Is the NSA onto us?

I awoke to give my wakey wakey, but the comments are closed.

So I figure they’re onto us.

Well, we’re all fraked at this point, so may as well go full Monty.

Obama spent yesterday golfing:

Bright sunny day with low humidity for golf. Pool rolled from the White House at 11:24. Potus spotted in a white polo, khaki shorts and flip flops as he exited the White House. Potus arrived at the clubhouse at Fort Belvoir at 11:54.

And Tuesday he is attending to one of the more pressing issues of our time.

Climate change.

So, quick review – the stock market tanked this week on news from the Fed. Housing is about to nose dive (again) due to rising interest rates. Unemployment is still in the toilet. Health care is the oncoming clusterfrack. And Snowden is about to be received in to Russia’s welcoming arms, after Hillary Clinton (our most brilliant SoS and future president) hit the reset button, restoring relations with them after years and years of Republican malfeasance.

And Obama is golfing today and then preparing for his “official”, very important, trip to Africa. With his wife and kids.

This is us:



  1. Wakey wakey.

  2. Morning children.

  3. I don’t think it’s boasting to say that this is the best poat we’ve posted today.

    *takes rest of the day off

    *working at a restaurant doesn’t count

    I haven’t been to work since MONDAY. I hope I remember what soups we have.

  4. I added a new tag. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t there already.

  5. H3?

  6. Hate

  7. you all

  8. so very

  9. much!!!

  10. much.

  11. I was so close.

  12. Huh. This is actually a pretty good post. And no music, either.

    Aww. I hate you too.

  13. Good morning all!

    Barring a miracle, Hawks win the Stanley Cup. Damn, just damn.

  14. Good thing about poating on Sunday. No one around tho push you down.

  15. Does Wiser still play softball on Sunday? Maybe after his game he can push you down.

  16. That’s hours away. It’s not the same.

  17. Good morning godless sodomites!

    Our African missions are starting to shit the bed, so my day will sucketh.

  18. Rats! I hate it when Phat has a bad day at work.

  19. What soups do you have?

  20. I like the Honey Nut Cheerios and Banana soup for breakfast.

  21. Doesn’t wiser have some gay needlepoint/Glee fan club radio show today? Maybe he could push down this poat.

  22. I’m concerned with climate change. Scientists have recently identified a twelve month warming cycle that looks permanent. They call it “summer.” It may be too late for mankind to stop it.

  23. Remember those days when a President playing round after round of golf was prima facie evidence of incompetent negligence, patrician snobbery and it formed fodder for countless memes and mockery from comedians of any stripe?

    Seems like another world.

  24. I saw this on twitter and it made me laugh:

    Rep Hank Johnson (of Guam-tipping-over fame) goes grocery shopping.

  25. So, smart diplomacy.

    US issues a warrant for Snowden, the Chinese let him flee, and Russia lets him in.

    That’s both those countries sending a big Fuck. You. to Obama.

  26. That’s both those countries sending a big Fuck. You. to Obama.

    At least someone is finally delivering that message.

  27. Good Sunday morning, peepers.

  28. “Well, Ma’am, you won’t need this anymore.”

  29. I’m glad I was able to go back to sleep but now I feel like a sleepy slug. What is that about?!

  30. I went to have breakfasts.. went to practice, went to church.

    I see a nap in my future

  31. I worked 1/2 a day.

  32. Things learned from Broken Arrow:

    If you see butterflies after a nuclear explosion, you’re gonna be fine.

    /quote of the day

  33. That’s both those countries sending a big Fuck. You. to Obama.

    Somehow I don’t have a problem with that, for the above reason.

  34. I wish I could sleeps through the night. The husband says I should exercise to make myself tired but then I’m too tired to exercise. I poop out too soon.

  35. China being China, and Russia being Russia.

  36. Doesn’t take much exercise, beasn. Just do a little at a time.

  37. And that nap, like yesterday’s, will be in the pool. With my wayfarers on, getting some sun and pissing off my dermatologist

  38. Try some D3 Beasn – my Mom swears by it (I noticed it helped me, too). Lots of folks have some form of D3 deficiency once they are into their 40’s.

    Even though you’re only a ravishing 29……

  39. Or exercise like Dave in Pool. That sounds refreshing.

  40. Our African missions are starting to shit the bed, so my day will sucketh.

    Awwwww – is Moochelle’s entourage gonna be inconvenienced? I hope they have enough healthy food on board to last them a few extra hours.

    Any chance you guys could “accidentally” reroute their plane so that they land in the middle of “Safari” country? Or the middle of the Sahara? Perhaps an uncharted tropical island?

  41. Good day, Sunday funnies and b-rad.

  42. FINALLY! Sean is here!

  43. I get D3 in an adult gummie vitamin and when I water the plants in the morning.
    What I really need to do is become a LiV. Reading the shit these corrupt PoS are doing – out in the open now since they know they have total cover from their monkeys in the medai – makes one loose sleep.

  44. We have a community pool I could go to, but then I would have to buy a swimsuit.

    Do you know how many tears I almost shed the last few times I went shopping for a bra? A swimsuit could start a 57 state cutting spree.

  45. *moves to Europe where pale fat droopy nekkid asses on beaches are no big thang*

  46. Missouri is a socialist paradise now, isn’t it? That’s practically Europe. You can wear that thong bikini now, beasn.

  47. A swimsuit could start a 57 state cutting spree.

    Hey, at least you’d be getting out there. Most people who get upset about stuff and start cutting lock themselves in their rooms.

  48. I think Iowa is more socialist than Missouri.

    *books ticket to Ames*

    *packs thong*

    (and by ‘thong/s’ I mean what we used to call flip flop/s)

  49. I won’t be cutting myself, sean.

  50. Seriously, picture yourself in butt floss.

  51. LIVs sleep well. Dan gets 8-10hrs a night. He’s a freak.

  52. Seriously, picture yourself in butt floss.

    *just pictures self naked because it takes less effort*

  53. Seriously, picture yourself in butt floss.

    Nope. I’ll stick to picturing you in butt floss.

  54. I don’t have to picture it.. I am in it.

  55. You gotta be in it to win it.

  56. *scrubs eyes*

    *smacks Michael, mostly because why not*

  57. You gotta be in it to win it.

    Win what? Butt abrasions? Sunburn? Screams of neighborhood children?

  58. Seriously, picture yourself in butt floss.

    —*just pictures self naked because it takes less effort*

    —Nope. I’ll stick to picturing you in butt floss.

    My God, I leave for a few minutes and this place starts to sound like a lemon party. By “lemon party” I of course mean “Friday night at Rosetta’s, who is an out and proud gay man.”

  59. Missouri is a socialist paradise now, isn’t it?

    Branson is well-known as a hotbed for musical performances of Bertold Brecht plays and bluegrass bands performing “The Internationale.”

  60. Kilt it. Kilt it deader than King Tut’s body lice.

  61. *takes up push broom and begins sweeping up blog dust*

  62. *empties blog dust pan*

    Hey, what’s that? Under the dust bison, that looks like Sean’s butt floss.

  63. The ultimate in blog vandalism.

    *prepares to post copypasta from “The Vagina Monologues”*

  64. No!

  65. “The heart is capable of sacrifice. So is the vagina. The heart is able to forgive and repair. It can change it’s shape to let us in. It can expand to let us out. So can the vagina. It can ache for us and stretch for us, die for us and bleed and bleed us into this difficult, wondrous world. So can the vagina. I was there in the room. I rem em be r

    I can’t do it. I can’t. It’s too horrible.

    *gags, stabs self in eyesockets with 4 inch framing nails*

  66. *Rubs junk on poat.

  67. I would rather have the Jewstin junk rub on the post than the Shrillery monologues.

  68. What’s that I smell? Is it Jewstin? Or Old Spice?

  69. Good Lord – why is tripe like that so popular among the Limousine Liberal ranks? That is some truly awful, awful stuff…..

    And Beasn, having met you in person, I do not for one minute believe that you look bad in a bathing suit. Just remember – it’s everyone else who has to look at you.

    Remind yourself that most of the folks at the beach probably voted for Obama, and just think of subjecting them to your scantily-clad presence as the best revenge :P

  70. Just remember – it’s everyone else who has to look at you.

    That’s what I tell myself when I wear jeggings.

  71. Modern Marvels is propagating Global Warming myths, right now!

  72. At no time in the last million years has CO2 been so high!

    But, how many BILLIONS of years old is the earth? Heh, this is almost funny. Except then I remember LIVs.

  73. And Beasn, having met you in person, I do not for one minute believe that you look bad in a bathing suit.

    Hey, me too, I also imagined Beasn in a bathing suit when I met her.

  74. At no time in the last million years has CO2 been so high!

    And ice used to cover a lot of the US – so which one do they prefer?

  75. Meh, it only got down to Iowa.

    But it did cover Michigan. Hmmm.

  76. *aims trebuchet full of used Hillary butt thongs at Texas*

    Duck, teresa, that isn’t meant for you.

  77. *eyes rainbow-colored fabric mass passing overhead*

    Oooooh – is that a zebra design I see in there?

  78. Hey look! Peggy Noonan wants back on the bandwagon!

  79. *pictures J’ames in butt floss*

    Nah, not working for me.

    I wonder if Modern Marvels will show that latest graph of dozens of climate model predictions for the last couple decades plotted against actual mean temperatures. The one that shows ALL the models were wrong and predicted too high.

    No, I don’t really wonder about that after all.

  80. it’s easier to visualize the models when you film it in Greenland. On top of the ice. Because natural.

  81. I’m visualizing my response to Modern Marvels

  82. ‘Hannibal’ is on one of the big screens here in the command center. That is one seriously f***ed up movie. Luckily ‘Happy Gilmore’ is on one of the other screens.

  83. At least this isn’t on your big screen.

  84. I like it when Hannibal feeds the guy his own brain. That’s seriously twisted.

  85. I like it when Hannibal feeds the guy his own brain

    Well, there goes the poor fellow’s vegetarian diet.

  86. Seriously, what is worse… Sharknado or Pirahnacane?

  87. George,

    None of the above, ‘HurriGator’ is the worst.

  88. Haha, I missed HurriGator.

    The one with the huge gators and pythons was a classic. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany fight! Both die, too.

  89. The one with the huge gators and pythons was a classic. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany fight! Both die, too.

    Wasn’t that a cinematic retelling of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden?

  90. Well, if the Garden of Eden was the Everglades, then yes.

  91. How about some great balls o’ comfort?


    *Pees a little.

  93. Choke!

    stupid Bubba Watson

  94. Heh. Dan is at Chase watching Reds/Dbacks. I’m watching on TV. I could hear Boos!!!! Dan says they just showed Juan McLame on the jumbotron.

  95. Si Si Puede!

  96. Read the Kaus Daily Caller piece on Shamnesty II: Amendment Boogaloo. Pure theater this bill is.

    Just issue the amnesty and quit wasting electricity and floor time in the Senate.

  97. Corker admitted in a Saturday Politico piece that his and Hoeven’s amendment, which is being sold as the fix to repackage the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, does not actually fix interior enforcement issues as originally advertised.

    “I do wish this amendment had some other measures relative to interior security, but I think the House can improve this,” Corker said, directly contradicting statements he and others have made about the amendment. “I think a conference can improve this. So I hope we have the opportunity down the road to see that occur.

    “And by ‘a conference can improve this’ I mean ‘Sodomize all you nativist Tea Party haters with the pointy end of the Capitol Dome.'”

  98. Boehner better not cave. Don’t even bring it up for a vote. Reconciliation gives us amnesty and the end of the republic.

  99. H2 visits the Apple Store.

  100. How ’bout Boner pulls a Reid and refuses to take up the Senate’s bill, then refuses to have an Amnesty bill drafted by the House?

    *takes off reading glasses*
    Hey, these things have pink lenses!

  101. As long as Boehner doesn’t pull a Weiner.

  102. The only thing Boehner is pulling is a drag off a Kools menthol. And overtime.

  103. Rubio can choke on one.

  104. Car in, and unidentified friend on motor scooter

  105. Young Leon learns parkour.

  106. I’ll have what he is having

  107. I prefer my rabbit with a mustard sauce and noodles. Peyote on the side.

  108. That was awesome golf tournament.

  109. I’ve been watching Reds baseball. Missed golf this wknd.

  110. The sunflowers are WAAAAAY over TiFW’s head, and they are casting shade on her tomato plants.

    And something has been eating the big tomatoes – perhaps the young raccoon we saw under the porch last week……

  111. Hey look! Peggy Noonan wants back on the bandwagon!

    She can just f*ck off. Her and the RINOs on the hill attacked concerned American taxpayers almost as bad as Barky did.

    Why doesn’t she start asking where the special prosecutors are? Maybe that will test her love even more.

  112. Rubio can choke on one.

    They all can. It’s a feeding frenzy in the shark tank. We’re the meal.

  113. Oso, you feeling better?

  114. Second treatment of dirty gatorade stayed down. Yay! So did Cup o soup. I may try dry toast again for dinner. Thanks for the recipe.

  115. YAY! I’m glad. Maybe you can share some chicken with the pups soon.

  116. Seems legit…(Hastings was looking into the NSA)

    First comment…”That’s why Snowden ran like hell, he knew what would happen if he stayed within the U.S. R.I.P. a brave man.”

    Prior to this administration, I would have thought that crazy talk.

  117. Beasn, I just fed the girls their chicken. I may chicken and rice it in the AM.

  118. No wonder they vulch you all the time. They have you wrapped around their furry little toes.

  119. The thing is Beasn, Journalists lie to support obamby, lie about themselves, and make shit up whole cloth to make someone they favor look good. So the question is what lie are they spreading now?

    Frankly who gives a shit? They are like cockroaches.
    *Impulsive thoughts about disgusting liars, not real feelings about actual human beings who happen to be lower than used car salesmen but are still disserving of all the respect accorded to a fellow American.*

  120. They are rather spoiled. Gingy has entered into the doggie depression stage of Dan being away from home.

  121. I just purchased a big ticket item using the Amazon thing. Someone should have a few drinks on me at the next meetup.

  122. Rain delay in St. Louis. I have no interest in Grand Canyon livewire! by a Wallenda or Celebrity Wife swap.

  123. Red is on TNT, oso

  124. Just got home, waiting out the rain delay with Oso.

    David Giantouli (Det. Nick Burkhardt from Grimm) will be throwing out the first pitch.

    I love that show. Fan boy level=Eleventy!!

    He’s from St. Louis and went to SLU high.

  125. Had a wonderful week with my wonderful DiL, Julia, and baby DG. If I had the $$ I would move two blocks down the road from them!

  126. Damn, I don’t get time to hang out with you goofballs. Don’t bother responding. This is a hit and run comment.

  127. Flipped over to Discovery to watch one of the Wallenda’s attempt to not fall into the Grand Canyon.

  128. Thanks, J’ames. Welcome home, Chief. Thx for the extra DG pics. So, 7pm game time possible. MT

  129. Good luck, you crazy SOB!

  130. *subscribes to Beasn’s newsletter*

    I wish HateTM was colder – it’s already hot enough outside.

    Sorry you’re feeling poorly, Oso. Hope you get better soon!

  131. I love you all. Thought I would just share this with you. . .

  132. That was evil, Chief.

  133. The sounds comming out of my TVee made me think a church channel was on. But no it is a guy walking across the grand canyon. Those camera shots are amazing.
    I will cut the guy some slack being 1 step away from meeting your maker it is not a bad idea to be talking to him before hand

  134. I killed it at 9pm on a Sunday?
    Back to ironing.



  137. Hold me like you did on Naboo!

  138. HA! Chief?

  139. Did anybody chicken out of the second part of anybody else’s murder-suicide pact today?

  140. Strange, but educational, shooting(From Ace’s)

  141. Play ball!

  142. Football?! Woo Hooo!

  143. After a 3 hour rain delay Rangers @ Cards has started. Is ANYONE staying up to watch this?

  144. Is there going to be a meteor? Because I would stay up to see that.

  145. Oso – No. I drove for 8 hours surrounded by idiots through the mountains. Zzzzzzzz!

  146. Naw, no debasedball for me. Hooked on Fringe at Amazon Prime. The Googleman and I have started at season one and are getting a few episodes every evening.

  147. MCPO – ‘Spur was kinda sore at you for being in MI and not arranging for a quickie.

    I’m glad you made it home safe and sound.

  148. Fringe turned out to be an excellent show. For a while, I thought it was just kind of an X-Files clone, but they took it in some incredibly inventive directions.

  149. Cyn – We went up to look after the baby and help the DiL with the house. Plus I *had* to see my ailing sister.

  150. Finally. A plausible explanation for the final scene of the Sopranos.

  151. Heh. I didn’t realize the Rangers were a meteor game team.

  152. Fringe was the one with Pacy and the odd looking, but oddly hot chick, right?

  153. I still haven’t started the last season of Fringe. It got pulled off of Hulu+.

  154. She’s Australian, XBrad, they all look like that.

  155. Cyn, I watched every episode of LOST via Roku/Amazon Prime over the month of April and the first week or so of May. An amazing way to watch a special series. BTW, it still kicked ass.

  156. MMM scheduled for 615. Bedtime.

  157. Why not 614?

  158. Were you pissed about the way LOST ended, cb? Because it seemed like everybody else was, but I was okay with it.

  159. Why not 614?

    The world won’t be ready for it just yet.

  160. Sean, not really. I actually got pretty emotional about the way it all ended. I had many times guessed The Island was some kind of way station between death and the afterlife, so it wasn’t a total surprise. I do think the writers lost a little steam because of/after the writers’ strike, so they may have run a little short of storyline to take the characters much further. Nevertheless, having given up on the series early on, then coming back to it and getting totally hooked on it a bit later, I must say it is one of my all time favorites. Despite storylines that often confused, they almost always made me wonder. And that’s not a bad thing, is it?

  161. Trans-acceptance will have grown by leaps and bounds in those sixty seconds, apparently.

  162. Despite storylines that often confused, they almost always made me wonder. And that’s not a bad thing, is it?

    Y-you’re not familiar with the internet, are you?

  163. I’ve noticed a vast, vast difference in the emotional investment I’ll make in a series when I watch entire seasons at once, rather than spaced out with one episode a week.

  164. Yes, XB. I also found it interesting watching the entire LOST universe over such a short period of time how much easier it was to keep up with the flow of the story.

  165. If you want to be emotionally exhausted, watch Band of Brothers over two nights.

  166. Band of Brothers was damn near perfect except for two small things: David Schwimmer and Jimmy Fallon. Both of them were kind of jarring.

  167. yeah, Schwimmer didn’t quite fit in that role.

  168. Kind of hard to take Ross seriously as a hated, arbitrarily harsh martinet.

  169. I’m trying to think who would have been a better actor for that role.

  170. I dunno, Jeremy Piven, maybe?

  171. Someone who could be hardass, and yet obviously incompetent? Maybe. Not sure.

  172. Nick Searcy actually played a company commander once.

  173. John Turturro might have been good, but I think he might have been too old.

  174. Sittin’ in my car outside your house
    (Sittin’ in my car outside your house)
    ‘Member when you spilled derp all over your blouse?

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