Motivational Monday Muscle

Monday again. Wow, it feels like it was Monday just a few days ago, like maybe 6 or 7. Feels almost too soon for another Monday.

Is that going to stop me? Heck no, I love Monday. I wish every day was Monday. Except Friday. Fridays are kind of nice. And Saturday. Sunday’s not too bad either, if the sun’s out (as befits a day so named). So — ideally — that’s your week: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. That’d be just about right.

Now, bacon.

A little stretching.

Some weight work.

A little conditioning work on the pole.

Okay, maybe a lot of pole work.
Andrey Androsov

Then some bag punchin’.

Then a nice cooldown.

Monday awaits, my fellow h8riots. Let us stride ahead with chins high and brows furrowed. After they see what we’re gonna do to Monday, maybe Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will back the frack down and give us that perfect week.


  1. That stretch can’t be good for her knees.

  2. Good. Now I’m ready to kick Monday’s ass.

  3. Comment by leoncaruthers on December 2, 2012 11:05 pm

    Yeah, well, Enya’s a lesbo, right?

    Her music sucks dick, so it’s possible she isn’t.

    Catching up on old comments and spewing black coffee on the keyboard.

  4. I like that pose where you can see the muscles going down to the holiest of holies. It’s kinda hot.

  5. Ok, so today I’m going to try to make it without hating anything.

    I’ve packed my hate a lunch, gave him his binky, and a stack of Playboy’s from the 70s. Hopefully that will keep him occupodo until manana.

  6. Huh, I plan on using Hate to power through my day.

    I closed Saturday night, doubled yesterday, got up at 4:45 to drive my daughter to cheer, now I have a double today. And I open tomorrow.

    I’m burning pure rage. It’s the only thing keeping me going.

  7. I’m even going to try to run this morning.


  8. Damn. That’s a lot of shifts.

    Today will most likely suck, unless you convince the MOD to cut quickly.

  9. I’m doing a marathon plan. It’s pretty easy: one 6 mile run, one 8 mile run, then a long one building up to 20. This weekend is 14 miles, but we’re doing a half marathon instead. That extra .9 miles can suck my dick.

    Er, I mean, that last .9 miles can give me a hug.

  10. I took a look at the “girl” stretching, and pulled a muscle in my neck.

    I haven’t felt a pain this intense since I last got kicked in the nuts.

  11. You have fun with that, MJ. Winter is upon me, so I’m only getting my outdoor miles in as weather allows. As long as I stay about the same, I’m cool. That may mean only running 2 times a week (with other cardio the other days.)

    I try not to do that TOO many weeks in a row, but I hate hate hate running inside ( will do it, but not a lot) and bitter cold and I don’t agree. Wind? Rain? Driving snow?

    That’s weight day.

  12. Ok, so today I’m going to try to make it without hating anything.

    I question your h8riotism.

  13. Today is deadlifts, standing presses, and weighted chinups. If someone holds a door for me, I may jog briefly to be polite.

  14. For weighted chin-ups, I use my own weight.

    That’s pretty much sufficient for me.

  15. I used to be much heavier, and I could do a few chinups then. If I can’t do them weighted now, it will mean I got weaker.

  16. Car in, how did that place exist before you worked there?

    Or did everyone start taking vacations?

  17. That’s what I’ve been doing. Putting on weight to make chin ups tougher.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  18. Car in, how did that place exist before you worked there?

    Or did everyone start taking vacations?

    I don’t know why I get these ruts of doubles. Oh well.

  19. Maybe the boss just likes looking at Car in’s ass?

  20. She might be the one who shows up most reliably for them.

  21. Gaak

  22. I don’t think I can do any chin ups.

  23. You’ve actually stumped me with finding-the-tucker today.

    Good morning, cool kids.


  25. Thank you Leon. I like yoga girl.

  26. Morning.
    Whose turn is it to scrape down my hump?

    *throws a wood rasp into the poat, where it clatters to the floor*

    *no one moves; some seem to be holding their breath*

  27. I’m trapped in a mental deadlock between reassuring MJ that it’s okay that he can’t do chinups because most women can’t and actually providing helpful advice on getting started with them.

    Life presents you with tough choices sometimes.

  28. Drive time.

  29. *plays patty cake with hate baby

  30. I wanted to think of something funny to say about bag punching.

    I need more coffee

  31. What’s today’s theme?

  32. Do people on teevee have any editorial control, or do they just read whatever is on the prompter?

    Watching Bob Costas talk about a murder/suicide as if it is a gun control issue is a little weird. I’m wondering if he believes and writes this crap or some studio lackey does it and he just reads the shit.

  33. I would doubt Costas uses a prompter for sports, but maybe he really is that dim.

  34. I’d say both MJ. He lives in the media bubble surrounded by fellow travelers. Go along to get along.

    This is what contains my rage:

  35. I think MJ is gonna end uP shoving that hate baby up someone’s ass today.

  36. Nah, it’s all good. The amount of fucks given today will be very few.

  37. This is what contains my rage:

    Oh yes. The Bass Master General approves this.

  38. That was esteemed Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock writing Costas’ material.

    I used to respect Costas, but I see he has contracted NBCitis, and has decided to dictate public policy. I wonder if he’s feeling a little email love this morning? Any bets on seeing an “amendment” to the story? I bet not, since it’s the Dear Leader’s favorite TV channel.

  39. The HuffPo nanny staters are fixin’ to take guns away again. Not everybody needs a machine gun, after all.

    I wasn’t aware that Belcher took out 1/2 of Kansas City with an AK-47.

  40. Yoga chick may be Sarah Jean Underwood, rejected candidate (by me) for BBF, for fake and too small. (Seriously, if your are going to get them, why stay a C?)

    Anyway, she is a former Playmate, and an image search with her name and the addition of the word yoga may or may not produce some NSFW images of her with and without yoga pants.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, Personnel needs to see me urgently for some reason.

  41. I can’t wait to be done paying into any part of NBC.

  42. I’ve packed my hate a lunch, gave him his binky, and a stack of Playboy’s from the 70s.

    Playboy’s what?

  43. Pupster, that name is vaguely familiar to me, but I think I grabbed that image 6 months ago, so Heaven knows.

  44. Hotspur’s right, egregious use of apostrophe there. 15 yard penalty.

  45. Gun control is one of my favorite issues. Until I moved to Fl, I had not concept of gun ownership at all. It simply doesn’t exist in Chicago.

    My guess is that people who are opposed to any kind of hand gun ownership are either A) irrationally scared to death of a metal and plastic object B) have never held, shot, or been near a gun C) both.

  46. Pupster…nice tip on the search! Let MMM Pt. Deuce begin!

  47. Pretty sure. At any rate, it will keep Xbrad busy for a few minutes seconds.

  48. D) Have an agenda that includes the disarming of private citizens

  49. I know what you are saying, MJ, but somehow it can’t be that simple. My wife told me that she and her sister both used to go with their dad to shoot weapons when they were smaller. Now our nieces and nephews can’t even play with toy guns, or watch a video game, because there are guns.

    If we ignore them, they don’t exist. But that’s not how things work.

  50. s

    It’s early.

  51. “You’ve actually stumped me with finding-the-tucker today.”

    motha-tucker – leon done made a mistake!

    the operation planning must have worked.

  52. MJ, I know at least one gal who’s pro gun-control because her stepdad owns a repo business. He’s been shot and shot at a few times. His insurers won’t cover him if he’s armed.

    To me, that’s a failure on the part of the insurer, rather than a reason for gun control, but that’s her reason. It’s not a good reason, but it’s not one of those you listed.

  53. What does it matter if he is armed? In fact, wouldn’t that be a deterrent to an attack?

    I don’t understand insurance, that’s for sure.

  54. motha-tucker – leon done made a mistake!

    Not at all. Just upping my game since y’all are so clever at finding trannies.

    I’m curious, how does one get so good at that?

  55. Nah, Pups, I’m busy downloading Erica Campbell vids.

  56. I think the reasoning is that a repo man who feels the need to arm himself is obviously taking on dangerous, risky work, and they look at the actuarial tables and say nope.

  57. Do none of these people take into account the fact that while taking guns away from law abiding people, it won’t take anything away from people that are acquiring them illegally?

    Logic, how does it work?

  58. Let your smile be your shield!

  59. I found a torrent for that, xbrad, but it’s probably all repeats for you.

  60. morning fagz

  61. Actually, J’ames, it never really occurred to me to look for vids of Erica or Denise Milani.

  62. leon – a simple algorithm tweek of this: NSFW


    NSFW Galdarnit

  63. Do none of these people take into account the fact that while taking guns away from law abiding people, it won’t take anything away from people that are acquiring them illegally?

    Ask the 7 people murdered in Chicago on any given weekend.

  64. that may not be safe for work – btw

  65. Sign of the Apocalypse # 234,987: Porn Detection Software

  66. that may not be safe for work – btw

    Important information that could have been handy about 5 minutes ago.

  67. Fixed it.

    *trudges back to Personnel*

  68. NSFW


  69. Make sure you read AlexTheChick’s response to DB Costas and Fat Ass Whitlock:

  70. Who is going to do something about the arthritis that is getting progressively worse in my thumbs, and making me a very disagreeable person? Hmmm…who?

  71. *readies meat cleaver

    I’m your huckleberry.

  72. Whoa – yoga girl looks like she has 4 breasts.

    Must be why you cretins like her so much…… :P

  73. Do these morons read? Have they not seen that since guns have been banned in England, they have simply substituted killing with knives? And England is a CF for breaking and entering.

    Not exactly on topic but related:

    My point, it’s not the guns.

  74. I was hate free this morning until I read the Costas/Whitlock idiocy.

  75. The Secret Santa names are in the e-mail –

    *hurries to Christmas catalogs to find Justin Bieber musical toothbrush*

    That bad boy is gonna be making its way to some lucky Hostage’s house this week.


  76. Typical Obama voters:

    “I thought he was going to move toward the center after the election,” one stunned Obama backer told me. Another said he believed the president’s positions were opening gambits and he would compromise. “It’s the first round,” he insisted.

    These people live in their own world, with fantasies.

  77. The real victim is the gun. If not for the ammo, the guy wouldn’t have been able to kill hisself and his baby mama.

    The real victim is the ammo. If not for the gunpowder, the guy wouldn’t have been able to kill hisself and his baby mama.

    I could keep going down to the molecular level, but you get the point.

  78. This is that idiot Jason Whitlock….he still has a job?

    On February 10, 2012, in the middle of the Knicks’ 92–85 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, with Jeremy Lin scoring a career-high 38 points, Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock posted on Twitter, “Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight.”[3] Hyphen wrote that Whitlock “reinforced the insipid and insidious ‘small Asian penis’ stereotype.[4] The Asian American Journalists Association demanded an apology. Later, Whitlock said, “I debased a feel-good sports moment. For that, I’m truly sorry.”[5][6]

  79. Comment by leoncaruthers on December 3, 2012 9:26 am
    motha-tucker – leon done made a mistake!
    Not at all. Just upping my game since y’all are so clever at finding trannies.
    I’m curious, how does one get so good at that?
    Once burned, twice shy………….

  80. Mj, that was my comment to my husband.

    He lives with his “girlfriend.” They are not married. They have a three month old son. He was mad she came home late. She was at a concert. His mom was there because he asked her to help take care of the baby because he and the girlfriend were having problems.

    There is a lot going on there that has NOTHING to do with a gun.

  81. The enemy from within:

  82. So now “labor and health care experts” are upset that Wal-Mart is dumping their employees in the government’s affordable healthcare exchange while cutting their hours (link at Ace’s place)?

    Aren’t these the same people who were getting orgasmic over the thought of single-payer healthcare?

    Screw ’em.

  83. Honestly, what did they think would happen?

  84. For Leon….
    Pics from Face chimp/douche/asshole/motherfucker! but you might enjoy them.

  85. Nick Searcy tweeted AtC’s letter to Costas:

  86. How many knives do you make, Pepe? A friend of mine also does that as a hobby.

  87. Jay,
    I don’t make many because I’m not full time. Ranch takes up a lot of time. It also depends on the difficulty involved. A simple fixed blade takes less than a day. The one I posted took forever.

  88. Secret Santa question: anybody know the best way to ship a hooker? How many air holes do you need?

  89. The only packaging I’ve ever used to ship hookers is the trunks of old Chrysler products. You don’t need cut air-holes because they’re already rusted out.

  90. Old Chrysler products? The new ones rust out just as fast.

  91. The trunks aren’t big enough for the fatties, though. & who the hell ships a skinny whore? I mean, unless you’re harvesting her blood for the meth residue.

  92. My super boss is being very reasonable today. Very.

    *turns purple. Looks longingly at rage baby.

  93. I should have specified: live hooker, NOT in pieces! Air holes are for breathing, not to vent decomp gases.

  94. Comment by MJ on December 3, 2012 11:28 am
    Looks longingly at …. baby.
    MSNBC edit for you. Did you go to Penn State? Watch too much Sesame St.?

  95. How many air holes do you need?

    If you’re shipping it to xbrad, only one – the one he’ll blow it up with.

  96. ATT has a cool app for mobile phones. When you reach 25 mph in your car, anyone who sends you a text gets a message that you are driving. Sadly, it isn’t available for iPhones.

  97. j’aime les femmes gonflable

  98. I fucking love that baby. He looks so pissy and frustrated.

  99. I fucking love that baby. He looks so pissy and frustrated.

    And someday, you will be a big boy just like him!

  100. heh. Comment in thread at Ace’s:

    156 Five feet isn’t a dwarf, he is just just fucking short (dwarfism is a disease, shortness just means you suck)

    Posted by: Alex at December 03, 2012 12:37 PM (uFY4s)

  101. LOVE AtC’s response to Douchebag Costas!

  102. Greetings, lords a-leaping and ladies dancing.

  103. Alex is heightist, it’s one of her less-pleasant qualities.

  104. Even better one:

    177 So that is how Costas became rich, he followed the Gnome Business Plan.
    Posted by: Anna Puma (+SmuD) at December 03, 2012 12:40 PM (osh8D)

    1: Get a job as a sportscaster despite my crippling inability to see what’s in my own freezer.

    2. ???

    3. PROFIT!

    Posted by: MWR, Proud Tea(rrorist) Party Hobbit, rooting for SMOD or the Mayans, whichever comes first at December 03, 2012 12:42 PM (4df7R)

  105. Hehe, and a followup FTW!

    188 HEY!
    Posted by: alexthechick – SMOD. Also on Teams Daryl and Glenn. at December 03, 2012 12:45 PM (VtjlW)

    Ah, but almighty queen! All you have to do is snap your fingers and dozens of your most loyal followers would throw themselves on the floor at your feet so that you may use their bodies as a human staircase!

    Costas, on the other hand, needs to stand on a box.

    Posted by: MWR, Proud Tea(rrorist) Party Hobbit, rooting for SMOD or the Mayans, whichever comes first at December 03, 2012 12:47 PM (4df7R)

  106. Interesting question: are there armed guards at NBC studios?

  107. *dances on poat’s grave

  108. *grinds on the casket with the wood rasp lauraw threw in here this AM

  109. *throws wood rasp and runs, realizing I might get “the duty”.

  110. Sorry, Jay, busy eating post-workout feast.

  111. Interesting question: are there armed guards at NBC studios?

    They have walkie-talkies.

  112. Did I miss Carin’s daily rant on the worthless one we call “President?”

  113. Greetings, lords a-leaping and ladies dancing

    What about us maids-a-milking?

    *shoves Mr. TiFW off couch, buttons up shirt*

  114. Dog Bites Man.

  115. Comment by Teresa in Fort Worth, TX on December 3, 2012 1:37 pm



    OK, I got nothin…

  116. Rage baby just gave me a confused look.

  117. MMM winnner this week is obviously Mirror Girl.

  118. TiFW?

  119. I’m pretty partial to punching bag girl, myself.

  120. She seems kind of spindly for you Leon.

  121. Found a woodstove for lauraw

  122. I know. It’s probably the smoky eyes. I’m a sucker for that.

  123. Hey, Mr. TiFW believes that practice makes perfect.

    I was an LLLI failure.
    Four times.

    He’s been “boosting my morale” ever since.

  124. Well, what do you know. For once, I agree with leon about this sort of thing.


  125. Sean, aren’t you the one that spent a drunken night with Andy in the gheyest hotel in all of Palm Springs (the SF of SoCal)?

  126. What the fucking fuck?

    The. Fucking. Fuck.

  127. 5 days working through layers of crap to get a simple EKG. You guys are in for a fucking treat when Obamacare gets implemented!

  128. I’ve got kind of a crush on Lindsey Stirling, too, and she’s positively fragile.

  129. *Four times*

    You’re a winner in my book. Congrats on a big family!

  130. I’ve got kind of a crush on Lindsay Lohan.

  131. OK, the weight girl can come over and make me a sammich whenever she pleases!

  132. Sean, aren’t you the one that spent a drunken night with Andy in the gheyest hotel in all of Palm Springs (the SF of SoCal)?

    Yes. But you’ve seen photographs of Mrs. Andy. She’s not “beard” material.

  133. That’s a calculated part of the plan, Sean. No one would suspect him.

  134. I’ve got kind of a crush on Lindsay Lohan.

    So does meth.

  135. follow up to seans dog bites man thing:

  136. I think Andy hired a model for “family” pics.

  137. So does meth.

    By virtue of this alone, XBrad has a way better chance with Lindsay than I do with Lindsey.

  138. Leon, you’ve gotta better chance with Lindsay than Lindsey, too.

    So you’ve got that going for you.

  139. “Princess” Kate is pregnant. Yeah … I don’t care either.

  140. I would friendzone Lindsay. Just to be the only person who ever has.

  141. Who’s the father?

  142. “Who’s the father?”

    Some big eared thin haired freak.

  143. Genetics have been unkind to the royal family. I like to think of that as a divine rejection of feudalism.

  144. So, is anyone watching Blood and Chrome?

  145. Princess Kate ain’t bad lookin’ at all. And her sister has a very nice ass.

  146. WTH is Blood and Chrome?

  147. “The adventures of young William Adama in the First Cylon War.”

  148. And, no.

  149. I really liked the remake of Battlestar Gallactica. I’ll have to check that out.

  150. Speaking of asses:


  151. Princess Kate ain’t bad lookin’ at all. And her sister has a very nice ass.

    Yes and yes. I suspect Lady Diana’s grandchildren might actually be photogenic.

  152. You have a link for that?

  153. B&C is the prequel to BattleStarGalactica. Ensign Adama.

  154. I want to watch that series too. Loved the remake of BSG, up until the last episode.

    Well, some in season 3 got my blood boiling too, but it was still a good series.

  155. I don’t like blondes, but I liked the feisty short haired chick from BSG.

  156. Katie Sackhoff?

    She’s also pretty good on A&E’s Longmire.

  157. I think I may have pushed a software developer out of his comfort zone. He’s not a people person.

  158. Where the hell is B & C showing. Oh, and it better not be a fucking NBC affiliate!

  159. Mmmm, Katie Sackhoff.

    Has she been the Load Heat model?

  160. Where the hell is B & C showing.

    It’s a web only series, right?
    BSG was a NBC Universal product, though.

  161. I pride myself on my personableness. At least far as SW devs go.

  162. J’Ames – Thanks. *crosses off list with extreme prejudice*

  163. I can’t remember if KS has been LH.

    Where’s Roamy? She’s the keeper of the list.

  164. I don’t know if this series is, Chief. NBC picked up the previous series after it was released.

    Might be worth checking.

  165. I’m not seeing her on the list. I’m pretty sure I looked for pics of her, and didn’t find a lot of good ones.

  166. Leveraging cutting edge CGI and virtual set technology, Blood & Chrome is produced by Universal Cable Productions, a division of NBCUniversal, and the award-winning producing team of Battlestar Galactica

    Yes, it’s NBC.

  167. >> I pride myself on my personableness

    You strike me as a reasonable person.

  168. That’s odd. You’re an older gentleman with an artificial knee. I’d be pretty unreasonable if I struck you.

  169. Sometimes you have to rattle some cages. I’ve been trying to get a response out of this company for a few weeks, regional rep came out and wow’ed the customer, then inside sales / engineering dropped the ball.

    I bypassed all the sales wienies and called the guy who actually does the work. He’s not so big on human interaction.

  170. I’m not an aspie, though, and that makes me something of a standout in my discipline these days.

  171. I watched that scene and felt great frustration. That Tom guy is essential friggin’ staff, no matter what joke Mike Judge was making.

  172. Nice shirt, TiFW.

  173. Hey alice, if you lurk through these pages, what does the hit counter at DPUD look like today?

  174. Boo-Tay

  175. I made it.

    *picks up hate baby and twirls him around

  176. I’m so disappointed in MJ. How will his hate baby ever grow if he doesn’t have a chance to interact with the world?

  177. Nice shirt, TiFW.

    You owe me a new monitor, Soldier Boy.

  178. Hi folksies. Somebody catch me up. What’s been happening for the last 15 months?

  179. I bought a farm and have a dozen chickens and two horses. MJ had a hate baby. Car in finally got a job. Aggie got hit by a car.

  180. Hi Cathy!!!! There’s been lots of recipes, tuckers, and Big Boobs.

  181. Cathy has missed 47 out of 48 MMM posts.

  182. I’ve colored my hair brown…then red…then, um, I-dunno-blonde, then ash blonde. I’ve cut my hair…about 8 inches off, and I’ve cut some ties.

  183. If I had 8 inches of hair, I’d sit up all night looking at it in a mirror! ;-)

  184. Also, your new avatard is raising my core temp.

  185. I heard Aggie was in a rollover.

    …tried that once without a seatbelt and relocated my nose right out of the old neighborhood. Got two black eyes and a date with Rhinoplasty. Wouldn’t recommend it.

  186. The MMM posts are a great idea. Kudos! Too bad I’ve cancelled my 24-Hour Fitness membership.

  187. Got two black eyes and a date with Rhinoplasty

    Did he at least buy you a nice dinner first?

  188. Leon, this is my Christmas avatar.

  189. Gotta go now… BBL,

  190. Buh-bye! Come back again!

  191. I missed Cathy. Crapsticks.

  192. Hi Cathy, good to see ya around here!

  193. Piss Obama.

  194. Crap. I missed Cathy, too.

  195. Someone please explain Pandora radio to me.

    I loaded it on the BluRay receiver and we’ve been listening to music for over a day with no commercial interruptions. How do they make money?

  196. What’s been happening for the last 15 months?

    Well, the nation has turned to permanent decline and reelected a noxious demagogue who has set back race relations 30 years, and wiserbud groped a sheep.

    Other than that, not much.

  197. Some fries with your burqa ho?

  198. I blame all the handguns on the Enterprise. And Republicans.

  199. *runs like mad down to Hardee’s for a quick “snack”*

  200. Wiser groped a sheep? That bastard never stops experimenting.

  201. Wiser groped a sheep? That bastard never stops experimenting.

    He even wore a lab coat while doing it. Afterwards, he was heard to exclaim “There are some things science should not explore.”

  202. Pachelbel’s Canon in D is very soothing.

  203. How do they make money?


  204. I missed Cathy?

    Guess I can tell her about the future British son-in-law next time.

  205. How do they make money?


    They plan to treble it.

  206. Pandora virus. They sell your personal information.

  207. Hotspur – After four or five sessions, you’ll start getting short, and infrequent, commercials.

  208. This is a good commercial.

  209. They send you a box. If you open it, you owe them 99 cents per song. It’s a mini-bar/Greek mythology business plan.

  210. Sorry Dave!

  211. It’s a mini-bar/Greek mythology business plan.

    The Greek business plan isn’t working so well these days.

    On the other hand, they keep getting free EU money, so winning!

    I saw Pandora’s Box open for Jane’s Addiction in 1997.

  212. No pie? Philistines.

    Also whatever you do don’t open that fuckin box.

  213. I made cherry pie.

    *gives a slice to Dave*

  214. oh my!!!!!!

  215. Hey! You feelin ok hon?

  216. Aggie – How you feeling, hon?

  217. Der Bingle! Good choice, MCPO.

  218. Houston: The Legend of Texas is on right now. Claudia Christian was an absolute knockout in 1986.

  219. I’m sore as hell and look like a fucking rainbow was tattooed on me, but I’m walking and typing :D

  220. Claudia Christian is still a knockout, Leon :)

  221. From what I remember day 2 is the worst, then it slowly gets better.

  222. You aren’t wrong. I’d feel slightly creepy about it, but there’s no way I’d turn her down.

  223. True story.

    While checking out at GameStop, the young man asked if I was feeling ok, because I “looked like I had been hit by a truck.”


  224. Finally got around to Pepe’s images from this morning. I had no idea wildgorillaman was still around, thanks.

  225. That’s hilarious, Aggie.

  226. Why would you feel creepy, Leon??

  227. Yeah, first day the endorphines are still running through your system. Second day you slept, and things that got the shit beat out of em say “HEY”

    I am so glad this is all it is hon! *gentle hug*

  228. Huh, she’s only 10 years older than me. I’d though she was older for some reason.

    Nevermind. I’d just feel awesome.

  229. I went to see the car today. I’m still…not processing it.

  230. She’s a year older than I am.

    *swigs wine*

  231. Aggie – Get hubby to get your stuff outta the car, take it easy for a day or two, then go car shopping!!

  232. I don’t see it.

  233. We went to get the stuff out of the car, and he has been taking care of me, MCPO. But we have to wait for the adjusters before we go look at any vehicles.

  234. Next project.
    Curious to find out how much untreated porkbelly costs in CT.

    I’m going to skip the pink salt (nitrates), since we will shortly have lots of natural refrigeration here again.

  235. Is it too early for “Aggie got hurt when she was boned in a car” jokes? ;-) Just kidding darlin’. Hope you feel better.


  237. But we have to wait for the adjusters before we go look at any vehicles.

    “It don’t cost nothing to look.”

  238. 1951’s “The Desert Fox” holds up surprisingly well, even when you have Brits playing German officers.

  239. While checking out at GameStop, the young man asked if I was feeling ok, because I “looked like I had been hit by a truck.”

    Winner. Hope you are feeling better.

    **sends box o’wine

  240. “It don’t cost nothing to look.”

    Good point.

    *clicks on BMW link*


  241. **sends box o’wine

    *smooches on Roamy*

  242. Did anybody pressure anybody else into purchasing the extended warranty today?

  243. Howdy, Sean. And no. Seems corsets don’t require one.

  244. I’ve been watching “Gettysburg” with Rocketboy for his history class for the last three nights. Pickett’s Charge just failed.

  245. Aggie!!! :)

    i didn’t know you got boned in a car by a skunk… i thought xb said you were in a car accident… never mind – not my business –

    *checks google for: aggie, skunks, paradise by the dashboard light*

  246. i didn’t know you got boned in a car

    Believe it or not, it’s still on my List of Things to Do Before I die™. Just with Hubby, not a skunk ;)

  247. Hey, Aggs. Cuts and bruises healing up okay?

  248. i’m glad you’re ok!

  249. So far, so good, though my back is starting to really hurt. And the bruises are really turning purdy colors.

  250. Next project.
    Curious to find out how much untreated porkbelly costs in CT.

    Dunno about ConneCticut, but ’round here every Chinese market has it for $2.50-$4.00/lb.

    ’round here means New Hamster. It was cheaper in Philadephia.

  251. Comment by LC Aggie Sith on December 3, 2012 8:50 pm
    i didn’t know you got boned in a car
    Believe it or not, it’s still on my List of Things to Do Before I die™.
    Should make car shopping interesting. ;-)

  252. Murder is cheaper in Philadelphia too.

  253. And the bruises are really turning purdy colors.

    Uh-oh. I’m pretty sure I heard somebody around here say that was a symptom of prostate cancer.

  254. Some documentary about the movie “Gettysburg”, they were talking about how Martin Sheen (Gen Lee) was having trouble keepin the horse in control while he and Tom Berringer (Gen Longstreet) were having a conversation riding their horses near a house in the background which is a National Park bldg. They tried like a dozen takes, the horse kept wandering out of the shot, Sheen couldn’t steer him.

    finally, finally they got the whole take, conversation, horsey cooperating.. and then the phone in the house rang out loud, screwing up the take getting picked up in the audio. A guy came out of the house and said “It’s Jeb Stuart, he says he’s gonna be late!”

  255. So far, so good, though my back is starting to really hurt. And the bruises are really turning purdy colors.

    Oh yeah. That’s gonna need a lot of money from their insurance company to heal up right.

  256. Look at all the fuckin’ trannies.

    The chicks in the poat aren’t bad, though.

  257. *tucks

  258. I went to see the car today. I’m still…not processing it.

    Wrapped a car around a lightpole in a rainstorm when preggers w/DD#3.

    I wondered why the EMTs were so surprised that I was coherent; when I got home I realized that the corner of the concrete footing had hit directly behind the driver’s seat – six inches further forward, and I would have been one hurtin’ cowgirl.

    The city of Fort Worth finally figured out that putting a lightpole in that particular spot was a particularly bad idea – we saw several other cars with identical “injuries” before they took it down, concrete platform and all.

  259. Second day after an impact is usually when the muscle tissue tenses up to prevent further injury. A mild muscle relaxer can help, but you have to be extremely careful if you go that route. I had a really mild prescription for cyclobenzoprene after my motorcycle accident, but I had cracked ribs and that was the only thing that let me sleep for the first week after the fall.

  260. That’s a funny story, Dave!

  261. I couldn’t sleep when I cracked my ribs for a month.

  262. Tom Berrenger


    “It’s Jeb Stuart, he says he’s gonna be late!”


    Wrapped a car around a lightpole in a rainstorm when preggers w/DD#3.


    I had a really mild prescription for cyclobenzoprene after my motorcycle accident

    All they gave me was Valiu….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  263. On the other hand.

    Supposed to make a really creamy roast, covered with golden cracklies.

    This is going to take further research.

  264. Murder is cheaper in Philadelphia too.

    You would think Clownifornia could compete with something.
    But we can’t manage even that.

  265. Wrapped a car around a lightpole in a rainstorm when preggers w/DD#3.

    I crashed my dad’s ’84 Cutlass Supreme head on into a lightpole on a sunny summer day. Stone cold sober, but 16 and dumb. Thank God I was at least smart enough to be wearing a seatbelt, or I would have been dead.

  266. I have a horrendous sinus headache. . . you may carry on.

  267. for mare:

  268. Hey, Chief, check your WWF.

  269. Hope you get to feeling better, MCPO :(

  270. Oh, I missed something.

    Aggie had a wreck? No injuries, I hope.

  271. Because my buddy Geoff is cool and sent me one of these two years ago, I have carried on the Tradition with the Crap Tree. This arrives tomorrow.

  272. Sore and bruisy, Andy. Someone ran a red light and broadsided me, causing a roll over. But I’m ok so far :)

  273. I didn’t do it.

  274. Let this be a lesson for all you other Mares.

  275. Very nice, dave.

  276. Is that Don Corleone’s tree???

  277. Scott!

  278. Jesus, do the announcers on Monday Night Football love Eli enough? This is ridiculous.

  279. Yes, it is Don Corleone’s tree. I stabbed him in the neck to get it.

  280. Dave,
    It says the damn thing weight 3 pounds!
    Is it made of concrete?

  281. I stabbed him in the neck to get it.


  282. Oye!

    Back in the box!

  283. Thank God I was at least smart enough to be wearing a seatbelt, or I would have been dead.

    Yep – I had bruises where the seatbelt kept me in place.

    The water on the road picked up the car and I had no control whatsoever. It had been raining for a solid week, and the ground was waterlogged. The spot where the car got picked up (there was no visible standing water) happened to be at the bottom of a 4-way slope.

    There was a LOT of praying that took place in the space of that minute…. :P

  284. Can this baby get any cuter??

  285. OMG, Chief – she gets cuter every day!
    Looks like she’s feeling lots better today –

  286. Teh Cuteness is melting me, MCPO!!

  287. Laura,
    I had to make a grocery trip today and stopped in the “Spice Aisle”.
    The saffron comes in a regular size spice-jar, but it appeared to be empty. I guess that’s so it will fit in your spice-rack, if you have one.

    I put on my reading-glasses and looked real close. There was a TINY zip-lock bag in there with about a dozen saffron-threads in it.
    It was $21!!!

    Just for shits & grins I looked at the “Unit Price” on the shelf-tag:
    $3,840/lb. Hell, silver is only $540/lb.

    Perhaps I should build a greenhouse and grow the stuff…

  288. Chief,
    Does she still have a fever? She looks happy!

  289. Your store is a rip, Crispy.

  290. We have a lot to be thankful for. Aggie gettin out of this thing in one piece is one of those things.

  291. Can this baby get any cuter??

    Gosh, I hope not. She would be like a black hole of cuteness, from which nothing could escape.

  292. We have a lot to be thankful for.

    And wine. Best way to get your daily allowance of fruits since 8,457 BC :D

  293. ChrisPy – Yeah, low-grade (99-100) without the Tylenol. I think she is starting to teeth. My son thinks I’m crazy. But, she constantly chewing and drooling and has no other symptoms, other than being a little cranky.

  294. Isn’t there some spice that’s used as a substitute for saffron?
    I wanna say turmeric, but I don’t think that’s right.

  295. Damn Roamy, I didn’t know things had gotten that bad.

    When I was 17, collecting for the paper route, I had a 49% “in lingerie answering the door” rate. With a 27% “glad they did” rate

    Sad times. Sad, sad times.

  296. On the other hand.
    Supposed to make a really creamy roast, covered with golden cracklies.
    This is going to take further research.

    Yes! Except score the skin in a 1½”-2″ crosshatch. Roast at 450°, & as it gets crunchy pick the skin chunks off & stuff them into your mouth, then do that little dance where you wave your hand in front of your mouth & shout pork-scented curses because it’s too hot to eat but too delicious to spit out.

  297. Can this baby get any cuter??

    Unfortunately, yes. This is very dangerous; I have seen it before.

    You should start wearing a welder’s mask when you go visit.

  298. heh.. frizzy baby girl hair.

    I remember this.

  299. I have never made a porkbelly roast, Sticky Dorkfloss. But I will try, now that you have recommended.

  300. Laura,
    Yes, it is. It’s a Safeway, 12 miles outa town. All us rubes what live out here in the sticks head into the little oasis with the stop-light, the Safeway, a brand-new Walgreens and Rite-Aid, and soon, a Jack-In-The-Box!
    We used to have an Albertsons a few miles north, but a WINCO moved-in and killed it dead. I’ve not checked the Winco for spices, but their bulk-stuff, chicken, and shredded cheese prices rock.

  301. Mr. TiFW’s been home all day – woke up at 3:00 a.m., feeling nauseous – so we’re packing it in early this evening.

    Sweet dreams, everyone! ♥♥♥

  302. Dave – Her hair is sooo soft and it is lightning up. It was pitch black when she was born.

  303. I got really angry in Texas because the grocery stores there don’t carry any skin-on pork. No shoulder picnic, no skin-on belly, no butts.

  304. Well, time for bath and drugs. Y’all have a great evening!

  305. Okay,
    This is just sad.
    From AOS:

    NY Daily News reports that Belcher’s mother will raise the orphaned baby girl.

    Because clearly she did an awesome job the first time around.

    I denounce myself.
    Posted by: BCochran1981 at December 03, 2012 08:42 PM (GEICT) ”
    I have to agree with him. She did such a great fucking job the first time, let’s let her have another run!
    WTF, O?

  306. MCPO, eldest baby girl had the darkest fuzziest hair ever.

    She’s a complete blonde now. I’m so happy for you and your joy with this baby girl.

  307. nite Aggie! heal up

  308. MCPO, eldest baby girl had the darkest fuzziest hair ever.

    She’s a complete blonde now.

    Oh, man.

    I am so sorry.

    Look, as long as she has two arms, two legs, and she’s healthy, right?
    *gentle punch to the shoulder*

    You have a strong family. You can weather this.

  309. Ugh, that’s awful Aggie.

    Glad you’re ok.

  310. Mr. TiFW’s been home all day – woke up at 3:00 a.m., feeling nauseous

    I bet he’s pregnant.

  311. hahahahaha!!

    I didn’t mean to expose this dark family secret. We survived it.

    (she’s a pretty good kid for a total blonde. Life is funny that way)

  312. Deer Park Texas is close to Houston. Can any of the Tx Hostages tell me what Deer Park s like?

    Jacobs is hiring, I have a bud that works for Jacobs

  313. Never mind my bud left Jacobs for Fluor my bad.

  314. Just dealt with a significant plumbing emergency here. Clogged kitchen sink. Bad clog.

    Used the wet-dry vac in the cleanout and viola. Union plumbers named Vito hardest hit.

  315. If you’re not from Deer Park, you ain’t gonna like Thursday night.

  316. *Scratches head*

    OK Dave.

  317. just kiddin vmax

  318. I ain’t from down thataway, but supposedly Deer Park has a shitload of refineries and petrochem plants. I think it’s one side or the other of the Houston Ship Channel.

  319. Thanks PG
    it is on the south side. am over qualified but will take it.

    Any clues?
    I cannot figure it out.

  320. Yeah. That Claudia Christian… woof.

  321. Xbrad,
    I always thought she was a little bit “strange”.

    That job description is totally you!
    Hit it hard!

  322. My I and my K are giving me fits and I am not am.

    Well most of my keyboard is severely messed up

  323. Vmax,
    You could do that drunk/stoned/both, but don’t.
    Go, kick their ass!

  324. They only want 5 years Chris I have 25

  325. Chrispy, she’s got that really high forehead. Almost a fivehead.

  326. Sorry Dave is the man
    in the puddle.

    I have the blurry pics to prove it from StL

  327. Roamy?

  328. Vmax,
    You can be a STAR!
    Kick their ass, and they will make you a god(small g, no offense to GOD).

  329. I’ve been looking at a 2 hour radius from Houston for when I retire from the AF and have to go back to the airline.

    College Station and Conroe look good, but the wife is balking.

    Need to relocate or re-wife.

  330. She likes Il Phat?

  331. The wife is pushing for Colorado, Ft Collins area.

    We have any hostages in that area?

  332. Imma gonna try bacon too, laura. The pink salt will be skipped here, too. I can get a bacon flavor on the outside of smoked pork chops, so I know it’s not the salt.

    Mmmmmm, homemade bacon. Now I just have to find pork belly. You’d think it would be simple, in Iowa, the #1 pork producing state. Not so. I will have to go to a locker.

  333. Vmax,

    All of her fam is here in IL. The deal we made after I got off active duty was that we would live where she wanted.

    I don’t regret the move, it’s worked out perfectly with my Reserve job, but once the youngest graduates HS I see no reason to stay here.

  334. Jay, Iowa gets more pork from Washington that it produces locally.

  335. I have only spent 3 weeks in CO but it was far better than NJ Phat. I keep returning to Tampa but Fl has went Obamby 2x. There are 2 many Long Islanders moving here

    Texas is looking good as well as ND but ND is ignoring me.

  336. Colorado is aliceaitch country. I think there was another hostage there, but not sure now.

  337. Phat,
    When “The Won” gets the war in Syria going, how the fuck are we gonna have enough airlift, considering his campaign flights, to get enough assets to stomp their asses into the mud, without going nuke?
    And Ft. Collins, though I liked it while I was at Ft. Collins, is turning into a town run by gangs/thugs.
    So it goes…

  338. The farm bill isn’t worth THAT much. We only have 3 million people, and produce 4 billion in pork.

  339. Michelle Malkin is in Colorado, but she doesn’t post here.

  340. Hehe, at first I was wondering why we were importing hogs from the west coast.

  341. I’m not too familiar with Ft. Collins, but I loved my time in Colorado Springs.

  342. I think Cathy is in Colorado too.

  343. Xbrad,

    My time in Co Springs was dedicated to the Air Force Academy. I hated it. A $1,000,000 education shoved up your ass a nickel at a time.

    Pilot training was better, but I am still a bitter man,

  344. My time in Colorado Springs was as a Spec-4 Stationed at Ft. Carson. The townies hated us.
    It was a geographically beautiful place.

  345. Phat, COS is a wee different from USAFA. In fact, even with the huge Army presence, it struck me as mostly a civilian city.

  346. chris,

    with the drawdown in A-stan, we actually have some airlift capacity available.

    If Syria pops the chemical weapons, things will start to suck real fast.

    Turkey will go in hot. They are already pressing for NATO backup. This will make it a done deal.

  347. I live CO phat. Ft. Collins and the Springs both good areas, mostly conservative. Collins has traditional university, and of course AF Academy is in Springs. Springs has good size airport, Collins just local. Both places mainly low crime. The ganja is legal.

  348. Xbrad,

    I am very familiar with CSprings and the out-lying towns. I dated the daughter of the Base Commander at Ft. Collins back when I was a cadet.

    I still have bad dreams whenever I catch a glimpse of USAFA.

  349. So…. Phat got picked on at school…

  350. Xbrad,

    HA! Everyone gets picked on at boot.

    You know this.

  351. We have any hostages in that area?

    I, too, live in CO, between Boulder and Denver.

  352. I just finished a 12 hr shift at HQ.

    Things were calm. If we were getting ready for a major op I wouldn’t tell you assholes, but you would have heard about it through other channels.

  353. Phat,
    I was all ready for a peaceful sleep, in the back of my mind thinking that if these third-world mother-fuckers really want to “Get It On”, well, we could do just that, turn it into glass, and drill through it.

    Now, I’m gonna have another drink, take a sleeping-pill, and thank you for your service.

    If Turkey goes hot, things are gonna get “sporty”

    May GOD bless you, my brother.

  354. This guy lives out Ft. Collins way:
    He seems like alright Hot Sausage matériel.

  355. Phat – drop me an email if you want any ground support here in CO. My wife was a Zoomie, so we’re very familiar with special needs families.

    My email is my moniker at my web site (

  356. Fallin’ in derp is such an easy thing to do
    But there’s no guarantee that the one you derp, is gonna derp you

  357. Happy Birthday, Car in. Go run or something : )

  358. Go to bed, Oso.

    I’m drunk.

  359. Good morning sleepers and early wakers! I found out where mare got her hoop skills:

    Oh, and O sucks donkey dick (apologies to any farm animals on H2)

  360. *pats rage baby on the head.

    Ok, little guy. You’ve got your lunch, binky, a few toys, and your iPad. I’ll pick you up at about 6, tonight. If you’re good I’ll take you to the gym with me at lunch, ok? All right then. Be good.

    *walks away

  361. In Obama’s America it’s come down to this

  362. Happy Birthday, Car in!

    And Michael.

  363. I’m sure the lobster was looking for more turf, less surf.

    Maybe some crab?

  364. Happy B-D Carin!

  365. another road for the list:

  366. Hey jam, how’s construction going?

  367. So now you have a hate baby and a rage baby?

  368. don’t speed:

  369. Good morning, cool kids.


  370. Jay, working on the stairs still – held up a little waiting for the electrician to put in a new service… i didn’t shoot myself in any important parts with the nail gun, so it’s good

  371. Good morning.

    Maaaaan, I slept like crap. Kept waking up in the wee hours and thinking about stuff. Apparently I can only get good quality sleep after 7 am, in three ten minute increments, between the bleatings of my alarm’s snooze button.


    Jay, I am going to call some meat places looking for pork bellies today. I’m pretty psyched to try out curing our own bacon.

    The reason we want to do it, is because that Iowa store-made bacon was so much more fresh and tender and succulent than the mass-produced stuff we are used to.

    I have no idea why you need to try it, since your grocery stores do a terrific job, but please share notes.

    I’m going to go by what the Amazing Ribs guy recommends, but probably with somewhat different spices. I have not been a great fan of his rub recipes so far. They’re good, but his palate doesn’t seem to be aligned with ours, somehow.

  372. Rage baby is the same as hate baby.

    I may name him Fred. Or Rodney.

  373. wakey wakey


    Thank you Cyn!

    45. *cues doom music

  375. Is it really your birthday Car in? Happy birthday if it is.

  376. Happy Birthday, OAF.

  377. Happy Birthday Car in!

  378. Happy birthday to you!

  379. Newwwww pert.

  380. Happy Birthday Carin! Hope you have a special day slingin’ that hash at the restaurant!!!

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