Monday Motive: Muscularity

The weekend is over, and thank Heaven it is. I socialized way too much, spent far too much time talking, and nearly lost my voice. I told the opossum story three times on Saturday to different groups who had yet to hear it. Even I am sick of it now, but at least the trauma is finally past. I made it through another family gathering without starting any serious arguments or eating any of the devil gluten that was prominently offered. Threading the needle of the weekend, I passed through the madness, and once again welcome the warm embrace of renewal that is Monday. Now, on with the show.

Send me an angel.

Stop! Hammertime.

Beasn, no!

That’s one tough dress.

This isn’t what one normally thinks of when the phrase “her hair goes down to her butt” is uttered.

I bet she’s a skilled ball-handler.

Is she pulling those up, or down?

I’d call this token snatch, but that’d be rayciss, so I’ll just say it’s obligatory snatch.

We haven’t had a mirror shot, we should have a mirror shot.

Happy Monday, peeps. Go forth and smash through the opposition with the blinding force of a terrible thunder.


  1. Frist!

  2. Good morning all!

    Nice work Leon

  3. First girl looks kind of hunchbackish or has a growth on her back.

    Last girl looks good in clothes. Probably better out of them.

  4. # 3 crossed the line.

  5. Private H3 blog?

  6. # 3 crossed the line.

    Did the inflatable green man scare you?

  7. I have been wise in not weighing myself on Mondays after a carb repletion. I’m gaining about a pound a week — which is fine — but I appear to do that by “gaining” 5 and losing 4.

  8. Oops. #4 is the one that crossed the line.

  9. Okay, that makes more sense. You’re still wrong, but your wrong perspective is easier to see from where I am.

  10. #1 doesn’t look healthy, and 4 is a man.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. Good morning, good people.

  13. G’Morning

  14. I’ll take volleyball girl please.

  15. I “liked” this poat because I always enjoy Leon’s commentary about Monday and what not. His captions are good too. Although sometimes he uses men instead of women (like picture 4) and that makes xbrad uncomfortable in his swimsuit area.

  16. “For example, David Axelrod now works for MSNBC, which is a nice change of pace since MSNBC used to work for David Axelrod.”

    Obama quote. If Fox is smart, they’ll play that a lot.

  17. I’m particularly proud that I didn’t have to tag this poat as “racist” because it only had white women in it.

  18. Diversity!!

  19. When anyone links a volleyball player here, I hold my breath until I can tell it’s not one of my daughters.

  20. Number one is perfect. You all suck for not saying so.

  21. Mare, if you could send me some photos of them in their uniforms I will know ahead of time and we can avoid that discomfort.

  22. #4 is giving that wall a strong rapey look, much like the UC Husky.

  23. Number one needs a sammich or something. You’re spending too much time with the gaybors.

  24. HA! Okay, Leon.

  25. Most of the gays that I hang with are kind of out of shape. Think rich, 40+ dudes. Their twinks are all pretty fit, though.

  26. I thought #1 was beautiful too. Especially her hair.

  27. The girl with the braid, #7, is cute and probably isn’t a tucker.

  28. Meh. I don’t really go for blondes, but I’m a sucker for where the back and ribs come together.

  29. I was watching the Penn Relays this weekend and Lolo Jones was a participant, she looks like #2. She is completely flat chested NTTIATWWT.

  30. Is Mrs Leon a muscle girl?

  31. I’m not big on blondes either, but the wings, physique, and pose sold me on that picture.

  32. Is Mrs Leon a muscle girl?

    No. She’s beautiful, but she’d be a BBF gal.

  33. Go forth and smash through the opposition with the blinding force of a terrible thunder.

    Heh. I read that as opossum. Might want to double thunder tap just to be sure.

  34. there is a girl at work who has a lot of muscles showing -kinda like that girl #1.

    Thing is- she doesn’t work out at all. She’s just skinny. zero fat. She’s not in shape, just young still.

    That’s what #1 reminds me of. Just really skinny.

  35. Why is John Cleese talking through that opossum? Sorcery!

    Drive time.

  36. You all seem to know a lot about tucking.

  37. What the hell happened to weekend?
    Well, I did see the Bourne movie with Jeremy Reiner in it, so that was not bad.


  39. Did anyone see Lincoln? I really liked it, but I can see why people walked away thinking, ‘huh?’

  40. Haha. I just got an invitation to a tax seminar called, “Sales and Use Tax of Internet Transactions.”


  41. I do that with a lot of Spielberg movies. Like Munich and Saving Private Ryan. The message should be clear, but it isn’t.

  42. A Tax Seminar email? Makes you wish for the days of male enhancement, huh?

  43. >> Did the inflatable green man scare you?

    No, but that critter in the first one did.

  44. Well, there certainly is a bunch of interesting people in the morning at AOS, isn’t there?

    And by interesting, I mean insurrectionist.

  45. Can anyone explain the long pointy toed high heel shoe fashion? Why is that a thing?

  46. Today is National Pinhole Camera Day.

    Insert your, er, own joke here

  47. Is it in?

  48. Why haven’t we gotten a brisket report?

  49. Looks like the day for prickish pictures was yesterday.

    *wonders if Anthony Weiner posted anything*

  50. There really isn’t anything funny about the Boston bombing…except for the asshole’s mother being called the Bomb Mom.

    What a family of bitch faces. Why isn’t Obummer droning the whole family? He’s cool with that.

  51. Sounds like Putin is baiting Teh Won into doing that. Think he’s trying to pick a fight?

  52. Headlines from Drudge,

    6 Months After Sandy, Thousands Still Homeless…
    Looters STILL Raiding Homes Under Repair…
    ‘Where are the politicians now?’

    Then the kicker from that disgusting pig Christie:

    Obama kept every promise after Hurricane.

    Well as long as he kept his promises to you, Christie, everything is okay!! Except for those people who are still being looted.

  53. I don’t think they’re trying to pick a fight, but I’m sure they are going to try to make Obama look like a total asshat.

    It won’t be hard.

  54. Haha, the race to the bottom!

  55. Thinking of Obama and Putin while re-reading The Sum of All Fears is not a good thing.

    Although Putin is a lot scummier than Narmanov, and Fowler is smarter than Obama.

  56. I saw that on Drudge too, Mare, though I was a little miffed when he headlined the explosion and then you go over to read that it most likely was a gas deal. That’s a bit low even for him.

  57. …I’m sure they are going to try to make Obama look like a total asshat.

    Deliciously funny, and sad.

  58. Drudge is always sensationalist. If that had been another bombing, Drudge gets another scoop, so it’s clear what his operational mode is.

  59. Econtalk might be a good one today (they usually are).

  60. I have not flown commercial since 2000. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to TSA’s unconstitutional groping. Security kabuki makes me want to choke a bitch.

  61. You’ll be alright. Just do as you’re told.

  62. Wear loafers.

  63. No belt, if you have such pants.

    No jacket (you’re going to FL)

    No liquids more than 3oz. (I think)

    No sharp objects other than your wit, but you should even keep that in check. The welfare moms and ex-janitors have no sense of humor.

  64. MCPO, you should refuse to go through the big new scanner machine. TSA agents love that! TSA will tell you how safe the new machine is, not like the old machine (which they herded the sheep through previously, while saying it was safe).

  65. Yea, the titanium in my jaw is gonna make this fun, no doubt.

  66. I don’t think it will detect titanium, will it?

  67. There’s nothing you can’t get by those scanners and the TSA. They are foolproof and incapable of error.

  68. #1 is kinda creepy. I prefer this angel:

  69. Well, I’ll give ’em a thrill when I remove my belt and my trousers end up on the floor.

  70. I wouldn’t exactly describe that as a thrill.

  71. Just wait until they swab you down with those Clearasil-looking pads. Now THAT’s a real treat.

  72. It is not so bad Chief. No shoes, no belt, no jacket, make like you are a moose in the scanner. I know the doctors give out cards for your wallet when you get a joint replacement, maybe a letter describing your titanium jaw from the doctor would be in order?

    If they see something on the scan they will wand you. I don’t think they pat down anyone except for the troublemakers who won’t go through the machines and chicks with big hooters.

  73. Well, I have errands to run. See you reprobates later.

  74. Take a couple minutes to look up the procedures and what is and isn’t permitted for carry-on. All the “stuff” you put in your pockets? I put it in a ziploc so when I dump it in the tray, it’s easier to get back out.

  75. Good morning, people I haven’t sneezed on. Yet.

  76. *rolls out heavy-duty sneeze guard glass onto the blog*

  77. I never go through the scanners.

  78. Yeah, it’s probably best to avoid the scanners…

  79. Things to say to TSA:

    So, out of all the dicks you’ve seen today on your x-ray screen, how do I stack up?

  80. Things to say to TSA:

    I shaved my balls for this?

  81. Things to say to TSA:

    You’re not going to make me drink from this water bottle, are you?

  82. Things to say to TSA:

    Hey, while we’re here, would you say my butthole needs bleaching?

  83. Things to say to TSA:

    Would it be too much to ask for a letter certifying that I actually was a virgin before you conducted your cavity search?

  84. Things to say to the TSA:

    Heil Hitler!

  85. Things to say to TSA:

    As a matter of fact, it is a vital security matter. Now, smell my finger!

  86. Things to say to TSA:

    Does my ass look fat in these jeans?

  87. Things to say to TSA:

    My doc is concerned about the size of my prostate; what say you?

  88. Things to thay to the TEthA:

    I’m ghey. Can I go through HITH line?

  89. Things to say to TSA:
    I have an awesome video on YouTube in which I make a bomb pop. You should check it out.

  90. Things to say to TSA:

    Look, I don’t have all day. son. If you’re really serious about finding it, you’re gonna have to bend your elbow.

  91. Things to say to TSA:

    You know who likes two fingers? Your mom.

  92. Things to say to TSA:

    Who knew the sex offender registry was a TSA job application?

  93. Things to say to TSA:

    It’s oregano, I swear.

  94. Things to say to TSA:

    Why you Chechen me out so closely?

  95. Things to say to TSA:

    Don’t frighten my gerbil.

  96. Things to say to TSA:

    Your wanding technique really took my breath away. Got a cigarette?

  97. Things to say to TSA:

    So…you like gladiator movies?

  98. Things to say to TSA:

    You gonna eat that last cookie?

  99. Things to say to TSA:

    Has my friend Abdullah been through yet?

  100. Things to say to TSA:

    Where do you keep your tip jar?

  101. Things to say to TSA:

    Your breath smells like you been eatin’ chinches. Either that or you been drinkin’ bedbug juice.

  102. Things to say to TSA:

    Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

  103. Things to say to TSA:

    Your mother used to touch me this way.

  104. Things to say to TSA:

    I know – it looks like a penis, only smaller.

  105. Things to say to TSA:


  106. Things to say to TSA:

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

  107. Things to say to TSA:

    Wow, that uniform looks custom tailored.

  108. Things to say to TSA:

    You might want to put on an extra pair.

  109. Things to say to TSA:
    That’s not a banana in my pocket.

    I’m just happy to see you.

  110. Things to say to TSA:

    You’re just going through the motions aren’t you? You don’t really feel this the way I do. (burst into tears)

  111. This week’s crock pot essperiment turned out pretty edible:

    2 lb loose Italian sausage, browned and busted up
    6 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast, cubed
    1 sweet yellow onion, diced & sauteed in sausage grease
    1 whole fennel bulb, diced and sauteed with onion

    All that in the pot on low for 8 hours. Delish. Found $20.

  112. Things to say to TSA:

    I’ve hidden my phone number somewhere on my person and I cannot wait for you to find it.

  113. Things to say to the TSA:

    Let me tell you about my crockpot, it’s much better than my pressure cooker.

  114. Things to say to TSA:

    I’ve never been this close to a black person before. Can I touch your hair?

  115. Isn’t Loose Italian Sausage the group who covered “Little Deuce Coupe?”

  116. Things to say to the TSA:

    Call me, maybe.

  117. Things to say to TSA:

    Are you a real cop?

  118. Things to say to the TSA:

    Would you like to touch my monkey?

  119. Things to say to the TSA:

    I hold a higher clearance, jackhole, maybe I should frisk you.

  120. Things to say to the TSA:

    What? You couldn’t get a job as a Baltimore prison guard?

  121. Things to say to the TSA:

    Jason Collins is gay.

  122. Seriously, know that you know he’s gay, don’t those NBA action shots that accompany the SI article at Ace’s seem a little, frisky?

    Hand check!

  123. Things to say to the TSA:

    No thanks, I checked at home. Don’t believe me? Smell my finger.

  124. Things to say to TSA:

    I guess good hygiene is optional to getting that TSA badge.

  125. Things to say to the TSA:

    Look, if you’ll just step back, I’ll produce the ping pong balls and these nice people will all get a free show.

  126. That chicken and sausage recipe would be even better with thighs, leon.

  127. Can you guess who this is?

  128. Things to say to TSA:

    So you didn’t think that dark-skinned guy in front of me smelled like fertilizer? Must just be me.

  129. Things to say to the TSA:

    These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

  130. Hotbride

  131. heh, wave your hand around while saying that, sean!

  132. Things to say to TSA:

    Durka, durka.

  133. No.

  134. Your mom?

  135. Myrtle from down the street?

  136. Things to say to the TSA:

    If you try to take a peek under this head-to-toe black burlap sack I’m wearing, I’ll have the ACLU on you like Obama on a golf course.

  137. Mare would like a chocolate bar like this:

  138. Things to say to TSA:

    Your mom said I would enjoy this; she wasn’t wrong.

  139. Things to say to TSA:

    Hands off my mangina!!!

  140. Things to say to TSA:

    Ya know, your hands feel so warm and gentle, even though those gloves.

  141. Things to say to TSA:

    Drop your panties, Sir William, I cannot wait ’til lunchtime.

  142. Things to say to TSA:

    Are bullwhips allowed on the plane?

  143. Things to say to TSA:

    I’ve just pissed in my pants… and nobody can do anything about it.

  144. The hairdo looks like Nellie Olsen, the mean girl from Little House on the Prairie TV show.

    But I would guess that it is Angela Landsbury before she started killing folks everywhere she went and writing about it.

  145. Nope.

  146. I am working on a subdivision today that has a street named Mare Shadow Lane. 3 guesses who I thought of first.

  147. Cyn

  148. Shadoe Stevens
    Alec Baldwin
    Sarah Jessica Parker

  149. I know who it is but I cheated and used google.

  150. How the hell do you google a photo?

  151. Things to say to the TSA:

    Was thay you tugging my Prince Albert?

  152. Pat Day
    This guy

  153. How the hell do you google a photo?

    Open Google images in a separate window. Right click and hold onto image. Drag it into Google window. Check results.

  154. If you drag the link or photo to a google search window it will let you use ‘search by image’, then the answer appears like magic. Perhaps I’ve said too much. You can pretty much figure out anything with google, but I prefer to search for bewb gifs.

  155. Sorry, that should have been left click.

  156. Pat Day

    I will give you one million dollars to go through TSA like that.

  157. Or do what that piker Sean says.

  158. Well, fuck. That’s no fun.

  159. Yeah. This is actually 3 years old, and it scared me then:

    I’m sure they are much, much bigger now.

    Sweet dreams.

  160. This makes me FEEL old.

  161. That chicken and sausage recipe would be even better with thighs, leon.

    Might be too rich. I like to do sausage as a companion to leaner meats. I’m sure the flavor would be better with thighs, but the recipe might end up just a bit too fatty for my purposes.

    Plus — ironically — boneless/skinless chicken breasts are often cheaper than thighs in the same state. Which is bizarre to me, but there it is.

  162. Some NBA player is gay.

  163. Dude, you are old.

  164. Frankly, she’s prettier in the Then photo.

  165. Elizabeth Taylor

  166. Hotspur – I know, but that is why I emphasized the “FEEL”.

  167. Leon is pontificating about sausage, breasts, and thighs.

    Fucking pervert.

  168. Beasn wins the free TSA pat down prize.

  169. Wanna feel old, and creepy?

  170. Well, the “now” pic isn’t particularly bad, mind you.

  171. Heh, most of the time you can get a 10# bag of leg quarters for $5 here.

  172. Sadly, Win7 won’t let you set an animated .gif as your wallpaper.

  173. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do and zero motivation to do it. I hate traveling.

  174. When do you fly out?

  175. The wedding will be fun, Chief.

  176. Hotspur – 0820 Wednesday morning.

  177. Dude, I know 0820 hours is in the morning.

  178. Sadly, Win7 won’t let you set an animated .gif as your wallpaper.

    Heh. Windows 8 has these “tiles” on the start screen, one of which scrolls through your pictures, showing what’s in there.

    Had to disable that one…

  179. Had to disable that one…


  180. Hey, here’s some light midday reading for you…

  181. Dude, I know 0820 hours is in the morning.
    Hahahahaha. AM or PM?

  182. AM or PM?

    Depends on Daylight Savings Time. And the Equator.

  183. Is mare out doing transactional sex?

  184. Wanna feel old, and creepy?

    I watched. Nope, nuttin’ but “homina”.

  185. Is mare out doing transactional sex?

    Can we get Cynthia McKinney on Sheila Jackson Lee’s staff? That would be a singularity of stupid.

  186. Is mare out doing transactional sex?

    Dude, they specifically said “food insecure women.”

  187. “[F]ood insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health,”

    Early marriage generally leads to the exact opposite of every single one of those negative outcomes. Why the hell would you lump it in with becoming a hooker?

    Unless of course you’re a leftist/socialist/commie with an agenda counter to civilization in all its elements.

  188. I thought “food insecure” meant unsure what they would have for their next meal.

  189. Haha, I just caught that it wasn’t Sheila Jackson Lee, it was a different Lee, Barbara!

    Wow, the stupid is spreading like wildfire. And I’m sure that it’s racist, too.

  190. Oh man, I’ve been food insecure since lunch.

  191. And I’m sure that it’s racist, too.

    What, do they all look alike to you?

  192. I used to assert stupid sayings by congresswymyn named Lee to Sheila Jackson. I gotta broaden my horizons.

  193. Broaden is right.

  194. G’day, y’all. Hope things are good. I just bought blue balls.

    The jars, people 😀

  195. From the mental giant Rep. Hank “Flippin’ Guam” Johnson:

    Imagine a world without balloons because the Tea Party took them away


    I wish I had made that up.

  196. All sex is transactional.

  197. Is mare out doing transactional sex?

    Transnational, maybe.

  198. And is Carin at work sex?

  199. Town jobs must be pretty cushy. I was invited to test for an opening in my town in the maintenance department.

    100 people were there.

  200. Leon, thanks for giving volleyball girl another run through here. She speaks directly to my slowly depleting hormone supply. She tells my glands to get their asses in gear.

  201. What happened to Lowes?

  202. Haven’t heard anything yet.

  203. I don’t know. Haven’t heard nuthin. I bought some automatic sprinkler parts there yesterday.

  204. Interesting connection to this story:

    Here’s some background on the spire that is being put into place:

    Fabricator tops WTC1

    TRUMPF Inc. customer Kammetal – Kusack Architectural Metal Inc. recently completed fabrication of a forty-foot spire for One World Trade Center in NYC.

    The complicated glass and stainless steel structure was laser cut on a TruLaser 1030 and will feature a rotating beacon that sends light across the Manhattan sky at night.

    Fabrication of the spire was not without challenges. Shortly after production began this October, Brooklyn-based Kammetal was flooded by Hurricane Sandy which severely damaged the TruLaser 1030. However, TRUMPF reacted to the company’s request for assistance in order to keep the project on track. Kammetal’s President Sam Kusack explains, “TRUMPF responded and offered us a loaner machine while our laser was brought to Connecticut for repair. This machine saved us and the project.”

    Although the Kammetal is still recovering from the storm, they were able to complete the One World Trade Center project as promised. It has been delivered to the construction site and currently awaits placement.

    wiserbride works for Trumpf. Here’s a picture of the spire:

  205. Mare!

  206. Mare!

    Would have been even funnier if the cat was sleeping on the kid’s pillow.

    “mine now, loser.”

  207. wiserbud – blog assassin…..

  208. You can’t spell the word assassin without spelling ass – twice.

  209. The company I work for supplied the concrete forms to pour the forms for WTC.

  210. You can’t spell the word assassin without spelling ass – twice.


    I had my money on Xbrad……

  211. Hahahahahaha

    He’s absent.

  212. Sorry, late to the party.

    Wiser, my young apprentice, someday, you’ll learn to kill a thread dead on the first try.

    Just like me.

  213. Slow day at da office, yo.

  214. I need some suggestions for music to load on my iphone for a road trip.


  215. One Tree Hill soundtrack, Jimbro.


  217. DSOTM Jimbro

  218. I listen to audiobooks.

  219. Traffic – Live On The Road
    Deep Purple – Made in Japan
    EL&P – Welcome Back My Friends
    Cream – Heavy Cream
    Rush – Anthology

  220. Aqua- Barbie Girl.

  221. I listen to audiobooks.

    Webster’s Dictionary, no doubt.

  222. Afternoon.

  223. Watch out, lewstin – we may have a music thread warming up. You know how “certain” people get about music, him working in a record store and all…

  224. I swear that was a “J” I typed!

  225. OTH looks interesting. I had DSOTM on there already as well as Replacements (“Tim”). The guy I’m driving with likes audiobooks and at some point during the 12 hours I’m figuring I’ll need a break. Since I’m going to Toronto I’ll definitely check out Rush Anthology.

  226. Did anyone get attacked by the scary cartoon Husky dog?

  227. Two other additions, jimbro:

    The Secret Policeman’s Ball
    The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball

  228. Today, I built one (1) of these:

  229. Why does it have wheels, jewstin? Do they really move it around much?

  230. Apparently they do, AgileD. The one I built today was a custom order with optional pull handles which is absurd. The pull handles are at about the height of my ankles.

    I think the customer might be a midget. Or MJ.

    Hey MJ! Did you order a Roast and Hold?

  231. Hello, all! Sorry to interrupt, but……

    Hopeful news today – Paul’s dad is doing much, much better; he is moving around, responding appropriately to stimuli, his “numbers” are all good, etc. We came home today, and will be going back out this weekend to check up on him. Again, thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes ♥♥♥

  232. Good news, TiFW.

    And unlike FiL, this place is dead, so I’m outta here. Time to act like a bakery truck and haul buns.

  233. Can somene take the pic of my girlfriend off the header? That was supposed to be a private picture between the two of us…

  234. Hey MJ! Did you order a Roast and Hold?
    Roast, please…hey wait…fuck you!!!

  235. 12 hours.

    Hmm. I’d go with something light. Thievery Corporation, Eric Clapton, and Counting Crows.

    Maybe a little GWAR.

  236. I’d ride with AD and I’d bring GnR, RHCP, Audioslave, and EW&F to mix it up a bit.

  237. Road music…

  238. I’d try for road head if I were you.

    I think I remember it being fun. Maybe.

  239. Good news on the FiL, TiF.

  240. All good suggestions. Thanks.

    I wonder what audiobooks he’ll have. He’s pretty straight laced and a serious guy. Hopefully there will be a few gunfights or treachery involved. With my luck it’ll be a Nicholas Sparks marathon.

  241. Just leave him at the first rest stop.

  242. Interesting results when you search “road head” for a wise ass reply


  243. Garp?

  244. Having read Garp, I have to be one of the few human males who’s turned down road-head.

  245. Good news Tifw.

  246. BTW, Leon…The women…NICE!

  247. Tebow: Gone

    That was an interesting diversion while it was going on. CFL?

  248. Cyn, meh book and even more meh movie.

  249. Jim, Arena Football would be better for him.

    I heard Sanchez was going to throw a going away party for Tebow, but it was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

  250. Sanchez has a creepy legacy in SoCal. I love Tebow and I wish him well wherever he lands.

  251. That sound you heard was my career as a stand up comic going down in flames…

    And my imaginary girlfriend is cheating on me with a Notre Dame football player.



  253. So she a former teen mom. Did she turn 20, or kill her kid?

  254. The footbal player was pretty funny Mundy.

  255. When you blister the roof of your mouth eating a burrito, you get reminded of it every time you eat for the next couple of days.

  256. HS, I always burn the roof of my mouth on pizza. Always. Even when reminded to let it cool. Especially when reminded to let it cool.

  257. Will this winter NEVER end?



  260. Expected high of 90 tomorrow. Falling to the 60s by Wednesday. Means wind. Lots of wind. I finally have voice back and now it will be pollen insanity for the rest of the week.


  262. Anyone have any restaurant recommendations for Naples, FL??

  263. I think Roamy should post HHD early since MCPO will be traveling. The 2 hour window for TSA lines will need us here to entertain MCPO.

  264. In my search for music I remembered this one from a while ago. I never saw the movie until years after I bought the soundtrack. This is a great soundtrack and you all might like it:

  265. Why did they pick Naples?

  266. Did anybody demand a substantial sum from anybody else to keep quiet about what they saw today?

  267. I take CDs and we pick them randomly. iPods on shuffle. Dan has ruled out any Jimmy Buffet in the CD carrier. He’s a H8R.

  268. Scott – Why do you ask me questions for which I have no answers?

  269. Jimbro, Eric Clapton – From The Cradle

    Blues cover album. (the one that ended his career in 1994)

    * looks at Wiserbud *

    Awesome album

  270. Scott – The real answer may be that the wedding planner gets a kickback.

  271. From the Cradle (Live) is in the download queue

    Somewhere wiser is having agita and doesn’t quite know why….

  272. Hey Sean, how are you feeling?

  273. Soundtracks can offer some good variety, Jimbro. A couple of my favorites are Rushmore and Goodfellas.

  274. Feeling a little better, osita. Although my nose hasn’t been this red and swollen in the last twenty months. 😉

  275. I really enjoyed the soundtrack to The New Guy. Had a nice sampling of contemporary funk covers.

  276. I saw that show. Floor seats, 6th row.

    I had the best ticket scalper ever.

  277. Evenin’, gay basketballers.

  278. Glad you’re feeling better, Sean. Colds suck.

  279. Never heard of The New Guy. I’ll check out the movie. This is the song every reviewer said they wanted on itunes:

  280. I’m not a basketballer. NTTAWWT.

  281. “Goodfellas”

    Yep. I saw that movie for the first time about 5 years ago. I think I have watched in 20 times now.

  282. Rushmore downloaded. Apple is gonna love me.

    *ghost of Steve Jobs smiles*

  283. scott–There are a bunch of songs that are in the movie that aren’t on the soundtrack album for some reason, including this one…

    I don’t understand why they do that. It’s still a good soundtrack, though.

  284. Carin needs this. . .

  285. The beginning of this one is a classic

  286. good bass line

  287. Friends of LauraW:

  288. If I could do that

    I would do it all day long.

  289. I like soundtracks and walk up music. I think life needs a soundtrack. Mine is mostly honky tonk. Mostly.

  290. If I could do that

    I would do it all day long.

    [Fixed. And obvious.]

  291. Mebbe I should do some manscaping. . .

  292. You slap with the thumb. You pluck with the fingers. And you turn the gain way up.

    Ain’t no thang.


    I would do it all day long.

    Hair scrunchie on the left wrist is a nice touch.

  294. Mebbe I should do some manscaping. . .

    Mebbe you’re a bit overdue…

  295. Gee, your guitar smells terrific!

  296. Oh, that last video is SFW if you work at a company that manufactures sex toys and musical instruments.

  297. You slap with the thumb. You pluck with the fingers.

    Sounds naughty but isn’t.

  298. That one actually made me sign in to view it, SeaN. I did not, but the comments alone were worth the link.

  299. That link led me to a much better one.

  300. Sounds naughty but isn’t.

    Yes, it is.

  301. Stop linking stuff that doesn’t have mobile access! (Too lazy to move to computer) Glares at Sean.

  302. Stop linking stuff that doesn’t have mobile access! (Too lazy to move to computer) Glares at Sean.

    To which I reply…

  303. Maybe when he’s done manscaping, MCPO can use this:

  304. AUGH!!!! Does not have mobile access!!!!

  305. Manscape decorations… hahahaha! More fun than vajazzling.

  306. MaryAnn is not a happy wiener!!! Good links, sean.

  307. Dave,
    That was a 5 string bass?
    How common are those?

  308. Wait, is it okay to call basketball “gay” now?

  309. Not terribly common ChrisP. I have one.

    Low string is a B.

  310. Leon, just not chick basketball. Always OK to poke fun at soccer.

  311. Chick basketball has been gay almost since it’s inception. Like softball. NTTAWWT.

  312. Chick basketball is inherently gay, as Cyn said.

  313. I just had to ask The Axeman how many strings were on his bass. Just the four. And then, I swear, he uttered the words, “It’s not terribly common, mom.”

    It’s almost dish towel practice time again I guess.

  314. Iowahawk was making funny with the heterosexual sport of figure skating. My brother is dating a lingerie footballer. She looks like she’d be right at home on MMM.

  315. Aw crap, we got mentioned in the ONT. I wonder if we have lurkers now.

  316. Well crap. What’d we do now?

  317. My brother is dating a lingerie footballer. She looks like she’d be right at home on MMM.

    I cannot possibly believe such an incredible story without large amounts of photographic and/or video proof.

  318. My brother is dating a lingerie footballer.

    Pics or it didn’t happen*.

    *I just got 3 emails asking me to say this; true story.

  319. Obviously, Leon was not one of the ones that emailed me *ahem*

  320. 5 string basses became kind of a deal about 20 years ago.

    I got caught up in it, but a 4 string is a perfectly versatile instrument, and I went back to my original love.

  321. tmi3rd outed us as part of the moronosphere, along with DPUD, ND, and JWF.

    Amusingly, IB was not mentioned.

  322. Ha! He actually sent me a pic because I was making fun of his Premiere League & WNBA watching ways.


  324. Welp… Welcome Moron Lurkers.

  325. LPGA. . . just saying.

  326. I’m staying in my bunny footie jammies. Take me as I am or KMA. But I mean that in the most welcoming way.

  327. There is really, really no reason to lurk here. Even being terminally unfunny is a bad reason not to comment. It never stops XBrad.

  328. Did I miss something or did Cyn just welcome me to do naughty things to her hiney?

  329. Ha! He actually sent me a pic because I was making fun of his Premiere League & WNBA watching ways.

  330. Did I miss something or did Cyn just welcome me to do naughty things to her hiney?



  331. Carvin 5 string

  332. Like I know how to do anything on the interwebs without my Share On FB tab. LOL

  333. She’s a Beauty, Dave.

  334. Too bad the Morons have to be subjected to MMM for a delurking. NTTAWWT.

  335. You can always send it to me, Oso, and I’ll know where to stick it.

  336. so…*cough.. newpoat

  337. Hahaha. Let me get my phone!


  339. >>>>Amusingly, IB was not mentioned.


    omg, my sides hurt from laughing….

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