‘Ello, Guv’nah, it’s BBF!

Greetings! Let’s start out with a song, just to be different. Ok, it’s like every week, but I don’t want to piss you off, because everyone knows that conservatives fear change:

Today’s model is a Page 3 enthusiast from Great Britain, who really knows how to make an entrance. Born in 1991 and weighing in at 32FF-25-30, let’s welcome Emily Florence Shaw!



Today’s quiz is kinda slapped together, since I got this duty at the last minute.

1279 BC – Rameses II (The Great) (19th dynasty) becomes pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.
1678 – The Godiva procession through Coventry begins.
1790 – The United States enacts its first copyright statute, the Copyright Act of 1790.
1859 – The clock tower at the Houses of Parliament, which houses Big Ben, starts keeping time.
1864 – American Civil War Overland Campaign: Battle of Cold Harbor – The Army of Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee engages the Army of the Potomac under Ulysses S. Grant and George G. Meade.
1879 – Gilmores Garden in New York City is renamed Madison Square Garden by William Henry Vanderbilt and is opened to the public at 26th Street and Madison Avenue.
1911 – The hull of the ocean liner RMS Titanic is launched.
1929 – The first talking cartoon of Mickey Mouse (NSFW, but no worse than this whole poat!), “The Karnival Kid”, is released.
1942 – World War II: Imperial Japanese Navy midget submarines begin a series of attacks on Sydney, Australia.
1971 – In accordance with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1968, observation of Memorial Day occurs on the last Monday in May for the first time, rather than on the traditional Memorial Day of May 30.
1973 – The United States Senate votes to cut off funding for the bombing of Khmer Rouge targets within Cambodia, hastening the end of the Cambodian Civil War.
1977 – The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System completed.
2005 – Vanity Fair reveals that Mark Felt was Deep Throat




Oh, and you thought that since MJ wasn’t doing the BBF poat this week, that you weren’t going to get a drink video? Well, you were WRONG!


  1. She seems nice…

  2. GO PACK GO!

  3. Heh, I thought Brewfan might like part of this post.

  4. *chest bumps Jay*

    *chest bumps the hooker*

  5. She doesn’t strike me as a desperate, publicity-seeking attention whore whatsoever!

    nice choice, J’ames

  6. I think I can speak for Brewers fans everywhere when I say, “I can’t wait for football season to start!”

  7. Quick peek before last case of the day—>me likey! Good work J’Ames!

  8. Sharp elbows. Just sayin’.

  9. Great drink video. He’s shooting the Jager.


    Nice job, Jay.

  11. We’ve done a ton of work for the Google vice president in charge of their Ann Arbor facilities.

    We don’t discuss politics.

  12. ‘Sup, crank yankers and smoking hot chicks?

  13. 94 degrees already.

    Already downed a quart of Gatorade.

  14. Great job J’Ames.

  15. Newt Gingrich must have an ass load of money in “self driving cars” because he won’t shut up about them.

    Yeah, newt, we saw through you about 10 years ago.

  16. The only good newt is a fig newton.

  17. That’s a fig newton of your imagination.

  18. Bravo, sir.

  19. Good job, James.

  20. What is up with all this Good Job stuff? It’s appreciated, but I’m wondering what site I’m on.

  21. Shut the hell up.

  22. Shove it, James. We’re trying to cover for your lack of wit and writing skills.

  23. J’Ames – This poat sucks! Did you bang your head getting into the cellar?

  24. God, I hate you all so much.

  25. Hey leon, see this?

    I saw it. I hope to high heaven that we’ve got someone at least trying to do Big Data on our side.

  26. The music sucks. It’s as if Jay has one album entitled, “Shitty Halftime Songs.”

  27. This really is a POS.

  28. Somebody throw up a puppy and kitten poat – STAT!!

  29. “Vol II. Halftime Songs That Make You Want to Vomit, Eat the Vomit, Choke on the Vomit, Then Die.

  30. Car in has called me thirty three times (33!) to let me know how shitty the music is when Jay posts.

  31. ““Vol II. Halftime Songs That Make You Want to Vomit, Eat the Vomit, Choke on the Vomit, Then Die”

    Only the idiots in Iowa.

  32. Jay, look at this, you know what to do with it, Iowan’s like to do it:


  33. >> God, I hate you all so much.

    Me too.

  34. It least he figgered out how to embed a gif from reddit.

    Only an IT guy would get stuck on the whole copy/paste function.

    Operations Manager: Hey IT guy! When do you think we might be able to see a copy/paste function?

    IT Guy: 2 years, $9M and it won’t work.

    Operations Manager: Ok! 4 years and $18M it is! Of course it will be obsolete by then, but you’ve got me by the balls!

  35. Good looking woman. Crappy links.

    Jury is still out about the commenters.

  36. I mean really… look at those man-hands. Bewbs are not worthy of BBF if her hands can cover them (sorry Carin).

  37. I think those bewbs are bolt-ons, anyway!

  38. Hands? What hands?

  39. I think Jay needs to go through the H2 spanking machine. And by ‘spanking machine,’ I mean ‘iron maiden.’

  40. No, me. Me!

  41. I saw Spanking Maiden open for GWAR in ’97.

    They played ‘Bang on the Drum All Day,’ and then killed themselves.

  42. I’m already starting to feel bad. I suck at this.

  43. I think those bewbs are bolt-ons, anyway!

    You may be onto something, MCPO; we don’t ever get a clear shot of her from the front or the back now, do we. I’ll bet we see her on a future MMM.

  44. Did you all see this video of Obama throwing a football through a hoop while in New Jersey recently?

  45. Some nice Indian fellow from microsoft just called to let us know our computer is sending him error messages.

    He sounded just like Apu. I got him to say “No sir, this is not a scam” and I giggled in my pants.

  46. Hey, CYN!!

  47. Now that’s more like it.

    Ahh, home.

  48. Exactry, Chief!!

  49. and I giggled in my pants.

    So that’s what they call it nowadays?

  50. In other exciting news, we now can start a new pool for when my left baby toe nail will come off. Caught the tip of the nail on the corner of a case of paper this morning. Good times.

  51. This is the worst poat since ever. I want my motherfucking money back. Who’s the fuckstick who engineered this maggot infested carcass of shit anyway?

  52. “This is the worst poat since ever. I want my motherfucking money back. Who’s the fuckstick who engineered this maggot infested carcass of shit anyway?”


  53. Who’s the fuckstick


  54. we now can start a new pool

    I have 52.7 days, unless you wear those red CFM pumps with 4″ heels again, in which case I go to 33.2 days.

  55. Town zoning bans my van. HA. I have been an outlaw for 6 years.

  56. Yo yo yo party people.

  57. I have been an outlaw for 6 years.

    Do we get extra breakfast gruel in the re-education center if we turn you in?

  58. Good , Sean.

  59. HTML Fail! Need to drink more.

  60. Town also says I can fire a weapon to protect my property from damaging animals.

    Caterpillars are damaging.

  61. Prometheus is on right now. I had heard that the “scientists” in that movie did some dumb stuff, but I was frankly astonished by the level of ar-tarded numbskullery on display.

  62. I have 52.7 days, unless you wear those red CFM pumps with 4″ heels again, in which case I go to 33.2 days.

    Ha! Close. I could barely get a pair of sandals on to drive this morning. If I wore my 4″ red CFMs (btw, how did you know about these??), the nail loss would be about 33.2 seconds.

  63. (btw, how did you know about these??)

    I emailed him pics.

  64. Dammit, ‘Spur, those were for Hotbride.

  65. If I wore my 4″ red CFMs (btw, how did you know about these??)

    Doesn’t every pretty woman have a pair of them?

  66. I emailed him pics.

    Yes, but they just didn’t do your hairy legs justice….

  67. And they really pinched.

  68. Her boobs are not FF anything.

  69. Doesn’t every pretty woman have a pair of them?

    Niiice; brownie points to you!

    Wait… did you just call me a prostitute?!

  70. did you just call me a prostitute

    She wasn’t a pro-pro.

  71. As if we needed more proof that Obama is a baller….


  72. Welcome to my world.

  73. I don’t want to go all “conspiracy theory” here, but I uploaded that video to YouTube almost 3 hours ago and it is still “processing.”

    And even though the basket ball vid says that it has over 15k views, I go to my YouTube analytics page and that video shows only having 98 views.

    But maybe I’m just crazy…..

  74. But maybe I’m just crazy…..

    No. You’re just a fucking racist.

  75. Heh, nice wiser.

  76. Well, it’s been a helluva week.

  77. No. You’re just a fucking racist.

    that’s not possible.

    I hate everyone equally

  78. Do tell, Mr MJ.

  79. Are we done picking on Jay?

    I think he deserves a little more.

  80. I’ve spent my afternoon making sure I did this right 6 months ago.

    Spoiler: no.

  81. Well, it’s been a helluva week.

    Got fired from your job?
    Pickup truck died?
    Wife left you?
    Dog got run over?

  82. I have not been picked on enough.

  83. No.
    Last week, yes.
    I can’t even contemplate that.

  84. I have not yet begun to pick on J’Ames.

  85. I’ve spent my afternoon making sure I did this right 6 months ago.

    You really should read that book we got you.

  86. Keep your damn dirty eigenvectors off me!

  87. Your truck got run over? That sucks.

    Wait, crap.

  88. Eigenvector! Zeig Heil!

    Who did I order killed by the Nazi Teapot?

  89. Dude:

    Go to doctor.
    Get prescription for Xanax.
    Mix with bourbon or tequila.
    Forget about math homework.

  90. As if we needed more proof that Obama is a baller….


    Ha! Another Wiserbud Production. Nice work!

    Melon baller maybe…

  91. This was work stuff. Professional mathlete stuff, and I scrood it up.

  92. Your truck got run over? That sucks.

    By a Monster Dog.

  93. *Applies to remedial plumbing school*

  94. Melon baller maybe…

    He’s such a putz, I wouldn’t trust him with a melon baller. He’d put an eye out or something.

  95. No.
    I can’t even contemplate that.

    Mrs. MJ leaving wouldn’t faze him, but something happening to Face Ripper? Disaster!

  96. *Applies to remedial plumbing school*

    Did they require buttcrack photos in the application, or is that done as part of the interview?

  97. Get prescription for Xanax.
    Mix with bourbon or tequila.

    Hellooooo Dr. MJ how YOU doin’

  98. I assumed there was a class in it. I’ll worry about adding the photo to my resume after I finish school.

  99. hahaha.

    Xanax martini. That will be happening next week.

  100. Do you muddle a xanax, or do need to get a pharm-grade mortar and pestle?

  101. I have a wooden mortar and pestle from Port-o Reek-o.

  102. Comment by leoncaruthers on May 31, 2013 4:17 pm
    I’ve spent my afternoon making sure I did this right 6 months ago.
    I’ve got a physicist friend who does stuff like this all the time. Sometimes I have to really concentrate to keep up with the work related stuff he talks about.

  103. I asked Scott to cook some chicken for me. He put it out on the grill and went upstairs. He’s been up there 1/2 hr.

    lauraw: (calling upstairs) Um, honey? Are you cooking?
    scott: Yep.
    lauraw: Um. Okay….
    scott: I’m monitoring it with binoculars.
    lauraw: Ah.
    scott: It’s at 136.

  104. I have a really heavy stone set a friend of mine gave me when he moved. I have yet to use it for anything, but I’m ready.

  105. scott: I’m monitoring it with binoculars.



  106. Sometimes I think Scott is Dale Gribble. I know it’s totally wrong, but for some reason it sorta works.

  107. Sooooo, the charger to the crappy little netbook I usually use, died. The boy borrowed it and killed it dead. Penelope tries to buy a replacement charger in ABQ. They want $58. Amazon has one for $3. She orders it, plus something for herself (gotta get the order total up to qualify for free shipping). It won’t send the charger to our address for some reason, so she has it sent to my mom, 3 hours away. I get an e-mail saying it will arrive there sometime between June 6th, and June 28th. So I can’t use my computer until I get the charger sometime next month. All because she saved $3.89 in shipping. Incidentally, her order arrives here tomorrow. GAhh.

  108. I think Cyn just found Scott’s new avatar! The rainbow bead necklace is a nice touch.

  109. OMG I was thinking the exact same things Laura!

  110. Hey Pepe – head to or call your nearest hotel. People leave cords behind all the time and they typically keep a stash of them for guests to use if they leave theirs at home. Sometimes the library can help you out too.

    /World Trip Advisor Hat Off

  111. Idiots leave that stuff behind all the time.

  112. Sometimes I think Scott is Dale Gribble plus a more than healthy dose of MacGyver.

    Agreed and fixted.

  113. x_x

  114. Well, at least one person ordered those binocular glasses they’ve been advertising on TV.

  115. I only saw them advertised on TVLand when I had to drop off some groceries at mom’s yesterday afternoon.

    Actually, it’s a damn clever idear that I wish I’d have thought of first. Makes watching people and things from afar quite easy.

    I’ll bet Xbrad already has a pair.

  116. But they look hideous! And everyone would walk around like that youtube video of Japanese Binocular Soccer Game.

  117. Don’t need zoomies. I mostly watch television on my netbook.

    And by “television” I mean “pron.”

  118. Xbrad, I assumed that they would have been for your stalking pool watching pastime.

  119. Netbook = the result of a sexual liaison between a laptop and a tablet.

  120. **poke**

  121. Good afternoon peeps!,

    The All-Academy Golf Tourney (West Point vs. Air Force Academy vs. Naval Academy) got cancelled today because of rain and buggery on the part of the squids (but mainly because of rain).

    Will be around most of the night.

  122. Afternoon.

  123. Today I built two (2) of these:


  124. We’re getting busy and Manticore is getting bitchy again.

    Manticore: *Walks up to C. and me. Announces* The warehouse guy who delivered the insulation didn’t bring back the build card.

    C & Me: . . .

    Manticore: . . .

    C: Why are you telling us this?!

    Me: We’ll get our top men right on it. Our Top. Men.

    Manticore: *Stomps off to find build card.*

  125. Phat, don’t look online for squid buggery whatever you do.

    “Japanese tentacle rape” is apparently a thing.

  126. Cyn:

    Was out getting the kids. Wow. Between my focus on work, the blog, and FNC, I rarely am aware of what happens locally.

  127. Looks a good bit north of you, Cyn.

    Other news, tornadoes on the ground reported in OK.

  128. Hotspur, I was in this home today.


  129. Michelle Fields was on Red Eye last night. Me like.

  130. Way, way north of me, Xbrad. I can’t even see New River from my house due to Earth curvature. Well, there’s mountains in the way too, but you know what I mean.

  131. Poor OK this year; they’ve been getting hammered. Several twisters yesterday breezed near a few of the places where I used to live, one of which was in Broken Arrow, another was near Jenks. *sad face

  132. Jimbro,

    The “History of Buggery in the US Navy” is probably safer search.

    Just like we’re called Zoomies, Annapolis grads are called ‘Squids’.

    Can’t remember what we called the West Point Cadets. ‘Grunts’? I don’t recall off the top of my head. I may have to consult my box ‘o football lore to see a ‘spirit button’.

  133. Awww… wiser’s video is already been deleted due to legal assholery.

  134. For anyone who wants to give Jay shit about today’s poat, remember that Rosetta would have given you this (NSFA).

  135. File under TTT for later


  136. Here’s the live stream for OK video on tornadoes


  137. Top search result for your term resulted in this:


    I had a Pogues record (yes, vinyl 33 1/3 RPM) called Rum, Sodomy and the Lash which I thought was a peculiar title.

    All that reminds me of an Army marching song which I can only remember a few fragments including “The cabin boy, the cabin boy, the nasty little nipper! Packed his ass with broken glass and circumcised the skipper”.

  138. Holy crap!


  139. >>>Awww… wiser’s video is already been deleted due to legal assholery.

    Wait, didn’t liveleak run the last one?

    Guess the WH decided “enough ridicule of The Won. Time to crack down on these videos.”

    Nice to know that liveleak can be controlled like that…

  140. Finally finished processing at YT though:

  141. Rats. Won’t let me watch again on my phone. Dan is watching ASU/Lobos online. I’ll link on FB when I can get back on the computer. TFG…what can’t he do?

  142. Nice to know that liveleak can be controlled like that…

    “Nice website you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.”

  143. Mile wide tornado on the ground.

  144. Great idea on the hotel lost and found. Thanks, Cyn.

    Yes, I have the crappy little netbook, because Penelope got an IPad. The big computer is in the bedroom, can’t use it in the morning because that would disturb Penelope’s beauty sleep. By the time she’s up, I’m usually out working.

    Spent the day putting up OSB, I’m a tired little buckaroo. Insulation guys (Jose, Juan, and Daniel) got a little too enthusiastic blowing insulation into the walls. Have to compress it a little more than I’d like to get the OSB up. This makes it kind of interesting up on the scaffolding. (By scaffolding I mean one of those origami ladders with a couple of boards across the top.).

  145. wakey wakey.

    wait, what?

  146. Daniel or DANyel?

  147. Hey Osita, his shirt said Daniel. Only one guy, Jose, spoke English, and just barely at that. They did a decent job though, and I didn’t have to spray that crap all over the attic.

  148. http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/missouri/weather-radar

    *waits for more rain*

  149. Looks like you could be in for some twisters too, Beasns. Stay safe, girlie.

  150. Dan was beloved to both my grandmother and greatgrandmother. Both of whom had limited English. He used tortilla instead of utensils and my grammo was jealous that he attended Catholic school. Both refused to call him Dan.

  151. This storm chaser guy on the phone with Shep is speaking so fast I can get about every 4th word he says.

  152. Scott,

    If you have the ‘Palladia’ channel Joe Bonomassa at Royal Albert Hall is in frequent rotation.

    Joe B. probably has the best blues voice/guitar combo since SRV.

  153. Get out some tissue and I don’t mean the kind for the big boobs.


  154. Hey! Anyone miss me?


    ((shuffles off to Wizbang Pop))

  155. Beasn, that is too sad. One of my doggie rescue friends lost a GSD to cancer earlier this week. Then you get the picture of the Kentucky canine at the casket of his partner. I really can’t handle the truth.

  156. *cancels BOLO for Mundo*

  157. At least 2 dead so far.

  158. Were you on your cruise?

  159. Did anybody help themselves to the contents of anybody else’s medicine cabinet today?

  160. Updates: Son is going to be student of the year for his school. OMG!

    Micah had a really good time at the Memorial Day party, the sodas were a massive hit, I was cool for about 15 nanoseconds…

    I got nominated for teacher of the year for my district (Won’t get it though…but it is still cool!)

    I got a date for tomorrow night….

    Sorry for the tornadoes hitting Oklahoma, but I guess my personal bad luck had to land somewhere, but I din’t know it was enough to affect a whole state!

  161. DinT’s Boston taxi ride:


  162. Cyn, no…just massively busy. We had the school’s award ceremony on Wednesday, which I had to Emcee. My mom is feeling very under the weather, and had a trip to the emergency room to pick her up from. (She missed taking one of her blood pressure meds, and fainted while watching a movie at the Senior center.)

  163. Bath night, Cyn?


  164. Cyn isn’t a ginger.

  165. I forgot about the liniment. Somebody please beer/wine/bourbon/debrief me.

  166. Oso, I’d love to have a GSD but they’re only around 10ish years. For looking like handsome bears, they should live longer.

  167. Beasn, I know. I have a FB friend that rescues GSDs after law enforcement is done with them. She visits kill shelters and arranges for fosters in Cali. GSDs, Frenchies, and Wieners. She’a a Buckeye transplant.

  168. Moore….again

  169. MunDane,

    Congrats! You know you’re truly a parent when the accomplishments of your progeny make you prouder than your own once did!

    *brb… need to go kick the 16 yr old off xbox*

  170. xbrad… heh


  171. Somebody please beer/wine/bourbon/debrief me.


  172. My 2nd cousin that lives in Moore really needs to get on social media. Sheridan’s sister is on vacation so should be out of the danger zone. I really wish all my OK familia would just move back to NM where all we have to worry about are wrong way drunk drivers.

  173. Tinker AFB is gonna get hammered. That’s the home to a lot of very specialized airplanes.

  174. Don’t try this at home. Unless you see a spider.

  175. *Takes Romy’s briefs*

  176. From my time in A-stan, I LOVE Belgian Malinois.

    They were the coolest war dogs I have ever seen and interacted with.

    Now that I’m sneaking up on retirement I need a sedentary beast, but I do like to take long walks. I have my shih-tzu, but am looking into a greyhound rescue.

    Buddy of mine had a g-hound rescue and that dog was LAZY. Bud just said that it was tired from 3 yrs at the track.

  177. My cousin, Melinda, will never leave Altus now that Sheridan is there. They got hit last week.

  178. Later gaters…..warnings going off. It’s effing black out front of the house……….

  179. I have friends that do greyhound rescue as well. Paws and Stripes does great work with all breeds and PTSD. Belgian Malinois are cool. I’m partial to dachshunds.

  180. I killed a fishing spider with fire earlier this week.

  181. Stay safe, beasn!

  182. xbrad,

    They would evac’d the AWACs they couldn’t hanger.

    I suspect that was none, most of those jets are deployed right now.

    Plus, with the rise of JSTARs, they’re a dying airframe.

  183. G-hounds are the worlds fastest couch potatoes. Do NOT let them off a leash.

  184. Be safe Beasn! Prayers are going your way!

  185. Stay safe Beasn!

  186. Even the JSTARs time is numbered with the rise of UAV’s and small aircraft ISR platforms (C-12, C-26, etc).

  187. So, I linked Wiser’s video on FB at the AOSII page. Count went from 9 to 12 but more than 3 people have liked or commented. Shenanigans!

  188. Sorry, Sean. Not a fan of Diet Dr. Pepper, so you can have my share.

  189. Debriefs Roamy:

  190. I had Diet DP for breakfast. Yesterday and today. I’m feeling bad. I just told a RL Yankee fan friend that suicide is not only ok, but expected if they get swept by the Mets and the Red Sox.

  191. Tinker is also home to the US Customs Service Air Branch HQ and part of the fleet

  192. Tinker is also home to the E-6B fleet.

  193. Coffee for breakfast. Always, except when I was pregnant. I guilt-trip the kids to not do drugs. “I gave up COFFEE for you, you’d better not pollute your body with drugs!”

  194. I H8 the smell of coffee. Gave up all drugs that aren’t alcohol in 1980.

  195. I H8 the smell of coffee

    I see the words, but they make no sense.

  196. Mundane, I had no idea you resumed posting chapters in your story. Cool.

  197. I tie the smell of coffee to having to get up in the AM. The other smell was homemade raisin cinnamon bread. I always wanted Wonder Bread…but no!!!! My Mom made everything at home.

  198. MunDane’s had a great week.

    Well done!

  199. “I H8 the smell of coffee”
    “I see the words, but they make no sense.”

    Yes, they seem strange and frightening to me.

  200. I don’t even like coffee nips.

  201. //finger hovers over banhammer//

  202. Can’t stand the taste of coffee. I think it tastes like tree bark would. I like the smell though – it makes me hungry.

  203. Wiser’s link just popped up on FB. How does it go from 9 to 2?

  204. Ballgame was canceled. I feel sorry for those stuck downtown near the stadium.
    Had to visit the basement. Several tornadoes dropped. One in a town five miles west, one five miles east…another nearer the city.

  205. I drink at least a pot or two a day.

    I can’t remember my last cold.

  206. Right before the front hit, I looked out the window and a lightening hit so close I saw white and orange. Scairt my heart out of my chest.

  207. Wut? Coffee kills colds?

    I’d rethink drinking it, but I believe if your tastebuds don’t like something, it can’t be good for you.

  208. I drink a Coke Zero or a Diet DP every day.

  209. Coffee is good for you beasns

  210. Coffee is a powerful anti-oxidant.

    Whenever Laura gets sick I tell her to pound some coffee and she always feels better.

  211. My grandmother would mix tobacco and Vicks and put it up the culo. Called it the cure. She passed at 100. I don’t do any curandero stuff.

  212. It is good for everything but it is still linked to arthritis.

    I’ll take it though, Parkinsons, colon cancer, and diabetes can go to hell.

  213. Shit, more systems coming in. The night is gonna be rockin and rollin.

  214. But caffeine gives me some serious jitters.

  215. What if I do a shot of whiskey every night?

    *heard some centenarian say that is how she got there*

  216. Scott, yes I’m in that path. Tornadoes dropped to the left and the right of us.

  217. Whisky is good. Bourbon is better. Shelter in place!

  218. Keep your head down.

  219. Twitter says bad stuff is happening in St Louis

  220. Holiday Inn in Earth City …mass casualty

  221. yeah…posting new chapters again, roamy

  222. Actually, when I put your map in motion, the arrows are going to the left and right of us.

  223. *high fives mundane for having a great week*

  224. Where is Earth City? OK or MO?

  225. >> It is good for everything but it is still linked to arthritis.


    prayers for beasns family, Rosettas and all our friends who are dealing with this fucking bullshit tonight.

  226. Local MO news reporting fans trapped under debris at Busch Stadium.

    Good call, callin off the game. Shit

  227. If you scroll down beasn they will tell you what those cells are producing.

    Oh, and if you right click on the map you can draw a box and zoom in on your neighborhood.

    It’s a wonderful website.

  228. oh wait..left click

  229. Oh, great, severe weather at the Wakarussa music festival in AR. My cousin’s dipshit son is up there.

  230. Fack! We have wildfires. Praying for Tornado peeps

  231. Drought sucks but it is past time for everyone to move to NM.

  232. http://tinyurl.com/mn779l7

    Two studies.
    1. Mediterranian diet. Mixed nuts, olive oil, etc. Reduces dementia.

    2. parsley, chamomile, celery – has a chemical compound apigenin prevents cancers.

  233. Heard about the Earth City hotel. My sister works down there – 911 operator which means she is busy as shit.

  234. xbrad, Earth City is 20 minutes from me.

  235. Study

    “A May 2012 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that coffee drinkers “who drank at least two or three cups a day were about 10 percent or 15 percent less likely to die for any reason during the 13 years of the study.”[2]”

  236. I found that whore Mare:


  237. Dave, I’ve got the local news on, everyone got out of the Stadium. No casualties.

  238. Death. It kicks it’s ass.

  239. Be safe, Beasn.

  240. No casualties at the Holiday Inn in Earth City. Thank God.

  241. Double-header tomorrow.

  242. Scott Air Force base is about to get it’s ass kicked.

  243. Phat, duck and cover.

  244. I’ll have to give coffee another try but if Mr. Beasn has to peel me off the ceiling, Imma gonna release some of the captured monkeys and send them back to CT.

  245. Sends company boat out for more coffee


  246. Holy guacamole…

  247. Yer gonna need a bigger boat-

    Chief Brody.

  248. Jaws will be back on the big screen this Sunday and next Wednesday.

  249. JAWS. . . .

  250. I have not been in the ocean willingly since 1975.

  251. HAHAHA! Oso is askered of a fish!

  252. The first victim had dandruff.

    They found her head and shoulders on the beach!

  253. I was too dumb to understand playing with snakes and swimming with sharks before I saw Jaws. Whale sharks and hammerheads scared the crap out of me. Cobras in the front yard were an eye opener.

  254. In my pursuit of master guitar players I have almost exhausted Mark Knopfler’s works. I still have soudtracks and albums that are entirely duplicated elsewhere, but I am pleased I can listen to right around 12 hours of Knopfler.

    I am looking hard at Robert Cray and filling in blanks with Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Sammy Haggar.

  255. Are all of our Midwestern peeps OK? Looked like some nasty stuff rolling through that part of the country…..

  256. Vman – No Joe Bonamassa?!

  257. http://tinyurl.com/327983n

  258. Radiohead is on PBS. I hope they aren’t freaks ’cause they’re sounding good here.

  259. Houston is clear to partly cloudy. In the 2 months less a week I have been here it is usually mostly cloudy, to overcast and hazy. I am unsure if this is normal, seasonal, or what.

    I had a PE check my grades and pipe sizes on 6 subdivisions today.
    We were quibbling over 10th of a foot.

    *That means that a Professional Engineer who has not seen this project looked at the grades and pipes on 3000 home sites and said I might want to lower this by 1.2 inches.

    That is a win in my book

  260. Teresa, all is well in the St.Louis area. We’re good at ducking for cover. (and the tornadoes that dropped weren’t F4s or 5s, so there is that)

  261. Pretty damn good ad campaign:


  262. I keep hearing about him from several people MCPO. I also see him recommended on Amazon. I honestly do not think I have ever heard a guitar lick from him, but I am ignorant admittedly.

    I will honestly check him out to the best of my ability.

    If you can point me to any links youtubes etc I would appreciate it.

    Did he do studio? For who?

  263. Beasn – Drive over to Roasetta’s place and make sure Henry is OK!

  264. And the Pig-Dog, too!

  265. Houston had it’s deadliest day i history for firefighters. It is not a tornado but 4 were killed at a 5 alarm blaze

  266. in history not i history,my bad

  267. I cannot sync Lipstick’s Ipod with my current library. WTF?

    Lipps, do you want your music back? I have added bunches too ti, you may be surprised.

  268. I think I kilt it dead

  269. Everyone went to bed!?

  270. night all…

  271. It’s only mostly dead.

  272. nothing like it……….im telling you nothing like it.

  273. A million lights are dancing
    And there you are
    A shooting star
    An everlasting derp
    And you’re here with me

  274. Good morning all!

    Busy day ahead with rounds, picking up stuff at The Walmart, birthday party and then upta camp for the night to watch game 1 of Bruins v. Penguins. There’s a little league game in there somewhere.

  275. Good morning, Jimbro.

    New poat!

  276. Good morning tornado survivors!

    Last night sucked. Had to spend lots of time in the basement.

    Now I’m at work for a 12 hr shift. Lots of trees down on base. More T-storms today.

  277. GMURGING.

  278. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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