MONDAY!!!!!!! Muscular Motivation

Greetings Hostages and lurkers (WTF is wrong with you?), and welcome to Monday, December 17. Christmas is sorta soon, so you should probably plan to shop soon. Well, eventually. I mean, you’ve got a little more than a week, so really, you could probably put it off a little longer. Why rush now what you could put off and rush later. I’m gonna, but mostly because I’ve started to really detest Giftmas.

I love Christmas, please don’t misunderstand me, I just hate the weird gift-giving traditions that have become attached to it. In my family, at least, it’s become an annual exchange of useless tokens or gift cards. I’ve also become something of a Grinch about all the Christmas specials and traditions that are wholly secular, like Frosty or Rudolph, or even Santa, really. Baby Jesus or GTFO, pretty much (that feels wrong to write, but I can’t be more succinct). Linus, though, Linus is the man. You know the speech, you’ve heard it. The older I get, the more I see that true part of the holiday fading (holiday = Holy Day, get it?), and the ascension of the Hallmark Giftmas version. Makes me kinda sick.


Now, moving on to happier things.

Curls are happier, right?

I think she’s sick of the Christmas/Giftmas crap I’m talking. She’s got a look like she’s about to throw some serious attitude.
This one’s ready to whack some balls.
Li’l bench pressin’ here.
Something beautiful is happening here.
She might need some shoes or something.
I’m of the opinion that this sort of poat really ought to include a snatch.
I may have posted this image before. I don’t care. Socks.
Have a good Monday, good people.


  1. Really? The true meaning of Christmas is the loot and pictures of girls that look like men. Except for the volleyball girls.

  2. Good start to a fucked up week.

  3. I did not know that MJ has a fetish for candy asses.

  4. Nice Leon

  5. Looks like Pupster is starting the day off right:

  6. If things go as planned, I should have the physique of number six by this time next year.

  7. I thought about it more last night after I wrote it, and the only upside I see is that people participating in Giftmas at least have a chance of being proselytized (and less room to object to proselytizing) by virtue of that participation.

    But it still feels silly to gather with my extended family and trade $20 bills with my cousins.

  8. Look at the manhands and forearms on #2.

  9. She has hands?

  10. Baby Jesus or GTFO

  11. #1 has a really cute face, and she is using every muscle in her body for curling, whichisnice.

    Volleyball chick is scratching, not whacking.

  12. You guys have really lost the meaning of Christmas. It goes like this:

    Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada.


  13. I have hot tea and about 15 minutes before I need to be out the door.

    I may have planned poorly.

  14. Volleyball chick is scratching, not whacking.

    What is volleyball if not the strenuous whacking of balls?

  15. Mmmorning cool kids.

    I love the blonde tucker’s hair!

  16. wakey wakey stfu

  17. I was talking about the ones tucked into the back of her shorts.

  18. I’ll bet candy ass header chick plays volleyball.

  19. The last one does not look like a tranny at all. I wonder how Leon picked her.

  20. >> Look at the manhands and forearms on #2.


  21. I like this poat and not for the motivation, I liked your words, those things in your sentences and how you put them together, Leon. I’m willing to appear I could be a lesbian in order to show my likeiness of this poat.

    Pup, your gifs on the last poat were EXCELLENT!

  22. Thanks Mare!

    *goes in for bear hug*


  23. Thanks, Mare. I agree that it wasn’t a very motivational preamble this week, but it was on my mind since I’ve got to shop this week, as much as I’d rather starve the system of non-essential purchases and just go see my family.

  24. You should give the gift of bacon.

  25. Mornin’, all.

    Spent a week in the vicinity of Dave’s fair burgh late last night, filling up the tank with gas and getting a bite to eat on the way home. Had a lovely time at FIL’s surprise b’day party Saturday night. His (surviving) brother and sister were able to make it there, and they had a great time reminiscing about their childhood antics.

    Woke up yesterday to the news that SIL’s ex-husband had passed away unexpectedly early Sunday morning; we had originally planned to drive straight home, but decided to take a slight detour to hug our nephews instead.

    Got home late last night, and will be altering our Christmas travel plans in order to attend his funeral on Wednesday morning. Ex-BIL was always VERY nice to Mr. TiFW’s mother, and he had a special place in his heart for Rebecca.

  26. HAHAH, I love that the bear goes behind a tree.

  27. Sorry to hear that Teresa.

  28. I’ll leave you alone later, Pups:

  29. To me, the girl pictured in the link below is infinitely hotter than any big boobed, muscular or candy assed girl you can throw on the H2 posts

  30. Thank you Leon, excellent job. You deserve a Christmas bonus for all your hard work. Volleyball girl is pretty impressive, man hands, not so much.

  31. I wonder if the economy will crash completely this year or next? I bet next year.

  32. Taxes won’t fully hit until 2014, so that’s my bet. Also, the hidden taxes will become more evident this year, so businesses will make adjustments mid year, which will add to it.

  33. Plus it will take time for all the millionaires and billionaires to hide their money again. Happens every time.

    Static money isn’t taxed, only spent money.

  34. I wonder when the ignorant masses will start to get a feeling that Obama might be a tiny bit responsible for the economy too.

  35. I guess I’m wondering how long QE and artificially low interest rates can keep the country afloat.

    Eventually the bubble will burst. Probably first through student loans…

  36. It’s always spending, isn’t it, MJ?

    We keep throwing money at bank loans and interest rates, to keep the money flowing, so Uncle Sugar can continue to get his cut.

    What happens when people stop spending money? Then the govt will have to confiscate wealth to keep going. Isn’t that a logical conclusion to reach?

    It’s already started in France:

  37. Wow, kilt it DEAD!

  38. Politicians are the most worthless people on the planet. They are takers, privileged, two faced scum.

    They want to pretend they have had “a life of public service,” what utter crap. They get paid well and have unbelievable perks. A volunteer serves the public, a politician is a leech.

  39. I’m beginning to think Boehner besides being a drunk, is mildly to severely retarded.

    Hey, political whore, hope we get to see some more pictures of you and Obama playing golf, yukking it up and being all bipartisan and shit.

  40. The public service thing rankles me. It’s a job.

    I’m sorry but the Assistant Secretary to the Office of Human Development in Coordination with the Director of Capital Management Infrastructure Improvement isn’t any more important than a dog walker.

  41. Mildly?

  42. Here, here!

  43. Oh, and volleyball girl (#3) and sock girl are quite lovely. Some of the other “ladies” scare me….. :P

  44. Comment by Tushar on December 17, 2012 9:57 am
    I wonder when the ignorant masses will start to get a feeling that Obama might be a tiny bit responsible for the economy too.

    Since the operative word here is “ignorant”, I’m guessing they will never get that feeling.

  45. D.G. says, “Morning, invisible peeples!”

  46. Where the Fuck is the Pole Vaulter?

  47. And VB chick is not scratching. She’s pulling out her wedgie.

    One of the sexiest wedgies I’ve ever seen.

  48. Read carefully, I said, “mildly to severely.”

  49. Wow, are the lefty racists out for Tim Scott.


  50. Why include a range? Your second adjective stood on its own.

  51. You are correct, MJ.

  52. Chief, that little baby is adorable. I love the bottlebrush hair.

  53. MCPO, her little face is just perfect. And I LOVE the outfit.

    I wish I had a baby around for Christmas.

  54. For Mare only:

  55. Mare – UPS can get her to your place – OVERNIGHT!

  56. HAHAHA, MJ…they have the funniest expressions….that should be your next years Christmas card.

    MCPO, I’d take her Christmas or not!!! And she would soon develop a “face too close” phobia because I would be kissing her face nonstop.

  57. That was this year’s Christmas card!

  58. YEAH!! Well, it’s an awesome card!

  59. Leon needs a trophy for his work here.

  60. What kind of dog is the black one? He seems fun.

  61. I’m liking bench press girl. She moves me.

  62. Chihuahua rat terrier mix. Am old girlfriend left her at my apartment. I kept her cuz Iz responsible and shit.

  63. She moves me.

  64. Whatever Boehner’s shortcomings, we’re pretty much stuck with him until somebody else wants the job.

  65. You did the right thing, MJ, is she sweet? Fun? Naughty? Hyper?

    Or much like Lindsey Lohan working on a movie set, a pain in the ass?

  66. Mark Levin did a wonderful monologue on an American Spectator article outlining that Constitutionally the Speaker of the House does not need to be from the House. He outlined how the votes would work, and the person that kept running through my mind for the job is Bill Whittle.

    I can dream.

  67. OMG, Chief – DG is just too cute for words!
    (Seriously – have they looked into getting her into print ads? She is exceptionally photogenic)

  68. Mare – BTW, I lurve your Christmas avatard!

  69. Say what you will, but the President does a mean photo-op.

    Though the 4th photo seems a little creepy, given the circumstances.

  70. I give this poat 18 of these thingies: %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

    and what the fuck is with the idiot grin on SCOAMF’s fucking face?

  71. Hi UF. How’s things in FaceDouche land?

  72. apparently the idiocy continues unabated. but you knew that

  73. I refuse to look at that phoney, jug-eared fuck.

  74. Well, yeah, all the constitution requires is that the Congress “select” their leader. Hypothetically that could be anyone.

    But practically it’ll be the guy who ran unopposed that every Republican voted for.

  75. We could use a good round of smitings.

  76. I’m sad that all the links are blocked for me here.

  77. Wow. I smote it ded.

  78. That’s okay that you can’t see them, Leon; they are either recipes or filthy Rosetta-style pron links that would probably get your computer taken away.

  79. Well, sometimes they’re sweet, sweet puppies or kittens, or puppies AND kittens.

  80. But mostly just icky Pokemon Latex Gif-formatted pron.

  81. Good morning, Tiger Cyn.

  82. Rawwwwrrrr

  83. Wait, how did I miss the Pokemon Latex Gif-formatted pron?

    **scrolls up**

  84. xbrad, please stop killing the poats


  85. Good day, lifelike robots.

  86. Car in?

  87. Pokemon Latex

    If them Nipponesers had known you could make latex from Pokemons, a lot of trouble in Southeast Asia could have been avoided.

  88. Please help. Thank you.

  89. Please help. Thank you.

    Too soon? No.

    *denounces self anyway*

  90. There’s that whore Mare!

  91. This may have already been linked, but I know that many folks on here are both Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad fans – here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up next season:

  92. All he wanted was a Pepsi, Eric.

  93. A television rarity unearthed: an unaired episode of One Tree Hill

  94. Pepsi sucks. Should be a lesson to us all.

  95. I blame New Coke.

  96. I blame wheat and high-fructose corn syrup. And Karl Marx.

  97. I should prolly let you know that my link needs an NSFW warning for those of you who may be at work…..

    I laughed so hard, I almost fell out of my chair –

  98. A television rarity unearthed: an unaired episode of One Tree Hill

    I may have to ban your IP for that.

    *dials wiserbud at the record store for teh ban hammer*

  99. Wow. Good thing I didn’t poat that link to the lost episode of “Dawson’s Creek.”

  100. Aww, I’m just kidding with you, George. Besides, wiser is the only one who wields the hammer.

  101. Just for that you’ll never see the role of Dawson Leery as compellingly performed by The London Boys.


  103. Just one Pepsi. And she wouldn’t give it to me.

    Sad, really.


    I prefer not to think of myself as “dead.” That is an offensive term. I prefer the phrase “differently inanimate.”

  105. I have the phone company laying new lines on the easement of my property (we’re a corner lot). Is it a hole hog that they’re using that makes that rapid pounding sound that makes me want to go on a killing spree?? GAAAAAAHHHHHH!

  106. Drums. Drums in the deep.

    They are coming.

  107. I am just about ready to come crawling out of my skin. Plus, I have stuff vibrating throughout my entire house.

    This is bullshit.

  108. Do you have any Elder Sign carvings? Get started on one. The Deep Ones are repelled by them.

  109. Fool of a Took!

  110. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh AT&T R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

  111. My blood pressure and/or heart rate are now in sync with this horizontal digger.

    This is worse than a sudefed and coke fueled mountain dew rush.

  112. it’s very exciting

  113. I’m gonna need the red and the blue meth to slow down my body systems.
    I shit you not.

  114. Cyn, can you take a drive to the public library or something and use their computers?

  115. Cyn, maybe they’ll let you sit on the ginormous vibrator if you ask nicely.

  116. Excellent idea, Leon, except I’m thinking that Sparky would go insane and tear up my house. Not to mention the piles of paper and stuff I’d have to take with me.

  117. Cyn ♥s Pepe


  118. We are experiencing an all day Sherlock Holmes fog here. Well, it’s that or my sight has been completely FUBARed by the surgeon.

  119. Plus, all those pervs hanging out at the library leering at you would probably make you uncomfortable.

  120. I prefer the phrase “differently inanimate.”

    Wouldn’t that be “differently animate“? I mean, I hate to pick nits with the guy who invented Newspeak, but I’m pretty sure you’re the regular old kind of inanimate.

  121. Well, damn.

    It seems that my Spanish is rusty enough that instead of asking if I could “ride their vibrating machine”, they understood me to tell them that “I had spinach in my teeth” and one of them handed me a stick of gum.

  122. Oh man, those guys are using the big words again.

  123. Foggy and overcast here too, MCPO, so it might not be a surgical issue.

  124. I am a Balrog of Morgorth.

  125. Shhhhhh…nobody tell b-rad.


  126. Don’t anyone interrupt MCPO while he’s watching the first LOTR movie.

  127. I saw that, Sean. Give him a good scritch for me.

    Also, since we’re an “All ass, all the time” blog now.

  128. I don’t like that I may have contributed to an overly ass-rich environment.

    *looks at volleyball wedgie girl*

    But I’m not apologizing.

  129. B-Rad, you should start a Tuesday or Thursday nice caboose thread, like HHD and BBF and MMM only with asses.

  130. I 2nd the Pupster’s suggestion.

  131. Pups, I think that’s an excellent idea, but to be honest, I’m sometimes hard pressed just to keep Load HEAT running.

  132. I guess I could just steal a couple pics from Theo and toss ’em up. It’s not like quality and deep thought are involved.

  133. Xactly.


  134. The MMM task is more challenging. Finding fit women posing or working out and not being out-and-out pr0n isn’t as easy as I make it look.

  135. They’ve stopped and my whole body is seriously vibrating.

    And I don’t mean in a good way.

    Well, maybe to you it would be a good way.

  136. Exactry!!!

  137. And exactly too!

  138. My mom just called and asked what it sounded like.

    It’s like being in an MRI machine for hours.



  139. You should sue for vibrational bone damage.


  141. Exactry!!!




    *cough sputter*

    THAT’S ME!

  143. You should sue for vibrational bone damage.

    Now that’s an affliction I wouldn’t mind once in a while.

    *waggles eyebrows and gives double finger guns*

  144. I’ve been known to inflict the condition on occasion. I have yet to be sued, unless someone making you breakfast is a form of lawsuit.

  145. What’s shakin?

  146. Well done, Leon; well done.

  147. I am actually looking forward to leaving the house to get the boys from school. Crazy that.

  148. Oh. Hi Dave. Nuttin’ much. You?

  149. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



  151. It’s not like quality and deep thought are involved.

    Exactly Xbad… I love that Theo throws one into almost all his pic collections.

  152. The MMM task is more challenging. Finding fit women posing or working out and not being out-and-out pr0n isn’t as easy as I make it look.

    *gives leon a fuckin’ medal or something*

  153. Thanks, Sean. It’s nice to have my contributions reco’nized.

    *tosses medal on top of pile of Nobel War Prizes*

  154. In case you enjoy pranks


    I am SO going to Hell for laughing at that….. :P

  156. *gives leon a fuckin’ medal or something*

    Do they take points off if the contestant doesn’t stick the landing?

  157. Totally Tushy Tuesday is scheduled to drop at 3am. Whether that’s east coast or west coast, I have no idea. But…

    it’s in the can!

    (get it?)

  158. I predict this will lead to protests from the fairer sex, and more workplace blockages.

  159. The fairer sex could always do “Thrusting Thursdays”.

    Whut? “Thrusting” is an exercise…..
    (This is an exercise blog, right?)

  160. I’m not protesting as long as somebody’s poating, and it’s not a speshul update from the White House.

  161. Teh laaaadees can have Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. Thursday Thrusters, Saturday Sausage, Sunday Slongage.

  162. For the love of…THROW THE STICK ALREADY!

  163. Arizona, early February.

  164. Any of you fucksticks ever vacationed in London? Mrs. Pendejo is making rumblings about doing “something special” for our 30th anniversary. She wants to go to London this summer as a reward for putting up with my shit for 30 years.

    I’m looking at a map and it appears that most of the crap I’d be interested in seeing is in the Westminster section of the city. Anybody know anything about the hotels in that area? I don’t want to spend a week in a crackerbox w/o AC.

  165. PG, I took the fam over for 2 weeks in the summer of 03 (when they had that godawful heatwave, but that’s another story). Instead of hotels we rented an apartment (what they call a flat), much more comfortable plus kitchen for cooking and saved a little not eating out.

    We did all the normal tourist bullshit, including a tour of Buckingham Palace (which I recomment). Saw several shows including the Lion King. Took a train to Saulsbury to see Stonehenge, that kind of thing. Had a good time. We stayed in West Hampstead. London the city itself is only about a square mile, surrounded by dozens of places with funny names.

    We also did a “Jack the Ripper” walking tour, which was a hoot. The guide was pretty entertaining and interesting.

  166. I kinda like the ring to, “Cock a doodle Thor’s Day”; don’t you??



  167. I don’t want to spend a week in a crackerbox w/o AC.

    That’s where and how we stayed when we were there, Pendejo. It had the advantage of being inexpensive, at least, and encouraged us to spend time away from the hotel room. I also recommend the side trip to Salisbury (to see the cathedral and the Big Paper) and Stonehenge.

  168. Congrats, PG.

  169. Westminster was pretty cool too. St. Pauls too.

    Normally summer is really pleasant there, bad luck that year. Jesus it was as hot as it was back here. But usually it’s very nice, I wouldn’t worry about ac (there’s a reason they don’t have much of it)

  170. Yeah, with an open window and a fan, the lack of AC wasn’t too bad. We were there at the end of June.

  171. Scotland is also very nice – you can take the evening train, sleep on the way up, and be in Loch Ness the next morning. Edinburgh Castle is amazing.

  172. You did the right thing, MJ, is she sweet? Fun? Naughty? Hyper?
    She’s very sweet and pretty smart. She learns most tricks in about a half hour or so. She can sit, stay, lay down, cross arms, high five, shake both paws, dance, shakedown a bodega owner, hit a target at 30 paces (doggy length) with a 9mm, and sling meth with the best of them.

    It’s possible those last few aren’t true.

  173. Body hurts.

    Yay Christmas.

  174. Damn. I just ate my weight in Christmas cookies.

  175. Is it that time of the month, Pupster?

  176. This blog needs less excitement.

  177. Hahahaha! Somebody send this to PJ.

  178. pendejo, send me your email address and I’ll send it to my husband. He’s taking his dad and our son to London in late March, he can probably answer any questions you have about trip planning.

  179. Honey! I’m home!

  180. This blog needs less excitement.

    I agree. Speaking of which, have you checked on Rage Baby lately?

  181. Hahahaha! Somebody send this to PJ.

    Fake but accurate.

  182. Oh, and yay Vicodin!

  183. Is it that time of the month, Pupster?

    No. I mean..shutup.

  184. Thanks for the input. Does anybody remember whether Nelson’s ship, HMS Victory I believe, is docked at Portsmouth or Plymouth? Portsmouth looks like a day trip. Plymouth looks like a hike.

  185. *ears perk up*


  186. alice, it’s pendejogrande followed immedietly by the numerals 7883 at that gstring thingy with a .com on the back end. Cyn or somebody put together a hostage list a while back and I’m in it.

  187. Rage baby has been working on his blergh.

  188. I read somewhere that the Greater Houston area has more tonnage of AC than all of Western Europe.

    Either I read it or I made that shit up. But I believes it.

  189. I don’t know who invented refrigerated air conditioning, but if it came down between living the rest of my life without it and blowing him……..I’m just hoping we could find a nice quite spot.

  190. Roll with it Dave, no one’s gonna fact check you on that one.

  191. For MCPO, no one else click.

  192. Pendejo,

    Don’t even think about renting a car and driving it yourself. You won’t be able to drive on left side of road. I can do it, because that is what I grew up with. It took me a while to adjust to US driving.

    Speaking of which, um, do you want to take a driver along? I do have some vacation time left….

  193. I’ll give your addy to him, pendejo. They’re renting an apartment for the time they’re there, for the same reasons Dave did.

    Cyn – my hisband’s cat scratched my eye (the eyeball, not the lid) Saturday night. The ER gave me Vicodin for it. I don’t need the vicodin for the scratch (ibuprofen’s mostly taking care of the pain), but the tdap booster they gave me is giving me hives and flu symptoms, so I have an excuse to take it anyway.

    I went all last winter without needing Vicodin for bronchitis, so it’s working very well…


    And also look both ways before crossing. It’ll fuck you up.

  195. Roamy – I’m pretty sure my parents had that album.

  196. For nobody only. Nobody click on this.

  197. Pendejo, a certain Mr. Willis Carrier is paging for you. He has a bottle of wine and some lube.

  198. AC was invented in the southern US (Georgia, iirc) to cure malaria. True story. It comes up in Connections.

  199. Mr Willis Carrier has eyes only for Pendejo

  200. Fuck!
    It started snowing like a MOFO!
    The ground is already white and it’s sticking on the roads.
    It’s dicey enough that the UPS trucks are driving the speed limit!
    I turned on the scanner for a few and fire is dealing with multi-car wrecks between here and Eatonville and calling for plows.
    Hate it, ido…

  201. I am surprised that you could even rent a car in England. I would have to go to school for a week just to make sense of their street signs.

  202. Sorry, Florida. I was thinking of this fellow

  203. The knob on our cheapass air compressor appears to have done what is often done by cheapass air compressors, and failed us.

  204. I just caught 10 minutes of the local News on NBC. I was informed that Tim Scott is the only Republican member of congress, the Voice is on tonight, that Carson Daley is hot, it’s going to be cool but not cold. And that the newsreader is totally going to tweet that the weather girl thinks Carson Daley is hot.

    On Entertainment Tonight there was a special tribute to the Sandy Hook Tragedy—LIVE!!! From Times Square!!! I heard how a glock handgun is a hunting weapon, and that it’s ok to cry. The latest movie by Tom Cruise is the correct depiction of violence, showing a sniper that needs to be brought to justice and that we should revisit the assault gun ban during because it worked.

    It’s over people. We’re just circling the drain.

  205. We are all Rage Baby now.

  206. TV rots your brain.


  207. Don’t bother Mare, she’s watching her program

  208. Scott, I asked, the rates are crazy high and you had to plunk down a serious deposit, and Avis loves the shit outta me. Wasn’t worth it.

    We’d take the trains/tube in the morning and on the way home splurge for the cab ride.

  209. Sorry to hear about your eye, and your allergic reaction, Alice. I’m guessing that there might have been some gluten in the serum, which sucks.

  210. We are all Rage Baby now.

    This would make an excellent Newsweek cover.

  211. That chair looks absolutely possessed.

    Get behind me you wingbacked demon.

  212. Most of London is pretty walkable. We didn’t find ourselves needing transportation at all other than the bus to Salisbury and Bath.


  214. I drove on the left in Tortola, but that was in an American car. I laughed when we picked up the rental car, because it was 4WD. Turns out the roads are so steep, you need it when it rains.

  215. Heh! I drove in England and Scotland for 4 years in a Toyota SR5 Sport Coupe that I bought in Florida!

  216. HMS Victory is indeed in Portsmouth. And since she’s in fucking concrete, she’s unlikely to move much.

  217. PG, the HMS Victory is in Portsmouth. I was there last summer and toured it. They let you go all over the inside and it’s wild how little space they had. Nelson’s bed is about the size of a big dog’s bed.

    In London, years ago I put my folks up in the Strand Palace Hotel which has a good location and A/C. (I was in dorm housing) Another one my sister and I loved was Fleming’s Mayfair.

  218. My daughter did a semester in London her junior year. She loved it.

  219. Do they even have restaurants in England?

    I think I could be a chef over there.

    * boils steak *

  220. Pub grub, Indian and over-priced faux French and Italian.

  221. I’ll have the baked potato with a side of fries and some chips.

    For desert I have the porkshake.

  222. My daughter was not overly excited about the food in the UK.

  223. English food is inedible.

  224. Dave – Not true. I ate lots of it. But, I lived in a small village in the countryside.

  225. My daughter did a semester in London her junior year. She loved it.

    Best thing i ever did, except for picking up Mr. Lipstick at a blackjack table.

  226. Did anybody find where anybody else hid the Christmas presents today?

  227. Sean – Yup. I’m getting the Red Ryder BB gun I asked for too!

  228. I want to visit England sometime. I have limited my visits to the Americas and the Caribbean.

  229. At noon in England, go to a pub and get the Plowman’s Lunch. It’s a good meal.

  230. yes, Sean, they just came in the mail!

  231. Michael – And if you’re not on the flight schedule, a pint of ale!

  232. Cheese, pickle and bread.

    I am going to be the best chef England ever saw!

    * boils lamb chop *

  233. OOooooo.. I gots a package from an unknown person of interest today!

  234. The most intelligent statement I’ve read in weeks:

    Liberalism has killed millions. Let’s ban that.

  235. Are you still in PA Lipstick?

  236. >> Dave – Not true. I ate lots of it. But, I lived in a small village in the countryside.

    When they cook shit from somewhere else.

    Boiled meat is boiled meat.


  237. Anybody else track down a wayward heifer today?

  238. How are you Michael? Is retirement treating you well?

    * looks over fence and spots leaves in the pool *

  239. Whatever you do, don’t go to a bar in The Castro and ask for the Plowman’s Lunch.

  240. The Plow Man must have missed those.

  241. British people realize that their food is bad, and have given up on their own food. A Brit couple I know who have been living in US for a few decades mostly cook Indian food at home.

  242. The Plowman’s Lunch is surprisingly filling.

  243. * boils goat *


  244. The Indian food in London was pretty good. So was Pizza Hut.

  245. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I once looked at the menus on McDonald’s websites from all over the world, and the one thing they all seem to have and that isn’t significantly different from place to place is the Filet-O-Fish.

  246. It’s not fish.

  247. it’s not “fish” fish

  248. The F-O-F used to be the only sandwich on the menu I’d ever eat at McDonald’s as a kid. Ketchup only, TYVM.

  249. When I wanted to find other Americans in Taipei I went to the McDonald’s

  250. Filet-O-Fish was my childhood favorite McD’s treat, no lie.

    I still indulge occasional cravings, maybe once every couple years or so. They make me feel absolutely awful.

  251. I still have one too every once in a very great while. But as a big girl, I get it with cheese on it now!

    (yes, it makes me feel nasty after too)

  252. You really want a Gino’s Giant!

  253. When I was a teenager I thought FOF was the coolest sammich ever.

    Later I decided it was because I had an unrefined palate. Or maybe I was high. Also, 12 Jack in the Box cheeseburgers scratched the same itch.

    Oh. THAT’S why I got fat.

  254. Huh?!

  255. When you say Jack, I think only these words:


  256. Well yeah, but these were the little ones.

    Cause I was, stoned maybe

  257. Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

    and fries.

    And a large Coke.



  259. The more you know…

  260. Back when I got stoned, it was always a bag of Doritos, Grandma’s Brand Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies, and a Nestles Quick. I never did the burger thing or breakfast thing like I know some did.

  261. Oh, and FTR, it was only that one time.

  262. I worked at Aurthur’s Creature er Treacher’s when I was in high school. They had good fish.
    I thought I was on my way to global domination. I started as a fry cook and quit when I was in charge of 6 of the 7 stores in the company.

  263. Cyn

  264. Ooooo, they did have great fish, Vman. Way better than LJS. I wonder if they are still in business; I’ve never seen one here.

  265. My Grandfather used to take me to Arthur Treacher’s. He swore my Mom couldn’t cook fish (she couldn’t).

  266. Never been stoned. Made it pretty easy to get my clearance and access.

  267. I have not seen one in my town in 25 years Cyn

  268. Nicely done, Laura

  269. Growing up of English decent we had cod or haddock every a batter very much like AT

  270. Treachers looke like it’s almost a zombie brand now.

  271. This is long, bizarre, quite weird, and very good:

  272. I got stoned.

    And a clearance.

    And breakfast at the Circle Diner was the shit man.

  273. Oh I check my garden 2x a day. Today I told myself “Wow the cilantro is doing great there is more than I can use here.”

    Tonight it is all gone. What eats Cilantro? Rabbits? Squirrels? Opossums?

  274. There’s still a goodly number of Treacher’s up near Puppeh, and a few other NE states. And two in CA… road trip. Who’s wit me?!

  275. I am Cyn
    Jonesing for hushpups and lemon things

  276. Dave, I know a guy that had to wait on an access for a couple of years because he inhaled in college. Clearance is usually easy, accesses aren’t.

  277. Sourdough Jack Bacon Cheeseburger.

    Yeah, I miss those…..

  278. Leon, I got mine in the 80s, when espionage cases were breaking right and left. I was honest.

  279. swing by and pick me up, Cyn!

  280. Wait… you’re supposta inhale??

  281. I’m gonna tell my Secret Santa “Thank You” in advance – I’m not gonna get to open my gift until we get back from Christmas break. We were gonna be home until Friday, but life (or in this case, death) got in the way.

    If I don’t get a chance to get back online after tomorrow night (internet is spotty at best in the boonies), I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas – thanks for putting up with me for another year…..

  282. Yeah, this was the aughts, when even Mormons were having trouble.

  283. Clearance-Schmearance… I’m good for it. I swear.

  284. Cyn, I need half a dozen nice pics of your butt by next Monday afternoon.

  285. Just finished the story of the Coup, XBrad. It gave me horror and hope.

  286. Aw, darn; too late. Thongs, g-strings, boyshorts… I just scrubbed a bunch of them off my computer.

  287. Sometimes, I get the feeling that Cyn is just fucking with us.

  288. Sometimes, I am not.

  289. You are right now, though.

    I know you didn’t delete them, you just don’t wanna share.


  290. What about your pron-free pledge?!!! I’m HELPING by not sharing. ‘Cuz I’m a giver that way.

  291. Wait, what coup?

  292. For that matter, what story?



  294. You’re not pr0n. You’re art.

    And I’m really just trying to get you to send pics to XBrad and cause some sort of aneurism.

  295. When did Romo get traded to the Jets?

    Oh wait, that’s Sanchez with 4 picks. Oooops.

  296. Sorry, that was ChrisP’s Link, XBrad, not sure why I thought you linked it.

    I may be slightly buzzed.

  297. And I’m really just trying to get you to send pics to XBrad and cause some sort of aneurism.

    HAHAHA! You wickedly evil man, your diabolicalness intrigues me.


    I appreciate that. If ever an industry deserved piracy…

  299. leon, have you tried Avion tequila, the one from Entourage? The Anejo is quite good.

  300. I have not. I’ll have to add it to my list. I’ve found that the mid-shelf silver from Kroger is surprisingly smooth and drinkable. Not sure if it’s a house brand or something, but I’ve never seen it elsewhere.

  301. Leon,
    That reminded me of the Dan Simmons “The Time Traveler”.

  302. Bed time.

  303. ‘Night everyone – sweet dreams ♥♥♥

  304. Oh I check my garden 2x a day. Today I told myself “Wow the cilantro is doing great there is more than I can use here.”
    Tonight it is all gone. What eats Cilantro? Rabbits? Squirrels? Opossums?

    Rabbits. Fucking rabbits. Though you might have a plague of voles, or some very odd deer.

  305. Heh, the Dissident Frogman vid at AOS is hilarious. I remember that news story.

  306. I saw that, J’ames. And well produced, at that!

  307. Love the credits.

  308. Yeah, those remind me of Nick Searcy’s Acting School.

  309. Stop poking me!

  310. You started it!

  311. ///sends Oso back to the Island of Misfit Toys///

  312. So, being a dipshit, I volunteered to post at AoS during Acecation ’12. (aka, Hobo Hunting Season).

    What should I write about?

  313. I’m never gonna let you go
    I’m gonna derp you in my arms forever
    Gonna try and make up for all the times
    I hurt you so

  314. Smart military blog post or funneh?

  315. Longbows.

  316. SMBP

    And Longbows would be great but I don’t want to be banned.

  317. SMG.

  318. Yeah….. I’m saving her for my blog.

  319. I like all the Naval Aviation you and SR talk about on Facedouche. I was kind of surprised at all the aviators that are Morons.

  320. You could write about this:

  321. Riley, you have my permission to bit Sean’s face off.

  322. heh.

  323. Dan went to Dallas for the Steeler game. I spent the weekend with depressed dachshunds. Now he is home, and I have freaked out excitable dachshunds. Family bed time. G’night H2

  324. So, being a dipshit, I volunteered to post at AoS during Acecation ’12. (aka, Hobo Hunting Season).
    What should I write about?
    Write a completely serious post about the plot structure of OTH. Make it at least 700 words.

    That would be hilarious in an unintentional way.

  325. Recap all of your funny comments for the year.

  326. Write from the perspective of Gerard Depardieu’s nose. What it’s like to be in a wine glass, a hooker’s crotch, or greedily smelling stacks of newly pressed Euros, 24/7.

  327. Or just tell us about you, xbrad.

  328. The ass poat is here btw

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