The Four Cats

Four men were bragging about how smart their cats were.

The first man was an Engineer,
The second man was an Accountant,
The third man was a Chemist, and
The fourth man was a Government Employee.

To show off, the Engineer called his cat, “T-square, do your stuff.” T-square pranced over to the desk, took out some paper and pen and promptly drew a circle, a square, and a triangle.
Everyone agreed that was pretty smart.
But the Accountant said his cat could do better. He called his cat and said, “Spreadsheet, do your stuff.” Spreadsheet went out to the kitchen and returned with a dozen cookies. He divided them into 4 equal piles of 3 cookies.
Everyone agreed that was good.
But the Chemist said his cat could do better. He called his cat and said, “Measure, do your stuff.” Measure got up, walked to the fridge, took out a quart of milk, got a 10 ounce glass from the cupboard and poured exactly 8 ounces into the glass without spilling a drop.
Everyone agreed that was pretty good.

Then the three men turned to the Government Employee and said, “What can your cat do?”
The Government Employee called his cat and said, “CoffeeBreak, do your stuff.”

CoffeeBreak jumped to his feet…….
Ate the cookies……..
Drank the milk…..
Shit on the paper…….
Screwed the other three cats……..
Claimed he injured his back while doing so. Filed a grievance report for unsafe working conditions……..
Put in for Workers Compensation……………….and
Went home for the rest of the day on sick leave………….

Xbrad can push this down anytime!


  1. Welcome to the dumbest poat on the intertubes.

  2. Yeah, but it’s about cats so WIN!

  3. I lost my braincell somewhere in the second paragraph there.

  4. What is it with cats and the innerwebtubes?

  5. I didn’t “forget” TTT. The Inner Circle was convened, and it was decided that TTT would become an occasional feature, not a regular weekly event.

    You can’t handle the truth! terrific butts I post! Plus, let’s face it. Just pics of butts isn’t that great. The work to add “content” and “humor” on a weekly basis is beyond me.

  6. How could you possibly justify pushing this fine post down?

  7. Au contraire, just pictures of terrific butts IS great.

  8. Just pics of butts isn’t that great.

    Who would ever need more than 640K, or 3 pictures of cats? –B. Gates

  9. Why isn’t Zero Dark Thirty playing in any theaters?

  10. Laura, the BP bouhaha is over. It was never really a big deal in the first place. The spill, compared to the volume of water in the Gulf and natural seepage, was actually no big deal.

    Keep in mind that oil is an organic and biodegradable material that seeps up all the time on the ocean floor.

  11. Mare’s wedding album was a revelation!

  12. I think that they’re advertising that movie here, Mare, but I try to ignore the commercials. *spits*

  13. “Mare’s Wedding” album? Did you buy that at Wiser’s record store?

  14. “Mare’s Wedding” album? Did you buy that at Wiser’s record store?

    Mare’s in Duran Duran?
    Mare’s Real Name™ is William Idol?

  15. Cyn, I’ve heard Obama is essentially out of the movie, no politics at all. As a matter of fact the director (as per Ace’s post yesterday) was getting hits from liberals because the movie proved that “enhanced interrogation” gets the job done.

  16. Enhanced interrogation works. When I water boarded Cyn, she told me everything I wanted to know.

  17. The Inner Circle was convened, and it was decided that TTT would become an occasional feature, not a regular weekly event.

    This is fucking bullshit.

    *tears up Inner Circle membership card*

    *starts evil mustang blog*

  18. It’s a nice day for a Mare Wedding.

  19. The Inner Circle was convened, and it was decided that TTT would become an occasional feature, not a regular weekly event.

    IOW, xbrad doesn’t want to make it a weekly commitment.

  20. Enhanced interrogation works. When I water boarded Cyn, she told me everything I wanted to know.

    Waterboarding isn’t buying her drinks at a meatup.

    Just sayin.

  21. IOW, xbrad doesn’t want to make it a weekly commitment.

    Mare quit sending me pics of her booty.

  22. Waterboarding isn’t buying her drinks at a meatup.
    Just sayin.

    It involves fluids & awkward questions? Sounds like torture to me.

  23. Hey xbrad, don’t forget to post the Searcy interview too.

  24. It involves fluids & awkward questions? Sounds like a moron’s typical Friday night torture date scene to me.


  25. *waterboards Cyn*

    “Now, when I say, “Who’s da mastah?” you say, ‘Sho’nuff!'”

  26. Somebody got to Jeff.

  27. Fixted

    I guess, if you count seepage as fluids.

    Damn, I award myself no points, & may God have mercy on my soul.

  28. Damn, people! (nsfw)


  30. Will Obama EVER do anything that isn’t a prick move?

  31. No.

  32. Dog nuts on a pussy? That’s disgusting, Mare.

    Also, that picture of the puppy sitting on the cat is pretty cute.

  33. 2 weeks off from the gym appears to have done a number on my stamina. I was shaking on the way up the stairs.

  34. Greetings, fellow troglodytes.

  35. Greetings Sean.

  36. Time to floss and brush so I can go have a hygenist scrape my teeth with a hook.


  37. Hey, mare. How’s witness protection treating you?

    Why bother, leon? Make the hygenist earn his or her money.

  38. Pretty good, Sean, the Marshal they’ve assigned me is good looking so there’s that.

  39. Keep in mind that oil is an organic and biodegradable material that seeps up all the time on the ocean floor.

    …but, but….the birrrrrrrrrds, the birrrrrrds. BOOOOOOOOSHHHHHH!!!


  40. The theory of oil being the dregs of decomposed living matter is just a theory. The earth’s cycles may just produce it continually. Gift from God. Thanks Big Guy!

    Cheap, relatively clean. We’ve got tons of it on and around the continental US. Green energy is generally a scam, and anyone who has seen the beauty of the Maui coastline ruined by the son of a bitching windmills knows what rot they represent.

  41. Mare, why do you hate clean air?

  42. This is the worst poat evah … but it’s much better than Monday’s.

  43. That broken down abandoned wind farm on the Big Island was something to see too.

  44. Xbrad, that interview with Searcy was terrific, well done!

  45. But I didn’t get credit for the question about his son!

  46. Ace went ahead and published the Nick Searcy piece.

  47. Did you all hear Alex Jones busting Piers Morgan’s chops? Alex can be a freak, but he gets a Nobel for this…

    That is how you handle these shills for Barky.

  48. D’oh!

    Mare, I’d have given you credit but no one has ever met you and I kinda think you’re just one of Dave’s sock-puppets.

  49. xbrad, don’t forget to post your Searcy poat.

  50. True xbrad. The banter on Dave was good and appropriate. I was not serious.

    Although I’ve been called a troll three times at Ace’s…..ahahahahahaha

  51. I did like his answer about his son. That was really good.

  52. HA! Jay.

  53. Someone called me “fucking retarded” twice last night at Ace’s. That made me LOL.

  54. I’m not saying it’s not true, I’m just saying it made me laugh.

  55. That didn’t suck, Xbrad. Nice work!

  56. Damn fine job, Xbrad.

  57. I left a note for you in the comments, mare.

  58. That was a good interview, Xbrad.

    Was it all email, or chat?

  59. Great job, xbrad. Glad you brought out the funneh for the interview.

  60. Linked up with Nick via FB, then used the message system there to send him a word doc with the questions.

    “Nick, I’ve got the keys to Ace’s blog. Wanna do an interview?”


    Whenever I mention him on FB, I call him “my close personal friend.”

  61. I just read your post at the HQ X
    Good Job

    Dave is an attention whore

  62. So, is the block checked for January?

    Also, the time it took to put that together really cut into my buttblogging time.

  63. Someone called me “fucking retarded” twice last night at Ace’s.

    Just twice?

  64. NFL quarterbacks on Facebook has a new episode:

  65. Sean, you’re our resident journalist reporter. Did my interview follow proper guidelines?

  66. Actually, b-rad, I hardly ever write up a Q-and-A like that, but it looked okay. You forgot to capitalize an “I” in his answer to the worst performance question and you forgot the italics tag in his answer to the question after that one, but that’s really all I could find to nitpick over.

  67. I fell for the “reusable cup”ploy at Starbucks. I bought one last week and left it in my truck until today. They rinsed it out and filled it and as I grabbed it to go to my seat it fucking burned my hand (“fucking burned” isn’t a literal burn—it was uncomfortable though). I’ve done my part by using it once. Back to paper cups for me. I’ll leave the plastic cup in the break room at work.

  68. Nick actually forgot to capitalize the “i”.

    But the formatting error is on me. Mind you, I had to mess with that for over an hour, because typepad is a clusterfuck.

  69. Just twice?

    Out loud.

  70. Good job xbrad, especially pimpin ME.

  71. Hey MC3PO, you’re looking pretty good on that free catheters commercial!

  72. I read through that twice, dave, and I didn’t see any references to Maine.

  73. What? No lwobstahs? Did he tahk abaht Bah Habah?

  74. My lips are tired from trying to sound that out.


  75. hahaha…Yeah, just twice assholes.

  76. Hey MC3PO, you’re looking pretty good on that free catheters commercial!

    HA! The douche is strong with that one.

  77. I need my reading glasses to find my reading glasses.


  78. Mare, that’s why my mom has 9 pairs.

  79. Glasses chains:

    Lookin’ good, Mare!

  80. ghetto

  81. Mare, when I saw that, I was like Otter in Animal House “Hey, they can’t do that to our pledges, only WE can do that to our pledges!”

    I’da said something, cept you didn’t need no help.

  82. I got called a concern troll in one post. Uh? Really?

  83. Naw….but thanks Dave. Smooooooooch.

    You’re not a dick like xbrad keeps saying in his secret emails.

  84. Yeah, I’ve been called a troll at Ace’s a couple of times and I’m like, “what???” I think I was called a concern troll too….hahahaha

    I can’t remember what it was about and I wasn’t disagreeing with the masses or anything, I must have been sarcastic and you can’t see that on print sometimes.

  85. Yes, I think I’ll go with the ghetto gold glasses chain on the left.

  86. I’m pretty sure I’m a concern troll.

  87. Mare? Sarcastic?

    No fucking way!

  88. I enjoy it when people sock puppet concern trolls. It’s like a game within a game within a game, or something else I’m not capable of doing.

  89. I’m pretty sure I’m a concern troll.

    You don’t have hairy-enough knuckles…..

  90. Everyone knows Mare isn’t a concern troll.

    She’s a whore:

  91. My knuckles are pretty hairy. Particularly my toe-knuckles.

    Chicks love that.

  92. My IP address got blocked over at the HQ at some point. I haven’t bothered to do anything about it.

  93. She’s a whore

    But she’s OUR whore.

    *snuggles with Mare on the couch and starts braiding her hair*

  94. Looks like I’ll be able to play golf on my birfday this year. Yeah to the hey for me!

  95. No snow there, Chief?

  96. Andy, a nomination for your gun thread.

    God bless our guns.

  97. Cyn – Most of the snow cover has melted. The front 9 is open today and the back 9 should be clear by Friday!

  98. Hmmm.. three men break in.

    But nobody needs a magazine with more than 9 rounds.

  99. Woo Hoo! I’ll see you on the 6, at the turn, and at 15 in the beer cart in my bikini!

  100. Double taps to their heads only needs 6, so there you go.

  101. (sorry about that math crap)

  102. Sean???

  103. I suppose when you’re in control of a situation you could pull that shit off. Probably not a control situation.

    It’ll be interesting to hear how many he hit and how many shots he fired.

  104. The course here added a beer cart this year, but hired an ugly girl for it.


  105. Hey Cyn. . .

  106. I suppose when you’re in control of a situation you could pull that shit off.


    *yanks harder at Dave’s chain since he didn’t get my witty and obvious sarcasm the first time*


  107. Just close your eyes when you buy from her, X. And tip her well; she deserves it, having to serve all you mooks.

  108. Nice Chief!

    *blows a kiss*

  109. Ugly girls try harder.


    Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone.

    I don’t know what to believe.

  110. I don’t go on the course, so I don’t buy beer from her. I go to the Grille Room where the slightly less ugly girl serves me.

  111. xBrad – Count yourself lucky! Our “beer girl” is a retired Master Sgt who played outside linebacker at Florida A&M!

  112. My sarcasm failed too.

    I suggest make-up snoggin.

  113. My bride is winging her way to Charlotte, NC. I’ll be baching it for the next several days.

  114. SNOGGIN!!

  115. Our Food and Beverage Manager is a former Marine A-6 ordie.

  116. PARTY AT HOTSPUR’S!!!!!

  117. Just a question. What happens when all four cats are government employees? Because that’s where we’re headed.

  118. I’m pretty sure I’m a concern troll.

    I understand your feelings, but it concerns me that you are not considering the possibility that you are just an ordinary asshole.

  119. are just an ordinary asshole.

    We have many personalities here, but “ordinary asshole” ain’t one of them. We have the best assholes on the ‘tubes.

  120. I see Michael got some new boots from Santa Claus. . .

  121. >> PARTY AT HOTSPUR’S!!!!!

    Wait, I thought he said it was just his wife leaving town?

  122. I see Michael got some new boots from Santa Claus. . .


    Reminds me of Woody from Toy Story :)

  123. We have the best assholes on the ‘tubes.

    I’m pretty sure that Dave and Wiserbud have earned us that distinction all by themselves.

  124. Michael – I resent being left out of your statement.

  125. Ugly beer cart girls are actually better … more efficient … the golfers quickly order and pay for their beers then she moves onto the next group … ’cause ugly chicks don’t get hit on as much. It’s strategy, don’t you know?

  126. Unless of course she has huge hooters and a gaping blouse/shirt on.

  127. Are there small hooters?

  128. I’m not totally certain where the boobies definition stops and the hooters definition begins, so ???

  129. Let’s ask mare. She’ll know.

  130. Sweater puppies, however, are universally large or they cannot be classified as such. True story.

  131. Oh, MAAAARE!!!!

  132. Hey, when Nick Searcy, Peabody Award WInner and International Film and Television Star tells you you’re “insolent”, you’re probably a huge asshole.

  133. Bleargh. Apparently we’ve been building a certain style of cabinet wrong for who knows how long. The engineers didn’t bother to tell the build team when they changed the design. Now everybody’s pissed at us because customers are returning orders.

    And Coworker B can’t be bothered to put shit back where it belongs so every day is a treasure hunt.

    I need a beer.

  134. Has anyone else seen this? I wonder if anyone can confirm it?

  135. I hope the next ‘beer girl’ with large ‘mooters’, serves and hits on Clint the next time he plays golf.

  136. *beers Jewstin without shaking the can*

  137. Clintbird, the original “source” for that was a very dodgy overseas “news” outfit.

  138. I wonder if anyone can confirm it?

    I doubt it. How many dead or raped bodies have been ignored when it comes to the Clintons?

  139. I saw that very same linky and said, “hmmmmm”, CB. Ulsterman is probably where I’d do my searching were I so inclined.

  140. Yeah, I had seen it before too but that was the first time I actually found a link. It may be true, but the source, as Xbrad said, is iffy, so …

  141. Mmm. Unshaken beer is my favorite.

  142. Obama is playing 3D chess doncha know. Hillary is a pawn in his game.

  143. Mongo merely pawn in game of life.

  144. I didn’t know xbrad was a duffer.

    (and I’m sick of my auto correct changing it to brad)

  145. Speakin’ of sweater puppies, and look who shows up … it’s MARE!!!!

  146. Xbrad is a poofter. NTTIAWWT.

  147. I wonder if she has names for them.

  148. Sid and Nancy.

  149. My mom is on a F***IN’ cruise this week. When she gets back I’ll ask if she saw MJ. Short dude, right?

  150. “I wonder if she has names for them.”


    “Shut” and “the hell up”

  151. Break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar!

  152. I would go on that cruise.

  153. This from the sidebar at Ace’s. I’d read this somewhere before, but it’s just sad to me we’re being pulled in delusion world by the liberals.
    Look at the meme on the left of this site…LOOK AT IT!!!!!

  154. This one:

  155. Nice!

    Have you ever seen a hideous Conservative? Really?? I would say not (yeah, okay, I’m sure one of you assholes will find an exception–bite me). Strong and hard working men and women with a sense of work ethic. Hawtness.

  156. The pool was very nice today. Someone brought their dog, who was polite and friendly and only stuck his nose in my crotch briefly.

  157. I had a teacher in high school who was an unfortunate looking woman. In physical appearance, she was equivalent to Helen Thomas.

    But, she was such an optimistic, kind lady that she looked happy and pleasant. She was homely rather than ugly. Helen Thomas has spent her life thinking unhappy, vicious thoughts about the unfair world and it has melted her face into a rictus of misery.

  158. FYI, the Season 3 finale of Justified is on later tonight. I’m DVR’ing the premier and the old show, and I’ll watch them in the “as originally aired” order tomorrow.

    So no fucking spoilers, or I’ll cut Jewstin.

  159. Raylan shoots someone.


  160. No football until Saturday?

  161. What about that hag they elected in CT? Do you think she’s a happy person?

  162. What hag? I’m not familiar with any hags from Connecticut.

  163. When is your jerky done Hotspur?

  164. Raylan gets laid. Art doesn’t.

  165. My jerky was done on Sunday. It is really good.

    My friend is bringing me some fresh venison to cook up this weekend.

  166. Good call on Helen Thomas, Jew.

    Her ugly on the inside is crawling out of her face.

  167. You cannot fool me. I know what you did last summer.

  168. I’ve been reading so much I’m way behind in television. I need to catch up on Boss, Justified, Breaking Bad, and Person of Interest.

  169. And Game of Thrones.

  170. Excellent interview, XBrad.
    The best part was the telling off that appallingly insolent Dave in Texas received.

  171. Jewstin, you’re better off. You cannot unsee this woman.

  172. I’m thinking Obama is going to get his gun-grabbing law before my new shotgun gets shipped!

  173. And Grimm.

  174. Good luck MCPO. I paid for mine 11/14 and still have not heard anything.

    If all goes well we submit CC application tomorrow night.

  175. My wife found a link and watched the whole 3rd season of Downton Abbey in 3 days, so I’m thinking that will free up some time for some shnewgooling. She probably thinks different.

  176. If I can’t be appallingly insolent then I’m not really applying myself, am I?

    All kidding aside that was fun.

  177. His daughter is a rising youtube star as well. Look for Chloe and Zoe.

  178. Did anybody freeze anybody else in carbonite today?

  179. GMo, my wife and I watched the whole thing last week.

    I really like the series, but then, my wife is British, so I have someone to translate the parts I don’t understand.

  180. Remember, kids, the actor and the character are NOT the same person:

  181. Now she’s complaining there’s nothing to watch. I said sure there is, my pants. Well, I didn’t say it exactly, but I smirked it.

    After she left the room.

  182. Fillion blocked me awhile ago after I twisted his knickers re: gun control.

  183. Hotspur, my wife is Irish, but she likes the Brit shows.

  184. Hotspur wife is not British, she is a Scot. A lovely, well-mannered lady, unlike most of the fucking Brits I knew when I lived there.

  185. Fillion is kind of a dumbass. He says he’s boycotting the company, then links to a Think Progress (heh) article talking about how a franchise owner in Omaha is cutting hours because, as a small business owner, he can’t afford the taxes.

  186. Applying for a permit costs $205. That’s on top of the NRA class.

  187. Huh, Fillion, I was kind of starting to like Castle. But I don’t have to like it, I have books I like to reread.

  188. Applying for a permit costs $205. That’s on top of the NRA class.

    Where in the 2nd Amendment does it say you have to pay for it?

  189. $205!?! It’s $15 here!

  190. Most fast food ops are franchisees. McDonalds, KFC, Tace Bell, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s.. all of em really. There aren’t any company operated company owned restaurants.

    The franchisers though, are very involved. Most fast food ops are real estate operations.. the corporations make their money financing the franchisees properties and fixed assets, marketing the products and the brand, and directing the food distribution networks (see YUM Brands). So even if Fillion is an idiot and doesn’t know how that works, taking a shot at the franchisee really is taking a shot at the corporation.

    Not an endorsement, just some inside baseball.

  191. $70 to the town
    $70 to the state
    $50 for background check
    $16.50 for fingerprinting

  192. $5 to the county
    $10 to the Commonwealth

  193. Texas original $140

    Renewals (5 years) $70

  194. I think you are going to need a permit to buy anything.

    I have a feeling that’s where they are headed.

  195. *puts bucket back on Dave`s head*

  196. We’ll be taxed for our carbon and methane emissions.

  197. *holds out empty hand waiting for her cut of money just because*

  198. this bucket smells like smoked clams.


  199. this bucket smells like smoked clams.


    Wouldn’t you like to know.

  200. Laura’s jerky is going to dry out in front of the wood stove tomorrow.
    Rounds 4,5,6 of bacon get smoked this weekend.

  201. Can’t wait until all my “totally don’t want to know”, Obama-voting, folks back home start feeling the wrath of O’s 2nd term. Their squealing is gonna sound like Pavarotti singing, La donna il mobile.

  202. Chief, you gonna go visit them or will we all get to enjoy it on facechimp?

  203. Mixed results with the ribs this weekend, I think I need a brick to block the heat. But the smokage and flavor was good.

    I’m a bit daunted about the seasoning prep for pork belly, but since I have had one for 30 years you’d think it would be like an old friend.

  204. Home.

  205. What are you cooking on Dave?

  206. It’s a large propane grill

  207. Can you believe Raylan gets shot in the first minute of Justified?

    Oh, sorry. Never mind.

  208. I read Dave’s comment in a King of the Hill voice.

  209. Beasn – Both!

  210. and propane gas accessories

  211. I’m a bit daunted about the seasoning prep for pork belly,


  213. Somebody, say, Wiser, needs to show this to Revvy:

  214. No nooo.. I got the notes.

    It’s just like, a shitload of work Laura.

    You know how I hates the work.

  215. You may recall me and lilies. Of the field. Who are dead.

    Whom? I never get that raht


    DinT needs minions to rub pork bellies, etc.

  217. This pillow is lumpy.

  218. No one ever gets excited when I say ‘Home’.

    It’s because I don’t wear a skort, isn’t it?

    *sniffs indignantly*

  219. Welcome to the hotsausages, Car (Car is your name, right? Isn’t that what Althuss said?), we are friendly.

    Have you ever said, “You got SERVED.” when bringing a customer their meal?

  220. How is it work? You mix salts and spices. You rub them into a thin slab of pork belly.

    You wait one week.


    Dude. This is not work.

  221. No one ever gets excited when I say ‘Home’.

    Normally I have at least one hand free to type, but not when Cyn shows up. No sir.


  223. *gives Pupster a fluffy pillow*

  224. Ha! Dave must have a gubmint job.

  225. work work work work work work Hello boys did you miss me last night?

  226. Thanks j’ames.

    /ignores everyone else.

  227. Normally I have at least one hand free to type, but not when Cyn shows up. No sir.

    Awwww, thank yew Snark Dickflossing!

  228. Mel Brooks!

    *awards DinT +40K points*

  229. Ha ha stark. You are right. I am car.

  230. *glares at Car in and her sassy skorts; raises one eyebrow then offers a feud-ending glass of wine*

  231. Dave should have a belly rubbing party.

  232. Dave should have a belly rubbing party.

    Drunk enough to commit, chicken shit enough to not show up, that’s me.

  233. YOGURT!

  234. *rubs mah belly*

  235. Sweet Bay has an advertisement for it’s butcher shop proclaiming it is Meat Bay

    They do not have pork belly

  236. Cyn, you could beat the pants off Car in’s skorts if you wore some leggings or yoga pants.

  237. That is the exact outfit I’m wearing right now! Well, all except for the white sun glasses, the top, and the boots.

  238. Xbad,
    Why does she have her photo-id hanging there? Where TF is that from? It’s like “I’m Yoga-Pants, FBI”…

  239. not the boots?

  240. You’re topless?


  241. Pit Pass, Chrisp. Race car in the background, stack of tires, etc.

  242. Quadra Fire!

  243. Um, yeah, I mean, I am still wearing the boots. Sure.

    i tuned in just at the right time…. thanks XB

    *now for something retarded*

  245. well thank goodness. It’s, you know.. “that day”

  246. Tuesday is Boots Day? Hunh. Lucky thing.

    Seriously, if you don’t have a pair of yoga pants, you are missing out on some total comfort. OMG I love these things in the winter time.

  247. noted!

  248. I’m missing out on total comfort.

    On the upside, the neighbors haven’t had to gouge their eyeballs out.

  249. I think I lost my yoga pants at the mall.

  250. just the other day Cyn was standin’ in the middle of the road w/ just a cape on…. now just yoga pants (whereabouts indeterminate)

    Soooo, Cyn my friend – get to the east coast much? :)

  251. **drive-by squishy hugs**

  252. Hey, get back here!

  253. *hugs back.. hey, were those yoga pants?*

  254. rockets w/ yoga pants:

    *pre-pins the voodoo doll for spelling nazis*

  255. hmm – looks like that link went immediately to booster

  256. I am still in the running for that job in Minot
    Yeah! It only took over 3 weeks for them to respond

    I also have someone interested in Alberta CA.

    Is it hard for Americans to work in Canada?
    A friend is asking.
    Really and she is topless like Cyn. She has boots and whips too.

  257. Oh I saw a job with a clearance I was going to ask Dave about.

    But I forgot so never mind.

  258. Vman, apparently Canadian companies are aggressively recruiting down here.

  259. That’s good news, vmax.

  260. I wanna hear more about Cyn in yoga pants.

  261. Justified, Season 4, Episode 1:

    Oh mergarde, it was good.

  262. Kudos on the interview, XB.

  263. dad was missing when I got home. cluster fuck. hospital. signed a dnr by mistake. step mom is on the way to fix and they’re taking him tho icu.


  264. Ugh, that sucks, Car in. Hope it gets straightened out quickly!

  265. yea. crazy. I have to work but dad doesn’t make the best decisions about his conditions. he’s a very bad judge. when I’m not here , I mean. he gets sick so quickly. but he doesn’t ask for help.

  266. Car in (and out) –
    ” but he doesn’t ask for help.”
    we’re going through trials with family too… my mil has cognitive and health issues yet/still demands near full autonomy – it makes for difficult times. My prayers are with you and your family.

  267. now for the retarded segment

  268. “I wanna hear more about Cyn in yoga pants.”

  269. Donna exasperates Rachel’s parents.


  271. G’Morning Tushar

    *whispers “wakey wakey” because Car in was up late*

  272. Morning.

  273. Goodmorning, Jimbro.
    No one is awake yet, and I am already on the bus to work.

  274. Off to work. Full office day today. Hopefully no snot nosed kids sharing their influenza virus with me.

    I bow to the preventive power of Purell hand sanitizer….

  275. Hi Jewstin…you got the keys now

  276. wakey .

    I actually got up at 6:30, but I’ve been puttering around.

  277. Cool.

    *Redecorates with macaroni and paper plates.

  278. CaRin, any updates on your Dad?

  279. No yet.

  280. Step mom went there last night. Middle of the night. She’s sleeping now.

  281. That zorbing video that Cyn linked yesterday? I just knew it didn’t end well.

  282. Not going into work today. Was up all night. No way would I be functioning by mid day and my temper would have gotten me in trouble when the witch flew in.

    It’s a sorry state of affairs there. No manager gives a flying f*ck. So, what’s the point?

  283. I’m up. Yay. Now I get to drink coffee and take vitamins and cook lunch and then go to work.

    Already had my eggnog, so I actually don’t feel awful.

  284. Hope your dad is okay, Car in.

  285. I suspect I’m losing at least one and probably two more coworkers. Not layoffs, just able to leave and choosing to do so in the face of unmitigated frustration.

    I don’t think we can execute the contract without them, I guess I’ll get to find out.

  286. Try not to worry so much, beansesese. Sometimes it is about the journey, not the destination.

  287. Is Carin’s dad divorced from her step mom?

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