Quick Quiz: Tommy vs. Quadrophenia

Which is better?  Which has aged better?  Which one kicks ass more often?

Pinball Wizard from Tommy has probably the most recognizable riff, one which begs you to both crank the volume to 11 and play air guitar like a maniac.

And then there’s this:

But we’re talking about the music here, not the movies.

Meanwhile, Quadrophenia is, in my opinion, is a whole lot deeper, and has stuff like this:

That shit just kicks ass.  Makes me both want to crank the volume to 11 and play air drums like a maniac.

And then there’s this:

Fucking classic.  Beats the ever-loving shit out of this:

Sounds like they just wanted to finish a project that they grew tired of, doesn’t it?

So, what’s your opinion?


  1. did the record store guys ask you about this?

  2. Naughty Ann Margaret is naughty

  3. Do I HAVE to participate in the questionnaire?

  4. Do I have to watch the videos to vote?

  5. I’m getting put down,
    I’m getting pushed round,
    I’m being beaten every day.
    My life’s fading,
    But things are changing,
    I’m not gonna sit and weep again.

  6. Have Cathy and I inadvertently started the question game?

  7. did the record store guys ask you about this?

    IT’S NOT A oh fuck it….

  8. Do I have to watch the videos to vote?

    you ain’t gotta do nuthin’ iffin you don’t want to.

  9. Where are the bewbs and butts?

    What is this, Innocent Bystanders?

  10. Cyn, Rosie loves to cuddle…and she likes the smell of butts and feet and armpit…assuming it’s not too spunky. Dave. C’mere!

  11. Ann Margaret make me feel funny in the swimsuit area.

  12. Where are the bewbs and butts?

    ummmm…. 2nd video?

    sorry if I was too subtle for you….

    Ann Margaret make me feel funny in the swimsuit area.

    greatest scene in a movie made from a rock opera by The Who EVAH!!!

    And it’s Ann Margret

  13. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079813/

  14. Wiser, I had front row seats at COVER debate… Wiser vs. Andy. I now have isues discussing music. Thank you.

  15. It’s really a wonder that Tommy ever made it to the record stores, or the radio. Who in their right mind thought that shit sounded good??

  16. Tries to imagine listening to Quadrophenia with wiser while being stoned and curls into the defensive posture.

  17. Cocaine is a hell of a drug, Cyn.

  18. I now have isues discussing music. Thank you.

    heh heh heh…..

    Roger Daltrey on his way to visit Cathy:


  19. Ann Margaret makes me all of us feel funny in the swimsuit area.

  20. Woah! Ann Margaret’s. TV cum scene with giant chocolate sausage will be forever etched on my brain. Thanks Wiser.

  21. Tries to imagine listening to Quadrophenia with wiser while being stoned and curls into the defensive posture.

    It’s all those ocean sounds, isn’t it?

    Brings back bad memories?


  23. Thanks Wiser.

    I’m a giver. It’s what I do.

  24. Holy Dong, Wiser! I think Roger’s rocket might need sumpin bigger than two AA batteries.

  25. My dad actually rented Keith Moon some video equipment circa 1974.

  26. Ann Margaret makes me all of us feel funny in the swimsuit area.

    and this is why wiserbud ♥ cyn

  27. ok but you stay over there.. not like last time

  28. My dad actually rented Keith Moon some video equipment circa 1974.

    I think we are beginning to understand a bit of the reasons behind sean’s issues here…..

  29. ok but you stay over there.. not like last time

    yannow, yer looking pretty good lately……

  30. Holy Dong

    That’s what I said!

  31. If you ask about pillows I’m going to not like it, that’s what’s going to happen

  32. Ugh. Other than knowing MIL-STD-1553 allows a plane to talk to its smart weapons, do I really need to study it any further?

  33. Bad Pupster!


  34. If you ask about pillows I’m going to not like it, that’s what’s going to happen



  35. HEY! What’s wrong with pillows?!?

  36. HEY! What’s wrong with pillows?!?

    are they dirty pillows?

  37. Oh.


    .never mind.

  38. *adjusts jammie shirt*

    These are MY dirty pillows thankyouverymuch, and no, we’re not gonna burn my dress!

  39. Did Wiser and Dave had a private moment involving pillows???

  40. Did Wiser and Dave had a private moment involving pillows???


  41. I feel sad.. and a little dirty

  42. Those weren’t PILLOWS!

  43. I feel sad.. and a little dirty

    shut. up. now.

  44. You made promises

  45. You made promises




    or …

    well, you know….

  46. promises were made.


    on both sides.

    you hate this dream, don’t you?

  47. shuts the fuck up

  48. I hate this dream way worse than the fountain, and time travel

  49. I hate this dream way worse than the fountain, and time travel

    on the other hand, brunch the next day is always enjoyable.

    Especially when the shrimp is properly prepared.

  50. HAHAHAHA ok you win you bitch

  51. …sorry I axed

  52. HAHAHAHA ok you win you bitch

    Does that mean I get a blanket next time?

  53. We use 1553 all the time, xbrad!

    Ok, is anyone else watching Johnny Football stomp all over OU? Will is reading intently, so I need someone to cackle with.

  54. some guy named Jesus on twitter said he was going to name his son “J Futbol” to guarantee his talent at soccer. Haha

  55. no

  56. PEEEL!!!!!!!!


    What’s up, darling??? How’s the young’un? How’s will?

    HOW’S LIFE???

  57. no

    fine. I’ll bring my own.

    as long as I know in advance, I’m good.

    you selfish bitch

  58. 41 to 13 in the Tidy-bowl.

  59. //looks in to very special folder on hard drive at pics of the epic Cyn, Roamy, Skylia pillow fight.

  60. Hey Peel-momma!

  61. damn… scared her off….

  62. well, nite, y’all.

    gotta work tomorrow

  63. Everything’s fine. Very busy at work. Baby Peel can say about 5-6 words, though I’m not sure he knows what they all mean.

    Man, this is at the point where I’m starting to feel bad for OU. Their QB just got sacked on a play that was already 3rd and 13.

  64. Nitey nite, wiser. Have a good day at the record store.

  65. G’night Wiser. Punch-fluff your pillow for Dave.

  66. nite hon.

    and all you other hons.

  67. Huh, Wiser hasn’t said much lately about his new position as engineer, producer, on-air talent, and janitor at the local radio station.

  68. NYTOL,
    I love you guys, even Wiser…

  69. It’s a boy, Mrs. Walker, it’s a boy!

  70. So… who brought pie?

  71. home from work.

  72. don’t people eat at home anymore?

  73. Pink Floyd and Robert Palmer.


  74. I eat at home: I’m a better cook than I can afford.

  75. Speaking of covers … a good one!

  76. So. young Rod Stewart or old Rod Stewart … who wins?

  77. So. young Rod Stewart or old Rod Stewart … who wins?


  78. Technical update.
    So, my little netbook is dying. Keys are falling off the keyboard, that sort of thing. So I put up a bleg on the blog.

    Within minutes of the post, one of my readers shot me an email offering to send me a Dell Latitude 6400. Which, SURE!

    My neighbor has been having trouble with his printer/copier. He went through every troubleshooting tip HewlittPackard could think of. Finally, HP gave up and sent him a new printer. So he gave me the busted one.

    Took me about 5 minutes to find the paper jam. So HP called and reminded the neighbor to return the old printer. Well, he balked, and said he didn’t realize he had to return the old one, and had given it away. So HP said “fine. FINE.” and I effectively got a brand new all in one desktop printer.

  79. At night, the people come and go
    They talk too fast, and derp too slow
    Chasing time from hour to hour
    I pour the drinks and crush the flowers

  80. Can’t sleep.

  81. I’m crazy ma, help me.

  82. Are the meat rubs ready?

    Why not?

  83. *panics

  84. Does being here help you sleep? I’m not sure this bright screen was a good idea.

  85. No, does not help sleep. Helps pass the time until the sun comes up.
    You want to go back to sleep, make a cup of warm coco and give the dog some treats.

  86. I can’t get to sleep
    I think about the implications
    Of diving in too deep
    And possibly the complications

    Especially at night
    I worry over situations
    That I know will be alright
    It’s just overkill

    Day after day
    It reappears
    Night after night
    My heartbeat shows the fear
    Ghosts appear and fade away

    Ghosts appear and fade away

  87. *waggles eyebrows*

  88. Thanks Pupster.

  89. Bubba got up and followed me in here. I don’t think he needs a treat. He’s chewing on his foot.
    *mental note to cut his nails

  90. OK, gonna try to go back to sleep. Hope you get some rest too.

  91. Not looking like it. I got my 4 hours so I’m probably up for the duration.

    *sneaks Bubba a piece of bacon*

  92. Welp, I ate some runny eggs and questionable bacon for breakfast. If you don’t hear from me again, blame Carin and Lawraw.

  93. http://i.imgur.com/Wnmlp.png?1

  94. Wakey wakey

    runny eggs are the best

  95. Zeke work me up an hour ago. Took him out for bidness. See a neighbor pushing his car out of the driveway. Offered to help.

    Did my good deed for the day
    er month

  96. I wokes up early and couldn’t get back to sleep . Well , early for working 12+hours on my feet until midnight and going to bed at 12:30.

    But today’s my day off and I want to do a lot of things.

    Oh, i have PLANS.

  97. I find it hard to “Turn Off” after working late Carin. It usually takes me an hour or so before I can think of sleep.

    What are your plans? World domination before noon?

  98. I was probably up for an hour when I got home. I was in bed by 12:20, so I probably got home around 11:30. But my shift was over 12 hours, so I was just estimating all that. Yea, I sat on the couch with my kids who were awake and chilled.

    I have chickens to attend to. House cleaning/organizing project. Sign up for a half-marathon before the price goes up (tomorrow). New running shoes – YEA. Gym.

    I’ve got two girls from work who are going to run it to, so I’m kinda excited about that. I need to run to work and make sure while “half” they want to run, because you have to sign up for the specific one (first half or second half of the full – one crosses the international boarder, so you need an enhanced driver’s license).

    Also – figure out something good for dinner.

  99. The girls are hilarious, so they’ll be fun to run with.

  100. OH HAIRCUT. I need a haircut.

  101. I have a double again tomorrow, so I have to squeeze all the fun in today.

  102. I wish had I had a good place to buy seafood around here.

    I work at a seafood restaurant … I’d love to try to make some of the stuff at home, but I need the seafood.


  103. Did the Who ever do covers?

  104. I don’t know why the midwest lacks good seafood. We take it for granted here. Not just local though I look for sales on Alaskan King and Snow crab as well as Salmon I routinely buy Willamette oysters.

    I think it is expectations. In Fl we expect seafood in the MW you do not.

  105. Is there anything actually in Fort Knox?
    How do you know?
    Yes. The company I work for installed and services the security and fire protection for Ft Knox. The techs have to have something called a Yankee White clearance.

  106. Maybe I should start a fishmonger business
    Is Detroit bigger than Cleveland?
    And restaurant no use selling fish to people who don’t know how to cook it.

  107. Sign up for a half-marathon before the price goes up (tomorrow). New running shoes – YEA. Gym.
    I approve.

  108. What kind of shoes?

  109. G’morning, cool kids

  110. I never thought about it that way Vmax. We have lots of seafood that isn’t native.

  111. Another pair of my minimuses, new balance. I love them, and they last forever because their is no “wear” to ruin your stride.

    THey just finally wear out.

    Also, I’m getting some socks that heat up as you sweat.

  112. There are seafood places, just not up in Lapeer. Down in Oxford – and Detroit, of course.

    Our restaurant gets excellent seafood, but I don’t have access to that supplier. LOL.

    We sell a LOT of seafood.

    Up here, freshwater fish is popular, and there are a lot of fishermen, etc. Some people fish all summer, then hunt in the fall, to feed the family.

    I just can’t get much locally w/o driving 20min. which I don’t feel like doing.

  113. That would be a pretty high level clearance for a contractor.

  114. Maybe our seafood ain’t all that great, but down here you can go to the Mexican grocery and get fresh goat meat.

  115. 1/4 mile away is one of the biggest fish stores in the state. We go there about once every two years.

  116. The biggest thing we got going for us is real Italian food.

  117. If I am buying it I eat seafood 2x a month. If I am catching it a few times a week.

    Sadly I have not been fishing in a year. But I ate lots of snapper for a month afterward.

  118. Last night, I served an entire family who ate all of the beef well done

    I tried not to judge … but honestly.

    New York Strip well done? the worst is when people order filets well done.

    It HURTS me.

  119. Some of you seem kind of snooty about seafood.

    Really great seafood consists of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks with tartar sauce.

    End of story.

  120. Good morning children. 7 degrees this morning. It only got above freezing for about an hour yesterday. Cold weather sucks. We’re usually about 20 for a low, and 50 for a high. The last 3 winters have been rough.

  121. I’m indifferent to seafood. I prefer mammals.

  122. The worst part of eating meat properly cooked is being stuck at a table with some idiot who wants theirs destroyed by heat, so at least they had that going for them.

  123. 7 degrees this morning.

    *cinches up bathrobe and clasps coffee mug tighter*


  124. 19F here today. Going to be a near-tropical 33F later on.

    We’ve decided to go see our local public library today. Might go to the DIA too, since the county millage forcing us to pay for free admission passed.

  125. Snooty?
    MPFS is good food too Michael.

  126. Hey Cyn,

    You doing BBF or still looking for volunteers?

  127. Pepe is that with the windchill? Yesterday it was 14 up here, but the wind was killing me! -2. Dan just left for work and the dogs have decided they can snuggle with me. I need bigger dogs.

  128. I wonder if obama would have gotten even the lowest level security clearance.

  129. No Oso, the wind is just an added bonus. Probably well below zero with the windchill figured in.

  130. I got this one, Pups. Unless you had something special you wanted to do.

  131. Fish sticks are punishment for being a catholic kid on Friday.

    And no, Obama couldn’t have gotten bonded as a janitor, let alone qualified for S.

  132. Brrrrrr. 7 feels like 7 right now. I’m going to enjoy this little heatwave while it lasts. NM isn’t supposed to have Arctic Blasts. I blame Canada.

  133. I love seafood. love it.

    Salmon would be yummy tonight.

  134. If you’re friendly with the owner, Carin, what would the harm be to ask him for a few extra pounds of {insert your favorite seafood here} on his next order?

  135. That would be a pretty high level clearance for a contractor.
    Yeah, we do Camp David, the Pentagon, and a few other places that require it.

  136. If you’re friendly with the owner, Carin, what would the harm be to ask him for a few extra pounds of {insert your favorite seafood here} on his next order?

    Oh, he’d never do that.

    He’s got too many restaurants (like 6 or 7) to start monkeying with crap like that.

  137. That would require it.

    I like shellfish, am ambivalent about fish fish.

  138. Camp David?

    What’s that?

    Perhaps the Obama’s would be interested in going there?

  139. I like just about everything that lives in the water.

    Shellfish. Fish fish. Yum.

    Tuna. Lobster. Clams. Mussels. Perch. Squid. I’d love to try conch.

  140. Fresh Tuna Carin, peppered and pan seared in a rocket hot pan to medium rare. wasabi and ponzu to taste.

  141. Conch chowder is very popular down here.

  142. Yeah, Obama might like Camp David. It’s a pretty nice area. They even have golf!

  143. Yeah, we do Camp David, the Pentagon, and a few other places that require it.

    Are you the guys who forgot to put the Incoming Jetliner Detectors on the Pentagon alarm system?

  144. OK Cyn. I was cruising Imgur and found a new model. I’ll bookmark and save for another Friday.

  145. “I never drink water. Fish fuck in it.”

    W.C. Fields

  146. On a really hot day when I am 30 miles offshore in deep water I love jumping off the bow and sinking as deep into the liquid sapphire blue feeling the temperature drop every foot farther I sink.

    Who cares what fish do in it?

  147. Mrs. Caruthers applied for a job last night at Chrysler/Fiat as an impact photographer. It’s an 80-minute drive from here, though, so it might mean a move if she gets it and it pays well enough. That or we buy her a Prius to drive to Chrysler.


  148. Leon, if it comes to that, consider a diesel volkswagen as well. They make more sense than a Prius.

  149. Diesels have a longer life than gas engines, and you won’t be replacing the expensive battery after a few years.

  150. Diesel prices are even more outrageous than gasoline, at least around here. Any mileage advantage is negligible at best.

  151. And there is always biodiesel maybe Carin can give you used oil and you have free fuel.

    I have often toyed with the CNG Civic as an alternative commuter car. No taxes and NG is cheap!

  152. Used restaurant oil I meant to say

  153. Yeah, Diesel in the midwest is running about .60 cents higher per gallon than regular grade unleaded.

  154. Diesel hybrids would be awesome. Damn shame the US diesel car market is such a shambles thanks to how they mucked it up in the 70s and 80s.

    But yeah, if the pay were good and she liked it, I’d look for a job up there and we’d find another farm. Not much is worth 3 hours in the car every day.

  155. Pat drives that far, Leon. We have a honda hybrid, and it’s awesome. 55 mpg.

  156. Where’s the job?

  157. V-man, the White Horse Inn used to serve fresh Tuna EXACTLY like that, and I loved it.

    The H2 gang and I went to lunch there this summer. Unfortunately, it just recently closed down.

    Thanks Obama economy!

  158. Auburn Hills. LinkedIn pointed me to something I might like in Troy yesterday as well. North of there might be good picking for horse farms.

  159. Auburn hills is a short commute from me.

    Just saying.

  160. Troy/shmoy

    Oakland county and North is Horse country.

  161. NG civic is $5K more expensive than regular civic. And if you want to fill up at home, they sell you a $3K device that takes NG from your gas pipe, compresses and shoves it in your car. After market Conversions cost similar amounts, or more.

    In India, they will convert any standard issue gas car into a gas/NatGas dual car using an Italian conversion kit for just $500.

    You can cry all about higher safety standarda and what not, but ultimately the extra cost is becaue of the big Govt. The kits have to be individually inspected, the installer needs to be certified AND licensed, the installation has to be done under the watchful eye of a govt thug.

  162. >> Where’s the job?

    we robbin a bank?

  163. Must kill daughter.

    I swear.

    I got a text from her at 7:30 that reads “You need to pick me up today.”

    No time. No location.

    She’s at a cheer competition (she’s not competing – don’t EVEN get me started) —- so it ends … when? Where is it?

    Do I need to pick her up THERE (It’s about an hour away.)

    I texted her 45 min ago and still nothing.

    She’s in for a world of misery if she expects me to pick her up in Holly when (ever) this ends.

  164. Why the FUCK (sorry, but I’m pissed) does my daughter need to give up every saturday, etc, all skiing season (as if we could afford anyway) when she’s not even competing. Of course, they just told her THIS week. And they put other girls into the different routines because they cried, or they were older, or etc … had pushy moms.

    I do NOT like cheer coaches at all.

    The fit into every stereotype you can imagine.

    Oh, and yes, btw, I had to buy a uniform.

    Despite -that NOT competing this year thing.

    But you know … maybe. If someone breaks their leg or something.

  165. Tushar, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has done more to facilitate vehicle safety in the US than any damned government mandate. Organized by insurors 50 years ago in an effort to reduce the cost of claims for damage, unjury and death. The private sector doing what the private sector does.

    Check out this crash test of a 1959 Bel Air and a 2009 Malibu. I was very surprised to see which one comes out better.

  166. That occurred to me :)

    I also considered whether I could get my work to let me do MTThF with 10 hour days. It’d be less than they’ve done for some folk, and I could tolerate it pretty well.

  167. And that’s the sort of video work she’d be doing. She knows a guy well-placed at Chrysler from ANG duty, so it’s not impossible.

  168. Leon, or you could sell the horses and then you can live on a chicken farm.

  169. Horses aren’t sellable, they’re the reason I have a farm.

    Happy wife, happy life.

  170. Dave, that reinforces my point. Govt is nothing but a rent seeker on private Industry. They add no value, just costs. It boils my blood to know that there are hundreds of thousands of govt workers who earn more than me while putting in less than 1/3rd effort, and will get a nice fat pension paid for by me. And the work that they do manage to do is unnecessary, pointless, adds no economic value, produces no wealth, and reduced the wealth generated by private sector. If and when the revolution comes, we need to boot these bastards out on their asses and reduce their pensions to just above poverty line.

  171. >>Horses aren’t sellable

    Who sold you yours? They were surely not walk-in strays.

  172. My horses were sold when they were much younger. They are older now. We’d be looking for good homes to take them in, at best.

    And I’m not allowed to sell them.

  173. >> Dave, that reinforces my point.

    I know. I’m a genius.

  174. Surprisingly, since we’re 500 miles from any significant bodies of water, we have excellent seafood resturants here in west Texas. Long John Silver’s kicks all kinds of ass. I don’t really know what kind of fish they serve but it doesn’t matter as there’s an inch of batter fried on to all sides. Bathe that shit in ketchup and it’s pure culinary gold. There’s this other joint called Red Lobster, but it’s all fancy and shit so we never go there. I’ve been told that they keep their lobsters in an aquarium out in the foyer and snatch ’em up for cooking as the evening progresses. That’s just way to fancy for my ass.

  175. Horse flavoured bubble gum.

  176. PG you are doing it wrong
    Mix the ketchup with tarder sauce before the bath

  177. pendejo, hahahaha

    I hate Long John Silvers. It’s like they batter their Coke too.

  178. *I know. I’m a genius.*
    That was a genius link. Eye opening for sure, I had the idea of “Old car=Solid car”. Wrong!

  179. *does that thing where I tap my chest twice with my fist and then points at Pendejo Grande and taps my chest again*

  180. We do catfish or salmon from a local grocery. The salmon costs a kidney rental, but it’s good.
    During the warmer months, Mr. Beasn fishes for our dinner.

  181. Have you landlocked denizens checked out the frozen non-fishstick fish? It’s frozen at sea and probably fresher than the supposedly fresh fish sitting on ice at the counter. That’s how I bought my fish when I lived in St. Louis for a year. Then again, I ate a lot more red meat that year.

  182. it doesn’t matter as there’s an inch of batter fried on to all sides

    You should move to New Englylands. You can get fish just like that less than a mile from the ocean.

  183. Mary-land, New Jersey, & Virginia are the only places you can get decent soft-shell crabs, though. Oh, damn, now I want shoft-shell crab.

  184. MJ, silly boy, your co-workers have a Yankee White clearance not because they know what’s in Ft. Knox, but because they know what isn’t in it.

  185. Ok I can do catfishes. Like those.

  186. Have you landlocked denizens checked out the frozen non-fishstick fish?

    Yep, the salmon comes in that way and then presented ‘on ice’. Other stuff you can find frozen but I balk when I see that it was processed in China. Whatever the means.

  187. I agree Beasn no chinese fishy

  188. I’m not a fan of seafood, but I don’t recoil in horror from the thought of a nice piece of salmon and some hollandaise sauce.

    But I abhor catfish. I’ve tried it a few times over my life, thinking perhaps my tastes have matured, or I just had a bad example earlier.

    Nope. That shit’s just nasty.

  189. I have to be picky about asian shrimps, I have an allergic shellfish reaction, not to shellfish per se, just some, which leads me to believe it’s something from where they are harvested and not the shrimps.

    Example: gulf coast brown shrimp never bothers me.

  190. Serious Question:

    I’ma try to eat healthier for a while and thus have been looking at the fish display at WalMart here lately. SYWM. I noticed that Atlantic Salmon filets are about half the price of Pacific Salmon filets or Alaskan Salmon Filets. Does Atlantic Salmon suck or what?

  191. Don’t like salmon. Broiled or fried whitefish is Ok, beer battered better.

  192. If you don’t like catfish X don’t try flounder. Neither taste like anything but they are very “soft” when frozen

  193. Dave?


  194. Atlantic salmon are easier to catch, what with their obvious east coast bias and accents.

  195. xbrad, I’d advocate that you’ve never found anybody who can cook catfish right. Fried up in cornmeal with a little cajun seasoning to it makes for a pretty tasty dish.

    And I’m like Leon in that I much prefer mammals. When people ask me if I hunt I usually answer, “Did God quit making cows and pigs? Cause if he’s still making cows and pigs, I see no fucking reason to go wander around in the wild on a bitterly cold day looking for something to shoot, when I could be watching a football game.”

  196. Maybe Atlantic salmon is that hormone pumped fishery farm?

  197. The only meat I have ever purchased at Walmart, were frozen turkeys. At 25 and 59 cents a pound, it would have been foolish to pass ’em up.
    I like the local grocer’s meat selection better. They still have butchers.

  198. Caturday, Part One: http://tinyurl.com/b93ghl6

  199. Caturday, Part D’uh: http://tinyurl.com/ax4ncp9

  200. HA! Not sure cramming a cat in a sock is a good thing.

  201. Not a fan of the prepackaged meats at Wal*Mart, HEB has better stuff.

  202. I like game meats, I just don’t hunt them. I should.

  203. The prepackaged boneless, skinless chicken breasts at costco rock. They’re expensive, but very high quality.

  204. http://tinyurl.com/ajz9h28

  205. http://tinyurl.com/a5fvdpg

  206. Pendejo,

    Unless otherwise indicated, Atlantic salmon is all farmed. It’s prohibited (prohibido in Español) farm salmon in Alaska. I’d guess a lot of the Pacific (not necessarily pacifist, though) salmon is similarly wild caught.

  207. I’m really enjoying the duolingo site for Spanish. I’m tempted to do the German at some point so I can refresh my memory. It sucks to have near-fluency in a dying language.

  208. It sucks to have near-fluency in a dying language.

    At least you’re honest about your English skills.

  209. I’m not enough of a purist to care whether something was caught in the wild or cultivated by human beings. In fact, I’m kind of a fan of human ingenuity. Atlantic Salmon it is.

  210. Comment by xbradtc on January 5, 2013 12:11 pm


    Good afternoon, good people.

  211. Well don’t come crying to us when your moobs start swinging near your navel.

  212. That comment was for pendejo, not mare.

  213. Farmed salmon has a similar w-3 to w-6 fatty acid ratio to grainfed beef, and for the same reason. Wild-caught salmon is healthier on that front, any typically has a lower mercury content.

    Grassfed beef is better than both, but the farmed salmon is similarly sustainable.

  214. HAHAHAHA….glad you clarified, Beansnsnsssn

  215. But it’s too late.

  216. Mare has Moobs?

  217. Yes.

    You doofuses have no idea if I’m male or female.

  218. Gas. So far my day off suck.

  219. That was Gaaaaa, not gas.

  220. Did you all see this regarding an interview where an African economist pleas for all your white asses to stop the aid? Via proteinwisdom.


  221. Waitasecond… Mare and MCPO met up?


  222. Pendejo?


  223. Has there ever, EVER been a liberal, stupid, douchy, feel good, program that has been anything other than a disaster in the long term (and not so long term).

  224. Mark Bowden in Blackhawk Down said food was being used as a weapon by the warlords.

    Unintended consequences are still consequences.

  225. This isn’t a new argument either Beasn. I read a huge / long piece saying the same thing over ten years ago.

  226. Good day, dillweeds.

  227. Awwww, the term “dill weed” makes me miss Rosetta. I called him that on several happy occasions.

  228. dave,
    That crash test video you posted on facestab is a bloody outrage.

  229. In what regard?

  230. Wrecking the classic car.

  231. Hmm, maybe it will let me post this time.

    Shot a coyote that was after the barn cats this morning. AR15 too…

    When they did away with the killer market in horses, they ruined the whole industry. You pretty much have to keep them until they die. For you non farm/ranch people, it’s like they said, you can’t sell your old car, and have to keep paying license, insurance, and fuel bills, even if you don’t drive it anymore……. for the next ten years. Thank you animal rights people…………. assholes.

    We have a diesel VW Jetta. It’s been a good car. It will go 550 miles on a tank of gas, averages between 42 and 45 mpg.

  232. I’m late to the salmon talk, but I never buy anything but Alaskan cause its wild and is a much better and healthier food source. And I generally stay away from anything from China. I simply don’t trust them to be honest, decent suppliers. They don’t care about their own people, and care less about us.

  233. AH.. yes, the Bel Air was beautiful in 1959. So was I!

  234. You actually probably get zero miles out of a VW diesel with a tank of gas.

  235. You’d probably get a couple of miles anyway. It’s been a long morning. Got anything funny planned for 2013?

  236. No, it should run. Might smoke a bit, & rattle like hell (& get terrible mileage), but it should be able to run.

    Also, your fuel pump will wear out a tad quicker.

  237. Got anything funny planned for 2013?


  238. Quick, to the Pedantmobile!

  239. I am surprised, Stark. Diesel engines ignite the air-fuel mixture by compression alone, and do not use a spark. Will a gasoline-air mixture really self ignite under the pressure available in a diesel cylinder?

  240. Wild caught salmon just tastes better. Sorta like like plump ladies. Just ask Buffalo Bill.

  241. Fuel pump maintenance is importanto

  242. Will a gasoline-air mixture really self ignite under the pressure available in a diesel cylinder?

    Oh, yes. The problem tends to be that it does this a bit too well. As in early. It also burns quite a bit quicker, hence the terrible rattling & knocking sounds.

  243. It tends to smoke because the lower viscosity gasoline flows a bit faster through the injectors, overinjecting, cooling the cylinder & sooting crap up. It will probably plug the catalytic converter (if your Diesel has one) in short order.

  244. My wife once managed to fill diesel in my then brand new Corolla. Fortunately I noticed it before starting the car, and there was a Toyota dealership just across the road. They managed to flush the diesel out of the tank and the cash out of my pocket. The tank and the pocket were squeaky clean.

  245. Aww, man. Most gas cars will run with up to about 20% diesel fuel. Actually, they’ll run with more than that, they just get REALLY hard to start.

  246. Stark, I am happy that I spent the money ($600, IIRC). I did not need the hassle. I was moving from Wisconsin to Maryland, and this happened in Pittsburgh. That $600 was a small price to pay for making sure I reached MD safely and started my new job on time.

  247. Yeah, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in Pittsburgh.

  248. Comment by Tushar on January 5, 2013 1:15 pm



    In the immortal words of mare……..You Sonofa……

  249. I don’t know shit about internal combustion engines, but gasoline is quite a bit more explosive than diesel. I’d think that after a short period of time of running an engine designed for diesel on gasoline that you’d have some warped cylinders and fucked up tie rods and shit.

  250. It would deflagrate your rod-arm actuators, actually: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_density

  251. car blog

  252. Has there ever, EVER been a liberal, stupid, douchy, feel good, program that has been anything other than a disaster in the long term (and not so long term).

    Newspeak. They tell the sheep what to repeat, but it’s generally theft.

    This isn’t a new argument either Beasn. I read a huge / long piece saying the same thing over ten years ago.

    A remember reading something as well. A lot of African leaders, not just from Kenya, want the aid/grift/scam to stop. We want the same shit to stop in our own country.

    We know why, they know why. But the sheep are content being fed and vaccinated.

    If we have to feed and vaccinate them by government force, then I believe we should also implement a spaying and neutering program too.

  253. deflagrate sounds dirty….dirty car blog

  254. beasn for prezz!

  255. Status report: Christmas decorations taken down and packed away. Two loads of laundry, one of dishes done, Daughter’s room nearly cleared out to the walls, vacuumed, and re-arranged. (one wall left to do, and a metric shitload for her to sort through and hopefully toss) One hubby who is grumpy because he stayed out until 1:30 AM playing D&D and can’t seem to sleep in any more. Is it too early for a wine box?

  256. Status report: Lungs and head full and fever comes and goes. Body aches continue. In other words, I feel like a sack of hammered whale shit.

  257. It’s always too early for a wine box. So throw out the rules!

  258. Status report: Got out of bed. Watched The Benchwarmers. Waiting for football.

    Is it too early for beer?

  259. ga.

    I wish I had accomplished as much as Roamy. I …

    1) went shopping
    2) bought new running shoes
    3) haircut
    4) 1 load of laundry (not folded … )
    5) made soup
    6) picked up daughter from an hour away (this took a HUGE chunk of my day, because they’re weren’t done when I got there …)

    Now I’m trying to convince myself to go running, but I wanted to run in “town” and my son too my car.

  260. I did the Christmas removal yesterday. And some laundry. And some work on my amigurumi project. It’s going to be bigger than I thought.

    Today, I had to take beasnette to the store. Again. *makes a Gookie*
    She finally bought ‘the boy’ his Xmas gift. A nerf gun (she’s going to have hers loaded when he unwraps it), thermal shirt (he doesn’t own any long sleeves), and a bag of Reeses.
    Maybe I can finish the ‘body’ of my project tonight.

  261. **makes some chicken soup for MCPO**

    **makes honey-do list for J’Ames**

  262. Kids. You can’t strangle ’em and you can’t strangle ’em.

  263. I’m off the hook, roamy. Mrs. Jay wanted a Spicy Chicken sandwich from Wendy’s, and I got her one.

  264. Status report: I am on afternoon tea duty. It is almost boiling and quite aromatic. The spousal unit will be pleased.

  265. Why don’t you run to your car, Car in?

  266. J’Ames – Never too early for a beer. Domestic or imported from South Dakota?

  267. I had to look up amigurumi.

  268. SD beer? Nothing but the best, huh?

  269. Ooooh, Tushar, you reminded me that I got Thai tea for Christmas, and I have yet to try it.

  270. Mrs. Jay wanted a Spicy Chicken sandwich from Wendy’s, and I got her one.

    Chick-fil-a’s are better.

  271. Spill Roamy! *my google-fu is weak

  272. Chick-fil-a’s are better.

    I know, but we don’t have H8 chicken in Ames.

  273. MCPO.. you is sicks?

  274. Amigurumi are little crocheted animals made to look like cute Japanese anime characters – big head and eyes in ratio to the body and limbs.

  275. DinT – Yeah, went from surgery to a norovirus and now, Herself was nice enough to bring the flu home.

  276. My future son-in-law will thank me. I told Mini-me to make good and sure that furniture is where she wants it, because I’m not moving it again for at least a couple of years.

  277. Roamy – Domo arigato.

  278. mushi mushi iyanno ne

  279. Why is everyone speaking Vietnamese?

  280. Why is everyone speaking Vietnamese?

    Because, “CHARLIE DON’T SURF!”

  281. Jay, me matra Vietnamese naahi bolat. Me Marathi bolto aahe.

  282. Running clothes are on.

  283. Running clothes are on.

    It’s not camel-toe Thursday, though.

  284. I’m got a winter running skort on, so no camel toe.

  285. Tushar – How are the twins? Haven’t seen a photo of them for some time!

  286. Carin – Send me photos. I’ll let you know how good you look in that skort!

  287. I look kinda like this.

  288. Chief, the boys are doing great. They have started talking a lot since starting school. It is funny to hear American accent coming from their brown little faces.

  289. Ice Queen? Haha.

  290. http://tinyurl.com/a8jydlb

  291. Jeez, $135 for tights with an integral skirt? That’s pricey. Why do you need the skirt? shy? or just trying to keep your balls warm?

  292. I like that skort, car in.

  293. or just trying to keep your balls warm?


  294. it’s has special fabric, etc. I only need one pair so it’s not as if the expense adds up.

  295. Amigurumi are little crocheted animals made to look like cute Japanese anime characters – big head and eyes in ratio to the body and limbs.

    One of the ones I’m working on –


  296. The skirt part is nice for modesty and it’s a bit more warm more warmth for my ass. I mean balls.

  297. Just kidding Car in. I just discovered running tights, and I love ’em. Keep my legs toasty, even under 10 degrees.

  298. So, about how long does it take to get used to progressive lenses?

  299. Yoga pants should have skorts.



  300. Um, the ‘free’ cookies are meant for children.


  301. Pepe, $135 is not pricy.
    This is pricy:


  302. Are you ready for some football?

  303. Nice new shirt, Datta, err, Tushar!

  304. Someone please answer XBrad’s question, because I’m getting bifocals soon.

  305. Jay, the only trouble is, if gold prices crash, that guy will lose his shirt.

  306. I don’t know about progressive lenses, but bi-focals (with the line) take some getting used to.
    Be real damned careful on stairs, curbs, and setting your beer on the table for a couple days.

  307. Carin uses the pocket in her skort for her gat

  308. It’s a pain in the ass to carry a gun while running.

    I tried progressives, but hated them. The window was so narrow that I couldn’t even see the width of a paperback book page. Had to move my head back and forth to read. Between that and moving my lips, it was too much work.

  309. Progressive lenses make you see there is no national debt, you see VRW conspiracies and Moochelle looks beautiful.

  310. Progressives – about two to three weeks for me, maybe four with the little reader part, but I went from being essentially a non-glasses wearer to a mandatory one. Curbs and stairs can be killahs but I was warned by the guy at the glasses place. It’s been a year for me in these naughty librarians. A year already.

    *checks master checklist for overdue books and pron videos*

  311. …and Moochelle looks beautiful.


  312. When I wore bi-focals, I went with the line and the full-width reader cut. Those little-window lenses drove me nuts.

  313. Your glasses look naughtier than mine.

  314. I just started wearing glasses again and getting used to bifocals was difficult.

  315. xbrad, I’ve never heard of the “Naughty Male Librarian” as anyone’s fantasy

  316. apple chimichangas will be done soon.

  317. I was pretty resistant to wearing the Progressives (that does sound so much nicer than tri-focals, doesn’t it) but my eye doc said that it gets harder as you get older to make the adjustment. So I sucked it up and I’m glad I did.

    I got a pair of computer-only glasses right after my exam and now almost never wear them. I love the frames so I’ll probably put in the tri-lenses some day.

  318. Jimbro, be careful drinking with Wiserbud, just sayin’.

  319. More like what I had in mind: http://tinyurl.com/24ndfpg

  320. Cute running skirt, CarIn!

  321. New shoes were great.

    And I got these special sox that rawk. When they get wet (from sweat) they heat up. My toes were toasty.

  322. Thanks Cathy. It’s warm too.

    I really just need a warmer. I have one jacket that’s good to about 35. But under than I need to layer it. Which gets uncomfortable.

  323. So is Hillary fine or not?

  324. Car in … what are those socks called? Ima look into them for myself assuming they make ’em for men

  325. Warmer TOP, I meant.

  326. *looks at feet

    Mizuno Breath Thermo Sox.


  327. I think they make tops from the same material.

  328. Yep – here it is.


    I’d love a top.

  329. Looking (and listening) to Bob Costas makes me want to puke.

  330. *I’d love a top.*

    I see why you’re cold now!

    Thanks for the sock info. My honey had socks on her Christmas list this year and I got her a six pack of under armours and a pair of those toe socks for the hell of it.

  331. Apparently these are no longer valid: http://tinyurl.com/adyaenc

  332. HA! I picked up a few of those while shopping in an old mining town a few years ago.

  333. Carin – Just ordered two pairs of them for #1 son. Hope he likes them!

  334. Let’s all ROCK OUT!

  335. Ask those questions again AFTER you’ve experienced The Who at the Chicago Stadium (circa 1974 maybe?) launching into “See me, feel me…” as green laser bolts (innovative back then) shoot out overhead, one by one, then crossing over each other to create a diamond-like pattern overhead, as their finale. Well, it was their final number but they came out again and played a very rare encore. The experience of a lifetime.

  336. MrJimm looks like a newbie.
    Whose turn it is to ask him the important question?

  337. No one? Ok, I will ask it then.

    MrJimm, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass RIGHT now?

  338. Tushar is The Asker! MrJimm wants the experience of a lifetime…again

  339. And get us some juiceboxes.

  340. Muuwaaaaaa!

  341. do your assless chaps interfere with the bullwhips?

  342. No answer for 20 minutes. The newbie does not have what it takes to be a Hostage.

  343. Word T.

    Must have been a die hard Who fan, or wiser’s doppelganger.

  344. Pinterest is in fact good for something:


  345. From the WSJ Week in Words column:

    “is considered a staunch advocate for old-school manufacturers, known as “jukochodai” from the Japanese words for “heavy, thick,
    long and big.”

    “jukochodai” is a punch line in search of a joke

  346. Jimbro, you wont believe this but in my language, juko (jhuko actually) means bend over. And chodai means fucking.

  347. Obviously, Tushar speaks a language in which every word means either “bend over” or “fuck[ing]”. #TheMoreYouKnow

  348. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Chudai

  349. Perfect metaphor for our present circumstances, whether in Japanese (the article) or Hindi (?)

  350. HAHAHA…Jerry Jones doesn’t even have the best team in Texas.


  351. We both completed the NRA pistol class for the 2nd time today.

    This time we are going to apply for permits.

  352. Chief – I was going to email you to get your son some.

  353. Scott, go for it. In NJ, you can get a handgun permit only if you are active duty cop, retired cop or a highly connected democrat.

  354. Hmm, I am wondering if a brief stint in NJ state police is worth it. Those idiots might accept me as a minority hire for ‘minority community outreach’

  355. do the permits Scott.. and good job completing the course

  356. We both completed the NRA pistol class for the 2nd time today.

    as if we needed ANOTHER reason to fear lauraw.

  357. Great news scott, good luck with your application. Is your state “shall issue” or “may issue”?

  358. Mare’s daughters were very proud of their Mom when they were little girls.


  359. Youngest completed her CHL course before Christmas.

    Now both gals can conceal carry and shoot you in the face

  360. Hey baby, wanna make out? uh huh huh ….

    BAM !!!

  361. You can open carry in PA (except for Philly & P’burgh), but it takes 3-5 weeks to get a CCL.

  362. I think it’s “may issue”, but I am not sure.

    It will likely take several months.

  363. As usual, Texas will recognize your license. Connecticut will not honor mine.

  364. Did anybody call the cops to complain about anybody else’s loud party today?

  365. Now that obama has decided to go ahead with trying to cram in gun control one way or the other, we need some ways to fight back. One obvious way is to kick red state democrat senators between the legs. That will not be very effective on those ickless bastards. How soon can the laws in such states be changed so as to allow the state legislatures to recall senators, and then use that to retire them?

  366. Isn’t this fricken America???

    What the hell?

    “In NJ, you can get a handgun permit only if you are active duty cop, retired cop or a highly connected democrat.”

    I hate libs/dems/lefties. It use to be a friendly difference of opinion. Now it’s a matter of seriously wanting to transform my Country. FU.

  367. >>As usual, Texas will recognize your license. Connecticut will not honor mine.

    Good reason to love Texas.

  368. I’m glad CT loves me.

    I wish they loved me back.

  369. I am looking for jobs in Texas. Didn’t find one this week.
    Do you have grouper there? How far do you have to run to get them?

  370. Looks cold in Green Bay!

  371. We also acquired 14 lbs of pork belly.


  372. >>Do you have grouper there? How far do you have to run to get them?

    Um, running will not work. You may have to swim after them.

  373. I want to be reborn as a mouse who lives in some hole in Scott’s kitchen so I can steal some tasty stuff.

  374. HAHAHAHA!


  375. That hit on Crabtree almost made me dry heave. Or wet heave. Maybe a bit of both.

  376. someone do a new post. I tried of strolling.

  377. So if pig is called pork, and cow is called beef, what do cannibals call human meat?

  378. She tried of tpying as well.

  379. hello everybody. I am using a swipe app. it is the coolest thing ever.

  380. I am tired of typing. I’m going to try swiping for a while.

  381. it still retired to correct me. I don’t think it does a better job than my own crappy typos.

  382. Is it plugged in?

  383. using a swipe app

    Car in’s wiping ass?

  384. So if pig is called pork, and cow is called beef, what do cannibals call human meat?


  385. Swiper!, Stop Swiping!
    *Dora the puta

  386. Guys, it’s not too soon to start thinking of Valentines:


  387. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0971204/

  388. yea . the swiping sucks.

  389. Is Dan Patrick an asshole?

    Just wondering.

  390. Mare – He’s a gun-grabbing fascist from CT.

  391. He’s better than you.

  392. Scott – I’m sure. After all, he is employed at NBC!

  393. Wait just a goddamn minute.. I’m supposed to fuck with MCPO. I’ve been doin it for years and I will not brook this

  394. OK, Cialis commercials make me want to shoot up a perfectly innocent bathtub or two.

  395. Chief, Cialis might help you shoot up a bathroom tub without using guns.

  396. Great play by Matthews!

  397. I figured out today that we have shaved about $15,000 from our annual budget.

  398. F’n Obama.

  399. Scott – I could do that too – not sure my mortgage company would appreciate it though.

  400. What do you mean?

  401. I think $15,000 IS our annual budget…………

  402. Scott – My mortgage payment is $15K a year.

  403. Crap. I forgot about the mortgage. We trimmed another $7000 there.
    That puts us over $20,000 per year in cuts.

  404. So, you cut $20K? That’s wonderful! Does this mean no more simonize wax jobs for LauraW’s hump?

  405. We quit smoking, stopped going to bars and restaurants, started burning wood instead of oil and refinanced our mortgage to 3%.We are also saving a ton of money at the grocery store by smoking crappy meat.

  406. Looks like Minnesota is really missing Ponder.

  407. And after all of these cuts, we have less money then we did during the Bush years.

  408. Your only problem arises when CT decides to go full retard and ban the burning of wood a la San Francisco!

  409. Scott – That observation is what amazes me about his re-election!

  410. It will happen.

    * invents tire stove *

  411. I do love this pellet stove insert. $10 a day for heat is awesome.

  412. What about at night?

  413. **Invents stove that runs on hate, spite and burning rage.

  414. My stove will produce 20% more heat in presence of my avatard.

  415. Hey, why wait until after the inauguration?


  416. Sean,
    I like the “Prognosis”…

  417. Sean, the same rep has introduced similar bills every congress since 1997.

  418. Few years back there was a Innocent Bystanders thread called “Dave in Texas for President”. I remember proposing a rule that could be a great constitutional amendment: any congressman proposing to add an earmark to a bill will have to cut off and staple his ear to the bill. That will restrict each congressman to two lifetime earmarks and bring some control over deficits.

  419. The latest rage: snorting fluffy kittens.

  420. Thread murdered. Suspect is 5’10”, overweight and brown.

  421. OMG! People were so rude today. I actually got sarcastic with a member and none of the managers believed her because I have a reputation for being so calm and pleasant.

  422. “snorting fluffy kittens.”
    there’s a ‘fridge magnet for that:

    it’s available in a 100 pack… go figure

  423. **kicks Oso in the poon**


    You thought things would be better here?

  424. XB, still better here! I even had to deal with my nemesis!!

  425. gingy or MaryAnn?

  426. They were being difficult before work. It is the iPhone EBT woman that I’ve been battling since my first week at Sam’s. I’m thinking of having my boss pull journal tape on her because I think she is doing fraudulent EBT returns.

  427. When I went to the store today, I was polite to the cute associate, but I did get snippy with a couple of fat old ladies who insisted on just standing in the middle of the fucking aisle, on a Saturday, at noon, when everybody and their cousin was trying to get in, buy a bunch of stuff, and get out.

  428. Hahaha. Do the old ladies ask you to get items off the shelves for them?

  429. No. I’d probably be OK with helping most people with that. But standing around, blocking the flow of customers at the busiest time of the day, just to talk about some stupid shit annoys the fuck out of me. There’s plenty of side aisles they could have gone down.

  430. Dan told me to “Run Over” a kid throwing a tantrum in Produce at the grocery store. Mom thought he was serious. People behind us laughed. I go to other aisles and shop around traffic obstructers. Dan just says “Move”

  431. Dan and I would get along just fine.

  432. I eventually lost my patience and set the old ladies on fire.

    There was thunderous applause.

  433. One of my favorite polite reminders to aisle/checkout blockers:

    “If you’re going to blab or text on your damn cellphone, move out of the way so the rest of us can conduct our business!”


  435. Dan and I have a theory that people drive the same way they push shopping carts.

  436. Lower rate of speed.

  437. Exactly.

  438. I always, without fail, get stuck behind the slow driver.

  439. We have 8 electric carts at my Club. It is unreal how rude people are that there are no carts available when they want one. Two of our greeters are Special Needs. The amount of abuse they get is beyond the pale. I know there are “Silent Conditions”, but I would say that “Obese” is 99% of the Cart People.

  440. XB, since I don’t drive, I am Capt. Road Rage’s Co-Pilot. It is my job to curse, throw chingasos, and Mad Dog!

  441. Can we vote more than once? I’m really feeling sorry for Tommy.

  442. Mom could probably stand to use a cart, but as long as she can use a regular cart to steady herself, we’ll keep doing that.

  443. http://tinyurl.com/b5n8lon

  444. XB, I see people every day that use a cart for balance, stroke recovery, etc. because we are a safe, warm place to walk. I see amputees and people with prosthetic legs and limbs that use carts. Electric carts are 99% fat asses. One fat family has 3 family members that use the electric carts, including their fat kid. One of my Grrrs.

  445. Jam, that made me laugh.

  446. My grandfather was part of the crew that recovered Smokey Bear. Capitan/Lincoln Forest.

  447. One fat family has 3 family members that use the electric carts, including their fat kid.

    Is there a trailer for their food?

  448. The cart associate loads their SUV. Sometimes, they request an associate to fill a cart and shop with them.

  449. Do the members of the fat family have fat people voices?

  450. Yes. The fat kid is the worst! The mom usually has to get another electric cart taken to her because her’s breaks down in the Club. Dan had to get her a new cart last time. I think she exceeds the weight limit but no one pays attention to that. (350 lbs)

  451. I bet she breaks down in the aisle with the Hot Pockets a bunch.

  452. Yep. Right across from Produce. Where Dan works. I hate it when we have The Taste of Sam’s events. People are so gross. Demonstrators aren’t allowed to give children samples unless an adult OKs it. Parents get all bent that they have to OK food samples for their kids.

  453. “What the hell kind of country do we live in that I have to give a damn stranger permission to feed my brood of fat kids!??”

    *turns scooter around, rides away to donut aisle in a huff*

  454. Pretty much!!! Had a woman return dog treats today that had peanut butter because her kid is allergic to peanut butter. I think the fact she’s worried her kid’ll eat dog treats might be a bigger issue.

  455. “No Jimmah them Beggin’ Strips are for Princess!”

    *waves reaching stick at fat boy*

  456. Gingy and MaryAnn get “Real” Peanut Butter. My dogs get better treats than Jimmah!!!

  457. Good night H2. Squirrel.

  458. Doreen exhibited rebellious propensities.

  459. “Yesterday’s Dems are today’s Reps.”

    Lie. Typical cliche you heard your fellow Dems use, you assume it must be true, so you use it too.

    Yesterdays Dems were dedicated to putting shackles on people. Repubs were dedicated to having those shackles removed. Todays Dems are still dedictated towards putting shackles on people (through government taxes and regulations), while Repubs are still dedicated to keeping those shackles off.

    “After Johnson pushed the Civil Rights Bill through,”

    With the help of the Republican minority in congress who voted for it more than the Dem majority did

    “the South left the Dem party in droves and became Reps.”

    Lie. Most Southern Dems remained within the fold of the Democratic party. The South would still remain Democrat for the next 30 years. When the south finally did turn Republican, it was due to conservative fiscal (taxes, government regulations, etc) and social issues (gun control, abortion, etc), not race issues.

  460. Texas is the new America.

  461. You guys have a great week.

    I’ll try not to fall off the boat.

  462. Bon voyage MJ.

    My morning – http://fuckyeahdementia.com/post/39750834420

  463. MJ a word of warning
    On my last cruse I drank a lot
    My bar bill when I left was more than I paid for the cruse!

    I did well at the tables so I paid my bill and tipped everyone generously and went home even.

    and what Pups said Bon voyage

  464. How’s MJ going to run on a boat?

  465. wakey wakey

  466. well.

    Look at this. Comments at White House Dossier:

    KITV’s 10:00pm coverage of Obama’s departure referenced that there was a second VC-25 (Backup Air Force One) present at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam tonight.

    The reason for this second VC-25 was not explained in the report. However, the KITV reporter did mention that it was unusual sight, and that the backup Air Force One is usually only deployed during international presidential travels.

    This second VC-25 having being flown to Hawaii would now add nearly $4 million dollars more to the cost of Obama’s 2012 Christmas vacation. At the conclusion of just this one Obama vacation, the American taxpayer stands to burden a cost in excess of 11 million dollars.

    11 million so they could go to Hawaii.

    Plus, I bet Phat could fill us in on the added costs with other plans, etc, that were deployed for the First Family’s Very Special Christmas Holiday Tradition That Began When He Became President

  467. Rib smokin was successful

  468. This is a nice link to keep handy.

    It’s all compiled in one place.

  469. Ok, this song is a few years old, but I dig it. It’s a cover.

  470. *This is a nice link to keep handy.

    It’s all compiled in one place.*

    RAGE !!!!!

  471. Try not to let this shake your faith in gov’t:


  472. Tushar around?
    I’m looking up / creating new recipes for home-cured bacon and wondering if he thinks green or black cardamom would be good on there.

    I’m going to do the two successful recipes from last time, plus I want to try two more. Thinking of cardamom-coriander-lemon as a new blend to try.
    Actually, orange peel might be better than lemon. Hmm.

  473. Carin they have running tracks on the big cruse ships usually on the top deck above the pool and *cough* down wind of the exhaust stack

  474. I’m going to apply for welfare in NY State.

  475. H2 needs more rednecks.

  476. Black Pepper / Lemon Pepper maybe Laura?

    My go to marinade is Orange Ginger Soy. I know you are not marinating but the sweet tang of the orange and the salty soy sauce hit a lot of taste buds the right way.

  477. Morning, hosefuckers.

  478. Oooh. Ginger. Thanks, Vmax!

  479. I am drooling over the thought of some ginger bacon.

  480. I’ve never made bacon, but for sausage I use savory, rosemary, dill weed, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper.

  481. Laura, black cardamom, and even green, is too strong to be part of the spice mix that adheres to the bacon, but if you are going to marinate that piggy in some blend, you can take some black cardamom, roast it a bit in a pan with a drop or two of oil, and drop it in your marinade. Throw it away after the piggy is done soaking. Any more exposure, and black cardamom will overwhelm.

  482. meat blog

  483. Not that we needed it, but this is more proof Sharpton has a poorly functioning mind.


  484. for MJ:

  485. Redneck Hotspur reporting as ordered.

  486. New Post that is not all stinky and slow

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