Kickin’ Back


  1. Moar better and probably worthy of 17 Nobels.

  2. That last one needed beer goggles.

  3. Not sure they could make them thick enough.

  4. Nice of Americano to stop by… I was just thinking about him the other day when I was cleaning on an old poat. Glad he got off that island before it tipped over.

  5. Mornin’, all!

    Why does FOX still give Karl Rove the time of day? Mr. TiFW insists on watching FOX News Sunday every week – I put my headphones on and listen to my tunes…..

  6. Okay, Honeydew list is done. Me time.

  7. Honeydone.

  8. Good job, ‘Spur.

    *clicks the clicker and gives a treat*

  9. I’m roasting a chicken (store, not one of mine). Probably going to just let it rest and then store it for tomorrow’s lunch.

  10. There be some pre-game shows on right now. It’s making me ::twitchy::

  11. *thinks about inserting “should” in my prior comment; decides to get more coffee instead*

  12. Morning, creeping creeps and hot chicks!

  13. Moanin’, Chief. You packed and ready to visit that little cutiepatootie yet?

  14. We have not set a date with the kids. Want to do it when they have some time off.

  15. Tiger!

  16. A friend of mine from high school who is one of the smartest people I’ve ever known (he’s a doctor, head of pediatrics) said on Facechimp he just ran 5.2 miles with Nike + running.

    I asked him if he was being chased by a bear.


    Cyn made the bad women go away.

  18. Cyn, I sent your poat in to the Nobel committee and then I did what needed to be done IYKWIMAITTYD*. Your award should be arriving any day now.

    *doesn’t mean this poat couldn’t win on its own merits

  19. I don’t know what’s going on here but it made me LOL in my shoes:

    And it reminded me of Cyn.

  20. Mare!



  22. Couldn’t leave well enough alone:

  23. Yeah, I laughed thinking about POL too, Cyn.

  24. I cannot stop laughing at that baby gif.

  25. Toddler over-easy.

    Does that come with toast and juice?

  26. I know – me either! I think I let loop five times before commenting.

  27. Your GIF-fu is getting very good, Mare.


  29. I wish I could do this just to see my cat’s face:

  30. I just texted my oldest who is visiting my youngest…this is what I wanted to ask, “did you have fun last night?” It autocorrected to, “did you have gin last night?”

  31. Greetings, brethren and sistren.

  32. Gin=Fun? Ha!

  33. Avatar alert.

  34. Greetings, Shawn.


    *mutters Serenity Prayer*

    Why, hello there, Cyn.

  36. *sends Sean flowers and a five-pack of Diet DP*

  37. Is it lunch yet? Cow face takes forever. I’m starving.

  38. Mr. TiFW is about fed up with our new pastor and her “Help Those in Poverty in the US” spiels.

    Funny thing – New Minimum Wage X 40 hrs X 52 wks = New Poverty Threshhold.

    I don’t think so…..

  39. Huh. I didn’t know they sold DDP in five packs…

    *sees that it’s a six pack with one empty bird-strangling ring thingy*

  40. Teresa, you tell Mr. Worth to punch that pastor square in the poon next time.

  41. Pastoral Poon Punching killed it daid?

  42. I am lounging by the pool.

    No media.

  43. I’m eating smoked oysters and glaring at the crockpot.

  44. Music For Pastoral Poon Punching:

  45. I love Beethoven’s 6th.

    *runs out of the room crying hot tears of shame*

  46. What the hell? It’s no Eine Kleine NachtMuSiAk.

    (I have no idea how to spell in Austrian)


    I love you, Sol

  48. Cleaned the top layer off my desk-yay for me. It’s now time to rerax.

  49. It’s okay, dave. You don’t have to be alone anymore.

  50. How much snow did you get this time Jimbro?

  51. Funny thing – New Minimum Wage X 40 hrs X 52 wks = New Poverty Threshhold.

    Is that how they get around the governors who won’t expand the Medicaid rolls? Is it written in that Medicaid covers those below the poverty threshold the feds set?

  52. Sean, I ain’t completely convinced about John Entwistle

  53. McCartney has some rather, um, theatrical tendencies as well.


  54. Well yeah, but he was a guitarist before he was a bass player

  55. There is a lot I don’t understand, but McCain saying Hagel will probably be confirmed? Really? It’s not spectacularly embarrassing to say you voted “for” this colossal moron?

    And why is McCain saying he thinks that universal background checks will pass. Is there ANY hill worth dying on? How about just not using that term and stick with your principles.

    God, I hate politicians.

  56. This is true. And Stuart Sutcliffe died before anybody could catch him mincing about on film, so we’ll never know.

  57. Teresa, you tell Mr. Worth to punch that pastor square in the poon next time.

    Yeah, the Central Conference keeps sending our ultra-conservative congregation these ultra-liberal moonbat pastors every few years, then wonders why our attendance numbers drop like a rock.

    We’re apparently a “problem” church in the Methodist circles.

    We’re also the only one in the entire conference (other than the downtown congregation) that has a Foundation.

    Which is prolly the only reason this tiny little church is still on the map….

  58. Unfortunately, the “original” members are all dying off now, and the surrounding neighborhood looks nothing like it used to. Plus, people are more mobile these days – and there are more churches to choose from – so they vote with their feet.

    This is one of the few Methodist churches which hasn’t moved to a “contemporary” main service – which is why we like it (I’m a huge fan of the “old” music).

    Now get off my lawn…..

  59. This is a pretty good read.

  60. only one…that has a Foundation.

    What does that mean?

  61. The outrage from Peta (and twat celebrities) is deafening:

  62. Is that how they get around the governors who won’t expand the Medicaid rolls? Is it written in that Medicaid covers those below the poverty threshold the feds set?

    I’m still trying to figure out how “they” square the circle which says that the Minimum Wage is supposed to be enough to live on, then turn around and have the audacity to say that people can’t make enough to live above the Poverty Level.

    I’d say it’s enough to drive me to drink, but there isn’t enough alcohol out there to figure out Liberal Logic….

  63. Danica Patrick will be on the pole (snicker) for the Daytona 500.

  64. only one…that has a Foundation.
    What does that mean?

    We actually have members who bequeath part of their estates to our church – instead of putting it into the General Fund (which gets spent that year), we established a Foundation many years back and have a Board of Trustees who determine how to invest it and how to spend a portion of it.

    It’s set up so that no more than 5% can be taken out in any given year – which is all that saved us from the last moonbat pastor taking it all and “distributing” it to her pet causes.

    Not that she didn’t try…..
    (She thought that we were all a bunch of greedy people who didn’t care about those less fortunate than ourselves – sound familiar?)

  65. This is a pretty good read.

    Yes. It very much was.

    And I again weep for my country and my sons’ futures.

  66. I’d say it’s enough to drive me to drink, but there isn’t enough alcohol out there to figure out Liberal Logic….

    Have you tried smoking crack?

  67. Sneaky bastards.

  68. Maybe I should make Liberals smoke what comes out of my….

    Then again, they’d probably like that.

  69. Well that was depressing, Scott.

  70. Second look at Belize?

  71. It explains the Watters World segment on O’Reilly. Americans really are that stupid.

  72. 8″ so far, still coming down out there.

  73. Jimbro I think that’s a little personal and optimistic.

  74. I’m betting Upworthy won’t be around after the venture capital funds dry up.

    See “The Coffee Party”, “Occupy Wall Street”, etc.

  75. Don’t kill the dream mare…

  76. TiFW ♥♥♥s Mare

  77. It’s set up so that no more than 5% can be taken out in any given year – which is all that saved us from the last moonbat pastor taking it all and “distributing” it to her pet causes.

    Very wise.

    My dad is one of the trustees for his small church (Baptist). As the recession grinds on, they barely receive enough donations to cover expenses and salaries. There used to be enough to cover a utility bill for this person, buy a tank of gas or some groceries for that person. Now there’s not. There’s been a lot of arguing that the church is not fulfilling its mission, but what are they going to do? Turn off the heat? Fire the secretary?

  78. Jimbro I think that’s a little personal and optimistic.

    Hahahahahaha. 10,000 points to be used for box wine and ammo.

  79. Dodged a bullet Jimbro.

  80. “10,000 points to be used for box wine and ammo.”


  81. That’s been the situation at our church for quite a few years now, Roamy. I’ll prolly go to Hell for thinking that it’s not the church’s “mission” to make life easier for those who aren’t willing to pay their fair share (all of the deadbeats who curse our congregation for not giving them food and money for gas so that they can exchange their welfare checks for drugs and hooch), but there ya go.

    Somehow, I don’t think that subsidizing that lifestyle is WJWD…..

  82. We only got wind.

  83. Hahahahahaha. 10,000 points to be used for box wine and ammo.

    Party at Mare’s house!

  84. Teresa, there’s an FB meme going around that says, “I support helping the needy, I oppose funding the lazy.”

  85. Downeast Maine is getting clobbered now. I’m getting a little tired of snow. Ms Jimbro went to camp this morning to check on it, make sure no one broke in. Got us all thinking about the lake and warm days.

  86. Careful with that ice ax, Jimbro.

  87. Nailed it:

  88. Well, I see that Cyn is “the sweet one.”

    *frowns like grumpy cat

  89. Mare

  90. Okay, that is so cute that I feel really good about myself! I’m really going to build that robot today.

  91. L to R: Cyn, Mare

  92. That’s a little bigger chunk than I bargained for pup…

  93. Mare building a robot:

  94. When liberals accuse me of not caring, they’re correct.

    *frowns like frowny cat

  95. Cyn, I don’t care what Michelle Obama says about you, you are awesome!

  96. Diabeeetus!

  97. Fudge, I had to fix my building a robot link.

  98. I just watched ‘Flight.’

    It was a little funnier than Steel Magnolias, but not quite as funny as Platoon.

  99. I don’t care what Michelle Obama says about you, you are awesome!



  100. Okay, I’m going to workout, and by workout, I mean pretend to work the treadmill at the gym, pretend to do abs, pretend to do arm work and pretend to stretch. All while looking at people and wondering:

  101. I just watched ‘Flight.’

    So, how many bald heads?

  102. Have fun, Mare!

  103. We’re watching The Van on Netflix. It’s about the 70’s van customization craze told from a horny kid’s perspective. Alternating between funny and lousy.

  104. When this van’s a’rockin don’t come a’knockin

    Yeah, like that

  105. Comment by daveintexas on February 17, 2013 12:41 pm
    A friend of mine from high school …. just ran 5.2 miles
    Wow, that’s good for someone that old. Was he going to Bingo?

  106. I’ve had my TV on AMC all day (I think) but I have been cleaning off old stuff from my computer to disc all day. I seriously could not tell you one movie that’s been on today.

  107. When this van’s a’rockin don’t come a’knockin


  108. I have never been in the back of a customized van.

    *ponders putting this on the bucket list*

  109. Watch the movie Cyn — it’s just like being there without the bad hair and tacky clothes. The 70’s: post-herpes / pre-AIDS.

  110. Don’t have Netflix, but I’ll take your word for it that it’s totally killer, man.

  111. I give that movie 4 gila monster eggs. I would have given it 3, but the scene where John Goodman (drug dealer) lines up some blow and tells Denzel Washington that, “the banana boat is on the way. Hang tight big guy,” was really good.

  112. In the 70’s, safe sex was a padded headboard.

  113. In the 70’s people thought puke green shag carpet was a good idea.

  114. I still have an old footrest from my childhood home. It’s Harvest Orange and faded. The ends are torn and the foam inside is dry and brittle. Just can’t get rid of it. It’s the source of frequent eye rolls by the missus.

  115. Feel the burn, Mare.

  116. For Leon from the tip line

  117. Everyone knows that vans are just the “gateway drugs” to houses.

    Just say no, man!

  118. Hahahaha! Why did he take off his helmet?

  119. If we can ever figure out where Rebecca’s “Super Secret Hiding Place” is, she can watch her videos again (we took them all out and put them in a CD holder; she took the holder from its designated spot when we weren’t looking…..).

    We can’t ever let her KNOW that we know where her SSHP is, or she will abandon it and find a new one.

    *fun at the TiFW house*

  120. Here’s you paper, Andy.

  121. Here’s your paper, Xbrad.

  122. I just spent almost an entire day with my mother and sister and we had SUCH a great time. We were supportive of each other, helpful, productive, and we had a lot fun.

    There was very little serious bickering and no ‘attitude.’ They’re becoming better people. I am so happy for them.

    *steadfastly refuses to look into a mirror*

  123. It’s so nice that your mom and older sister are finally maturing out of that awkward phase. I’m happy for them.

    Hey, do you know how to get something to the overnight thread crew? I thought this was interesting…it’s the geek who was sucking the super-model’s face off in the go daddy commercial.

  124. The entire day.

    I could have died.

  125. They see my rollin’, they hatin’ . . .

    This song can leave the public conciousness at any moment and make me very happy.

  126. “I missed you! I went to make a sandwich and the bread was moldy!”
    *big squeezy hug*

    I swear to God, this is how he greeted me home.

  127. Heh. Try not to look guilty.

  128. I’ll send it to Maet, Pupster.

  129. I see Scott got a new computer!

  130. Watching Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield. King of the one-liners, at least one of them.

  131. Anyone have $1.4M just laying around that they can give me?
    There’s a neat house for sale a coupla neighborhoods over…..

  132. Rosetta does a drive-by hello.

  133. >> *steadfastly refuses to look into a mirror*

    Why the hell would you now? They’re adjusting.

  134. Cyn:

  135. Unfuckingbelievable.

    Seriously, if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have luck at all.

    Network drive where we store all our media died today.

    35gig of music and movies…. Gone.

    But wait! I have a backup on my other external drive. I’ll just install the software on this new computer, that recently replaced the computer that died, and restore what I can. Won’t be a total loss.

    Nope. Software that did backup won’t run under new OS. So I buy the latest version.

    Which can’t read backups done by older versions.

    This the second network drive to die on me in 4 years. What the fuck good are backups if the fucking drive you are using I’d less reliable than the computer you are backing up from?

  136. Those look heavenly, Laura. The last ones I made that were similar ended up not getting eaten :( I think they were a little too ‘dark chocolate’ tasting for Axeman.

  137. *slides wiserbud a glass of vodka, tall, and a plate of dark chocolate cookies*


  138. *hands Wiser 8mm handheld camera, Kodak Instamatic, runs*

    Seriously, though – that sucks donkey balls, dude.

  139. Well, maybe these are just pretty good dietary substitutes for adults who are trying to go paleo/ low carb. Guess they are maybe not really good kid recipes.

  140. That sucks, Wiser.

    Sorry you lost all your reptile porn.

  141. Not to mention your Kerry Marie collection –

  142. Guess they are maybe not really good kid recipes.

    Naw, they are fine recipes; Googleboy liked ’em. It’s just the Axeman’s tastes; ie, he has little, but for pizza rolls and chicken nuggets. He will come around. Oh! He did like my Dove Dark Chocolate bars that I got for V-Day, so I will get him to come around eventually. It could just be that he’s due for another series of beatings and shock collar treatments.

  143. And the family photographs, including the old ones that I have been scanning in from scrapbooks and stuff. Vacation photos, holiday photos, family pics……

    I think I have most of that on the computer that died, but now I have to buy an adapter to attach those old drives to the new computers.

  144. Never buy a Maxtor network drive.

  145. Wiser is trying to make me feel worse for him, but we all know it’s just seventy-eight gazillion terabytes of snake sex and lizards licking each other.

  146. Damn; that used to be a good manufacturer too. Good to know.

    At least there’s a (relatively simple) solution.

  147. Wiser, I know how you feel. I lost about a year and a half of photos and videos. Kids’ birthdays, Christmas, vacation, all of it.

  148. All those *special* pics of me I sent to wiser, lost.. like tears in the rain.

    Time to die.

  149. Sorry to hear that wiser. Computer woes suck. I just lost all my photos on my iPhone with a switch to the new version (5).

  150. Mr. RFH made a low carb tiramisu for me. Will post the recipe in a bit.

  151. What does Carbonite cost? Does it suck?

  152. …all those documentary photos of each and every Corona lovingly consumed…

  153. Wasn’t it Carbonite that was one of the advertisers that quit Rush Limbaugh? If so, there’s other companies out there.

  154. I lost several shots of bewbs my lovely future bride sent me. Company phone…didn’t want the IT guys winking at her

  155. All those meat-up pics that I never got around to posting…

  156. Years ago, I had several dozens of original short stories on a work computer.

    They got accidentally wiped when I had a computer problem.

    Haven’t written another since.

    It was a major frickin’ burn. This was like, three years of creative writing, gone.

  157. >> All those meat-up pics that I never got around to posting…

    Including the ones from, uh. You know?

    I’m really sorry man. That sucks.

  158. Recipe is poated over at the recipe site.

    I am procrastinating on cleaning the kitchen.

  159. It’s Sunday night. Anything that won’t kill you tomorrow can wait till tomorrow.

  160. I have had a kitchen dirty enough to kill today.

  161. Did anybody “mistake” anybody else for “an intruder” and “accidentally” shoot them several times through the bathroom door today?

  162. Unless you gots some funky cold medina.

    Pour that shit out, pronto.

  163. Heh. Maybe we’ll see Sheena in tomorrow’s poat, huh dave?

  164. Evening all.
    I need a vote on what kind of alcoholic ice cream I’m making. Suggestions?

  165. Kahlua. Creme de cacao. Creme de menthe. Brandy.

  166. Where the hell have you been chocolate chip.

  167. Have none of those things in the house, Roamy. When you’re getting an average of 13 hours a week at minimum wage, your options for booze are somewhat restricted.

  168. Scott – I’ve been lurking mostly :P And Chocolate chips are not alcoholic, though I guess I could make it mint chocolate chip if I threw some peppermint schnapps in there

  169. Hey Revvy.

  170. Premature postulation…

    How are the Tarot cards coming?

  171. Grande Marnier, brandy.

    Fireplace warmth

  172. Kind of crap, Pepe ><
    Got side tracked from the project by… a lot of things, and haven't really been producing anything at all (on that project or otherwise) for a while. But I finally picked my tablet pen back up the other night – I'm doing a pin-up as a warm up, but hopefully I'll be back on the cards after that :)

  173. Pin-ups are good! ;) Be sure and let us look at it when you’re done. I’m asking for XXXBrad.

  174. Bailey’s? Peppermint schnapps and chocolate would be good.

  175. I understand alcohol lowers the melting point of ice cream, so whatever you use, be prepared to eat it quickly.

  176. DiT – no Grand Marnier, though I would dearly love to have some in the house.
    Roamy – Iunno if we have enough bailey’s, last I checked we just had a few nips in the freezer.
    Pepe – you guys will be the first to know when it’s done :P

  177. Sean – The magic of gelatin will keep my ice cream from being melt-y.

    If you just tried to put straight up booze into ice cream, enough to really taste anyway, it just wouldn’t freeze in the first place.

  178. consider it a future recommendation, to you and Roamy

  179. You do now:

  180. Well, it seems I was able to save the pictures.

    Still not sure about the rest of the data.

  181. I see President jerk off played golf in my old home town of Palm City.

  182. >> Well, it seems I was able to save the pictures.

    shit. Ok does your offer still stand?

  183. >>>>shit. Ok does your offer still stand?

    Yeah. But the price has gone up, since I am taking steps to keep th more secure from this point forward….

    Which means… Lots of copies gonna be all over the place. Security will be more … complicated. Thus, more costly.

  184. fuuuuuuuuu

    work cometh tomorrow. Nite kids.

  185. MMM will rise proudly at 630 AM. I’ll be along shortly thereafter, I hope.

  186. I thought we were supposed to be celebrating B. Hussein Obama tomorrow and all work stops?

  187. Cyn,
    I think it’s “Present Tense Day”, also Washingtons birthday.
    I’m funemployed, so it means nothing to me…

  188. I think I like that better, Chris.

  189. MMM doesn’t stop work or take holidays.

    MMM is part of the old America, the America that would cross the Delaware on Christmas Eve to kill you in your sleep.

  190. Ah, the H2 is still here.

    I thought the world stopped when I was gone.

  191. God Bless America. And MMM… maybe, depending on, well, you know.

  192. For Dear Leader on His day:

  193. >>>I thought the world stopped when I was gone.

    It does, J’ames. It does.

  194. I’m pretty pleased with it, Cyn. Easily in the top 60 of that category.

  195. Were you darting again, Jay?

    *holds out palm of hand*

    Hall Pass, please.

  196. What category exactly are we talkin’ here?


  197. Monday poats authored by me.

  198. i was darting. Made back 1/2 the entry, so there’s that.

  199. Seriously, top 60. No doubt about it.

  200. Top 60.

    You don’t seem to be shooting very high. *frowns* I expect no less than top 10 from you each and every week, mister.

  201. It is worth noting that tomorrow is week 59.

  202. Why do I doubt this headline?

    Danica Patrick First Woman to Take Pole at Daytona 500

  203. I think they meant “work pole”.

  204. Too far?

  205. It is worth noting that tomorrow is week 59.

    That’s a looooot of tuckers. Kudos.

  206. She’s working the pole???

  207. That girl knows how to ride the pole.

  208. Too far?

    You think you’re at IB or something??

  209. Sorry, I remembered my manners for a change, then realized why I forgot them later on.

    Bed time.

  210. Dreams of nighties, Leon.

  211. Made back 1/2 the entry, so there’s that.

    Very cool, Jay.


  212. Mindy wasn’t a big star. I remember when the Roger Clemens’ story came out about his “dating” her while she was still a teenager.


    Sweet. I was sick of drinking this well swill.

    *pours out Diet Mr Pibb*

  214. Remember what the dormouse said
    “Derp your head, derp your head”

  215. l to r; wiser::carbs

    Good morning all!

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