Merry Christmas 2012


  1. Merry Christmas H2.

  2. Merry Christmas!

  3. Happy Holidays

    *gets hit by thrown brick*

    Ow. Ow. Okay, jeeze, just joking, Merry Christmas.

  4. Also, the flu shot is just a wealth transfer scheme from the FedGov to Merck. Mrs. Caruthers never got the flu, but she gets sick every time the Air Force makes her get the flu shot.

  5. The best flu preventive is staying away from children who are in daycare or the public schools. No needle required.

    Merry Christmas H2.

    *looks suspiciously at yule log in fireplace*

  6. Pupster got a meaty, juicy bone for Christmas

  7. I have a 7.6# standing rib roast to cook later. I will be eating prime rib for at least the next 4 meals.

  8. I remember when our boy went to school. The first 3 years we were sick all the time, it’s horrible. They go to school, swap germs, take ’em home, mutate them, then go back and swap again. It’s a vicious cycle.

  9. Merry Christmas, Hostages and Hostagettes!

  10. Roast is in oven, probe thermo in and set for 145F (medium-rare). Currently reading 42F. Gonna be a long 3 hours.

  11. Leon, you should have taken it out of the fridge and brought it up to room temp.

  12. I know, I realized that with our visitation schedule it was oven now or wait until 10pm to eat it.

  13. IT’S CHRISTMAS IT’S CHRISTMAS!! *runs around with the bucket on my head banging the pots and pans together, trips over the dogs and does a header into the brick fireplace*


  14. Step MIL has placed herself in charge of the turkey. She was supposed to be stuffing it already and placing it in the oven, but has apparently decided to sleep in. The dog an I are the only ones awake this Christmas morning, so I made him some sausages.

    Good dog.

  15. Merry Christmas

  16. I picked up a gun safe and my new battle rifle yesterday, Gander Mountain was doing brisk business. I secured the safe to the wall and floor in my bedroom, after consultation with Mrs. Pupster on the proper placement. I’ve only stubbed my toe on it once and banged my shoulder on it twice, so it was a good spot.

  17. Goose is resting in the kitchen getting ready to be stuffed. I’m doing it on the grill. Never tried that, but I think it will be epic. We have enough food for forty. So you’re all invited over.

  18. Bah Hamburgers

  19. I’m interested to hear about the goose cookery! We have never tried it.
    You said yesterday you blanched it; what do you mean?

    I just found this guy’s post on it and am starting to read it now:

  20. Yay! Coffee & hangover Christmas to everyone!

  21. Wake wakey

  22. Blanching means bringing a huge pot of salt water to a boil, then put the goose in for a few minutes. Take it out, then pat it dry. It helps to begin breaking down the fat. There is a LOT of fat.

  23. I should try blanching me

  24. In Ruhlman’s recipe he rendered out all the fat first and then saved it as schmaltz.

    I made some chicken schmaltz last year to try it out, and I have to say, it makes delicious omelets.

  25. Billy D Williams used to do Schmaltz commercials.

  26. Just finished opening gifts. I made out like a bandit.

    No football on TV, just basketball, that sucks.

  27. Tushar gets in the way of mare.

  28. Speaking of mare, where is that whore?

  29. I use a turkey blaster to draw off the fat during roasting. I keep a couple of empty wine bottles handy. Typically I’ll get almost two full bottles by the time it is done.

    This is my method for today:

  30. Beasn, that was a total dick move by Mare. I was standing to a side, yammering away in my nice accent. She had no reason to charge me like that.


  32. I’d really like to use charcoal but I don’t have enough for three hours, so I’ll use the gas grill instead. I have a spare tank.

    Maybe I’ll use charcoal for the final hour.

  33. Prime Rib for dinner.

    I’m going for a run in a bit to “prepare.”

  34. >>I should try blanching me

    Fat is flavor, Dave. Do you really want to lose all your flavor?

  35. you people now have a recurring post called totally tushar tuesday? wtfits?

  36. Beasn, that was a total dick move by Mare. I was standing to a side, yammering away in my nice accent.

    I know, right? But, no matter how nice you sound while yammering, don’t do it in front of a buffet.

  37. Roast is now 100F. Soon.

  38. Merry Christmas, Lovlies!

  39. >>But, no matter how nice you sound while yammering, don’t do it in front of a buffet.

    Um, what does that mean?

  40. Um, what does that mean?

    Um, you’ll get run over by the livestock? If you stand in their way….
    They’re hungry. Rearry rearry hungry.

  41. Ah, misunderstood! Btw, we have two more posts after this. xBrad’s ass fetish, and a super cute elf.

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