All Tucker Poat

Gruff tucker

Stylish tucker

(for Rosetta) Chubby tucker

Young tucker

Ball tucker

Dead tucker

Country tucker

And finally, a musical tucker


  1. *golf clap*

    Well done, sir…..

  2. oops, forgot one:

    wienie tucker

  3. do you have any idea how hard it is to find a picture of Tanya Tucker where she looks half-way decent?

    woofa, that is not an attractive woman.

  4. Pupster’s been planting cameras in my kitchen again.

  5. Here’s a Tucker (Brett) for the ladies:


  6. Pro Tip: if you store the plastic containers down low, then they only explode around your feet, not your face.

  7. Looks like Mare already got to him:

  8. You seen Glen Campbell lately?


  9. found this while looking for images of Forrest Tucker

    Who ya gonna call?

  10. You seen Glen Campbell lately?


    Even when she was younger.

    I repeat…woofa

  11. I can barely tell Glen Campbell and Nick Nolte apart, anymore.

  12. heh. you’re all out searching for an attractive picture of Tanya Tucker now, ain’t ya?

    Well, good luck. I would have had this post done an hour earlier iffin there were any…

  13. I can barely tell Glen Campbell and Nick Nolte apart, anymore.

    Sadly, neither can Glen.

  14. Pro Tip: if you store the plastic containers down low, then they only explode around your feet, not your face.

    I suggest you trust J’Ames here, since he’s an expert when it comes to things exploding in his face.


  15. nah, you’re right, she wasn’t all that.

  16. I was wondering who was gonna pick the low hanging fruit first. Wiserbud doesn’t disappoint.

    He must be listening to some good records at work.

  17. Not just the kitchen.

  18. Tanya Tucker was a “butter face” at 16.

  19. Wiserbud doesn’t disappoint.

    I was bored.

  20. Off to the pool!

  21. Is there some sort of football game tomorrow?

  22. Glad to see Rosetta outside getting some exercise!

  23. Obama’s shooting instructor.

  24. >>>Is there some sort of football game tomorrow?

    I heard they were gonna try to fit one in during a break in the must-watch Beyonce concert

  25. I. Am. Outta. Here.

  26. What the tuck is this shit?


  28. I went looking for the dude in SOTL and found that!

  29. >>>What the tuck is this shit?

    Only the greatest post ever posted anywhere, ever, thank you very much…

  30. The tucking thing is a reference to penises, if I don’t miss my guess.

  31. Hehe, the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer made the sidebar.


  32. Stark – like a tack.

  33. David Lee Roth was such a stud. Hate the hair, love the thighs.

  34. Again.

    If only there were someone there who read the blog…

  35. Roth was ~something~ back in the day. All we girls were hawt for him.

  36. Had to check it out again – that banana slicer look just Medieval.

  37. Missed one.

  38. All we girls were hawt for him.

    If women were to ever stop wanting things that were bad for them, entire industries would collapse. Bands full of long-haired losers would be first.

  39. >>>Roth was ~something~ back in the day.

    Yeah, well so was Stevie Nicks…

  40. If women were to ever stop wanting things that were bad for them, entire industries would collapse. Bands full of long-haired losers would be first. men would probably never get laid while dating.


  41. Stevie Nicks was hawt too.

  42. puffy face

  43. The good guys don’t want to get laid while dating, Cyn, so that’s fine by me.

  44. >>>puffy face


  45. Good afternoon ladies,

    Anyone else stiff the country of Niger for $5222 in landing fees last night?

    I did.

    Well, I told the crew not to pay and get the hell out of there ASAP.

    Fuck you Niger!

  46. >>>The good guys don’t want to get laid while dating..

    Heh heh heh. Leon’s “that guy.”

  47. Don’t click on this one Mare

  48. Why would anyone land a plane in Niger? Were you lost? Was your compass broke?

  49. David Lee Roth and Stevie Nicks are older than me.

    And Stevie is older than Roth.

    Contemplate these things.

  50. Normally, this is a no-brainer leadership thing.

    BUT! Now we have sat phones in the jet and everyone feels like they have to call me to get permission for obvious stuff.

    “You’re the Aircraft Commander, use your best judgement and I’ll back you 100%” has been my standard answer.

    The incident in Niger was an exception, I’m glad they called. I had to wake up a 2 star at 0400 to make sure he knew we were potential creating an international incident.

  51. Michael,

    If our media actually reported the news they would tell you that we are flying dozens of C-17’s into Mali, Chad and Niger to help the French repel the Islamist insurgency.

    Sadly, you have to read the French media to get the facts.

  52. Heh heh heh. Leon’s “that guy.”

    I never said I was a good thing for women to want. I’m difficult, obsessive, neurotic, a perfectionist, and I don’t do anything fun. I’m good to introduce to parents, but something of a nightmare to live with.

  53. Well, shucks. My uncle croaked and Granny is in the hospital.

    I thought it had been a good week, but I stand corrected.

  54. Sympathies and prayers, Jewstin.

  55. Send the invoice to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  56. Jewstin,

    I pray for your family and for you.

  57. Sorry about the Family troubles, Jewstin. Wanna watch a movie?

    How about I pick?

  58. Sorry to hear that Jewstin.

  59. Jewstin,

    Visit granny if you can, call if you can’t.

    It sucks to leave stuff unsaid.

  60. Thank for the well wishes. I feel bad, especially for my folks who are looking after her. She and I never got on well, but it still hurts. She might get well again, but she’ll have to go into assisted living. Nobody knows what’s wrong with her.

    Really, I think she’s just tired and wants to die.

  61. WTH was the JEF shooting at?

    Sure as hell wasn’t a clay with that barrel angle. Stationary target? I’d maybe buy that, but the trees are green and this was a stock photo to deploy when they needed it.

    Another example of how there is NO ONE near the White House who knows a damn thing about stuff us in ‘flyover country’ know by heart.

  62. Awww, damn; hugs to you, Jewstin.

  63. I caught those green trees too, Phat. Smells like bullshit p’shop to me. At least it’s a better job than his birth certificate.

  64. Love the doggies out the window; if I didn’t think I’d swallow a bug, I’d be doing that too.

  65. Potted Pup!

  66. Cyn – The photo is dated 4 Aug 2012.

  67. Who the heck are the people who get offended by the Volkswagen add featuring a white Minnesotan with a wicked Jamaican accent?

    The Jamaicans love the ad, and the Minnesotans love the ad, but some douchebag hipster liberals had their tampons all swollen up over it because they decided that the ad is racist. What the fuck is wrong with these grievance-mongers?

  68. Fuck you Up Yours, Niger!


  69. Forgot “Watchmen”was such an excellent film. I may have to buy the Blu-ray because TNT’s commercials are driving me batshit crazy.

  70. Anybody else spend the day digging ditches?

  71. Laura has the gardening bug bad right now.

    She just found somebody one town away that is looking to get rid of 50 tons of horse manure.

    I wonder what I will be doing tomorrow?

  72. Well?

  73. I spent the day eating and sleeping like a zoo animal, after I went to the gym anyhow.


  75. Didn’t click any links to see the date; thanks, Chief!

  76. Fuck Niger.

  77. Cyn – It is curious that the other photo of TFG on the same date is his golf outing at Andrews AFB. Not saying it didn’t do both, but looking at his past published schedules, it seems like triple his normal activity.

  78. Things that make you go, “hmmmm”.

  79. What a fracking joke that they released that picture. Obama is a tiny, tiny man.

    Pathetically insecure about his masculinity. Because he’s not the least bit.

    He’s a little girl.

  80. He’s always reminded me of more of a eunuch.

  81. Though he sure does know how to hang a curtain and ride a bike.

  82. That picture was taken within the last couple of days.

  83. Scott, meet shovel.


  84. I am not surprised they released a photo, but the “don’t photoshop” is not only juvenile but also shows a total lack of understanding of human nature.

  85. Speaking of juvenile, Cyn what were you screaming exactly 12 years ago right now?

  86. We need to tell Mrs Wiser about this awesome opportunity.

  87. >>>I am not surprised they released a photo, but the “don’t photoshop” is not only juvenile but also shows a total lack of understanding of human nature.

    That’s a standard disclaimer they put on all photos they release

  88. Horse manure!! I’m so excited!!

    I’m going to go back for a few more loads every chance I get, for as long as they have it. Gonna make a mountain of it to compost with all Summer long. It’s THE BEST thing for French intensive gardening and super healthy soil.

    So totally stoked!

    Don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  89. >>>We need to tell Mrs Wiser about this awesome opportunity.

    Whoops. Gotta go. Need to cut the power..


  90. * cries *

  91. Then its standardly stupid.

  92. Not fifty tons, a hundred.

    A hundred tons of horseshit.

    It’s like a fairytale.

  93. I’m actually reading a book about intensive gardening, and gardening with cloches and covers in our climate over the Winter. Horse manure figures prominently.

    This is gonna be so fucking awesomesauce.

  94. Laura’s, if Scott won’t do it, dump his lazy ass and find a new guy here:

  95. I wouldn’t put it past him to stage the photo, make the shamefully transparent lie months later, and then wait for people to call him on it so he can look like he’s honest.

  96. That’s not a gardening bug, it’s a gardening dragon.

  97. Scott, if the photographer was paid for with tax dollars and the image isn’t classified, it’s public domain by law, so the petulant statement that came with it is utterly worthless.

  98. Hopefully they have the equipment to dump it into your truck. That’s a backsaver.

  99. I should have brought the W’s a pile of the good stuff to drive back with at Lapeerapalooza.

  100. Yeah, they’re going to load it into my truck for me with a machine.

    I need to figure out a way to unload it from my truck more easily so we’re not shoveling forever.

  101. Park it facing uphill.

  102. Use a bomb

  103. Make Scott and Wiser do it.

  104. Do you have to wheelbarrel it? Backing the truck up downhill is always the best if possible, then its pushing instead of shoveling. My dad always used those wheel ramps to get the back end pointed down if needed.

  105. 1)There’s not enough of a slope,

    2) that would spread it too thin and is also illegal, and

    3) I’d like to see these people again.

    But, still, all good suggestions.

  106. Guillermo and Stefano will do eet!

  107. >>>>Make Scott and Wiser do it.

    Would love to help. Think I owe them a few favors.

    Btw, what time does the game start?

  108. When I first gardened years ago a kind neighbor gave me horse manure to use, I didn’t realize it should be composted first. I grew awesome weeds.

  109. Obama is a zero. He doesn’t know anything in the fashion that I know how to cook a pork loin, sew a patch on my jeans, or query a database. His only profession is as a permanent largesse recipient.

    I have nothing but contempt for that fellow and resent having tax money pay for his sorry ass.

  110. I don’t think Scott has wheel ramps.

    But that’s a pretty good one, too. Gravity would be so helpful.

  111. hahahaaha. new definition of super bowl.

  112. Pretty much nails my sentiment as well, Jewstin. I’d be surprised if he could make a sandwich.

  113. What are dew favors? I hope I don’t owe any of those. They sound expensive.

  114. >>>I don’t think Scott has wheel ramps.

    I do.

  115. Can you get the wheel ramps out from under the Oldsmobile without anyone getting hurt?

  116. Besides you, I mean.

  117. I can hear it now.

    “You fucked up. You trusted us!”

  118. D.G. got a new suit to go to the pool!

  119. Yeah I should say put something behind the back wheels before you shovel horse pucks, but wiser probably would have told you that.

  120. Her hair cracks me up. She’s a little Van der Graf generator.

    Remember when she was so teensy you could hold her in one hand? Look at her grow now.

  121. Did anybody release a photo of anybody else doing something macho today?

  122. Dave – It astounds me. Every time.

  123. Sean, when the Olympic Gold Medal winner is a chick, “doing” skeet ain’t really “macho.”

  124. This just keeps getting better and better.


  126. Oh, man. I saw one today- they p-shopped a tiny teleprompter perched on the top of the barrel, with the word, “Bang!” on it.

  127. I saw that one too. Hilarious.

    Obama has a boomstick!

  128. Tarp Laura, tie it to a tree and drive away.

  129. Well done, Vman!

  130. this should end some of the other stuff:

    More importantly, I think this prop bet for tomorrow makes sense on the NO: Will there be a roughing-the-passer penalty? Yes (Even), No (-130).

  131. OMG Chief!!!! That DG pic is soooo freaking adorable!!!!

  132. My son’s girlfriend gave me sheep crap for free.

  133. Wha’d I do Cyn

  134. My son’s girlfriend gave me sheep crap for free.


  135. V man wins, excellent.

    or one end to the hitch, around the tree, to the tarp, drive slowly until its dragged in place.

    Also please film for gif purposes or afhv.

  136. Your suggestion was brilliant and efficient, Vmax.

  137. You know shit!

  138. Maybe he was saying “Tarp Laura” without the comma Cyn.

  139. Once you try it, you keep a tarp stuck behind the seat.
    Once you forgot to put the tarp behind the seat down, you never forget again ’cause you are telling yourself how stupid you are with every shovelful.

  140. GMo, the last paragraph of your link had great news about MBV

  141. Local park spread manure the other day. We bathed the wieners last week. Guess who decided that rolling in manure was a good thing? Guess who had another bath today?

  142. game is 630 eastern

  143. Wow did they change Jimbro, time waits for no one.

  144. Great news except for the fact that the server is still down. Oh well, it’s not like I can’t wait another few hours.

  145. I was hoping I got that job in ND so I did not renew my license plates on my truck.

    I remembered this today and have to pay the late fee.

  146. Got the 6 month follow up call from the Ford dealer today. Told them I was very, very pleased with my Edge!

  147. How could you be unpleased with peniswheels?

  148. HA HA HA I forgot about that.

    The Edgel.

  149. Scott killed it with a Edsel? Er Edgel?
    Ford FTW

  150. Love the crowd reaction

  151. We just did Happy Birthday Cake with non-blow out candles for the Axeman… HAHAHAHA! Oh man that was fun!

  152. MCPO, I just saw a report that Chris Kyle was killed.

  153. Worst mother ever!

  154. Whut X?

  155. Shirt and a trophy.

  156. xBrad – Just heard it myself. Nobody in custody yet.

  157. Oh god, that’s awful news.

  158. It better be wrong.

  159. My condolences, MCPO. It’s an awful thing.

  160. Awful very awful what is going on?

  161. I hope that sonofabitch who did it doesn’t make it to jail alive.

  162. Prayers up, Mcpo. So sorry.

  163. It doesn’t seem as though it is wrong, Scott. :*(

  164. Just found that the suspect has reportedly been captured.

    Just awful. Prayers up yes.

  165. Cousin or nephew? I wish I could remember now.

  166. I’m sick to my stomach and shaking with rage.

    I need a hug.

  167. {{Hugs to All}}

  168. (((HUGS))) I hate crying.

  169. Wow, one of the guys he was helping with PTSD snapped, and killed Kyle and another guy:

    Note is at the end.

  170. Second cousin’s grandson. . . . Never met the young man, but knew about him through my sister.

  171. :((((

    I was hoping I was reading wrong.

  172. May he rest in peace, with many thanks from an Az girl and a grateful nation.

  173. A better memory of Chris Kyle:

  174. ’tis a sad chapter. I was just talking with a guy visiting here from Canada yesterday, and he mentioned how much he enjoyed Chris’ book.

    I’m hoisting a glass of really awful vodka.

    On another sad note, some of you may recall I’ve mentioned Dr. Dick being a member of my book club.

    Professor, doctor, school psychologist, and decorated, wounded veteran, my friend passed away this morning at the age of 96. I mourn him, but also know he was ready to be with the Lord, and his wife Irene. 70 years of marriage.

  175. Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, Xbrad.

    {{More hugs all around today}}

  176. Salud!

  177. Hear, hear; prost!

  178. I think I need another drink.

    Maybe a bellyshot offa Cyn?

  179. Cyn, Dan wants to go to the ASU game Saturday night. Can you meat on Saturday instead?

  180. No prob.

    Xbrad and Oso.

  181. G’night dear friends. M’wah!

  182. M’wah!

  183. I shall drown my sorrows in booze and the series finale of One Tree Hill.

  184. OK, I did both.

  185. I’m listening to cheesy music.

  186. Daniel espoused radical policies.

  187. Godspeed, Chris Kyle.


  188. Morning

  189. wakey wakey

  190. Morning children.

  191. Today is going to be shitty.

  192. Morning all. Hope you don’t get too shit covered today Scott.

  193. This is HotBride’s and my anniversary. We met at a Superbowl party in 2000.

  194. How fun! Happy Anni, ‘Spur.

    And good morning peeps.

  195. Anyone try to buy chicken wings at the supermarket this week?

    Fucking things were $10.99 a pound yesterday.

    Eff that.

  196. Happy anniversary, ‘Spur. Buy Hotbride something nice like a toaster oven.

  197. We noted the wing prices too. Bunch of crap. Pizza rolls to the rescue!

  198. Maybe I’ll take her to the ghetto bar to watch the game.

  199. Fuck chicken wings. Make lumpia.

  200. Keep fuckin’ those chicken wings

  201. Wangs.

  202. Maybe one of you smarties can put me to some knowledge. Who, or what combination of who, can raise the price of things prior to the demand? Is this actual market economics?

    Take wings for example. Grocery stores know that more people are going to buy wings for today. I assume they would order more wings in advance. The chicken distributer gets more wing orders than last weeks, but his costs are the same. Is he jacking up the price because his supply is dwindling, and the grocery stores have to pay a higher cost? Are the stores just gouging because of the higher demand?

    Same with gasoline. Holiday weekends cause more demand for gas, but the price goes up prior to that demand. Is that fucking OPEC? Are the individual station owners just passing along their costs, or what? The oil was extracted and refined a month earlier. How does it cost more on Labor Day?

  203. It’s capitalism, Pupster. That’s who.

  204. I saw wings 2 weeks ago and for once, remembering this BS from last year’s SB weekend, bought 2 packs to freeze. Defrosted yesterday and sat them in a bag of Ken’s buffalo wing sauce overnight. Anyone who wants some is welcome to join us. I don’t have much beer though, bring a six-pack of your favorite along.

  205. Oh…so you are in on it, huh?

  206. I understand why, I’m just trying to figure out who. Somebody makes a decision to raise the price of chicken wings because more people eat them on this weekend.

  207. Big Chicken Wing.

  208. Football is too violent.

    If we can save one illiterate, overpaid millionaire, it would be worth it to ban football.

  209. So I watched 5 minutes of MTP.

    NBC is out of the closet completely.

  210. I’m boycotting football. No play, no watch.

    I’ve also never really liked wings, so no loss there.

  211. Alright, I got my Ray Lewis Deer Antler Spray in the mail.

    Do I spray it on my antlers or under the tongue for maximal effect?

  212. I understand why, I’m just trying to figure out who.


  213. Not fifty tons, a hundred.

    A hundred tons of horseshit.

    Who weighs their horseshipt prior to giving it away?

    I’m calling bullshit.

  214. I don’t weigh horseshit ever, so PG has an excellent point.

  215. Today is going to be shitty.

    Tell me about it. wiserbride dropped a heavy glass candle holder into the toilet tank last night and cracked it.

    Woke up to 1/4″ of water o the floor around 3am.

    So I’ll be working on that most of the day….

    which should be fun.

  216. Oh man, that sucks, Wiserbud.

    My morning was spent troubleshooting the well in the barn. Again. Ended up having to re-prime it, but at least nothing was broken. Just a small section of frozen hose.

  217. The wisers should go to the w’s to take a crap in the yard.

    Solves two problems.

  218. Jesus Wiser.

    yeah, and we just got the bill for the heater. $800.

    Been having a spectacular week!

  219. The wisers should go to the w’s to take a crap in the yard.



    So God has it out for this guy, but keeps missing.

    Then God realizes that he really shouldn’t have messing with the guy in the first place, so he makes him a millionaire.

    Unlucky? I think not.

  221. Maybe he’s Job.

  222. Job would get killed by Obama, not God.

  223. Job would get killed by Obama, not God.

    Okay, who had February 3rd?

  224. Dammit, I had the 4th.

  225. I studied.

  226. Killer tucker

  227. I feel so rotten about Kyle, my husband is sick to his stomach too. He met him with a big wheel friend who was going to buy one of his engraved sniper rifles. Spent a lot of time talking about guns and books and his family.

    If the press makes this about guns I’m going to go ape shit.

    Scott is right, today is going to make quota for 100% suck.

  228. I miss talking to you assholes, take care of yourselves and kick Rosetta in the cornhole if he shows up. Thank you in advance.

  229. Greetings, people who just watch it for the commercials.

  230. Congratulations on the new plumbing assignment wiser.

    As you say, BTDT.

  231. **bans heavy glass candle holders**

  232. Why did she drop a candle holder into the toilet tank? Was the lid off? or did she drop it into the bowl? WTF is it with women and candles anyway?

  233. New well in. No bill yet, but probably around $7K. Am in the process of digging ditches so I can get power to it and tie it into the existing water lines. Also have to install a house for the pressure tank and get the well guy to install the pump. The fun just doesn’t stop.

  234. Sympathies, Pepe. I gotta get some sandbags this week to fill the gaps around my well box. We had to pull the box off this morning to re-prime the pump, and re-seating it didn’t get us the nice seal we had before. I’ll take my well problems over yours. Mine ‘r’ cheaper.

  235. There’s a guy down in the park playing a Chinese fiddle. It’s supposed to sound like this:


  236. Candles have a soft light so all our body flaws aren’t so damn obvious and are supposed to be romantic = sexy.

    That said, I don’t have any in the bathroom. Only thing I put on the toilet tank is a magazine.

  237. >> Only thing I put on the toilet tank is a magazine.

    30 round?

  238. Orange/flame light is also better after sunset. Blue light can disrupt sleep, even if your eyes are closed.

  239. That magazine better not have more than 30 pages, roamy. Nobody needs a magazine with more than 30 pages.

  240. Pepe, glad you have water again, sorry it cost so much to get it.

  241. I keep a box of matches on my toilet tank.

    Just sayin’

  242. Dammit, dave.

  243. Sean, there’s a line that Jeff Goldblum has in “The Big Chill” where he talks about writing articles for the length of the average crap.

  244. Okay, I botched the English on that, but I’m too tired to care.

  245. So he wrote for Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers Series. How ’bout that.

  246. You snooze you lose Sean.

  247. Condolences to Jewstin and the Chief – I gotta admit, I was in shock when I saw that about Chris Kyle this morning; read his book over Christmas. Such a shame.

    Congratulations to the Hotspurs – how great that Super Bowl Sunday has such happy memories associated with it for you guys!

    Sorry to hear about all of the plumbing problems our various Hostages are having.

    Now, I’m just wondering where the W’s plan on putting their new pony….

  248. Still haven’t got the new well online, but that should happen late next week (hopefully). We’re limping along on the old one. On the plus side, the old well made 4.5 to 5 gallons per minute, and this one looks like it will produce between 20 and 30 gpm, which is amazing for this part of NM. Right now I’m doing the delicate digging. I managed to find the main line and dig out enough to tie into it without breaking it. Today I’ve got to find the main electrical line to the house and dig under it without breaking it. This involves lots of careful digging by hand.

  249. Pepe,
    How deep did you have to go? Why didn’t he put the pump in and leave a pipe-stub and the wires hanging so you could hook it up?

  250. If it helps, I can’t even dig today, so you’ve got that going for you. I’d need a pickaxe.

  251. *kicks down front door of blog*

    *pisses in the coat closet*

    *rifles through mail*

    *leaves with new issue of Juggs*

  252. About that most recent issue, Rosie…

    …nah. Let him figure it out on his own.

  253. Well is about 230′ deep. Well driller drills the well and puts in casing. A different guy puts the pump down into the well. I have to get everything set up so we can switch over from the old one to the new one without being totally out of water for a few days.

  254. Hello Sean. Describe in graphic terms how life is treating you.

  255. Hugs Rosetta.

    All the fucking plants died, you dick. I told you.

  256. Well, well, well – look what the cat dragged in….. :P

    (Hiya, Rosie ♥♥♥)

  257. The plants had it coming, Dave. THEY HAD IT COMING FOR WHAT THEY DID TO FLOYD!!!

    *tackles Teresa*

    *administers supine hug*

  258. How many miniature Jap Bonsai trees are stuck in Floyd’s colon RIGHT NOW?

  259. In anyone doing anything fun on this boring Sunday?


  260. Graphic terms, huh? Let’s see…

    Life is currently akin to getting a more or less dispassionate handy-j from a bored, frumpy-looking girl with very dry hands in the back seat of a 1979 AMC Pacer. I mean, it’s nice and all, but not terribly thrilling.

  261. Eating mac n cheese and nursing a hangover…….you?

  262. How many miniature Jap Bonsai trees are stuck in Floyd’s colon RIGHT NOW?

    Hahahaha. Jap.


    A few weeks ago we tried to transition Floyd to a new brand of food that’s supposed to be healthier for his pig ass. Here is a dramatic recreation of his farts on the new food:

  263. Manuricane!

    Need horse shit? We have a guy.

  264. Life is currently akin to getting a more or less dispassionate handy-j from a bored, frumpy-looking girl with very dry hands in the back seat of a 1979 AMC Pacer. I mean, it’s nice and all, but not terribly thrilling.

    Hahahahahahaha. That’s a pretty good description of life in general.

    + 9 skeets

  265. My wife used to have a Gremlin back when we were dating. I don’t recall ever having a sexual encounter in it. We dated in my F150.



  267. Eating mac n cheese and nursing a hangover…….you?

    Creating tomorrow’s hangover and unfortunately not eating mac n cheese.

    The rest of the house is napping at the moment so I’m also enjoying quiet.

  268. Mrs Rosetta hates this song.

  269. I wonder if a Gremlin and a Pacer have ever raced.

    That would probably tear a hole in the faggot-70s continuum.

  270. >> faggot-70s continuum

    Are you pre-med?

  271. My late uncle Charlie (retired ATF agent) had a Pacer.

  272. That would probably tear a hole in the faggot-70s continuum.

    It would be like that movie Event Horizon, only with feathered hair and mustaches.

  273. I always thought an old abandoned Pacer would be great for growing tomatos.

  274. I’d pay good money to see a Vega and a Pinto race.

  275. Are you pre-med?

    No I’ve had my meds.

    *shoots Dave in face with cannon filled with pictures of famous Jews*

  276. My late uncle Charlie (retired ATF agent) had a Pacer.

    Then what happened?

  277. I wonder if anyone has ever made a Buffalo ostrich wing.

  278. Gut-check time. I either gotta trim the ‘stache or start combing and waxing it for an eventual handlebar.

  279. I vote handlebar. That doesn’t get enough play.

  280. Then what happened?

    He died.

  281. Hear that Helen? He’s tearin’ it up, that fella.

    Is that the best song ever or what?

    *rhetorical question*

  282. He died.

    What happened to the Pacer?

  283. rolleon cafingers

  284. *rhetorical answer*

  285. rolleon cafingers

    Rollie Daddysfingers

  286. What happened to the Pacer?

    It died. They were pretty crappy cars, don’t you know?

  287. Why the fuck isn’t the complete series of Solid Gold on DVD?

    That’s bullshit.

  288. It died. They were pretty crappy cars, don’t you know?

    I thought maybe Dick Cheney got it.

  289. Time to feed Henry lunch.

    I’ll be back later.

    GO RAMS!!

  290. Snack time, tuckers!

  291. GO RAMS!!

    I thought we were cheering for the Maple Leafs. Did I not get a memo?

  292. When my 2 yr old daughter had dry skin, I taught her to say “it rubs the lotion on its skin”. (yes, I know I got the quote slightly wrong, but I think it sounds better this way)

    Now that she is 3 (yes, she still says it) and goes to nursery school, I am fully expecting a courtesy visit from child protective services any day now.

    P.s.: Go Pats!

  293. Did they win yet?

  294. Pats?

    Where do you live?

  295. Cardinals for the win!! Yeah baby!!

  296. Fly, Eagles Fly
    On the road to victory. . .

  297. So what’s everyone going to be snacking on during the game?

  298. Besides wiener wings I mean.


  299. So what’s everyone going to be snacking on during the game?

    Nothing during the game. I don’t want you slobs getting hot-dog crumbs on my Catan pieces.

  300. Knew a guy that had a Gremlin. Primer grey, looked like crap, but he had a 400 small block with a supercharger on it, and a narrowed rear axle with wide dragster type tires. He won a lot of money in street races.

  301. Fancy schmancy.

    *drags Floyd’s ass on the Catan*

  302. New Non-Stinky Poat for your man-handling pleasure.

  303. FFS.

  304. I knew a guy that put a VW Beetle body over a Vega frame with a 400 in it. That was a fun car.

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