plumbing dept at Home Depot.

    It was still freaking nuts.

  117. That has nothing to do with Sean. Nobody commands those crows, they are wild animals. All Sean has is a cocker spaniel who doesn’t 100% obey him.

  118. It’s the two kidney thingy. I prefer to think of the second kidney as a cash reserve.

  119. I like crows, because they keep the pigeons away. They’ve also been known to dive bomb my fat doxies. Still prefer them to pigeons. Can’t believe our resident hawk let a bunch of crows chase him off.

  120. All Sean has is a cocker spaniel who doesn’t 100% obey him.

    Not true. I also have millions of bacteria living in my digestive system. And they know where their bread is buttered.

  121. Does Scott 100% obey Laura?

  122. “And they know where their bread is buttered.”

    That’s what they want you to think.

  123. Scott doesn’t 100% obey the laws of physics.

  124. Those are the same bacteria that force you to eat buttered bread.

  125. *tries on the santa hat* THANKS CYNNY! *smooch*

  126. Leon’s in the pocket of Big Bacteria.

  127. Under an extremely powerful microscope, Sean’s intestinal bacterial all look like Louie Anderson.

  128. Cats make women crazy.

    Everyone knows this.

  129. Ask Mare.

  130. My bacteria don’t control me.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a sudden craving for that yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis is always going on about.

  131. Oh sure your bacteria don’t do shit..

    so not believing.


  133. His gut is a sanctuary city.

  134. Oh sure your bacteria don’t do shit..

    60% of the dry weight of your feces is dead bacteria. So, yeah, they do shit. Shit shit.

  135. Headed to a theater to finally see Ender’s Game.

    I hope there are bacteria in it.

  136. Really? We’re a shit blog now? Crap!

  137. Coprophilia ain’t pretty

  138. Semi-related: Mushroom Blog

  139. I want your kidney
    Obama says that I should have it because I need it more than you

  140. I hear coyotes tonight.

    So the zombies ain’t close

  141. My Virology prof told me that bacteria are a scam

  142. I’d be happy to share a kidney with you, TexJew.

    It’s the price point that would be the point of contention.

    Check with Car in. She’s already got a history of donations.

  143. Awesome. Bacteria. As if I’m not discussing that enough as it is.

  144. My kidney isn’t kosher, so you probably don’t want it.

  145. C. Diff, Bcoch?

  146. Ex Post Facto

  147. Laura, nope. We’re looking for something that causes bloating and very sharp, localized areas of pain. As well as weight gain instead of weight loss.

  148. Leaky gut?

  149. Christmasssssyyy Yay!

  150. Yeah, DiT warned me about what Scott had been through. The diverticulitis actually fits the symptoms, other than I’ve had two X-rays and a CT that all came back clean. And no fever.

  151. Virology prof = hooker

    Ask Mare.

  152. bcoch, you need your Christmas Avi.

  153. Years ago Laura axed me if those symptoms sounded serious. And I said “eh, sounds like flu”.

    So there’s what my advice is worth.

  154. Scott does too.

  155. TJ, you too! Put a Santa Hat on your Longhorn!

  156. *cough*gluten*cough*

  157. christmas avs NOW

  158. Put a Santa Hat on your Longhorn!

    Things that sound dirty but aren’t.


  160. Apparently I do need a christmas avi.

    Cyn, celiac disease is one of the things they’re testing for. I’m seriously doubting that’s it though.

  161. Gluten cough is a terrible affliction.

  162. It would be kind of funny if bcoch actually had celiac.

  163. Apparently I do need a christmas avi.

    Lemme know if you’d like me to spiff up your avatard all Christmassy and whatnot. I think you’d look quite fetching with some ornament dangly earrings. I’m a fucking whiz with that Paint program.

  164. Cyn made my Christmas thingy

    Not a euphemism

  165. That would be funny how, Oso?

    Cyn….let’s see if I managed to change it….

  166. Shit!

  167. HAHAHAHA!

  168. Give it a few minutes, BC.

    AND GET OFF THE FUCKIN’ F5 KEY. Yer gonna break it!

  169. This blog has a gluten/celiac history.

  170. Not quite as Festive as I’d have expected, Brent, but sure, why not.

  171. I don’t have to see the Rear Admiral again until 2022

  172. Hunh.

    2022 is when I turn 39.

  173. *gets kicked in the junk repeatedly by Gravatar*


  174. Happy birfday to Cyn!

    You’re kinda screwin this up BC. Try prugging it in.

  175. I’m gonna try a new Chrimmas Sean avatard. Feedback would be appreciated.

  176. No idea what happened. Tried to change the avi. First it wouldn’t, now there’s nothing. Go to the account, it shows the avi just fine.

  177. Feedback would be appreciated.

    I’d hit it.

  178. Go to the account, it shows the avi just fine.

    Gravitar is a fickle bitch that can take up to an hour. Give it time and see what happens. If no changy after a few hours, you’ve prolly fucked it up.

  179. I’d hit it.. whoa.. wait no I wouldn’t..

    but it looks ok

  180. OT: My turkey, stuffing, and gravy were KILLER.

  181. you’re talking to dead people already. leftovers done kilt me again. And then eldest threw down with youngest and I got stabbed.

    Good holiday.

  182. I even saved room for pie. Two kinds of pie. And I’m having a slice of both.

    Yes I am.

  183. DiT,
    Non o my bid’ness, but what do your two grown daughters get into it over?
    One would think they would be sympatico in most things, being a similar age/generation.

  184. mmm…pie. egg nog ice cream sammiches tonight though.

  185. ChrisP..hahahahhahahahahahahahaha.

    Sibling wars never, ever, ever end.

  186. Cyn,
    Anita made 10 apple pies last week, for folks at her church for Thanksgiving. She made two pumpkin and two apple today, for other people.
    Probably time to mop the kitchen, again…

  187. egg nog ice cream sammiches tonight though.

    Marry me.

  188. Brent,
    I’ve 5 brothers and sisters.
    We fought like wolverines when we lived with the folks.
    Now, we’re old, and they have children & grandchildren(we are childless) and we all get along fine.

  189. She was a pie baking machine from the sound of it, Chrispy. Give her a big squeezie hug for me as thanks for the goodness and love she baked for all those folks.

  190. ChrisP. They don’t need a reason.

    Deservin’s got nothin to do with it.

  191. Fat Boy makes delicious seasonal ice cream treats.

  192. I can’t be around my sister for more than 30 minutes without making her cry.

  193. Older or younger, Oso?

  194. I do believe you would be the exception, not the rule, ChrisP.

  195. Older. I’m the responsible one though.

  196. Brent,
    Could be. I deliberately moved 150 miles away from all of them.
    We interact seldom.
    The last time was moms service.
    The next time will be for Dads…

  197. I’m the responsible one though.

    Having met you… bahahahahahahaha! 😀

  198. homos stay here

  199. I know, right? LOL My sister is a hippie.

  200. Dave’s trying to say there’s a…


  201. 4 hours drive to see my brother in NH or sister in MA works well. Close enough to visit a few times a year but far enough to keep out of the others bidness.

  202. She’s a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. . .

  203. I have Mrs. Pupster’s music playing over the speakers. The Boy comes over and shuts off the computer.

    Sorry, The Critic has spoken

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