Sunday Suckage

Yay, family holiday gatherings!

Yay, whatsherface!

Yay, dog translator!

Boo, youtube that puts a commercials in front of every video.!.html


  1. Eat more chicken.

  2. Sick chicken appears to be slightly sicker today. We think it might be a respiratory infection rather than a cold, so we’re going to try an antibiotic.

  3. See comment #1

  4. That girl in the last video has the right amount of humor and crazy to make one lucky+unlucky man very happysad.

  5. Still raining.

    Cooking up some sausage and biscuits.

  6. Hannah Hart is my fake internet girlfriend. She tends to go for those effeminate hipster douche liberal weenie guys, judging by some of her videos. *sigh*

  7. That always seemed likely from her videos.

    If Lauraw weren’t so hideous to behold, she could be doing cooking videos.

  8. Also, if we do end up needing to put sick chicken down, she won’t be eaten. At best, I might use her for butchering practice while wearing some gloves and then shower with some scalding hot water after burying her in the woods.

  9. I think she’s got the dominant lesbo gene.

  10. * googles *

    Yep. Lesbo.

  11. WTH is that ink blob on her abdomen?

    Fraakin’ tats.

  12. Sonnova.

  13. I was born with a dominant lesbo gene. Obama’s going to give me all the lesbos I need to get better.

  14. I think that blob might be an artifact from teh giffifying process, it got confused with the thumb movement over her same color abdomen.

    Also, I’m not sure she is of age so knock it off you preverts.

  15. That was comment #800008, or BOOOOB, if you own a calculator.

  16. That’s a temporary tattoo of her national flag. They get those so if the runner gets lost they can figure out which country to send them back to.

    (I’m pretty sure there’s grass on th green, so oil up the shafts on your drivers, boys)

  17. Dang, she is pretty fast on teh hurdles, too.

  18. warm up dances are nice

  19. got the house to myself for most of the day – buliding a new set of stairs for the basement / new playroom…
    imma gonna crank some dubstep to annoy the neighbors…

    is it too early to start drinking?

  20. Where you at, Jam2? I may have missed your introductory/bull whip debut.

  21. I got out of bed for this?

  22. Worky worky. I’m wearing an elephant tie because fuck Obama.

    Although the GOP has broken my heart, but I don’t have a Gadsden flag tie yet.

  23. Comment by jam2 on December 2, 2012 11:16 am
    buliding a new set of stairs for the basement / new playroom…
    is it too early to start drinking?
    Never too early to start drinking when using power tools……..

  24. I’m pretty sure that professional chainsaws have alcohol-detecting safety interlocks that require you to blow a 0.15 or higher to run ’em.

  25. Never too early to start drinking when using power tools…

    That’s why I do all my construction with hand tools.

  26. Good morning, cool kids.

  27. Wife and I are shopping for our Christmas presents to each other today. I’m getting her a couch and she’s getting me a couch.

  28. Mornin’, all.

    The new Blu-Ray/speaker system has been installed, and it is awesome. I guess we’re finally gonna catch up with the rest of the country now.

    (We’re the weird nerds who don’t like change)

    Now, get off my lawn.

  29. That’s what this was, Leon – our Christmas gift to each other.

    Mr. TiFW realized that I’ve been spending lots of his money this past month – I told him he’s gonna have a really nice Christmas this year (the kids and their significant others had an arbitrary limit, but I figure since he’s the one who works so hard for all of us, I get to spoil him).

    He loves presents, and I love finding the “right” things for everyone, so it works out well.

  30. I’m not saying the Chinese are taking a lot of pride in their recent launch and recovery of a J-15 fighter aboard their carrier Liaoning, but…

  31. Good morning, collection plate passers.

  32. Mrs MJ to MJ: Dryer

    MJ to Mrs MJ: Washer

  33. Hahahahahahaha!

    Pupster thinks Harto & Co likes guys!


  34. Our Christmas present this year is a new TV for the living room.

    Yay Mr and Mrs Jay!

  35. Sean, just saw your new FB profile pic – lookin’ good, sir! You clean up “raaht nice”, as we say down here in the South :P

  36. Thank you, Teresa.

    BTW, I will see Puppeh’s bouncy track girl and raise him an…

  37. I wonder if Car in gets tips for her tie, or other vast right wing conspiracy flair she wears.

    What would a right wing waitress wear for flair?

    And would you tip him/he for it, if you knew? I would.

  38. Ah, track wars. Although Allison Stokke could be considered an early nuclear strike.

  39. Nicely played Sean. Those two are quite tasty.

  40. Allison attends my Alma Mater, so I may be a little biased in her favor.

    GO BEARS!!!

  41. Comment by Jay in Ames on December 2, 2012 12:25 pm
    What would a right wing waitress wear for flair?

  42. oooo
    a chick that knows how to bend a long pole without breaking it


    Tough race.

  44. Pupster – i’m in binghamton, ny – xb and mcpo were my pledge committee co-chairs… it was a couple years ago

  45. Comment by MJ on December 2, 2012 12:35 pm
    Tough race.
    Damn, you really are short! How’d you finish?

  46. I’m wondering if Obamatax will fuck single chicks over. My guess is that the unwritten rule will be to hire married women because they are generally covered by their spouse.

    When you consider that laws written to help almost always hurt, this makes sense.

  47. starkdick – i’m now using a hilti to attach some nailers to a concrete knee wall—-
    the beer helps shoot straight and see through all the gun smoke that’s in the basement now.

  48. my wife looked in on me just to make sure i was alive….

    she was coughing and mumbling something about being gone the rest of the day

  49. Hmm, hadn’t thought of that, MJ, but it makes sense.

  50. “Obamatax will fuck single chicks”
    i assume the birth control chick, Sandra Fuck, will enjoy it…. she’s good that way

  51. Laura needs me to erect a pole in her garden.

    It’s not going to be as fun as it sounds.

  52. It sounded pretty fun. You sure?

  53. i was just reminded that I have to select the meat dish for Christmas.

    Imma gonna smoke it, no matter what. Should I do the top sirloin round, or the prime rib? I’m thinking top sirloin round roast.

  54. I think Scott is doing it wrong.

  55. I’m with Dave. That sounds fun.

  56. I was just out there, offering helpful advice. He did not seem to want it.
    So now I’m in here.

    *watches from upstairs window*

    I don’t understand what he’s doing with the wire, there. But nagunna ask.

  57. Laura needs me to erect a pole in her garden.

    Is he originally from Poland or just the child of immigrant parents?

  58. Comment by daveintexas on December 2, 2012 1:42 pm
    It sounded pretty fun. You sure?
    Depends on the Pole. Is he cute?

  59. I don’t understand what he’s doing with the wire, there. But nagunna ask.

    That’s probably for the best…..

  60. Depends on the Pole. Is he cute?


    beat you.

  61. I was just out there, offering helpful advice. He did not seem to want it.

    A man’s gotta erect his own pole. It’s just the way it is.

  62. >> A man’s gotta erect his own pole. It’s just the way it is.

    A little encouragement never hurt.

  63. It’s huge. I love it.

    That part of the garden is going to get tented with plastic in late Winter/ early spring for a great big walk-in cold frame.

  64. We may float dick jokes more than recipes or weather reports.

    *goes back to polishing door knobs

  65. We may float dick jokes more than recipes or weather reports.

    MJ is short and stubby, but he gets the job done.

  66. Jay top round roast makes perfect roast beef.

    Follow the directions from Amazing Ribs, comes out perfect every time and it only takes a couple hours.

  67. Penis

  68. That’s what I was thinking, scott. Sure sounds good to me.

    But is the top round better than the sirloin?

  69. Dick

  70. *Steals beasn’ notes.*


  71. *reads comments*

    *quietly exits*

  72. H2 Satanic Secretions gift.

  73. Luke 22:60 “And Peter said, Man, I know not what thou sayest. And immediately, while he yet spake, the cock crew.”

  74. cock crew is not a NASCAR thing.

    I don’t even follow NASCAR

  75. Andy, the guy watching the radar screen (Johnson!) in that Austin Powers clip is the psychic kid from that Rod Serling show that RD emailed us about. ‘The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes,’ in the sidebar video dump over at Ace’s.

    I recognized that kid as that character actor, but I couldn’t remember anything recent that he was in, and I still don’t know his name.

  76. Dunno Jay, I have not tried it yet. The only beef roasts I come across on sale are eye round, top round and bottom round.

    Eye round was OK. It tasted good but it had a strange color.

    Top round is awesome, and I can almost always find it for $3.50 per lb. It turns into the best deli counter roast beef.

  77. That’s Clint Howard. Ron Howard’s kid bro. Was also in Apollo 13

  78. Laura – that Opie’s brother, ‘Not-Ronnie’ Howard.

  79. He was also a child actor in the TV series “Gentle Dave”

  80. *goes to hi-five Dave, does a close-miss, sprains pinkie finger and spills beverage in other hand*

  81. *sucks vodka from your blouse*

    Hey, we can’t let it go to the laundry!

    I was, being polite.

  82. Whole packer brisket: $2.38 a pound, 12-15 lbs each

    Top Round roast $2.58 a pound, 15-20 lbs each

    Sirloin top round roast $3.00 a pound, 10 lbs each

    Ribeye rack, back end $5.69 a pound, 15-17 lbs each

    Top Ribeye rack, >$7 a pound

    I’m thinking the sirloin, but it’s an odd shape. That roast on Amazing ribs is a ribeye roast, and it’s lovely. I’ve made one of those before, and it’s delicious, except the water pan dried out on me, and I overcooked it by 7 degrees. Ooops, it was still pretty good.

    I gotta try that rub, though. Looks great.

  83. “Gentle Dave Ben”

    Heh, I saw what you did there ;)

  84. TenderDave is upwards of 22.70 a pound these days.

    There’s less of it. Supply, demand, etc.

  85. I’m not Ronnie Howard!


  86. Well, I’ve been eating homemade chocolates and turkey stuffing, so AssFat is on sale at my house throughout the holidays.

  87. Wow, cuteness was not evenly distributed in the Howard family.

  88. Your momma so fat, after sex, she smokes Dave.

  89. Wow. Your cows are huge and cheap. Top round roasts in these parts are usually 3-6 lbs.

    I just noticed, I don’t follow the amazing rib guy’s directions. I cook them at 225. I also spray them frequently with a 50/50 mix of apple juice and oil and let them rest for an hour in a cooler before carving.

  90. 130 -135 is perfect though. Most places tell you to overcook the hell out of them.

  91. Yo mama’s so fat, after sex she smoke a Virginia Slim Xbrad Filterless

  92. He’s also the kid on “The Corbomite Maneuver” episode of Star Trek (original series). And the voice of the baby elephant on the Disney animated flick “Jungle Book”, if I recall correctly.

  93. True story, Dave.

    First cigarette I ever smoked was a Virginia Slim I stole from my mom.

    I quickly wised up and started stealing dad’s Marlboros.

  94. More Clint Howard

  95. That’s sealed in plastic at Sams Club, so yours might be trimmed nicer. I get to pay for some fat.

    I think your top round = the sirloin top rounds at Sams in IA. Are they triangular in shape?

  96. actually xbrad complimented me, and now I feel remorse.

    Ok who am I kidding, I don’t suffer from remorse like the rest of you homos.

  97. Mmmmmm vodka blouse.

  98. Aggie!

    How you feeling today?

  99. I have never seen a sirloin roast now that I think of it.
    The top round we get looks like this

  100. *splashes some vodka on hunchback-rag and waits*

  101. Stupid Vikings, missing a field goal. Now they won’t cover.


  103. Mare!

  104. Hey Leon, here’s a closer look at that running study in the WSJ. It seems they played with the numbers a bit …. “they used statistical methods to effectively “equalize” everyone’s weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and so on.”

  105. Calls that study into question, I’d think, but I don’t know how common that technique is. The outcome was consistent with other studies I’ve read.

    No couches fit our exact desires. We’re rethinking the plan.

  106. I’m pretty sure that the ultrarunners are doing harm to themselves. Pretty much anything done to excess is bad. I’m trying to jog 20 miles a week, daily stoutness exercises and lift a couple of times a week. I’m in decent shape considering my advanced age. ;-)

  107. Also, when I want unbiased reviews of medical studies on aerobic exercise, my go-to source isn’t Runner’s World. Might as well read High Times for unbiased commentary on the risks of cannabis.

  108. Well,we had a break in the rain, so I split about a half a cord of firewood and stacked about another 2 cords.

    Holy shit, pass the Advil.

  109. Risks of cannabis? Are you high? ;-)

    I’m coming to the conclusion that there are few unbiased studies, everybody seems to be pushing an agenda.

  110. I just signed up for the Amazing Ribs newsletter. Like I need another fucking hobby, thanks you meat smokers

  111. *publishes High Runner’s World Times

  112. Leon’s Monday Morning Tranniefest often features some Amazing Ribs. I didn’t know nuthin bout no newsletter.

  113. I was really surprised years ago when I wanted to go furniture shopping and Scott insisted we had to do it together. Always thought that was the woman’s prerogative.

    Turns out, it’s actually pretty important to him, what kind of couch we have. Who knew?

    I love our recliners. Have fallen asleep on one, a few times.

  114. Rebecca just grabbed me by the hand to show me her latest discovery:

    She can take her laptop into the pop-up tent in her playroom and watch DVDs in “private”. She is SOOOOOO excited!

    Kid cracks me up…..

  115. ‘Meat smokers’ is probably better than ‘pole smokers’. Probably.

  116. The couches were only kinda/sorta important when furniture shopping with us. It was really the recliner choice that was vital that he partake in. The fit and the fabric. Seemed like a fair trade.

  117. *subscribes to High Runner’s World Times

  118. DD#3 Skyped this morning that The Boy’s flatmate is a pretentious douchebag who thinks himself quite clever.

    He’s obviously never met an authentic Southern Belle – one who has been taught how to say “Bless Your Heart” (in all of its glorious incantations) with a smile on her face and pure malice in her bosom.

    He’ll learn.
    Oh, yes, He.Will.Learn…….

  119. My couch matters a lot to me. Apparently the market isn’t interested in serving my precise needs, though. Either the cushions were stitched down or the arms were too high or there were built in recliners. There were a couple we found that were close, but I felt off about buying for some reason.

  120. Poor baby still has a fever. Hope she is better by tomorrow.

  121. She’s good at growing hair.

  122. Took us about three outings to find a solution, Leon.

  123. Our upstairs neighbours were throwing away a couch, so now we have a couch. I’ve never owned a couch before. It feels almost as liberating as explaining to your kids that they’re lesbians.

  124. the arms were too high

    OMG. All the furniture is made for giants, these days. You’d have to cut a hole in the side of the average house to get it inside.

  125. She’s forever cute as a button, Chief! The fever – is she teething? Mine did, with butt rashes to boot.

  126. I need a Casting Couch Solutiontm.

  127. OMG. All the furniture is made for giants, these days.

    *nods in agreement*

    It took us many trips as well to find just the right set (couch and matching love seat). I will keep this set FOREVER because of it’s size, plus the pattern–nothing shows; not even barf will show up on these babies.

  128. There’s a place down the street from here that sells hilariously big furniture. Some of the towering armoires just make me burst out in laughter. I could walk around inside of one.

    And then there are these huge fat squatty armchairs, that are like five feet square. If I put two of these in my family room, I’d have to move everything else out. Ridiculous.

  129. We paid extra for Barf Guard.

  130. Everybody’s talking about this:

  131. A few months ago Bubba barfed his dinner into a leather recliner.

    Fun times.

  132. I finally tried Panera for lunch today. Meh.

  133. not even barf will show up on these babies


  134. Yep. Barf Guard is soooo worth the money.

    The place that I’ve always found that has reasonable sized furniture was Copenhagen, and there used to be a companion store, but it closed down: Denmark. I think the people there are smaller. The furniture was crazy expensive there, but perfect in size.


  136. My furniture spree followed my divorce in 2007. She left me with a kitchen table and 4 chairs for it. After a big “bring a chair if you want to sit” party I bought a couch, recliner and chair with ottoman. They were half off from a high end place going out of business, all leather stuff. Leather couch is slippery…you need to readjust frequently if you’re sitting up the long way trying to read.

  137. G.Fox & Co. used to sell a line of smaller furniture that was perfect for our railroad-style apartments in Hartford. Excellent corner armchairs, especially. High quality, lasted forever.

    That used to be a really great store, when I was a kid. Our family still owns a lot of heirloom-quality stuff originally purchased there.


  138. The place that I’ve always found that has reasonable sized furniture was Copenhagen

    I didn’t realize that they’d branched out from the chaw business.

  139. Leather always looks so beautiful. You cannot have beautiful things with boys. And dogs. And husbands. Plus leather makes my butt sweat.

  140. I didn’t realize that they’d branched out from the chaw business.

    I KNOW!! But that would certainly explain why spittoons were everywhere in the store.

  141. Ladies butts don’t sweat.

    They glisten.

  142. Meh, our late dog Ruby destroyed the finish on one end of our putty-color leather couch.

    If you’re going to get leather I would recommend going with a dark stain, and not pale or bonded-on (paint-like) finishes.

  143. Read this. This is how you ran a business! Damn.

  144. Cyn – The kids don’t think it’s teething but, I’m fairly certain that is what is going on. She has had the fever for 3 days and is constantly chewing on her fingers.

  145. Yeah, mine are a dark color. Who knows if it’s stained from the butts that descend upon it? The cheez-it crumbs from the boys show up nice on it. When I bought the nice stuff I was single. Now I live with my fiancee and her (our) 2 boys.

  146. I can think of other things besides leather that make your butt sweat.

  147. I’m sitting in my leather chair right now. My butt is not sweating.

  148. She should probably have it looked at.

  149. We have sofa recliners with some kind of fabric that is not leather, but looks like it.. it’s very comfy and does not hold my butt heat or make me sweat. Back when I couldn’t sleep on my back for two months I slept there.

    Oh and again, with the knee. Another month.

    I nap there too.

    I forget what it’s called though.

  150. Leather is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  151. Is it that fake suede, Dave?

  152. Grilled some steaks in between raindrops. I could get used to 50 degree days in December.

  153. something like that Laura.. it has some scientific name, but it’s like that.

  154. Comment by Cyn on December 2, 2012 5:54 pm
    Plus leather makes my butt sweat.
    What about latex? Wait a minute, were you still talking furniture?

  155. Micro-fiber.

    Very comfy.

  156. I have all leather seating in the Hobbit Hole – no butt sweats here.

  157. This is what my leather couch is made from:

  158. Good form.

  159. Cyn, have you tried wearing something before sitting down on leather furniture?

  160. ignore him

  161. *dies a little bit inside*

  162. If I could have a sofa made out of baby ducks don’t you think I’d have one? It’s not like I didn’t ask around.

  163. I didn’t know Hotspur liked the beach.

  164. I treated the boys to 2 classic films on netflix this morning before the NFL took over for the day. The Eiger Sanction and Dumb and Dumber

  165. Hehe, the accident voicemail at AOS is hilarious.

  166. Cyn, have you tried wearing something before sitting down on leather furniture?


  167. 100 greatest movie insults

  168. Hehe, the accident voicemail at AOS is hilarious.

    Oh that WAS hilarious!

  169. Holy Crap, that baby is cute.

  170. I smell an overtime game here.

  171. Wasn’t expecting him to make that one. Hunh.

  172. The other 100 greatest movie insults

  173. I thought Aggie was alone when she got hit?

  174. Hehe, was she the one with the umbrella, or the big bag and the Bible?

  175. Those were pretty good Jay

  176. Those are okay, Jay, but H2 surpasses all of those just in our normal morning salutations.

  177. Finally finished up a project today.

  178. Apparently, your project wasn’t “Master TinyURL.”

  179. shut up whore

  180. Finally finished up a project today.

    Mistyping urls at a website?


  181. I hope it didn’t involve surgery.

  182. I’m glad everyone has thick skin around here.

    Otherwise the murder rate would go up.

  183. I don’t want any more surgery.


    ok that’s stupid. No more surgery for anyone I hope.

  184. I looked up a recipe for nachos, and I found this:


  185. Anyone else watched Moonshiners? I just looked because I’d thought that small quantity distillation for personal use was legal.

    Nope. Even if you only ever plan to distill water and essential oils, the BATFE wants to know and can arrest you for having the equipment. Fuckin’ police state, man.

  186. Okay internet geniuses, I’ll try again

  187. Very pretty, Pepe.

  188. Local news tease:

    “It’s no treat for Hostess workers who say they are missing paychecks before they’ve even lost their jobs…”

    Hey, Hostess workers? shut the fuck up. You didn’t “lose your job.” You ran the fucking company out of business to … what… teach those evil corporate fat cats a lesson?

    Seriously… fuck you all, you greedy, stupid, whiny fucking leeches….

  189. Thanks Leon.

  190. That’s a fine knife, pepe!

    Just consult someone when you go for online sales.

  191. pepe is swiss?

  192. I’d buy one.

  193. Creepy +2,132,678

  194. I hate having to root for the iggles

  195. Romo loves prime time.

  196. I hate having to root for the Redskins.

    suck it wiser

  197. Are these guys naming their colleges or the last place where they did hard time?

  198. 5 interceptions on MNF……twice.

  199. suck it wiser

    you misspelled “romo”

    Nice 3 and out there, guys.

  200. Did anybody draw mustaches on all the people in anybody else’s cherished family photos today?

  201. At least he hasn’t thrown to the Eagles.


  202. At least he hasn’t thrown to the Eagles.

    Seriously, has Romo ever been checked for color-blindness?

  203. Cowboys are favored by 10.

  204. Woo hoo! If they can make Dallas throw the ball, Phili will win by 70.

  205. Dallas showing some incredible Defense so far tonight….

    Did anyone touch him at all?

  206. Hey, wiser, since you’re here–Where do tribute albums (by multiple artists doing one person or band’s songs) fit into the cover song theory?

  207. Where do tribute albums (by multiple artists doing one person or band’s songs) fit into the cover song theory?


    Well, since most artists on tribute albums are either washed up or on the verge of washed up themselves, I guess it really doesn’t hurt them much.

  208. The guy with the star on his helmet is kissing the back of the other guy’s ear.


  209. * turns off lights *

  210. HA HA HA HA HA

  211. nice pass, tony…

  212. MMM scheduled for 630.

  213. Time Warner has fucked up all the local broadcast channels so I don’t have to watch this bullshit.

    Thank you Time Warner.

  214. Bad Pupster!

  215. Time Warner has fucked up all the local broadcast channels so I don’t have to watch this bullshit

    We’ll keep you up to date…

  216. Same old stuff Dave. No offensive line for Dallas. Romo’s running for his life on every single play, Dallas defense giving up on 3rd and long.

  217. MMM scheduled for 630.

    Is that a threat or a promise?

  218. that was defensive pass interference?

  219. Oh and they haven’t forgotten to commit penalties at key times.

  220. What a strange, and interesting, chicken-pie recipe. They even make their own Almond flour. Why not just buy it?

    And, like I’m gonna go out and buy Saffron-threads. $$$

  221. romo sacked.

  222. Suggested new NFL rule: The goal posts are actually a closed rectangle and they have to kick it through the rectangle. Kicked too high and it doesn’t count.

    Seriously, it’s almost too easy for these guys…

  223. Suggested new NFL rule. Wiserbud should kiss my ass, way up where it’s brown.

  224. Is that a threat or a promise?

    Neither, merely an inevitability.

  225. How does Philadelphia expect to win this game without Romo on the field?

  226. Suggested new NFL rule. Wiserbud should kiss my ass, way up where it’s brown.

    Wiser calls that “The Point After.”

  227. Suggested new NFL rule. Wiserbud should kiss my ass, way up where it’s brown.

    anyone know what quarter Romo is scheduled to throw his first pick?

    I would hate to miss it…

  228. >>anyone know what quarter Romo is scheduled to throw his first pick?

    I would hate to miss it…

    Ouch. I hope you have some Preparation H handy, Dave.

  229. wow… untouched….

  230. So, I take it everyone but dave is rooting for the large men in the green costumes?

  231. It’s time.

  232. It smells like interception.

  233. *snicker

  234. oh goodie.. emotional reactions to KC murder-sucide as half-time show…..

    “So, how did you feel watching him shoot himself, coach? How did you feeeeeeeeeel?

  235. On a completely unrelated note

  236. “could you cry for us, just a little bit? that would really be helpful…”

  237. Yeah, I love the reactions.

    “He’s my friend. He’s my brother.”

    Yeah, your brother who shot his girlfriend multiple times.

  238. Yeah, I love the reactions.

    “It was hard to walk into the locker room and see his stuff there in his locker….”

    Wonder how his GF’s family members felt having to ID her body….

    so fucking stupid.

  239. fuck you all very much

  240. fuck you all very much

    I don’t think any of the Cowboys are reading this blog at the moment, Dave…

  241. Romo’s girlfriend is at the game too? Michael should go rob his house.

  242. FU.

  243. Oh, it’s the Dallas TonyHomos vs the Philthydelphia Iggles? Can both teams lose, please?

  244. So, Jason Whitlock says this is about gun control, huh?

    Well, I know someone who drove drunk. Take cars away.


  245. Crispy, do you really like saffron? Because you may be able to grow it. I suspect in your wet climate you will need to give it a little special treatment.

    Whether in a garden row or in large pots, I would tent them in plastic for the whole Winter and Spring, open the sides for ventilation in Summer, and remove the covering only in the bloom period (harvest time) in Autumn.
    Raised beds, lean soil, I suspect. Spain is dry.

  246. * looks up douche in dictionary *

    Is that Bob Costas?

  247. Wow. Just wow.

    Fuck Bob Costas with a pineapple the size of his body (a/k/a an average-sized pineapple).

  248. Let’s see . . . vinegar, water, Bob Costas . . . yup, that’s a douche.

  249. If Bob Costas worked really hard he could be as good as Joe Buck.

  250. Watching, “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”. I highly recommend it.

  251. Only Joe Buck can be as good as Joe Buck.

  252. Bob Costas is too concentrated to be used as a douche.

    He has to be diluted.

  253. you people are actually watching that bullshit half-time crap?

    sorry. no way. They are all douchebags who are salivating at the thought of being taken seriously because of this.

    Bad enough I’m watching NBC. No fucking way I’m gonna watch them pretend that their “thoughtful insights on this tragedy” are worth anything more than the dogshit I cleaned off the bottom of my sneaker last week.

  254. I refuse to watch NBC, hence the movie recommendation.

  255. I actually missed the half time thing while ironing and making sammiches, and judging from comments here and those that are deluging my inbox from FaceDouche, I think I’m glad.

  256. -just want to interject here, that horseradish made from homegrown roots is the bomb and makes the best cocktail sauce for chilled skrimps.

    ok, back to your football whatever

  257. Impressive,. Romo went an entire half without throwing an interception.

  258. That was good.

    Lapeerian horseradish kicks butt.

  259. Mmmmm chilled skrimps… those should really be a dessert.

  260. Laura,
    I have no idea about saffron. We both grew-up poor and have never felt like we could indulge in such an expensive spice. I have never tasted it, or cooked with it.

  261. recipes again?

  262. *involuntarily hums, “I’m just mad about saffron…”*

  263. Wiser,
    Sorry, I suppose I should be devoting my time to watching the National Felons League, and trying to guess who’s gonna be the next to make the news for killin’ his ‘baby momma’, his dog, a neighbor, or getting popped for rape, firearms, or a drug violation.
    So EXcuuuSe Meee!”

    /Steve Martin

  264. I’m sensing a bit of sarcasm from Chrispy……

  265. Stossel

    And Bitchin’ Kitchen chick is on Iron Chef.

  266. She’s a lesbo.

  267. Costas:
    Americas “Gun Culture” is to blame! It’s Not His Fault!

    Fuck you sideways with a pineapple, Costas, you miserable little douche!

  268. Don’t watch these either:

    USA Network
    Universal HD
    Universal Cable Productions

    NBC Sports Group

    Comcast Sports Group
    Golf Channel
    NBC Sports
    NBC Sports Digital Network
    NBC Sports Network

  269. Crispy, a container of saffron big enough to flavor four portions of paella is about $7. That’s a pretty steep price for two big pinches of spice, but it’s not like this is something you eat every day, either. You should try it! Just once. Make a pot of bouillabaisse or paella, find out how you like it.

    If I had to describe the flavor, I would say it was oceanic, somehow. It’s not salty, but it is evocative of beach, and raw ocean scent. Hard to describe. Maybe you chew on a strand of saffron and eat a steamed clam, and tell me what you think.

  270. She’s a lesbo.

    I didn’t say she was hot or anything Scott, I like her schtick.

    I would hit it given a chance.

  271. Nadia G. is hilarious, and had a boyfriend last I checked.

  272. that would be 3 quarters w/o a pick….

    Who is that guy wearing the Romo shirt?

  273. Laura,
    Okay, I’ll try to talk myself into indulging.

  274. Wiser, you have no idea how disappointed I was that I didn’t make it to CT. I was going to walk in your music store and ask your co-workers where the records were.

  275. you have no idea how disappointed I was that I didn’t make it to CT.

    You broke my heart, Fredo

  276. I buy my saffron here Chris

    I think I spent $20.55

  277. Saffron is the only thing I’m allergic to. Makes me puke my guts out. So I can’t eat paealla.

  278. Yeah, well, Enya’s a lesbo, right?

  279. I don’t know if I’ve eaten saffron. If it looks like a young Christina Hendricks, though, it’s worth every penny.

  280. Yeah, well, Enya’s a lesbo, right?

    hell, who isn’t anymore?

  281. Bitchin kitchen chef?

  282. Wow, and I thought I watched all the cooking shows.

  283. Yeah, well, Enya’s a lesbo, right?

    Her music sucks dick, so it’s possible she isn’t.

  284. Chrispy, see if your local Sprouts or other wholesome food store has spices in bulk. You can buy just a little, usually at a decent price.

  285. Bitchin’ Kitchen is pretty fun, Jay. I am yet to see a recipe I want to replicate, but it’s very entertaining.

  286. Bitchin’ Kitchen is Jersey Girl with enough moose to give Bullwinkle a hard on and Xanax, lots of Xanax with Jersey Italian food. I think I dated her sister in the 80’s.

  287. well, shit

  288. Laura’s installing a pole in the garden, XBrad is putting one up in the den………

  289. Hey Wiser , Romo was 10 for 10 and 3 TDs in the second half. Is that good?

  290. And Dallas screws up again…………….

  291. Hey Wiser , Romo was 10 for 10 and 3 TDs in the second half. Is that good?

    For him, that’s fucking amazing.

  292. Seriously, he must be elite or something……

  293. Wow. Romo kilt it.

  294. I get dave watching that game because he’s a Cowboys fan, but why was everyone else watching? I seriously don’t understand the whole thing where people just watch whatever the hell football game happens to be on.

  295. I enjoy “the game” Sean. It was fun to play, and it is fun to watch the pros play it.

  296. And with that touch of delurkifying done, I’m off to watch free shit at amazon. G’night douchcanoes and hot lasses.

  297. WTF?

    Why wasn’t this terror bombing in AZ big news? /rhetorical

    ps – that football player shot his girlfriend 9 times. NINE!. And these gun grabbers think he wouldn’t have grabbed a knife if he had to.

  298. So, Costas says “people like Jevon Belchor” …. Are those some of those racist code words the Left is always bitching about?

    Why does Bob Costas hate black people?

  299. I enjoy baseball, TG. It’s my favorite game. I also enjoy college football and college basketball. But I won’t sit and watch an entire game if I don’t have any interest in either of the teams.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  300. In Soviet Russia, baseball enjoys you!

  301. I need you to come on, come on, come on, come on and take it,
    Take another little piece of my derp now, baby.

  302. wakey wakey

  303. Heh. Just pulled the names for secret santa with little pieces of paper.

    I have to say, that was more fun than I thought it would be. Perhaps it’s the early hour? lol

    It was very exciting.

  304. Ok, every should check their whoremail.

    I can’t believe everyone’s still asleep. I’ve been up since 4:45.
    I did a double yesterday and I’ve got a double today, but my daughter had to be at school at 5 am.

    And she was complaining. The one who did NOTHING all yesterday. Lucky for her I was to tired to raise a hand.

  305. Hot damn. Thank you, Carin.

  306. Oh, and there’s MMM.

    **shuffles off to new poat.

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