That was fast

Pope all of what 6 hours and we got stuff to buy with his likeness already. Is this a great country or what.

This is just begging to be captioned, non?

Obligatory video insertion (SYWM):


  1. Push this wench down if someone has real content and what not.


  2. I think I saw the guy on the left, 2nd pic, at a meatup.

  3. Comment by mundane68 on March 13, 2013 11:13 pm
    Lots of very silly reasons, Cyn.
    One, I didn’t really want to stomp on toes, so I wanted to see how new people were supposed to behave.
    Two, I just felt kinda scared and jealous of you all.
    Three, I am such an odd person, politically and professionally, and this is a politically tinged blog.

    One: I get this; did the same thing, but not quite for that long.
    Two: You’re a douche; jelly of what?
    ZZZ: Meh.

  4. Psssh…Andrew Sullivan had a blog post up before they even announced who the pope was lamenting that TEH GAY weren’t being respected by the new pontiff

    Also I think XX Factor on Slate had a collective vapors attack when they figured out the new Pope wouldn’t be likely to be down with female priests and .04 nanoseconds after he was announced.

  5. He does look a bit like he’d be offering to give us little girls some candy, Roamy.

  6. I’m very excited about Pope Francis. I didn’t cry, because I’m not a freak (SYWM) but I know lots of people that did.

  7. A new Pope is a big deal and I hope he does good things for the church.

    I did like his comments about poverty that Laura linked earlier today. Whoa. I think he’s got some excellent ideas and I’m looking to subscribe to his newsletter.

  8. I’m wearing a burka, a purple, spangled thong and a live muskrat for a hat.

  9. Gawd, that sounds perfectly hawt, Master Chief. Take me now!!

  10. Cyn,
    Jealous of the fun you all have. The birthday posts (err “poats”), the moron meatups, the inside jokes…

  11. (Psssst! Who’s turn is it to give MCPO his meds?! He seems waaaay overdue.)

  12. Cyn – I knew you would appreciate – we’re simpatico!

  13. Jesuits are interesting cats.

    Time to hit the hay boogs.

  14. Mundane – “poat” is used here because, in my very first posting, that was my glaring typo.

  15. Jesuits are Christ’s stormtroopers. Trust me on this.

  16. I attend a Jesuit church. I like the Homilies. My priests are smarter than your priest.

  17. We are a pretty great group, Mundane. Never in my dreams could I have imagined making so many very dear close friends in so many places who are spectacularly hilarious and almost as warped as me. Glad you joined up to play in the sandbox, dude.

  18. Sweet dreams, Dave.

  19. What Cyn just said! Cyn has great skin. Bitch!

  20. Sheee-it. You had fewer wrinkles than I did. Plus white teeth. Whore!

  21. Oso – I spent 11 formative years under the academic lash of the Society of Jesus.

  22. Glad to be here, and hope to never to wear out my welcome.

  23. Now ladies, you know the rules on fighting.

    Put the pajamas on and grab the pillows…

  24. And you still turned out okay, MCPO. Mostly.

  25. Welcome mundane! If you can’t wear out a welcome with the pun thread, then it can’t be done easily.

  26. Cyn – S-u-r-e. . .

  27. Chief, they did a good job with the lash. Made you ready for the Navy!

  28. Dammit. Pillows. I forgot the pillows, Oso!

    HAHA! Can you imagine us asking Dan to have taken a few pics of us on your hotel bed while pillow fighting? Heh heh heh. You’d have been grounded for life.

  29. Cyn, the 4 bourbons a night have plumped out my wrinkles. *Better than Botox.

  30. Cyn, now that he knows you’re NOT a serial killer, he may be part of the next meat up.

  31. Reeeeeeeally? What size needles do you use when you inject the bourbon? I’m asking for a friend.

  32. I’m off (I’m sure you noted the smell). Please empty the dumbwaiter and put the empties in the recycling bin before you leave.

  33. So no one clicked on the links in my HHD poat? I was sure I was going to get banned by Wiser today. Now I feel bad for picking on him when he’s got car trouble. (That’s a corner off my Hostage card, isn’t it?)

  34. Sweet dreams to you, Master Chief.

    Leave the potty light on as I’m not too far behind you. I think tomorrow could be a long day, but I hope I’m wrong.

  35. Clicked ’em all, Roamy, and LOL’d when I hit the Wiser and Wiserbud interview. Uranus. I still laugh.

  36. Roamy, I was on my phone most of the day. BRB. Cyn, Tony’s Fish Market in Redondo Beach’s free Mai Tai glass from my Honeymoon. Almost 23 years ago. I have 10 of them.

  37. …now that he knows you’re ~probably~ NOT a serial killer, he may be part of the next meat up.


    Does he lurk, Oso?

  38. Goddammit .. let’s try that again.

    ‘Sup goobers?

  39. I have 10 of them.

    Nice! I have 1 left of a set of 4 plastic bowls that we picked up on our honeymoon that we used to eat cereal every morning at our condo. They’re blue in case you were wondering. Fancy–I know!!!

  40. He’s clicked through a few of MJs BBFs. I read some of the funnier comments aloud or link them to his email. He threatened to de-friend me on FB and doesn’t follow me on Twitter. He vacillates between Ogre’s “NERD!” and Homer’s “Nerds!”

  41. Andy, you’re the only one who will get the Herschel joke on HHD.

  42. *slides Andy something wet on the rocks in a highball*

    Howdy, sir.

  43. **looks at pics of Cyn/Roamy pillow fight**


  44. Andy!!!!! I see George Strait in 3 weeks!!!! (6th time, but who’s counting?)

  45. Roamy, I guessed the Herschel link. LOVED Uranus!!!!

  46. sigh…pillow fight pics…oh well, Tumblr, take me away!

  47. Hope everything goes well for your mom tomorrow, Cyn.

    Squishy (((HUGS))) and good night!

  48. Thanks, Roamy. Sweet nighty dreams to you.

  49. Praying for your Mom, Cyn.

  50. Night all…and Cyn, my hopes and prayers that your mom is all right.

  51. Andy, I’m going to shoot you an email here soon about blog backups. Please don’t click me as spam. TYIA.

  52. Thanks for the prayers all. I’ll keep them tight until we have to sit for the results next week. Tomorrow’s the easier of the two appointments as it were.

  53. Sweet dreams to you, Mundane.

    I’m out too peeps. See you at the coffee klatch.

  54. Cyn, I hear ya.

  55. >> Andy, you’re the only one who will get the Herschel joke on HHD.


  56. Oh hell yes!

    #34 was unstoppable.

  57. Thanks, Cyn.

    >> Andy!!!!! I see George Strait in 3 weeks!!!! (6th time, but who’s counting?)

    Excellent. I’m looking forward to some more dates being announced.

  58. Comments just because …

  59. ECHO!!!

  60. echo …

  61. Me too! Willing to travel for next year!

  62. OT. Andy, when I visit my Godson and I start to feel low about his progress, I think of Jack and get hopeful again.

  63. The bad thing was, the Mrs. and I went back to the hotel room and spent about an hour playing songs we wish he’d done in concert but didn’t.

    The body of work is so big that’s natural, but damn some good ones got left out.

  64. I saw the 50 Greatest Hits Tour. I also saw him when he was just another act at the redneck bar back in the early 80s.

  65. It’s a long, hard road. We go through periods of one step forward, three or four steps back here too, but you just have to keep moving forward.


  66. Thanks. He starts kindergarten in July. He made eye contact and hugged me when I was in PHX. I didn’t get a “Hi.”

  67. “Hi” took years

  68. Back to the King …

    The Mrs. and I were going through favorite songs, and I’ll be damned if that isn’t in the top 5 for me. Love it.

    Okay, maybe top 10. Or 15. But still.

  69. Sean said “Hi” to Dan back in Oct. He did hold my hand and walked with me. I tell Jack stories to my cousin when she’s feeling down.

  70. The Mrs. grew up near where he was from in TX. She saw him before anyone north of Austin had ever heard of him. Great nostalgia concert for her.

    When he does Troubadour, they basically play the video on the screen, except it’s all old pictures. Just awesome.

  71. Andy, that album was GREAT!!!! I love it when he covers Bob Wills. El Rey is one of my favorite covers that he does. Total WTF moment for Mi Familia.

  72. San Marcos?

  73. >> I tell Jack stories to my cousin when she’s feeling down.

    He’s such a challenged kid, it’s great to know he’s inspiring so many others.

    If it’s any consolation, when he was kindergarten age, he didn’t have any words at all. At least ones that would stick.

    If she’s on FB or wherever, let me know. We’d love to be part of the support network.

  74. Just a little southeast of San Marcos in Seguin.

  75. Yeah, I have that CD in the topless car (along with Pat Green’s Cannonball). Nothing better than blaring them driving down some Massachusetts road. Suck it, yankees.

  76. Thanks.

  77. “That’s some badass shit!”

  78. >> “That’s some badass shit!”

    That. Was. Great!

  79. JUAN SEGUIN!!!!!

  80. I am incapable of picking a favorite George song. I have a hard time picking a favorite album.

  81. Yeah, we couldn’t rank the top 10. It was tough.

    I have the box set and a couple of newer albums on the iPhone, and going through that after the concert was kind of depressing. He could’ve played two more hours.

    Unwound live, though … well, it doesn’t get much better.

  82. Never owned any George. But I did enjoy watching Pure Country.

  83. To the Mrs., Pure Country was the sellout phase. It was pretty much universally boycotted in her part of the world.

  84. Well, the ONLY reason I ever listened to any country was because my then g/f demanded I two step with her, if I wanted some fun.

  85. Pure Country is the only King George CD I don’t own. I even have the Christmas CDS.

  86. Dan will be going to his 3rd George concert. Just sayin’

  87. Getting ready to move to reading/phone lurking mode. G’night y’all.

  88. ‘Night Oso.

  89. Through rain an’ wind an’ weather
    Hellbent for leather
    Wishin’ my derp was by my side

    /Good Ol’ Derp Brothers Boys Band

  90. Good morning all. Another day is upon us…this time with POPE!!!

  91. Gained a pope, lost Wes Welker to the Broncos. They paid him 2M more over 2 years than the Pats were willing to pay. 2M saved will look foolish when Brady is knocked down over and over again without a decent slot receiver.

  92. Off to work time

  93. wakey wakey

  94. Coffee?!?!?

  95. Surprise snow!

  96. I see we became a country music blog overnight.

    See? That’s why we can’t have nice things here.

  97. I knew Car in wouldn’t be pleased with the country. Why do you hate country? Can’t you be proud of country?

  98. I think you’ll be pleased with Amendola, Jimbro. Much as I’d like to see the Pats suffer, they will be ok.

  99. Oh, now. It’s not just country I don’t care for.

    There are many genres of music I dislike.

  100. Morning, cool kids.

  101. Happy Pi Day
    Happy Steak & BJ Day

    Those may or may not be related.

  102. I was so looking forward to having a black Pope. Lowering the chassis on the popemobile and adding a boombox would have been fun.

  103. Happy Pi Day
    Happy Steak & BJ Day

    mmm…happy place

  104. I’m not having any pie today.

  105. Mornin’ children.

  106. Tushar, he’s a Hispanic Pope. Maybe spinners on the Popemobile wheels?

  107. *reads upthread*

    Mrs. Andy is from Seguin? That’s where Mr. TiFW and I stayed for our honeymoon – we didn’t realize that the last weekend in August was when everyone was gonna be in New Braunfels, and all of the hotels there were sold out.

    (We were young and poor, and only had a weekend for a honeymoon – we both had to work the next Monday)

  108. ANd some pink flamingos in St. Peter’s square

  109. Tire wet. Lots of tire wet. And it should become the PopeVan.

  110. Saturday Mass will now be known as Sabado Gigante!

  111. MJ, are you gonna make a new poat soon, so someone can stomp all over it?

  112. Nope. I just don’t feel like it today.

  113. We have pupster to blame for this.

  114. I could put one up with all my favorite tunes on it?

    (that should cause someone to poat)

  115. Blaming the dog is so cliche. Why not just say the butler did it?

  116. Obviously MJ is deeply wounded by you pushing down his poat the other day. He’s even considering moving to the VIrgin Islands.

    BAD DOG.

  117. So will the new Popemobile have a St. Christopher medal hanging from the rearview mirror? A pair of fuzzy dice, perhaps? Will there be a Virgin Mary statuette mounted on the dashboard?

    Will it be converted to a lowrider?

  118. I’d take a pretty deep wound myself if a move to VI was the outcome.

  119. We need El Lauraw to weigh in on the pimp my pope-mobile discussions.

  120. Ya think the other Popes will beat him up because of his name?

  121. HERR!!!!!!!!!!


    How’s it going? How’s Miss Sophie these days? Missed ya!

  122. So will the new Popemobile have…

    a CD hanging from the rearview mirror and a remembrance window sticker of a recently deceased relative.

  123. Herr! My husband was just asking how you were doing.

    How about a 1000-word update?

  124. Look at the pope’s last name. He’s not hispanic, he’s Italian. At least part. There are a huge number of Italians in Argentina. Many of them, including a large part of my family, migrated there post WWII. At the time, the Peron administration was very friendly to skilled labor from abroad.
    My family lived there for about ten years then moved to the US. We still have a lot of cousins there.

  125. I caught that Laura
    He is the first non Italian Italian pope in history
    That is against social justice while writing about social justice being a right.

  126. So will the new Popemobile have a St. Christopher medal

    Sadly, he’s no longer a venerated saint. Which is a shame, he was supposed to be 7’6″ and scary looking. We need more saints like that.

  127. So, what you are saying is that the Pope may be a distant relative of yours?

  128. Morning all you gorgeous people, and you too Leon!

  129. This will also be the first Pope that can say “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” with the right accent.

  130. Oh and the whole first Jesuit who calls himself Francis
    Not many contradictions are there?

    I am not speaking in malice, I truly wish him the best, but like most media reports they either get it wrong or are under the influence until a week later when they decide what lies to run with.

  131. My aunt Josephine was born in Argentina. She was supposed to be named ‘Giuseppina.’ The nurse wrote ‘Josefina’ on the form, so my aunt’s birth certificate actually has the Spanish name instead.

  132. So … so we have to call you Papa or something Lauraw?

  133. *strokes chin thoughtfully*
    Yannow Carin, I hadn’t thought that, but now that you mention it…

    Its funny though, I was listening to him yesterday and he does speak Italian with a slight Spanish accent.

    This is a good pick for the continent-straddling nature of it.

  134. It’s just good to have an american as pope.

  135. I’ve heard people who speak both refer to Spanish as Italian with a funny accent and vice-vsera. Back when my German was sharper I could read Dutch pretty easily, I imagine it’s similar.

  136. From the infographic link at Ace’s, Scorpions kill more than lions bears croc’s snakes jellyfish and elephants combined?
    What about sharks everyone is afraid of sharks but they don’t even make the list?

  137. On that infographic I don’t think famine should have all been lumped into ‘the natural world.’ Most famines have been political.

  138. Because sharks don’t populate places where humans habitat everyday. It makes them look less malicious than they are.

  139. Hey all. I’m doing well. Busier than hell. Miss Sophie? Well, uh, you wouldn’t know it from those cute little pictures but this kid is rotten. Absolutely ornery.

    As in, Bic lighter in the toaster ornery. Literally. Try that one at your next party. Sounds like a .45.

  140. So, she’ll make a great Hostage someday then, is what I’m reading here….

  141. Mundy, have you ordered anything from the Animosity International store yet? A tiny fraction of every purchase goes to advance the cause of hatred across borders.

  142. I think the last natural famine was the Potato Blight, and that’s debatable.

  143. Somalia. Political. Ethiopia. Political.

  144. Anecdotal reinforcement of Leon’s premise
    1 I picked up my Cuban girlfriend one night who was speaking to her Portuguese neighbor, I asked the GF if she spoke Portuguese as well as Spanish English and French? She said she does not speak a word of Portuguese but understands it well enough. Her neighbor did not speak Spanish.

    2 I was traveling in Mexico with a Italian friend who knew as much Spanish as I, but could converse fluently in Italian and be understood / understand the gist of it.

  145. North Korea – political.

    China – political.

    Russia – political.

  146. Ah, Sophie is a gal after my own heart, Herr – you guys are gonna earn every grey hair with that little pistol!

  147. Leon, during the Irish potato famine, there was a lot of other produce being grown in Ireland. It was all being exported to England.

  148. Mundy, have you ordered anything from the Animosity International store yet?

    Order today and we offer shipping.

  149. >>>Herr – you guys are gonna earn every grey hair with that little pistol!

    What hair?

  150. You…didn’t always offer shipping?

    What did you do, just put a name tag on the goods as they were sold?

  151. I grew up seeing kids from Africa starving and covered with flies.

    I wonder if we just moved on, or if they ever got a sandwich or anything.

  152. You…didn’t always offer shipping?

    I didn’t say today only…

  153. Rachel Carson scores again!

  154. Of course anyone wants to expand their brand moving from a coveted prime-time slot to a mid-afternoon Saturday slot. Such a no-brainer we can’t figure out why he took so long to make the move.

    Ed Shultz – spittle-flinger extraordinaire – Could he be more of a buffoon?

    Full article @ JWF

  155. D.G. says growing is hard work!

  156. EL LW, someone posted your “It wasn’t me” AoSHQ post on Reddit in the conservative forum. I don’t know if this happens a lot but it is the first time I’ve seen an AoSHQ link there.

  157. Heh. D.G. looks like she fell into a tiger trap.

    Thanks for sharing, Chief.

  158. >> Most famines have been political.

    Bingo. Including the Irish potato famine, the English just let them starve when their basic staple failed. Stalin used food as a weapon in the Ukraine. Mao. North Korea. Large parts of Africa.

    More effective than soldiers and tanks.

  159. If the trackbacks at Ace’s actually worked, I would already know that. But they don’t so I didn’t.
    Thanks Pupster.

  160. DG is adorable – love the way that she spreads out and makes the whole bed her own!

  161. […] As our friend Wiserbud notes at H2, “Rachel Carson scores again!” […]




    My comment got picked up by the “Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid” blog!!1!1!!

    I am finally Somebody™!!

  164. Yes, Wiserbud, you’ve arrived.

    But not Wiser.

  165. *loads up sniper rifle, positions self across from record store*

  166. Wiser – I wanna be just like you when you grow up!

  167. But not Wiser.

    meh. Nobody likes him anyway

    He’s a douche

  168. Wiser – I wanna be just like you when you grow up!


    hmmmm….. look, we should probably talk about that…..

  169. *loads up sniper rifle, positions self across from record store*

    well, at least I have nothing to worry about…

    considering I work at a MUSIC STORE, GODDAMIT!!

  170. Fornication 101 huh?

  171. DD#3’s stupid kitten can’t decide if he likes “Outside” or not – he keeps sneaking out the door whenever he can, then meows piteously to be let in and proceeds to insist upon being petted until he can overcome the trauma of being cold and alone.

    Unfortunately for him, DD#3 is at work, which means that Rebecca gets to give him “full body affection” 😛

  172. Fornication 101 huh?

    I’ve been taking that class on a Pass/Fail basis for years.

  173. Mostly fail, from what I hear.

  174. We rent warehouse space from a neighbor of Kaman Aerospace. You never know what you might see flying around there. Last summer I spotted this

    I just found out it’s a KMAX drone.

  175. Petting kitties?

  176. Yup.

  177. Scott – I had a job offer from them a few years ago. Couldn’t afford to relocate with what they were willing to pay.

  178. Scott, that’s pretty cool. The Marines have had fair success using one to deliver supplies in Afghanistan.

  179. Mostly fail, from what I hear.

    Yet, strangely enough, I’m still allowed to try again.

  180. I just found out it’s a KMAX drone.

    duck and cover, dude.

  181. Carin, I think you better watch this:

    *pops a wheelie*

    *peels out*

  182. Yea, Hotspur, I’m just as likely to watch that as I am to attend a seminar on the joy of prostate sex.

  183. I just found out it’s a KMAX drone

    Is that anything like a Tampax drone?

  184. Yea, Hotspur, I’m just as likely to watch that as I am to attend a seminar on the joy of prostate sex.

    What if they had live demonstrations?

  185. Is that anything like a Tampax drone?

    Those only appear about once a month and are a whole hell of a lot more annoying.

  186. Yea, Hotspur, I’m just as likely to watch that as I am to attend a seminar on the joy of prostate sex.

    What if they had live demonstrations?

    Still about as likely as me being able to pick-up the latest Radiohead album at your music store.

  187. KAMAN also created Ovation guitars and FIDELCO.

  188. If you ever get a chance to purchase a German Shepherd that has flunked out of the FIDELCO program just open your wallet. Their dogs are amazing.

  189. Is this POS still up?

  190. Effen MJ was too busy to throw something up, Cyn.

  191. lazy phuck

  192. Wait. He has to do a poat tomorrow. What are YOU doing at the moment?

  193. I am a very busy person, Cyn.

    Besides I put up three poats (which no one will read) at my place.

  194. Ok. I’ll try. But I don’t want to hear any bitching.

  195. Meh, your call. I am just hanging waiting for the procedure to get done.

  196. What us bitch??

  197. For us to bitch, that means actually commenting.

  198. I read ’em.

  199. I do, as well.

  200. Carin is just trolling for compliments.

  201. Ok, it’s up. New poat.

  202. I’m just as likely to watch that as I am to attend a seminar on the joy of prostate sex.

    CaRiN is obviously antistate sex.

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