That Precise Moment…

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Well, that’s all for now! Feel free to push this down!


  1. Wow, this is really silly. Even sillier that I hit the publish button early!

  2. I had meant to kick the day off with an even crappier poat featuring a hawt chick dressed as Thor (it being Thorsday and all), but woke up too late. This is better.

  3. Content free! That’s what we’re all about.

  4. I see MJ is still being pleasant today.

  5. Your fuckin-A right I am.

    It’s going to be an awesome day.

  6. I like that bunny.

  7. >> It’s pretty amazing how fast you can get admitted being a middle-aged man complaining of chest pains.

    No shit. They get all excited when that happens.

  8. *kicks MJ in the poon.

    We’ve had enough of your mood.

  9. I don’t have a poon. I think.

    *calls Car in for description of poon.

  10. If she sends you photos, please forward them.

  11. * phone rings

    Yea. As if. I’m not answering that.

  12. Glad you’re okay Pupster!

    You need to quit smoking, asap. I recall specifically this one Housecall episode on Fox with Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld. Many years ago he was at a convention with his wife and she was demonstrating a new heart monitor tech.
    The doctors observing how the monitor works, noted periodic abnormalities in the heart function that was being monitored.

    It was Dr. Rosenfeld wearing the device, and these arrythmias were happening every time he took drags off his cigarette.

    When his wife ran over to tell him what was happening, he threw away his cigarettes and never touched them again.

    I thought that was a pretty nifty story, and always kept it in the back of my head for inspiration.

    So glad we quit. I do feel better. It’s obvious by how I feel in the morning, that I didn’t smoke last night.

    *pokes Pupster in the chest, lightly, and looks at him meaningfully in the eye*
    And don’t forget Harrison. That guy still makes me bawl my eyes out. Don’t you do it too.

    Sorry. I always hated this type of talking to, too. This is the first, and last, such preaching you’ll ever get from me.

  13. It’s 2 degrees here. Awesome isn’t the word I was looking for, to describe this day.

  14. *trips over laura’s soapbox

  15. I don’t want to see photos of MJ’s poon.

  16. Emergency room doctor: Well Michael, all the tests show that your heart is OK. You probably just had a little indigestion. But it’s good that you played it safe and got checked out.

    Michael: Great. As long as we’re here, can you grab a scalpel and get rid of that carbuncle on my ass?

  17. And I don’t want to know about any carbuncle on Michael’s ass.

  18. these arrythmias were happening every time he took drags off his cigarette

    Yeah, probably related. They wouldn’t let me fire up in the ER, so I guess we’ll never know for sure.

  19. …cracks me up that he was smoking indoors at a medical convention.

    Those were the days…

  20. I saw Ass Carbuncle open for Steely Dan in ’08.

  21. lauraw, they (docs, nurses, techs) used to smoke in the OR lounge at UMass where I trained as recently as 1993 or so. The nurses puffed away in their break room surreptitiously for years afterwards.

  22. I’m pretty certain the Internet revolves around me, and pupster’s gifs are one of those things that makes this POS blog worth coming back to every day. Therefore it is imperative that Pups takes THE VERY best care of himself in oder to provide me with laughs on a daily basis.

    Also, and secondarily, to be around for his family whom I’m sure likes him too.

  23. Do any hospitals have smoking rooms these days?

    The hospital I was in didn’t allow it on their property. If you wanted a smoke you had to cross the street.

  24. I think that’s the norm. At Tampa General there’s always a line of patients hooked up to all manner of things smoking outside of the parking garage.

  25. Yep – had to hit the sidewalk off hospital grounds when the Axeman was in last August.

  26. By the mid 90’s most of them were totally non smoking. My hospital cracked down for on campus smoking about 5 years ago. There is a line of people in a bus shelter across the way.

  27. So much senseless bullshit.

    Hospitals should have bars in them.

    That would be a frickin’ gold mine.

  28. The OSU Medical Center went ‘tobacco free’ in the mid 90’s, an important distinction from ‘non smoking’ here in the midwest, and all the other hospitals followed suit once smoking in public places was declared illegal in Ohio.

    In the late 90’s I had a hospital project which included a smoking gazebo, but it got deleted during the design phase. I had to argue with the Electrical design Engineer who put a smoke detector in it.

  29. Mr car in was stuck in this:

    “’I’ve never seen anything like that before,” said witness Steve Kendler of Novi, who observed the scene from the northbound side. ”There are mangled and tangled semis and cars; and then, about a quarter-mile down the road, there’s another set of accidents where semis are all tangled with cars; and, about another half-mile down there road, there’s another accident.”

    “There’s just three sets of multiple vehicle and multiple trucks just all tangled up. And part of it, in the very first accident, the cap on the semi is almost sheared off,” Kendler said. ”These trucks just look like they’ve been … like a can opener. It’s unbelievable. They’re just mangled and all over the place.”

    There’ still attempting to get people out of their cars right now. He must have been just a few minutes behind it, because he was stuck- had the emergency vehicles all go by him. Fortunately, he had an exit, and wasn’t completely stuck. He said he saw it (well , at least one part of it) and it was unbelievable.

  30. 30 vehicles involved. Don’t know how many deaths yet.

  31. He called me first to bitch that he was stuck, then called again to tell me how horrific it was. Then they started reporting it on the news.

  32. Talking to myself.

  33. Just heard about it on the radio during my failed gym trip*, sounds utterly awful.

    *discovered upon arrival that my haste to depart this morning left me bereft of gym clothes.

  34. That’s got to be an ice situation, right Carin? Usually the only reason so many people can’t avoid the first accident.

  35. Ice and white out/snow conditions.

  36. Since men die before women in most cases, the government has decided that everyone is a man to save money on healthcare.

  37. Plus –

    “Tipsters calling into the WWJ Newsroom said driving conditions at the time of the accident were treacherous with high winds, icy roads and poor viability due to a snow squall”

  38. All our visitors from the alldaymeeting are headed to their flights out. We’ll see how that goes.

  39. What airport Leon?

    Sounds like an awful accident. For victims and rescuers alike.

  40. My taxes went up by $100. Fuck you, Obama.

    Good Morning, everyone!

  41. So many people are trapped down there, they’re asking stuck motorists to warm them up in their cars.

  42. DTW, jimbro, about a 25 miles from where the accident happened.

  43. That moment when the lady turns around with a shocked expression on her face & says, “I POOP FROM THERE!”


  45. I hate flying at all, even more so in winter where you can be fucked over by weather. I have a national meeting to attend every year and need to go at least once every three years to maintain my good standing with the association. I’ve been able to avoid flying since 2008. This year I’m driving to Toronto.

  46. I used to travel every week. Now it’s about once every four months.

    I could get used to this.

  47. I bought ten boxes of Girl Scout cookies that I have no intention of eating. Every day this week I left a box in the breakroom with a little note explaining these are free! They never last the hour.

    Yesterday’s note:

    Today’s note:

  48. That moment when the lady turns around with a shocked expression on her face & says, “I POOP FROM THERE!”

    I’ve seen this and heard it in a … well, let’s just say a movie. Her resolve softened rather readily subsequent to that moment, so I daresay that her resistance might have been less than as genuine and heartfelt as that moment led me to believe. Truly a credit to her skills as an actress.

  49. Girl Scouts say “Thanks Dave!”

  50. Truly a credit to her skills as an actress.

    Do tell, I have a hankerin’ for some fine, furrin cinéma.

  51. I’ll have to scratch my head a bit after I get home, Stark, the name of the feature isn’t arising when I consider my recollection, and it’s entirely possible that I saw merely a single scene, and thus never knew it in the first place.

    Might ask XBrad when he shows up, or just search for the phrase (through a proxy, on someone else’s computer, at the library). Might find it that way.

  52. I guess I’ll just dust off the ol’ video tape of Fille de Passes & pretend I know French.

  53. Hehe. Tapes. Stark is funny.

  54. I don’t know nuttin’ about no poop movies.

  55. I suspect you know something about “no poop” movies.

  56. DTW, jimbro, about a 25 miles from where the accident happened.

    Yea, but they won’t need to use that highway to get there.

    Mr Car in (our one store) is just South of the accident – by about ten miles. I guess he won’t be going anywhere today.

  57. I’m more worried about the weather affecting their flights. It’s an easy drive from my office.

  58. Stuff I learned this morning:

    Dan Marino apparently is not gay, but has a wife and 6 kids plus #7 from a chick he knocked up at cbs.

    Prezzy Obizzy apparently ends jobs council. Gee, almost as if it was just a political show.

    My anti-virus software expires in 23 days.

    Janet Napolitano wants to declare Sex Pistols as assault weapons.

  59. 30 vehicles involved. Don’t know how many deaths yet.

    I blame assault Buicks.

  60. Nice header.

  61. Since men die before women in most cases, the government has decided that everyone is a man to save money on healthcare.

    What about a proud gay man? Rosetta wants to know.

  62. *sigh


    My thoughts exactly….

  63. If this happened at a Carin table, I wonder WWCD?

  64. *sigh

    The only way this gets better is if Ray Lewis leads them in a priest’s cassock.

  65. A real shocker on that story, Hotspur.

  66. I look forward to the Sandy Hook cheerleading squad. Are sharp elbows assault weapons?

  67. *sigh I’m even more glad that I’ll be working until 5:30 and unable to attend any SB parties.

  68. It’s amazing how the media and liberals can make me have a growing hatred for victims.

  69. It could be good if they have a few clarinets to carry the tune.

  70. People like Gabby Giffords are no longer victims but active malefactors.

  71. it’s entirely possible that I saw merely a single scene

    Are you sure it wasn’t a European margarine commercial?

    *not linking it*

  72. From the comments:

    “Nevermind that by leaving a tip in cash, the server probably will not report that as income, and will not pay taxes on that income, although she/he profitted from the tax added to Pastor Bell’s bill.

    No server is worth 18% of the cost of a meal, plus the cost of the tax. At best, 15% for really, really good service. And if the service is bad (as it so often is where gratuity is included) the server should get nada with a note that they are currently being overpaid as it is.”

    wrong. Servers get taxed based on sales, regardless of what they actually receive in tips.

  73. It could be good if they have a few clarinets to carry the tune.

    I don’t think anyone would disagree with that assessment.

  74. eople like Gabby Giffords are no longer victims but active malefactors.

    When I listened to hear little speech yesterday … man, I’ve never had such a burning hatred for someone who’s been shot in the head.

    Bravo, liberals. You’re turning me into a horrible person.

  75. See Car in? You’re a freeloader. You cheat. Practically a member of the 1%.

  76. ‘Sup, fagz?

  77. You’re turning me into a horrible person.

    The raaaaacist, hateful, uninformed fly-over country opinions you have expressed on your blog for several years clearly demonstrates that it happened long ago.

  78. Just got back from the Doctor’s in Harrisburg followed by lunch with Herself.
    Good news: Doc has cleared me for all activities except cow tipping.
    Bad news: It’s blowing like a sumbitch with occasional snow squalls.The truckers with empty or half-full trailers are struggling on I-81 to keep them upright.

    The last should make for an interesting rush hour in these parts.

  79. I wonder WWCD?

    cArIn is a goddess in the dining room, pay your 18% plus moar.

    *loves her and despairs*

  80. ‘Sup

    No, lunch.

  81. I’m glad Pups is OK. I’m going to go visit “airhorn bear” for a little bit.

  82. I have always maintained the ship of state is like a very large oceangoing vessel. It turns only slowly, it changes course only slowly, and when it shoals, the wrecking itself happens slowly. It took the Titanic quite a while to sink.

    I’m starting to believe our ship will run aground more quickly than I previously believed. The way the left has hijacked our language, the accelerating and stifling political correctness, the increasing class warfare…

    We may be entering a time that will make putative Victorian hide-bound morés and strictures on behavior and speech seem like a playground of licentiousness. We may have to become increasingly careful of what we say and to whom.

  83. Daaaaaaawwwwwww! That looks like Riley when he was just a little fella.

  84. BTW – I tipped our waitress 34% for the excellent service we received at lunch.

  85. Good news: Doc has cleared me for all activities except cow tipping.

    Not much to live for, if you ask me.

  86. Well, I don’t think you need to worry George, because I didn’t understand much of your last paragraph.

  87. because I didn’t understand much of your last paragraph.

    That’s okay, neither did I.

  88. pups, didn’t read what happened, but it sounded like you got a bit of a fright.

    Glad you’re okay.

  89. Mandy’s in the backroom handing out Valium
    Sheriff’s on the airwaves talking to the D.J.’s. . .

  90. Wiserbud version:

    Chest pains
    I’m fine
    Lauraw told me to stop smoking before I die

  91. Lauraw told me to stop smoking before I die

    Quitting smoking after you die is really difficult.

  92. So, Chuck Hagel is being eviscerated in his confirmation hearings.

    Does anyone think that will stop him from being confirmed?

  93. Lauraw told me to stop smoking before I die

    Can’t see how you would really need to afterwards.

    Seriously, good call taking it seriously.


    *lost my dad 24 years ago to a heart attack that could have been avoided had he just done what his docs told him to do just a scant 3 weeks prior when he had his first one.

  94. He may not get 94 votes, but Miss Lindsey and Juan McLame will be two of them.

  95. Does anyone think that will stop him from being confirmed?

    nope. Not a chance.

  96. Quitting smoking after you die is really difficult.

    Is it?

    Let’s ask George.

  97. No. Any other possible nominee would likely be worse.

    Unless Obama pulls a rabbit out of his hat and names Petraeus, who would actually be a good pick and we already know the dirt ain’t that dirty.

  98. I’m not sure if that was advice or a threat, either.

    Oh, and Mare is in love with me. Natch.

    JayinAmes version:

  99. Quitting smoking after you die is really difficult.

    well, I guess that depends on how you die.

  100. If scottw kills you, you’ll probably smoke for 8-10 hours after death.

    Following the brine, of course.

  101. I wasn’t thrilled with Panetta, but he was shitloads better than Hagel.

    And you know he didn’t cook up the “let’s let women in the infantry” thing himself. That came right from the WH.

  102. Hagel is a petty little bully and an anti-Semite. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

  103. I’m all tough and stringy. Nobody would want to….

    Awww, who am I kidding. I’m aged, beer fed, well marbled and fucking delicious.

    *starts eating grass in case Leon is invited to BBQ*

  104. If some troll named Barry shows up, we can thank Puppeh.

  105. Hagel will dutifully represent the WH. He’s a moron that doesn’t like jews.

    Sound like anyone you know?

  106. *starts eating grass in case Leon is invited to BBQ*

    That’s like the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me.

  107. Thank the Lord for sports and Netflix. Otherwise, I would sell my TV.

  108. We may have to become increasingly careful of what we say and to whom.

    It makes 3 superbowl commercials now canceled for pc: one racist!! against blacks, one racist!! against arabs and one racist!! against vegetarians.

  109. He’s a moron that doesn’t like jews.

    It’s spelled “Moran.”


  111. Vegetarians deserve all the racism.

  112. Ironically, the vegetarian racism was by taco bell. Vegetarians hate hispanics.

  113. Phil shot a 29 on the front 9?!

  114. BTW – I tipped our waitress 34% for the excellent service we received at lunch.

    In other words, you spent $2.25 on the Senior Citizens Beenie Weenie Special and left $3.00.

  115. Michael – Your math may need some work. Plus, the SC Beanie-Weenie Special is now $7.50 with the Obamacare surcharge.

  116. Just beanseses, no weenies.

  117. Phil shot a 29 on the front 9?!

    That’s good, right?

    I think that’s good.

  118. Sun is shining now, winds have died down and the rain took care of most of the snow. Only downside is the driveway is filled with muddy ruts.

    Muddy Ruts would be an awesome band name.

  119. Phil shot a 29 on the front 9?!

    yet another horrible tragedy that, once again, reminds us of the need for more and better gun control.

    *shakes head

  120. I saw the Cunning Runts open up for the Muddy Ruts in Alabama.

  121. That’s good, right?

    I think that’s good.

    h8er. How could anyone think it’s a good thing that 29 were shot by what I can only assume is yet another maniacal right-wing Rethuglican NRA member with an assault weapon?


  123. Hopefully this link works.

    Let me know if I effed it up

  124. I saw Alabama open for Kansas in Boston.

  125. Hey Jimbro…guess what?

  126. Bound to happen. Phil was bitching about high taxes in Cali.

  127. Really? Or are you messing with me….

  128. No.

  129. Jim…

  130. Can you believe that there is not a tutorial video on Youtube on how to share a Youtube video in a werdpuss comment? OUTRAGEOUS!

  131. One more try:

    Sean, that princess was pretty hot for a cartoon character.

  132. You suck, Jimbro.

  133. I’m always nervous linking videos. I loaded a few vids directly to the page and, man oh man, you’d think I pissed in the punch bowl from the reaction that caused. I’m like a dog that got beat after that experience….

  134. SmoothProTip:
    Click the word “Share” under the video, the linky should be highlighted but if not then do it, copy it, come back here, paste it.

    No need to convert these short YT linkies to any URL shortener because we can’t really tell what you’re linking.

    *smacks Jimbro’s ass because I can get away with it*

  135. HAHA! The MCPO-fear… yeah, been there. A while back, werdpuss added a feature that allows us to disable any vids from posting in the comments, so even if you insert a long YT link, it won’t play unless you do some serious voodoo to embed it.

  136. I think this is what Jimbro was going for:

  137. The thing is, the URLs (or whatever you call them) for videos you watch on your phone won’t work on a laptop or desktop.

  138. Feldspar

  139. True dat, Sean. Just delete the “m.” in front of the fukksized link and VIOLA.

  140. Thanks guys. You’re right about what i was trying to get to Sean. On my iPad I don’t see the share feature or at least it’s not obvious.

  141. And damn you people… I click on somebody’s linky one stinking time, a Pink Floyd video, and I am forever cursed with YouTube making that as a top suggestion 4evR. GAH!

    *stabs Xbrad*

  142. Clear your gash Cyn. Cache. Cache.

    /korean lady

  143. I am forever cursed with YouTube making that as a top suggestion 4evR. GAH!


    /Mr. Burns

  144. The lady at the chinese restaurant can’t say pepsi. She says pussy.

    You go ahead and try not to laugh.

  145. Cheeburger cheeburger, no Cock! Pussy!

  146. “No Cock, Pussy.” – Korean John Belushi

  147. I need a good gash ‘er cache clearing.

  148. dammit

  149. I am okay with Pussy but I like Cock better.


  150. I just played with my iPad (sywm) and I don’t see a share button either, Jim.

  151. Diet Dr Pooper tastes more like Regular!

  152. New Cock does NOT taste like Regular Cock.

  153. Let me try this, last time on the iPad

    I took the “m.” out

    (If it works pat me on the back. If not, I accept your derision)

  154. Hey Jimbro:

  155. Sweet!

    Now about that slap on the ass….

  156. I know, I know… harder next time, right?

  157. Damn straight!

  158. Well, I see that some fucking moron is figuring out the internet today.

    Ohai, doctor! No, I don’t think I’ll let you operate on my prostate.

  159. You got it. *winks and finger guns*

  160. Naked guy=Jimbro

    Swat team= Internet


  162. So, last night we made cheezeboigees for dinner, and HotBride bought these wheat free, gluten free buns. Terrible. Plus it gave me the worst tummy ache I’ve had in years.


  163. MJ, you are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers.

    Your prostate? Don’t worry, I’m not a dick doc…

  164. This is why I don’t eat gluten-free replacements for anything.

  165. Some of those GF hamburger/hot dog buns are horrid, HS; we found that GF bagels (toasted) work better as HB buns. Udi’s is the best brand we’ve found so far.

  166. Glad you’re still with us, Pupster!

    The docs think that the chest pain that I had a couple of years ago may have been a tiny clot (everyone gets them all the time) that lodged in a capillary – wasn’t enough to cause a heart attack, but hit just the right spot to cause noticable discomfort.

    Maybe that’s what happened with you, too.

    *gives Puppeh scritches behind the ear* ♥♥♥

  167. I need to call MJ so he can talk me into running a couple of miles on this stupid indoor track.

  168. You should lift today, Car In. It’s a sign. Do some squats.

  169. Only in Ann Arbor:

  170. Text me. I don’t like to talk to people.

  171. I have it on good authority that Jesus loves Darwin. I don’t know that it’s mutual, but I’m also not part of a faith that says Darwin was wrong.

  172. 8 year olds, dude.

    /Walter Sobcheck

  173. I lifted already, Leon.

  174. I made all the little high school boys back there fell bad about themselves.

  175. I made it two miles without the pep talk. Thanks for nothing. I did it too fast just to get it over with.

  176. I did it too fast just to get it over with.

    Pretty low hanging fruit you left there, Chickie.

  177. I’m a giver.

    You’re welcome again.

  178. I made it two miles without the pep talk.

    *tips Carin 20.01%*

  179. I quite forcefully mashed my hand with a hammer. My wife: “Good thing it was your left.” Me: “…”

  180. Afternoon.

  181. Dan Marino = douche tool

  182. Taking DD#3 to see “North by Northwest” this evening – should be fun :P

  183. I missed the Marino story—illegitimate kid?

  184. He might have just been an idiot.

    The whore made millions in the deal.

  185. Just read it. She seems like a starfucker the way it’s written up.

  186. Yep. A divorce would cost him so much more.

    She knew that going in.

    She got pregnant and retired wealthy at the age 35. Not a bad deal.

  187. And she’s living large partying in The Hamptons. HA HA HA

    That’s got to hurt.

  188. Chicks will be throwing themselves at Marino now.

  189. LACES OUT, DAN!!!!

  190. Hahahaha. Good one, Oso.

  191. She got pregnant and retired wealthy at the age 35. Not a bad deal.

    Well, there’s another plan I utterly failed at.

  192. Went and looked at a 7,000 sf house renovation project today. Wife is 32. This renovation will be over $2million.

    House is ten years old.

    I love 1%ers.

  193. Yay, Uncle Sugar soaked me for an extra $200 this month!

  194. Hotspur – I just need a small, 2 bedroom cottage in Ypsi for a couple of months a year.

  195. You can rent my guest room. Rent, hell, you can just use it.

  196. Hotspur – Thanks brother! I’m just figuring out how to ensure Herself doesn’t make me move to within two blocks of DG full-time!

  197. I was talking to the owner of an auction house and she mentioned to me that one of her biggest buyers of art, some rich guy in Texas, is on the run. The FBI is on his tail for stealing millions from the Gov’t.

    I asked her how. She said “green energy”.

  198. . . . some rich guy in Texas. . .

    Does his name rhyme with D. Poone Bickens?

  199. Beyonce came clean about lip syncing at Inauguration Day festivities.

    America exhales.

  200. I was on absolute tenterhooks about that one.

  201. Beyonce does skeet shooting all the time.

  202. Teenager run over by train walking home from school. Wearing earbuds. Train safety is on the agenda now. Pretty sure it was an Assault Train.

  203. Our long national nightmare is over.

  204. Oso- those are often suicides. I heard that from someone. Not saying THAT was the case with your instance, but it often is. They do the earbuds, walk the train tracks on purpose.

  205. It’s New Mexico, probably just stupidity. In NM, stupid is one of the things we do best. Also wind, and drought.

  206. What Pepe said. All I know is he was a good boy who wanted to be an architect and help people.

  207. Earbuds + train tracks = natural selection

  208. Glad you are ok, Pupster.

    Laura, what happened to Harrison?

  209. Usually it’s a good boy who was in the process of turning his life around and just got a rap recording contract.

  210. He’s dead Tushar.

  211. Oh man. I did not know this. When?

  212. About a year ago I think. His cancer came back.

  213. Pupster, I am not saying this will work for everyone, but this is what happened with me. I used to smoke 3-4 cigs a day. Like Clinton, I tried to inhale as little as possible in my lungs. But it was an addiction for sure, because I used to crave them. Then I switched to e-cigs. The transition was smooth because I was getting nicotine. Then, after my real cig habit was truly gone, I started to forget to smoke, which is a sure sign that my body wasnt asking for it. I have no idea where that e cig is.

  214. If you dont count the CT meatup, I have smoked less than 10 total cigs in last 8 months.

  215. Last May, Tushar.

  216. Cranky, Patty Ann, Harrison. In a few years it will be just Leon and Carin left on this blog. I hope the internet the heaven is connected to the one in hell. How else would all of us keep in touch with Wiser?

  217. I am glad that worked for you Tushar, but nicotine replacement doesn’t work very well. If you look at the real statistics for nicotine gum, the patch, or e-cigs the success rate is horrible.

    Cold turkey works best. 3-4 days of suck and it’s pretty much over.

  218. There’s no way I’m going to heaven. I’d miss my family too much.

  219. He was a great guy Tushar. So sweet. I’m glad I got to see him again in DC, Sept of 2011.

    Pretty good guy hugger.

    Sometimes I’m like Laura and I think we’re (the guys) just all gay for each other, the way we all hug.

  220. Hi. How is everyone? Good?


  221. I quit cigarettes when my dad kicked my ass in 7th grade. In my 20’s I smoked at bars back when you could. In the last 10 years or so I’ve smoked cigars, anywhere from 1 to 3 a week.

  222. I stole cigarettes from my dad.

    He smoked menthols. Bastard.

  223. I went to junior high in an “urban” area…first cigarettes? Newport, Alive with Pleasure!

  224. Did anybody go back in time to prevent anybody else from being born today?

  225. We’ll still have MJ and Shawn. Heck, maybe DG by then.

  226. What is your date and year of birth, Sean?

  227. I stole cigarettes from my dad. He made me smoke a whole pack in front of him. Really draw it in my lungs and hold it. I puked. Started smoking pot instead. I was 10. The 70s were great.

  228. Good choice Oso.

  229. we’re (the guys) just all gay for each other, the way we all hug.

    Project much there, Butch?

  230. Maybe a little


  231. I just shook hands in Lapeer. I only hugged the wimmens.

  232. I freely admit I hug all the guys, and wiserbud got a little frisky.

    I’m ok with that. But I did have to establish boundaries.

  233. Awana Poat in a pack.

    Excuse me?

    Awana Poat in a pack!

    I’m sorry sir, did you say you wanted Kool Kings?

    Poat ina pack!

    Camel Menthols?

    Poat! Ina PACK!!




    Newpoats in a hard pack.

    Here you go, sir. $4.35. Have a nice day.

  234. I don’t know what the hell he is talking about.

  235. That’s because it was Carin’s party. There were children present, it was more of a family occasion.

    My parties, people get much more fucked up and there’s a lot of grabbening and touchening going on all the time.

    Refer to Fig. 3B, Rosetta and Ted, in the park, kissing.

  236. Shush, Laura. That’s my retirement plan. I’m saving that pic for blackmail purposes.

  237. >>Refer to Fig. 3B, Rosetta and Ted, in the park, kissing.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    **Pours sulfuric acid in ears, hoping to burn the image off my brain**

  238. I can’t compare, since I bailed on Lapeer, got my eye cut, my laig cut.

    All I’m sayin is, things get real in CT.

  239. XBrad, that is not a bad plan. Threaten to mail me that image, or even threaten to mention it to me, and I will pay up.

  240. Dude, it’s out. It’s a done deal. They POSED for it. Shhh. Hush now.

    There will be no blackmailing of my guests. By you, anyway.

    *re-arranges blackmail files*

    And anyway, you should shut the blinds before ‘Dolly-time.’

  241. Oh right like you didn’t hug me Scott.

    First time we met, you wondered if you had to cut me.

    Last time we met, hail fellow well met.

    (I used the polite words)

  242. I will never have a party that epic again. The parking lot…the cop. Man.

    Quicksilver. Irreproducible.

  243. What is your date and year of birth, Sean?

    I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I’m actually a robot.

  244. Lapeer is respectable.

  245. >>I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I’m actually a robot.

    coincidentally, I watched Terminator 2 again last weekend. That movie never gets old for me.

  246. I do not recall hugging anyone in stlmu

  247. I recall the offer to pay Officer Paul to tase Rosetta made it to $160

  248. You know what made me feel really good, Carin? When you were shuttling piles of smoked littlenecks back to your dad, and then when one of your younguns polished the leftovers off in the morning.

    So gratifying!

    When we were putting the pot of these things in the van I was halfway positive that nobody would partake and they would think clams were teh gross.

  249. We lucked out with the most laid back cop in Connecticut history.

  250. I would cut somebody for some more smoked clams.

    But it’s nice to know the happenin kids loved em too.

  251. When is the next meat face?

    I’m gonna be there to deliver man hugs and girly hugs.

  252. Comment by scott on January 31, 2013 7:51 pm
    He’s dead Tushar.
    Wow, it’s like you’re a sensitivity counselor. Don’t beat around the bush like that.

  253. MJ ought to host one, Tampa Town is nice in March

  254. Anybody heard from Krow? Last I remember he got a psych committ, then got out. Did the guys with nets wearing white suits catch him again?

  255. Evenin’, Hagel fans.

  256. When is the next meat face?

    No time like the present.

  257. I’d invite you all to Palm Desert for sun and fun, but I hate you all.

  258. Who in their right mind wants to visit Cali?

  259. Comment by Vmaximus on January 31, 2013 9:16 pm
    I do not recall hugging anyone in stlmu

    Hey! I hugged you, Vmax!

  260. Would I need a passport to go to California?

  261. 35 hour drive or a day plane ride. Both aren’t so bad

  262. Wait! I stand corrected I recall squishy hugs from Romy.

  263. Vman, Cali is great to visit. Awful to live here.

  264. I think TiFW is planning something.

  265. You got squishy hugs from all the wimmens.

  266. which is a good thing

  267. 0.35BAC = errybody gettin’ hugs.

    Best not invite me to anything, probably.

  268. I do not think I hugged Laura or Carin perhaps Mrs Rosie but not Beasnesn

    Mr Beasn had a baseball bat

  269. I hugged the crap outta Car in.

    I ain’t even talkin about the rest. I have manners.

  270. Stark you are a New Englander
    That is why.

    Did I guess right?
    I lived in Concord for a while. Manchester was the big city well Boston was bigger.

  271. Is there a Hostage or Hostagette that I’ve met that I did not squishyhug?

  272. >>>I hugged the crap outta Car in.

    Yeah. Check out the pic of me with on the couch with the ladies.

    Beat that.

    (Ignore the knives)

  273. I mostly listened to Wiser and Andy argue cover theory.
    And I drooled on the hot bartenders of the female persuasion. The Lesbian one was nice as well.

  274. It’s not a contest. I hugged you more.

  275. Ha! I live in New England (Manchester, NH, specifically), but I sure didn’t grow up here. Mostly KS & a little bit of OH. & a couple of years in Philadelphia.

    So, no matter where I am, I can always say, “I ain’t from around here, y’all.”

  276. >>>The Lesbian one was nice as well.

    Damn shame she got fired, huh?

  277. >>>It’s not a contest.

    Says the loser

  278. >>>I mostly listened to Wiser and Andy argue cover theory.

    Correction: you listened to me pwn Andy.

  279. * peeks in. Goes back to listening to Pat Green*

  280. Did she get fired Wiser?
    I have a blurry pic of Dave in Fountain.

    New Hampshire meatup locations. Waldon Pond? Maybe
    Mt Washington? Cold. Rye Beach? Icebergs anyone? Concord. What? Lake Winnipesaukee,


  282. It’s gonna take 8 days for a new microwave to get here on order so I had to buy a cheapo one to get by until the order is placed dammit.


  283. I am out
    Nytol my friends

  284. >> Correction: you listened to me pwn Andy.

    I listened to you screech until you couldn’t speak.

    Was that pwning? It seemed so, not.

  285. OMG!!!! I went a month without a microwave because I needed a black over stove mount! I thought I was going to starve!!!

  286. >>>Did she get fired Wiser?

    Pretty sure. When she stepped out from behind the barband joined the party, yeah, that was fun. But then, later, she was asked to leave the premises. Can’t say she was fired, but I doubt she still had her job.

    >>>I have a blurry pic of Dave in Fountain.

    Oh please email that to me.

  287. It’s been rough these last three days, Oso; I know your pain!!!

    Stopped into HD to check out their on-hand inventory and mentioned my dilemma (quick cooking for the T1D chicken nugget fiend) and the guy walked me to an almost 1 cu ft Magic Chef for $50. It does 90% of what our $500 broken ‘wave did. We actually kicked around the idea of pulling out the broken one, putting in a shelf and tossing this cheapo one on there. Ha!

  288. You don’t have that pic wiser?

  289. >>>Was that pwning? It seemed so, not.

    You were drunk. You also left your credit card at the bar.

    Yeah, your perception was slightly off that night.

    So, there’s that.

  290. If it was a certain retailer that Beasn and I work for, you could buy el cheapo, use it for just under 90 days and return with receipt.

  291. >>>You don’t have that pic wiser?

    I may or I may not.

    But I have the memory, which I will cherish forever.

    “I hate this dream.”

    2nd funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

  292. Keep the el cheapo. When you get the new one, you can put it in your office to warm up bacon and coffee.

  293. *cough*picture is in the meat locker*cough*

  294. Yep, we’ll be keeping it. Throw it in the garage and we’ll have it for emergencies or when one of the boys goes away to school. Best $50 I’ve spent in a while, not counting that pool boy.

  295. my credit card.. feh.. like that would get anyone to Arruba.

    Check your gstring.

  296. Can you buy housewares with EBT?

  297. Not with EBT per se, but with the money acct set aside for essentials. Loaded in your acct and used as a debit.

  298. Sorry Lipstick, we are out of Jif.

  299. Smoked clams were the shizznit.

  300. //plots to figure way to get Scott and Laura to the West Coast.

  301. Hey Pups – are you still gonna be coming to AZ?

  302. //plots to figure way to get Scott and Laura to the West Coast.

    Immersion blender & 2500 miles of garden hose.

  303. I might be a bit short, but honestly, you just have to get it over the Continental Divide.

  304. Crap – I thought I had your dates already on my calendar, Oso. Tell me again please when you’ll be here!

  305. We get in on the 23rd. Baseball 24th and 25th and head to Vegas after the Angels game on the 25th. Cali is too expensive so we’re just going to Vegas.

  306. Feb or Mar?

  307. Feb. Early Easter this year so March blackouts.

  308. I will have to see tomorrow–eyelids getting heavy. G’night peeps and peepers.

  309. Oh good – thank you!!

    Sweet dreams.

  310. Not with EBT per se, but with the money acct set aside for essentials. Loaded in your acct and used as a debit.

    *shakes fist at WHORES, the lot of them*

  311. *tap tap tap*

  312. crap – looks like the fish are all dead

  313. yep

  314. must be dead


  316. Sorry, man, trying to write.

  317. All four of my darling ferrets are dead. We had to leave them with someone and instead of feeding them the food we provided she put them on some new age diet and I’m convinced they basically starved to death.


  319. oh…. lipstick i’m sorry to hear that. Losing pets hurts

  320. Oh, Lippy, how awful.

  321. {{{HUGS}}}

  322. Thanks guys. It’s still so hard to think about it.

  323. L.A. is a great big freeway
    Put a hundred down and buy a car
    In a derp, maybe two, they’ll make you a star

  324. Do you know the way
    to Go Fuck Yourself?

  325. Longbows!

  326. Morning.

  327. Correction: you listened to me pwn Andy.
    Gawd that was funny. I’d go in the bar for a half hour, then come back outside and you guys would still be arguing.

    The real winner that night was the vodka distributer in St Louis.

  328. I’m up early because Mini-me has a field trip. Moar coffee, stat!

  329. RIP, Ed Koch.

  330. “How am I doing?”

    “Not too good, Your Honor.”

  331. So who gets more credit for the NYC renaissance, Koch as mayor or Giuliani as US attorney?

  332. Coffee please

  333. I guess Carin doesn’t do carry out. My bad

  334. I tried really hard to sleep in. I really did.

  335. //plots to figure way to get Scott and Laura to the West Coast.

    Immersion blender & 2500 miles of garden hose.

    You’re gonna need a strainer. If we go in there too chunky it’ll clog, and you’ll never get a siphon strong enough to get us over the mountains.

  336. I keep waking up at 3:30 almost every night and lying awake for an hour or two.

  337. I’ve been doing that too lauraw .

  338. wakey wakey

  339. Huh. Me too.

    Except for last night. I slept from 9:30 to 5:30. Thank you, xanax.

  340. I don’t remember the last time I slept more than 6 hours in a row, if that.

  341. I slept last night through, but possibly only because the night before I was up at 4:30 with insomnia (late for me) , I worked out like a mofo yesterday, and stayed up late last night.

  342. Electricity/Gas bill for last month is a car payment for a decent car, I keep the house at 68F and don’t have one more light on than is necessary.

    Thanks, Obama!

  343. It’s Job’s Friday.

    Humn. What will it show today?

  344. U3: 7.8%, 168k jobs added. I watched Diane Maceda relay it a few minutes ago.

  345. Good morning, cool kids.

  346. Wait, that was December’s adjusted number.

  347. The number hasn’t been released yet. 8:30.

  348. Well, I should go put on pants, then.

  349. 7.9%, 157k jobs. Recovery!

  350. Bad shit. But the election is over so no one cares.

    The drop in GDP is alarming. What journalists don’t seem to understand is that Q3 always has high levels of defense spending because the government operates on a fiscal calendar that ends Sept 30th. The drop from Q3 to Q4 is normal. Year over year, there was actually an increase in defense spending.

    Even if you add in the 120B that was allegedly makes up the 20% drop in defense spending it would put the GDP number for the quarter at exactly 0.

    I guess what really pisses me off is that journalists are either so stupid or so biased that they always accept what dear leader tells them.

    This is easy stuff. It’s just math.

    Oh, and we are laying off 200 people. Real workers, not paper pushers like me.

  351. 157,000 jobs added, a little below expectations. Unemployment rate ticks up to 7.9%.

  352. Boobs will probably be of the late morning variety.

  353. Sequestration will be fun.

  354. Dissent. We must dissent from our media. Henninger had a good article yesterday.

    Back in 1965, when American politics watched the emergence of the New Left movement—rebranded today as “progressives”—a famous movement philosopher said the political left should be “liberated” from tolerating the opinions of the opposition:”Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.”

    That efficient strategy was the work of Herbert Marcuse, the political theorist whose ideas are generally credited with creating the basis for campus speech codes. Marcuse said, “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.” Marcuse created political correctness.

    The media is helping Obama. We must dissent.

  355. I am thinking more along the lines of revolution rather than dissent

  356. buıuɹoɯ poob

    ʇɥbıɹ ʇ,uıɐ uıɥʇǝɯos

  357. So knock Dave upside the head.

    He may need to reboot.

  358. Cyn, do you still use cox net?

    If so, check it.

  359. Boobs.

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