MMM 98

Good morning and welcome to the ninety-eighth edition of Monday muscular motivation. I’ve basically given up on Walking Dead, so I spent the evening subjecting my wife to season 1 of Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Anyhow, pictures. This one has fencing. No, the other kind.

The girl on the left stole the girl on the right’s boyfriend. Status of shit: real.
Rope jumpin’.
Stubby climbing wall she’s got there.
Her expression is great.
This looks stupidly dangerous.
This is a repeat. I don’t care, she’s hawt.
Christmas snatch.
Also a repeat. Also hawt.
You may now proceed to slander these beautiful young ladies.
Failing that, you might get off your lazy ass and go do something productive, weenie.


  1. Off to make my own jerk and release pics. Faust!

  2. Dan just left for work and the wieners are switching sides of the bed. MA just realized my feet are too cold for her to snuggle next too, and Gingy is trying to steal my covers. Brrrrrr

  3. Reading about the idiot deal with Iran is pretty depressing
    What the fuck has happened to this country since 1988?

  4. Good morning all!

    I confess to going to bed after the Pats were down 14-0. Pleased to see the outcome was different than I predicted.

    Nice work Leon. Last muscle girl is pretty hawt. Pretty face.

  5. Yeah TJ, I’m not sure of all the details on the nuke agreement but I don’t feel bad since it sounds like even the State Dept. doesn’t know all the details.

    On Instapundit last night he had a link to the effect of “All you need for the historic Iran nuke agreement” and it was a link to amazon for Geiger counters to purchase.

  6. the wieners are switching sides

    As Greg Gutfeld has pointed out, gay marriage made this all possible.

  7. Girl in green – yuck.

    That vein stuff is a fail.

  8. No white death today.

    *feels cheated*

  9. thanksgiving video:

  10. We have some white death today, dave. I can send you some.

  11. green girl’s flexin’ so much the hardware from her last surgery is popping out

  12. xb has a nice bit of science fiction up for “Load HEAT”

  13. Alaska: The Last Frontier

    Love that show. Watched it last night when football got boring.

  14. We had some light snow yesterday that didn’t leave when the sun hit it. Nothing new overnight.

    I forgot my gym clothes this morning. You have no idea how sad this makes me.

  15. I love the Alaska shows. Life Below Zero is a good one, too.

  16. Yeah Dave, no excitement here either. I woke up and the freeze protection wasn’t even running on my pool.

  17. I might actually wear a coat today.

  18. The girl on the left stole the girl on the right’s boyfriend. Status of shit: real.

    It looks more like one the one on the left is pissed that the one on the right misunderstood which of them was supposed to get the reassignment surgery.

  19. It looks more like one the one on the left is pissed that the one on the right misunderstood which of them was supposed to get the reassignment surgery.


  20. This link is the main thing I took away from that article Leon.

    I’ll share it with Paula.

  21. Tomorrow we get overwhelmed with work.

  22. I just think it’s hilarious that you can post the most vile things imaginable about, say, Republicans, and FB does nothing, but suggest that fat people being fat might be due to their own choices and you’re OUTATHERE.

  23. It is ridiculous but it seems par for the course.

  24. First they came for the smokers and I said nothing…

  25. Awful lotta man hands in this poat today.

  26. Obama ate a dog.

  27. Vagina count: 3.67

  28. Morning, children.

  29. *checks poat’s pockets*

  30. Not that most of you will give more than one shit, but last night’s game gets the replay on NFL Network this Wednesday at 9PM. Those games are done in under an hour.

  31. Excellent, Jimbro, I didn’t see the ending so I’m going to watch it.

  32. It’s not even noon yet on Monday and my day already sucks.

  33. Possibly my whole week.

  34. I almost switched to playing games instead of watching at halftime, Jimbro. But the wife and I kept watching – just freaking amazing.

    Somebody should make a film of all the “little” celebrations the Denver running back did after each of his great runs, and put it on a continuous loop for him.

  35. Possibly my whole week.

    Sorry to hear it, leon. Family coming over? :-)

    I think rope jumping girl and the last one are my favorites. I agree with Car in – vein/rock climbing girl is gross (and she has such a pretty face too – so sad).

  36. Wife’s family coming Thursday. Today-Wednesday is work-obnoxiousness.

  37. Any feedback from the other place Leon?

  38. Comment by agiledog on November 25, 2013 11:05 am
    I almost switched to playing games instead of watching at halftime, Jimbro. But the wife and I kept watching – just freaking amazing.
    I agree. The refs definitely got a “let’s even this thing up” talk at halftime. Pats started running pick after pick and no call. They could do no wrong. It got really ridiculous when they called offensive pass interference on the Broncos.

    They do the same thing in basketball.

    No rooting interest for either team.

  39. I’ve heard nothing from Garmin since the phone interview. Maybe it didn’t go as well as I thought it did, or possibly they had some stronger candidates who already had experience in the Auto OEM field.

  40. Maria Molina, Fox weather babe, deserves her own BBF post.

  41. That’s too bad Leon.

  42. It is. There are other possibilities, but that seemed like a good opportunity.

  43. Maria Molina, Fox weather babe, deserves her own BBF post.

    Talk about a “warm front”…

  44. *click*


    Put it out of its misery.

  45. Send a thank you card to the interviewer Leon if you haven’t already. Even if you don’t get this one you can keep your name in their brains.

  46. pepe – I love football, and am a big Patriots fan, but the refs subjective involvement in the games (all games) is starting to get to me. I can watch any game, and see constant “penalties” that aren’t called – why do only some get called?

  47. WTF are we giving Iran 7 billion?

    WTFF is going on in Washington DC?

  48. Couldn’t have anything to do with the billions wagered each year.

  49. I really hate stupid people.

    Talked to a woman today about our supply management software. She wants it to magically plug into their existing system, so they can do all the data entry and reporting in that system, while another software does all the …inventory stuff it has to do.

    I asked her if their current vendor has recommended anyone that has created this magical back-end system for them.

    “No, they haven’t”

    Gee… I wonder why.

  50. WTF are we giving Iran 7 billion?

    WTFF is going on in Washington DC?

    The American people elected a man who has spent his life idolizing the third-world and its inhabitants to the point that he has even pretended to be one of them when it suited him.

  51. Mare as a Dieter:

  52. XBrad Family Theater

    Some q-tip hit XMom’s golf cart this morning, and left a scraping of white paint on it, and chipped some of the cart’s paint.

    XMom just asked me if I can repair it.

    XBrad- “Why? It’s just a little scrape?”

    XMom- “I don’t want the cart to rust!”

    XBrad- “…”

    XMom- “What?”

    XBrad- “You do realize the cart body is plastic, right?”

  53. Pimp her ride, Xbrad-dog.


  55. xbradtc, aren’t you going to take the white paint scrapings and analyze them and see if they are a match to any other carts in your development? I think that would be appropriate.

  56. Also, WTFF is going on in Washington, DC?

  57. Mare, the q-tip apparently hit the cart with her car.

    As for tracking her down, DILLIGAF?

  58. Bling bling bling, goes the golf cart,
    Ring ring ring goes the bell.


  60. Hahaha DILLIGAF. Excellent. I need to remember that one.


    What does that mean?

    Also, I was joking so, Stfuandstopsayincrapidon’tunderstand.

  62. Comment by wiserbud, wuzong of the yuan. on November 25, 2013 12:35 pm
    ………….. this magical back-end system…..


  63. Crap I don’t understand



  65. You ruined my joke. You dick.

  66. If you like your joke, you can keep it.

  67. Send a thank you card to the interviewer Leon if you haven’t already. Even if you don’t get this one you can keep your name in their brains.

    I only talked to the interviewer via phone, no email addy exchanged. I did send a thank-you and a brief “am I still in the running for this?” to the initial recruiter.

    this magical back-end system

    I’d like to note that many of today’s ladies have these.

  68. left, mare….right, pups:

  69. I win at beef stew. 7 ingredients = perfection.

  70. left, mare….right, pups:

    I started to have a kinky fantasy and then I started to retch.

  71. Carin, are you going to do Christmas CDs this year? You slacked last year.

  72. Carin might be at her Obamajob.

  73. Anyone thirsty?

  74. Ok, looking at the pictures, I’m pretty sure that fencing “girl” isn’t even trying to tuck it in…

  75. Backyard is full of giant crows again. Ridiculous.

  76. Monkey-Crow fight!

    Make it happen.

  77. I wouldn’t piss on the best part of Yahoo. I don’t need it, don’t use it, and don’t intend to. But they are definitely good for a laugh when it comes to carrying the Messiah’s water.

  78. *looks over shoulder at monkeys huddled together in terror*

    Um…I could, but I don’t feel like it.

  79. Backyard is full of giant crows again. Ridiculous.

    Fat Bastard called in aerial reinforcements?

  80. Just amazing. A surprisingly huge flock of them raised up at once out of the woods a few minutes ago, flew through our and the neighbors’ back yards, then circled back to the woods on the other side of the neighbor’s field.
    They’re having some kind of a big migration hootenanny.

  81. rats with wings

  82. I thought bats were rats with wings?

  83. Pigeons


    Press covered for FDR too.

  85. Press still covers for FDR. The more I learn, the less I like that guy.

  86. Yahoo is where the journalism school dropouts work.

  87. Shit, Walter Duranty won a prize for covering for Stalin.

  88. >> I thought bats were rats with wings?

    Them too.

    They’re all filthy vermin

  89. Press still covers for FDR. The more I learn, the less I like that guy.

    Have you read The Forgotten Man? FDR’s on my “if I had a time machine, I’d…” list of least-favorite people.

  90. Yep, read it. That one made me hatey hate all government officials.

    Amity Schlaes was supposed to run for Senate in NY, opposing Hillary. Whatever happened to that?

  91. My grandfather was a lawyer and mostly worked for Santa Fe railroad. He hated FDR with a passion. I’d like to go back in a time machine to 1970 and ask him why. As a 10 year old boy, I didn’t think to ask. After reading some about LBJ’s early days in Caro’s trilogy though, I think I know why.

  92. Laura, crows are pretty intelligent. You should set a trap to get yourself a couple.
    The Hump vs. the crows. That’d be some funny reading.

  93. Trap them? But then by necessity they would still be here. This concept runs counter to my preference, which is for an absence of big ugly scary crows around the place.

    Your vouching for their intelligence does not make me more inclined to have a couple of them around, particularly since then they would not only big ugly and scary, but also probably angry at me.

    And what would I do with them?

    lauraw: Hey. Hey there…crow. So. There you are. In a trap.

    Crow: *narrows eyes at lauraw* Caw.

    lauraw: (poops pants)

  94. They are much more fun than clay pigeons when skeet shooting.

  95. Typical Dem insanity here in Mass:

    They raised the gas tax, and also included an automatic increase for inflation in the coming years, meaning they won’t have to vote to increase it. The push is on for a petition to stop the automatic increases, and the Dems are portraying it as a cut in funding!

  96. Just feed them, laura. They’re smart enough to know a good thing when they get it. You’d be like an EBT card for life. They could learn to speak the language of your people.
    Though, they live 18-40 years in captivity.

  97. Brooks had a pet crow, Jake, in Shawshank.

    But he hung himself. And it’s fiction. So it’s probably not a good example.

    Never mind.

  98. raven/crow – same family

    Here’s one bugging an eagle ’til he gets what he wants.

  99. crowboarding

  100. I saw some raven/crow/whatevers hounding a hawk here the other day.

  101. The husband just got back from hiking in Utah with the boy. He met a couple of crows (birds, not seniors) along the way, who acted all cute to get a treat out of him.

  102. Used to be, MA was looked on like some sideshow freak of a state, far left and filled with the idiot crooked Kennedy family dickwads.
    Now the whole damn country is starting to look like MA

  103. Crows make decent pets, but terrible omelets.

  104. Really, Leon, lots of people make terrible omelets too.


  105. My point stands.

  106. **imagines crow trying to flip an omelet**

  107. *imagines Scott smoking a crow carcass to try and make it into an omelet*

  108. Afternoon.

  109. Jewstin, did you build any crow smokers today?

  110. Pretty sure that you’re not supposed to eat crows.

  111. Today I built one (1) of these:

    and ten (10) of these:

  112. I think one could smoke a crow in a field range for nicely.

  113. Crow jerky

  114. I kinda want one of those field ranges.

  115. They’re pretty spiffy. I wouldn’t mind if one fell off a truck.

    The are fully accessorized. They have two large stock pots, a roaster pan, two baking pans, meat forks, spoons, strainers, knives, ladles, scrapers, spatulas, potato peelers, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and other implements of destruction.

  116. Enough dead crows might attract a bear. That would be fun.

  117. What in the wide, wide world of sports is goin’ on here?

  118. Actually, Jewstin, I really want one of these.

  119. You are obviously a man of wisdom and good taste.

  120. I don’t think we make those, Xbrad. We do make mess kits.

    I had to deburr 2800 handles for the last order we filled.

    It made me feel like this:

  121. What in the wide, wide world of sports is goin’ on here?

    Laura started doing crowfit.

  122. Man, I love it when Ace is on:

    When I think of “fresh ideas,” I think of Nancy Pelosi, and when I think of Nancy Pelosi, I think of mothballs and pee pee.

    I LOL’d.

  123. It’s pronounced moff baws.

    Be inclusive!

  124. African American Friday

  125. and when I think of Nancy Pelosi, I think of mothballs and pee pee.

    OMG, that’s a fabulous description of her. I imagine her that way too.

    My dad’s mom smelled like hairspray and mothballs. Everything she gave you, whatever year she might have showed up, smelled like mothballs and toilet water (cheap perfume). From chocolate or mints, to a hand-me-down shirt.

  126. MJ, do you have a sooper sekrit recipe for blue margaritas?

    I can’t find blue agave nectar around here.

  127. A few years ago there was a plague of crows in Riverton. The city put a bounty on them. I think they were worth a dollar each.

  128. Nah. I just put a little of the higher end blue caracao in it.

  129. ESPN is doing a segment on NFL player safety/brain injury again.

    Our kids will have no idea what the game we’re watching now was like.

  130. Trouble in Riverton and it’s spelled with P.

  131. All you need, Jewstin, is tequila and a ball point pen with blue ink that you don’t mind destroying.

  132. Jimbro, we have been seeing rivers of airborne crows heading West and North. There is no other way to describe them; there are thousands spread in a wide but thin line, from one end of the horizon stretching to the other, for hours. The main migration we have seen is usually a few miles north of our position.

  133. Jewstin, I’m surprised they still make mess kits.

    I was issued one at every duty station, and promptly stored it in my wall locker, and dusted if off to turn it back in when I left. The Army’s been eating off paper plates in the field since the 60’s.

  134. Easy enough, I guess. I was going to make blue agave margaritas, but without the blue agave part, they’ll just be blue.

  135. The crows have been trained and sent forth on a mission to explain the benefits of Obamacare at Thanksgiving Dinners across America.

  136. Laura, I remember seen migrations of tens of thousands of birds when I lived in Indiana. It would take several minutes for them all to pass.

  137. The Army’s been eating off paper plates in the field since the 60′s.

    Are you telling me all of those endless, mind-numbing hours I spent hunched over a grinding wheel, covered in filthy aluminum dust were completely wasted?

  138. Maybe it’s time for Obama to eat crow.

  139. Not at all, Jewstin. The mess kit looks really spiffy sitting on the top shelf of a wall locker.

  140. Obama eats dog. He doesn’t care so much for crow.

  141. Since we’re near a wetlands we get strange fowl in Late Winter/ Early Spring, and again in Autumn. Mostly migrating warblers.

  142. I didn’t know crows migrated. We have them all year round. But since they’re crows, they all look the same to me.

  143. In the Sandhills we saw lots of different birds. One time we had some sort of egret picking bugs off the cows. Where the hell do egrets come from?

  144. “lauraw: Hey. Hey there…crow. So. There you are. In a trap.

    Crow: *narrows eyes at lauraw* Caw.

    lauraw: (poops pants)”


  145. Never more, bitch faces.

  146. Where the hell do egrets come from?

    Well, when a mommy egret and a daddy egret love each other very much…

  147. We have white birds that feed off of bugs on cattle. They’re called cattle egrets but we just call em cow birds.

  148. Jewstin, the Boy Scouts use mess kits in the field, so Rocketboy and Mr. RFH say thank you.

    Which reminds me that I need to replace the silverware in one of the kits.

  149. Evening Hostages

  150. Egrets, I’ve had a few….

  151. *throws shoe at Jimbro*

  152. Did anybody try unsuccessfully to peddle a sex tape of anybody else to the tabloids today?

  153. >> But since they’re crows, they all look the same to me.


  154. You saw what I did there.

    *shuns self

  155. Brandon Lee was awesome in The Crow.

    Well, up to a certain point.

  156. Black Crowes

  157. Thanksgiving question: rich soft Parker house rolls, or crusty rolls?

  158. Brandon Lee was awesome in The Crow.

    Dude, too soon.

  159. Can one of you folks with access the HQ please go see wtf is wrong with the damn comments?

  160. Parker House

  161. what’s a Parker house roll?

    *shoves white bread into my mouf*

  162. You’re not just going to make a bunch of sourdough rolls?

  163. We have comments?

    *smooths down cowlick

  164. Parker House, lots of butter.

  165. Soft roll, made at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston. I get to a conference there every other year. Better’n Bisquick.

  166. ‘Sourdough’ just refers to the kind of leavening (wild mix of yeasts and bacterias, instead of commercial yeast). I can make parker house or crusty rolls from the same starter culture.

    Parker house is a soft, squooshy dinner roll basically made out of butter and eggs.

    Crusty sourdough (a water dough, mainly) is my other choice.

    I think soft might go better with turkey dinner. Crusty sourdough is kind of better for appetizers and antipasti and salami rolls and stuff like that.

  167. *pops open a dozen cans of Pillsbury crescent rolls and makes dough angels*

    Who’s hungry?

  168. OMG, Scott loves those Pillsbury crescent rolls. I have to figure out a home recipe for those. The ones from the can smell like Play-Doh to me.

  169. Parker House. FTW.

    Or King’s Hawaiian rolls.

  170. >>>Who’s hungry?

    You got some Dinty Moore beef stew to go with that?

  171. Will there be gluten-free rolls? I’m asking for a friend.

  172. ooo Hawaiian rolls.

    I shall have to look up these Parker House things. If only to deny myself.

    stupid carbs. *eats a stick*

  173. *curb stomps the HQ*

  174. In related holiday news, but not related to rolls, both my girls are home all week. I am a happy dad. Also, we are presently at DEFCON 4 and I have put away the firearms and knives.

    By Wednesday I expect a non-nuclear escalation. Conventional warfare with female conniving and mental cruelty mortar fire.

  175. *points at DiT*

  176. Also, we are presently at DEFCON 4

    You love it.

  177. DiT,
    What’s the “bone” of contention?

  178. >> You love it.

    Ok, you busted me.

    I particularly like the “your face!” throw downs.

    ChrisP. They are sibling girls. They don’t need a reason. They just need motive and opportunity.

    CSI: Casa Dave. “Everybody should care about napalm attacks.” *rips off my sunglasses*



  180. Saw Russ and Moses at the basketball game. Moses was dancin in the aisle.

    Cute kid!

  181. Was Bacon also at the game?

  182. I saw no bacon. But there were hot dogs!

  183. Xbradtc, did you ever have the famous siinat King’s bakery back on the old days?
    Late night fun eating, tons of people would be there late.

  184. *cocktails and debriefs*


  185. Saimin

  186. Saimin….stupid autocorrect.

  187. I was a fake plumber until 10:00.

    What did I miss?

  188. Hey now. Howdy Cyn.

  189. I was a fake electrician an hour ago.


  190. Hey Scott, have you ever used the phrase “Teflon tape is a scam.” at work?

  191. Yay, Cyn is here!

    Now what shall we talk about?

  192. *points at DiT*

    Don’t you have two of your own? If you laugh, God will punish you by giving them the same boyfriend.

  193. You missed three quarters of listening to Jon Grunion.


  194. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Hawaiian roll. We were wondering what they were like last week, when they were on sale at Wal Mart. Mom said they are on sale at the commissary at Offutt all the time.

  195. Not yet, but I’ll be sure to use that line on Wednesday.

  196. >>>Don’t you have two of your own? If you laugh, God will punish you by giving them the same boyfriend.

    My money would be on the younger. She’s meaner.

  197. I’m a fake pizza delivery guy. I’m here to give you…

    *breaks fourth wall*

    …the sausage special you ordered.

  198. I’m afraid not, Mare.

    Whenever I went downtown, it was usually The Shorebird, the Red Lion, Lewer’s Street Annex, Davey Jones Locker and I forget the name of the club that had a Cadillac sticking out of the marquee.

  199. *comes back from research work*

    These hawaiian rolls..can you taste the pineapple juice in them after they’re baked?

  200. People kindly tell me I raised good girls.

    But sometimes I think they raised me.

    I dunno.

  201. There’s the slightest hint of sweet to them, Lauraw.

  202. I don’t think they raised you, Dave. You’re kinda short.


  203. Slightest bit of sweet, but not a pineapple taste.

    //buys 400 dozen at Ralph’s tomorrow.

  204. Hawaiian sweet rolls. Leftover Thanksgiving honey baked ham. Combine.


  205. They are sweet.

    The rolls I mean

  206. Yum, I think I’ll bring those to thanksgiving dinner. Butter, eggs, AND milk along with pineapple? The yeast will go crazy!

  207. I lost a friend in high school to a car accident. 30 years later I come across photos of him at an estate I am helping to pack up.

    Small world.

    Pretty sure I am checking out his dad’s estate tomorrow.


  208. *high-fives J’Ames*

    I’m not quite so ambitious. Gonna stick with adapting the sourdough to a parker house roll, if I can.

    My family has zero tastebuds for sweet breads -or anything else too terribly sweet- with dinner.

    Dessert, well, we can rumble with the best.

  209. May I recommend pecan pie?

    If you’re lookin for a post-turkey sucrose overdose. There is no substitute.

    And Scott.. wow.

  210. I love pecan pie! But we have our own peculiar lineup of goodies here. Pecan pie is like, an exotic thing. It is not available from most bakeries in this locality. Grocery stores, yes (and that stuff is crap), but most city bakeries, no. They don’t know about it.

  211. I’m actually partial to apple pie.

  212. apple/pear pie, yum.

    But pecan is hard to beat.

  213. You can get sfogliatelle. Commonly available at many bakeries. Of course. But pecan pie is a cipher.

  214. I mention sfogliatelle because it is one of my favorite sweets of all time. Crunchy, chewy, crispy layers of pastry slivers, surrounding an mildly sweet orange-scented custardy filling.

    *chews air in rapture

  215. ok, big day tomorrow. Must sleep now! Goodnight darlings.

  216. Sfogliatelle is a scam.

  217. sooffallgli.. you yankees and your conflagration of vowels and consonants….

  218. So, filled baklava. Good to know.

  219. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had pecan pie. My favorite is key lime.

  220. Pecan pie sometimes seems like chewing pecans with a corn syrup chaser.

  221. I’m shocked, shocked to learn the “gay waiter not tipped” story was a fake.

  222. The hell, you say.

  223. I was trying to get Hawaiian rolls for Thanksgiving, but Dan is making Cheesy biscuits.

  224. I’m picturing biscuits wearing little leisure suits.

  225. Key lime is really easy to make.

  226. Now that I would like better than Hawaiian dinner rolls.

  227. cheddar bay?

  228. Hawaiian dinner rolls are a lot better at sopping up gravy than key lime pie.

  229. J’ames, like the Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits but with less salt. He’s brining a turkey breast, making his baked mashed potato casserole with green chile, and asparagus. Pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. Just the two of us, the wieners, and football on TV.

  230. People I work with buy the rotisserie chickens and HDR and eat them for lunch all the time. HDRs are like crack to me. My friend’s 7 yr old will eat just about anything if you put it on a HDR and call it a slider. She and I are simpatico. (I did have to buy her a new coloring book after I colored just about every page in her old one)

  231. *puts oso’s coloring up on the fridge*

  232. I stayed within the lines and I totally wasn’t OCD about anything. Nope. Just having fun and coloring.

  233. We’re in the basement
    Learning to derp, all of it’s hot
    10-20-30 million ready to be spent
    We’re stackin’ ’em against the wall
    Those gangster presidents

  234. People kindly tell me I raised good girls.

    But sometimes I think they raised me.

    I dunno.
    That was the sweetest comment on H2 last night.

    For a bunch of racist, homophobic, tinfoil hat wearing anarchists we sure do act like normal people every once in a while.

  235. Speak for yourself, Muppet boy!


    Can’t wait to see them, though. I haven’t seen my family in years around the holidays and this year I’m going for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  237. Good morning all!

    Don’t discuss Muppets until everyone has had dessert.

  238. wakey wakey

  239. Where does your family live?

  240. New post, clingers.

  241. … Toppen hemsida

    [ … ] Vad host är du användningen av ? Kan Jag får din associera länk för din värd ? Jag lust min hemsida laddade upp som snabbt som din lol [ … ]

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