It’s Not About the Quality of the Cover

I like covers.  I enjoy hearing an artist or a band  take a previously recorded song and do something different and, at times, far better than the original artist(s) did.

As an example of “far better”,

I recently heard the original NIN version of this.  Meh.  Seriously, Cash kicks so much ass on this song that Trent Reznor basically said that Cash owns it forever now.  “I pop the video in, and wow… Tears welling, silence, goose-bumps… Wow. [I felt like] I just lost my girlfriend, because that song isn’t mine anymore…”

Another example of the cover being far better than the original:

Before researching for this post, I had no idea that this was originally a Fleetwood Mac song.  Of course, Fleetwood Mac never really released it as a single, but instead threw it on a compilation album they released in 1968.  Santana released this version only two years later and it became their signature tune.  After listening to the what Carlos Santana did with his song, I bet Peter Green wishes he had never picked up a guitar.

Another one (sorry, couldn’t find the studio version):

Written and recorded originally by Nick Lowe, but his version, quite frankly, sucks.  Elvis rocked it, and totally changed the song from silly pop crap to angry, insightful pleading.

This poat came about because I heard a cover song of an old Pink Floyd song recently and was blown away.  Not a lot of people have done covers of Pink Floyd’s music, other than other Prog bands.  And usually, they aren’t much more than a gimmicky toss-off.  But this one.. this should go large, in my opinion.

Maybe being on the Dead Man Down soundtrack will help.

Not sure yet if it’s better than the original, but I have heard that so often that I really like hearing a new take on it.



  1. Mommy, make the bad man stop!

  2. hahahahaha

  3. sorry, I forgot that we are all SFW pron, all the time, now.

  4. The Cash cover is utterly perfect. I hear it in my head every time I lose someone.

  5. sorry, I forgot that we are all SFW pron, all the time, now.

    Not true, sometimes there are recipes and fitness tips.

  6. I agree with you on the first three.

    The last one I couldn’t listen to.

  7. Did anybody parachute deep behind anybody else’s lines today?

  8. Cash died the year after recording that.

  9. Cover songs kill?

  10. I like the first few too.

    ALso I want this.

  11. Prolly my all time favorite cover is when George Michaels recorded Ted Nugent’s ‘Stranglehold’ from a makeshift studio in a city park.

  12. Mare this is old, but new to me and you need one.

  13. From the dead poat: I need someone with Photoshop skills. I need the worse picture of Shillary with a tiara. On the top it would read; “The Baroness of Benghazi”. On the bottom, in large letters, it should read; “Empress 2016″. Under that, it would say, “It’s never too early to plan the succession”.

  14. ALso I want this.

    Nice, but the $2700+ MSRP puts it just ssslllliiigghhhttllly out of my reach.

  15. I like the bass lines in Costello’s cover.

    Also, for all my life, I will love.. LOVE having covered Black Magic Woman for 15 years or so.

  16. Whooho!
    I turned the A/C off

  17. A redneck friend of mine always sang to that song……..You got your smell on me baby…..

  18. I think the Morris cover works because it’s largely true to the original.

    One idiot’s opinion. She belts it out like that little white girl Claire Torrey in “Great Gig in the Sky”.. which still to this day makes me feel funny in the pants listenin to it.

  19. I guess if I had to pick, this would probably be my favorite cover…

    His version of “Walk On By” is also right up there.

  20. “it’s largely true to the original.”

    That’s why it makes my ears bleed. Wedding band.

  21. You hate Syd Barrett.

    I knew it.

  22. Dave that is a beautiful gun. I want that and that umbrella (which I of course will leave in the back seat of my car when it rains and I’m attacked).

  23. That chick was white? Wow, you learn something new every day.

  24. Yeah, can you believe that Sean?

  25. Evenin’, homos.

  26. Hi guys! *waves at everybody*

  27. **waves to Oso**

    **flips off Andy**

  28. Quality music:

  29. xbrad is that a cover?

  30. Mare, I dunno, but they look good on the cover of the CD

  31. She belts it out like that little white girl Claire Torrey in “Great Gig in the Sky”

    Not a fan.

  32. HA! One of the comments on xbrad’s video:

    natishnatish 12 hours ago
    i love them so much! But i cant imagine those tiny arms opening a jar ….

  33. I may or may not watch that video in 1080p 25 times a day.

  34. That Kendra Morris video is the worst computer-graphics shit I have ever seen, & I watched that horrible Jeff Bridges thing in the 1980s.

  35. Stark, I just listened to it. I’m not the brightest guy around, but even I know enough not to watch “homemade computer animation” for a video.

  36. I liked this video, but was appalled to learn that really is her singing voice.

  37. I have to drive to Dallas tomorrow. I will not get there before the gangs wake up.

  38. Dave, you should “break down” and stay an extra day.

  39. Well, well, well! What have we got here then?

  40. If you can track it down (I couldn’t find it on yout oob), Deerhoof’s (quo vide) cover of “My Pal Foot Foot” is about the best thing ever.

  41. I will not get there before the gangs wake up.

    Chain gangs?

  42. Stark, that was just painful.

  43. Some people just can’t appreciate good music.

    Fine. Here’s some pop thing about girls & drugs:

  44. Why is there no pole to this poat?

  45. Kendra Morris singing a PF tune… meh, but otherwise, she’s kinda hawt and has an amazing voice wow. She has that white chick soul sound that’s pretty groovin’.

  46. **slides another drink to Cyn**

    //just one more…

  47. But don’t listen to the Vevo shit; they’ve crippled her voice.

  48. Better make it two more.

  49. I ended up making really mushy sickly sweet Valentine’s Cards for the boys; the kind with that fancy script and love words through out. Then on the inside, in rough block letters with pen, I wrote, “Who Cares?! Money!!”

    Thank you imgur for the inspiration.

  50. >> I have to drive to Dallas tomorrow. I will not get there before the gangs wake up.

    35W to I-30

  51. Stark, the video wasn’t the point, it was the music.

    Yeah, that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I liked it.

    Meanwhile, today I was reminded, once again, that people are scum.

    One of the regional managers for our sales partners surreptitiously got info on our product from me, which I have now learned was not for a prospect, but for a competitor.

    Starting tomorrow, I will start the process of getting that little scumbag fired.

  52. Stark, the video wasn’t the point, it was the music.

    The music was so good I paid attention to the shitty computer graphics. Sue me.

  53. Gah, people do suck. Go get ’em, wiserbuns.

  54. When you get done with him, he won’t even be able to find work in a record store.

  55. How did you even find out it was for a competitor? Still, what a douche.

  56. >>>The music was so good I paid attention to the shitty computer graphics.

    *turns dials on sarcasm detector to medium

  57. >>>How did you even find out it was for a competitor? Still, what a douche.

    He asked me a bunch of questions re: the capabilities of our inventory management system. I assumed he was asking for a prospect. So I responded, eventually sending him a pretty detailed doc that I wrote up for him.

    Then I get an e-mail from someone from a competitor, cc’ing him, explaining how they are trying to break into our market, but are missing an inventory component, which they either a) want to hire developers with expertise in that area or b) write their own internally and, gee would we be interested?

    So yeah, she basically used this tool, either with or without his knowledge, to steal detailed info on our product.

    Had the dumbass told me who he was asking these questions for, I would not have given him that info and explained why.

  58. That dude has some pretty big ones. But not for long.

  59. >>>That dude has some pretty big ones. But not for long.

    A) we have a partnership agreement in place with them.

    B) Since when does a regional sales manager have the authority to be scouting other partners on his own?

    He may have done this innocently and gotten played by the chick from the other company or he is complicit, but either way, I doubt this will look good to his superiors.

  60. He definitely has some serious ‘splainin’ to do.

  61. I’m out peeps. A few more nights of good sleep after this virus and I’ll be feeling like a million bucks eight hundren thou’, easy.

  62. >>>When you get done with him, he won’t even be able to find work in a record store.

    I’m angry, not evil.

  63. If you were evil, he would end up working in a record store.

  64. Cash may have taken Hurt away from NIN, but Kermit T. Frog owns it now.

  65. ‘nite, Cyn.

    Don’t forget the 39% federal tax rate on your $800k.

  66. So, with my huge 1% COLA, I actually made less money this year than last. Sneaking accounting.

  67. >>>So, with my huge 1% COLA, I actually made less money this year than last. Sneaking accounting.

    I say this with no joy:

    Time to start practicing this line perhaps?

    “Welcome to Wal-Mart.”

  68. WalMart has done away with Greeters for the most part. We still have them at Sam’s though.

  69. I’m 15 minutes into this week’s Justified, and no one has been shot!

    //sends angry email to close personal friend Nick Searcy

  70. We sit outside and argue all night long
    About a god we’ve never seen
    But never fails to derp with me

  71. //starts White House petition to demand WalMart reinstate greeters. At $250/hr

  72. wakey wakey

  73. I was looking for decent covers of Iggy Pop’s the passenger yesterday and couldn’t find any.

    This was the most interesting version I could find. The rest were boring and predictable.

  74. I thought you were going to hang out here yesterday, Car in.

    Booooo. I’m sure you have to bring people food today.

  75. Wait, did Walmart get rid of greeters? I don’t really go to it, so I wouldn’t notice.

  76. Morning.

  77. Hey Jew, how’s your week?

  78. Must’ve wandered off.

    I’m making tiny chickens for dinner tonight, and we rented Dredd based on Ace’s review. Romance!

  79. It’s going well. Plus, I get Monday off. THREE DAY BENDER!!

  80. Nice. I don’t have a holiday until May.

  81. I think I have to get a brain dump from my soon-to-be former colleague today. Maybe tomorrow. Still, it will suck whenever it happens.

  82. Are you going to a new job?

  83. I do bring people food today, but not until 3. Then I work tomorrow night, then all day sat. And Sunday. And probably Monday.


  84. Are you going to a new job?

    She’s leaving. I’m getting the dump from her brain to make sure nothing she was doing falls on the floor.

  85. The company she left for hasn’t yet contacted me about the resume I sent them, but we’ll see. It’s entirely possible that they are looking at it and wondering if they can afford me, or that I burned a bridge unwittingly when I left there 12 years ago.

  86. Hi Carin
    Coffee please!
    I have a job interview today. I must shave.

  87. *hooks up coffee IV to V-man.

    Good luck on the interview. Prayers.Fingers crossed.

  88. Praying for you, Vmax. You got this.

  89. Kick some ass Vmax.

  90. Thank you all. I need all the help / prayers / thoughts I can get.

  91. Mornin’, Glories.

  92. Good morning, cool kids.

  93. Good morning all. I’m all coffee’d up and ready to do nothing.

  94. Mornin’

  95. You’ll do great today, Vman; hugs!

  96. Today we celebrate the end of VT Teddy Bear commercials.


  97. And no more PajamaGrams. Woo Hooo!

  98. The salt mines await. I have to make transit cabinets today. We hatesssses them.

  99. Sparrows are nesting under our awning.
    Spring is near.

  100. I hope you get 17 Giant Hunka Love Bears Cyn.

  101. Who needs pajamas anyway?

  102. Imma keel yew, Scott.

  103. Good morning, good people.

  104. They should make Vermont Godzilla Bears

  105. Oh, I’m so hoping, and wishing and praying that Obama gets my Valentine today.

    *lays in bed dreaming about it*

  106. *sends a Vermont Chupacabra*

  107. I think Obama is a good President because he’s so hard working:

  108. Let’s not forget Shari’s Berries either.

  109. *sends a Texas Rattler*

    and a Texas wallmart greeter,,,we still have them

  110. Vman, kick some butt, buddy! You’ve got this!

  111. Lefty Bollocks ‏@LeftyBollocks
    I agree @davidplouffe. The #NRA is delusional. They think Obama wants to take their guns. They’re so crazy…Obama should take their guns!

  112. *mails everyone a Vermont Gila Monster Egg

  113. Morning children.

  114. *mails everyone a Vermont Gila Monster Egg

    *makes plans to raise it like a third child…only better!

  115. Now I have to think up some boy or girl names.

  116. Egburt.

  117. Yeah, that’s right dumbass vegans:

  118. Carin, what did you do yesterday?

  119. My Valentine to the republican party:

  120. BananaHammockGram™

  121. Carin, what did you do yesterday?

    Homeschool. a little (very little) cleaning. Worked out. Ran a few errands.

  122. When you’re working has does the homeschooling work?

  123. This makes me sad, they really are making the military a PC experiment.

  124. I did my laundry yesterday.

  125. I did not homeschool the Carin kids in her absence. I could have, but I didn’t.

  126. AnalBleachingGram.

  127. GumScrapingGram.

  128. PrisonRapeAGram

  129. Skin-Suit-o-Gram

  130. *mails everyone a Vermont Gila Monster Egg

    Well, that was the strangest omelet ever.

    *burps fire*


  131. I’ve heard a little ginger helps with that.

  132. If she’s cute enough, a little ginger can help with lots of things.

  133. “Gosh, Gilligan, are you sure putting this in my mouth will get us off the island?”

  134. Waiting for the financial advisor to call back. Should I just go over to his office & start shooting?

  135. The Best Rapper in Ohio:

  136. Now I have to think up some boy or girl names.


  137. When you’re working has does the homeschooling work?

    Sure it does. Just leave ’em in the car with the window cracked open and you’ll be fine.

  138. AR15magsinstockagram

    My evil black rifle is from Bravo Company. Shame I lost it in the river.

  139. Happy St. Valentine’s Day, you heathen curs!

  140. I hadn’t been to Cabela’s in about a month or so and it was depressing to see the lack of ammo. I had never seen that before there. I could not find ANY 9mm.

  141. I could not find ANY 9mm.

    I guess you’ll need to buy a few more guns in different calibres. Shame, really.

  142. Stark is a problem solver!

  143. Herself got up early this morning and made me eggs and bacon for St. Valentine’s Day!

  144. Just don’t freeze up trying to decide whether .45ACP or .380 better matches the projected mass, size, & distance of your assailant when someone breaks into your house.

  145. When you’re working has does the homeschooling work?

    I only work two day shifts during the week, so they do a bit before I go in. I don’t have to be there until 10:30, and they *could* have it completely done by then.

  146. Mare, production of guns and ammo have to be at a record high right now. When people stop buying, supplies will go way up and the prices will plummet.

    I am waiting for that.

  147. That was my thought too, Scott. But it makes practice expensive. I’m fortunate I had just bought a Cabela box of 9mm before the crap hit the fan.

    I still think Governor Perry should should entice ammo manufacturers to Texas with a sweet, sweet tax/land/contract deal. Get a number of manufactures here so our laws will govern them.

  148. We still make all our nuclear bombs in Amarillo.

    So we got that goin for us, which is nice.

  149. Awww, sweet of Herself to do that, MCPO.


    Happy Valentine’s y’all!!

  150. I need to see what our local shop has.
    Still waiting on the shotgun we purchased 3 months ago.

  151. Very awesome header!

  152. *tacklehugs Aggie*

  153. That chihuahua looks delicious.


  155. The shootin range I go to was out of 9mm. They reload all the brass from the range, and people bought them out and took it home rather than shoot it there. Pretty unusual, but the new stuff was all gone so people snapped up the reloads for home.

    Plenty of .380 and 38 special. No 40cal or 22lr and a little bit of 45. Weird.

  156. I was doing some research and found some validation of Hostage wisdom that I thought needed to be shared.

    “Solutions are not the answer.” -Richard M. Nixon

    Yer Welcome.

  157. Same to you, Dear Wiser!

  158. *gives Dave the Heart Balloon Treatment™*

  159. Ah, the header appears to be different.

  160. Have any of you had Lasik? How long ago and are your eyes still the same as after the surgery? Do you need glasses for anything? Is distance and reading sharp?

  161. I watched most of this concert last night and absolutely loved it.

  162. No, I had my lenses replaced when they removed my cataracts, which means I see better than I ever did, and because of enhancements to the spectrum of light they allow in, I see colors most people don’t.

  163. I wonder if Phat liked Warm Bodies.

  164. So BiW has bionic eyes, excellent!

  165. Ah, the header appears to be different.

    Heynow… That puppy’s heart got awful big. And red. And vein-y.

  166. Mom had Lasik; it maybe lasted 7 years for her. And her night driving was never the same again. Very twinkle-y and not in a good way.

  167. I watched most of this concert last night and absolutely loved it.

    The Red Rocks of Sedona. An amazing place. There’s an almost instant peace that comes over you there; just washes away all the stress-y stuff.

    now THAT’S where we should have a Meat-up. Of course, third mortgages would have to be taken out, but it would be sooo worth it.

  168. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound good Cyn.

  169. She was a dicey candidate anyway, Mare; astigmatisms. And I don’t think her procedure was the real Lasik™ either.

  170. I went to Paco’s 3 For Tha Price Of 2 Eyeball Shoppe. It was only $8.95, but I think they replaced my eyes with delicious home-made corn tortillas.

  171. I’m waiting until I can get my eyes replaced with defect-free clones grown from my skin cells.

  172. Leon, what do you know about Lasik?

    The only time I’ve ever liked or cared about Valentine’s Day was with my girls. Another reason to do something fun for them, I loved it. They’ve already texted me funny crap.

    My youngest sent me an Arrested Development card with Lucille holding a splashing drink, winking, captioned, “I love all my Valentine’s equally.”

  173. Stark, that means I could look into your eyes with love….of mexican food.

  174. HA! My girls know me so well, my oldest sent me this:

  175. Hope the Hostagettes get what they want today:

  176. My sister is quite happy with her LASER eyeball surgery, but she’s a doctor & knows people. I also don’t know which version she got, but apparently it pays to do a ton of research on the doctors & take price as a secondary consideration.

  177. Sometimes I’m just amazed at wht you can find/see/do on the internet:

  178. They fly around CT and Mass?

    We probably tax them for using our air.

  179. MA has a kid on a bike chasing planes around demanding two dollars.

  180. I know that it’s operating on an otherwise-healthy organ. I know that it can’t treat hyperopia or presbyopia, so you’ll still need reading glasses if you need them now. I know that it leads to a permanent increase in inter-ocular pressure (so no skydiving), and I know that no one at all knows what that means after 20 years. Tiger Woods had it done some time ago, so I’m watching to see what happens with him.

  181. Happy VD. I work tonight. Had yummy Red Chile burrito. On way to Die Hard matinee. What Stark said.

  182. Thank you, Leon. The long term not knowing has been a deal killer. I should probably look for Russian studies, they’ve done it forever.

  183. Maybe just have a Russian do it.

  184. I’ve thought about it, but glasses just aren’t enough of a hassle to me. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was waiting for cloned eyeballs. I figure by that time I’ll have cataracts and presbyopia anyhow, so a whole-organ replacement will be welcome.

  185. Our optometrist absolutely does not recommend Lasik surgery, but he will make referrals if a patient is insistent.

    I can understand doing something if it is medically necessary – like Dave had to have done – but for me personally, I don’t want someone messing with my eyeballs if they don’t HAVE to. One wrong move, one little slip-up, one mistake on calibration, etc., and there is NO way to make things better.

    I’m not willing to take that chance with my eyesight.

  186. Maybe just have a couple of Black Russians.

  187. Who is filibustering Hagel? Why does he need 60 votes?

  188. My big Sis is out of surgery for her triple bypass. Doctor is pleased with the results. She’ll be in ICU for 2/3 days for recovery.
    Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.

  189. I heard White Russians were moar better.

  190. Oh that’s fabulous news, Chief!

  191. That’s great, MCPO!

  192. Yeah, big exhalation of breath here!

  193. Eyeballs are staying as is, however my plans to shoot competitively are a no go.

  194. Woo hoo.

  195. An optometrist that I know has done his entire family and a ton of friends. So far no problems.

  196. Mare, no reason you can’t shoot competitively.

    It’s just that you won’t win.

  197. Who is gonna make me a sammich today?

    No xBrad. Put your hand down.

  198. Happy to hear the good news, Chief.

  199. Thanks, Leon!

  200. Wow I was nervous. But they want a face to face interview next.

  201. Good news, Chief.

  202. Here is to a speedy recovery MCPO.

  203. Good news, Chief! I hope she has a good support system for her recovery, my dad needed a lot of help for about 2 months after his triple lindy.

  204. More good news. You’re going to have to put on pants for that, you know.

  205. Way to kick ass, Vman!!!!

  206. Wow. Good news all around. What a fucking day. There’s love in the fucking air, mother fuckers.

  207. Oh, Vman, that’s wonderful!! Hugs honey!!

  208. HahahH…MJ!!

  209. Vman! Great news brother! Best of luck to you. You deserve it!

  210. Thanks y’all.


  212. I’m buying MOFOs for everyone !!

  213. Great news, VMAX! kick ass, brother!

  214. I have been through Charlotte a few times and thought it a nice city. I need to research it more now.

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