Tuesday – Any Interesting New Music Thread (No Covers Please)

New Arcade Fire – reminds me of Talking Heads.

It’s a sorry state of music, at least for me, without a single interesting new tune. Pearl Jam released an album recently, and its first single has already found its way to my restaurant’s bloody hell station. I heard the song on the radio last week in the car, and by yesterday I wanted to cut myself when it came on.

The same for this song- which, while not my style, I thought was kind of catchy.

Oh well. At Least I still have this stuff keeping me going:


  1. If you like your new music, you can keep your new music.


  2. After Eddie Vedder’s latest political spewings, I won’t be getting that album.

  3. I ain’t clicking on any of that.

    L to R

    New music, Pupster

  4. I don’t even have to reject Vedder for his politics. His voice isn’t what it used to be and their music hasn’t been very interesting since 1994 or so.

    But for a day, I though “Sirens” was OK. Now I want to cut myself when I hear it.

  5. Where the fuck is MJ?

    Asshole moves to Charlotte and drops off the map.

  6. That last song is awesome. Pupster, give it a try.

  7. I was wondering that too, Puppy. Perhaps we need to vote him off the Island?

  8. Do they have internet in Charlotte yet?

  9. My point – is any somewhat tolerable “pop” song is quickly KILLED (for me) by it being played ever half hour at work.

  10. I thought he was just going to look for a place, not actually move there just yet.

  11. Last comment I recall involved him sitting down for a drink at an outdoor cafe.

    Roofies? Missing kidney? Ransom notes?

    Just asking questions here.

  12. If you don’t listen to music because politics, CaRiN would really have to divorce Grohl.

  13. I only listen to Pandora or talk. Or this weird Spanish station that has a lot of ads for Messican restaurants in Detroit.

  14. And polka. WTF is with Messicans and polka?

  15. The messicans play that crap in the kitchen. It’s horrible.

  16. http://www.cinemablend.com/images/news/38103/_1371483350.gif

    I see you found MJ.

    Good work.

  17. Good morning, children.


  18. I just assume most musicians have done a LOT of drugs which have fried their brains. Of course they’re going to be political idiots.

    Grohl did all sorts of campaigning for Obama. I’d like to know what he thinks of his dear leader now, but he’s been strangely silent on that for a while.

  19. I guess anybody who would be influenced by a musician’s political views would be pretty much lost to conservatives anyway.

  20. If you like your head-banging music, you get to keep your head-banging music.

  21. Certainly. Besides, musical genius takes up so much of their big brains, they have no room left for the heavy lifting of politics. While I certainly wouldn’t support outright lefty bullshit projects (Crosby, Still, and Nash did a 100% political album, for example) if their shit is good, I’ll listen.

    Hollywood (teevee and movies) – though – most of the crap they peddle isn’t worth my money anyway, so I have no issues boycotting.

  22. Oh I listen to it. I just don’t buy it.

  23. Home for lunch slackers.

  24. What’s a “lunch slacker”?

    Don’t eat too many. They’re probably full of gluten.

  25. Car in,

    know what you mean about hearing the same stuff all day long in the restaurant. Pizza place I worked at in HS had a jukebox. I still hate every song that was on that damn jukebox. And this was back in the early ’80’s!

  26. Comma eating slackers.

  27. I was a close as is possible to a murderous rage when I worked at a pizza joint with a jukebox in a shopping mall at Christmas time.

    To this day, my eye starts to twitch and my pulse will elevate if I hear the first three notes of Grandma got run-over by a reindeer.


  28. THIS is music, you tools:

  29. *puts catchup on slacker

    WAIT – is this Paleo?

  30. Yea, we’re pretty much fucked by Obama’s time in Office. But he and his wife have been able to live pretty high on the hog, and he’s been able to reward his friends and supporters, so there is that.

    I bet he’s already busy planning his Hawaiian vacation. How many rounds of golf do you think he’ll be able to squeeze in, while ignoring his family?

  31. “Blurred Lines” instrumental on AA flight. Kill me nao!!!

  32. I just can’t take it anymore- the political stuff. People (Obama voters) are just so fucking stupid, and now that it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the lies, and the EVIL politics of the Obama administration (because that is what it is), they all just have better things to do than argue politics.

    I’m just going to listen to rock and metal today.

    Love this song.

  33. I’m so sorry, Oso.

  34. Lots and lots, Carin. But he deserves it because as Michelle says,””He reads every word, every memo, so he is better prepared than the people briefing him,” she said. “This man doesn’t take a day off.”*

    *Except he never seems to know anything happening around him and he plays a shitton of golf.

  35. Welp, I enjoyed seeing the fall colors in Missouri, but they ain’t worth having to put up with winter.

  36. DId you read Michelle’s Mirror about her outfit for church? Honestly, it’s comedy and similar sites that keep me sane.

  37. Checking it out now.

  38. Michelle Obama has gotten uppity.

  39. HA! This is from Michelle’s Mirror:

  40. Ha ha ha … Glitch Girl is gone from healthcare.gov

  41. They had a funny one too about the government shut-down

  42. I’ll take this over any heavy metal.

  43. “Blurred Lines” instrumental on AA flight. Kill me nao!!!

    Someone needs to do a polka cover of that song.

  44. http://tinyurl.com/koqqwfl

  45. Ha! From American Digest, I need a t-shirt:


  46. And mare has killed the thread.

  47. Shhhhhhh… it’s just sleeping.

    *tucks covers under chin of sleepy wittle poaty poat*

  48. It’s a stiff! Bereft of life, It rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch it’d be pushing up the daisies! Its metabolic processes are now ‘istory! It’s off the twig! It’s kicked the bucket, It’s shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!!

  49. Well, when you put it like that, yeah. Okay.

  50. Today is my 8th wedding anniversary. We’re buying an espresso machine for each other. I am debating getting a card/flowers.

  51. It’s also our final day of Inquiry. I will miss my weekly nun-talks.

  52. Grump. Windy here today, predicting gusts in the 40’s. I hate wind.

  53. I didn’t know 8 years was “espresso”.

  54. Congrats, Leon.

  55. Congrats, Leon.

    Condolences, Mrs. Leon.

  56. I didn’t know 8 years was “espresso”.

    It’s actually linens, but we like espresso and lack a machine.

  57. Condolences, Mrs. Leon.

    She’s lucky as all git out. I’m a friggin’ catch and she knows it.

  58. I thought you were cutting back on coffee.

  59. I am. I was drinking a pot+ a day. Down to 3 cups. If I switch to a cup+a shot of espresso, it’s a further reduction, I think.

  60. Congratulations to the Carutherses!

    We need a new coffee machine too. Trying to find one I like that has an insulated carafe instead of the hotplate.

  61. Percolators. It’s the way of the future.

  62. Well, i’m bored. It’s my day off and teh internets are boring me. uess I’ll go work on putting my yard to bed.



  63. Happy Anniversary, M/M Caruthers! Many happy returns!

  64. >> WTF is with Messicans and polka?

    It’s not really pure polka, Tejano music is a combination of traditional Mexican styles like mariachi and corrido with central European polka. Started in central and south Texas around the turn of the 20th century. Lots of German and Czech immigrants at that time. There a rock influence now, and R&B.

    It kinda grows on you. One of my favorite Tejano groups was The Texas Tornados (RIP Freddy Fender).

  65. Tejano has never grown on me, and I tried to like it. It’s like German oompah beer hall music combined with mariachi guitars. The worst of two great cultures combined.

  66. We don’t call it Tejano in NM. *Spit* We call it Ranchera. Hey baby, que paso?

  67. From MSNBC…..hahahahah

  68. Hey baby, que paso?

    That song… it’s now in my haid!! GaH!

    *stabs Oso in the heart with a rolled up sombrero 57 times*

  69. We don’t call it Tejano in NM. *Spit* We call it Ranchera.

    Don’t care what ya call it. It sounds the way being seasick feels.

  70. Hey Leon,


  71. If lifting that heavy means having that belly, I’ll pass.

  72. Waves at Cyn~

  73. >> We don’t call it Tejano in NM. *Spit* We call it Ranchera.

    Feh. They didn’t invent it in New Mexico. The Czechs and the Germans stopped moving at Kerrville when the scouting parties came back from Artesia and said “fuck that shit we’re stayin here”.

  74. Home from work, slackers.

  75. We don’t give Texans credit for anything. Even though NM tourism would be nothing without Texans, we bad mouth Texans. Especially in Ruidoso, Santa Fe, and Taos.

  76. Freaky. One of the Q-tips had a seizure or an attack or something, and drove their SUV over about half the golf course before wrecking on the putting green. Wiped out the poor gate guard’s car as well.

    Every cop in this dinky burg is there.

  77. Is the Q-tip ok? What kind of laws are in place when it comes to Q-tips driving?

  78. Dunno, Oso. I know they took the driver to the hospital, but I don’t know the condition. The SUV was beat up pretty badly, but I think they took the driver more for the seizure than any injuries from the crash.

    I don’t know any particular requirements for old folks to drive in CA, other than apparently they can’t go over 35 in a 50 zone.

  79. What’s a Q-tip?

  80. Old person.

  81. I saw an antique Ferrari in the parking lot.

    Custom clips to hold the hood down http://tinyurl.com/ndjzshe


    The guy driving it looked just like Si on Duck Dynasty.

  82. “drove their SUV over about half the golf course before wrecking on the putting green.”

    So much wrong with that, that it makes the Ghost sad.

  83. The most common reaction was “WTF is that?”, followed by laughter.

  84. TG, the course didn’t look to have suffered too badly. It’s closed right now, opens on the 1st.

  85. I’m going to my happy place now.

  86. One of my favorite Tejano bands is the Krayola’s.

    They have been around for EVER. At least since the seventies and have had experimented with all genres.

    Here’s a pretty depressing number called ‘Marie Laveau’ about the last hanging in New Orleans:


    The also have a song on the same album called, ‘Corrido – 12 heads in a bag’ that is actually pretty catchy.

    It’s been a long journey from 70’s power pop to narco terrorist corrido’s, but there it is.

  87. Sister Teresa just called to cancel for tonight. No more nun-talk.

    But I get to go out for steak with Mrs. Caruthers today instead of Thursday, so there’s that.

  88. They found a substitute nun for you, Leon:


  89. Poor kitteh.

  90. JIMBRO- My son has a question for you.

    Do you regret your career choice? I personally think he’s well suited for going into the medical field, but he’s worried the pay-off are going to come to late, and he’s going to “waste” his younger years.

    “waste” as in not snowboarding enough. I always tell him to work hard/play hard. He’s not a partier – etc.

  91. We have cat tenants right now in the barn. Friend needed to keep them somewhere for a few months, and they can’t be in the house (that’d put us at 4) and they can’t run about as normal barn cats (too domesticated) so we now have a cat stall.

    I’d feel worse but it’s a huge step up from their last accommodation, which was basically the size of a cell in a pet store.

  92. Pups, what’s up? Looks like you’re having a good day:


  93. Day two of no car. Mr Car in took it into town to have some body work done.

    No crack fat for me.

    I’m just going to work out in the basement, because it looks yucky outside. It’s actually not too bad ( I did some yard work), but it’s terribly overcast and just so GRAY. yuck.

  94. Shitty-ass internet connection today. Ugh.

  95. I walked about 18 miles and did about 100 flights of stairs over the last two days.

  96. Plus, no cult.

  97. The cult is all the fun.

  98. *jiggles Sean’s internet handle a lil’bit*

    Try it now.

  99. *jiggles Sean’s internet handle a lil’bit*

    Try it now.

    Hey you two. Find somewhere private to do that.

  100. Afternoon.

  101. Scott, I’ve never seen an ugly Ferrari before, but that one didn’t look worth stealing.

  102. Today I built one (1) of these:


    one (1) of these:


    two (2) of these:


    and one (1) of these:


  103. You all need to find a meat place. We were at the grocery store last night and decent steak was $14 per lb and up.

    Laura went to the meat place today and it’s only $6.50 / lb for sirloin.

    The freezer is full.

  104. Heh. I can’t believe it runs.

  105. Cat: The other red meat. And cheap.

  106. Scott I’ve been buying my meat from a local joint for years. Most of what they sell they process themselves and it’s high quality, lower cost.

  107. Carin, there were times, in my 20’s, when I regretted my choice. My good friend and I saw PA’s making a good salary, going home way before us and not ever getting stuck staying late doing endless tasks that seemed like torture at the time. We envied them and wished we did that rather than med school and residencies.

    Now though I realize I’d have been unhappy being a PA or NP. They end up doing a lot of shit work that I never realized when I was an intern or resident. Plus, the chance to perform surgery is something that gives me a thrill (SYWM) nearly every time I’m in the OR. Bad things can happen however and for that reason it’s a humbling profession.

    I was fortunate not to run up much debt. ROTC paid for college, UMass was a state school where the tuition was not that high. As far as having fun during school, it can be done, just not as frequently as his college buddies.

  108. Grocery store meat is a scam.

  109. Big Meat.

  110. I saw Big Meat open for The Verve during their reunion tour in 2008.

  111. If your son is interested in medicine, just tell him to keep an open mind. When I was in college I got a job at a nearby hospital as an orderly and word got around to the doctors that I wanted to go into medicine. They all bitched, moaned and complained about how things were changing for the worse and they’d never do it again blah, blah, blah. Mind you, this was 1985 FFS.

    Who knows what will happen with O-Care. Maybe he’ll be in a boutique practice and charge cash only. Plastic Surgeons in cosmetic practices do that now. More and more primary care doctors are doing that. Maybe that whole clusterfuck will be long gone by the time he sets up a practice.

    As he goes through college he can decide on whether he wants to do it or not. We had a few older people with prior careers in my med school and they did fine for the most part.

  112. Jewstin has close to a royal flush in cabinets.

  113. Know who opened for Big Meat?

    Your mom.

  114. Big Meat


  115. Hola, bitchez.

    Is it wrong that I’m having way too much fun watching the Dems get shellacked over Obamacare?

    I know, I know – at some point in the not-too-distant future, some Republican is gonna figure out how to screw it all up for us, but right now I’m just basking in sweet, sweet liberal tears…… :P

  116. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoMKEV9op-c

  117. Real music for you bunch of pansies.

  118. Does it repel pirates?

  119. It strikes fear into their hearts.

  120. Dermatologist’s report: Rebecca is hosed.

    We’ll have to bring her to the next meat-up and she and Leon can trade war stories :P

  121. Jimbro, I think he’d make a great surgeon. Smart. Precise. Detail oriented. Likes to figure things out.

  122. “Smart. Precise. Detail oriented. Likes to figure things out.”

    Those are the qualities of a good anything.

    It doesn’t matter what he does, he’ll rise to the top.

  123. Amen Scott. My advice is to keep his options open as he pursues his goal of a career in medicine. During college I considered going active duty as an Infantry officer along with 2 of my classmates in ROTC. Later I decided med school right away versus after my service requirement made more sense for me. If he has the desire to go into medicine he will do it.

  124. Are you thinking wigs or interesting hats TiFW?

  125. Comment by Jewstin on October 29, 2013 6:20 pm
    Big Meat.

  126. With those qualities he doesn’t need college.

    The guy who hired me at HD never went to college. He’s about 30 and will be pulling in 6 figures in a year or two.

    He’s smart, and willing to work, and that puts him in the 99.99999999% percentile.

  127. I never was much of a student.. too lazy. I finally finished a degree at night because the profession I chose and worked in for 5 years required one to move ahead. I’m ok with that, I did it… blah blah.. GPA 2.02. Yay me!

    But if I were me all over again, right now, I’d go apprentice with an HVAC guy, learn the biz, and get me a 2 year accounting degree. Enough to manage the books. Then I’d start my own business.

    I’d probably fuck it up but I wouldn’t owe 80k in school loans, so I could take the hit.

    If I were gonna go the college route I’d definitely knock out the first half in community college – sans grants or scholarships (HA!) it’s still affordable, and I’d do the rest of the bach at a state school while working so I didn’t have to borrow.

  128. I have a friend who sells all types of car/truck/boat/etc batteries down in MA. He owns a mini mall with 3 tenants paying him rent. Makes a great living. His grandfather gave him the land its on. His dad made him go to 2 years of college in order to get the land. He took business courses that he never uses.

  129. Plumbers charge the same as lawyers around here.

    If I could do it again, I would use that 4 years to learn a trade and start my own business.

  130. Scott says in two sentences what I try to say in 4 paragraphs.

    I’ve been a suit too long.

  131. Spent 10 years going over people’s books. Most of the people who made real money didn’t have much college. Trailer parks, non-residential rentals, junkyards, are cash cows. You’d be shocked at how much cash a good trailer park generates.

  132. Tradesmen help each other out with swapping services too.

    “I’ll pour your foundation if you frame/wire/plumb my house, deal?”

  133. Neither of my kids have any interest in biology, so medicine is right out.

    I damn near killed myself trying to finish college in 4 years with 4 quarters of co-opping, but I don’t know how I would have done it differently and still gotten out without any loans or gotten stuck for even more time when Virginia Tech switched from quarters to semesters.

    Most of the time I don’t regret not getting a graduate degree. Every now and then, someone gets snobby about Ph.D’s, but I’m still the subject matter expert, so they can go fuck themselves.

    I don’t ever regret going part-time.

    I keep thinking I should learn welding.

  134. Sorry Dave. I type slow.

  135. Dan was saying the same thing. Plumber/Electrician if he had it all to do over.

  136. Knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life at the age of 18 is just stupid.

    Finding out what you want to do is WAY more important than schooling.

  137. You might get lucky and get educated in something you like. Odds are that you, being an 18 year old idiot, will be wrong. So you end up borrowing shitloads of money to qualify you for a job that you will hate.

  138. Most of my father’s friends did not go to college and all of them raised big families sent them to catholic school, took vacations and left their families in a good position if/when they died. 30 year mortgages paid off.

    They grew up in the depression and went to war too. Greatest generation, indeed.

  139. I got lucky. I can’t imagine doing anything else, but I also recognize that if the shit hits the fan, no one will want rockets. Better have a backup plan.

  140. Odds are that you, being an 18 year old idiot, will be wrong.

    Scott, you are right. This is why I tell Rocketboy to get a co-op job or internship so he knows what he’s getting into. Also that it’s okay to change majors in his first two years, because the basics are the same and he’ll see what’s out there. If he wants to change majors in his senior year, I’d be more inclined to tell him to suck it up and finish.

  141. I try not to dwell on past mistakes, I know that I had numerous opportunities to do things differently and made bad choices. Fuck it.

    Electricians and HVAC guys work hard but also have to be smart. Plumbers get dirty.

  142. Scott,

    “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”

    Stuff Thomas Muhfuckin Jefferson Actually Said 3rd edition, revised.

  143. Did anybody hold anybody else in thrall today?

  144. “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”

    I have n

  145. if the shit hits the fan, no one will want rockets

    If the shit *really* hits the fan, we’ll use rockets.

  146. Mike Rowe. Nothing wrong with hard work. I have cousins in their 30s still paying for college. Their resumes are fantastic. My cousin, Patty/Jasmine went to Cal. Peace Corps after school. She teaches partner yoga in Philly.

  147. You have to use at least one word you homo

  148. My older brother took 4 1/2 years to get a double major in physics/electrical engineering then took a job making envelopes for a year. When my parents kicked him out he got a job with Raytheon then MIT doing defense research. Then a bartender for several years. Now a financial planner.

    Our grandfather inspired him to do whatever made him happy with this philosophy:

  149. I would have been a great plumber or electrician. Hell, I coulda been both.

  150. Jimbro, I think we have the same grandfather.

  151. My FiL was a pressman at Albuquerque Publishing Company for 50 years. He thought a college degree was the answer to everything

  152. My parents both had bachelor’s degrees and my mother had an inheritance that covered the full cost of my BSE and my sister’s BA. I had no excuse not to go. Since future debt wasn’t an issue, I just wish I’d majored in EE, ChemE, or MSE instead of physics.

  153. My cousin, Patty/Jasmine went to Cal. Peace Corps after school. She teaches partner yoga in Philly.

    Sounds about right.

    *blows dust off of BA*

  154. I read that 5 years after graduating, 80% of college graduates are working in a different field than their degree. This was back when you could get a job in your chosen field.

  155. On the whole “education/degree thing”, I have BA in Political Science from Flagler College and a JD from the Catholic University of America, Columbia School of Law.

    I’m currently a project manager/estimator for our family company. Commercial/Light Industrial Paint Contractor.

    Started by my great grandfather who had, maybe, a 6th grade education. My grandfather (barely graduated high school) and my dad (bounced around for about 5 years in order to get an AA) have been running the business.

    If I had it to do over again? Go get a degree in business.

  156. My degree got me my career. Unfortunately, in a given day I can think of a dozen other careers I’d have preferred.

  157. I had lots of fun in college. I regret the stupid rule my friends and I had, that if we went to a party together…we left together. Oh well…

  158. ” I regret the stupid rule my friends and I had, that if we went to a party together…we left together.”

    That sounds like a good rule.

  159. Oh, unless your friends were always the last to leave.

  160. >> I read that 5 years after graduating, 80% of college graduates are working in a different field than their degree.

    I chose the career first and backfilled. I’m not sayin I planned it so good, but it worked out for me.

  161. Blah blah blah chance to sober up blah blah no date rape/crazy situations blah blah

  162. I got out of the Army and went to a “Racket programming school”.
    I didn’t even get to finish.
    It was in Portland, OR.
    A large timber company from WA came down looking for candidates for their IT shop. They hired me before I finished the COBOL portion of the class. I had to pack-up, leave my parents home, and move to a different state!
    It was liberating!

  163. FYI just being a Moron doesn’t give you a sarcasm decoder. I H8 esplainin jokes.

  164. Oh,
    And in that programming school, there was this cute girl, in the red dress, in the row in front of me. It was Anita…

  165. Awwww…Oso loves Anita!

  166. It’s all about your college major

    Over 80 percent of the degrees are for shit
    I loved art and English classes but sure didnt major in them

  167. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/cdempDI

  168. >>And in that programming school, there was this cute girl, in the red dress, in the row in front of me. It was Anita…

    Wow! What a coincidence!


  169. Heh, TJ, Mr. RFH said much the same thing, that he’d like to see job vs. college major broken down.

    Most of the people we know with engineering degrees are engineers, though three are priests. Not sure what that means.

  170. BCoch,

    MBA is overrated. I would know. I did my MBA. The only good thing that came out of it was that a big company hired me.
    If you are curious, listen to a few free online management lectures. The only skill you need is the ability to read numbers and make sure that you manage your costs and turn a profit. Rest is crap.

  171. Oh I wouldn’t have gone that far Tush. Just a bachelor’s in business or accounting. I understand double entry bookkeeping and the like. Where my understanding breaks down is the computations my grandfather uses to determine labor rates and such. Also, I don’t have a clue about insurance, workers’ comp, etc.

  172. They don’t teach those valuable things in b school. Just useless pap, diversity in workplace and all that.
    ‘Back to School’ is on netflix. Watch the scene where Rodnet dangerfield attends a economics lecture.

    I don’t want diversity in workplace. I want uniformity. I want all employees to be innovative and hardworking.

    I don’t give a crap if they have breasts, have colorful skin or take a dick up their poop chute.

  173. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/kXoAIsQ

  174. Hahaha Close enough, Tush, close enough.

  175. I want all employees to be innovative and hardworking.

    I’m not a terribly innovative guy. But give me a list of 64 thousand accounts that needed to be reviewed for compliance, and quit bugging me, I’m happy to do business.

  176. G’night. Doggehs are being needy. We showed up while they were at doggie day camp. Gingy was playing with a Scottie and a Corgi. We couldn’t tell if MaryAnn was hiding or part of the scrum. MaryAnn is hoarse from barking so much. Both are exhausted.

  177. Most university departments are simply make work jobs for their tenured faculty

    The grad students are workhorses and the undergrads are sheep

    They don’t give a shit if their grads get jobs ; they already have theirs

  178. Tushar,
    It was not coincidence, it was fate.
    God caused that happen.
    We have been together for 43 years!

  179. Might I interest any of the Hostage’s children in the violence business?

    You can get paid to do in real life what you do on the XBox!

    We’re in the killin’ business and business is good!

  180. Gotta finish getting packed up for the trip to the Air Force Academy tomorrow.

    4 separate events that require slacks. Have no clue if i can still fit into them . Should be fun.

    Wife is not pleased to have just read that over my shoulder.

  181. Hi, Mrs Phat!

  182. I was in the killin’ business and business was mostly mowing lawns and painting rocks.

  183. I liked Carin’s “Trick with no sleeve” but it took me a while to find it and buy it.

    I just finished a alt history fiction where we lost the battle of midway and painted rocks played a roll in Japanese bombardment.

  184. NYTOL!
    Wasted away in Margeritaville…

  185. Zeke, got a title for that piece?

  186. Why the fuck did I check out that benedict cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes series? I am a busy man, and I cannot stop watching.

  187. On the plus side, Tushy, there’s not may episodes.

  188. You pull back the curtains, and the sun burns into your eyes,
    You watch a plane flying across a clear blue sky.
    This is the derp your life will surely change.
    This is the derp when things fall into place.

  189. Mornin’.


  190. Good morning all!

    My little brother had one of those drills Pup. Never used it to drill for boogers.

  191. Good blearghning.

  192. Off to school.

  193. wakey wakey

    As I’ve said, I’m not a “Everyone needs to go to college” person. My oldest graduated in the spring and he’s learning the family business. Learning to work hard, what work is, etc. He was only an ok student and it would have been a waste of money, especially given what college has turned into.

    College is a tool. If you need that tool,you go. Second son has a 3.9 GPA, etc. If he gets accepted to a good school, etc, he’s gonna go. They make you put in a major, so it’s a good idea to pick something that may be a possibility.

  194. I liked Carin’s “Trick with no sleeve” but it took me a while to find it and buy it.

    I know – it’s a kick ass song. There are a few more on that album that are really good.

  195. Zeke – Time Slowing Down and Centipede.

    I love Mantra too, but I’ve brought that one up here before.

  196. I applied for a job at Garmin last night. If I get it, I apologize in advance for our commercials at Christmastime.

  197. If you get the job, can you get me a deal on a running watch?

  198. HHD is here!

  199. When will Kathleen Sebellius go away? When Valerie Jarret, the chief White house rodent, decides that she should go away. Obama will read about it in the papers.

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