Everyone Needs More Shatner!

When I was a youngster watching TV in the ’70’s I LOVED Star Trek. I used that as a springboard into sci-fi books by Heinlein, Hogan, Anderson, Bradbury, etc.

In my 10 yr old mind I realized that the Space Academy PROBABLY wouldn’t be operational by the time I went to college, so I figured the Air Force Academy would have to do. Heck, by the time I was a Captain I figured I’d be teaching at our new orbital Academy and I was cool with that. It would be nice to take a break from the grueling schedule of being a shuttle pilot.

Fast forward 30 years and I’m flying fucking 1960’s technology (Boeing 737) from Chicago to Des Moines. Fuck You, Star Trek!

Back to the point of the post.

I’ve always admired Shatner’s ability to walk the razor’s edge between seriousness and self-parody. Shatner’s early musical stylings were perhaps a bit ahead of their time:

He seems to always be able to ride the zeigeist of the pop culture in a way that never seems opportunistic. It’s a gift. He seems like a guy who never took himself too seriously.

When his wife died tragically he had to come to grips with her alcoholism and his grief. To his credit he has been very open about it in his books, talk show and music.

The talk show he had was very good (Shatner’s Raw Nerve) because you could tell it was all about the guests and that he had done his homework on the guest.  Here he is with Rush:

Anyway, the whole point of the poat is to make you listen to two songs that Shatner did with Ben Folds. This song has been my recent earworm (it’s a cover of an old Pulp song with Joe Jackson singing):

Here’s a song from the same album (a duet with Henry Rollins!) that makes me laugh my ass off:

That was was your daily dose of Shat.


  1. Coming off a midnight shift this was the best I could do.

    I’ve got about an hour of useful consciousness left if you need to flame.

  2. Phat can poat here? When did that happen?

  3. Wife took barn cat to the vet. He keep re-opening his ear wound and now he’s got a respiratory infection along with a bad case of old. I’m hoping he improves, I’ve got little interest in training a replacement.

  4. Leon, there was alcohol involved and I took advantage. LIKE A BOSS.

  5. Phat does Shat
    What can you say?

  6. Good one, phat.

    Shatner is doing ads for a local law office in Des Moines. Part of the Denny Crane image, I suppose.

    apologies if that’s one of the youtube vids I can’t see.

  7. Dead around here this AM. I shouldn’t have gone back to work.

  8. Morning. COFFEE…F&%. Being single means you have no one else to blame for not filling the coffee maker >_<

  9. Goodmorning,coolkids.

  10. What would you like to talk about Jay?

    I have an opinion on everything but don’t know shit.

  11. OK, off to bed for a bit. Last night was my last midnight shift so I have to be careful not to oversleep.

    The key is to get enough sleep to function yet still be tired enough to go to bed tonight.

    And alcohol, that’s kinda the big key.

  12. Shatner in Star Trek was my first love.

  13. We could talk about what an asshole Obama is. That’s always fun.

  14. Nighty night, Phat. Thanks for the Shatflashbacks.

  15. Who?

  16. I hope Sasha and Malia are enjoying their hard-earned vacation in the Bahamas.

  17. Scott, it’s been at least a few weeks since their last trip, and since January since they traveled to exotic locations.

    I don’t know why you’re being so critical. It must be horrible having to live in the White House – having all your meals cooked for you; your dog walked and pop scooped; any movie to be privately viewed at your leisure.

    They just needed to get away.

    Oh, and BTW – the Blue Angels won’t be performing anywhere because – sequester.

  18. Shatner in Star Trek was my first love.

    It’s like we’re twins!
    (You’re the skinny hot one :P )

  19. I don’t blame them. If no one is going to call you on it, what’s the incentive to be humble?

    I fully expect Obama to give a speech wearing a lobster bib, with butter slick fingers.

  20. They couldn’t even bring their friends this time.

  21. Scott, they brought four friends each…

  22. Next year the SOTU will be given from the 9th hole ladies tee box.

  23. Only 4?

    I don’t know how they do it.

  24. I want to slice up some bacon, but I’m at work.


  25. I’m sure that they paid for them out of their own pocket. Hotel, and airfare.

    Secret Service detail, not so much. I wonder how many White House tours that detail would pay for.

  26. I’m sure AF2 took them, J’ames.

  27. Probably, Car in, but that’s not how the story will come out.

  28. The story will NOT come out.

  29. *side-eyes Jay’s bacon*

    *tiny drip of drool forms on side of mouth*

  30. Very Important Person/Special Air Missions (VIP/SAM), 89th Airlift Wing, Andrews AFB.

    Don’t ask me why I remember that.

  31. Nassau weather: mostly cloudy with morning showers.

    I hope they can pull through.

  32. Royal prerogative.

    Has someone done a parody of Obama singing “My prerogative” regarding the sequestration and his royal lifestyle?

    Someone get Rush on the phone for me.

  33. You already got to enjoy a batch, laura!

  34. Dave, why do you remember that?

  35. Wow. I have to inventory my freezer again and soon. Getting messy in there again.

    I gave away some bacoms so I am unsure how much is still in there.

    *gazes at the dim horizon and an uncertain future*

    Might have to buy another piece of pig.

  36. Moar “Shatner” (go pee first – this had me on the floor):


  37. BITCH I TOL YOU…. ok, that’s what it was called back when I worked on AF1. Basically the USAF fleet for transporting important government officials.

  38. Programming systems on AF1? Pretty cool!

    Almost as cool as your work on Spooky/Spectre.

    I’m in awe, Dave.

  39. Shatner in a brand new Boston Red Sox ad:


  40. I’m pretty sure it was my fault all the garage doors in Orange county opened up whenever AF1 went there (the old ones, the 707s, but I worked on the 747s too)

  41. Shatner is a hoot. Ran into him VERY early one morning several years back at KCI as we were waiting on our flight to Maui. He was in a magazine stand looking at something. A dad and his young son saw Shatner and sheepishly approached him. The young boy thrust some sort of paper and a pen toward Shatner and asked him for his autograph. Without hesitation, Shatner gave him a backhanded air slap (didn’t hit him) and said, “I don’t do shit like that. Get away.” I cracked up. The dad and kid did not.

  42. That would classify him as an Asshole First Class in my book, but that’s just me.

  43. Unless, after the joke, he gave the kid a signature after all. Otherwise, agreed.

  44. ba haa haaa …. all your lib-idiot face book peps will be identified by a stupid profile picture of red with pink boxes in it. I’m guessing it’s a same sex marriage thing. I’ve got two so far, but I’m expecting at least another one any minute now.

  45. That’s a heartwarming story, Clint!

  46. Yeah, nothing else in the world to worry about besides gay marriage.


  47. YEA!!!! Mare’s here.

  48. Car in, is that like making them wear pink triangles?

  49. Carin, not working today? Don’t you have to work to pay for the Obama vacations?

    Get to it, slacker!

  50. *cries because the Obama girls may have to do w/o because I’m not working today

  51. xbad, everyone needs to count the pink boxes among their friends on facebook.

  52. Shatner in a brand new Boston Red Sox ad:

    That video made me want to cut a bitch….

  53. A day off? Excellent, what are you going to do besides cook, clean, laundry, errands, driving the kids and what not?

  54. everyone needs to count the pink boxes among their friends on facebook.

    ummmm…. that would be “zero”

    (I don’t have a facebook page, since I am not a 13-year-old girl who is desperately in need of validation…)

  55. That video at Fenway was horrendous. Who is Brian Evans and why hasn’t someone killed him yet?

  56. Prove it.

  57. Prove it.

    prove a negative?

    What do you want me to do next, divide by zero?

  58. Really? REALLY? You fat POS!!


  59. (I don’t have a facebook page, since I am not a 13-year-old girl who is desperately in need of validation…)

  60. I don’t have a facebook page for “validation.” How would I be validated by it?

    Mostly I have it to keep in touch with a few close friends and family.

  61. I was expecting a Michelle story, mare. Get your fat POS’s more specific, willya?

  62. I don’t want a fat dyke for President.

    It’s bad enough we have a can’t throw a baseball, pussy now.

  63. I don’t have a facebook page for “validation.”

    thumbs up

  64. I don’t have a facebook page for “validation.” How would I be validated by it?

    Meh, nevermind, he’s on a roll.

    Pretty soon he’ll bring up Germans and Pearl Harbor.

  65. Napolitano is unelectable – see Newt Gingrich.

  66. Oh right. I totally live for those thumbs up.

  67. Janet is seeing Newt? Ewwwwww.

  68. *likes this poat

  69. *retweets Wiser’s Tweet

    But not wiserbuds

  70. Oh right. I totally live for those thumbs up.



  72. *retweets Wiser’s Tweet


  73. Speaking of Newt, that fat whore probably has tons of money invested in the “car that drives itself.” He’s pushing that like a MOFO on twitter.


  74. Let’s take this to facebook, folks.

  75. No, PJM hangs out there.

  76. I waited on the guy who owns the local gun store last night.

    I need to go give him some business. He was nice. Good tipper.

  77. Let’s take this to facebook, folks.

  78. No, PJM hangs out there.


    No where is safe.

  79. Is PJM dating anyone? Since her life is an open book, I don’t think she’ll mind me asking.

  80. GO ask on facebook

  81. Facebook makes no sense to me. Just text your close family and friends. You can send pics via text and even have group texts.

    Why have others that say stupid stuff (re:red and pink boxes) on your facebook deal. I don’t even know what I’m saying because I just call or text someone.

  82. Good day, silly geese. I heard this song this morning, and I kinda dig it.

  83. *texts mare picture of facebook page

  84. GO ask on facebook

    That way, not only will you know, but so will all of the advertisers that FB sells your information to, as well as the Federal Government.

    *thumbs up*

  85. *texts mare picture of facebook page

    *changes all MJ’s running music to One Direction

  86. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyhI9riZFLU

    You should totally tweet that.

  87. *~likes~ Mare’s comment*

  88. I’m guilty of the stupid time suck called Pinterest.

    And my kids say I pronounce it incorrectly. Douche name.

    I have used some of their excellent recipes and have gleaned some good home/make it yourself ideas, but most of it is people making their wedding/life/baby/engagement some kind of self absorbed movie.

    That’s how I knew what/who One Direction was, some idiot is always pinning the jackass that I think is their lead singer. Boy band.

  89. Where is Clint? Isn’t he coming back here to tell us that story he told was for laughs?

  90. xbad, everyone needs to count the pink boxes among their friends on facebook.

    Only have one. Can I unfriend it?

  91. Pinterest is a Harold Pinter fan fiction site, right?

  92. OK – I totally don’t know how to make a YouTube video from part of another YT video (I’m a dinosaur), so you’ll just have to watch the link on TubeChop –

    “It’s called ‘The Shatner'” – one of the TiFW’s favorite lines from 3rd Rock from the Sun (this is only 30 seconds or so):


  93. Only have one. Can I unfriend it?

    I believe that’s why they are self-identifying.

  94. Facebook makes no sense to me. Just text your close family and friends. You can send pics via text and even have group texts.

    Naw. This is easier. I have a facebook group (private)for a group of friends I’ve had for 15 years. We used to do email loops, but about a year or a bit more ago, they got on facebook.

    It’s just really easy. We can share pictures, do conversations w/o blowing up each other’s phone.

  95. Some people are old homeschooling people I used to know. Or college people who have found me.One joined the peace corps. @@. It’s kinda fun seeing what they are doing. Pictures of their kids.

    It validates me.

  96. *validates Beasn by “liking” her facebook status

  97. I want to change my avatar, just to piss off Car in and beasn.

  98. You know validates me? A handjob/cheesesteak agreement.

  99. I’m sad, because no one has that avatar in my friends list.

    *feels unvalidated

  100. It’s just really easy. We can share pictures, do conversations w/o blowing up each other’s phone.

    Plus that whole using the phone thing.

  101. They validate over at Williams-Sonoma, J’Ames. And you don’t even have to buy one of their ebelskiver pans or nuthin’.

  102. Private groups on FB are fun. Probably not as private as I think.

  103. I find not being on facebook isolates me from people unless they have something really important to say to me.

    I don’t hear from some people. That tells me as much as if I were to hear from them.

  104. So it looks like IB is approaching it’s sell-by date pretty quickly.

    Whaddya say, gang? How about a good ol’ IB/H2 blog war to try and breathe some life back into the poor old thing?

    Innocent Bystanders BBQ

    Hostage BBQ

  105. Why do you Californians insist on misspelling ableskiver? aebleskiver is also acceptable, because of the missing weird Scandi letter.

  106. Fitting that the H2BBQ pic is blocked. Probably didn’t want to look at it anyway.

  107. That would be like punching an old person in a wheelchair.


    …..so I’m in.

  108. My cousin posting a picture of her baby isn’t really important, but I enjoy it. I otherwise have no contact with her since I don’t know her too well. Also a college friends son is being wooed by all the big schools for football. I wouldn’t know about that either. Not earth shattering info but enjoyable any way.

  109. *waits on friend request from leon

  110. I like FaceBook. So, fuck me, right?

  111. *~likes~ Jay’s comment*

  112. I like FaceBook. So, fuck me, right?

    Since FB also provides the elderly with a better connection to the world outside their nursing home windows, I guess it makes sense for you, MCPO.

  113. Why do you Californians insist on misspelling ableskiver?

    Because that’s the way Jan and Dean spelled it in their hit, “Go Little Ebelskiver, Go!” and it’s just kinda stuck since then.

  114. Probably didn’t want to look at it anyway.

    trust me, you did.

  115. They just hate what they do not understand mcpo.

  116. We just don’t like people.

  117. Facebook

    Millions of preteen girls can’t be wrong

  118. I can respect that Scott.

  119. What is Innocent Bystanders? A dating site for bronies?

  120. Most of the bronies are already hooked up, otherwise pretty much.

  121. OMG y’all…the Diet DP is out of service!!!! I had to have Diet Pepsi. I H8 the day before HHD!!!

  122. Road trips:

    Innocent Bystanders


  123. *waits on friend request from leon

    Gonna be awhile, buddy.

  124. Well, at least you got some sort of DP today, oso.


  125. I really don’t care if you don’t wish to participate in FB, I just happen to be someone who does. I’m not making a value judgement here.

  126. Millions of preteen girls can’t be wrong

    As I’ve heard it, a lot of the younger folk aren’t bothering with it anymore. FB is for old people.

  127. What is Innocent Bystanders?

    It was one of the original weblogs, created decades ago, but sadly seems to have gone silent

  128. The only reason I can see to help IB is that it would keep Michael off of this site more.

    … so I’m in.

  129. *throws a baseball @ J’ames

  130. Have you been enjoying preseason, oso? My Cards won yesterday, and I got to watch.

  131. I’m not talking about yesterday’s pre-season Reds game. *bangs head on desk. Votto, like The Shat: Canadian.

  132. I can’t believe the season starts this weekend. How time flies!

  133. Baseball blog.

  134. *validates Beasn by “liking” her facebook status

    There is a reason I don’t use my last name, maiden or married, on facechimp.

    Though I have been wrestling with myself lately on reversing that.

  135. We get the Angels next Monday. *throws chin music at Sean and Mundo.

  136. As I’ve heard it, a lot of the younger folk aren’t bothering with it anymore. FB is for old people.

    so, FB = IB.


  137. *throws down bat, charges mound*

  138. Even when MySpace was going strong, FB was for old people. I remember reading which social media young people were migrating to, but I’m not young and I like FB.

  139. I hear ya on the privacy stuff, beasn. I should probably pay more attention to it, but I don’t.

  140. My kids do twitter more.

  141. Oso=Nolan; Sean=Ventura. Or IB=H2.

  142. Brushback! Clear the benches!

    Who do you think you are, Mexico and Canada?

  143. Car in, I think it was an article saying kids were leaving twitter for something else.

  144. Ooooooh, Mexico and Canada was good!

  145. Or IB=H2.

    that comment, young lady, is a bannable offense.

    *charges Oso’s mound

  146. Isn’t instagram the new in thing?

  147. I got on MySpace the day before everyone left for Facebook. I didn’t follow and deleted my myspace place soon after.

    I’ve seen IB but don’t go by very often.

  148. Tumblr is my new thing

  149. THAT’S IT!!!!!! J’ames, thanks for knowing stuff.

  150. *watches people leave Tumblr*

  151. Tumblr and Instagram. I’m staying with the old people on FB.

  152. *unfollows Jimbro

  153. I prefer Titter. It’s like Twitter only softer.

  154. Younger folk probably dont’ like it because their parents can stalk them.

    I joined it to mainly to message my kids. I don’t have texting capability at this time.

    I’d rather have something like facebook to keep in touch with people rather than have to call them and talk for more than 5 minutes at a time or text like a ninja on crack.
    And it’s a good way to reach out to you punks outside of the anonymity of this PoS blerg.

  155. Tumblr is just like Titter on some feeds

  156. The Hostages

    Innocent Bystanders

  157. I’m too lazy to figure out how to embed links here. I have a big Share on FB tab on my tool bar. Primarily to share earworms with MCPO.

  158. I live for 3rd grade humor.

  159. That was hilarious when I linked it here yesterday, J’Ames.

    *puts on hipster glasses, ironic t-shirt*

  160. yannow, it’s really difficult to have a blogwar when A) the other side refuses to engage and b) I’m the only one standing on the wall.

  161. You want wiser on that wall!

  162. We don’t punch down!

  163. We don’t punch down!

    Try it, it’s FUN!

    IB Garden Party

    Hostage Garden Party

  164. Where is Sean? Has Sean heard of Beach House?

  165. I’m here. And I’m familiar with the concept of a house that is at the beach.

  166. Has Sean heard of Bath House?

    This sounds like a question for Twitter.

  167. IB is still around? I figured Michael would’ve gone all WP and burnt it down by now, leading to the Less Innocent Bystanders or something.

  168. KABOOYA!
    I just talked to my recruiter she said that I have 2 job offers in Houston

  169. Sweet, Vman!

  170. Beach House


  171. I just talked to my recruiter she said that I have 2 job offers in Houston

    Pro-tip: take the good one.

    Also, congrats.

  172. One is near Mission Bend the other is near Katy

  173. Nice work, vman, congrats!

  174. VMAN!!!! YEahhhhh!

    I’m so happy for you big guy!

  175. Congrats VMax!!!

  176. ::APPLAUSE!!:: VMAX!

  177. Wooo Hooo Vmax!!!

  178. Nice, Vman.


  179. Unfortunately that is all I know. She said she will email me all the details tomorrow

    I did a happy dance and Zeke ran away.

  180. Vman….


  181. Argh,

    I finally managed to drag my carcass out of bed. What did I miss?

    *scrolls up*

    Congrats Vman!

    Need to listen to some Shatner with bongo’s to perk me up.


  182. And another American finds a job in Texas.

  183. HA! Good one, Jay!

    10,000 points

    To be used for hookers and more pork *heh*

  184. Congrats, Vmax, and welcome to Texas!

    Well, Houston isn’t really Texas, but it’s close.

  185. What the hell vman, take em both.


  186. Now to find a butcher that takes H2 points.

  187. I like it when H2 has good news!

  188. Wow one of the companies just called, they offered enough money to make me do another happy dance!

  189. It’s a beautiful day!

  190. Congrats Vman!!!

  191. Vman, does that mean you have to wear pants? Congrats!

  192. Way to go, Vmax!

  193. You live in Florida. You’ll be able to deal with Houston.

  194. http://tinyurl.com/3ap5ovp

  195. Congrats!

  196. Congrats, Vmax!
    Choose wisely…

  197. Dave I think it is the same heat and humidity as here without the beach and bikinis
    I could be wrong.

  198. I love the “At Fenway” video with Brian Evans and William Shatner. It’s good fun. YouTube it, or go to his website, brianevans.com, I think.

  199. Well done, vmax.

    she said that I have 2 job offers

    Can you give one to scottw?

  200. Anyone see this? Actor Tom Hanks promoting the new “At Fenway” video with Shatner…

  201. Hey, do any of you know where George Orwell has been?


  202. Is this spam??

  203. Cyn, I thought it was too, or someone baiting wiser or I to a duel.

  204. Not you, Mare. Probably.

  205. Is this spam??

    And I initially thought that said, “Is this sperm??”

  206. Congrats VMax!

    Let me join the pigpile of praise:


  207. Well, the site is reference to a pic with The Shat, so… welcome delurkers or friendly/helpful spambots!

  208. any of you know where George Orwell has been


    Stark dickfloss too?

  209. And I initially thought that said, “Is this sperm??”

    HAHA! That sounds exactly like something I’d write.

    Wine Time! (I wish)

  210. Seriously, besides me, did someone scare off George Orwell? I haven’t seen him around for awhile.

  211. “Wine Time! (I wish)”


  212. RE: Orwell… and we just added him to the POL too. Ass!

  213. HAHAH

  214. Every time I see the word ‘therapist’ I read it as ‘the rapist.’

  215. You could start Wine Time now, but I still have boys to pick up from school. Silly school monitors frown on drunk parents–asses!

  216. Aaannnddd I see that MJ has started Wine Time already. Well Done!

  217. “Stark dickfloss too?”

    He is on twitter a lot, as Lord Ponyribs.

  218. I haven’t seen George over at Protein Wisdom recently, either.

  219. Did we ever find out what happened to Krow. Cyn, shemale and I forgot?

  220. About Krow, yeah; I did figure it out. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him anytime soon either.

  221. He’s um incapacitated. Or more accurately, incarcerated.

  222. That makes sense.

  223. He should do a mini-meet with Mare.

  224. Well, I have to ask, do we know why he was incarcerated? And, “yes” is not a complete answer.

  225. Was he always commenting from prison and because this place is sick and deranged we never knew anything was out of the ordinary?

  226. No, I do not know why he was, Mare. The best that my googlefingers could find was that it was some sort of federal charge.

  227. Friends may come
    And friends may go
    And friends may peter out.
    But we’ll be friends
    Through thick and thin –
    Peter out
    Or peter in.

  228. Congrats, Vman.

  229. And no, I seriously don’t believe that he was commenting from the pokey. He and I would swap emails on occasion and from the conversation I could tell that he was NOT in the pen at the time.

  230. Kid run time since none of youse volunteered.

  231. MJ: Ever use these as a bartender?


  232. Let me just state that I’m a little surprised that we’ve only got one Hostage in FPMITAP.

  233. I just made spaghetti squash Pad Thai.

    Should have cooked the squash one or two more minutes but other than that, kind of delicious. I garnished with cilantro, lime and chopped peanuts.

    *regrets making this comment because I know I’ll want to hang myself when everyone lists what they are allergic to

  234. Congratulations Vmax.

    Texas is the new land of opportunity.

  235. I’m seeing the stupid pink equals signs on fitocracy now. I did see at least one of my followers post a “yeah, not down with that” status, which was nice.

  236. Did you use real Thai?

  237. Chopped up a boy of 10 real nice like, Jay.

  238. MJ: Ever use these as a bartender?
    Nope. Back in my day the ice was square.

  239. I just ordered Thai for dinner.

  240. Afternoon.

  241. Hello, Jew! What did you make today.

  242. Where the hell is my question mark?

  243. Today I built six (6) of these:


  244. Back in my day we didn’t have as many warning signs and labels. People weren’t so fucking stupid.

  245. Jew, other than that one supervisor, do you like your job?

  246. You forgot to put on the doors.

  247. It strikes me that seeing all the red and pink equal signs on FaceFeces, that liberals are a herd. Or a hoard.

  248. Yes, Mare, it’s pretty fun building that stuff. The cabinets we build are much more complicated than most of the other things built in the factory. None of our things come pre-assembled from fabrication so we do a lot of construction on each cabinet.

  249. Stoopid Hotspur. It has two doors on it. With Lexan windows so you can watch the bread rise.

  250. Good.

  251. >> I could be wrong.

    you ain’t wrong vman. Houston is brutal in the summer

  252. Yea to vman.

  253. Is this close enough?


  254. It’s Malbec time.

  255. Hahahaha

    If I didn’t have to do business in this town, I would totally use that, xbrad.

  256. Come on out to the ghetto bar, Carin. They don’t have malbec, but they probably have cabernet.


    So excited for you! Welcome to the Lone Star State, pardner ♥♥♥

    Lemme know where you end up; we try to swing through the Houston area at least once a year – maybe we can meet for a meal the next time we’re down there. We’re gonna try and make it there in August – my 35th HS reunion is this year.

  258. Game of Thrones Season Two Disks One & Two arrived today.


  259. Car in is right. It’s time.

    * raises glass *

    Congratulations Vmax!

  260. Do you know who is really in favor of gay marriage?
    Divorce lawyers.

  261. Hi, all you zombies. Cyn reminded me I haven’t pissed in the corner of the blog in a while.

    *zips up pants*

  262. If this has been mentioned before, please excuse me, but if low information voters are LIV, are we high information voters HIV?

  263. George, I thought about you last night and it was kind of like this;

    “Hey, where the hell has George been?”

    Did we do something to offend your sensibilities?

  264. Speaking of HIV, hai George.

  265. I feel worse than HIV. I’ve been hiding in my coffin because of stress over buying a house. Doubles monthly expenses at least. I’m so frightened I nearly returned from the dead.

  266. Outstanding, Vmax.

  267. If he had sensibilities he wouldn’t be here.


  268. Whore.


  269. Mare, need a screen saver? http://i.imgur.com/pMFrVOC.jpg

  270. That might work as a desktop. Screen saver? Not so much.

  271. Divorce lawyers.

    Bingo. Give it two decades and straight people won’t marry anymore. We’ll just form corporations and arrange shared expenses to minimize tax liability while using the state’s various women/children programs through the female board member.

    *wishes I had a lawyer friend to sell this to as a scam… I mean strategy*

  272. Mare, need a screen saver? http://i.imgur.com/pMFrVOC.jpg

    Eyes of pure evil. Wrapped in the fur of evil and sprouting hate whiskers.

  273. Vman – Congratulations! Have one of the Tejas Hostages buy you your first Stetson and teach you how to wear your brand new shitkickers!

  274. Leon, most young people are already doing that.

    The question is, how are the gays going to tap into that Baby Mama cash cow?

  275. “If he had sensibilities he wouldn’t be here.”

    Scott, I was waiting for George to say something about being offended and then go in for the kill.

  276. I think that is a pretty cat.

  277. Buying/moving is very stressful George. Hang in there, CA is going into the crapper anyway.

  278. how are the gays going to tap into that Baby Mama cash cow?

    Reparations. Nature was unfair and it is up to the rest of us to make the victimized gay community whole. Or fabulous, at least.

  279. Going?

  280. Welcome to spring-time fun in central Pennsylvania!


  281. Buying/moving is very stressful George. Hang in there, CA is going into the crapper anyway.

    Which is why I don’t want to buy here, but Mrs. Orwell will not be denied. It’s a house or lose our marriage.

    On the other hand SoCal real estate in good neighborhoods has an almost magical resilience, even in the shit times.

  282. Cyn reminded me I haven’t pissed in the corner of the blog in a while.

    Oh hey, I see you got my email, George. Goddamned slacker Howdy!

    Um… You maybe should run a virus scan now; I was a little miffed that I had to email you to make sure you weren’t incarcerated or something.

  283. The question is, how are the gays going to tap into that Baby Mama cash cow?

    Men don't need any help from the state ever. That's what the feminists consumed with their love of equality told me.

  284. Dude, if the salvation of your marriage is to buy a new house, it’s already lost.

  285. Um… You maybe should run a virus scan now

    Nah, I’m dead already.

  286. if the salvation of your marriage is to buy a new house, it’s already lost.

    Hence my reticence of late.

  287. Well, you should hang out here more – for all the support and understanding.

  288. Cue this up GO, guaranteed to make panties drop

  289. MCPO check your g string.

  290. And boobs!

  291. I can’t afford a garage in California. How do illegals from Mexico do it?

  292. Should I drink wine OR sneak some of the Easter candy I have hidden for Easter?

  293. Well, you should hang out here more – for all the support and understanding.

    I’ll need it in a few years if we have to sell the place in extremis. I think we’ll make it for a while, but five years out, who knows.

  294. It’s a house or lose our marriage.

    I did that. I’m on wife #2 and house #3 now. Good luck.

  295. Mare, there is an OLD saying – candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

  296. *I did NOT give up candy for Easter, therefore I wouldn’t be caving into temptation, just need help picking my poison.

    I’m siding towards wine.

    Okay, good, thanks!

  297. I’m on call tonight mare so no booze at my house. Several Cadbury mini eggs suffered my wrath.

  298. George, I’m going to pray for your marriage and, also, when I open the fridge there is enough wine to give me a nice little buzz.

  299. Jimbro, Cadbury mini eggs are exactly the Easter candy I have hidden!

  300. I want to keep my wife. It’s just that the freaking house is about $100K too expensive. If only I can find another spare five thousand double sawbucks in the dresser I’m good.

  301. Can’t your wife hook for awhile, George? I don’t know what she looks like but that 5k may be closer than you think!

  302. That’s only about $800 a month.

    Bring food to people on weekends.

  303. I did that. I’m on wife #2 and house #3 now. Good luck.


  304. I think I need to stay away from this place for a bit. I’m starting to sound more cray cray than usual.

    *so proud I used the term “cray cray”

  305. Can’t your wife hook for awhile, George? I don’t know what she looks like but that 5k may be closer than you think!

    I think she’s booked up already.

    *hopes wife never, ever reads H2*

  306. George, wives are good, hold onto yours (plus getting rid of an old wife and getting a new one is really expensive).

  307. Yeah, the only thing more expensive than a house and a wife may be a new wife. Who will want a house anyway.

  308. hahahah…No worries, George.

    Scott, that little lamb is a mood enhancer.

  309. Is it just me or does Scott’s avatar look less crazy than it use to?

    See how you can get use to crazy stuff?

  310. Ouchie.

    It’s okay. I was stupid the first time ’round. I either never should have married her or I should have been a better husband (as in, more assertive, a better leader, etc). As it was, I let her walk all over me until I finally snapped and had to leave. Divorcing her was the first time I stood up to her, and it was about that time she finally started treating me fairly.

  311. That’s only about $800 a month.

    Bring food to people on weekends.

    No horning in on my gig.

    Rice, potato, or vegetable with your dinner sir?

    *guest gets far-away stare

    I walk away muttering to myself

  312. LAMB !!!!


  313. I wish I was good at bringing food to people, but I hate them.

  314. I think we’ve just grown used to him, Mare.

    Lauraw’s looks downright mellow.

  315. I’ve always appreciated Leon’s clear self appraisals.

  316. It’s a curse, Scott. I like most people.

    I think it’s because I focus so much of my hate on Obama.

  317. I’ve always appreciated Leon’s clear self appraisals.

    I’m glad someone does. They weren’t fun to acquire.

  318. Carin, seriously, you’re right about Laura’s too.

    For Lent I was trying to hate people less but it was more of a challenge than giving up coffee, wine and candy which I did one year.

  319. That’s the thing Leon, as a mathematician/scientist you view your actions as a learning experience. Short learning curve.

  320. May be the wine, but this made me smile:


  321. Leon, being more assertive is interesting.

    On a totally unrelated note, what is half of nothing? Is it still nothing?

  322. I love everybody! *hits deadbolt and chambers a round*

  323. I gave up giving things up. I’m not allowed to stop doing anything else until Lent’s over.

  324. MJ, did your wife say you could be on the computer right now?

  325. I know you are good at it Car in. I hung out with professional food-bringers for a couple of years.

    It takes a certain personality / energy level to kick ass in the profession and you got it.

  326. iPad, bitchface. I’m reading and checking in on you people.

    I’m allowed to use it after dinner for 45 minutes. But only if my homework is done.

  327. On a totally unrelated note, what is half of nothing? Is it still nothing?

    In a divorce? No. “Half” can become a long-term liability on your future earnings. If you’re a man. Because equality.

  328. I was telling my kids just a few hours ago that it’s a great skill to acquire. It’s not GREAT money- compared to a “real” job, but it’s money, and if hard times hit your family, you can start bringing it in pretty quick.

    I’m allowed to use it after dinner for 45 minutes.

    Did you finish the dishes?

  329. >> I wish I was good at bringing food to people, but I hate them.

    It’s true. I think it was at least a couple years before Scott would “tolerate” me. And I bet Laura kept kickin him.

  330. I am ready to kill a few of the people who work there though. So sick of their negative attitude.

    They’ve got SO MUCH going on. @@

    Bitches please. You don’t even know …

  331. I know I’m better off than some people, certainly. At least my work, while very spotty this year so far, exists. I’m not scouring the pages for job offers. I hope. But I tells ya, this is the scariest thing I’ve done since that lost, inebriated evening with the melon and the penguin.

    Well, I’m away to sponge a dinner off of in-laws. A guy’s gotta make the hay while the sun shines.

    Because I may need to borrow from them someday.

  332. It can be great money.

    15 years ago, people in this crowd were making $400 a night, in Hartford. That’s pretty good money.

  333. Good ZoNation: http://www.pjtv.com/s/GEZDEOJS

  334. Leon, I lost half my net worth on the First Wife Project. This time around it will be with a pre nuptial agreement.

  335. I waited tables in HS and college.

  336. I can see you doing that, but not nearly as well as Car in.

  337. Those were good times, Scott. I made (walked – after tip out) $270 on night, but that’s the best i’ve done.

    Too many cheap asses. LOL

    I make 20% but check totals are check totals.

  338. I actually got out of the marriage in pretty good shape financially. I kept my junky li’l pickup, the house, and the cat. I got very, very lucky in that regard.

  339. The problem with working at expensive places is that they will not be busy 7 days a week.

  340. In my 20s I made good money, basically tax free, working 4 nights a week bartending.

    My friends and family laughed at me, but I’ve never regretted it.

  341. Oh hell no, course not. I was a kid, she’s life smarter now than I was back then.

    I did learn things about people. Not all good, not all bad. But I did get it that they were there to have a good time, you sling the food fast, know when to check and when not to check how they’re doing, don’t make em wait for the check, that sort of thing. All in all I made good tips, so I guess I figured that shit out.

  342. I can still make $100+ working on a Monday night. On weekends it’s usually between $150 and $200, and not unusual to get over that.

  343. Bartending is easier work-but less money. In total.

    But longer hours for most places. All a trade off.

  344. These people worked in a nice steak house inside the Hartford Civic Center. That place was packed for hours before and after hockey games.

    They ran until 1:00 AM on hockey nights.

  345. I went out for dinner to celebrate my future job
    Zeke is eating the porterhouse bone

  346. You moving yourself Vmax or are they doing it for you?

  347. Yea – I’m home on most nights by 10, or 10:30. If I drove down to Rochester hills,I may be able to find a place with more money but I work about 3miles from home. That’s huge for me. Plus, the kids can walk and get the car after school if they need it.

  348. There is nothing like working close to home.

  349. Me, Myself, and I, Scott.

  350. I can probably help.

  351. I bussed at a diner and was a bar back in the SNCO club. I hated both jobs!

  352. Did anybody track mud all over anybody else’s pristine white carpet today?

  353. MCPO did you ever check your g string?

  354. Please let me know if you need an extra set of hands. I can help anytime.

  355. 15 minutes to bacon slicing!

  356. Wow you guys are awesome!

  357. MCPO has sand in his G string.

  358. I probably can’t help you move, Vmax. Sorry :( Work for me isn’t going to let up until mid June.

  359. I’m listening to that Beach House track right now, MJ. It reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  360. Grr…too much grading to do!

  361. http://tinyurl.com/btwk7nt

  362. Hi.

  363. Watching Blade Runner now.

    Harrison Ford used to be cute.

    I live the Ridley Scott dystopian version of 2010!

  364. Puppeh:


  365. Hey phat, you went to bed before I tried to remember something, is VIP/SAM still the 89th AW at Andrews?

  366. Heh…I get it pupster.

    I drove a water truck for a Dirt Mover out in Cali while I waited to get my waiver from the Army Command.

  367. Who wants to make me dinner?

  368. Scott – I’m getting too old for that shit!

  369. I was thinking Mazzy Star. Not really sure but I liked the whole album.

  370. Holy Snike! I took Zeke for his walk and had to fight extinct Polar Bears. Where the crap did this cold come from?

  371. Got two loads of dark-wash done, swapped the brush-hog for the tiller, rolled 100 smokes, and tilled the 60′ x 80′ garden.
    After the implement-swap, I may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow, but I got shit done!

  372. I was thinking Mazzy Star.

    Hm. Maybe. Or this…

  373. Took a steer to the meat processor this morning. Almost 1,200 pounds of Angus beef on the hoof. They hang it for 2 weeks before cutting and wrapping.

  374. What happens if they cut it sooner Pepe?

  375. forgot how dark Blade Runner is.

    I like it.

  376. Pepe – Sounds like a freezer full of protein!

  377. Dave,

    We still call it VIP/SAM.

    3 Units doing the mission in the C-40. The 89th (active duty), the 113th (guard) and the 932nd (AF Reserve with a reverse associate unit).

    I left the the 932nd last year and moved to the HQ unit at Scott.

    There is also one jet at Hickam and one at Ramstein.

  378. Meat party at Pepe’s… I’m there.

  379. Phat,
    C-40 = Mil-spec 737?
    So The Won spawn, get their own aircraft to fly them to the Bahamas?
    But, sequester???

  380. Pepe, you need to raise a few hogs, to.

    For the bacon.

  381. When I get a job I will make bacon too!

  382. I am so very happy for you, Vman!

  383. I membered good

  384. ChriisP,

    The C-40C is the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). Fully modified cockpit (with a HUD), 3 aux fuel tanks and an all first class seating configuration.

    During the sequester we are not flying any congressional trips. I suspect the Obama’s were flown by the 89th.

  385. Sadly, I will be up late.

    Watching the Vikings now. Pretty bad ass.

  386. Supposedly, if you hang it for a couple of weeks, it is more tender.

    I’ll tease you guys with pics once we get it back. This was the best looking steer we’ve ever raised. Hopefully the meat will be epic.

    The nicest thing is that I know what it was fed. No hormones, no antibiotics, no weird additives in the feed, etc. Raised on pasture, then fed alfalfa and grain for a couple of months. From what I’ve read, it would be considered grass fed, even though we give it grain. Definitely tastes better than commercial feed lot beef.

    I’d share if you guys lived closer. Oso’s probably allergic. :)

  387. Will watch some old Blackadder episodes before I try to get to sleep.

  388. I’m not allergic to beef. Mi familia usually raises one cow just for the pit. I just don’t eat the icky parts. Tongue, brain, etc.

  389. I will buy a freezer what does a 1200# steer go for? Bust it into primals I can do the rest.

  390. I use lots of acronyms. Usually of the Moronic variety. My RL friends always ask for translation. Why can’t everyone just pick up acronyms at the HQ like I do?

  391. You do not butcher heifers you breed them right?

  392. Just send me 20 pounds or so. I’m not greedy.

  393. Cheek bacon Oso is better than head cheese and brains combined.
    Tongue is meh make sausage with it.

  394. It’s 1,200# on the hoof. 65% is hanging weight (780#). After hanging, moisture loss, trimming, cutting, etc. you get 65% of the 780#, for an approximate yield of 500#. The meat guy has to explain this to people all the time, he just rolls his eyes ’cause people expect 1,100# of meat out of their 1,200# steer. He said it costs about $4.50 per pound to buy, then have them butcher your own steer.

  395. Bacon anyone?

  396. We raise a few steers each year for meat. We keep about 10 heifers as replacements for older cows. The rest are sold at about 8 months of age and eventually wind up in feed lots.

  397. Helps if I paste the link

  398. LALALA Not listening to cheek bacon…

  399. Looks yummy, J’ames.

  400. 20 pounds of ribeye. I’m not greedy, but I am a touch picky.

  401. Pepe, I have a few family members that do the dairy cow dealio outside of Roswell. Stinky!!! I used to have to do the cow dealio on my ex-Uncle’s place. More dairy, less round-up.

  402. Sizzle sizzle

  403. Laura was right, this stuff scorches instantly:

  404. Awesome Jay!

    I did not figure it was under 50% loss Pepe. Wow.

    Justified was good.

  405. I bet TWC (Third World Countries) use 100% of the cow. Those people eat chicken feet.

  406. Just Say No to Chicken Feet. It is our right!!11!

  407. over I meant not under my bad

  408. Zeke occasionally eats cow hooves, pig ears, and snouts, and when I am generous Ox tail, or shanks if they are under $1 a pound.

  409. The neighborhood market I lived by in Tien Mou specialized in chicken feet. I only made it to snake alley once. Just once.

  410. I made French Onion soup once that started with oxtail to make the broth. By the time the soup was ready, I was so tired of smelling that I couldn’t eat.


  412. Johnny Cash documentary on History Channel.

    I’m in.

  413. Mare, I used to know how to say that in Mandarin.

  414. My degree was in Russian language. I was an escort pilot/translator for three years.

    Johnny Cash was a Russian radio intercept NCO.

    We HAD so much in common.

  415. The processor guy always asks if we want the head. I’m not particularly interested in eating the brain, so nope.

    The loss seems big, but the hide, head, viscera, and lower leg bones are heavy. A lot of the weight loss from the hanging weight is bone and moisture, and excess fat. We get any hamburger extra lean. There’s not much grease at all. Regular store hamburger is a totally different color from all the fat added to it.

  416. Phat is from Arkansas and sings gospel?

  417. Phat, all I need to know is you like Blackadder. My personal favorite of the all the British series.

    Watched them all several times laugh my head off and still cry during the final WWI episode.

  418. I was an escort


  419. Mare, if I had to come up with pre-Cana questions, Monty Python, Black Adder, Baseball, and wrestling would be part of it.

  420. I never Knew that Dan was Mr Wrestling until after the vows. LIVs watch WWE on Monday’s and not DWTS or The Voice. He has his employees coming up to me to tell me why they like TFG. I H8 him.

  421. “with pre-Cana questions,”


  422. Dan and I spent 3 weeks on financial pre-Cana. Our Questionnaire never included the really important Pop Culture stuff.

  423. Pre-Cana?

    Catholic stuff?

  424. Yep. Pre-marriage test and classes. Attempt to cut back on annulments/divorces.

  425. My brother got married in LV. His priest was a former Episcopal that became Catholic after some “Woman priest” dealio. My brother’s Best Man was a Muslim and his ex had a Mormon Matron of Honor. My priest only allowed “Catholic’s in good standing” to stand as witnesses.

  426. Xbrad, is that some sort of morph of Reagan and Ryan?

  427. Cyn, looked like Ryan to me.

  428. I think Reagan. Compare and contrast. Papers single spaced and turned in by oh-seven-hundred.

    Reagan: http://laughingsquid.com/wp-content/uploads/ronald_reagan_riding_a_velociraptor_1920-640×426.jpg

    Ryan: http://i.imgur.com/ovfEd.jpg

  429. I have a clever plan……

    To try and sleep, but it’s not going to work.

    Good night, good people!

  430. It’s Reagan on a Velociraptor. What the hell more could you want?

  431. So what does LIV stand for since you’re cracking codes this evening? I missed that memo.

  432. Nighty sweet dreams, Mare.

  433. Low Info Voter. I’ve been a LIV since Nov.

  434. All about the hair. My bad.

  435. Thank you. That was beginning to annoy the crap outta me that I didn’t know.

    I seem to be watching a lot less news since then. Viva la LIV.

  436. AoSHQ makes being a LIV pretty hard. I spend a lot of time covering my ears and singing “LaLaLa”

  437. What the hell more could you want?

    I don’t think you have enough phone minutes for me to get into detail.

    Reagan’s good.

  438. For four years now, I’ve seen the contrails of jets from John Wayne and San Diego cross overhead, every single one of them heading straight as an arrow from west to east.

    Twice today, I’ve seen planes directly overhead come from the west, and then turn due north.


  439. Watching the MFM contributes to LIV. If it isn’t on the MFM, it didn’t happen. I may have jumped ugly with my Mom last week about Kermit Gosnell.

  440. Well, we’ll save my minutes and Skype.

  441. Avoiding the HAARP rings perhaps?

  442. XB, whenever we have “Wind Issues” we get news reports on which runways are in use. Mostly EW, mostly. When the North-South runways are in use, all the flight path neighborhoods have to get notifications.

  443. I actually don’t have a Skype account. True story*

    *says ‘True Story’ just so Oso will have to drink

  444. Hahaha…bourbon tonight, not wine. Drink!

  445. True story:DRINK is a FB thing, not a H2 thing.

  446. Meh.

    *drinks anyways*

  447. Me too!

  448. Cyn, I still have the cash in my wallet that was supposed to pay for our meat up. June?

  449. Oso, by the time the cross overhead, they’re already at cruising altitude. The winds aloft are entirely different from the winds at surface level.

    Honestly, I have no idea why an airliner would fly 75-100 miles west and only then turn north. It’s a waste of fuel. They strive mightily to fly as direct a route as reasonably possible.

  450. You’re on. June, or sooner!!

  451. It’s always bourbon, not wine.

  452. XB, I remember that the most eerie thing about 9/11 here, was no contrails. None. Nothing but blue skies, did I see. (I only had a few family members directly affected)

  453. So what makes Skype so good over some of the other ones out there. Doesn’t gmail have a video chat feature?

  454. I’m putting in for June 1 as well as the Reds/Dbacks in late June. Either way, ROAD TRIP!!!!

  455. **shrugs**

    Skype seems to me to be easier to use, and clearer.

  456. My iPhone has an iChat feature. Like I would use it! Text or PM.

  457. As much as I want to meet Oso, there’s no fucking way I’m driving to AZ in June.

  458. XB, most wines give me migraines. I H8 cilantro, not allergic. Allergic to gin. Getting ready to go all Celiac/Lactose on the H2. Hong Kong Fuey.

  459. Good puppy!


  460. If we did a meat in AZ in June, I can assure you that all activities will be indoors for this girl.

  461. XB, sounds like Dan. He thinks AZ is habitable between Nov-March. H8Rs. He said we need to get serious about our retirement. If it isn’t Kaua’i, it needs to be a Major League city. He’s thinking Denver. I’m thinking SD.

  462. Cyn, bowling, bars,betting, and booze. All indoors.

  463. Heh. I’m down with “indoor activities.”

  464. Heh.

  465. Cyn, bowling, bars,betting, and booze.


  466. Cyn, I’ve tried many of the other video “chatters” and Skype ALWAYS has by far the best images, best sound, best connections. I use it often to talk to friends and family all over the globe. It works like a charm.

  467. Two words-

  468. Bacon. B…B…B…what begins with B?

  469. http://tinyurl.com/d2d3vfa

    One of you ladies may find a use for this later.

  470. Gordon Biersch on Oahu tried to kill me. Waiter was a douche.

  471. Thanks, CB. I will have to try this Skype-thing one of these days.

  472. That was a fun time, Xbrad. Good, good times.

  473. One of my RL friends has been trying to get me to Skype…creepy. Maybe he’s just creepy.

  474. That was a fun time, Xbrad.

    Which time? I’ve been there a few times now. Including dinner/webcast with Will and Peel.

  475. Which time?


  476. Blackadder is one of my favorite things.

  477. San Tan Gordon Biersch?

  478. Phat, me too.

  479. That’s the one, Oso.

  480. I’m off like a prom dress. G’night, cool kids.

  481. I know where that is!!! Haven’t been to GB since they tried to kill me! LOL

  482. There was a young waitress there with a very cute booty and virtually unlimited patience for dealing with pure, distilled idiocy. She’s bound for sainthood.

  483. G’night Cynabuns!

  484. XB, breastaurants are where it’s at these days. Hooters, Tilted Kilt,Twin Peaks, and Smokey Bones.

  485. Andy, Sean and I had an unpleasant experience at the local Tilted Kilt.

  486. Dude in a kilt?

  487. Have they re-opened in Palm Desert?

  488. Mesa and Sean can KMB with today’s Reds/Cubs game.

  489. Mesa can KMB because of that freaky Will Sasso/Lemon thing he linked a few nights ago.

  490. Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton? Discuss.

  491. They had a UFC PPV event, and wanted us to pay a $10 cover charge after we’d been there for over an hour. Fuck that.

    Off to the local Yardhouse.

  492. Cyn and I ran into a PPV too. The manager let us sit outside w/out cover. Our waitress was adorable.

  493. A CBS poll –

    …More than half of women (55 percent) say they support new measures, while just 39 percent of men want stricter laws. …

    I must be a man because I usually vote like one.

  494. beasn, I am totally a straight white male. Except for the Catholic, Hispanic, female dealio.

  495. So, if you’re a straight white male, you banging a chick isn’t gay, right?

  496. I’m so confused. I’ve been chatting with my gay friends.

  497. I thought I was in PM and just tweeted a gay friend on twitter. LOLs all around.

  498. Going to bed before I start armageddon. G’night.

  499. ‘nite…I better go sleeps too.

  500. So…. It’s just me?

  501. There’s emptiness behind their eyes
    There’s dust in all their hearts
    They just want to derp us all
    And take us all apart

  502. Morning.

  503. Morning Jew

  504. This seems like a waste


  505. Blergh. Hotel coffee creamer was cottage cheese. Nothing like chunky coffee when your half asleep.

  506. Peeps deserve to be drowned.

  507. …waste of vodka.

    Peeps don’t survive any expectations of good taste

  508. I drink my coffee black now but I’ve had the cottage cheese experience before

  509. wakey wakey

  510. Morning Car in.

    I’m off to work—-office all day. I’ve survived 4 call days out of the past 5 days without needing to go to the hospital—-a rare no-hitter!

  511. Good morning!

  512. So you are that angry Pilot I keep getting…


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