Monday-ish Muscly Motive-actuators

Greetings all. It’s Monday morning again and there ain’t a damn thing anyone can do about it, least of all me. I get to spend my week trying to maintain yet another fresh piece of orphaned code and picking up a new set of orphaned tasks thanks to yet another departing coworker. Everyone leaves and I get more to do for the same amount of money. It’s (not) awesome, I recommend it if you have the opportunity (to remain employed in the midst of the economic destruction wrought by Obama and his fellow travelers).

Anyone need a mathlete? I’m not cheap, but I’m very good and have a higher tolerance for tedium than most. I’ve done damn near everything you can task defense contractor technical staff with and then some. I can coordinate and collaborate and commiserate and powerpoint and blahbadeedblah. Eh, whatever, I’ll probably just stay at it because I’m pretty sure putting up with all of it has left me somewhere in the walking-on-water stage with management, and my office is really close to my gym, so there’s that.

Is this what you came here for? No, of course not, and I don’t blame you if you skipped all that crap and came straight down to this first image. I’m just saying that I ain’t all that motivated, just sorta resignated. Er, resigned. But I’m not quitting, it’s the other kind of resigned. Like, to fate.

This is a gif. It was sent to me, I’ll leave you to guess the sender.

This is scorpion pose, I think. I’m not a yogi. It’s hot, whatever it is.
This is an activity I’m much more familiar with. Getting the plate down, I mean. Not being at the gym in lycra short-shorts. That’s more for home.
I think XBrad sent me this. If someone can show me proof that it’s a tranny, I’m sure it was him.
I’m sure this lovely creature will be derided as unfeminine because she dares to have some heft to her quadriceps. Bless her for it.
This one’s sorta risque`, what with the bed and all.
Mmmmmm, knee socks.
Have I posted this before? Probably. Probably will again, too. Cope!
And lastly, another masculine beast half of you will ignorantly claim is the bearer of a Y chromosome.
Now, get out there and kick some ass. Sometimes, ass-kicking is all you’ve got left, so make the most of it.


  1. Faust

  2. Good morning.

  3. Lycra short-shorts lady should smile. I’m kinda mesmerized by the gif. If I did that, there’s a good chance I’d end up flinging the weight behind me.

  4. Did anyone else start their morning by stepping in a carpet pee puddle and spotting a log on the linoleum, followed by wondering if it was “time”?

  5. Bodies in motion are more interesting than static images, n’est–ce pas? Long hair is nice, too.

    cmonback cat

  6. The one Brad sent has man hands and man feet.

  7. Skipping coffee today to drink bone broth from the chicken I roasted last night.

  8. Hello!

  9. >> The one Brad sent has man hands and man feet.

    and a dick.

  10. Why is no one talking about placing reasonable limits on the free speech rights of leftists? Their constant barrage of insanity instructs killers, yet we do nothing about it.

    Think about the children.

  11. Long hair is nice, too.

    Keep telling me that. My hair is the longest it’s ever been, and I have to wear it in a ponytail when I’m working around machinery. I’d braid it, but then I’d look like the other woman with long hair at work, and she’s a fourth-order bitch.

  12. If they don’t talk, we won’t have any way to show how wrong they are.

  13. The guy in the second picture is really kind of frightful. I don’t think it was a good idea when he stopped taking the hormones.

  14. I have been watching the girl lifting weights for an hour.
    I wonder when she will get tired?

  15. Good morning children. Thanks Leon, yoga girl looks like fun.

  16. Plowed through enough stock to have a thermos free for coffee, so I’ll be having that too.

    I may be peeing a lot today.

  17. man hands and man feet

    Great googly-moogly! Spare the airbrush on those abs and crop the feets, pronto!

    No, really Leon, this is a pretty good looking group of exercisers.


    Sorry about your slippers.

  18. wakey wakey

  19. Good morning, Jewstin.

  20. Another very busy day at work.

  21. The worst part is that I don’t wear slippers. I had to hop to the paper towels.

  22. cmonback cat

    HA! Great way to wake up.

    All your models seem motivated Leon.

  23. Good morning, Jewstin.

    HAHAH…Seriously, ridiculousness is so funny.


    Hahahahahaha. Leeeeeeroy!

  25. All your models seem motivated Leon.

    Well I'm glad someone is. I still gotta haul my ass out the door pretty soon.

  26. HA! Great way to wake up.
    All your models seem motivated Leon.
    Ok, that made me laugh. I don’t really like cats, but I’m starting to change that opinion based on the internet.

  27. So, what did everyone do yesterday while I was bringing people food?

    That’s nice.

  28. Hah! Leeeeroy!

  29. Who’s the squirrel? You’re the squirrel! Let’s go!


  30. It says something that only a frou-frou restaurant like that could stay in business in DC.

  31. Yep.

  32. What comes after the Fourth Order?

  33. What comes after the Fourth Order?

    A nice digestif?

  34. What comes after the Fourth Order?

    I’m an engineer, so I don’t know. Anything more than 3rd order effects are usually damped out by lack of resonance and interference from the lower order effects.

  35. What comes after the Fourth Order?
    A nice digestif?

    HA! Jew!

    Maybe a cheese tray?

  36. 44 degrees this morning. I’m going to have to move South for the winter pretty soon.

  37. Hola, Bitches

  38. MJ, that’s 30 degrees warmer than I was.

  39. Simple mistake:

  40. Americano, where in the world have you been?

    Update please!

  41. All these stars are having plastic surgeries that make them look awful. And they’re all starting to look eerily alike. The cheek implants, the puffy lips.

    You know what I would do, if I were going to install new hardware? I’d go totally in the other direction. Change the whole game.

    Eye stalks.

    Think about it.

  42. Hey Mare!

  43. Your avatar looks good, I’m assuming all is well with our far away friend.

  44. Had some ups and downs, but all in all, life is pretty good.

  45. ….and interference from the lower order effects.

    *raises hand*

    Oooh, oooh, oooh – I know this one!!!!!
    “Lower order effects” is US, right?

    *sits back down, self-satisfied grin on face*

  46. OK, Eye stalks made me laugh.

    Hold still Dave!

  47. When Nancy Pelosi laughs it makes her shoulders shrug.

  48. *imagines cool new eye stalks, each moving independently*

    OMG. I MUST have them. I could look up and down at the same time.

  49. I could look up and down at the same time.

    I dated a guy like that once. He had a lazy eye. I was constantly looking over my shoulder to see who the hell he was talking to.

  50. So only Drudge is talking about gas prices? Strange, when Bush was President all hell broke loose if it was up .03.

    I think more citizens should be outraged, this hits them squarely in the pocketbook.

  51. OMG. I MUST have them. I could look up and down at the same time.

  52. HotBride and I walked to breakfast yesterday, and as we passed a gas station by I said “Hmmm….$4 a gallon gas. How come no one is flipping out like they did when gas went to $3 under Bush?”

    She said “I don’t want to talk about politics.”

  53. Holy shit, I forgot my husband’s birthday.

  54. Wife of the Year


  56. Very strange. We are big birthday people. We’ve just always had fun with it, made it a big deal, a “your day” kind of deal…shoot, sometimes we celebrate all week.

    There is a disturbance in the force.

  57. He won’t notice.

  58. Mr. Mare probably wants a Vermont Teddy Bear. Or a PajamaGram.

  59. “He won’t notice.”

    hahaha…You were right until his friend called him to wish him a Happy Birthday (I was in his office making a copy) when I heard him say, “thanks, buddy.” GULP

  60. I covered reeeeeeeally well by saying, “Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!”

  61. Why can’t meteors hit Texas? WHY????

  62. Its over. We lost the media, education, and the internet.

    I’m convinced that this blog will be the only somewhat conservative place in existence in a few years.

  63. You can make it up to him….RIGHT NOW!

  64. MJ, did you see something that put you over the edge?

    I don’t disagree with you, I’m just wondering about the latest outrage.

  65. And mare’s house, but I’m not sure she really exists anyway, and it’s quite possible that only Mr Mare will possibly exist after today.

    Bad, wife. Bad.

  66. MJ, what are you babbling about?

  67. I don’t know what’s happening. I need to get squared away. Or maybe just buy a calendar.

    When I say I never know the day/date, I’m not exaggerating. I don’t know and generally don’t care.

    It’s going to be awkward around here today.

  68. Buck up, MJ.

  69. Just blow him.

  70. Less awkward = more nakid.

  71. Okay, I’m out, I’ve got to figure out how to make this right.

  72. Mare, I think I know a way you could make Stallion forget about your forgetfulness. Holla.

  73. Hotspur, quite beating around the bush and just spill it.

  74. Leon,

    We’ve had about enough of these fucking caucasian women. It’s time for you to find us some nice Philapinas and maybe a Cambodian or two.

  75. I’m not outraged at all, but reading stuff from all different types of sites leads me to believe that every writer, no matter how big or small is pushing the same stereotype about conservatives.

    It’s become fact, rather than opinion.

  76. The 11:12 to 11:15 segment is ALL MINE BITCHES.

  77. **stabs MJ**

  78. Assault knife!!!

  79. Our water heater is dying today… yaaaay!

  80. Do they make such a thing with a built-in re-circ pump and if so, should we go that route?

  81. Cyn – Electric or gas?

  82. Gas

  83. We cannot afford to go tankless.

  84. every writer, no matter how big or small is pushing the same stereotype about conservatives

    Believe it or not, most people aren’t paying attention.

    They’re too busy watching Honey-Boo-Boo and reading about the antics of the latest Bimbo of the Moment.

    They only pay attention – if they pay attention at all – about a day before an election. And a large number of them don’t even vote.

  85. Oh. . . we are going tankless this year. The ROI is really good.

  86. You must be heating your water with electric if your looking at good ROI. Gas is cheap here and the hubby said entry level tankless was a grand.

  87. You mean The Unicorn AdministrationTM hasn’t come up with an efficient and affordable solar/wind/skittle-powered water heater yet?

    This is my shocked face…..

  88. I’m not allowed to have tankless. When living in Hong Kong, I had a tankless water heater. I easily spent an hour showering.

    It was fantastic.

  89. Interesting, from Consumer Reports on tankless, but a bit olde: 2008

  90. When they built new cabins at the campground Mr. TiFW’s family meets at every year, they were all furnished with tankless water heaters.

    Last summer, we were unfortunate enough to be in one of the last of those cabins that was getting switched over to a “traditional” water heater.

    The only way to get the water hot enough for a shower was to run the faucets in the kitchen and the bathroom sink at full blast the entire time.

    Water is pretty precious in Southwest Texas…..

  91. Gas isn’t cheap here. . . OK, that’s a lie. The gas is cheap, but the taxes that PA tacks on sure ain’t!

  92. You can install a circulating pun, but you will also have to install a separate circulating line. That could be difficult depending on how you house is built. Being in AZ you likely don’t have a basement, and if your house is two stories, you’ll have to figure out how to run the line to the upstairs baths.

  93. If you go tankless, Chief, be sure to follow the regular maintenance routine. If you don’t you’ll be lucky to get five years out of one if your water is the least bit hard.

  94. pun = pump

  95. #1 son and DG sharing hair products?

  96. Can’t do the separate circ lines, so now we’re looking at tankless nat gas.

    Any brand recommendations, ‘Spur? We’re going to have to buy from Sears or HD or Lowes for the product, unless we wanted to wait and maybe go with Rinnai through Amazon.

  97. Best pic evah, Chief!

  98. Our hot water heater died months ago, now it’s just a thermos.

  99. I’d go with the Rinnai.

  100. A giant kettle on a fire in the back yard. & a hand-carved beech paddle.

  101. They’re too busy watching Honey-Boo-Boo and reading about the antics of the latest Bimbo of the Moment.

    They only pay attention – if they pay attention at all – about a day before an election. And a large number of them don’t even vote.
    I’m not talking about traditional media or political outlets. I’m talking about shows that people watch for some other reason, but contains thinly veiled political messages that LIV absorb. Especially young people.

  102. MJ did you see the article I linked to yesterday on this topic?

  103. We’ve had about enough of these fucking caucasian women. It’s time for you to find us some nice Philapinas and maybe a Cambodian or two.

    Look, I try very hard to gather diverse imagery, but it’s tough to find women who

    1) Aren’t white
    2) Are fit
    3) Are willing to have pictures taken in lycra
    4) I find attractive

    So it’s mostly that last one, because I’m a racist, or something.

  104. Question for any of you who is into this kind of thing:
    I have almost all components delivered for a great home theater system, and I will complete assembling everything over the next few days. Now comes the next part: getting some movies with sound effects powerful enough to blow away Mare’s clothes, pulverize MCPO’s dentures, turn to dust Dave’s prosthetic nutsack and ….. Well. … Um… Have no effect on XBrad whatsoever.

    So far, I have zeroed in on Live free or die hard, and Inception.

    Can youse folks suggest other movies with great sound effects?

  105. Add on the extra valves needed to flush for the tankless plus maybe some other hardware to reconfig the venting, and we’re talking some bucks now. Plus, the hubby says this may be crossing that “DIY Line”… calling a pro for a quickie bid.

    Maybe Scott could just email me the plans for the Outdoor Grill-n-Shower™.

  106. The original Matrix movie was a pretty good test of a friend’s home theater.

  107. Thank you for the recommendation, ‘Spur. ♥♥♥

  108. Tush, LOTM and Silverado.

  109. Yes, Leon. That is the movie I used when I was testing systems for myself.

  110. DG is cute as a bug. She makes me smile. And #1 Son is awfully easy on the eyes. You should probably keep them, MCPO.

  111. Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie

  112. Can youse folks suggest other movies with great sound effects?

    Goldeneye (we used this) and Star Wars Episode 4 remastered are the recommendations from the hubby. Oh, he’s also throwing in Raider’s of the Lost Ark

  113. Tushar, Spacejam has a terrific sound track. I used to use it to test audio equipment. Plus your little monsters will get a kick out of it.

  114. I think my Dad used Top Gun for that purpose, Tushar.

  115. I’m not just a racist, I’m a trendsetter.

  116. Tush,

    I’ve got an Ozzy Osborne in concert DVD I’ll let you borrow.

  117. I’ve got an Ozzy Osborne a Pink Floyd-DSOTM in concert DVD I’ll let you borrow.

    /J’Ames + Wiserbud

  118. I like all suggestions. Special thanks to PG for his generous order which I must refuse on principle.

    BTW, what is LOTM? I know LOTR movies have great audio effects. Never heard of LOTM.

  119. I avoided faceborg before avoiding faceborg was cool.

  120. I like Faceplant for keeping up with family that doesn’t like talking on the phone.

  121. Last of the Mohicans

  122. Hotspur, I know you have a great home theater. Here is what I got:
    Yours is more upscale, but mine will scare the neighbors.

    Onkyo NR1010 7.2 AV receiver

    Klipsch Reference RF-82 II floorstanding – taller and louder than my kids.

    Klipsch Reference RC-52 II center.

    Klipsch RS-52 bipole surrounds.

    A huge-ass Klipsch subwoofer that is known to knock the socks off unsuspecting listeners.

    70 inch Sharp Aquos flatscreen. I can see the dirt under the fingernails of actors in long shots.

    I might think about adding a dedicated amp and bi-wiring the front speakers at a later date. Also some rear speakers if I ever find a satisfactory wireless transmitter. I am NOT running wires to the back of the room.

  123. The Transformers movies all have a lot of audio FX. The first one was the best.

  124. Oh, forgot to mention that the subwoofer is fatter and louder than me. That is seriously fat and loud.

  125. Pupster, I thought about transformers, but I might hurl heavy objects at the TV when Shia Lewoof comes on screen.

  126. “I am NOT running wires to the back of the room.”

    No basement?

  127. My basement is above ground, and has a finished ceiling. I don’t want to rip up anything

  128. There are some 5GHz wireless transmitter/receivers that look promising. Transmit the sound, have another stereo amp at the back of the room, and feed the back speakers. Easy.

  129. Chief, the look on DG’s face is priceless: “Can you BELIEVE I’m related to this guy?” :P

  130. Tush, the latest Blu-Ray system that we bought is wireless – easy-peasy!

  131. Bullshitter of the Year Award, even though it’s only February

    “We are making great progress, we are on track, and we will be ready for people all across the country to obtain high-quality affordable health care coverage beginning on Oct. 1,” Gary Cohen, director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, told the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday.

  132. Teresa, this is slightly different. I have a Blu-Ray player that is wifi capable, but I am going to run patch cables to the router. You don’t want to stream a movie and have jitters. Wifi makes lags more likely.

  133. If you’ve got carpet and baseboard, you can usually find enough space to tuck some waars under the bottom of the baseboard. Use something plastic like a spatula, not a screwdriver or you’ll nick the waars. I’ve also pulled up carpet and laid waars under, but you need a carpet knee-kicker to re-attach, tool rental place might have them.

    waars – Ohioan for wires.

  134. That’s nearly six feet of television. Can I come over? I’ll bring beer.

  135. Pups, I have carpet, and I am going to run flat wires to the surrounds under them. But going all the way to the back of the room is messy.

  136. Jewstin, you can come over any time.
    Everything is so clear it is unreal. I have avoided watching cable, because I don’t want to accidently switch to MSNBC and catch a glimpse of Matthews or Maddows. The details will give me nightmares.

  137. when Shia Lewoof comes on screen.

    Yeah, but…

  138. Happy whatever, everybody!

  139. Tushar: The Dark Knight has incredible sound, right up there with Inception. Top Gun is another good one.

    I always test surround sound (which you don’t have yet) with Aliens. When the landing ship crashes into the reactor building, you can listen to an iron bar bounce past you. It’s pretty cool. Also the door cutting at the beginning is pretty cool, too. I only have the DVD of that, so I’m sure the Blu Ray is better. Blu Rays have a lot better sound than DVD.

  140. Carpet kickers are evil.

    I worked for a carpet installer when I first got out of school. I lost a lot of blood and several knee caps.

  141. Are you serious Sean?

  142. I’ve installed rolled linoleum once, carpet twice, and those adhesive tile squares twice. Every time I do anything with floors I swear I’ll never do it again. Hard work, requires skills I do not possess, like the ability to measure correctly and cut a straight line with a carpet knife.

  143. It was a general sentiment, Puppeh. I’m actually more funderemployed.

  144. Linoleum and carpet is hateful stuff. I thoroughly enjoy putting in hardwood and stone. It’s hard on the knees though. It’s a very Catholic job.

  145. >> My basement is above ground

    Unclear on the concept.

  146. OK Sean, sorry to make you ‘splain the funnah. Have some upvotes.

  147. Talked to a plumber by phone with our maintenance company: even going tankless, we’d still need a pump to get the water to the other end of the house, which has always been ~the~ PIA issue.

    $800 vs. $2500-$4600 Suh-weeet.

  148. I swear, I hink that shake weight thing was invented by a bunch of college dudes who are still giggling their asses off at the most awesome con job ever.

  149. Eye hink your wright, Dave.

    *watches Hotspur’s head assplode*

  150. Dave, I’m pretty sure the same thing is true for communism.

  151. Okay, I think I got the USS Birthday ship righted. Custom cake, great lunch, our girls called which set the ball rolling and tonight? Well, who knows.

  152. And soap on a rope. Shaped like the Pope.

  153. Needs to be hi-res. For science.

  154. Looks good, Tushar.

    Bear in mind that the sound quality from the rear speakers is not as important as the front speakers. Wireless may be fine.

  155. Damn Pupster, nice link. Flexy is good.

  156. hshahahah…I love that gal:

  157. MJ did you see the article I linked to yesterday on this topic?
    No. I’m going to go check it out.

  158. Hey Jimbro,

    Should I get this mole checked out?

  159. MJ –

  160. L to R

    Tuesday, Lauraw

  161. Oh, the LI piece. Yes, I did read that. Its totally true and very scary, in my opinion.

    It’s almost as if the goal is to uninform rather than inform. All of these sources tend to work to illicit instant negative reaction that takes very little thought.

    It’s simple: That’s uncool and stupid. Therefore I’m cool and smart for believing as I’ve been told.

  162. MJ –

  163. I saw that Pupster. I’d wear that helmet full of spiders for 25-100K per night.

  164. You sure, MJ?

  165. No clicky, Cyn. Not unless you are paying me 25-100K.

  166. If you don’t click, you can hand over your man card.

  167. I wouldn’t do it for 10 minutes for 25k.

  168. Daddy long legs spiders? I’d do it for $500.


  169. Man card? Where do I get one of those?

  170. It’s on the top shelf in the garage.

  171. Where do I get one of those?


    *emails a Shake Weight to MJ*

  172. It’s not that I don’t think I could, it’s that I refuse to debase myself for money.

    Also because spiders are scary.

  173. Shower hardware is replaced. You may all stand in awe of my plumbing skills!

  174. *stacks paint can, crate full of crappy Pink Floyd records, 1982 issue of Hustler, old suitcase, case of empty beer bottles, box labeled ‘x-mas decorations’, box labeled, ‘sex toys’, box labeled ‘x-mas themed sex toys’.

    *leans ladder against pile of stuff

    *climbs ladder, stands on stuff

    *reaches onto top shelf


  175. Heh.

  176. Someone show this to beansesefdskhgjnbancdmc. ,fnahedf when she checks in:

    I’m out.

  177. Dave, this is waht will happen when some young man come around to ask for your daughter’s hand.

  178. If the pile of stuff is taller than your ladder, how’d you get the stuff to the top of the pile in the first place?

    And why would you need to lean a ladder up against it if you were already up there?

    What can there possibly be on that shelf that is better than X-Mas-themed sex toys?

    *begins to understand why everyone hates me….. :P*

  179. *reads upthread, sees DiT’s comment*

    Oh…..his Man Card.
    Now I get it.

    Carry on.

  180. If he’s a drummer I would just shoot him outright.

  181. If he’s a drummer, he doesn’t date girls with a father.

  182. Dave, this is waht will happen when some young man come around to ask for your daughter’s hand.

    I’d bet on the sound of a shotgun being racked.

  183. As it happens, eldest is currently seeing a guitarist.

  184. Remember Lindsey Lohan before her whorish mother and pimpish father worked their magic? Remember Lindsey before the booze, the pills, the coke, and every other drug? Remember Lindsey before the skanky behavior, the crotch shots and the stints in bad movies to get some bucks? Remember Lindsey before the 34 court appearances and an equal number of car accidents, run ins and what not? Remember what she looked like before she looked 45 when she’s really 26?

  185. I remember when Arab oil barons couldn’t rent LiLo.

  186. She really could clean-up pretty nicely.

  187. I can’t recall seeing her in anything

  188. She squandered this beauty:

    No she’s an Ashley Judd puffy faced, circles under eyes, too colored hair, blotchy faced, puffed lipped mess.

  189. She’s no academy award winning actress, I just thought that first picture was soooo pretty and now through her reckless lifestyle she’s given it away.


  191. She was pretty Mare.
    I saw Helen Hunt on a blurb for Letterman and the same thing to Zeke.
    She was pretty.

  192. Said, I forgot a said up there^^^

  193. I don’t know what you people are talking about. Lindsay Lohan looks good for a woman in her 50s.

  194. MJ nails it.

  195. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

  196. Vman’s drunk pretty early…NTTIATWWT!!

  197. I haven’t seen Helen Hunt recently, but she used to be downright gorgeous.

  198. I think Helen Hunt has aged well.

  199. Rosetta?

  200. Sorry it was an impression from a teaser she may still be pretty, but I did not get the impression from the commercial.

  201. Purple, orange, light blue girl for the win.

  202. HA! Pupster you douche. We keeping you up?

  203. I’m honored to think that my reappearance, however brief, cause Mare to forget about her husband’s birthday. Now, about those pesky vows…..

  204. I dunno what’s wrong with me, I got stuck in a traffic jam on the way home…crawling along at 3 MPH in stop and go traffic and I started feeling tired, like exhausted almost, had trouble keeping my eyes open. I made it home OK but I’m afraid I’m going to do a face plant on my dinner plate.


  206. CO poisoning Pups?


    They misspelled aisle.

  208. Damn! Who the hell drinks Pepsi?!

  209. L to R

    Pup, Roamie

  210. That was a long ass day. Done/Over/Kaput. Time to refresh and recharge for an easier one tomorrow.
    i) nice MMM Leon
    b) definitely remove that mole pup, it looks malignant with the raised, irregular borders. Plus I think I saw it move.
    #) my BiL has a TV like Tushar is describing. The picture looks so perfect it’s scary. Hard to come home and watch my POS TV.
    9) it was scary driving today. Roads were bone dry for a while so normal 15+ above the speed limit then you’d come across wind blown snow whiting out the pavement and feel the truck moving sideways.

  211. Jimbro – The price is dropping on those new TVs, unless you are going for a 3D, smart one. I have to use a thumb drive to update the firmware on mine as it is not on my network. It is, however, a 55″ plasma that displays at 1080P.

  212. DG pics always make a meh day better. Always.

  213. Hahahahaha, good one, Pupster.

  214. (L to R) Airdale, Cyn

  215. Tushar, ‘300’ has good sound effects. Easy on the eyes too.

  216. Thanks for the cute cake up yonder, puppeh.

  217. I may need to upgrade tv’s in the next year or so. We just bought a camp last summer and I need to buy docks this spring so that’ll burn some cash up. Plus, it’s my payment on two mortgages till future wifey gets her nursing degree/job in January 2014.

  218. Osita, have I said how glad I am that you gave up FB for Lent and not us?

  219. Awww..thanks, Roamy.

  220. OSO!!!

  221. His ways are mysterious indeed.

  222. I meant Pupster, not God.

  223. Yay, well guy coming in the morning. New well should be online by tomorrow evening. Should be………………. chance of something screwing up, 20%.

    Hope you recover from the CO poisoning Pups.

  224. Good song, Chief! Pepe, how was the wind treating you today?

  225. Just read my daily email update from my society, I’ll summarize one article:

    In response to an anticipated doctor shortage med schools have increased admissions. Fine. But the number of residency spots has not increased. There are a lot of reasons for this but among these is the partial funding supplied by Medicare to train residents. Medicare payments are not going up therefore there is little reason to believe residency spots are going to go up.

    We’re boned.

  226. This is pretty good, and pretty accurate:

  227. Hey Oso, beautiful day ’til 1:00, then it started blowing about 25 mph. Died down around 5:00, so not bad at all. It’s been dusty here, and a little smoky. Something is making my nose stuff up.

  228. Today was a holiday. Which means I worked from home, and just for 10 hours. Also, I goofed off for a few minutes here and there!

    **beams with pride and happiness**

    **rethinks the situation**


  229. I work with lots of young people. We’re boned. Guy was using his anticipated tax return to buy a 60″ TV. On his Dad’s membership.

  230. Pepe, between the sage and the juniper, I sound like Froggy from Feb-Mid March.

  231. Oso – No sense of delayed gratification. When my son was 17 we had a serious talk about it. I might as well have been talking to the cat. But, he made his decisions and paid the price.

  232. Somebody loves me, I wonder who. . .

  233. If local honey and bee pollen work, gin should be good for juniper allergies.

  234. Scott, you’d think that would be so…Gin and Tonic was our summer drink in college. Anaphylactic shock isn’t pretty.

  235. Gun store has ammo!

  236. I need a rotary cutter. I was only right next door to a big craft store tonight. But didn’t think of it.

  237. That was our college drink too. When we weren’t drinking cheap beer of course.

    I think I drank so much gin and tonic one night that it turned me off for years.

  238. Yesterday, I had Beasn level rage going. Sundays are non-citizen EBT days at Sam’s Club. Not all are Mexican Nationals. I submitted a credit app for a non-citizen, small business owner, named Abdul. 15 minutes earlier, I had done an EBT return for him.

  239. Wow. You must be really allergic to juniper.

  240. Yeah, I stick with vodka because, for some reason, Herself doesn’t like spending hours in the ER after I drink gin!

  241. So how much fraud is in the EBT system?

    I’m guessing somewhere in the range of 95%.

  242. I have friends that still have tequila aversion. 30 years later.

  243. “G+T” sounded sophisticated in my 20’s. Now I don’t give a rat’s ass how it sounds when I say “draft Guinness “

  244. My biggest allergies are eggs, aloe, sage, and juniper. Good times.

  245. Jimbro, Margarita with a Guinness float at Toby Keith’s isn’t as yummy as it sounds. See also Guinness Brownies.

  246. Oso, my tequila aversion stems from my college graduation party in 1986. As I stood on an empty keg and drained the last of a Mezcal bottle and ate the worm I thought I was on the top of the world. Subsequent events disabused me of that notion.

  247. Heh, 30 years ago!

  248. I like Guinness but I prefer it at room temperature and out of a bottle.
    Keg beer gives me hangovers.

  249. I’ve never had enough tequila to get sick, so it’s never given me an aversion.

    I couldn’t eat bananas for several years, though, after I spent 2 hours peeling 60# of them.

  250. *drinks my tea quietly*

  251. “Subsequent events disabused me of that notion.”

  252. Beer always gave me bloat not buzz. Spent a Christmas break in Vienna one year. Austrian beer and wine was yum. Jimbro, I never “ate the worm.” A friend’s dad told me if I drank Scotch, I would never get a hangover. He was wrong.

  253. I H8 bananas.

  254. I can eat them now, but I still prefer to cook them first.

  255. I don’t even like banana flavored stuff. I H8 banana spiders too. Pretty much anything that is associated with bananas. Banana splits. Banana chips. Banana boat song. The color yellow.

  256. Tush, Glory is really cool in surround too.

  257. I do not hate bananas however if they disappeared from the planet I would not be troubled to miss them


  259. I used to eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches as a yout

  260. Good Post and good thinking over at the HQ Andy

  261. Looks like Mare found a way to make it up to Mr. Mare for forgetting his birthday.


  262. Did anybody discover how anybody else’s family really amassed their vast fortune today?

  263. “NSFW”

    I nominate that for the comment hall of fame.


    Good night, H2. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.

  265. G’night, pups.

  266. Look, I’m not going to give details but I sooooooo salvaged my husband’s birthday that I should win a prize or something.

  267. We are the champions, my friends!!!!! We’ll keep on fighting ’till the end!!!

  268. Seriously, this is my husband’s comment about his birthday:

    “Well, this birthday turned out really, really well”

  269. Nice save, Mare.

  270. Pups, this is for you:

  271. Did you do that special something he’s been asking for forever, mare?

    Also NSFW

  272. The hot water tank replacement feature on today’s episode of Home Time was a bust. American Home Maintenance arrives between 8 am and 11 am tomorrow. And we’re getting the recirc pump.

    I could really use a debriefing right now.

  273. “Look, I’m not going to give details”

    You don’t need too.

  274. What the hell is a recirculating pump? Is that what you need when you have no water pressure?

  275. I have a tankless gas heater Cyn. I like it but can offer some nits if you are still selecting.

    I know nothing about pumps.

  276. Cyn, it’ll be like Little House in PHX tomorrow. Is Cabela’s/Bass Pro still open?

  277. Seriously, this is my husband’s comment about his birthday:

    “Well, this birthday turned out really, really well”
    Does it rhyme with honkey munch? You can tell me. We’re friends.

  278. It’s what you install when it takes 10 minutes for the hot water to get to the other end of the house. I don’t want to get too technical, but they put a pump thingie on the W/H and a drawer thingie at the faucet furthest down the line and it keeps hot water in the line.

  279. The tankless was out of our league price-wise. Our W/H couldn’t be farther away from the two baths at the opposite end of the house if we tried.

  280. Sounds like it defeats the purpose of going tankless.

  281. Comment by mare on February 18, 2013 9:06 pm
    Seriously, this is my husband’s comment about his birthday:
    “Well, this birthday turned out really, really well”
    Are your knees sore?

  282. I’m in the initial stages of a wool project, and came across this cute kid video. She makes a hat for herself by hand-felting and blocking the raw wool.

    Jesus. I can’t even stand it. What great parents she must have.

    *writes long, hurtful letters to both my parents about how much they suck and were boring and did not nurture my interests or abilities*

  283. The two guys we talked to said that the only reason we’d want to go tankless is to save space, and eventually money. Even if we did, we’d still have to add the recirc pump to GET the water to the other end.

  284. One thing we do have is water pressure. Garden hose bustin’ water pressure.

  285. I’m of the opinion that, in this day and age, if you have children, you can barely afford to eat, let alone buy things!

  286. Oh I missed that, sorry.
    You could try a small under sink tankless electric booster in the far bath. They are not terribly $ and may be something to consider.

  287. Regular unleaded is $3.65.9 today. Bucking Ofama and his anti-human agenda is beginning to pay dividends.

  288. I saw Honkey Munch open for Korn back in ’95.

  289. >> I could really use a debriefing right now.

    Couldn’t we all?

  290. We’re pretty good with the water pressure too, Scott. I did hear not long after we moved in that the neighborhood across the street had shitty pressure.

  291. Chief, if you have kids you get EBT and EIC.

  292. Do you have exhaust fans in your bathrooms?

    Gas Grill Solutions!

  293. You could try a small under sink tankless electric booster in the far bath.

    Hmmm. That didn’t come up in conversations. Though I think I’m getting a smokin’ deal on this recirc, installed, at $550. No additional lines needed.

  294. I’m sure everyone has been reading Andy’s gun threads at AoS. Let me be the first to congratulate that slack jawed yokel on his impressive knowledge and excellent posts.

    Second or possibly third if you count wiser and wiserbud.

  295. Andy’s gun threads are most excellent.

  296. Gas Grill Solutions!

    HA! I axed you for the Shower Grill plans earlier today!

    I bet I coulda saved 15% or more switching to Scottco Solutions™.

  297. ANdy haz teh skillz! He can do double entry accounting!

  298. It’s going to be a bit ouchie dropping that coin tomorrow, but we were living on borrowed time. The W/H was 11 years old last month.

    Keep your fingers crossed I don’t have to replace the wood base. I saw water-bubbled paint near the edge today. :( We may have dodged a bullet with the thermostat starting to die.

  299. You can find 1 gal/min for under $200 Half gal/min for $100ish
    2gpm are $400ish

    If for shower the plumbing is not as accessible as the sink.That may or may not be a problem it depends

  300. And I’m grateful we don’t have Pepe’s issues.

  301. I got my wife an under sink water heater a few years ago. It has a small tank and keeps the water just below boiling. She drinks a lot of tea, and with this you just touch the lever and get instant hot water.

  302. Did you just do that research, Vman? Thank you!

    Yeah, it’s really the shower that’s the issue so A) we’d have to go with the 2gpm, and 2) the shower wall backs to a bedroom. We ‘could’ put the baby tank under the sink, but we’d have to pull the base cabs, plus the lav and the toilet, R/I some S/R, plus paint… I may have done okay with this whole house gig.

  303. *checks age of casa Dave water heater*

    16 years.

    *checks hardness of central Texas water*

    it has rocks in it

    *checks possibility of getting natural gas across 2 blocks*


    *propane costs*


  304. Wow. 16 years?? Have you been a good boy (not like us) and flushed it every year?

  305. Those instant hot water jobs are cool, Pepe. My grandmother had one of those. I used to love having coco at her house just to use that, even in the summer, when I was a little lad.

  306. It does sound better than my idea Cyn.

  307. And I’m grateful we don’t have Pepe’s issues.

    Yeah, the whole gender confusion thing is a heavy burden.

    Oh, wait, did you mean the well?

  308. If the configuration was right, I’d have gone with your suggestion in a heartbeat.

  309. Our WH is 16 yrs old too. I ignore the noise it makes. Our “guy” is surprised it has lasted this long.

  310. Sean – SHHHHHH! Did you not get the emails that we weren’t going to mention that on the blog?!!

  311. I haven’t flushed it once. But for half those 16 years, I had two daughters at home. Perhaps that’s like flushing it a lot?

  312. I was delighted to find I had natural gas on my street.
    I even had a pipe plugged at ground level with a “G” Stamped on it.
    Easy Peasy Right?
    Connection costs were a cold bitch I had $3k in it by the time I was done. Did not see that coming.

    My electric bill dropped $50
    My gas bill is $15
    It is going to take a while to pay back connection cost.

  313. The lost water heater I installed was guaranteed for 7 years.
    It crapped out in 7.5 years.

    It’s a thermos now.

  314. Whatever you do Dave, do NOT start flushing it now. Those little bits of calcium are probably holding the bottom of your tank together. Cereal.

  315. What are you doing for your hot water now, Scott? Did you go tankless?

  316. last


  317. Yeah Cyn, it’s the same theory at “don’t replace head gaskets in your vehicle after 10 years”. It’s all glued together with crap, and we don’t stress it anymore with our minimal use.

    Hell, we do 4 loads of laundry a week. Sometimes we can go over a week without running the dishwasher.

  318. When I had electric I had to replace heating elements every other year. Gas is great! Tankless has no tank to rot.

  319. There was a massive batch of W/H’s back from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s (AO Smith, I think) that were for absolute shit. Tons of water damage insurance claims. Forensic research was done that pinned it back to the manufacturer as a design defect, and they knew about it; they then had to make reimbursement payments to all the insurance companies.

  320. Cyn,
    Didn’t they have something similar with PE (Polyethylene) tubing in houses? Or was that something else?

  321. Water Chemistry

    it’ the shit – or something

  322. Nope, you had it right, Vmax. Crazy amounts of water damages with the PE lines. By the time I started adjusting, the procedure for making the claims with those was fully streamlined. Rather impressive, actually. Same situation though, where the mfr knew it was bad and let it go to market anyway IIRC.

  323. Filtration & pH control

    just sayin’

  324. all this plumbing stuff has me stirred.

  325. Water Chemistry

    it’ the shit – or something

    Fish fuck in it.

    /Dave (via somebody else I forget)

  326. We still spec PE tubing for many applications. I have wondered if they fixed it or we are spec’ing future problems.

    My best guess is they fixed it, because why would anyone spec it if they knew it was shit?

  327. We probably have natural gas 34 miles away……………

    Jeez Sean, don’t you think I’m pretty?

  328. Surely they fixed the PE. Shirley.

  329. I just had to snuggle MaryAnn enough to annoy her, so I could reclaim my pillows and read my 4th trashy novel of the day. My local branch library may run out of books with this whole giving up FB for Lent dealio.

  330. The neighbors need to be more timely in paying their internet bill.

  331. Cyn, our oil burner preheats the water going into the water heater. It was pretty cool when oil was cheap.

  332. When we built this house, we put in a Bosch(Made by Takegi under license) tank-less gas WH.
    Our bedroom/bath is at the other end of the house.
    Yes, it takes a couple minutes for the showers to get hot. The shower in our bath is 8′ long with two shower-heads and we always shower together(TMI).
    It has no problem providing hot water for both, even while doing a white-wash(hot-cold) at the other end of the house. Even if we had a conventional water-heater at the north-end, it would still have to send the heated-water to the south-end of the house and then warm the pipes before the shower-temp was stable.
    My only regret is that we bought it just before they came out with the one of the same capacity that uses no external power!
    There is an internal turbine that provides the power for ignition and the computer from just the water-flow. Those are way-cool!

  333. It was me before it was WC Fields.

    I wasn’t copying him. It was an homage.

  334. BTW,
    We got 650 gal of propane for $1.18/gal. That’s what runs our water-heater, gas-log, and furnace…

  335. I have one of those as well Chris. My biggest nit to pick is when the power goes off the default temp is 120. I prefer 130 and a turbine that Chris talked about.

  336. I bought a tie for my interview today and a tailored shirt and a new belt.
    I need to polish my shoes.

  337. There is an internal turbine that provides the power for ignition and the computer from just the water-flow. Those are way-cool!

    *low whistles*

    Sounds fan-cy. And very very kewl!

  338. I killed it
    G’nite all. Travel tomorrow I may be scarce or die in a fiery crash.

  339. Get all your hairs trimmed too, Vman. You’re going to do great! Are they overnighting you or quickie turn around flights?

  340. Flying out at 5:50pm layover in Atlanta arriving in Charlotte 10something pm. Interview 10am Wed. Flight out of Charlotte to Memphis 5pm arriving in Tampa at 11pm Wed night.

  341. No fiery crashes allowed!

  342. I’m glad you don’t have to travel in your interviewing duds.

    How many shots did you make it down to?

  343. 4 that is not too bad is it?

  344. 7 is better

  345. I think it’s great considering where you were. All steps in the right direction!

    Now get a good night’s rest and try to sleep in a bit. You’re going to be awesome. {{HUGS and Good Luck Kisses to each FaceCheek!}}

  346. 7 was last week Jam

  347. I’ve flown 2 million miles without a fiery crash.

    Hey vman, the seat bottom doubles as a floatation device.

  348. Vmax,
    Saying a prayer for you, buddy. Kick ass!

  349. Thanks all
    I am out.
    Tomorrow will be a long day before travel.

  350. cyn – i’m too lazy to read too far upstream on the water heater thing; however, (and take this under a vodka 3.0 advisement) the recirc pump is to keep from wasting water – the efficiency of the w/h is independent of the line loss –

    howevah – flushing the w/h yearly with the appropriate solution (read here acid of some sort – typically muriatic) will extend the life of the heater.

    in short, 5 fitty to resolve your problem doesn’t sound as if you will require too much KY

  351. Give ’em hell, vmax.

    Fingers crossed for you!

    For any travelers with a smartphone, check out this app:

    Just installed it and it looks like something I would have killed for when I was traveling.

  352. good luck Vman

  353. Vman and Zeke:

  354. waze,com is total porn

    I heard

    all serial aside, BU gals pulled it out against UConn

    I can sleeps.

  355. >>>waze,com is total porn

    Tells you where the cheapest gas is as well as the nearest dunkin donuts.

    Best. App. EVAH!

  356. Need a smartphone app that tells you where the nearest $5 whore is.

  357. The cheapest gas is here.

    Not there I fear.

    dave snoozes now

  358. Bet it would have found your hotel….

  359. Good luck VMax!

  360. I hear the sound of a gentle derp
    On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

  361. Insty still doesn’t like to link to Ace, but he’s pretty happy to link to Andy.

    Well done.

  362. Good morning all

  363. Morning.

  364. Easy day for me but my partner’s on vacation so that could change rapidly. It’s also school vacation week which means the little cherubs will be doing fun/dumb shit and mostly getting away with it. I get to meet the ones who don’t get away with it.

    Shorter version: I still need to shave my face and wear pants today.

  365. Howdy Jew/Jim

  366. Good luck tomorrow V. You’re going to do well.

  367. Morning Vman. You on the way to your interview or there yet?

    Bonne chance!, as the french-Canadians say around here, either way

  368. wakey wakey.

    good luck vman.

  369. Bonne Chance sounds dirty. But I don’t know how to say it in French.

  370. I am leaving late afternoon Jimbro. Just loaded up my sunpass for the tolls / parking fees. Cleaning out my truck of anything tempting while in long term parking. Filling the gas tank / packing bag / and taking Zeke to babysitter are all on the to do list before leaving.

    Thanks Carin

  371. You’re going to kick ass and take names, Vmax.

  372. “Bonne Chance sounds dirty”

    Hmm, maybe those grandmotherly types weren’t wishing me luck after all….

  373. Morning children. Good luck VMax.

  374. Thank for all the good wishes everyone. I appreciate them all.

  375. Mare, pick some of these targets up for your next shooting session.

  376. Good luck Vmax. Remember…they need you, you are perfect for the position.

  377. Salt mines! Pants!

    Wait that goes the other way ’round.

  378. Anna is perfect in this position. She looks sleepy.

  379. That’s dead, Jim.

  380. Too much Rohypnol? Next time chloroform on a rag….

  381. Good luck with your interview, Vmax.


    Oh reeeeealy? How interesting. The President’s former ‘body man’ was a guest on his bachelor vacation.

  383. What are the credentials needed to become a “body man”? Is there a school for this sort of thing?

  384. Granola has gluten

  385. “irst President Obama rehabilitates the reputation of the Cayman Islands as a tax shelter by nominating Jack Lew to be Treasury Secretary, and now Mr. Obama’s most famous business cheerleader Warren Buffett is bidding to revive the good name of the private-equity leveraged buyout. Can someone verify that Mitt Romney lost the election? ”

    From today’s WSJ referencing Buffett’s buy up of Heinz

  386. Oh, you people! My husband and I simply went out for drinks and puu puus and we laughed A LOT and had a great time. Lots of relatives and friends called him.

  387. Andy’s gun posts are really good. They continually show me how little I know about everything gun related.

  388. We went to my husband’s favorite Mexican restaurant, they had freshly fried pork rinds that were fantastic. They put spice over the top and we had avocado queso to dip them in, WOW. Not hard like those from a bag. Also they have no carbs (not sure what oil they were cooked in) but I was still in ketosis when we got home.

  389. mare, for me that’s part of the attraction of firearms-related topics. There is so much history and technical know how to learn. I watched the “How they make 22LR” videos linked at AoS sidebar and enjoyed them. Sure, shooting’s fun on its own but there’s many other ways to enjoy it.

  390. Think about how little opinion writers and journalists know about firearms, and how little they care to do basic research.

    Now think about how much they report on topics that are more complicated, yet their BS goes completely unchallenged.

    We’re being hoodwinked by propagandists that use buzzwords to conceal their ignorance.

  391. Bamboozled!

  392. Led astray!

  393. We didn’t land on the New York Times, the Times landed on us.

  394. Why do the dumbest people run for office? Because they can’t do anything else?

  395. I’ve read some blog posts on that. I think it’s called Dunning-Kruger effect. You read an article you know something about (for me usually something medical) and see through the BS they’re peddling. Then you read an article on a matter less familiar and have less skepticism. I’ve definitely fallen for it enough that now I distrust most of what I read coming from the MFM.

  396. They’re pulling the wool over our eyes.

  397. Nobody wants to do a Tuesday poat, huh?

  398. I’ve considered that myself, MJ. These people reporting and “making opinions” KNOW NOTHING.

    Remember, the idiots in Washington DC have people who PLAY ACTING ROLES come give testimony about a subject. Holy crap.

  399. Jimbro has just described why I cannot listen to a word Jillian Michaels says.

  400. Remember ‘the opinion makers” have told us that salt, eggs, coffee and red meat were bad for us. ARE YOU SURE, DICK?

  401. Anyone who says we need “safe zones” so women won’t be raped (plus they’ll have their whistle!) is too stupid to reason with.

    In the movie Pitch Perfect the new girl on campus is handed a whistle by a bubble headed greeter. The greeter says, “now, don’t blow it until it’s actually happening!”

  402. I only go to unsafe zones when I want to rape-rape.

  403. I just declared my stomach a “no fat zone!”

    *waits patiently for fat to leave

  404. A woman who is presently having sex with me is very safe from being raped. Just sayin’.

    Safe Zone Solutionstm.

  405. MJ, I may make a recipe with cumin tonight. Since you commented on it, in my head I pronounce it CUMin. I won’t say that out loud because this would be my husband’s response:

    “What the hell is wrong with you?”

    *but he wouldn’t say “hell”

  406. A fucking whistle.

    That pretty much sums up the entire left.

  407. MJ, I may make a recipe with cumin tonight. Since you commented on it, in my head I pronounce it CUMin. I won’t say that out loud because this would be my husband’s response:
    We’re so mature. I still have to post my drink video. I’m pretty busy right now, so you can all fork off.

  408. They should just make dangerous areas “rape-free” zones.

    Problem solved.

  409. T-shirt ideas “Go Ahead And Try, Rapist – I’ve got MY WHISTLE.”

  410. Ok, I’ve got to go to work. After today, I have TWO DAYS OFF!!!!

    Yea me.

    It’s been really busy, and I worked Thursday night, friday night, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, all day yesteray, and then just a lunch shift today.

    I don’t feel like bringing anyone food today, but I’ll try.

  411. A loud whistle would really hurt my ears. Might even distract me long enough for you to draw and shoot. So carry a whistle and a gun.

  412. Okay, Mare, you’ll love this.

    HotBride has been asked by a friend, who was asked by a bunch of young MBA and Law graduates, to put on a dinner party to show the youngsters proper etiquette in a more formal social setting.

    That is how she will spend her evening tonight. Showing young rich kids how to keep their elbows off the table, their napkin in their lap, what fork to use, and how not to eat with their fingers.

    It’s come to this.

  413. Hoo boy, Hotspur. That’s pathetic.

    What people (evidently) don’t understand, is that kind of stuff is part of the continual hard work that goes into parenting when they’re little.

    No one wants to sit at the dinner table after shopping, cooking etc., and spend the whole dinner correcting childrens’ behavior but it must be done.

    It’s called socializing a kid. Same with how they speak, act and dress.

  414. Plant and Page have toured together (usually Page with the Black Crowes) on and off for years, opening for one another, occasionally doing tunes together. It’d be interesting, and good too, but I’m not shocked.

  415. I see that as something of a hopeful sign, actually. It means they acknowledge that their boomer parents failed to give them this kind of guidance, and they went looking for an educated mentor to learn it.

  416. She should teach them this

  417. Fresh Poat

  418. A classic mare just happened:

    Knock on door, kind of late getting there, I open it and say, “Hello!”

    Pest control guy writing, looks up startled and starts laughing. He says, “you kind of scared me!”

    I say, “that’s me! Pretty scary.”

    He says, “No, no, I’ve just never seen anyone answer the door with such enthusiasm.”

    I said, “It’s the coffee.”

    He says, “well should I knock on the door when I’m done, or just leave the paperwork? Oh, and thanks for making my day!” He’s still laughing.

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