Hello, partakers of Friday and Big Boobs. You know what’s better than two-mints-in-one? Me either, but a reasonable facsimile is BBF – yay!

I had to do some homework, research really, because it’s important that all this stuff meshes together. And really quite frankly, I can type anything in here that I want knowing that you’ll never really read it. Except maybe hotspur; that fucker is always looking to bust on typos and grammer and wahtnot.

A little music to set the mood for today’s beauty, you go click and enjoy!

Her bra size is said to be 102ZZZ, and each of her breasts weigh around 56 pounds. Her stage name is a word-play on the phrase “enormous tits”. Please give a one-handed welcome to our Big Brown Beefy Big Boob Friday model, Annie Hawkins-Turner, better known by the pseudonym Norma Stitz!

Hands on your pencils, people, it’s time for some learnin’:

  • 1620 – The Pilgrims left on the Mayflower from Plymouth, England to settle in the New World.
  • 1837 – The Oberlin Collegiate Institute of Ohio went co-educational.
  • 1876 – The Southern Pacific rail line from Los Angeles to San Francisco was completed.
  • 1899 – Carnation processed its first can of evaporated milk.
  • 1909 – Robert Peary, American explorer, sent word that he had reached the North Pole. He had reached his goal five months earlier.
  • 1943 – The youngest player to appear in an American League baseball game was pitcher Carl Scheib of the Philadelphia Athletics. Scheib was 16 years, eight months and five days old.
  • 1944 – During World War II, the British government relaxed blackout restrictions and suspended compulsory training for the Home Guard.
  • 1948 – Queen Juliana of the Netherlands was crowned.
  • 1952 – In Montreal, Canadian television began broadcasting.
  • 1959 – The first Barbie Doll was sold by Mattel Toy Corporation.
  • 1975 – Martina Navratilova requested political asylum while in New York for the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament.
  • 1978 – James Wickwire and Louis Reichardt reached the top of the world’s second largest mountain, Pakistan’s K-2. They were the first Americans to reach the summit.
  • 1991 – The State Council of the Soviet Union recognized the independence of the Baltic states.
  • 1995 – U.S. Senator Bob Packwood was expelled by the Senate Ethics Committee.
  • 1996 – Eddie Murray (Baltimore Orioles) hit his 500th career home run during a game against the Detroit Tigers. He was only the third person to have at least 3,000 hits and 500 home runs.
  • 2000 – The U.N. Millennium Summit began in New York. It was the largest gathering of world leaders in history with more than 150 present.
  • 2002 – At the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the exhibition “George Catlin and His Indian Gallery” went on view. The exhibit contained over 400 objects.

Please put that soiled sock in the hamper when you’re done.

Happy Friday.


  1. That was brilliant. Glad I didn’t bleach my eyes after seeing the nominal BBF honoree.

  2. I threw up in my mouth a little.

  3. I submit to you gentlemen, that an enormous styrofoam cooler lid is the best birdbath known to mankind.

    I shall now call this The Portuguese Bird Bath in honor of Laura’s heritage.

    Also this poat is disgusting.

  4. Like eight armadillos fucking under a tarp.

    I don’t believe she really uses that exercycle.

  5. But Leon, I bet she has those ‘robust haunches’ you’re always on about. They’re…under there. Somewhere. You’re gonna need a winch and some ratchet straps.

  6. OK, it’s late but gonna try to go back and get some more shuteye.

  7. Waketh waketh

  8. There was an exercycle?

  9. She certainly has that “functional strength” Leon is always going on about. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to move.

  10. Is Cyn going to be banned?

  11. I don’t think there will be a traffic spike today.


  12. Good Morning, kittens.

  13. She’s here.

    Everyone act natural.

  14. But Leon, I bet she has those ‘robust haunches’ you’re always on about.

    She certainly has that “functional strength” Leon is always going on about. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to move.

    I’ve also been clear on not being a fan of large breasts. Anything over DD is too big. Pull my man card, I don’t care.

  15. *Goes to Phoenix*

    *Doesn’t visit Cyn*

  16. My lifework here may well be complete with the biggest BBF ever.

    *nods and smiles at little ginormous poat*

    You people are just haters of the beauty of the thing.

  17. Special thanks to Pepe for some of today’s links.

  18. Perhaps you should consider going into hiding? Just for a few days.

  19. This oughta bring Rosetta. From the gravitational attraction if nothing else.

  20. Hiding really? This is like a Rosetta magnet if I’ve ever seen one.

  21. HA!
    *belly bumps Roamie*

  22. There’s goodies in the links, backfat h8rs.

    *stifles another evil laugh*

  23. Morning, children. Gah! Cyn.

  24. Urdoinitrong

  25. Links were good, though.




  28. I’ve been invited to a Thirty-One party. Apparently this is Tupperware but with tote bags. Really?

  29. How all Twerking videos should end:


  31. I looked at that last photo and thought: she has a slim waist for such a big woman. But what is that bulge on her upper back? OMG!!! That is her ass! Her boobs are level with her ass!!!!

  32. For those who want to relish that twerking disaster a bit more:

  33. Pupster, stop twerking!

  34. I laughed at that very thing for a solid five minutes, Tushar.

  35. Funny vid Tush

  36. Ha ha haaa … Tushar. I love it.

  37. Also, I’m generally attracted to humans. I’m not convinced she is a member of my species. Or a female. Of any species.

  38. Glad you spent some time looking at today’s photos Tushar. My photo filter engaged, much like an auto-darkening welding helmet, and protected me.,

  39. *passes the teeny trophy to Cyn*

    Here, I don’t deserve this anymore.

  40. Good news Ca Rin

  41. FCF was a pleasant, sexy dream compared to this.

  42. we don’t grat parties.

  43. Pepe, the only good thing about that sordid helicopter story is that he did not take someone else’s life.

  44. Autocucumber?

  45. I’ve been thinking about a personal drone for Christmas or my birthday. One of the quadcopter designs. That way I can go look at the yard without all that pesky walking.

  46. Removing mainframe access code, and replacing it with sql access code is amazingly satisfying.

  47. did anyone else’s fantasy football teams go up against Peyton Manning last night like 2 of mine did? Freakin’ hell Manning, take it easy!

  48. 76 points in our league, wow.

  49. in one of our leagues, if a player puts up 45 that’s extraordinary. He put up 60 last night!

  50. I should start his brother, over Matt Ryan. They tend to try to outdo each other.

  51. Ryan has the Saints. Sean Peyton has a vendetta for the NFL this year, I expect him to run it up on every team. The Falcons may be throwing the ball all over the field just to keep up.

  52. Good point, thanks!


  54. How all Twerking videos should end:


    And completely agree.

  55. Hot pants.

  56. Cracked me up

  57. A girl from work called me yesterday and asked if I had something that could “help” her.

    Uhm …. vitamins and green drinks?

    I dunno if she thought I had leftover medications from my dad ( I may, who knows). We figured she was probably addicted to pain pills, but I guess it isn’t just a suspicion anymore.

  58. TFG says he’ll speak to the American people Tuesday. Thanks for the warning. SCOAMF.

  59. I got up at 6:30 for this?

  60. TFG says he’ll speak to at the American people Tuesday. Thanks for the warning. SCOAMF.


  61. Have some kimchee flavored BBF

  62. “A girl from work called me yesterday and asked if I had something that could “help” her.”

    Yikes. Slip her a number to a rehab clinic. Is this one of the coworkers with the boyfriend who plays video games all day?

  63. I can’t believe Cyn did this.

  64. XB, those shoes are horrible! Why do women wears those clunky, ugly things?

  65. Taupe shoes don’t look good on anyone.

  66. Pepe speaks truth!!!

  67. She has shoes?

  68. Looks like she had some work done, xbrad.

  69. Yikes. Slip her a number to a rehab clinic. Is this one of the coworkers with the boyfriend who plays video games all day?

    Nope. ANd that one is married to the unemployed loser who plays video games all day.

    This one is married too. I was just chatting with a co-worker about what do to.

  70. J’ames, she’s not my type, but I figured someone here might like her. And I’ll admit the dirty little secret that I enjoy a couple of her group’s songs.

  71. XB and Kpop? Jpop too?

  72. She’s a singer? OK, then.

  73. oso, not only Kpop and Jpop, but mmmmbob, mkay?

  74. MMMBop, even.

  75. No, just two songs from that one group of Kpop.

  76. An all-tucker group?

  77. No, it is not MmmBop.

  78. NSFW unless your office has a stripper pole.

  79. What. Thefuck?

  80. The day has been ruined. RUINED.

  81. Because our dog appears to be near the end of her long and mostly happy life, and because there’s nothing left to do there, Mrs. Caruthers is coming home a day early from her trip to AR.

  82. Hmmm… really?

  83. Sorry to hear that news, Leon. Peace for all.

  84. Here – it’s a bit early for this, but it made me laugh and laugh:

  85. I’m sorry Leon.

  86. It’s okay, dog’s almost 17, and her quality of life has been very good up until the last month or so. She’s still a pretty happy dog, but she’s deaf and appears to no longer be able to control her bowels, or have any sense of whether she’s walking in poop.

  87. Sorry, Leon.

  88. Sorry, Leon – didn’t see your comment before I posted my other one.

    Hope the end is peaceful for your pup. {{{hugs}}} ♥♥♥

  89. Aww, Leon. Please give pup and wife a hug from the Ws.

  90. Will do. I’m headed home early today so she’s not alone with the cats for too long.

  91. Do they make dog diapers, Leon? Don’t know if you want to go that route or not.

  92. They do, but they’re mostly for liquids, not solids.

  93. I’m so sorry Leon.

  94. Poor puppy. It sounds to me like it’s time.

  95. I will miss her if we do decide it’s time (we’ve been considering it for months, and she’s had good days and bad days for most of that time, along with some sporadic seizures). I had never had a dog before.

  96. I don’t want to bring everyone down. This has been coming, we’ll be okay. I’m glad the wife is coming home early in any event.

  97. Don’t worry, Leon. That’s what friends are for.

    Plus, Cyn sorta ruined everyone’s day already.

  98. Most of us have BTDT, Leon. Like Car in said, that’s what we’re here for ♥

  99. Leon, I’m glad she’s coming home too. Ohana.

  100. My dog just sits there and STARES at me.

    It’s unnerving.

    You think he’s plotting a take-over?

  101. You think he’s plotting a take-over?

    Of course not. The cat, on the other hand…

  102. Oh, she seems nice.

  103. The picture on the exercise bike might be the funniest and saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

  104. Oh, she seems nice.


  105. “Plus, Cyn sorta ruined everyone’s day already.”

    HA HA HA

  106. That made me LOL too, Scott.

    You People are cruel. Look how pretty her eyes are! C’mon on now!

  107. BLOCKED

  108. I would support free breast reductions for anyone over 100ZZZ.

  109. This was asked at some point: ‘Do that halter top come in a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL?’

  110. Goddamn if I don’t miss Rosetta. He was a fucking Friday poat artiste by current standards.

  111. 11 minutes to last super boss meeting.


  112. Make sure to eat something really bad smelling before the meeting, MJ.

  113. Leon, sorry to hear about the dog, but sounds like you’ve made the right choice. We had almost the exact same thing.

  114. Stoopor Boss

  115. Make sure to eat something really bad smelling before the meeting, MJ.

    Onions, garlic, and a hefty pile o’ pinto beans, please.

  116. Thanks AD, and everyone.

  117. Leon, sorry about your pup.

  118. What, as the saying goes, the fuck is this shit.

  119. We let a woman do a midget’s job, Sean.

  120. We should have hired an illegal immigrant undocumented worker. Doing the jobs American midgets won’t (and American women shouldn’t) do.

    Plus, bonus cool lowriders.

  121. Great job on BBF, cyn. Lives up to its name. And the links are great.

    (I wonder what the IT guys and the NSA think when I click on those links that have “PETA/topless” in them?)

  122. Cyn, I showed today’s model to the one black guy who works as an orderly in the OR and he was beside himself with laughter. Then he asked for the link.

    No, he didn’t. But you made several orderlies laugh today when they wondered what he was so amused at.

  123. Is it just me, or in that one picture does it look like today’s “model” has two butts?

  124. Double-steatopygian.

  125. Hooooooooly Mooooooooley!

  126. Today is the 3rd day in a row that I’ve stopped by new Sam’s Club in the village for lunch after the gym.

    I’m addicted to their salted pretzels. I realize I may have a problem, but I can stop anytime I want too.

  127. Sorry, Leon. :( I know it’s tough.

  128. but I can stop anytime I want too.

    Keep telling yourself that, Lindsey. Right up til the intervention.

  129. xbrad: is your yahoo address still active?

  130. Thanks, Pepe.

  131. Jbro – great commercial. Will get a sixer of Guiness as a salute.

  132. Why are there more thumbs down than thumbs up? I’ve been laughing all day at Cyn’s poat.

  133. I have a thumb up Cyn.

    er, I gave it a thumb’s up I mean.

  134. Because messing with BBF isn’t funny, Oso.

    It’s just… not funny.

  135. Great link, Jimbro!

  136. “It’s just…. not funny.” I’m dying here. Has Rich shown up yet?

  137. I love this post.

  138. There’s so much to love, amirite?!

  139. Cyn, I showed today’s model to the one black guy who works as an orderly in the OR and he was beside himself with laughter.

    HAHA! That’s awesome. She’s hideous in her ginormousnosity.

    You twerky suckbuckets have gotten spoilt.

  140. So I decided to risk giving DK and DU a couple of hits, and learned that their commentariat is largely on the same page re: Syria as Ace’s.

    it was eerie.

  141. I think this is a very Rosetta like BBF.

    I love this post too.

    Oh, and I love the “partakers” link. I want to do that.

  142. There’s so much to love, amirite?!

    Enough for 4 or 5 to love, I would guess. Mabye even a whole baseball team.

  143. Mabye even a whole baseball team.

    No doubt. But I’m thinking if we asked any team, they’d just deny it.

  144. smh

  145. Long, long week. Exhausted. Demoralized. Crawl to computer to get the BBF pickmeup.

    And this.

    All 20-odd hotties in the educational section couldn’t compensate.

  146. Cyn,

    The baseball term is ‘slump-buster’.

    As defined by the great Mark Grace (Cubs and D-backs 1st baseman):

    “A slumpbuster is if a team’s in a slump, or if you personally are in a slump, you gotta find the fatest, gnarliest, grossest chick and you just gotta lay the wood to her. And when you do that, you’re just gonna have instant success. And it could also be called jumping on a grenade for the team.”

  147. Penelope found a new (to her) author she likes. Now, for the past month, she reads all day long and ’til about 1:00AM. I’m hoping she’ll finish all the books soon.

  148. All 20-odd hotties in the educational section couldn’t compensate.

    She sure does tip the scales. Maybe two more hotties would have balanced the scales. Maybe.

  149. WooHoo! Tied thumb game! Can I get a “Thumbs up?”

  150. There’s so much to love, amirite?!

    I sprained my brain thinking of someone motorboating that.

  151. Pepe, author’s name?

  152. An H2 truism:

  153. I sprained my brain thinking of someone motorboating that.

    I aaaallllmost included that video.

  154. J. D. Robb, Oso

  155. What the hell…


    Consider yourself warned…

    Not Safe For Work or Life or Anything In Between…

    Last Chance…

  156. Pepe, did she read Nora Roberts first?

  157. Oso, if you like suspense novels with a little politics thrown in, you might like Helen MacInnes – I just “discovered” her; Titan Books is republishing all of her best-selling novels (starting with her 1st novel written in 1941 through – for now – 1974). They are available on Kindle.

    They all start kinda slow, but stick with them – they really pick up about halfway through, and then you’re white-knuckling it through to the end.

    So far, TB has released 12 of her books (I’m on the last one of the ones I ordered), and there are 5 more waiting to be released over the next couple of months – unfortunately, they haven’t given a Kindle release date for those 5……

    I’m torn between ordering a hard copy or holding out until the Kindle release (they released 6 at one time twice before).

    She was a Scottish writer whose husband worked for MI-6; they both emigrated to the US and stayed here. Amazing couple –

  158. I hope Tosh washed his face off after that. If MJ were to take the plunge he’d need a safety rope and a harness before going in.

    Also, I’m waiting for Hotspur’s assessment of our model.

  159. Cyn – you will please follow the orderly back to our quarantine area.

  160. Thanks, Tifw. I read MacInnes years ago.

  161. Where’s MCPO? I wanted him to see this.

    Off to run the Mom Taxi.

  162. Well, I’m kind of grossed out now.

  163. Ace can really make me laugh:

    The_One_Who_Brings ‏@AceofSpadesHQ 1m

    DR: I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is you’re dying.

    MAN: And the good news?

    DR: David Crosby’s also dead.

  164. Mare, his Neil Young stuff is KILLING me!!!

  165. She’s “new to me”, Oso – don’t know how I managed to never hear of her until just recently :P

    Kinda glad, though – this way I didn’t have to “wait” long between books!

  166. Cyn – you will please follow the orderly back to our quarantine area.


  167. I H8 to W8!!!! I also H8 it when I start to despise the characters and feel I need to finish a series. Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell come to mind.

  168. Obama needs to adopt a couple of more dogs.

  169. Weekend plans:
    1. pizza night with the family tonight.
    1a. 5k morning run
    2. moving my fence
    3. a few beers to reward self for moving fence.
    4. pre-poker beers and college football watching
    5. poker… and beers… and football
    6. Church
    6a. Crossfit workout
    7. football
    8. football
    9. Sunday night football
    10. Sunday night beer before back to work.

  170. Sounds pretty good, GMLand. Except for the fence, poker, pizza, crossfit, 5k, and beers it sounds exactly like mine!

  171. Friday night:D&D
    Saturday morning: shop-vaccing the cars, get wife from airport
    Saturday afternoon: grocery shopping
    Saturday evening: Brazilian Steakhouse
    Sunday: church, then a 3 hour nap, then lawnmowing

  172. Obama needs to adopt a couple of more dogs.

    Why? Is he hosting a buffet?

  173. Leon,

    Probably ought to throw in ‘clean the house’ before you pick up the wife. Also make sure you and the dogs have your stories straight.

    That may allow you to add ‘sexy time’ after Brazilian Steakhouse.

  174. Phat, phat, phat… the house has been clean every day since she left. I’m the tidy one.

    And a Brazilian steakhouse is all one can consume at a sitting. Sessy time comes before that dinner.

  175. Weekend plans: Work, work, and work. Followed by two more days of work.

  176. I am going in at 5 AM for the third day in a row.

  177. Scott, will it be followed up with a late shift then another 5 AM shift?

  178. Next week I have the closest thing, out at 6 PM in at 5 AM.

    That will really suck in the winter.

  179. Phatbride and eldest get back tomorrow after a week in El Salvador.

    Only have one more ‘task’ to complete: minor maintenance on the eldest’s car. Slotted that in for the am.

    We will probably do pizza for dinner. The diet in the village they were at is pretty heavy on chicken, beans and tortillas.

  180. Hey knuckleheads, feel free to push this slut-of-a-post down like the fat girl on the playground that it is.

    I’d push her down myself, but fuck, have you seen how big she is?!

  181. I took my van in for emissions testing.

    A passing grade is 20, I scored .8.

    $20 well spent.

  182. According to R.S. McCain, straight men and gay women are the two most likely categories of folks to be obese. Or as he concludes:


    Read it here.

  183. A passing grade is 20, I scored .8.

    Those holes you poked in the exhaust system seemed to have helped.

  184. pretty heavy on chicken, beans and tortillas.

    One word for you: ventilation

  185. It just another tax on people who don’t have Obamaphones.

    $500 in property tax
    $425 in registration fees
    $40 emissions testing

  186. And since you are what you eat, and straight women and gay men are the most likely to be thin, what conclusion can we draw about their diet?

    * To my wife: Want to lose some weight, dear? I have a suggestion….

  187. I applaud your reasoning AD. Sounds like you should get a grant and do research.

    Oso, she didn’t read NR first. I assume she’ll read those books next. That’ll keep her busy ’til Thanksgiving. :)

  188. David Crosby’s not dead, but his liver sure is

  189. If you read The Amateur you would have foreseen this CF coming out of Susan Power’s dumb ass ideas about the world.

  190. The fluid AD is hinting at does contain a medically significant quantity of testosterone if the male from whom it issued has a decently free blood level of the hormone. It’s not exactly an anabolic quantity, but it’s not nothing.

    For the record, I think it’s more about the need to attract dudes.

  191. A fine weekend to you all. I am relieving myself of this damn desk right f’n now!

  192. I think I found out how today’s BBF model is getting the material for her next bra.

  193. Oh my. *snickers*

    Can you imagine having your boobs wobbling lower than ass level?

    Cyn needs a spankin’.

  194. Cyn needs a spankin’.

    That goes without saying.

    * Points to a spot on the floor behind me.
    The line is here, gentlemen.

  195. Cyn needs a spankin’.

    I’ve given a few. I got this.

  196. Afternoon.

    I believe today’s model is one half of a world champion motor-boating team. The other half is still in there somewhere.

  197. Good evening, home drivers.

  198. What the hell happened to Jessica Lange?

  199. What the hell happened to Jessica Lange?

    The 21st century.

  200. Out of here, you h8rs.

  201. I don’t know Scott – it looks like Botox and/or Plastic Surgery Gone Wild, but I suppose it could just be age. She sure was pretty back in the day.

  202. I think some ugly lady killed her and stole her identity.

  203. she’s got the crazy eyes goin on.

    I don’t like that in girls.

  204. Sweet jeebus. There’s big … and then there’s “violation of zoning ordinance” big.

  205. my niece is ill so I have to go to Portland to care for her kids while she’s in the hospital

  206. Xbrad babysitting?

  207. You are a better person than I.

  208. yes I am

  209. That or the niece is hot.

  210. Try not to punch too many hipster assholes while you’re there, b-rad.

    (Just kidding–you can never punch too many hipster assholes.)

  211. Creepy

  212. New additions to the Dallas Zoo MARE!

  213. Mare was a teacher?

  214. Hey…

    Quick question…

    It’s “across for show, down to go”, right?

  215. Sorry about your niece xbrad

  216. How old are the kids ,Xbrad?

    I may have some advice that will save your life.

  217. So, Ekdahl won the Internets again. That’s the top promoted post at BuzzFeed Politics right now.

  218. Andy!! We need a dog update.


  220. Speaking of Ekdahl, is this him or a different guy with the same name?


  222. Comment by leoncaruthers on September 6, 2013 5:47 pm
    The fluid AD is hinting at does contain a medically significant quantity of testosterone
    I have heard that swallowing the aforementioned fluid can help a woman conceive. Acts as an inoculation so that her body is less likely to reject it when deposited in the appropriate place.

  223. As have I. That argument doesn’t help much, though.

  224. Some of you may doubt the existence of the Boll Weevil Monument in Enterprise Alabama.

    Well you are wrong!

  225. That’s weird

  226. Same, Sean.

  227. Dog’s doing well, Scott.

    Growing like a weed and just as sweet as he can be.

  228. Comment by leoncaruthers on September 6, 2013 8:59 pm
    As have I. That argument doesn’t help much, though.
    Hey, it couldn’t hurt. Plus less likely to end up with the “Caruthers Quintuplets” from taking fertility drugs.

  229. Not sure what’s happening here

  230. Dave, I was disappointed it wasn’t a 8-foot bug.

  231. Jimbro
    One of the kids is playing Urologist

  232. I know honey. I expected Vulcan to be as big as the Statue of Liberty.

  233. Dave
    I’ve seen that statue
    It’s not nearly as awesome as the Popeye statue in Crystal City, the Roadrunner statue out here in Fort Stockton or the gheyest thing in Texas, the Mary Martin as Peter Pan statue in Weatherford

  234. Did anybody give anybody else their walking papers today?

  235. I have been in Texas since by God 1969, and I have seen none of those things.

  236. There’s a little Statue of Liberty in Birmingham that I think is cool.

  237. Prayers for your niece, XB.

  238. Dave
    You have missed so much
    For some reason, I tended to wind up living and working in dinky Texas towns with bizarre statues

  239. I was gonna say ff it’s this statue of liberty in Birmingham she needs a shave.

    But I did not know about this Roamy

  240. I met a cute girl from Mobile Alabama tonight Romy. Of course she was only 1/2 as pretty as you. She left Mobile for the same reason I left Sarasota, no work there but plenty of work in Houston.
    You really ought to move here you would get a job in an instant.

    I know 2 concrete testing labs we use that are hiring your specialty. I bet breaking concrete is not as fun as breaking space stations, but the pay is good.

  241. Popeye
    Roadrunner (decked out for the holidays)

    As for Mary Martin, they say she is there but no pics on roadsideamerica.

  242. I concur
    Houston is a boomtown right now

  243. The unemployment rate in Huntsville Alabama is like 4.6%, or what the stat folks call “full employment”. Hell, I could wind up back there.

  244. I have a photo on my iPhone
    I’ll post it later

  245. Dave, she’s on Liberty Parkway, visible from I-459. I drive past on the way to see my dad. I keep saying I’m going to stop one of these days and take a better look.

    Speaking of dads, they moved Mr. RFH’s dad from the hospital to a rehab facility. He’s pissed he can’t go home, so I’m hoping he’ll cooperate with therapy a little better so he can.

  246. Western North Dakota has literally fun employment
    Unemployment is literally zero

  247. I made an old guy cry today. Dot Indian at GE helped me get credit for a guy whose wife passed away in June. He’d always been an authorized buyer on her accounts and was 84 and had never had credit of his own. I reminded him of the “Girl” who helped him fill out a job application when he first came to the US 66 yrs ago. He’s offering up his Communion for me at Mass tonight. First Friday.

  248. Roamy, in a home by your SiL?

  249. Kind wishes to your pop in law hon.

    TJ, a friend of mine told me a Mickey D’s is closed down in eastern Montana, cause they can’t get people to work for min wage.

    This place had 40% unemployment 4 years ago..

    Drill here, drill now.

  250. Vmax, I have one flight experiment coming back in 2014 and another one going up end of 2014/early 2015. No way I’m leaving that.

  251. o I’m in Portland

  252. Osita, yes, though I don’t know exactly where, nor do I have a phone number yet. I have to wait until tomorrow, and I am not known for my patience.

  253. patience is for homos

  254. I lived for a number of years in a dinky oil town a while ago, out in a bunch of sand dunes in West Texas. It’s also
    Pandejo Grandes hometown
    I bet he was proud of this stellar event:

  255. Thanks for checking in XB! (Totes not worried)

  256. xbrad is caring for children.

    part of me admires him.

    part of me wants internet connectivity to fail.

    for the kids.

    (all serial aside, your a good uncle)

  257. Dave
    They just go over the line to Williston
    North Dakota
    15 bucks an hour at that McDonalds
    14 in Dickinson
    They close down the restaurant sometimes and just open the drive thru

  258. Glad you made it safely, XBrad.

    TJ, I’m skeert of clicking a link with “muppetcentral” in it, but I’m clicking anyway like a moron.

  259. We don’t have many giant statues around here (I don’t think the big donut on top of Randy’s counts as a statue) but I recently found out that this is in a park not too far from here:

  260. Xbrad,
    Where abouts in Portland? Anita & I grew-up there.
    It’s a big place…

  261. Other retailers are rotating out associates from other areas and putting them up in hotels. Easier than local staffing.

  262. Sean, Kiner is a lyric in one of my favorite baseball songs. (Original Talkin’ Baseball)

  263. Sean!
    Is Sean-Mom up and about? No signs of infection?
    Feeling better?
    Hope all is well…

  264. LADEE launch in 11 minutes.

  265. One of my favorite moments on this blog was telling Vmax and MJ that the shuttle was flying over and they actually heard the boom.

  266. that thing looks teensy like all those Vanguards that blowed up.

  267. I still get a kid thrill like I did when I saw a Mercury launch from my back yard when Gordon Cooper went up.. a kid living in Satellite Beach. Dad’s hand on my shoulder.. he was so proud.

  268. Go, baby, go!

  269. GO!

  270. I mentioned the other day that our Brugmanzia had a bud.
    I was kind of excited by that, as they don’t grow here outside of a greenhouse, and if they do, they don’t flower.
    Now, there are many buds.
    One of them has flowered.
    I’ve never seen anything like it.

    It smells really good.
    I thought it interesting that the flower opened yesterday.
    Between 0600 yesterday and 0600 this morning, we had 1.75″ of rain.
    Last night at 2130 we went out on the deck and sat in the rockers for a while watching the biggest electrical-storm we’ve had here in 6 or seven years. It was spectacular, and LOUD!

    I missed the launch.

  271. Rats! I was there for 5 minutes and then SQUIRREL!

  272. shit.. memory flood.

    so good.

  273. MOM!!! DiT made me cry with a Dad memory!

  274. Man, that thing jumped off the pad. Not used to an all-solids rocket.

  275. No! no oso it was a good one.

    It was part of me. Dad gave me a lot.

    And yeah RFH that thing jumped up like a bottle rocket!

  276. Went and looked for it. I’m single dad tonight and was confined to the south view out of the driveway. Otherwise I’d have been at a little place near here where you can see downtown Boston (~20 miles away) and all the heavens.

  277. DiT, I’m more susceptible to “Good” Dad memories, than “Sad” Dad memories.

  278. *hugs ya oso*


  279. Sorry, had to eat and deal with customers. But, yeah, Crispy, Mom is doing well. No signs of infection, and she’s getting around (with a walker) a little better every day. She saw her doc the other day and he gave her the green light to do things like shower.

  280. Everything’s nominal, so I’m headed to bed. Squishy hugs and good night!

  281. Gordy Cooper?
    I just found my The Right Stuff DVD ten minutes ago.,

  282. When I meet up with people that played ball for my Dad, it makes me feel good. My Dad’s proudest accomplishment was coaching Little League.

  283. Sean, how’s your Mom dealing with the walker? My MiL refuses to use her cane. FiL is off walker and back on cane. My Mom has a high tech, extra wide walker with basket and seat.

  284. 1963.. I wasn’t even 4 yet but I remember it so well.

    Sean, glad mom is improving.

  285. She doesn’t mind using it, oso. I mean, for now, anyway. She had to use it when she first had the replacement surgery six years ago, so it’s not like it’s something she’s doing for the first time. And aside from the doctor visit, she hasn’t left home since getting back from the hospital, so she’s just using it to get around the house. She’s just taking things nice and slow and hoping to find twenty dollars.

  286. When is the Kauai vacation?

  287. My MiLs motivation has always been getting out of The Cripple Pew at church. After her most recent fall, she isn’t cleared for church yet.

  288. I believe January is the earliest they could go. Not because of her health, but because that’s the earliest they could get reservations after cancelling the trip.

  289. January may be better. More whales!!!

  290. Chrispy, I’m actually in The Dalles. I just had to fly to PDX. Niece’s husband’s twin sister picked me up and drove me 80 miles here. Turns out, she lives like 80 miles south of PDX. If I’d known that, I’d have just rented a car one way (there’s like 5 cars here-finding a driver was the challenge).

  291. BTW, we *thought* they were gonna admit her and put her on bed rest, but XNiece was sent home. However, she’s gonna have to spend a lot of time at the hospital in PDX, so I’ll still be kept busy wrangling kids and whatnot.

  292. Love the idea of you as a kid wrangler.

  293. G’night, guys. Trying to establish regular sleep cycle.

  294. Cause he gets up in the morning,
    And he goes to work at nine,
    And he comes back home at five-thirty,
    Gets the same derp every time.

  295. Good morning slackers.

  296. Morning. Have you had your coffee yet?

  297. Good morning all!

    Morning Jew and Scott and Norma Stitz.

  298. Weekend plans:

    Supervise the guy coming to bush hog my fields (SYWM)
    Mow lawn
    Dinner out

    Dump run

    Let the party begin.



  301. Gimme a few minutes, and I’ll have a new poat up.

  302. Put your shoulder next to mine and push this thing down. New poat!

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