Sleep in Saturday

It’s so nice sleeping in my own bed again. **sets trap under low-hanging fruit**

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.

NYC or SF?
And for those who didn’t like their Christmas presents
That will do, I think. Y’all have a good day.


  1. Yeah, the new poat is here, the new poat is here.

    My favorite part? The sandwiches.

  2. I’m not a cat person and I tend to lose interest in memes pretty quick, but that frowny cat thing makes me laugh every time I see it.

  3. I love the Grumpy Cat.
    *Starts a draft Grumpy Cat for Congress petition*

  4. For MJ only:

  5. I’m with Tom – Grumpy Cat for Congress!

  6. For MJ only:

    Hahahahaha. Grumpy cat is why the internet is good.

  7. I have enough Grumpy Cat pics for half a dozen poats. Haven’t gotten tired of him yet.

  8. My favorite so far.

  9. “Hahahahaha. Grumpy cat is why the internet is good.”

    ABSOLUTELY. The rest of the internet is crap/porn.

  10. Hey now, don’t be knockin’ porn!

  11. HAL 9000 for Congress – the whole thing!

    “I’m sorry, BO, I’m afraid I can’t authorize that tax bill”

  12. Now, I’m not saying I condone what Jack Torrance tried to do in The Shining, but I understand it.

  13. I like the names on the Air Force player’s jerseys:

    F-22 Raptor
    B-2 Spirit

  14. No way that would fly, swifty. That would introduce logic into Congress. Even HAL was logical.

  15. I can’t wait for my Flooz™ shares to start paying dividends.

  16. Hey, Wiser’s survived Family Togetherness Solutions™

  17. Of course Wiser survived, but did everyone else?

  18. All work and no play makes Wiser a dull boy.

  19. Of course Wiser survived, but did everyone else?

    we spent a few days here.

    As we pulled in, I said to wiserbride “This is exactly the sort of place Stephen King writes novels about.”

    She didn’t think it was funny.

    Great place to go in the winter. They have disc golf (closed for the season), a basketball court (closed for the season), hiking trails (closed for the season), carriage rides (closed for the season), a putting green (closed for the season), and a beautiful lake for fishing (closed for the season) or canoeing (closed for the season).

    They did have a game room with a ping pong table and an ice skating rink. Oh, and an indoor pool. So that filled up at least 3 hours of the day.

    Family, on the other hand, was well-behaved. Kept all their drama behind closed doors.

  20. That was a great place for women to go to for a few days for mani-pedis and massages.

    Not a great place for guys who don’t like paying $12 for a beer and teenagers who want to do something besides look at the pretty scenery.

  21. Entertainment for the evenings?

    1st night was a guy who specialized in making bubbles. That was the whole show. Bubbles. For about an hour. “oooOOOooo.. more bubbles….” clap clap clap “ooooOOOOOooooo a bigger bubble” clap clap clap …….

    Second night was a mime/magician. Who also made shadow puppets with his hands. Who continually reminded us all that “it’s very important to dream” while waving his hands about in rather dramatic fashion.

    it was then that I decided that $12 was actually not too much to pay for a beer after all.

  22. *blows a bubble


    *makes it disappear

  23. Concert/Talent show went well though. I may have pissed off my douchebag liberal leech uncle-in-law however.

    I became the default MC for the evening. After the band performed, my kids did the “Who’s on First” skit which was decently received. Then all the little kids got up together and sang Rudolph and Jingle Bells. A friend of Granny’s stood up and sang an old African Zulu song (she’s originally from Africa.)

    Few other fun things, but then I turned to uncle-in-law’s wife and asked her if she wanted to do anything for the audience. She is maybe a year younger than me, but married to my wife’s uncle. She is sorta hot in a milfy kind of way. I try to avoid mentioning how close she and I are in age, as that seems to get under the Uncle’s skin for some reason.

    Anyway, I asked her if she had any special talent that she would like to perform for us. She said we all missed her performing during the yoga class she took earlier in the day.

    I suggested that I think we would all enjoy seeing what she learned in her yoga class. I then said, only loud enough for her and her husband to hear, “I think I may even have a few singles on me.”

    That bought me a rather nasty look from uncle-in-law, which I will cherish for the rest of my life.

  24. *blows a bubble


    *makes it disappear


    *opens beer

  25. Greetings, assorted pariahs.

  26. ola, Shawn.

  27. Hey, wiser. I’m glad you didn’t axe-murder your family and/or Scatman Crouthers during your trip.

  28. *claps hands together*

    YAAYYYY! I love Wiserbud inlaws-torture-story time!

    *grabs hot cocoa and curls up in a comforter*

    Tell us about the monsters again, Unca Wiser!

  29. That was funny Wiser, you poor bastard.

  30. Tell us about the monsters again, Unca Wiser!

    sadly, no horror stories. I successfully avoided the hated relatives for the most part.

    Did learn about how nephews despise their father (douche BiL I’ve spoken of previously) and that niece has been trained into despising her father and grandmother by her vile, obnoxious, annoying mother.

    Children of douche BiL were complimented on how well they behaved during dinner. I guess the concept of him having emotionally beaten them into submission is acceptable to some….

    The looks in these kids eyes when they are around him is one of sheer terror. They are petrified that they might accidentally say or do the wrong thing, bringing his wrath down upon themselves.

  31. That was funny Wiser, you poor bastard.

    I have to make my own fun in these situations.

    And I’ve gotten past the point of caring anymore. Even wiserbride has figured out that we simply do our time and then we’re outa there. And all of the “issues” they all have? None of our concern.

    But she hates it when I get negative. So I just make the best of it and eventually it’s over and done with.

  32. You spent time with Granny, so that’s a good thing.

    Who continually reminded us all that “it’s very important to dream” while waving his hands about in rather dramatic fashion.

    Doug Henning?

  33. I then said, only loud enough for her and her husband to hear, “I think I may even have a few singles on me.”

    *channels Larry the Cable Guy*

    I don’ care who ya are, that’s funny raht there….

  34. *calls wiserdouche*

  35. HALTED.

  36. *calls wiserdouche*

    *thanks Samsung for “silent mode”

  37. Doug Henning?

    if so, he really let himself go.

    Nothing like watching a fat guy sweat profusely and breath heavily into his mic while performing the “stuck in an invisible box” routine for 10 solid minutes.

    I actually started hoping that it was a real box and he was running out of oxygen.

  38. 500 words to 3. You missed out on a bargain.

  39. You spent time with Granny, so that’s a good thing.

    yeah, she really enjoyed the concert, so that was good.

  40. bbl, kiddies.

    gotta take wiserson… somewhere…..

  41. I actually started hoping that it was a real box and he was running out of oxygen.


  42. I sincerely doubt that Doug Henning has put on any weight in the last twelve or so years.

  43. First hard workout today. Thought my left eye was gonna rip open and fall out. I think I’ll back off a bit tomorrow.

  44. I left wiser a naughty voice mail.

    I do that. If I have your phone number.

    *calls Carin*

  45. *sigh* Nobody ever calls me. Of course, I think only Carin and Hotspur have my number.

  46. *puts MCPO’s number in ‘Lonely Brony Lookin’ 4 Luv’ classification on craigslist*

  47. Brony?! Well, that just hurts!

  48. It only hurts because I lurves yew.

  49. Yo Chief, I am in your neck of the woods, kind of. Headed to Cabelas in Hamburg and stuck on I-78 15 miles out

  50. Bad ass bird

  51. Hell Tushar, you’re halfway here!

  52. Somebody is questioning my integrity!
    We got an ugly customer.

  53. Just stopped snowing here. About hip high for MJ (around 4″).

  54. Good grief, I just read comments over at the Atlantic and feel the need to choke a bitch.

  55. They are bitching that the elderly are the richest segment of the population and the wealth transfer in the form of SS, shouldn’t go to them. Um, WHO has been paying into SS all of their lives? Granted, many will get out more than they put in and I’d love the choice of opting out………but OMG these people get to vote.

  56. I didn’t sleep in today, actually woke up earlier than the alarm.

  57. When did the first wealth transfer payments start? Was it under FDR, or were there previous programs?

  58. Yeah, but beasn…it’s simply unrealistic, what is getting paid out. Especially when you consider the dwindling number of young people who are expected to support those payments.

    The contributions of fewer and fewer young people are being used to support a greater and greater number of retirees. The math doesn’t work, and that is not the young people’s fault.

    And you know, those young people are going to want to eat, and have a life, too.

    Our bookkeeper was assuring Scott that he would get SS- this was funny. He said, “Oh, that’s a promise! We paid, now those kids are gonna pay! I’ll *strangle* a kid!”

    The punchline is that he was telling this to us, a childless couple; and this bookkeeper and his wife are also childless.

    So…what kids, are he expecting to pay? The ones neither of us produced?

    And I know a couple of older people who crowed with happiness when they told me how they gamed the system for unemployment bennies for the first two years of their retirement. They weren’t unemployed, they RETIRED. But they took unemployment too.

    Meanwhile, I have paid in TWICE to unemployment, because I am self employed, and can never collect a sou, no matter what happens to my business.

  59. A comment –
    “Today, the elderly are the richest demographic by far, and the young are the poorest ones. It’s completely backward to have SS as a fundamental program from an economic perspective, but nobody is going to accept less money for themselves so it’s here to stay.”

  60. Another. ->

    “It is a disgrace how much pressure is put on the average individual to manage their own investments and retirement savings in as sophisticated a way as possible, with people expected to understand all the ins and outs of this or that tax-favored or tax-exempt plan, with Roth IRA vs non-Roth IRAs, 401ks, 403bs, to say nothing of figuring out if you should use savings accounts and CDs, or if you should investigate trusts – CRTs, CRATs, etc etc. It’s insane that people are expected to manage all this themselves, with politicians absolutely screaming that Americans are “consumers” who deserve maximum “choice”. Am I the only one who DOESN’T want so much “choice” in managing my finances? ”

    Someone content to live in their own filth so long as gubmint feeds and vaccinates them.

  61. The whole thing should be overhauled. Top to bottom. But who the Hell knows how that can possibly happen or what path will get us there.

  62. Man, the snow thickened up again.

  63. laura, I’m all for eliminating social security, the scam that it is. Too many are too willing to hand over their livelihood to ‘angelic’ politicians.

    A local guy took a caller who told us that she’s all for government managing her retirement because she can’t be trusted with extra money laying around as she loves her some shopping.

  64. Only a collapse will cause entitlement reform. No politician dares to risk their “career” on this.

  65. My grandmother and great grandmother never paid a dime into SS. They both lived to be 100. I’m a H8Y H8R what H8s for pointing that out.

  66. Let’s experiment with ‘choice’. Let people opt out and see how many wind up eating dog food.
    Won’t happen because pols don’t want to give up control of the ‘chilllldren’.

  67. Oso, I think part of the problem is, a lot of people don’t want grandma or the crazy uncle moving in with them….how it used to be. Let gubmint take care of them.

  68. >> But who the Hell knows how that can possibly happen or what path will get us there.

    Math is a stone cold bitch. Just sayin’.

    Laura, how much ZOMFG!!11! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!! SNOW do you have?

  69. Oso, wait… how many years did your grannies use SS?

  70. Porch roof looks like 2 1/2 or 3 inches of new stuff. But it’s hard to tell from this angle.

    Stand by.
    *runs outside with tape measure*

  71. Math is a stone cold bitch. Just sayin’.

    Math has been banned in the new world order. Go to your communal tent and STFU.

  72. Former co-worker has been in the country for 8 years. Her and her husband have been citizens for 2. She worked almost 2 years in this country, her husband none.
    Her husband is now receiving social security.

  73. They now live with/babysit/cook for their son and receive Medicare too.

  74. One of the reasons I changed financial advisers is because the previous one insisted that SS would be there for Mr. RFH and me. I asked him what he was smoking.

  75. roamy, some of the comments in that link were people complaining that it isn’t fair that you rich people can afford to sock extra money away in 401ks and such while the poor and (some) middle class can’t and how it should be addressed to ‘level the playing field’.

    We have gone so far off the tracks of personal responsibility, we are living in la la land.

  76. She and her husband. . .


  77. My parents always told me not to count on SS. They tend to be pessimistic, but also correct.

  78. I wish there was a way to make it that if you draw a state employee pension, you have to reside in that state. This bullshit where people draw a generous CT state pension then go retire in FL because the CT taxes are too high, makes my head explode.

  79. Well, if you save up enough where you’re not relying on SS, and SS ends up being there for you, then you have enough to spoil kids, take vacations, handle an emergency, etc.

  80. I wish there was a way to make it that if you draw a state employee pension, you have to reside in that state people are allowed to chase you down dark alleys and shake you upside down until the pension check falls out of your pocket.


  81. Heavy rain/ snow band is just pounding LI and the southern CT coastline. Nearly stalled, barely creeping North, and dropping most of the precip to our south.

    It’s a slow creeper. Looks like some tongues of high precip might just sweep to the East of us here, in Central Ct.

    Three inches, and the wind is starting to kick up a little.

  82. Did the people ever make it out to put your pellet stove in?

  83. Overcast here, but the temp is at 65F.

    I’ve got cod thawing and potatoes scrubbed to fry up for dinner. Now what to make for a real veggie…

  84. Hunh.

    *aims pellet gun at Jewtin’s tree as an afterthought*

  85. Woo Hooo Goooo Sun Devils!

  86. We got pushed off until next Wednesday, Cyn.

  87. Your pellet stove will be installed just in time for warm spring weather.

  88. Ugh… just when you could really use it too.

  89. We had clear blue skies all morning, while the coast was getting rain. But in the last half hour, grey skies have pushed over the mountains. We may get a touch of rain, but nothing like a real shower.

  90. That fog turned to rain and a cold north wind is blowing now. I may have to close the windows

  91. The guy at Jiffy Lube didn’t even try to upsell me on a radiator flush or transmission fluid exchange. Or even sell me wiper blades.

  92. DG likes her new bib!

  93. It is cold here. But it’s a dry cold.

  94. I need to clear the driveway…..right after this cocktail.

  95. There was an airliner crash in Moscow today (really) killing a handful of the crew aboard.

  96. Stove comes Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday night the low temp is supposed to be near zero.

  97. The weather outside is frightful, but the booze is so delightful …

  98. You need at least one cocktail to operate a snow blower.
    I think it’s a law.

  99. Scott – zero Fahrenheit or Celsius?

  100. Seriously Andy, this is a good time for snow. The house is full to groaning with booze, Christmas candy, cake, and meats.

    Oh! That reminds me.
    I have to take some homemade bacon out of the freezer to defrost.

    *waddles chubbily downstairs*

  101. **waits for Andy’s inevitable appearance on FAILblog**

    **or Faces of Death**

  102. F MCPO. Look at the long range forecast. It’s going to be windy too. Wind chill here is supposed to be 15 below.

  103. Where did Bubbles go?

    I wanted to ask him some questions about his holiday.

  104. Scott, I have two pounds of beef chuck spiced and seasoned in the fridge. Making jerky tomorrow.

  105. Yeah and our service has not plowed the driveway. I may be shoveling my way out tomorrow in lieu of my normal workout.

  106. Scott just put on his coat and gloves, laced the chin guard under his nose and the hood over his eyebrows, and walked out the door with a “This is gonna suuuu-uuck….”

    The wind is really whipping the snow around now.

  107. In a dehydrator, Hotspur?

  108. No, it’s in a ziplock baggie.

    What’s a dehydrator, and why don’t I know about it?

  109. Hotbride just announced that back when she was black, she was Ella Fitgerald.

  110. My folks used to make beef jerky in a dehydrator, but finally just resorted to setting the oven to 200 or so and doing it in there.

  111. We’re sitting in front of the fire listening to swing music. She’s sewing, and I’m talking to you fine people.

  112. That was my plan, xbrad, but I’ll use the BBQ instead of the oven.

  113. Speak up. I can’t hear you!

  114. No…I mean, after you marinate it, how are you going to dry it?

    A dehydrator is a food preserver. A little appliance that removes the moisture from foods. People use them to make dried fruit, dried vegetables, and meat jerkies.

  115. I believe that. Hotbride has Soul.

  116. I’m putting it on the BBQ at 200° for two hours.

    We don’t have any room for any new appliances.

    – new stainless gas range with two ovens
    – new French door stainless refrig with bottom freezer
    – new black Kitchenaid mixer

    We’re good.

  117. Next thing you know we’ll be getting a goddamn bread maker.

  118. Good luck Hotspur. I had homemade jerky once and it was absolutely awesome until I asked the guy what kind of meat it was.

    The redneck truck driver from Arkansas looked at me and said “dawg”, and then laughed like a crazy person.

  119. I like the idea of double ovens. A lot of my Italian friends in Worcester, MA had a separate oven in the basement.

  120. I am making roast beef tomorrow.

  121. Do tell.

  122. Dog is a delicacy in some Native American cultures and the White House.

  123. Chief, you’re a Tolkien fan. We took the grand kids to see The Hobbit. We all loved it.

    Saw it in HFR 3D.

  124. *fart*

    excuse me

  125. Hotspur – I’ve heard various reviews. People either love it or think it would make Tolkien furious.

  126. . . . and the service just showed up. Driveway and sidewalks are cleared of snow.

  127. Next thing you know we’ll be getting a goddamn bread maker.


  128. I’m baking “real” bread for my neighbor’s birthday tomorrow.

  129. Chief, I am back from Cabelas. Damn that place has enough weapons and ammo to conquer any country in the world bar a few dozen. Got a few toy guns for the kids, but it will be BB guns soon and .22LR in a few years.

  130. You already have a bread maker, HS. The Kitchenaid mixer.

  131. I make jerky frequently then my dehydrator broke. I McGuivered a blow dryer on until it died.
    Then I used the oven method X spoke of.

    My problem is I cannot keep jerky for long. I eat it all till its gone.

  132. If Tolkien were alive, I expect he’d have insisted on script approval to some extent.

    As it is, it’s typical Peter Jackson, and when you see it with a fourteen and an eleven year old, and they’re on the edge of their seats, it’s okay by me.

  133. Hahahaha

    Jay, I already have a breadmaker. She’s blond and has a nice ass.

  134. I hate toy guns. Teaches bad habits, and a lack of respect for the real thing.

  135. I made arrangements to see Les Mis with female friends. Dan hates Les Mis more than Jimmy Buffett. He’s decided he wants to go to the movie. MST3K. I know it!

  136. This is interstate 84 in Hartford

  137. Evidently Oso has been holding out on us and leading a double life.

  138. Pepe, you probably come from a family that has owned guns for ages. I have never fired a real gun. Just an air gun many years back. I will probably never fire long guns because I am right handed and almost blind in right eye. I cannot start the kids on real things right away. They are too young for that. I did make sure to buy guns that don’t look anything like the real thing, so that they don’t mistake toys with real guns. I just want them to get interested in things that go pop.

  139. Looks nasty Scott. Forecasters are waffling on how much we’re getting in ME. Anywhere from 4-10″.

  140. Areas to our east got a lot of snow. I bet Providence gets a foot or more. It does not appear to be moving North at all.

  141. Tushar
    When I go to Cabelas I make sure to ask to see any high end double shotguns. Sometimes you have to ask twice but it is fun to drool on a old european double that costs more than a car and occasionally more than a house

  142. jimbro – Anything less than 8″ in Maine is a “dusting of snow”, IIRC.

  143. Yeah Tushar, we’ve always had guns. Air guns are a good place to start. Not noisy, single shot, and generally you won’t shoot your eye out 😉 . I’m glad they don’t look like real guns, you don’t want kids to get confused.

  144. Scott, if you look at that picture again I think you will realize what I did, which is, that is not a car being pushed up the hill. That is a car unsuccessfully fleeing a zombie.

    I’m really pissed that our new shottie is still backordered.

    *pouts and loads the rifle*

  145. *throws a snowball at Laura while she tries to load a round and gets all fumbly*

  146. Vman, I stopped at a gun store in Nuremberg. Looked at a very nice Drilling. It didn’t have a tag.

    So I asked how much.

    About 50k Dm, or $35,000 at the time.


  148. Tushar, if you have a basement you may be able to set up a safe little range for a pellet gun. I have played with a 22 in ours.

  149. >> Seriously Andy, this is a good time for snow. The house is full to groaning with booze, Christmas candy, cake, and meats.

    *Piles family into SUV*

    *Sets course for Connecticut*

  150. Tushar, you can still learn to shoot. I’m right handed but had to learn to shoot with my left. Apparently my right eye is really bad at aiming.

  151. Yeah Chief, people deal with it here generally alright. Every third or fourth pick up truck you see on the road has a plow on it. It’s not too common to see cars stuck on hills like I used to see down in MA (although sometimes they get more snow than us especially in Central MA).

  152. Just how “almost blind” in the right eye are you?

    I’m 20/400 in my right, and still shot expert on the M16 without wearing glasses.

  153. *flicks my zippo*

    stand back

  154. wait what bacon and booze?

    *checks flights*

  155. OK guys, what should be on a New Year’s menu after black-eyed peas?

  156. X I have seen Kreighoff for $80k German drillings are interesting
    Cabela’s has 2 Purdeys for 100k

  157. UConn chicks take out #1 Stanford 61 – 35.

    HA HA HA HA HA. Payback!

  158. UConn .. I recall their defeat.

  159. Stanford has a tree for their mascot. Fear the tree! Yeah, no.

  160. The rest of the season doesn’t matter.

  161. Thanks, Lauraw. A pork sausage with kale is sounding pretty good.

  162. What tastes better Kale or Swiss Chard?

  163. What tastes better Kale or Swiss Chard?


    Candied cockroaches.

  164. What tastes better Kale or Swiss Chard?

  165. I prefer Kale.

  166. Pork and sauerkraut.

  167. I’m with pupster. Ham & black-eyed peas for lunch and pork and sauerkraut for supper.


  169. Swiss chard is milder and thinner, and can be very simply steamed with lemon and butter, or sauteed with a little garlic or bacon grease.

    Kale is more robust and marries well with spicy pork and stands up to stewing a bit.

  170. All the Christmas cheer and cold weather has taken its toll.

    I. Am sick.

  171. Pork and sauerkraut.
    It must be an Ohio thing Pups my mom still makes sauerkraut on new years day.

  172. Scott is plowing a track for the dog in the backyard. Stumpy legs have a difficult time with 8 inches of snow, which is where it looks like we’ve topped out.

  173. Ha ha ha ha, he’s so cute. He’s plowing more lines around the yard.

  174. I’m not driving over there this much next year. Two trips, tops.

  175. Did anybody tell anybody else that their bald spot was hardly noticeable today?

  176. For New Years: Suckling pig, new potatoes with garlic, and a salad of baby carrots.

  177. Sounds good Jewstin, what time?

  178. Spot?

  179. Earlyish. 3:00 seems likely.

  180. Heh. Some spots are a little more noticeable than others, Andy.

  181. Phat is now following me on twitter.

    There’s another guy who’s going to be sorely disappointed.

  182. Leon – Gots the flu?

  183. I’ll bring dessert—vintage Hostess products I’ve been saving

  184. Feels like a cold. Stomach is fine, but I’m achy and coughing. Wife’s been sick for a couple of days already, as have most of my coworkers. I’ve been run down and sleeping pretty badly, so it was just a matter of time.

  185. Sauerkraut might keep bugs away, but it’s not food.

  186. Sauerkraut is useful for delaying the onset of scurvy.

  187. Real sauerkraut is amazing. I didn’t like it until I made my own.

  188. German, Pennsylvania Dutch.

  189. My Mom used to make it when I was a kid. Me and my brother would hide in the attic.

    I have never tasted it. One whiff of that stuff and I am gone.

  190. Not a fan of the kraut. We would have pork loin, apple sauce, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes for New Year’s. My dad’s influence. When we moved to TX, my mom would make black eyed peas with jalapeños and polska kielbasa and serve it over cornbread.

  191. My Grandpa didn’t fight the Japs in WWII for his descendants to eat sauerkraut. We have our New Year’s meal with pickle relish.

  192. I first had it on chili dogs in downtown Brockton. Tex Barry’s chili dogs had sauerkraut and chili on them and were damn good.

  193. Who was the first sick person in your office Leon?

    That is the name of the flu.

    Shame these aholes into staying home when they are sick. It works.

  194. I’m afraid to ask what you people put on a bratwurst.

  195. Scott?

  196. Maybe Pupster, but sauerkraut still sucks.

  197. Osita, New Year’s Day meal here will be ham, black-eyed peas, and cornbread. My mother would add collards (the “dollars” to have money in the New Year), but I always thought those were gross.

  198. I’m afraid to ask what you people put on a bratwurst.

  199. Sauerkraut is thoroughly enjoyable. I use it often.


  201. Spicy brown mustard on a bratwurst, but I prefer polska kielbasa.

  202. I may also try a Russian potato salad that has peas and dill in it before I climb back on the paleo wagon.

  203. Black eyed peas for luck.

  204. I like collards with lots of butter.

  205. You aren’t helping Jewstin.

  206. I never thought of this the only time i liked sauerkraut was when a push cart guy gave me a free one that was loaded. I was starving and the guy in front of me ordered it then walked away.

    The next time mom tries to push it on me I will have a loaded hot dog.

  207. I doubt I picked it up at the office. Sick niece, sick wife, bad sleep, calorie deficit, I brought this on myself.

    /firstchild /lapsedcatholic

  208. /consciousness

  209. I used to like to get hot dogs off of street carts.


  211. ICYMI, “Demand Celebrities Go F*** Themselves” (ironically posted by a celebrity on FB)

  212. All this talk about Kraut reminds me of Airshow Food. All the different units get to put up food-tents along the flight-line to raise money. Somebody is always offering brats with kraut, spicy brown, and jalapenos with a beer for about $6-$8.

  213. Dinner tonight was merely leftover veggie beef soup, but tomorrow, STEAK!

    New York bone-in, with a little salt, pepper and garlic, home-made mashed taters, and a green salad.

    Life will be good.

  214. Xbad,
    Saute the garlic with mushrooms in butter to put on the steak, and you could have a meal!

  215. Stupid Harvard jerks.

  216. That was awesome, Romacita, I tweeted it.

  217. I FBed it, Roamy.

  218. Anybody else printing calendars for the family and wanting to join me in going gangsta on my HP printer?! Gaaaah!

  219. Gladiator is 12 years old and still is a good movie. Connie Nielsen is still hot.

    X have you had her for any load heat?

  220. I got a bottle of something called Loopy Vodka for Christmas. It really does taste like Fruit Loops.

  221. Connie Nielsen? Don’t think so.

  222. I put the recipe for tonight’s main dish on the Hostage Recipe site.

    Loopy Vodka sounds weird. Any good?

  223. Piers Morgan threatens to leave if Americans don’t change the 2nd Amendment!

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, girlfriend!

  224. Send me a dozen of your favorite pics, Vman, and I’ll schedule her.

  225. MCPO, I found $2.27 in the couch cushions, I’ll gladly put that towards a plane ticket to send Piers to anywhere but here.

  226. Look her up X she is hot.
    IMDB has 80 pics but not many are hot

  227. I liked the suggestion that since we don’t want him, and Britain doesn’t want him, we compromise, and drop him in the middle of the Atlantic.

  228. It’s surprisingly good, Roamy. If you enjoy a sweet drink now and again, it’s veddy nice.

  229. This is it:

  230. …we compromise, and drop him in the middle of the Atlantic.

    Hear, hear.

  231. Saturday Cynabuns for the win

  232. That recipe looks really yummy.

  233. …we compromise, and drop him in the middle of the Atlantic.

    Seconded, motion is carried.

  234. Saturday Cynabuns Solutions


  235. I’ll have just a regular vodka, TYVM nice lady.

  236. I’m on it, X. Who else needs a beverage while I’m up?

  237. Me.

  238. Those Loopy vodka recipes sound good, Cyn, especially the lemonade one.

    The balsamic cranberry pork was excellent, which is why I needed to post the recipe before I lost it.

  239. You got it, Oso!

    Yes, Roamy, I was looking at those recipes too. That popsicle/poptail one sounded fun–great to suck on those babies while sitting in a hot tub.

  240. Thanks. Flavored vodka FTW!!!

  241. I can’t believe how many recipes are in at the recipe site now! I was in there tidying up a bit the other day. Wiserbud would be pleased.

  242. Are there recipes there for belly shots?

  243. Not yet

  244. I’m still awake? WTF?!

  245. Sorry, Chief. *makes you a glass of warm milk*

    I’m A.F.K. to get horizontal. G’night peeps and peepers.

  246. I’ m home.

  247. Get me a sammich, willya, Toots?

  248. Oh, for fuck’s sake…

    The gun-lobby logic dictates that the only way to defend against gun criminals is for everyone else to have a gun, too. Teachers, nurses, clergymen, shop assistants, cinema usherettes – everyone must be armed.

    To me, this is a warped, twisted logic that bears no statistical analysis and makes no sense. Do you fight drug addiction with more cocaine? Alcoholism with more Jack Daniel’s? Of course not.

    Hi, I’m Sean. I’m an alcoholic. This does not mean that I come to your home or place of business and pour whiskey down your poncey British throat.

    Good day, madam.

  249. Well, I do know a bit about guns, actually. My brother’s a lieutenant colonel in the British Army and has served tours of duty in Northern Ireland…

    This is why we have a Second Amendment, you effete Limey bumsniffer. And several of the other Amendments, too.

  250. Meanwhile, the Brits are outlawing large kitchen knives, for the children.

    Who looks silly?

  251. Nor do I have a problem with those who use guns for hunting or for sport. I also understand, and respect, how there is an inherent national belief in America, based on their understanding of the 2nd Amendment, that everyone should be allowed to have a gun at home for the purposes of self-defence.

    Or, you know, killing the odd unwanted representative of an unjust government. Ahem.

  252. Good evening Citizens!

    Just got off shift. Anyone else manage not to invade the Central African Republic today?

    Yea! We did! But it was a close run thing. Only reason i could think of: all of the Sunday shows are booked with scary ‘Fiscal Cliff’ guests.

  253. Cyn,

    I saw the Loopy on display at the convenience store on my home tonight. I was intrigued. Let us know.

  254. Phat, I hear some C-27A’s are gonna be in the market cheap. Wanna go halvsies on one?

  255. Wow, Phat, you mean that CAR isn’t getting any coverage after being abandoned by the US, France, and UN troops?

  256. Sean,

    For Christmas we got a ROKU HS (internet streaming video). Fam is really digging the BBC series Sherlock. They make a big deal about how Watson is a former soldier and comfortable with a gun, nay, NEEDS the gun.

    They also refer to him (a former Army doctor) as a Soldier. Who does that? A country who has very few men/women in uniform does that. The other characters react to him like he is a zoo animal.

    Love the show so far, but have to watch a couple of more episodes to form a better opinion.

  257. Xbrad,

    Civilian use of the C=27 is for one thing and one thing only.

    In other words, when are we flying to Bolivia?

  258. Oso,

    I was a bit surprised. We had a C-17 ready to go and then it got turned off.

    The unofficial word was that we didn’t have enough AMCITS to need a C-17, they were all able to get out via civilian lift (airlines).

  259. I have no desire to go “skiing” in Bolivia.

    Can’t we go to Rio instead?

  260. I’m watching G.I. Joe just to see Sienna Miller in a skin tight outfit.

  261. Xbrad,

    The C-27’s (if allowed to enter the civilian market) will become the drug cartel airline.

    Small, easy to maintain, good cargo capacity, and can land on short, unimproved strips. What’s not to love?

    Anyone know what the pilot pay is for that?

  262. I can fly it, MCPO can load it and you can be the ‘purchasing agent’.


  263. The pay ain’t bad, but the retirement plan sux.

    Housing is mostly in Joliett, IL.

  264. I have an Aunt from Colombia. My Uncle is an Asst US Attorney and they met while he was teaching Colombians how to prosecute drug crimes.

  265. I probably still know a few people in Gary and Chicago that could handle the retail side.

  266. I’m enjoying my Roku, too, phat. Watching Doctor Who from the beginning.

    Mmmmmmm…Billie Piper.

  267. Damn, now too many are in on the scheme.

    *sends out Mexican hit squad for oso*

  268. Sean,

    have you seen Sherlock yet?

  269. I’ve seen most of Sherlock on PBS. I’ll be interested to see how the third season starts next year.

  270. Hahaha I live in a gun free zone!!! (Not really. I live in NM. Even our libtards have guns)

  271. Sean,

    I’ve heard they haven’t started filming yet.

    Cumberbatch (Sherlock) is/was off filming the new Star Trek movie so that may have had something to do with the delay.

    Mrs. Phat got mad when I kept yelling. “SHOOT HIM’ at the screen when he initially had a gun on Moriarity.

    My response probably wouldn’t lead to a decent story arc,

  272. If you really want Oso dead, you should send Albanians.

    Or cover her in gravy and let the doxies lick her to death.

  273. Funny thing: the guy already looks like an elf/vulcan. How was he not in the Lord of the Rings? His agent sucks.

  274. Heh. There was a new story last year where a diabetics’ doxies ate his toes. Neuropathy sucks.

  275. Albanians! HA!

    In my 24 yrs in uniform, never met one, never been there, never missed it.

    I was once in Northern Greece (around Thessalonokia) and watched an Albanian Navy ship sail by. The Greeks I was with cursed at them.

    After being in A-stan my new favorite crazy people are the Estonians.

    Bat shit crazy soldiers. Lots of fun and we’re planning a trip there next summer.

  276. You should try partying with the Ghurkas, Phat.

  277. Good night ladies!

    Have to go to church in the am.

    Catch up with you then.

  278. Ghurka-ghurka-derk


  280. poor Santa :?(

  281. I’m sailing away,
    Set an open derp for the virgin sea



    This is pretty good.

  284. *shuffles in; flips on coffee maker*

  285. mernin’

    off to werk


  286. Morning. Is that coffee done yet?

  287. I ordered a book and forgotted to do it from Ace’s or H2’s Amazon link.


  288. Coffee’s good and hot.

    *pops cinnamon rolls in the toaster oven*

  289. I have over a thousand books on my computer. Mostly science fiction and fantasy, with a healthy dose of classics and non-fiction.

  290. What day is it in AZ?

  291. Can that poat of yours be salvaged from the trash, Jew?

    *pours coffee for everyone who’s up; sets out a box of Pop Tarts*

  292. I think it’s still Saturday night, Scott.

  293. wakey wakey

    *slinks away

  294. That trash poat was aimed at the Recipes blog. It only came here because werdpuss is all fucked up and weird.

    But I can likely come up with a new one. Have a cuppa and wait here.

  295. Thanks, Jewstin.

    *offers to split a Pop Tart with Laura and Carin while we wait*

  296. Yes. (volume warning/NSFW)

  297. Yum.

    Pop tart.

    I want the bigger piece.

  298. *eyeballs Cyn’s and Carin’s pieces and whips out a ruler*

  299. I didn’t want any Pop Tart anyway.

  300. Ok, FINE. But I want the middle piece.

  301. You ALWAYS get the middle piece!

  302. YEA!!!

  303. *uses micrometer to measure my piece of Pop Tart*

    *does some quick math on a napkin*

    *determines that I have been cheated, calls lawyer*

  304. New Poat Solutions!

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