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Happy Thorsday


  1. Mmmmmm Thorsday.

  2. Alice! Long time noseeum.

  3. Mmmmmmm Friday’s

  4. Cyn beat me to the punch.

    Maybe I should bigfoot her?

  5. The future of our Country is in good hands. Nothing but the best and brightest at our fine Universities:

    Oh, and Thor is a nice way to kick off a Thursday.
    Right back at you, Thor!

  6. Mmmmmmm Friday’s

    That hood’s gonna wind up with scratches if she’s not careful.

  7. Sorry Jay; you snooze you lose.

  8. Push away… if you dare, or I can pull this one in iffin yours is better.

  9. Nah, mine will keep just where it is.

  10. Schedule it for Saturday morn… at the rate we’re going with comments, we won’t need a new one until about then.

  11. *adds comment to keep the ball rolling*

  12. At least I’m not scandinavian like Michael.

    If you were really black, I would not have to keep splainin barbecue to you.

  13. OK, I need some help here.

    Brief background: Last July, we bought our camp from a man who now lives in N. Carolina. We both kicked in estimated property taxes at the time of closing to the title company which were pro-rated for the amount of time we each owned it for 2012. The town finally contacted us a month ago and said that we still owed them the taxes for 2012.

    Several phone calls were made to the town office, title company and our realtor. Title company claims a check was sent but never cashed. They would issue a new one. That was May 14th. We called the town office yesterday to double check and they said we were going to be hit with a lien on our property for overdue taxes if it wasn’t paid before 6PM.

    [Title company claims they sent another check with enough time to receive it]

    Off we raced and paid it at 5:54PM. Right now I’m stopping by the title company on my way to work to be reimbursed the amount that was paid by me and the other guy at closing plus ask for the interest and penalty money as well.

    My question is, where do I go from here? I’m thinking of contacting the bank who recommended I use them, our realtor, the Better Business Bureau, etc. Does any of that matter? Any other recommendations? I’ll read your replies later, I’m late to leave now.

    Any suggestions of armed violence will be disregarded although it was a topic of discussion as we raced up I-95 last night.

  14. That bib/cape thing is funny.

  15. I’d trust the title company more than the town, but WTF do I know.

    Ask the title company to show you the check records. If they can’t do that then leave passive aggressive comments on google.

  16. Jim – Some of those local TV stations have “The Investigator” or “The Troubleshooter” or some such; do all that you’ve suggested, plus contact your state to see the best agency to make your complaint, including your AG’s office (breach of contract and fraud’s been committed, among other things).

  17. Jim, was it plugged in?

    *shut your fat faces, it had to be said*

  18. Ba haaaa haaaa. Lib deleted the entire thread on facedouch where I spanked her.

    And I was going to cut and paste if your you all to enjoy on my blog.


    We got into Benghazi – and I asked her one simple question. What did Obama do while it was being attacked? Why didn’t he send help. That it wasn’t true that there wasn’t time, or assets weren’t available. I asked her to answer that ONE question, and she might understand why people are upset.

    She responded that THAT was a lie – that Obama did sent help.

    I corrected her, and asked her WHO he sent, and that in fact Marines were told to stand down.

    She responded by saying she didn’t want to argue on someone else’s wall (she had posted it on a friends wall), and that debating with me was pointless.

    I offered to continue this on my wall.

    No response. Then she deleted the whole thing.

  19. Boot camp done. I stink really bad right now.

  20. Boot camp done. I stink really bad right now.

    So turn on your webcam and hop in the shower!

  21. Naw. I’m going to garden and run (if it doesn’t get too hot) before it’s shower time.

    Or, I could just take TWO showers…

  22. You have a blog?

  23. Heh, I like where Car in’s name points to now.

    She’s a reseller!

  24. The future of our Country is in good hands. Nothing but the best and brightest at our fine Universities:

    Just wait til the little f*ckers get a real job and actually have to pay taxes.

    If they can find a job. Hopefully not with the IRS.

  25. I wonder if any of them realize they’re giving the GOP permission to use the same tactics against a bevvy of lefty groups.

    Actually, no, I don’t wonder. I’m certain it never crosses their minds.

  26. Jay, the furry turds are now eating my petunias, which if left alone will make my garden bed – 12 feet of petunias – look stunning.

    *camouflages self as garden gnome*

  27. I’m certain it never crosses their minds.

    Probably because the GOP, who for the most part, follow the law. They know it. Kinda like those that talk shit about/target Christians – they know they won’t get their asses blown through their nostrils. (perhaps it’s time to reconsider that – *thinks about Buddhists in Myanmar*

  28. Ok. so. Hospice officially starts today. No more hospital visits.They’re bringing him home later today. If he starts crashing, that’s just the way it’s going to go. Doc says he has about a 5% immunity, that’s why he’s constantly catching things (which leads to his BP crashing, etc). Also, the colon cancer is spread, etc, and there is almost complete blockage down there. It’s just a matter of which takes him now.

    And, Hospice isn’t really much but a name, because apparently it’s nothing but a few visits by a nurse. Thanks Obamacare, because the nurses said that’s what changed it.

    So- It’s gonna be a fun couple of weeks (more or less) for me, and I’d like you all to play nice and be funny. It’s going to be way too serious IRL. I expect you all to compensate.

  29. I’m so very sorry to hear that, Car in. I will say prayers that when his time comes it is peaceful for him and you and your family. {{Hugs}}

  30. Car in, I’m sorry. I’d give you some pap about the circle of life, and that shit, but it is just hard.

    Hospice for us was also pretty much just a couple nurse visits (and lots and lots of drugs) but that was pretty much what we wanted. Just the family and dad at the end.


  31. That’s a hard thing, Car in. But at least the nurses will help a bit.

  32. *smacks Car In’s ass and places an order for a built in wine dispenser decorated with hawt ginger pics, to be installed immediately*

  33. Tomorrow somebody is paying me to place a painting into a crate.

    * hums God Bless America *

  34. Oh crap. Sorry to hear that Car in.

  35. Thanks, but CYN gets it.

    That’s what I need. My husband has been giving me “serious talks” for days. And this whole thing is going to kinda suck, but I don’t really want to TALK about it. Talky talky talk. bla. I’m not in denial, I’m probably more eyes wide open than anyone here.

    My sister? head case. she could use the pep talk.

    Perhaps we could do a special ginger day just for me?

  36. I’m so sorry Ca rin. May his passing be easy. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  37. Sorry to read that, CaRiN.

    I wish you and your family peace.

    I expect you all to compensate.

    That’s what we do!

    *club beats*

  38. *hums Jingle Bells just to mess up Scott*

  39. Yea, well. He made it a ton longer than we thought he would. He’s been living on borrowed time for about 7 years. I’ve been given “the talk” by more than a few health professionals through the years.

  40. new poat

    (and sympathies, Car In)



    I assume Cyn is going to start googling “red gingers” ? Just make sure you put safe search on.

  42. And this whole thing is going to kinda suck, but I don’t really want to TALK about it. Talky talky talk. bla. I’m not in denial, I’m probably more eyes wide open than anyone here.

    That. It’s not like you haven’t been preparing for how long now.
    How is dad? Is he at peace with it?

  43. Perhaps we could do a special ginger day just for me?

    We could, of course, but I think we’ve already used all seven of the decent looking gingers out on the internets.

  44. Bah… I’ll just hit our Media folder to repost them all, Car in.

    Besides: Safe search is for Sissies.

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