Monday Muthafuggin’ Motivator

Well, it’s been a nice long break from the gym for me. Two whole weeks! My joints barely pop now, and I’m not sore in the slightest. I’d pretty much forgotten what that felt like. By this time next year, chances are that I will have again. Today will be the first day of another year of strength training, hopefully free of injury and full of growth.

Whatever goals you have for your body in the year to come, rest assured that each and every Monday will feature outstanding commentary and imagery that will pack you full of positivity.

Okay, that’s a total lie. I’mma say some stupid crap and then put up some pictures of girls I’d totally nail if I had the chance, and most of the people commenting will proclaim — wrongly — that they are dudes. It’ll happen every Monday, though, and that’s the truth.

Now go take Monday’s lunch money and go buy yourself something mediocre.


  1. I’m awake!

  2. No snatch?

  3. Don’t the bylaws require that there be the token “a little less muscular yet still fit and nicely curvy but most importantly extremely pretty” representative?

  4. No, getting hard to find good snatch pictures.

    And #3 fits the bylaw this week, she just happens to be facing away.

  5. I figured #3 was facing away because she forgot to tuck before the photo was taken.

  6. Drive time, h8ers.

  7. Wakey wakey.

    DOuble yesterday, double today, double tomorrow.

    Double Next saturday and sunday.


  8. Good morning children. Nice job, thanks Leon.

  9. First and last are nice. #5 has a bad pair of bolt-ons that distract from everything else.

    Good morning.

  10. Three seems nice.

  11. Slow morning. Everyone must be super-motivated and out getting stuff done.

    Mission: accomplished.

  12. I thought about using my bike stand again this morning.

    OK, I think about it a lot, but this time felt different. I thought about it really hard.

  13. M’morning cool kids

  14. *tacklehugs Cyn*

  15. Good job, Lauraw!!!

  16. My work schedule is killing my work-out schedule, but I did 45 min of cardio. No weights. Sigh. And last week I didn’t do weights either, so I guess this is a little break. I’ll be able to hit it Wednesday.

    Until the.


  17. Uff da!

  18. *thinks really hard about doing weights

  19. Lift a tray of food over your head 10 times.

    Problem solved!

  20. Uff da!

    Cyn is Norwegian? Who knew?

  21. Work should be plenty of this mythical thing you call “cardio”.

    You could have used those 45 minutes to do something worthwhile. Damn shame.

  22. Good morning y’all.

  23. G’Mornin, ags!

  24. So, a double is how many hours?

  25. So, a double is how many hours ounces?


  26. So, a double is how many hours?

    I’ve reviewed this before, Hotspur. It’s two RESTAURANT shifts.

    Open until close.

    Yesterday that was 11 am until 8 pm (we got slow). That’s the shortest “double” we have- so the easiest.

    Today it’s 10:30 until … ? 9 tonight hopefully but it could be 10, etc. On busy nights it means a 13+ hour shift. And I know people work longer hours, but in restaurant work, you get NO breaks.On your feet the whole time, no sitting down, etc. Yesterday, I was there for 9 hours, and I went to the bathroom ONCE.

  27. I’ve reviewed this before, Hotspur. It’s two RESTAURANT shifts.

    No need to get your knickers in a twist. Evidently I wasn’t around for this momentous occasion.

  28. *says prayer for Carin*

    Hubby is home, sick today, poor guy. Also, BIL (the jerkwad) called and asked if he could spend the night here this evening so that we could exchange presents. Like I want to open a box of poison sumac from the witch… Anyway, I had said there was nothing going on tonight, and he *casually* mentioned the championship game. So I guess I know the real reason he wants to come over, eh?

    Yeah, it’s really too bad Hubby is sick and won’t be down at base today so BIL can hitch a ride…

  29. BIL doesn’t have a TV, huh? Poor guy.

  30. No need to get your knickers in a twist. Evidently I wasn’t around for this momentous occasion.

    I think Car in thought you were cool enough to have worked in a restaurant. Apparently she was mistaken.

  31. BIL doesn’t have a TV, huh?

    But he does, J’Ames. He has one conveniently placed right in front of his bed at the barracks. But see, it’s not a 48 inch flat screen. And he can’t rewind to see the play again. Oh, and don’t forget that he wouldn’t have a nice dinner or snacks to munch on while watching.

    Not to mention my fuckin’ vodka to drink, either.

  32. One year ago today, I quit the evil chewy tobaccy. *pats self on back* Easiest time ever, knew after a month it was for good.

    Oh and Balloon Chick is today’s winner.

    *orders fuckin’ vodka for wife*

  33. Just say, “No.”

  34. Congrats on the anniversary, G Mohawk :)

    Oh, I did, Mare. Don’t you worry about that :D

  35. I think Car in thought you were cool enough to have worked in a restaurant. Apparently she was mistaken.

    While it is true that my bride owned a restaurant for seven years, it was the job of the staff to keep me away from the customers.

    Telling people to go fuck themselves is bad for business, or so I am led to believe.

  36. I like 1 & 2
    That and $20 will get you $20

    Carin what is your new Gstring address?

  37. Some serious testosterone working in some of those pics!

  38. Good Aggie!

  39. Nothing like another Monday resplendent with manly “women” to start your week … yep, nothing.

  40. Telling people to go fuck themselves is bad for business, or so I am led to believe.

    *stops construction on whorehouse*

  41. Thanks Aggie.

  42. CB, check the other place…

  43. This link is just for Mare. The rest of you mooks keeps yer hands off!

  44. I use to love watching that show. “Hey, Hey,….”

  45. Mike Rowe joins the NatGeo Killing Lincoln project:

    Great choice for narrator.

  46. What in the hell happened here?

  47. Geebus, Mare! She looks like Fat Bastard!

  48. Yes, or Jabba.

    She was a striking woman in her day. Something besides aging took hold.

  49. *runs from blog searching for eye bleach*

  50. Geez, that is BAD!

  51. Just think what’s become of her tits and ass.

  52. What in the hell happened here?

    Disney is “rebooting” Star Wars & they’ve found their new Jabba.

  53. But if you look at her standing, she’s somewhat trim. Very strange.

  54. What in the hell happened here?

    Sheesh. Jabba the Huston.

  55. Just think what’s become of her tits and ass.

    Think Salvador Dali pocket watches.

  56. I did, Aggie. WELLLLLL worth the visit.

  57. “Just think what’s become of her tits and ass.”

    No! Hell no!

  58. Mare wins the innertubes prize of 10,000 Nobel Prizes

    *Gouges eyes out with a spoon*

  59. hahaha…You douches make me laugh.

  60. Vman what’s the weather like in Florida today?

  61. But if you look at her standing, she’s somewhat trim. Very strange.

    It probably looks like a can of vienna sausages under there.

  62. His ex-wife should be taken behind the courthouse and beaten to death with axe handles.

    And the “adoptive” parents KNEW something was wrong.

  63. Human detritus. Fuck them all.

  64. Mare it is supposed to be in the 80’s all week and sunny.
    It is currently 63 and cloudy so I think they got today wrong

  65. And the “adoptive” parents KNEW something was wrong.

    I have some sympathy, but yeah, they didn’t step up like they should have.

  66. And the “adoptive” parents KNEW something was wrong.

    I don’t see where you get that, Xbrad.

  67. Fuckashitpiss.

    I made it through the holidays without having to be around my sister in law and brother in law because they took the kids to Europe. But today is my niece Sophie’s 21st birthday, and she wants to have the entire family over for dinner.

    Makes me wish I had the flu.

  68. Holy crap, it’s gonna be 50 here on Friday.

    *finds cargo shorts*

  69. It’s not in this article, but the “adoptive” parents were on Dr. Phil a while back and admitted as much.

  70. That article makes me want to ask a hell of a lot of questions.

  71. What the hell kind of name is he using to “rename her?”

    Renaming a child is gross. He doesn’t seem to have her best interest at heart.

  72. Not only is this a stupid name, Teleah, I have no fricken idea how to say it.

  73. Want a good laugh? Check this out:

    1. Engineering
    2. Physical Science
    3. Biological Science
    4. Arts and Humanities (!)
    5. Education (!!)
    6. Social Sciences(!!!)
    7. Business

  74. 4. Arts and Humanities (!)
    5. Education (!!)
    6. Social Sciences(!!!)


  75. Mare, it’s made-up. I think it’s pronounced Doomed.

  76. No wonder these colludge graduates working at Starbucks have such bad attitudes.

  77. 4. Arts and Humanities (!)
    5. Education (!!)
    6. Social Sciences(!!!)

    These could be lumped under “Parasite Studies” and the list could be shortened.

    They really ought to split “History” out of Humanities and add it to Business or Economics.

  78. Good one, Pups.

  79. “Mare, it’s made-up. I think it’s pronounced Doomed.”

    I agree, Hotspur. Poor thing had a good thing going, now she’s with some dumb ass.

  80. I don’t know why, but someone down the cul-de-sac is blowing a bosun’s pipe.


  81. I miss MJ.

    Is he really cruising?

  82. 4. Arts and Humanities (!)
    5. Education (!!)
    6. Social Sciences(!!!)

    These could be lumped under “Parasite Studies” and the list could be shortened.
    They really ought to split “History” out of Humanities and add it to Business or Economics.

    5&6 are wholly garbage, but 4 also includes Music, which can be extremely demanding, albeit a bit useless if you’re not planning a career as a composer. & I think Pimp Hand is an Arts & Humanities degree, as well.

  83. dwarf's boat

  84. blowing a bosun’s pipe

    Since when are you the set-up guy?

  85. PIMP HAND!! Is on my list of things to yell.

    HAHAHA, It took me a second but I got the dwarf “cruising.”



  87. You can’t yell “Pimp Hand” until you’ve performed the “Bitch Slap”.

    Rules. Look it up.

    Are you really looking for a new catch-phrase Mare?

  88. Are you really looking for a new catch-phrase Mare?

    HA! Yes, yes I am. hahahaha 10 minutes of it….hahahaha

  89. Rules!! Screw the rules!!!!

    Hey, that might work.


  91. Fubar’d funnyjunk link, Pups.

  92. Good day, Monday man-hands mavens.

  93. Generally I stay out of the tranny or not tranny guessing game here on Mondays but come on, that gals boobs (#5) are pointing in opposite directions and are about 6 inches apart. I see that she’s fit, but don’t you want to have sex (are attracted to) someone of your same species?

  94. Mare, you’re a fan of Timothy Olyphant, right?

  95. They are just aftermaket accessories, Mare. We’re not as careful about that at MMMHQ as the BBF crew is.

  96. Saw that at Ace’s xbrad. Searcy seems like a good guy.
    When does your interview go to press?

    Leon, she should sue her plastic surgeon.
    But her stomach is nice!

  97. Fubar’d funnyjunk link, Pups.


  98. Barring any complications, the interview should go up tomorrow afternoon.

  99. They are just aftermaket accessories

    leon never has trouble finding his car, even in the most crowded of parking lots.

  100. I’m not saying I favor it, I’m just saying I’m less discriminating.

    I wouldn’t even add a spoiler to my car, no matter how bitchin’ it looked.


    Wait, punching a “psychic” in the face is a crime? Next thing you’ll tell me is that hobo-hunting has a bag limit.

  102. By rights, it wouldn’t be possible to punch a psychic.

  103. Yep. Her career ought to be over.

  104. The ‘psychic’, right?

    I’m willing to give LiLo another dozen or so chances.

  105. I was in fact referring to alleged possessor of precognitive senses, yes. Which — as Hotspur pointed out — should have precluded an assault by LiLo. So either she’s lying, and LiLo didn’t hit her, or she’s lying, and she’s not a psychic. Either way, she’s lying to get paid, the question is to whom.

  106. Oh, like none of you has ever had a day when things were a little off.

  107. I’m not psychic, but I accept that physical proximity to Lindsay Lohan comes with a high risk of assault (not worth it) or at least STDs (possibly worth it).

    So she’s not only not psychic, she’s stupid.

  108. LiLo pisses me off. Cute, nice body, modicum of talent, and she pisses it all away.

  109. Is she one of those former Disney kid stars?

  110. No, but your mom is.

  111. How did you know?!?

  112. She told me not to tell you how.

  113. “I’m willing to give LiLo another dozen or so chances ….”

    As long as she’s topless in all her movies and commando when photographed climbing out of car seats.



  115. Feeling much better today. Still coughing up a lung every 45 minutes and my throat feels like raw hamburger, but I think I’m over the hump with being sick.

  116. Yeah, you sound great.

    *backs away*

  117. Zombie MCPO?

  118. I haven’t taken any mucinex all weekend either, so that means I’m out of it too.

  119. You’re doin’ better than RGIII, MCPO.

  120. That’s great to hear, Jay.

    *Sprays Lysol all over blog and keyboard.

  121. Hey Pupster – you think you could do BBF after all this week?

  122. Yeah, I lost a whole month of my life.

  123. Black Bean Friday smells great!

  124. There’s a video at AoSQ of dodgeball. I didn’t think that was allowed in school anymore.

    We loved that game, except we called it War.

  125. I loved playing dodgeball in school!

  126. Dodgeball was a blast. We should make that a mandatory H2 Meat-Up Event.

  127. my fifth grade teacher made us lace up the old boxing gloves and beat the crap out of each other. Not to settle grudges or anything. Just because he thought boys should know how to take and throw a punch.

  128. Notre Dame is #1
    Alabama is #2

    Alabama is favored by 10.

    Can anyone explain this?

  129. Yeah, we used to put the gloves on too. It was like lacing a pillow to each fist, but it was great fun.

  130. Scott – SEC bias.

  131. BCS is a clusterfuck?

  132. Can you even imagine a male (non-gay) 5th grade teacher anymore? Let alone one who encourages students to beat each other?

  133. My 5th grade teacher was as gay as SW Michigan in 1985 would let a man get away with publicly, so I can’t really picture it.

  134. George C. Scott would have been a pretty good 5th grade teacher.

  135. So would Brian Dennehy.

  136. Arnold “Black Ploughman” Schwartzenegger was a fair kindergarten teacher, IIRC.

  137. Someone stole 17K lbs of steel from a construction site in Steelton, PA. Worth about $70K!

  138. Snake Plissken would have been awesome for 4th/5th/6th grade.

  139. Probably the same guys that stole the bridge in New Castle PA last summer.

  140. It’s not the maple syrup thieves. Too small-time for real pros like those dudes.

  141. I can do it if Pupster can’t, Cyn.

  142. So would Brian Dennehy.


  143. That works too, Jay; thanks for being back-back-up. M’wah!

  144. Roamy?

  145. Will this day EVER end??

    *plunges a stake in Monday’s heart*


    *suddenly remembers what comes after Monday; whimpers hysterically*

    *pulls the stake out gingerly*

    oh shit shit shit that’s worse, that’s way worse

    *runs around looking frantically for the really big bandaids*

  146. I thought the line favored DB by 9.5-10?

  147. ND

  148. Nope, Bama is favored by 9ish.

    Jay, pick a number between 1 and 44D.

  149. I heard it described as “Catholics vs. Cousins”.

  150. Cute pup and kid pic, Pupster.

  151. I’m stealing that, Pups.

  152. Debs thinks that naps are a good idea.


  153. *still depressed from Angelica Houston pics*


  154. Debs is a smart girl.

  155. for the ladies:

  156. Go ahead with BBF Pups. It sounds like you had one in mind.


    Wow – they really need to look into getting her some modeling gigs. Seriously adorable!

  158. GAHHHHHH….

    *jumps on wounded Monday and stabby, stabby, stabbies…*

    OMG, that manager is going to contribute to my stroke (SYWM)

  159. for the ladies:


  160. Huel Howser passed away.

  161. I hope wood ash is good for the lawn.

  162. ha!
    pup – i’m gonna forward that…

  163. My lead thinks I’m competent, which is nice, but that means I get all the shitty jobs fixing others’ fuck-ups which is less nice.

  164. scott – it’s good for gardens. i use it in mine. if your dog tracks it in the house it may be a little more interesting to clean up tho

  165. *jumps on wounded Monday and stabby, stabby, stabbies…*


    *sees Tuesday’s headlights coming down the street and bursts into tears*

  166. I wondered about that Scottw…how are you getting the ash out of there? It’s still hot, right?

  167. *sees Tuesday’s headlights coming down the street and bursts into tears*

    I got this.

    *throws on cape and stands in the middle of the street with hands on hips defiantly; sees how fast Tuesday is coming… runs off toward bar with an apologetic glace toward Laura*

  168. Hehehehe.

  169. //sidles up next to Cyn at the bar//

    So, what’s your sign?

  170. It’s not hot. It takes about 15 minutes to shut down, when it’s off it is barely warm. I have to empty it every 24 hours.

    Going to try a lower ash pellet next time.

  171. The bottom of the stove is a removable drawer.

  172. So, what’s your sign?

  173. So, what’s your sign?

  174. All while growing up, we heated our house with this:

    Every weekend from June to September we went up to the mountains and hauled wood for the winter.

    Cords and cords of wood.

  175. *takes sobbing laura by the hand, a woobie, a slab of bacon, 2 pieces of construction paper, an onion, 6 thin mints, carburetor, a pair of socks, 3 whiskers from a kitten, hump oil, and places gently in the closet*

  176. So, what’s your sign?

  177. Cyn?

  178. Mare’s sign.



  181. I’m going to be very sore tomorrow.


  183. Republican Politician’s sign:

  184. Hell-ooo!

  185. I hope wood ash is good for the lawn.

    Low in Nitrates, high in Phosphorous & Potassium. Will raise the pH, so probably best near Oak trees.

  186. I’m going to be very sore tomorrow.

    Surprise buttsecks?

  187. Myocardial infarction. That’s right, I said it!

  188. Our soil is pretty acidic, and he’s sprinkling this ash on snow. Wood ashes do lower the pH over a short time frame but it leaches out quickly. I don’t think it’s going to do much on the lawn.

    Now, if he would save more of it so I can put it to targeted use in my vegetable garden this Spring…that might be a more better use for it. Great temporary insect repellent for certain crops, too.

  189. I t*raise* the pH, not lower.

  190. Jeebus. What happened to my brains today?

    “I meant *raise* the pH, not lower.” is what I meant to say.

    *orders CT scan*

  191. Don’t raise the bridge, lower the river!

  192. My wood stove ash is lumpy with unburnt charcoal, metal implants and bone fragments mixed with ash. I dump it over the snowbank in the river at midnight. When the moon is waning. Don’t tell Johnny Law any of you.

  193. Jimbro- Mums the word!

  194. Oh, bone ash is pretty good for lawns. You should save it.

  195. >> *orders CT scan*

    I bet the taxes on a CT scan are outrageous.

    also, this muhfuckin day. sheesh.

  196. I got a buddy runs the scanner down at the animal hospital…he can squeeze you in between mare and xbrad’s sheep. Any pet hair allergies?

  197. the trace elements from the implants are pretty good for long term soil amendment…

    ps: fuck johnny

    *wonders where the wood chipper went*

  198. Speaking of implants, that MMM chick has some hideous ones

  199. I can’t believe DinT put up ‘bama cheerleader pic and didn’t include Sela Ward:

  200. Mmmmmm, Sela Ward!

  201. Sela’s gotten better as she aged.

  202. Comment by MCPO Airdale on January 7, 2013 4:02 pm
    Feeling much better today. I think I’m over the hump with being sick.
    Watch it with the “over the hump” stuff, Laura is sensitive…….

  203. Roll Tide. Hehehehe!

  204. Yeah, I try to keep it “sometime after the 80s”


  206. Er, Roll Tide, I guess

  207. If Notre Dame had been located in PA.

  208. You OK, MCPO?

    You’re not choking or anything, are you?

  209. I’m done bring people food for the day.

  210. bringing

  211. Did someone tell vman my new email addy yet?

  212. My iPhone says its bring, Scott.

  213. Pendejo – Linky no workee, pendejo!

  214. Wiser?

  215. my iphone believes lots of funny shit

  216. I’m done brining people for the day.

  217. Fuckin’ Laotians!!! Do my link right, you midget bitches!!!!

  218. Car in, how much you make in tips today? Round to the nearest Benjamin.

  219. Casually asking Car in about her personal shit kilt it.

  220. I made $100, which wasn’t bad because it was really really slow.

  221. Jewstin,
    We had a furnace in the basement that was wood-fired. I got to spend the spring & summer on the other-end of an 8-foot “Misery-Whip”, cutting wood with my dad. Then we would load it up, haul it home, and throw it through the basement window. I got to go down there and stack it neatly, so I could start the fire in the morning, since I slept down there anyway…
    “Builds character”, my ass.

  222. $100 is the min I’m happy to make.

  223. Notre Dame looks spunky.

  224. I’m really hoping that they get their asses handed to them.

  225. Chief,
    It’s a good thing that D.G. isn’t for “Dorothy Gale”, as she would be drawn to Kansas and become a tornado chaser…

  226. Did anybody snore through the entirety of anybody else’s piano recital today?

  227. Ca rin, does your restaurant pay you minimum wage or lower because of tips?

  228. 21-zip.

    Hoo Boy….

  229. You’re eerily accurate today, Sean.

  230. One more double *gives shifty eye toward hotspur* then three days off.

  231. That’s only about $60 after taxes.

  232. I also avoided Lindsay Lohan today, Cyn.

  233. Scott, I only made a fraction of that according to the government.

    Beasn, my wage is $2.67 an hour. I make 6 something for overtime.


  235. Holycrap, did anybody see this? Talk about a jackass stunt gone wrong…

    I might have laughed a little.

  236. Back when I waited tables, before Lincoln grew his beard out, minimum wage for waiting tables was $1.25 an hour, when the normal working minimum was like $2.85. It’s always been a lower scale, assuming tips.

  237. Wasn’t that before they started making you claim your tips, Dave? Which I think is bunk anyway.

  238. I have to claim my tips. They base it on a percentage of sales/ credit card tips. I made a ton of money Christmas week do my check was paltry.

  239. But your cash tips… that’s still based on what you tell them you got, right?

  240. Oh yes honey, back then there were only 27 IRS agents in the whole state.

  241. Yup, 75 cents an hour and NOBODY reported tips.

  242. just the tips baby

  243. Holycrap, did anybody see this?

    No. And furthermore, anybody who says I was there is a filthy liar.

  244. In the 1990s they started requiring that you claim at least up to minimum wage in tips, but yeah the new IRS rules require that it be a percentage of sales (or at least credit card sales).

  245. I recall making $2.01/hr in the front of the house and $3.25/hr in the back of the house.

  246. BBF Research

    NSFW for areolae and nipplae

    NSFW I said!

  247. Then I learned how much bartenders made. in tips

  248. Car in,
    What about the “minimum wage” laws? How the hell can they do that?

  249. I recall making $2.01/hr in the front of the house and $3.25/hr in the back of the house.

    in bed.

  250. Bartenders are like another house in the middle of the front of the house

  251. That was not exactly what I was expecting Stark

    But it was close

  252. I’m not watching the second half….Touchdown Jesus is weeping

  253. Unspammed you, Jimbro

  254. It’s expected that you’ll at least get to minimum with tips. But they can’t prove what yogurt make. I think they assume something like 7% of sales.

  255. Thanks, it was a BBF research article. It was on Instapundit so I figured it wasn’t too bad. I figured wrong!

  256. Yogurt doesn’t make much.

  257. Restaurants are low margin. Not many could pay minimum and survive.

  258. Yeah, yogurt is hurting.

  259. Roll.


  260. I can’t tell you the pleasure I’m getting out of this game. Now if ND comes back in the second half I may starting cutting.

  261. I will help you with that, Mare.

  262. Thanks Cyn, evidently I need help forming a sentence too.

  263. **taxes Mare 57% for pleasure**

  264. I may starting cutting

    alfalfa & baling it up & storing it for Winter. Do you have any idea how boring it is to stand around a paddock all day just stomping one foot & snorting?

  265. So it’s official, xbrad works for the Obama administration.


  266. “Do you have any idea how boring it is to stand around a paddock all day just stomping one foot & snorting?”

    Yes, yes I do.

  267. YOGURT!

  268. Wow.

  269. This is at the Official ND site, about one of Golick’s son:

    graduated from College of Arts and Letters in May 2012, earning a degree in film, television and theatre … boasted a 3.429 undergraduate cumulative grade-point average … currently enrolled in graduate studies program.

    Really, I find it hard to believe he boasted about a 3.4 in film and tv studies.

  270. Who said I was gonna turn those taxes over to anyone? I’m cutting out the middleman and directly taxing you to support my indolent lifestyle.

  271. Mare – You think there are more than 7 Alabama players that can even read and write on an 8th grade level?

  272. Oh, well then, that’s just enterprising. Well done!

  273. hey, radio tv film was my minor!

  274. It ain’t a spelling bee MCPO.

    It is an ass whuppin.

  275. While Bama is SEC they are not Fl.
    So Meh

  276. No, MCPO, but I thought ND had to recruit scholar athletes unlike those dumb SEC schools. You know, being a flagship Catholic, private university.

  277. That Lacey kid is incredible.

  278. Touchdown!

  279. D’OH!!

  280. Since MCPO is already in a shitty mood:

  281. Is it wrong of me to hope that ND gets no points what so ever?

    If so, I don’t wanna be right.

  282. Beasn?


  283. No, it’s not wrong.

  284. Huh, Alabama seems to be slacking off.

  285. DAMMIT

  286. That roughing the passer call was a pity call from the refs. That TD was handed to the Irish.

  287. Yeah, Mare. But then, that first interference with the fair catch was a gimme to AL..

  288. Yeah, Alabama’s TD would be nothing without the ref calls.


  289. Mare, where did you go to school?

  290. Bogus holding call too. They showed a replay and you can’t see it. The refs must have got a half time call from the BCS.

  291. School of Hard Knocks.

  292. I boasted a 3.4 in dumb assery.

  293. You overstudied.

  294. BOASTED!

  295. Got my Masters in it too.

    *pretty proud*

  296. They only let a limited number of students into Dumb Assery and I wasn’t one of them! *shakes fist at sky*

  297. Yeah, my interview was really good.

  298. ‘bama is just bitchslapping those shortdicked Irishmen.

  299. Dumb Assery? PhD candidate, right here!

  300. “‘bama is just bitchslapping those shortdicked Irishmen.”

    hahaha…xbrad stirring the pot.

    Seriously, it’s ridiculous that Oregon or several other teams were denied the opportunity.

    Boise State went to Georgia and did some damage. ND had to rely on squeaker home games.

  301. I’m on it, Jay!

  302. Oh, were you talking about you?

  303. Obama says Notre Dame doesn’t have a scoring problem.

  304. Dammit and poop

  305. And screw you werdpuss for not letting me make a duplicate comment!

  306. Wow, Notre Dame scored 14 against Alabama! Let’s rank em #1!

  307. Cyn, you’re commenting too fast.

  308. Starters coming out!

  309. Quit pooping on the thread!

  310. Well, thank you Alabama for winning. Remember when I made that rash proclamation that if Alabama lost to ND the SEC would be dead to me.


  311. Welp, that was a fun game.

  312. “Yes Mam, thank you.”

  313. That’s, “ma’am”.

  314. Interesting comparison between ND’s center and Alabama’s center….academically:

  315. Actually, recognizes mam as an abbreviation also.


  317. Sahara.
    Fun-ish romp. Matthew Mcaughnehy was good. Steve Zahn, never paid attention to him before, did well.

    Penelope Cruz can’t speaka da English or act, but she’s mostly cute.

  318. 2 cousins are ND Alum. You can make fun of them to their faces and they don’t get it. Their mom is a cog in the D-Rat machine in NM.

  319. Your cousin is Rudy?

  320. If Rudy was Rudolfa. Both are girl cousins. Their SATs were boosted with the whole Chicana thing. Plus they attended a school with multiple Valedictorians.

  321. Haha, multiple valedictorians. Classic.

    My valedictorian wouldn’t take physics or chemistry with me in HS.

  322. Sahara was great. Zahn made that movie great.

  323. I flunked chemistry in High School. I don’t think I was any real threat to our valedictorian.

  324. What else has he been in?

    Also, you dorks better not let me oversleep and forget to post the Nick Searcy interview.

  325. Strange Wilderness.

  326. Saving Silverman, frakkin hilarious in that.

  327. Dammit. Fairly Legal was cancelled.

  328. Hey xbrad, don’t forget to post the Nick Searcy interview.

    You’re welcome.

  329. My HS figured the Valedictorian down to the Nth degree. Weighted with Honors classes that gave you 5 pts instead of just 4. I have several cousins that were Co-Valedictorians with a 4.0. I was 57th in a class of 570 and I had a 4.1. I went to HS with white guys that had 1600 on the PSAT and 2 with a 1600 on the SAT. They heard from virtually NO Schools outside of Texas. Few scholarships. $20

  330. I never took the SAT. Took the ACT instead. Only got into WSU because I was a HS grad with a score above whatever the threshold was in those days.

  331. Took both. I test well. Neither test reflected the fact I can’t do math.

  332. I got a 27 in math on the ACT. And flunked Math 101 (pre-algebra) in college.

  333. I got a 5 on the AP calculus test and promptly forgot everything more difficult than addition and subtraction.

  334. I got a negative on the Wasserman test.

    Thank goodness.

  335. I got a 26 in Math on the ACT. A 7 on UNMs test. My “Mentor” wouldn’t let me take any Math below Advanced Algebra. Helllooooo…I need 3 math credits at C or better to graduate? See ya.

  336. Dwayne enjoys reading periodicals.

  337. Morning. It’s still Monday?

  338. Obama should not be given ability to incur unlimited debt for the same reason a monkey should not be given a burning torch.

    I denounce myself.

  339. It’s worse than that.

    **comment applies to both predecessors**

  340. Restaurants are low margin. Not many could pay minimum and survive.

    That’s why that also can’t pay for health insurance. Obama’s a dumbass.

    wakey wakey

  341. Carin email me

  342. done

  343. Anyone think the Mrs. has pushed MJ off the boat yet?


    Sowell gets on my John Dewey has destroyed us bandwagon.

  345. I took the SAT as a junior and the ACT as a senior. UM took either one, so I didn’t re-take the SAT.

  346. ACT was good enough to get me in, despite my disadvantaged status as a white male non-athlete, so that should tell you I’m pretty smart.

  347. XBrad, don’t forget the Searcy interview.

  348. …and TTT.

  349. Rocketboy has taken the PSAT and the ACT. I figure the money is better spent retaking the ACT than signing him up for the SAT. His writing is meh.

  350. Xbrad, don’t forget your Tuesday poat.

  351. I have Elvis earworms because of Osita.

    Y’all have a good day.

    **prepares for onslaught of Bama cheering at work**

  352. Roll Tide, roamy, Roll Tide.

  353. Good morning.
    I just got a notice from a seafood place here about a really amazing sale on PEI mussels.

    *straps on feed bag*

  354. I still remember the day Elvis died. I was in 7th grade doing volunteer work towards my Confirmation. It was in the Patient Transport Dept. of our local hospital. The room we sat in waiting for calls was filled with stunned silence and crying middle aged women. It was all very strange to a then 13 year old kid….

  355. Huh, I thought “mam” was short for “mammaries”. TEH MOAR U NO™

  356. Jimbro, those middle aged women were probably around 40 y/o at the time your young self considered them.

    Is that ‘middle age’ now?


    *is in denial*

  357. How to smoked mussels taste Laura?

  358. I just got a notice from a seafood place here about a really amazing sale on PEI mussels.

    Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You cook fancy Canadian mussels. Prepare to die.

  359. Is that ‘middle age’ now?


    *is in denial*

    We’re in our PRIME Lauraw.

    *thinks really hard about lifting weights

    *sweats a bit

  360. PEI are really nice ones. Plump and clean, no grit.

  361. Oh yeah laura, they were probably younger than I am now! It was a weird day as a kid, not knowing how to react to the whole thing. Sobbing, mascara running, tissue boxes passed around and cigarettes chain smoked right in the hospital (which was allowed then).

    I think middle age, much like Elizabeth Warren’s definition of the middle class, is a shifting definition. Whatever makes you feel good or generates the most “revenue” is how you go.

  362. *flexes my mussels*


  363. Time to motor-vate…no TTT today, huh?

  364. Here in Texas, we have excellent mussels from the Gulf of Mexico. They have the piquant aftertaste of BP oil.

  365. Well, the cold smoked mussels served as condiments at brunch are pretty good, and hot smoked clams are nummy, so I assume fresh ocean mussels hot off the grill must be awesome too.

  366. I was in Crete when word came thru that Elvis died. Meh.

  367. …but I like them in tomato sauce or stewed with linguica the BEST so that’s what I’m going to do with them, probably.

  368. Whatever happened with that BP spill? You still getting tar or is that all done?

  369. I remember when Nixon made Elvis a Federal Agent at Large for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

  370. There are natural seeps in the gulf, so you always get some tar, I thought. The question is whether it’s regressed to pre-spill levels.

  371. New stupid placeholder poat that anyone can push down at any time.

  372. I don’t recall tar hitting the Texas coast, it was mostly further east, to Florida. Most of the oil broke down from surfacting or whatever that’s called, settled onto the ocean floor and broke up, or flat out evaporated.

    The most expensive non-disaster ever.

  373. Leon does 52 MMM posts in a row, XBrad does one TTT and then forgets the 2nd?

  374. 53.

    And Brad did at least manage 2 consecutive poats, let’s give him due credit.

  375. My apologies Leon.

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