Here’s some crap for you to laugh at. Or not. See if I care.

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Who broke it this time?!

I cannot seem to get comments to work and we needed a new poat anyways. I’m sure that they have it’s top men working on this. Top. Men.

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Happy Father’s Day Sunday

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Happy Father’s Day

You wanna know one way you can tell you’re getting old if you’re a guy?  You cry a lot about stuff that doesn’t involve you getting shot in the head, hacked in the neck with an axe or a hooker stealing all your blow.

This has been making me cry all day so, because making other people cry is fun, I felt I needed to share it.  It hurts but there is so much good here.  The love.  The service.  The adoration.  The respect.  The furry slippers.

And maybe it makes you want to hug your Dad or hug your child or hug a soldier.  I guess if you’re lucky you can do all three.  That’s what it made me do.


A young boy spends some time with his Dad…

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Happy Something Day!

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