Ladies Love Lingerie

Which, I happen to love ladies in lingerie, so it works out well.

Dave in Texas will be the first to admit that bass players get no ass. But you’d be surprised to learn who does. Not the lead guitar. The drummer.

I’ve played worse gigs.

Ladies, I’d love to tell you where each ensemble here came from, but I started collecting pics long before the idea of including shopping links was given. I’ll try to post some good links somewhere.

This week’s theme? Vintage/retro look lingerie. I’m not wild about bullet bras (if I ever was, Madonna cured me of that), but the rest of the retro look works for me. And the first rule of vintage lingerie is: Stockings and garters. Basic black is a good first step.

what_katie_did_maitresse_suspender_belt_ct_1_large what_katie_did_maitresse_narrow_suspender_ct_3_large

What? You thought I wasn’t gonna sneak in the odd pic of a nice butt?

Bodyshapers are cool, because they remind me of when the only pr0n I had access to was the Sears Catalog.


I love it when Hostagettes meat up.

Better red than dead.


Man ^that chick^ is as white as the editorial staff of TNR.

Not really a lingerie shot, I just liked the picture.


She just needs to borrow Cyn’s naughty librarian glasses.

Most of the above lingerie came from WhatKatieDid.


Unlike MJ, I don’t close out my posts with a cute video of me and my dog. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure none of these models was born with a ween.


  1. 1. Mostly, I like that this post will piss off Wiserbud. And wiser.
    2. Wiser, add a decent music video, will ya? Something from the record store.
    3. Another great resource for lingerie is

  2. As long as they’re taking requests: how about a song where a band in its later years does a cover of someone else’s song. Those are the best.

  3. Wow! ‘Cano, there’s a blast from the past! How YOU doin’?

  4. OK. Still on the other side of the world. But a new part.

  5. How YOU doin’?

  6. ?????

    No more in the Marianas? Where are you now?

    And I’m doing fine.

    Quit staring at my junk.

  7. I might go back, but for the short term I’m trying something new somewhere else.

  8. And get your junk outta my line of sight.

  9. It’s like you’re raping my eyes. But with a very very very small wang.

  10. Danielle employs retired policemen.

  11. Give Ghee my best.

  12. You wanna clue us in where you are now?

  13. I’d prefer to remain an international man of mystery for awhile.

  14. You joined the CIA and are under deep cover in Iran. Got it.

  15. Now you’ve blown my cover. (Which is probably not the only thing you’ve blown today).

    How’s Dolly?

  16. Morning.

  17. Aww. ‘Cano stopped by.

    Hi, ‘Cano!!

  18. Hola, ‘Stin!

  19. wakey wakey

  20. Are you still ogling hot Filipinos in bathing suits?

  21. 1. FilipinAs. I believe filipinOs are more your speed (nttawwt)
    2. Nope, I’ve moved for a short term assignment.

  22. It appears that not a one of those models is a tucker. WTH?

  23. Hi ‘Cano! Good to see ya again.

  24. Clint, take another look at that last one. He likes deep conversation and long walks on the beach.

  25. Hola Vmax!

  26. Hi Americano!


    I’m glad you weren’t eaten by a giant squid.

  27. ‘Cano, if you are in Guam stay in the middle.

  28. Pupster makes me giggle.

    Also, there’s a tree in the woods behind my house that looks like a sitting bear. I’ve done seventeen double-takes in two days.

    *places an order on*

  29. So Laura has definitive proof bears shit in the woods?

  30. Wait she said sitting…my bad.

  31. Laura, show it to Scott. He will turn it into Smokey Bear.

  32. I am out of brewing cocoa.

  33. I am out of brewing cocoa.

    DEAR GOD! Our long national nightmare has begun.

  34. This could last for days. In the meantime, I have only coffee.

  35. none of these models was born with a ween.

    Probably not. But they are ugly.

  36. The hairstyles would be better if they’d gone for recreations of the styles of the time rather than parodies.

  37. *decides to show off to impress Leon*

    *flexes muscles impressively, seizes up, hurts self, crumbles to floor in agony*

    OK, time to start getting ready. My older, much much older sister is taking me out gallavanting today.

    *sees bear in the woods in the corner of my eye, refuses to look*

    *looks anyway*

    DAMMIT. Tree.

  38. Pupster: Thank you for the kind thought.
    Scott: Thank you for the sage advice. I wouldn’t want it to tip over.

  39. *drinks coffee*

    It’s just not the same.

  40. Laura, if you have some outdoor use paint that the great state of CT has not yet banned, spray some random blotches on that tree. If you break the visual pattern enough, you won’t see the bugbear anymore.

  41. Since Wiser isn’t here yet, do any of you know what type of paint I could use to paint a fabric lamp shade? Remember heat will be involved. at least 75 watts of heat.

  42. You may want to edit the ’75 watts of heat’ part before Leon sees it.

  43. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this is the worst post in the history of the internet.

    -29,845 points

  44. Heat is energy, energy is in joules.

    Watts are power, heat/time.

  45. Thank you Tushar, I was hoping someone had actually done it and could tell me how it turned out.

  46. Gasoline based paint should work, mare.

  47. I’ll let the men decide about the outfits, but the faces in this post are not good. Kind of scary.

  48. so if you take 75 watts * 60 minutes per hour * 60 seconds per minute you get 270 kilojoules per hour.


  49. Most of these outfits do nothing for me. They look too coarse and uncomfortable.

  50. >>Heat is energy, energy is in joules.
    Watts are power, heat/time.

    Mare, I gave you a warning and you had six minutes to fix this. But you didn’t. And now we have to read this.

  51. Did I mention how busy I was at work yesterday? Lord Reekus … started around 1:00 and went on like that until after 9 pm. We still had people waiting for tables after 9. OYSH.

    I brought a power bar to eat … and didn’t even have time to eat it all.

    The money was good, but it would have been nice to have a short break at some point. I couldn’t even take a potty break. INSANE.

  52. Most of these outfits do nothing for me. They look too coarse and uncomfortable.

    I’m sure Mrs Leon wouldn’t make you wear it for too long.

  53. I also got mad tips. A bunch of $15 on $50 tabs.

    I rock.

  54. Leon, you are throwing off much heat and no light.

    How much heat the lamp produces is not the same as how much heat reaches the lampshade. It depends on factors such as diameter of shade (translates into distance from bulb and thus layer of air between bulb and cloth), diameter of top opening(how much heat escapes) etc etc.

    Please have all calculations ready by noon.

  55. I’m sorry Tushar, I didn’t really care and then Leon showed up and started being all sciency and now I understand why you warned me.

  56. Hey, I get more ass that a toilet seat in the ladies room at the Waffle House

  57. Oh, I’ve got a waitressing story.

    So – we’re CRAZY busy. People waiting in the lobby for 90 minute busy.

    A cab lady comes and says she’s got two BLIND people in her cab who have come for dinner.

    Manager gives them a table right away – my table – and then has to READ them the menu. Takes about 15 minutes. They have dinner. Then dessert. Plus – they’re blind, so I’ve got to do extra stuff, yada yada yada.

    Tip? Zero. Apparently blind people don’t have to tip.

    I kinda felt it coming -i knew it would be low if anything anyway – but ..

    1) they took up my table for over an hour and
    2)If I had been the one who had to read that menu to them – while my paying/tipping tables went unattended, I probably would have killed someone.


    Then I found $20 got tipped $15 from three tables.

  58. Break-fast!

  59. I managed to convince one of my kids that he is really a Koala who has been altered a bit to fit in human society. We have told him that he has to go back to his mommy in Australia. He is not looking forward to sitting in a tree and eating leaves all day.

    Bonus: he incredulously asks my wife, “you are NOT my real mommy?”

    Should I tell him that I was just joking?

  60. OK. Still on the other side of the world. But a new part.

    Hmmm. Cano is being kinda secretive about his new gig. Must have gotten tired of diving, and now he’s leading jeep rides for tourists to view the pygmy elephants of Borneo.

  61. Carin, they probably do that all the time, use their lack of eyesight to use people, manipulate and get special treatment. Gross. The government keeps telling me handicappers aren’t handicapped, I’m just a discriminator.

  62. Blind people should stay the fuck home.

  63. Amen! Pupster, stupid blind people.

  64. Give him one of these, Tushar.

  65. Blind people should stay the fuck home.

    Heh. Pupster always make me laugh.

  66. Oh c’mon. Blind people should get a little accomodation. If I see a guy walking right towards me with a white cane, for example, I kick the cane before I knock him down.

  67. Pups, I showed him the gif and told him this is your real brother. He seems a bit excited.

  68. Mare, I’d a kep’ my mouf shut if Tushar hadn’t baited me. It’s really all his fault.

  69. Yes, Leon, I think Tushar was play agitating older brother.

  70. I’m not sure where the line is between lingerie and pretty underwares, but here is a picture from imgur of modeling contestants from a place called curvy kate.

  71. Crikey! It is 10d colder now than this morning.

  72. Moses is back on the front page.

  73. Carin, I bumped up the tip at Friday’s lunch because the waiter probably saw me looking around and took the time to come over and say that the kitchen was slammed but that he checked and our food would be out in 2 minutes. Which it was.

  74. Jimbro is getting more snow, maybe Andy too.

  75. Has any of snowpocalypse melted, Scottw?

  76. We got about 3″ yesterday. I don’t care enough to shovel it.

  77. About half of it I think.

  78. I should go look for the rest of my mailbox.

  79. Before next Winter, we’re going to have to put out posts of some kind so we can see where the driveway is when it snows. Guessing isn’t good for it.

    Probably going to have to buy gravel this year, too.

  80. I am sure that this was an absolutely nice poat at 2 am, but in the harsh glare of the morning, it’s making the baby jesus cry.

    *shoves this bitch down with prejudice*

  81. *ahem*


    Good Morning… New Poat

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