Thank You



  1. Good morning all!

    Sun is out for a change; this will be a good day for remembering.

  2. Damn hipsters.

  3. Jimbro, whenever you link something from your google account, all that happens when we click on your link is we are brought to a google sign-in page.

    Just sayin’, because you do it a lot and I don’t think you know that is what is happening.

    Good morning. Bing is kicking Google’s butt again this Memorial day, I see.

  4. Thanks for letting me know Laura. When I click on the link to check it shows the content so I’d never know otherwise. Another GD thing to remember….aaargh!

  5. Got things prepped for a nice breakfast this morning. I kept making wafer-thin slices of the homemade canadian bacon Scott smoked yesterday and only half of it made it to the plate.
    Brining it for longer in a slightly stronger solution seems to have made it more tender.
    As soon as Scott gets up he can have a pretty nice breakfast.
    Then I have to go in to work for a few hours.

  6. I am awake, but not especially interested in stomping this poat to motivate people for a day not many of them are working.

  7. So we’re a Dickensian blog now? That makes sense.

  8. I don’t care if you give the tuckers a day off, Leon. They probably need their rest, anyway. Always looking so tense all the time.


    Dickens did that solo on American Idol right? That rocked.

  10. I am not moving shit today.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. I am moving food today. All day.

    Just like yesterday. And the day before.

    Yesterday morning was SO BORING. They let some people go home early, but I need money so I declined.

    I thought it would be an early night – and doubles usually go home early, but after a day of nothing we got SLAMMED at 7:15. We close at 9. I didn’t get home until after 10.

  13. One chick left.

    Three eggs. One didn’t hatch. One baby died last week. Mom is sitting on him right now. My daughter watched this for hours the other day. The dad kept flying in the check on the dead one- trying to get him to move.

  14. I hear global warming fell all over New York. Was Al Gore there?

  15. Three feet of snow upstate NY! I had not heard about that, Carin. Holy crap. And I’ve been pissed off about not planting my tomatoes yet.

  16. I’ve got my tomatoes sitting on the dining room table.

    I may do them today. I think/hope we’re through the worst of it.

  17. “Even St. Nick was thrown for a loop as Santa’s Village in Jefferson, N.H., had to close its gates for the day. A photo on its Facebook page showed the Yule log flume ride covered in snow with a broken tree limb across it.

    According to Kistner, Jefferson received 4 inches of snow, the highest total recorded in New Hampshire, followed by Carroll with 3.”


    Santa got hit hard too

  18. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Weirding

    Ignore the Russian climatologists who say we’re likely in for 20-30 years of colder weather due to solar mesocycles.

  19. Good morning, cool kids.

  20. Just saw W. on Fox describing this:

    Leon, here in Maine we’d welcome some warming. Longer growing season, less heating oil use, more tourist revenue, etc.

  21. Jimbro, I’m all for it. Michigan could have been a tropical freshwater paradise. Instead it’s becoming South Alaska.

    I lament for what could have been if only we’d burned more fossil fuels.

    *flips over a Prius

  22. “French lesbian love story wins top prize at Cannes, festival director urges gay marriage protesters to see it”

    These are the actors(actresses really):

    I wonder if these women played the parts how it would do?:

  23. Gee, I wonder if we’ll ever see Obama helping a wounded vet like W.


  24. I’m so, so, deeply tired of talking about gay marriage like it’s important.

  25. Oh- and now that I’m out and about more in public and seeing more people- can we repeal The Universal Black Leggings Act of 2010, already? Holy shit, it’s like a uniform to the younger set around here.

    Ladies, just because they make you look slimmer, it doesn’t mean that’s all you should ever wear. Give it a fucking rest. Damn, people.

  26. They don’t do black leggings here.

    For which I believe I am grateful.

    *Dave is sneakin up on 190!*

  27. Most of the hotties I see wearing tight leggings inhabit the fake internet world. In the meat world most of the stretch pants hotties ain’t.

  28. Well, time to get ready for work. Have a great rest of morning! Back later.

  29. Damn Dave, that’s awesome! Getting below 200 had to feel good!


  30. *takes off black leggings

  31. I’ve been to the mall recently. I can attest that a fair number of the black leggings wearers actually do have the bodies for it. Thankfully, most of the Michigan fatties appear to know better. Sadly, the girls who have literally no ass appear to have less sense.

  32. Zeke and I met many people today. A few were hot so we extended our walk in the unseasonable* cool weather.
    * too many disclaimers to count

  33. We had a customer who was around 50, at least 100 lbs overweight and wore those things.

    I would throw up a little every time she came in.

  34. Old people with piercings is starting to bug me too.

  35. *takes off my black leggings in a huff*

    Jay, I can’t remember when I weighed something that started with 1. Does feel pretty good.

  36. Heh, scott, imagine what the pincushions of today are gonna look like in 20 years.

  37. Perky bewbs and puffy lips on 70-and-80-somethings is creepy too.

  38. *slips off black leggings almost unnoticeably under the desk*

  39. Getting old is going to suck.

  40. I enjoy seeing tribal armband tattoos on the fattened, flabby biceps of suburban dads.

  41. Scarlett Johanson is playing Hillary Clinton in “Rodam”.

    Ba haaa haaa haaaa

  42. You have got to be shitting me.

  43. They think that’s a good idea? I imagine it will come out just in time for election season.

  44. Oh yes; this looks just like this.

  45. Lovely, looks like Iowa is gonna be under flood watches for the foreseeable future.

  46. Now we know for sure she is running. Have to make a movie about her to make her look heroic when in fact she’s a coat tail rider. And a lying, two faced, hack. Terrible SoS.

  47. Scarlett Johanson is playing Hillary Clinton in “Rodam”.

  48. Scary photos from San Antonio, too. Hope aggie is ok!

  49. Perky bewbs and puffy lips on 70-and-80-somethings is creepy too.

    Rule 34. Just sayin’.

    And I’m all in favor of shiny black leggings on any woman that is reasonably attractive.

  50. WTF is up with the weather? Flooding in TX and the mid-west, and here in NM, it’s the driest 2-year stretch in 120 years of record keeping. Trees are dying, grass is dying, wells are drying up, it’s really, really tough.

  51. MARE!


  52. Gym time. Gonna be packed.

  53. WTF is up with the weather?

    I think it must be the gun show loophole, lack of free birth control, and gay rights, Pepe.

  54. >> Getting old is going to suck.

    especially if you have the artheritis in your laig bones.

    I only have that in one now. TITANIUM FTW!

  55. PUPS!

    *sits (and stays)*

  56. I would gladly send this rain your way if I could, pepe. We had a mini-drought last summer, and it really affected the farmers here.

  57. We would gladly take it J’Ames.

  58. Black leggings may be worn with pride by Batman, for whom they are an integral part of practical fighting garb.

    The rest of you can fucking stop imitating me. It’s annoying.

  59. Dolphins surfing the bow wave of the USS Minnesota on sea trials.

  60. I liked that video, xbradtc. Thanks.

  61. Neat, Virginia class.

  62. They built 62 Los Angeles class subs? Wow, didn’t realize it was so many.

  63. 37 Sturgeon class boats, 41 Washington/Lafayette SSBNs, 62 LA’s, and just a handful so far of the VA’s.

    Used to be we built a lot of ships.


  65. I like how the Virginia class is a replacement for the more expensive Seawolf class, using off the shelf components to save money. Seems like a smart move.

  66. Did your guests like the Electric Lemonades?

  67. That looks nice Hotspur.

  68. Yeah, they were a big hit.

    The one on the end is purple because I put some pomegranate juice in as a test, but I preferred the blue color.

  69. The Navy should remake that video with the sub towing a half dozen female water skiers in bikinis. That would be cool.

  70. imitates Batman to annoy him.

    and by imitates I mean run around in the yard with the emerald green butt thong

  71. Boston Butts are smoking on the grill, the bratwurst will go on later. There’s Cokes, YooHoo!, beer, booze and lemonade. Potato salad will make an appearance. The pool is warm (and already has a bikini clad blonde in it), the sun is shining. The dogs are curled up in the shade for naptime. Family will start arriving shortly. There will be old folks, there will be kids. Stories, and swimming, and sitting and talking.

    Over on Facebook, my Grunts11B friends are posting memorial after memorial to their fallen brothers.

  72. Saw many women in tights while on our Boston trip. Many looked good. Some looked VERY good. Some must not have had a mirror/friends/self respect…. Here’s a fashion tip, if you’re under 5′ tall, over 225 lbs., black tights worn under a short skirt with large black and white horizontal stripes is not a good look.

    Penelope comes home today.

  73. How does Penelope look in black tights?

  74. Not too shabby XBrad, but she would never wear them in public.

  75. Me neither!


  77. Here’s one for ya XB

  78. Greetings, respectful people.

  79. Greetings, Sean. It is indeed a pleasure to associate with people who treat each other with respect and goodwill, which is ever present behind the good-natured banter. The exception being, of course, those buckeyes, who are beneath contempt.

  80. Buckeyes are fine. It’s the so-called “Fighting Irish” who actually reside under that which we call “contempt”.

  81. So living in Ohio gave you contempt for the buckeyes?

  82. Reds/Indians all tied up.

  83. Heh. Over on a facechimp thread about fake Navy Seals, I told dave I couldn’t find this and he dug it up for me.

    You kind of have to be an old-skool Moron to get that.

  84. Good afternoon, fine folks and Michael.

  85. My FIL smoked a turkey for us, I’d like to have it for dinner…should I warm it up first or serve it cold?

  86. warm it up.

    Add a can of chicken stock to the pan, cover with foil, and heat to 140-150 degrees in a 350 oven. Maybe a half hour to an hour, depending on how much there is.

    I like warm turkey, but if you like cold, that works too.

  87. Huh, killed it daid.

  88. Deadr-n-a-doornail.

  89. I fucked up and moved stuff.

  90. Yep, warm it up. Put it in the microwave with a can of oven cleaner and cook on high for 17 minutes.
    You won’t need broth.

  91. If you use Laura’s microwave method, be sure to wrap it in foil to lock the flavor in.

  92. Just got back from the Little League field. The little guy got on base 4 times (2 hits/2walks) and scored a run. He’s come a long way in overcoming his fear of being hit by the ball. 13-3 victory for his team.

  93. *tips 40 oz juice box*

  94. Thanks Jay.

    Watching The Longest Day on A&E.

  95. Pretty sure Kris and Kros are in their early 40s now.

  96. Kris kros-fit

  97. One of them is in RIP territory now. Hence the 40 oz juice box.

  98. This is low-hanging fruit, but I think I’m eating too much sausage lately.

  99. Ah, I’d not known. I’d dump out an Ecto-Cooler in his honor, but they died too.

  100. Australians called puffed rice “rice bubbles”.

  101. Our rhodo is having a party

  102. Hey VMax


  104. I like a wheel gun!

  105. Man! My Dad looked a lot like Robert Mitchum!

  106. BBQ pork loin (mesquite wood) is on the menu here for the traditional Memorial Day burning of animal flesh. Also potato casserole, beans, tomato salad, acai berry/mango sun tea (with bourbon), and bluberry pie with ice cream.

    And I washed my car and pruned some eleagnus bushes.

  107. BBQ pork ribs with cole slaw, three bean salad with your choice of beverage. Dessert will be chocolate ice cream.

    And I played 18 holes of golf.

  108. Piffle on 18 holes of golf. I looked up how to pronounce acai.

    ah – sigh – EE

  109. I moved all of our firewood to the swamp.

    It will be dirt in 2-3 years.

  110. It’s raining and cold here, so there’s not a ton of outdoor fun to be had. Pretty much ensured that by buying deck furniture yesterday.

  111. Why ditch the firewood, Scott?

  112. By the way, Chief, I got an email about you from LinkedIn today. Apparently you are now claiming to be a rocket scientist, neurosurgeon, inventor of HTML, and the guy who wrote the music for the “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” ad. You are a man of many talents.

  113. That seems mildly embellished.

  114. We got a pellet stove insert Leon.

  115. No use for it in an outdoor fire pit or something?

  116. I’m going to try making a cob oven this Summer, so I’ll save out some sound pieces of wood. A lot of that stuff was so rotted.

  117. cob logger oven

  118. The indians knew how to make cornccobes imprrotant. The spansiaehs just abund it

  119. Hmm, I think Dave has less tequila now than he started with.

  120. Pssst…lauraw, that is a horno. (Now I’m craving Indian Bread)

  121. Resist we much.

  122. I am not eating anything that comes out of a horno.

  123. Dave should decorate cakes at Walmart.

  124. I thought “horno” was a general term for hearth or oven.

  125. “In Texas, strip clubs must pay a so-called “pole tax.” The Sexually Oriented Business Fee Act collects money ($5 a customer) from Texas gentleman’s clubs that feature nudity and serve alcohol and uses the funds to assist the state’s anti-sexual assault programs and help low-income residents pay for health care. ”

    (Forbes article)

    This must not stand!

  126. I had to look up cob oven. Looked like every horno I’ve ever seen. I prefer Indian Bread to fry bread. Pueblo Indians have hornos everywhere.

  127. Nobody calls it a horno. Oso just makes this shit up, and Mr. Science over there backs her up on it for shits and giggles. They laugh like little schoolgirls about it later.

    It’s a cob oven, or ‘forno.’

    Horno. Good one.

  128. Why does lauraw resist her Hispanic roots? Rayciss?

  129. I finished the Spanish module on household stuff awhile ago.

    El horno es en la cocina.

  130. Dad is in the kitchen?

  131. Cochina!


    Seems like a lot of work for a pizza

  133. One of my cousins (SYWM) is a traditional adobe builder.

  134. You can bake breads and chickens and stuff in them too Jimbro. Seems nifty for Summer.

  135. You’ll need the traditional dress. I think drums are involved.

  136. Chicken? I’m in!

  137. So, 22 people were here. We cooked just about 40 pounds of meat.

  138. XB, as long as the dogs are OK…

  139. I can’t do anymore posts.. they are too hard

  140. DiT, they are supposed to be.

  141. When you see a Marine holding his brother, at a grave…

    yeah. Fuck

  142. The dogs just got a HUGE chunk of pork each.

  143. Make the spansiaehs do one.

  144. This was a friend from high-school. He got married a week before he went to SEATO. He was a week from coming back, but he went on “One Last Patrol”.
    He never got to meet his son…

  145. I’ve said it before. My favorite Marine was friends with Cathey. They started a 501c in his memory. He has backed off social media because of TFG and the persecution of the troops on FB. His second child is due in August. A boy. On the 4th. TFGs birthday.

  146. Thanks, Dave. I’m kind of a wreck today.

  147. *hugs Crispy*

  148. Thanks, Lauraw.
    Returns *chaste* shoulder-hug.
    Don’t be lookin’ at me, Scott!

  149. Did anybody honor anybody else’s sacrifice today?

  150. Yeah, Sean.
    Still got tears in my old-eyes…

  151. That wasn’t really a hug, Crispy. She’s just laying eggs…

  152. Got a bunch of fireflies out tonight!

  153. Don’t forget to look for the planetary trifecta

  154. Dan made sloppy joe’s Primante style.

  155. Oso,
    We ain’t gonna’ see ‘planetary shit’ from here. 800′ ceiling and downpour.
    It IS WASHington, after all…

  156. Zeke made a friend with the hot Chinese chick across from me the other day. I just helped her install a showerhead, and found out about her. She is in shipping and from Oakland.


  158. I wonder if Houston is always this cloudy, or if it is a seasonal thing, because seeing the sky is difficult.

  159. Heh. Nothing but blue skies, do I see.

  160. Still raining here, has been for about 9 hours now.

  161. I feel bad about saying Happy Memorial Day or giving shout outs to living veterans.

  162. Never saw the derp shining so bright
    Never saw things going so right

  163. Oso, did you see this:

    Bonedigger and Milo

  164. Bonedigger thinks he has a pride; Milo knows he is the alpha.

  165. Oso, as someone said, we don’t celebrate Memorial Day, we observe it.

  166. Her husband is into horno.

  167. THX XB. This is a hard one for me.

  168. Does Horno Dan drive a van?

  169. >> Did anybody honor anybody else’s sacrifice today?

    I hope I did.

  170. Nah…a POS Nissan Versa.

  171. Xbrad,

    The only ‘observance’ I make is walking to the local cemetery and giving prayerful thanks to vets buried there.

    My family doesn’t know I do it. Once I retire this year I will include them in the practice.

  172. I do not know all that many vets who have died in service. But tonight I raise a glass to Jennie’s brother who died in 75, and Lex who I never met but feel like I knew like a brother through his writings.

  173. I have a friend that died in 2008. Was airlifted to Japan in 1968. Never fully recovered. Took 40 years to kill him. RIP Bob Keith.

  174. I don’t know anyone either, but I’ll raise a glass with you.
    Many, many thanks.

  175. Roughly 850,000 Americans have been killed in action (mostly in the Civil War and WWI), and another half a million died of illness, injury, accident.

  176. GGGrandfather was captured at North Mountain. Spent the rest of the war at Andersonville. Never fully recovered.

  177. Great Uncle was on the Indianapolis. Never talked about it. Never watched Jaws.

  178. My Dad refused to talk about anything with us. Called us civilians.

  179. Uncle John didn’t even talk about his WWII experiences with my Dad.

  180. Weird, Leon. No rain here all daY.

  181. After I came back from Desert Storm, Dad and I went to lunch and had a long, long talk about his experiences.

  182. Family plot in NM has WWI represented. Family plot in OH starts with Rev. War dead and progresses through WWII. My Dad is in my brother’s closet.

  183. As my Dad was dying, he let stories slip. It was brutal.

  184. BiL is on third tour in middle east . He posted memorial day wishes to the captain who died in his arms in Bagdad during his first tour. Also that captain’s birthday over the weekend .

  185. I have a few Uncles that were in WWII. I remember Dad watching draft numbers with his draft card in hand during Vietnam.

  186. Comment by daveintexas on May 27, 2013 9:59 pm

    >> Did anybody honor anybody else’s sacrifice today?

    I hope I did.

    Yep. Good job, man.

  187. Great uncle had shrapnel that was still working its way out in the 70s.

  188. Lt Cathey was friends with my cousin. Those pics are brutal.

  189. I will raise a glass to Carin’s BiL’s Captain.

    To a true Patriot Hero who answered the call and gave his all.
    Duty Honor and Respect for his sacrifice.

  190. *Salud*

  191. And may his family find comfort in their grief.

  192. My Uncle Carl was KIA August 1944 in France. Mom had a copy of a letter my aunt received from one of his friends who was wounded in the same battle.


  193. I have to get my dad’s story down on paper. Thanks for the reminder.

    Wasn’t going to mention it, but this is one of the reasons why. Notice the co-pilot:

  194. 7 minutes = Longmire!

  195. One of my former co-workers lost a brother in Vietnam. He was in Signal Corps. He went to get the daily printout and watched the printer print his brother’s name.

  196. No immediate family or friends KIA, but I’m sure my grandpa had many buddies who weren’t as fortunate as he was and didn’t make it back from WWII.

    *raises lemonade glass*

  197. I gotta start watching longmire. Starbuck is in it!

  198. NYTOL,
    Hugs on you all…

  199. I only knew them as Gunny,Turtle, Tex, Froggy, and Husker. I still don’t know their real names.

  200. To Uncle Carl

  201. I’m engaging in raw escapism by watching anime about high school girls with superpowers.

  202. Thanks for the Longmire reminder.

    I knew several soldiers killed in the line of duty, and a few just plain killed, via DUI or what have you. But only really knew one killed in action. And I’d only met him once. I was shanghaied to another unit. And had few friends in town. And this young trooper made a fine impression on me. A Cavalry Sergeant, where Infantry and Cavalry don’t always mix well. He was kind and outgoing when he had no need to be. He stuck in my mind. It’s very rare to make friends outside your immediate unit, and yet he was apparently friends will all met.

    Thank you, SGT Nels Moller.

  203. The only person I’m aware of losing in war was a civil war casualty, and I don’t even recall if he was an ancestor or an uncle.

    Still, he fought.

  204. Yes Clint
    Catching the rerun of Longmire at 10 here and programming the DVR

    I have recorded many more shows than I watch. It seems that I am busy here in Houston too busy to watch much TV.

  205. Same here, Leon, except I’m watching Flash Gordon. (leaves Queen earworm for Osita)

  206. One of my antecedents was hung for his role in Bacon’s Rebellion. I’ve had family in every major war in US History. Dan had one family member in the Civil War and his grandfather was a mechanic at Great Lakes in WWII.

  207. Queen earworm!!!! There can be only one!!

  208. thanks Sean.

    Words seem so stupid. Times like these

  209. You done real good, Dave. Thanks!

  210. DiT, and Andy, and Drew did a real good job. Cyn too.

  211. He save every one of us!

  212. Just found out a GSD that a friend rescued has cancer. Beautiful dog. See you guys tomorrow. Dusty up in here.

  213. I am out while dreaming of hot Chinese Chick

  214. I could use some Chinese to go!

  215. To Longmire interested parties: It was a damn fine Season 2 opener … damn fine indeed.

  216. Really? I thought the S2 opener was too overwrought. Longmire does better when it’s not a big epic, but a small personal story. I think next week will likely be better.

  217. When I was seventeen
    It was a very good derp
    It was a very good derp for small town girls
    And soft summer nights

  218. Good morning all!

  219. Good morning. I’m surprised to be awake.

  220. I’ve got nothing on my schedule today but I do need to do rounds and discharge a patient from last week. After that: mow the damn lawn. After all this rain it’s grown like gangbusters.

  221. We have 3 more days of rain and heat. I’ll probably have to mow next weekend.

  222. We should have done MMM today.

    And by “we” I mean Leon. I did doubles all weekend, didn’t get out early once, and I’m planning on going to Boot Camp this morning.

    I think I’m going to get my ass kicked.

  223. Oh, an wakey wakey

  224. and

  225. Thank you for the vigilance on grammar MJ. Hotspur can’t be here 24/7

  226. They are looking for people stealing flags from 2 cemeteries in Des Moines. Is this an issue anywhere else? I didn’t hear much about it.

    Pretty twisted people, stealing flags on Memorial Day weekend.

  227. *kicks MJ in the coxae

  228. Besides, I think “and” is the sum total of MJ’s contributions here for days and days.

    We should vote him off the island.

  229. *coccyx*

    (turns from boot, decides to run)

  230. How is it that an illegal immigrant who can’t speak English can get a photo ID faster and easier than my WW2 vet FIL?

  231. *coccyx*

    (turns from boot, decides to run)

    mine was FUNNY though. Because MJ really isn’t an insect.

  232. They’ve arrested people here for stealing flowers out of the cemeteries on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

  233. Behlerg.

  234. I can’t do MMM on Tuesday. It would confuse Laura and she’d dread Wednesday by mistake.

  235. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a Totally Tushy Tuesday post IYKWIM.

    Car in, you’re right on that, more like a miniature mammal.

  236. I’ve been at the H3. No one told you about it?

  237. Good morning, kids of coolness.

  238. Man. Real dead real early.

    Where are Scottw and Lauraw?

  239. Moarning Cyn. Say, that backpack looks a little top heavy, be careful, K?

  240. HA!


  241. Tuesdays don’t suck anymore.

  242. New Poaty

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