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everyone is dead


  1. I can’t believe how awesome this poat is.

  2. I can’t either.

  3. I bet Rosetta shows up.

  4. He does like hefty gals.

  5. ok…

  6. Day 2 of the weekend at work from home. Yay.

  7. scott, are you using the egg for the brisket, or the original method?

  8. Holy shit, dude!

  9. “Fat Acceptance” in a nutshell up dere. A beeeeeeeeeeeeeg nutshell.

  10. I have a theory that fat people would have rallies like the PETA and gays do, but they can’t muster the energy to walk 12 blocks in a parade.

  11. yeah, they kinda phone it in, don’t they jewstin?

  12. Hoverrounds.

  13. Weber grill. I haven’t figured out the egg yet, been having issues with creosote when I try smoking on it.

  14. No smoking for me today. It’s fucking raining.

    If I’m lucky it will let up enough to do a couple of steaks.

  15. I worked out at home, because I was hoping my Erin would come home.

    She’s not back yet.

    Now I have to go to work w/o seeing her.

    *makes sad face.

  16. I don’t think they’d get anywhere near the support. Well, political support. The makers of Spandex and other fine elastics will be there for them.

  17. We now have 13 electric carts available at Sam’s Club and people still get pissed when they are all in use and they have to walk. Most choose to not shop. 500# weight limit. The shoppers that exceed the weight limit get mad when the carts struggle or stop working. $20.

  18. I’m making something called ‘Hummingbird cake,’ by request.

    It’s a southern recipe, I guess. Most requested cake recipe from Southern Life magazine.

    I haven’t used this much sugar since I made candy, last Christmas.

    To reiterate: I have not used this much sugar, since I made something that was nearly 100% goddamn sugar. Holy shit.

    Holy shit, people.

    And then? On top of all the sugar in the cake? Sugary canned fruit. And then frosting, of course. You can’t have sugar-cake without sugar-frosting.


    Those folks like some sugar, is what I’m saying. I’ll taste it, but it’s leaving the house with the guests.

  19. Watched Django last night.

    It was alright.

  20. Not as gruesome as I imagined, because the gore is sort of fantasy land.

  21. I don’t get how something that sweet is even tasty.

  22. If these Hollywood types weren’t such liberal assholes, I might even pay money to see their shit.

  23. Laura, stuff it in their pockets if you need to.

    Have you had sweet tea? I thought it was syrup. They love that shit in the south.

  24. I’m going to watch Lincoln this afternoon.

  25. Wish it would rain here, Hotspur. Another week of no rain, kinda tough to get a garden going.

  26. Jewstin, don’t talk shit about sweet tea. In India, we drink tea with sugar, milk and grated ginger in it. It tastes great.

  27. Brunch in bed, bitches.

  28. G’Morning.

  29. In India, we drink tea with sugar, milk and grated ginger in it.

    India is the only country on Earth with a higher % of the population with type 2 diebeetus than the US, iirc. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

  30. Leon, people with diabetes should not consume sugar, but does sugar cause diabetes?

  31. Jewstin, I have seen people consume that stuff and never thought about it. But now I can’t believe they live.

    Two or more cups of sugar in a gallon of extra-strong brewed tea. That’s…hold on, two, half the thing, carry the five…that’s way too much goddamn sugar, and they drink two tall glasses of it at a meal. I need an insulin pump just to get me through reading the recipe!

    They should call that ‘Hummingbird tea’ because after you drink it you move faster than an old movie camera can capture on film.

  32. Also, a can of regular soda has way more sugar than the one or two teaspoons most people put in their tea.

  33. Do hummingbirds get diabetes?

  34. Hummingbirds get dead if they do not eat their bodyweight in nectar each day

  35. Leon, people with diabetes should not consume sugar, but does sugar cause diabetes?

    Chronically high blood sugar causes chronically high insulin, produced by beta cells in the pancreas. Eventually, the beta cells and/or insulin receptors in other cells crap out, and wah-lah, diabetes, type 2.

  36. I love sweet tea. Me and Paula Deen. Both Type 2. Mmmm…sugar. I like Moon Pies. RC Cola. Red Velvet Cake.

  37. Also, a can of regular soda has way more sugar than the one or two teaspoons most people put in their tea.

    Also true. I’d guess that the higher incidence is best explained by the more recent additions to the Indian diet coupled with a genome unprepared for those things. Native Americans have the same problem, but no country, so the stat isn’t there.

  38. Headed to Kalamazoo. Don’t burn this thing down before I get back.

  39. I record internal meat temps and sometimes it makes no sense

    After 2 hours this brisket was 15 degrees warmer than my last.
    After 4 hours the temps are identical.

  40. If longer than 4 hours, you may need to consult with a professional.

  41. I just ate a cherry turnover and a gummy vitamin.


  42. Brisket?


  43. My mom would put a cup and a half of sugar into a pitcher of tea. I couldn’t drink the stuff.

  44. Greetings, putterers and nutters.

  45. Brisket is the most confusing meat I’ve ever cooked. At one point the temperature actually dropped a couple of degrees.

  46. Hey, dave, I kept forgetting to mention that I couldn’t stop laughing when I read the Pat O’Brien reference you snuck into that substitute gun thread last week. Good stuff.

  47. Thanks Sean. I can really be into Betsy.

  48. Heavens to Betsy.

    My dad used to say that.

  49. It’s weird how we can remember things we’ve forgotten more than once. I call it “deja vu amnesia”, “I think I have forgotten this before”

    But that Pat O’Brien tape was funny as hell.

  50. Some think that “heavens to Betsy” was invented for when you couldn’t say “hells bells”.

  51. It’s kinda like how my mom would say “bless your heart” when she really meant “go fuck yourself”

    *mom never said the f word. far as I know

  52. Heh, my mom dropped an f bomb a couple of times. You had to get her really mad.

  53. My mom was from Mobile Alabama. They get conditioned or something by Junior Leaguers.

    Funny Junior Leaguer joke (sorry mom, I’m not mockin you). How can you tell when a Jr. Leaguer has an orgasm? She drops her nail file.

  54. Anybody up for a joke thread? How about old-timey euphemisms for swear words?

  55. Shut the front door.

  56. No.

  57. Remember, the Catholic church, and Boy Scouts have a culture of sexual abuse, but not public schools.


  58. My mom would put a cup and a half of sugar into a pitcher of tea. I couldn’t drink the stuff.

    Makes my teeth ache.

    Also, I notice in all the recipes they call for steeping the tea for 10 -15 minutes, or even boiling the tea for several minutes too.

    No wonder they need so much sugar…brewing tea for so long makes it very bitter and strong. I would be a walking earthquake after a sip of that stuff.

    I guess it’s all what you get used to.

  59. Quiet, b-rad, you son of a ship’s chandler.

  60. puns are jokes, right?

  61. Laura, there’s likely a reason my cavities got fillings in the fillings until I had to have crowns.

    Fucking sugar. We put it on rice, with butter.

  62. 6 hours in http://is.gd/ICYi4r

    3-4 to go.

  63. Should only take 5 hours at 200, right?

  64. Grill is at 225. 6 hours got it up to 147, where it stalled, so I just crutched it.

  65. Christ on a crutch.

  66. I solved the creosote problem! I spilled pellets into it last year and assumed they burned up. They didn’t, they fell below the burn pot where hot embers would light them.

    Smoke is multiplied by about 10 in an egg.

  67. Ate some of the vanilla-cream cheese icing off the beaters. Pretty good stuff!

    I really should have shut the mixer off first though.

    Gonna avoid horseradish for a while.

  68. Wafer-thin mint.

  69. Just tell your friends it’s strawberry frosting.

  70. Adding a little blood cuts the sweetness a bit.

  71. http://tinyurl.com/cdl4wbz

  72. Why do Junior Leaguers never go to orgies?

    All them dayum thank you notes.

  73. Pupster wins. Laura and Scott lose.


  74. That can’t be us, Tushar! I’m remarkably uncoordinated in small vehicles. I would have fallen over sideways and skidded the rest of the way down the hill on my skull.

  75. We saw fish in the pond a couple months ago, nothing now.

    Scott thinks a heron fished us out.

    Man, that sucks. There was a big white fish in there with little peachy freckles on her that I really liked.

  76. Scott…heron…

  77. I KNEW it

  78. >> All them dayum thank you notes.


    How does a Jr. Leaguer call the kids to dinner?


  79. http://tinyurl.com/cyzmpbm

  80. I want to bitch-slap an FB friend. She posted a pic of Sarah Palin with a rifle and the line “If women took up arms to defend their reproductive rights, the GOP would ban assault weapons.” Weapons-grade stupidity, right there.

  81. Heh, they just don’t get it, do they, roamy?

  82. That right there is some effective-ass reverse psychology.

    (Reverse psychology is the technique where you just throw a bunch of contradictory shit together in hopes of confusing people, right?)

  83. All she needed to do was add “FOR THE CHILDREN!!!eleventy!!!!” and I think my brain would explode.

  84. Is that big girl, up yonder, trying to ease herself on the throne?

  85. Beasn, I’ve already looked at her once, I’m not doing it again.

    It’s a shame she didn’t summon Rosetta.

  86. I bought a couple of books for my nephew, KIller Angels (Mike Shaara), Rudyard Kipling’s “Captains Courageous” and “Call it Courage” by Armstrong Sperry.

    Any other books anyone here can come up with?

  87. Roamy, unfortunately, that kind of stupidity is not limited to just liberals.

  88. Weapons-grade stupidity, right there.

    Post two pictures.

    1. A woman who shot a dude that tried to rape her.
    2. A woman freshly raped.


    A bucket of Gosnell babies.

  89. Someone needs to cut back on the Chips Ahoy…

  90. Mundane, Stephen Ambrose books, starting with Band of Brothers.

  91. Mundane, how old is your nephew?

  92. That might a be a bit much for a Fourth grader…I mean, John Ringo writes good stuff, too, but I ain’t gonna send that to him.

  93. He is nine, Roamy, but reads at a much higher level.

  94. So if I watched a youtube video and wanted to link it somewhere at a specific point in the video…is there a way to do it and how?

  95. Wait…he is turning ten, he is nine right now

  96. Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Robinson Crusoe.

  97. Hornblower.

  98. Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson or Kane Chronicles, both series are good.
    Michael Scott’s Immortal Nicholas Flamel series
    Angie Sage’s Septimus Heap series

    Rocketboy also liked Jeff Scott’s Bone graphic novels.

  99. My Side of the Mountain – Jean George

    Perfect for a ten year old.

    TI and Kidnapped are good too.

  100. Figured it out.

    *drops link and runs*

  101. OT: we have any morons that live on the other side of the pond or in Canada? I want Solomon Kane on DVD…

  102. **watches 0.04 seconds of Beasn’s video, runs away screaming like a little girl, drags Oso away from computer before she clicks**

  103. Beasn–

    Those spiders have an interesting life cycle. The final act of the mother is induce her children to attack her and serve as meal as they disperse.

  104. I want Solomon Kane on DVD


  105. About half the time I buy disks on ebay I get ripped off.

  106. Kill it with fire!

  107. Is anyone else itching?

    Mundane there is a video on that, but in this video it says she carries them around for a week until they go off on their own. Eating your mother is just wrong.

  108. drags Oso away from computer before she clicks

    *thinks about removing it from her facechimp wall*

    Oh, look…….SQUIRREL!

  109. Mundane, only buy from best-rated sellers or sift through the feedback to see what shows up.

    I bought DVDs which were bootlegged off TV because there were no official DVD sets. They are crap, but I like them anyway because they are better than nothing.

  110. I think if he’s ready for Killer Angels, he’s ready for Band of Brothers.

  111. Any other books anyone here can come up with?

    Oh, lessee…

    Wait…he is turning ten, he is nine right now

    Never mind.

  112. When I was 10 I remember reading Jack London Call of the Wild Hemmingway’s Old man and the sea. I was into big outdoors adventure

  113. Lincoln was good.

  114. Jules Vern 20k and ariubd the world were great adventures that made me want to explore as well.

    Don’t let him read London’s hobo book, it might not be the right influence.

  115. Killer Angels does not have as graphic a description of combat as Band of Brothers. It isn’t sanitized, but BoB gets a bit 80’s horror movie at times

  116. whatever that jibberish was meant to say around the world in 80 days

  117. The Ender series is good, young adult, too.

  118. Softball game: lost

    New car: fun

    Lawn: mowed

    Lawnmower: broken

    Part needed to repair mower: designed

    Rye gras: hacked down with trimmer

    Peas: watered

    Cars: washed

    Smoker: cleaned

    Grill: started

    Margarita: frozen and delicious

    All in all, a good day

  119. ‘Sup, recyclers and trash bags?

  120. This is what we traded the Jag for.

    Guy from the team that beat us came up after I lowered the top, which looks like a transformer transforming, and says “we have the best team in the league, but you’ve got the best car.”

    Did not tell him it was wiserbride’s car…

  121. Nice looking ride. Does it come with an Obamaphone?

  122. >>>Nice looking ride. Does it come with an Obamaphone?

    Nah. Bluetooth.

  123. And the previous owner had a satellite radio subscription which is still active, so… Cool dat.

  124. Golly, what was your jag worth? That’s a sweet looking car, by best friend has a similar car in the Lexus version.

  125. We got $7k for it.

    Gonna miss that ride.

  126. That’s a beauty too, Wiser!

  127. shit.. I loved that Jag

  128. >>>>That’s a beauty too, Wiser!

    I do like my toys.

    Definitely a step up from my first convertible.

  129. >>>shit.. I loved that Jag

    You and me both, brother

  130. HA! Did your first convertible come in a kit?

  131. Someday…..

  132. that was gonna convey too. SHIT

  133. Pour Volva was super dependable. One of the finest cars I’ve ever owned. Just be prepared, if something does go wrong, you’ll be taking out another mortgage!

  134. >>>HA! Did your first convertible come in a kit?

    Still have that car. Rebuilt the engine a few years back. Back to original 44hp.

  135. >>>that was gonna convey too. SHIT

    ummmmm…. Whut?

  136. >>> Just be prepared, if something does go wrong, you’ll be taking out another mortgage!

    Oh hell yeah. This our second Volvo. Still have the first.

    They wanted to charge us $650 to do the front brakes. Did ’em myself for $140.

    First time I saw the top open, all I could think was “look at all the stuff that could break.”


  137. >>>that was gonna convey too. SHIT

    Oh. Got it. Part of the deal…

    Oh well…..

  138. HotBride has an 02 XC70 with 250k that we bought new. It’s still tight as can be. It’s a great car.

  139. Our 05 has got weird problems. Can’t the rear doors from the inside.

  140. Sure it isn’t a cop car?

  141. >>>Sure it isn’t a cop car?

    Based on my…. research….. No, it’s definitely not a cop car.

  142. Can’t make this shit up


  143. Unfortunately my car needs a new top -$1,600.

  144. >>>Unfortunately my car needs a new top -$1,600.


  145. >> Oh. Got it. Part of the deal…
    Oh well…..

    I kinda hate your ambivalence.

    I get it.

    I still hate it. I’m all about keeping the deal goin on.

  146. That was the problem with the Jag. Needed a starter. Was gonna be $2k, minimum.

    For a freaking starter. I can replace the starter on my truck for about $35.

    Much as I loved that car, I just did not have the resources to maintain it anymore.

    I sure hope the Obamas’ enjoy their vacations this year.

  147. >>>I kinda hate your ambivalence.

    With your knees, you would have never been able to get in and out of that car anyway.

  148. >>>Unfortunately my car needs a new top -$1,600.

    If only we were doctors. Cut off a few feet, take out a few tonsils…

  149. Finally got to finish the “V for Vendetta” movie that I started watching before I took the boys ice skating the other night. Cool flick. I’d watch that again.

  150. >> With your knees, you would have never been able to get in and out of that car anyway.

    True pre-surg. Now not true, they are amaze agog except for your crazy neighbor dog

  151. wiser—I’m on salary and make the same regardless of the number of limbs I lop off. For my first few years in practice I worked with a guy who could be as busy as he wanted to be or as slow —- independent of the actual rate of injury or disease. Creepy.

  152. >>Can’t the rear doors from the inside.

    Wiser, I am sure you have checked it, but does it have a child safety feature? Both my vehicles have little levers in rear doors that I have flipped so that my kids cannot open the doors from inside. I don’t know how that works in a olvo, but can’t be too different.

    Might look kinda like this:

  153. I took a nap and had a nightmare that my room had dozens of big black spiders, and every time I smooshed one, it would burst into dozens of tiny (jumping) spiders.

    Then I wake up and innocently click on Beasn’s link.

    **sets self on fire, just to be sure**

  154. Jimbro—

    Jager? Meister? Frisbie Hospital?

    WTF is in the water in Maine?

  155. >>>Now not true, they are amaze agog except for your crazy neighbor dog

    We have the technology….

  156. >>>but does it have a child safety feature? Both

    Yeah, checked that first. I’m sure it has something to do with that, but the switches are not set on child-proof

  157. Hahaha Clicked Beasn’s link on my Facechimp page while waiting for Dan to pick me up at work. Still itching.

  158. unfortunately, Wiser, the cable that connects the handle to the door latch has come lose.

  159. >>>unfortunately, Wiser, the cable that connects the handle to the door latch has come lose.

    Awesome. I love taking apart interiors….

  160. I am home now but have nothing interesting to say.

  161. One for your nephew’s book list Mundane


  162. Did anybody coat anybody else with a space-age polymer today?

  163. I downloaded pics of women in latex catsuits. Close enough?

  164. Yep. My web-shooters malfunctioned.

  165. Good choice, Jimbro. Pressfield is a fascinating guy. I liked Jules Verne when I was 9.

  166. >>Did anybody coat anybody else with a space-age polymer today?

    Roamy. Some rocket.

  167. Jimbro, there is a scene where the narrators sister gets raped.

    I am gonna skip that one

  168. Oso!


  169. Yep. My web-shooters malfunctioned.

    “I swear, this has never happened to me before…”

  170. Puppeh!!!!!

  171. “I just got really excited. You’re so pretty…”

  172. I read it several years ago and didn’t recall that. File it for later. I originally thought of this one but it’s a bit much for a 10 year old

    Thermopylae: The Battle For The West [Paperback]
    Ernle Bradford (Author)

  173. http://tinyurl.com/c3ggm28

  174. Today I learned that I can make water shoot out of the hole Laura poked in my nail.

    This thing is getting more and more disgusting every day.

  175. Scott, I’m trying to eat salad here!!!! Brain bleach STAT!!!!

  176. today I picked out some flowers to send to a young gal whose mom passed away yesterday.

    Fucking cancer. Goddamn I hate it so much.

    pardon my emote.

  177. How did the brisket turn out?

  178. http://tinyurl.com/cjnusuy

  179. Laura: *finds a box of large bandages*

    Laura: honey

    Scott: What

    Laura: Do you need these waterproof bandages, for covering your nail?

    Scott: Nah, it’s fine, thanks.



    Laura: *puts bandages slowly away*

  180. Good Pupster, but not great. I think that piece of meat came off of an old cow or something. It took two hours longer to cook than my last brisket and this one was 2 lbs smaller.

  181. Hey, no bandages in the brisket. Win Win

  182. youngest gal has a tummy bug and mom Dave is rescuing her cause of the eye thing. She is pukin comfortably.

  183. That dwarf isn’t evil. He’s just misunderstood.

  184. Probably gluten.

  185. http://tinyurl.com/brpae5j

  186. Scott, have you, or are you planning to visit a doctor for this, or do you want to see a doc directly for amputating that thumb?

  187. Crossdressing doesn’t bother me, but that subset of crossdressers that do the whole babydoll ‘sissy’ thing, is just so weird. Are they pedophiles? I don’t get it.

  188. No and no Tushar.

    * loads thumb with water *

  189. Are they pedophiles?

    Dunno. But I’m pretty sure that’s not a good way to attract actual children.

  190. I never saw “the jag” run.

    I towed it to the shop once. It’s a bitch to get on and off of a trailer.

  191. What is sissy cross dressing? Isn’t that sort of redundant?

  192. Are they pedophiles?

    As I understand it, that particular subset mostly likes being railed by lots other dudes.

  193. I think it is part of the diaper baby subset.

  194. I think it is part of the diaper baby subset.

    Different group.

  195. Heh. Dan managed Payless Shoe Stores for 12 years. Lots of tranny shoppers getting the big girl shoes.

  196. I hypothesize that those type of crossdressers are the narcissistic type. it isn’t enough to just dress in women’s clothes, they do want to pass as a woman, they want everyone to look at them. That leaves them few outlets when they are barrel shaped.

  197. oops should be “…do NOT want…”

  198. I just figured those guys lost a bet or something. I didn’t know it was a thing.

  199. No MJ, these guys wear big fluffy baby diapers and mince around in extra-frilly baby girl clothes. The more petticoats and ribbons and ruffles the better. Just so strange.

  200. Maybe they just really want to support the taffeta industry.

  201. Yeah, that’s another thing, the penchant for wanting to wear baby tights and an Easter dress and to look and act like a wee little bonnie baby girl seems to be shared by a lot of guys who look like Vic Tayback.

  202. Look for the union label.

  203. How do they get Mary Jane’s that big when I can’t even get cute girl shoes for my duck feet?

  204. I came here expecting to find a conversation about something normal.


  205. OK, I found one that wasn’t bowlegged.

  206. Scott, those aren’t cute, they’d probably work. True story. 2 of my college roommates wore little girl sizes. 1 1/2 and 2. My 5Ys looked like Sasquatch next to the Cinderella’s. I buy shoes in the Boys Shoe Dept. Nothing cute.

  207. Yes, that was a huge FAIL on your part, PG.

  208. Jesus. I thought Bronies were weird.

  209. *too traumatized to comment*


  211. NTTI who the hell am I kidding.

  212. *backs away from blog*

  213. Who would rather be talking about amount of tread left on your steering tires instead?

  214. Look, I have to teach crossdressing women all the time. maybe I am desensitized. But about four of the lesbians on campus have gone so…male…as to be mistaken as such by security. True story: One has plucked her eyebrows gone, paints them in (which is kinda typical Mexican) but she also has a pretty visible mustache. She also looks a lot like The Great Khali. (Yes, I know he is not Mexican)

  215. Local nut job decided to attack local choir with knife during Communion. Not my Church because the previous Priest and I mixed it up.

  216. *raises hand*

    So does the penny trick still work for that?

  217. What makes steering tires and front tires different?

  218. Glad no longer your church, Oso.

  219. My Padrinos sing in the early Mass choir. They aren’t THAT bad! LOL

  220. Mundane, I think the sharpie eyebrows are a chola thing.

  221. Heh. I work with lots of sharpie ladies. Not me. I’m almost a unibrow.

  222. I don’t have any tats or piercings either.

  223. I’m like totally Guerra.

  224. Dan was taking me to work when all the first responders were heading South to the Church. I was irritated that I had to wait at 3 lights because of first responder light overrides.

  225. I used to know this.

  226. Living out in rural NW Washington, quite far from any “city”, I have never seen/been exposed to, these things of which you speak;
    cross dressers, chola chicks, Bronies, baby dressers…
    I am not sorry…

  227. Dorinda, I guarantee you work with at least one Bronie…

  228. Hunh. You can use a penny or a quarter to check tread.

  229. It’s ChrisP and WordPuss is fucked-up…

  230. Dorina48 is Chrispy’s nic on crossdressing forums.

  231. Pretty sure that the NW has a fair share of freaks. Pretty sure.

  232. How do change the nic on those?

  233. In the dashboard/comments section, Chris. Need me to fixy?

  234. Ohmygawd…THE ChrisP from AoS????


    Oh wait…I thought you were Maetenloch, sorry

  235. Dorina48 is Chrispy’s nic on crossdressing forums.


  236. Yes, please.

  237. Done.

  238. Pulled pork BBQ sammiches, potato salad (store bought, not asspotatoes), and deviled eggs for dinner.

  239. ta ta ta tacos. Chunk Salad. Grilled zucchini.

  240. CrazyBear,
    That’s true, see Seattle, but not out here in the sticks. I try to never go to the city…

  241. Chunk salad? Is that anything like a wedge salad?

  242. Paprika fried chicken with nuked zucchini & squash in EVOO. And Sensa.

  243. Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

  244. Evening.

  245. Chris P, I read ANN RULE!!!!!

  246. We do wedge salads at my work.

  247. XB, nah. Just huge chunks of veggies and bleu cheese. No lettuce.

  248. Grilled BSCB on mixed greens with fresh pico de gallo and extra Maya Sweet Onion (although I think I got the Texas 1015 by mistake), small amount of jalapeno bacon bits and sliced avocado

  249. I’m rayciss. Iceberg is a waste of time.

  250. Not eating iceberg means you are taking jobs away from future Dem voters. Well done.

  251. Right…cause Republican pickers harvest romaine, arugula and radicchio.

  252. Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

    Gimme a minute and you can have ’em.

  253. Right…cause Republican pickers harvest romaine, arugula and radicchio.


    Every little bit helps.

  254. Every little bit helps.

    This is true.

    And also how I get through my days…

  255. When I was a kid and my Dad was in VN, my mom moved back with her parents and raised chickens. My grandparents had apple orchards etc and sold produce in stands along the highway to Texans on their way to Ruidoso. Every one had to pitch in. I’m the Scarlett O’Hara of road side stands. Mental image of “Never go hungry again” but replaced by a 5 yr old. I was stubborn. Refused to speak Spanish.

  256. Testing.
    Not only is WordPiss posting the wrong name, when I comment, it stops at the top of the post.
    It’s starting to Chap my hide…

  257. It’s starting to Chap my hide…

    Someone go to the “users” screen and make sure Chrispy can’t delete the blog.

  258. It’s been repositioning wrong on and off for a few weeks now, Chrispy. Frustrating as all get out.

  259. Xbad,
    I’m being VERY careful…

  260. Someone go to the “users” screen and make sure Chrispy can’t delete the blog.

    It’s all good.

  261. Hqahhaha, I wasn’t implying that he’d have an accident.

    I’m just sayin’, with our history…

  262. Well, we ARE all set if that should happen… http://hostages3.wordpress.com/

  263. Wow that sucka’s a year old now. Time flies.

  264. X,
    What, you think I’mma go all WP on your ass?
    Well, do ya, PUNK?

  265. HAHAHA http://i.imgur.com/wFhjaAw.gif

  266. Cyn,
    Thanks. I’m trying to be careful, as I don’t know my way around WordPuss.
    I’m really trying to not break anything when I go to the Dashboard.

  267. Poor kid. You’re mean to laugh.

  268. Clarify, XB. We’re not supposed to laugh at window lickers?

  269. *hump suddenly inflates dangerously large; pressure meter redlines*

    CRISPY!! Stop leaning on the WordPress hump-psi regulator! Dammit, man. I just mopped these walls on Friday.


  271. Who?

  272. Er, I mean, lucky Scott?

  273. MMM scheduled for 630. Feeling sleepy. I’m out.

    *drops mic*

  274. tap tap tap

  275. Dna neht eht yeknom dias…

    !Yeh !gnihtyreve si gnitsop sdrawkcab

  276. gnorw nottob, PsirhC! gnorw nottob!

  277. Did Oso just try to tap that ass?

  278. http://tinyurl.com/d6mmlrw

  279. Hadji reference.

  280. Pups, Gingy is a turd or I’d have Doxie Gifs for days!

  281. Night night.


  282. Make mine a double.

  283. http://tinyurl.com/cxaxuwr

  284. I’m drinking Evan. Is that OK, XB?

  285. Can you serve it like the girl in my link?

  286. Friend in RL is having kid issues. Recently went to Denver for more tests. How can bones not be bones? Zoe will be fitted with full body braces. 18 mos old. Isn’t walking. Bones are soft. She was a miracle baby after they had given up on fertility treatments. I’m in WTF? mode.

  287. I could with a more supportive bra.

  288. Borrow one from Dan.


  289. Heh. Actually, my sports bra from Nike would do the trick.

  290. I don’t wear my sports bar for sports. Only when I’m too lazy to use hook and eye closures.

  291. She was a miracle baby after they had given up on fertility treatments.

    Maybe there was a reason for the infertility?

    I hope the brace will help the bones.

  292. Beasn, I try not to over think things. They had given up on babies and had gone to WDW for vacation. Their fur baby died two hours before their plane landed after their FL vacation. Suddenly, they were prego after 10 years of failure and now Zoe has serious health issues. Zoe smiled at me and reached for me last night.

  293. Being Catholic is hard. I don’t like Jello or casseroles so Michael just needs to step off.

  294. I think my Debbie Downer persona needs work. I’m really an optimist.

  295. I have a hard enough time with kids with cancer and now I have to deal with soft bones? I’ve known the dad since he was 18 and the mom since she was 18. I was there when they met and started dating. Highs and lows and now this?

  296. Switched to wine because…

  297. You’re out of bourbon?

  298. Sheridan’s 501c raised lots of money for childhood cancer yesterday.

  299. Nope. Plenty of bourbon. Switched to wine because I’m not tired and I still have downers to relay. Plus, how am I supposed to sleep after the Beasn spider vid?

  300. I was always taught that people that worked hard would be rewarded. The W’s, Wiser, and Car in have proved that wrong. I see Hostages struggling and I Pray and I hope. Life really sucks. I try to keep smiling. I’ll be OK, but sometimes I wish I could fix everything.

  301. I keep my underwear up with a piece of elastic
    I use a bullshit mic that’s made out of plastic
    To send my rhymes out to all nations
    Like Ma Derp, I’ve got the ill communications

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