My Bad Taste Will Kick Your Bad Taste in the Ass Any Day of the Week

Ace called it a Four Loki Bikini Tractor Pull hosted by Gary Busey.

So, Mission Accomplished.  Here’s the newest Crap Tree ornament.  Also my Secret Santa pal is getting a pair of socks.

DSC00473 (440x330)


  1. Heh. 4 Loki!

  2. Phat, my HS BFF is a Dallas cop!!! She plans on retiring and moving to COS.

  3. Loko, Dave.

    Four Loko.

    *gives Sean a noogie*

  4. whatever, I don’t drink that shit.

  5. kindle fire

  6. *slides some coffee tequila shots down the bar*

  7. No iPad Car in?

  8. I’ll have to suffer through with this.

  9. Speaking of shotguns, hold my beer and watch this:

  10. *uses a tissue to pick up iPad, drops it in toilet and flushes*

    *washes hands furiously*

    filthy things

    I don’t know how they keep getting in here.

  11. Any Godzilla appearance demands a gay reference to Raymond Burr, don’t you think?

  12. Rear Window Raymond Burr?

  13. Seems legit.

  14. Rear something.

  15. Nearly naked supermodels are on tv.
    I predict I will be in my bunk shortly

  16. Nearly naked supermodels are on tv.

    I’m guessing you’re not watching PBS.

  17. Ironside Raymond Burr?

  18. You are correct George

  19. Perry Mason his own damn gay self!

  20. eye bleach alert on George’s legit link

  21. On wiserbud’s tree:

  22. I told Hubby of the show on CBS to which Vmax referred. He replied with, “But honey, I’m watching The Walking Dead.”

    +173,826 brownie points.

  23. Rosetta does up his Xmas stockings.

  24. Well Aggie,
    Um, well, you are off the hook tonight?

    But really that raven hared beauty with the alabaster skin? BBIaM

  25. Off the hook? HAHAHAHA!!!

  26. I’m Tivo-ing the Vic Secrets show for your hubby.

  27. Perhaps I misspoke, forgive me.

  28. Actually, I’m Tivo-ing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer in about half an hour.

  29. Nothing to forgive, Vmax :D *smooch*

    And Hubby thanks you, Brad.

    And the Valium loves me right now, so g’night, y’all!

  30. Is this the VS show that they moved Hurricane Sandy refugees out of the building to film? Before Hurricane Sandy was downgraded for political purposes in order to screw over evil insurance companies? That VS show? With Justin Bieber?

  31. Wow, Oso, way to suck all the fun out of watching chicks prance around in their undies.

  32. Valium is really good Aggs
    Supermodels on TV are not so bad either.

  33. Oso is correct on JB

    That is all

  34. Fast Forward is not working. Get this awful 13yo off my TV.
    Where are the hot chicks?

  35. Dan can’t be counted on to boycott NBC or VS.

  36. Happy Birthday, Car in!

    Your kids are gonna need years of therapy.

  37. hate to jinx it, but I have a meeting scheduled at a radio station to potentially become a producer for a once-a-week show.

    And, as usual, it will be an unpaid gig.

    I really don’t know why people complain about how hard it is to get a job. I seem to be able to get them all the time.

    Getting paid for my work, on the other hand…..

  38. Heh Wiser
    That is the trick

  39. Getting paid for my work, on the other hand…..

    But hey – it’s show biz!!

  40. But hey – it’s show biz!!

    *takes a couple of Dexedrines and does the Roy Scheider as Bob Fosse “showtime” thing in the mirror

  41. Okay, lets see if I can manage to remember that I posted on here again.

  42. Foot in the door. Getting your voice heard. Hoping you can hang in there for the meantime. Hugs.

  43. A great entertainer, a great humanitarian, and my dear friend for 25 years.

  44. Foot in the door. Getting your voice heard. Hoping you can hang in there for the meantime. Hugs.

    yeah, it’s a start.

    Made the bride really happy to know I had yet another free gig lined up….

    reeeeeeeeeeally happy….

  45. Wiser,
    does the Roy Scheider as Bob Fosse “showtime”

    That’s all well and good, until your heart explodes.
    Fosse was getting paid.
    Just sayin’…

    Scheider OWNED that role.

  46. A great entertainer, a great humanitarian, and my dear friend for 25 years.

    You missed by 5 years….

  47. That’s all well and good, until your heart explodes.

    better it explodes while doing someonething you love as opposed to doing someonething you hate

  48. Scheider OWNED that role.

    no argument here.

    Loved that flick

  49. It was a great role.

  50. Scheider was in stuff besides Jaws and Blue Thunder?

  51. XB, heh.

  52. The 7-Ups. Excellent cop flick with an awesome car chase

  53. Goodnight, my friends.

  54. Jackholes left me on the old poat.

    HHD poat ready for 8:00 tomorrow, Roamy Crap Tree poat up over at XBrad’s. I don’t have jalapeno lights and guitars, but I do have bacon and Star Trek.

  55. and don’t forget the classic Jaws II.

    Damn shame he didn’t sign on for the far superior Jaws 3-D. I guarantee that movie would have made is career…..

  56. Welcome to the new poat,Roamy.

    Did you bring the beer?

  57. Goodnight, my friends.

    Shower the people you love with…. me?

  58. Dennis Quaid in Jaws 3D. Abs.

  59. >> but I do have bacon and Star Trek.

    the fuck I WANT THOSE

  60. the fuck I WANT THOSE

    Well, there’s not a lot of bacon here, but….

  61. I brought the wine. I’ve been getting Cyn and Aggie drunk, but it might have backfired.

  62. I’m hanging these on my tree.

  63. **bans GO**

  64. I ordered my Marty Moose mugs today. SQUEEEEEE!!!!

  65. Roamy,
    Did you see my shotgun @ 9:44?
    Very cool…

  66. Dave, Herr gave me the bacon ornament, and Aggie gave me the Star Trek shuttlecraft. I can plug it in, and Mr. Spock says, “Live long and prosper. Happy Holidays.”

  67. Shit. I moved wrong early this afternoon, and now hurt just as bad as I did before my massage.


  68. So, you got Cyn and Aggie drunk, but they didn’t invite you for the ticklefest?

  69. ChrisP, yes I did. Somewhere there’s a pic of Mini-me, me, and my shotgun.

  70. Told you it backfired. Now I’m just sleepy.

  71. They could have at least invited you to videotape it.

  72. Wandered out front to fill my glass and Anita is sitting front of the fire about 25% of the way through “Full Black”, where “The Movers” are in front of the apartment blocks.
    That book starts a little slow, but rolls it up pretty darn quick, until you are sucked right in.

  73. I’m watching last night’s Hawaii Five-0.

  74. Which I always watch, and has nothing to do with VicSecret supermodel Beatih being a guest star.

  75. Makes me homesick. My future home. Scott Caan is a midget.

  76. He’s a midget, but he’s also a funneh guy.

    And I’m surprised how much I like Grace Park.

    Most importantly, thanks for showing me on FB that link to 40 gifs of Salma.

  77. Grace Park is too skinny! The FB link was a joke!!!

  78. Salma is not too skinny.

  79. Salma is zaftig.

  80. She wasn’t always

  81. Heh. The baby weight seemed to congregate in one place.

  82. Two places, really.

  83. heh.

  84. Wonders what Roamy has in mind for HHD. Goes back to FB for ear worm wars with the Chief and Moron fights.

  85. A bunch of morons “friended” MFM sites on FB and started a Benghazi/Fast and Furious campaign on pretty much every story. It is so weird to be blocked on a daily basis. I just got deleted on a Bob Costas story. There are morons that get blocked on every post.

  86. Let me go home
    Why don’t they let me go home
    This is the worst derp I’ve ever been on

  87. Victoria’s Secret models suck ass. I prefer the girl next door look to the ‘I’ll-never-in-a-million-years-get-to-feel-your-butt-even-if-I-was-the-last-hetero-man-on-earth-with-a-full-bottle-of-vodka-a-handful-of-xanax-and-a-temporary-mind-eraser-flashy-thingy-like-in-Men-In-Black.’

  88. Interesting song, and timely:

  89. Agreed MJ, there are a lot a fine women who are not flashy. I’m not talking inner beauty crap on a 3 bagger, although that’s important too. Do you really want to be on the hook for the care and maintenance of a pampered model for the rest of your life?

  90. *Ace called it a Four Loki Bikini Tractor Pull hosted by Gary Busey.*

    Heh heh, in my single days I took a trip down to Islamorada (sp?) in the Keys with a nurse friend and we were on hand for a bikini contest hosted by Gary Busey. I guess he makes a habit of doing them?

  91. I was thinking about my fondest memories of Mrs MJ and others and none of them revolve around glam or a time when we were dressed up.

    It’s the basics.

  92. So true…

    Alright, off to work. Full office , med student to teach some stuff to and my NP is off for the day….fuuucccck, gonna be a long day.

  93. VS models are like tigers. Pretty to look at, but I don’t feel any great need to go cuddle one.

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