Saturday Poat

Today is the LAST DAY to tell me if you wanna play Secret Santa. I’m cereal, this is the last and final day.

You think long and hard about staying out of this beautiful Hostage Holiday tradition.



Speaking of that, I’ve been wanted to ask the Hostegettes something all week.

Hot or Not?


The little thing on his chin needs to go, but there’s something about the cut of his jib …

So – Hot? or NOT?


  1. THis is the best new poat all day!!!!


  2. Whatever.

    You guys suck.

  3. Oh, yeah, like you’re so festive.
    Where’s your Christmas avatar?

    If mine is already up, you are seriously behind.

  4. I tried to change it the other day and the stupid thing wouldn’t load. I’ll try again.

    But it’s weird how it does that for me. I’ve had trouble in the past.

    Either it works (right away) or it never loads.

  5. It just goes back and forth between “waiting” and “connecting”.

    It’s maddening.

  6. Where? At

  7. Yep

  8. Huh. Must be a commie plot.

    In other news, it’s snowing here. Those little dry compressed snow-pellets. I like those.

  9. Tats are NEVER hot.

  10. I also hate wordpress, because I’m trying to change my email addy to the gmail one, but when I do – it says that one is “already being used.”


  11. Imagine him w/o the tats.

    That’s what I do.

    I mean, if I were to “imagine” him.


  12. *makes soothing sounds at Carin and brings her a cup of quaalude tea*

  13. But the people inside my computer are SO STUPID Lauraw.

    Can you put some honey in that tea?

  14. Car in – to change your email address to one already in use, try making it something like (That’s if your email address was – if it is, I’m terribly sorry for having exposed it to the whole wide innertubes.) Gmail will let you create a separate email address that feeds into the same email account (and then can be filtered according to the addition) by using the plus sign and then adding something after it.

    Dude strikes me as a brodouche.

  15. Can you put some honey in that tea?

    I absolutely can do that. Hold on a sec.
    *smothers Carin with a chloroform-soaked rag*

    therrrre you go.

    therrrrrrrrrrrre you go.

    rest now

  16. He’s looking at another man’s butt. So he definitely gets my vote for HOT.

  17. types alice’s instructions partly into computer before I drift off …

  18. …how the Hell is she still typing? Is this not the chloroform? Crap. I better make sure.

    *sniffs rag and crumples to the floor*

  19. You sniff enough chloroform and you develop a tolerance.

  20. *Looks down at Lauraw with amusement

    Some people just can’t handle their cholorform

    *goes on 57 state killing spree

  21. I’m in, Carin – too lazy to send a separate email.

  22. Aren’t commas wonderful things?

  23. Commas. What can’t they do?

  24. Comas too.

  25. **nudges Laura**

    Scott! You have a situation here!

  26. *bites Tushar’s foot in my sleep*

    *wakes up*

    Why does my mouth taste like curried goat ass?

  27. Also, Good Morning Tushar!

    I have to commend you on your avatar. It’s a perfectly fine picture of a guy in a santa hat but for some reason, when YOU use it, it becomes hilariously racist and offensive.

    And I don’t even know why.

    Good job.

  28. You guys all mock me with your santa avatards.

    Mock mock mock

  29. Thanks, Laura. I searched far and wide for the image od an Indian guy who was goofy without being weird, and then found an online app that could add a Santa hat.

  30. Where the heck is Cyn? She’d be on topic.

  31. That dude looks like a date rapist.

  32. If the topic was “how to work while lying on your back” she’d be on it, alright.

  33. Is date rape, rape rape?

  34. Not really, it mostly happens when the chick realizes he’s not going to call her.

  35. h8ers gotta you know what.

  36. Carin, he’s not hot. Looks like someone vandalized him.

  37. Every day I think I have seen everything on the internet, and every day the internet proves me wrong.

  38. Leon, that is a very average looking Indian guy. Indians favor mustaches in higher numbers than Americans, and they tend to be darker than white Americans, and have different features. But he does not look like a date rapist to my eyes.

  39. Some tattoos are art, some are graffiti. We may not be able to describe where the line is drawn, but we know it when we see it.

  40. HotBride knows this song by heart, and can keep up with the lyrics even when she’s half drunk.

  41. Before you get over the horror of an inverted butt implant you first have to understand that she thought that it was a great idea to have it done. Strange times demand strange people or vice versa

  42. Shamelessly stolen from the “Saturday Morning Thread”:

    AOS Lifestyle coach?

  43. Crispy,
    Among other things, the guy was charged with, “transporting lab animals without proper permits”. No idea if that refers to the mice nest found under the seat or the two ample passengers he had.

  44. I had to read upto this part to realize this is a spoof:

    Jimmy Chan, owner of Golden China restaurant claims that he assaulted an employee and caused damages to his establishment.

    “He drink all morning,” said Chan. “He get crazy. I tell him no more beer for you and he throw Pu-Pu platter at waitress. He a very bad man. He broke very expensive mirror!”

  45. Tushar, all I saw were the tats, muscles, and the “daddio” beard. I didn’t even register an ethnicity.

  46. Leon, I thought you are talking about my Avatard, because Laura commneted on that earlier.

  47. Very funny, Crispy.

  48. That mugshot is Rip Torn.

  49. Lose the chin stuff and he’s hot.

  50. Ah, no, your avatar looks like the “best friend” on an Indian sitcom.

  51. It does say: “File under satire”, at the top…

  52. Sweet. Nice. Sick.

  53. So, who else was woken up by people on two different continents in the middle of the night because they could not figure out how to run end of month numbers?

  54. Tushar,
    That used to happen to us a lot. We wrote some software for our friends business. It ended up being used in 24 countries.
    We finally gave the system away to get the phone support directed to someone else…

  55. Comment by osoloco11 on December 1, 2012 11:22 am

    Lose the chin stuff and he’s hot.

    See? I’m not crazy.

    Look at those arms.

  56. Crispy, I work in a global team that supports billions in client assets. By the time friday evening rolls around, the European and Asian teams are well into their weekend, and the North American team is left holding the worldwide bag. It is a nightmare. MARE!!!!

  57. Tushar,
    Our “Big Days” were the weekends.
    Our software was for the Skydiving business.

  58. Car in, I like his hands.

  59. Most of the emergent CT/MRI scans done at night are read provisionally by Radiologists who are awake in their own time zone (Australia for example). It’s been like that for at least a few years here in Bangor. At least they’re awake, unlike Tushar who’s getting the night shift shaft.

  60. Plus – if it makes any difference the tats are all biblical.

  61. I shudder to think what those tats are gonna look like 50 years from now.

    Prolly creep the shit outta his grandkids……

  62. Jimbro, I was not on night shift! I had worked from 8 am to almost 11 pm, and then was woken up at 3.30 & 4.30.

    If I was getting paid overtime like the leeches who work for the Govt, I would be a rich man.

  63. I’d get Leviticus 19:28 tattooed on my wee-wee.

  64. Plus – if it makes any difference the tats are all biblical.

    Not really.

  65. Tushar,
    When I was corporate I made a deal with the boss. I get the 3am call, and fix the problem, you owe me 3 hours.
    It let me go skiing during the week, when tickets were cheaper and lines were short!

  66. I can’t wait to meet this generation’s grandkids. They’ll be untatted teetotalers that think marijuana is for stupid old people. Their illicit drug of choice will probably be tobacco.

  67. Plus – if it makes any difference the tats are all biblical.

    Not really.

    They are sorta. Biblically inspired.
    SHUT UP.

    If he were wearing a pair of yoga pants and sports bra you’d be all over him.

  68. ^I crack myself up

  69. Everyone at work is tatted or pierced or both. Dan and I are the exception. It was the same thing at Target. Fewer face tats at Sam’s Club.

  70. Imma do some yard work today. Rake more leaves, burn some cattails and do my best not to set my face on fire again.

  71. That plain sucks Tushar. I have to take call once a week and one weekend a month. I hate it when I have to go in but I’m paid well and make up for it with days I have an easy OR schedule.

    “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.”

    That’s a lotta words on your wiener

  72. If he were wearing a pair of yoga pants and sports bra you’d be all over him.

    No way, that beard is a dealkiller. Also: no hips.

  73. Imma do some yard work today. Rake more leaves, burn some cattails and do my best not to set my face on fire again.

    Sounds like a plan.

    I’m going to go for a nice long run in a bit and then go to work.


  74. Running is bad and working is for suckers.

    Have a good afternoon :)

  75. Work is for suckers.

  76. Tattoo fever cooling off for one man:

  77. Running is bad and working for suckers.

    Have a good afternoon :)

    Excessive running is bad. And very fast, excessive running. The NYT article said under 8 min miles, which I do NOT do. Over 25 miles a week, which I only do in the height of preparing for a race, not year-round.

    So I’m good.

  78. If I was getting paid overtime like the leeches who work for the Govt

    Heh. Since I’m part-time, I don’t get paid overtime.

  79. Working is still for suckers.

  80. I’ve been permitted OT on two contracts in the last 9 years. I’ve charged maybe 40 hours of OT in the last 12 years total.

  81. IF you’re working for the $$. I work for the pure joy of it.

  82. Oh, well, then, by all means carry on.

  83. When I was corporate, I was always “exempt”, so I got to work all the overtime hours without the burden of the extra money.
    Yea, me!

  84. Barely ambulatory today. No ibuprofen or aspirin for 2 weeks. This Master Chief is not going to be a happy camper.

  85. car in – can i give an “i’m in” here or do i need to send it to your new sooper secret blahmail that i don’t have? guessing firstnamelastname at gblah dot not com

  86. The NYT article said


  87. yep jam. carin dot obrien at blablabla

  88. Why no pain meds, Chief? Surgery prep?

  89. Aggie was in a pretty bad accident last night. Got T-boned by someone running a red.

    She’s banged up, and in pain, but otherwise OK.

    You might wanna send her a prayer or an email or something.

    Saw it on her Faceplant.

  90. speaking of football, see drudge.

  91. Oh no. Prayers for Aggie.

  92. G’morning peepers.

    I’d hit it.

    Prayers for a speedie recovery for Aggie sent.

  93. Good day, sunshines.

  94. KC murder-suicide, high profile version of shit that happens too often. People are unable to walk away and leave without ruining everyone’s lives. Sad.

  95. Leon – Yup.

  96. It’s finally December! Welcome to the Christmas Season!

  97. I’d hit it.


  98. Where’s that whore Mare?

  99. Where’s that whore Mare?


  100. Heh! Any storm in a port!

  101. Secret Santa –> Santa’s Secret

  102. I got an “access denied”, Cyn.

  103. Access denied Cyn, must have been good!

  104. No Hotlinking to your filthy “Upskirt-Santa”, Missy!

  105. HAHA! Try this one:

  106. Did that work? I didn’t have any problems opening either.

  107. Second one worked.


  108. I did not need to see that Cyn. Forever scarred.

  109. Kinda wish my access had been denied on the second one as well……

    That just ain’t right.

  110. *laughs evilly*

  111. Hahahahaha. That was warped, Cyn. I like it.

  112. Little fluffy pellets of hate are lightly floating down from the sky outside. It’s gonna be a long winter


  113. Is it weird that I have a…no, I’d better not say anything.

  114. The boots were kinda hawt, Sean.

  115. Little fluffy pellets of hate global warming


  116. Mr. RFH sent me the next list of charities and catalogs to try to stem the tide of mail. I hadn’t realized that dip in domestic spending was due to my MIL.

  117. Shoveling all of that hate is one thing I do not miss.

  118. Mr. RFH sent me the next list of charities and catalogs

    Next?? Yikes.

  119. I need to try to go hate skiing this year. While we all still have insurance.

  120. MJ, that’s what kids are for. Lock ’em outside till its done.

  121. Just get a hateblower.

  122. I signed up FIL for mail forwarding, and I went through the first box. He is in VA this weekend for a memorial Mass and a couple of doctor’s appointments. Mr. RFH did the driving, of course, and he went through the held mail since the last forwarded package. We are approaching 100 catalogs and charities notified, plus magazines cancelled.

    This was the main reason why I paid for the USPS to do the forwarding. They have a flat rate per week, instead of by weight. I think the first box was 14 lbs.

  123. My driveway gets done by a local guy who charges $40.00 a trip. He knows I pay on time so the job gets done well. I have an attached garage so we just need to shovel the back door. If there’s a fire and we need to get out fast, well, I haven’t thought that one out too much.

  124. My goodness, Roamy. That’s a ton. She must have enjoyed them. I know that my grandmother used to get a crazy bunch as well and loved paging thru them, but I’m not sure how my mom and uncle handled all that when she passed.

  125. Some of it I’m sure is due to selling mailing lists, but yeah, she was a shopper. There’s a metric shit-ton of crap in the house to sort through.

    She liked Catholic charities, saving feathered and furry critter charities, and conservative groups. Giving to both the Reagan Ranch and the Sierra Club makes my head hurt.

    Mr. RFH said one Catholic charity was very nice and sent a Mass card along with a sympathy letter. She must have been good to them.

  126. For xbrad, no one else click:

  127. The high today in North Texas is supposed to be 81 degrees.

    Mr. TiFW went outside and pruned the rosebush branch that was rubbing against the window.

  128. Sorry, jimbo, but I clicked. And I noticed this (among other things):

    Featuring Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, Kelly Hall, India Reynolds, Emily O’Hara, and Sam Cooke.

    Wait, what?

  129. There’s no way I catch up on threads today.

    Synopsis, please.

  130. Yeah, I clicked too.

    Pin-up-posed girls…with bewbs and firearms? Hotspur’s head is going to assplode.

  131. Work is for suckers. Chief is gonna be extra cranky because no pain meds for 2 weeks (upcoming surgery), Aggie got t-boned and rolled and is on happy pills – should be okay but her car, not so much.

  132. Dave:
    1. Sign up for Secret Santa with Carin, or eLSe;
    B. Weather Blog™ Updates!!1!
    #. Hotlinking
    Z. Bewbs.

  133. Actual true thing: I used this song as a derp the other night, and I found out that my friend’s dad co-wrote it.

  134. Oh, and Aggie was in a t-bone MVA last night, but fortunately (thank you baby jesus) seems able to poat to FB.

  135. Thank you sweetness.

    I think I signed up. I better check. Also I just learned about Aggie’s car crash and I’m thanking God she’s ok.

  136. Thank God Aggie is all right

  137. Oh, man. Life can change in an instant.

    Glad she’s okay.

  138. Hey, is that a calendar that is available for sale, or just that guy’s fantasy calendar?

    ‘Cuz Mr. TiFW needs a 2013 calendar :-)

  139. Where are you people that you’re seeing hateflakes already? It’s 55 here in SE MI.


    Pimp this all night.

    I’m thinking about joining in and having my daughter do the mix-ing up so I don’t know who my ss is, but I’m not sure.

    We’ll see.

  141. That’s how I did it, Carin.

  142. I’d like to know how many miles AF1 racked up this year, so I can throw that in the next global warming believer’s face.

  143. Not sure if its for sale, I need to study it in greater detail. Ahem, I’ll be in my bunk for, say, the next 5 minutes.

  144. You know C arin’s daughter?

  145. Yes.

  146. Well, it’s for sale, but I can’t get the website to take my CC – it’s really a debit card, but it’s got a Visa logo on it. Had the same problem with the other DC as well. I even tried going through PayPal, but it’s having problems there, too.

  147. I’m in my bunk and will continue to be so for the next… uhhhh….


  148. I’M IN.


  149. Carin, if he ditches the chin deal, and I can get a look at his smile…I’m in (so to speak).

    Aggie, if you’re reading this, I hope you are doing well and no side effects!

    T-boned is scarrrrrry.

  150. HA! Dave, I did not see your comment before I made mine.

  151. 82 degrees here.

  152. How the heck did we get three hits today from DrudgeReport?

  153. It’s like Mare and I are in the same area or something…..

  154. *turns head to avert eyes from Dave and Mare*

  155. heh. email me since we’re married mare

  156. 12 mile run. 80 degrees.

    Plan to fuck off for the rest of the day.

  157. naps cause mare doesn’t know my email HAHAHAHAHA

  158. I raked the big pile of leaves next to the barn onto a tarp, then dragged it over and cleaned the edge of puddlepond with about a dozen matches.

  159. Dave, re your football thread at the mothership.

    I’m from a mixed marriage. Dad went to Auburn, mom went to ‘bama.

    They were happily married 364 days a year.

  160. Scott is out looking at pellet stoves.

    I asked him to please just look and not buy yet, since we haven’t been really shopping much and need to understand what we’re buying.

    So, he should be back with one and have it installed by 11 am tomorrow.

  161. I still want a big honkin’ wood stove for the cellar as a back up item in case of power loss. Be nice to be able to cook on it too. Put a couple registers in the floor upstairs, be more comfortable up there and save the pipes, in case it gets real cold when we lose power.

    He keeps shooting that idea down. :(

  162. …which is crazy you know, when people are basically giving these big old cast iron stoves away on Craig’s List.

  163. *rolls dead poat over with foot*

    *looks around*

    *takes poat’s wallet*

  164. *sees gold tooth in poat*

    *pulls out pliers & pocket knife*

  165. It’s just resting.

    Off to the pool/spa. BBIAB.


  166. We have an avalon wood stove in the living room. It’s pretty efficient and easy to get going most of the time. It takes the edge off the chill in the house and if we need to it could heat enough to keep the pipes from bursting.

  167. I asked him to please just look and not buy yet, since we haven’t been really shopping much and need to understand what we’re buying.

    So, he should be back with one and have it installed by 11 am tomorrow.



  168. Laura,
    Don’t bags of pellets weigh 50# each? That’s why, when we built this place, we did not install one.
    Anita might be able to schlep that up the stairs with her two bionic hips. I could not. Well, maybe once.

    Pellet-stoves don’t run when the power is out. Wood and gas do.
    If you run a pellet-stove on a generator, use a UPS to stabilize the power, or you can blow-out the controller-board($200/ea). Our local dealer had a BIG stack of controller-boards that he replaced after the last ice-storm.

  169. Pellet stove insert is going in the livingroom fireplace. One of our customers finally spurred us to action this week. He has only bought oil to heat his hot water tank for the last two years. His pellet stove keeps his ranch toasty all Winter, for a fraction of what we pay to freeze our asses off.

    With the price of heating oil predicted to go to $5/ gal this Winter it is a no-brainer. The thing will pay itself off in one year if it’s a cold one.

  170. That’s a good tip on the generator, Crispy.

  171. I don’t know too many real names here except for those who use their real names.

    I know Wiser’s, Rosetta’s, and Oso’s and xbrad’s. Not too sure about any others who use a fake internet name.

    I do not know Hotspur’s name. Is his real first name Hotspur or Dick?


  173. Are you saying that Dickfloss is not your real name?

  174. I prefer gerbera dasies, by the way.

  175. I’m strong & I have a high viscosity.

  176. We got a screaming good deal this year on propane. We put enough folks together to empty the truck in one trip, between us and the folks at the airport down the road. Instead of $2+/gal, we got $1.18/gal. That’s a big f’n deal, as we got 650 gallons of that (we have a 1,000 gallon tank). We fill it once a year and use it for heat(gas-log and furnace), water-heat, and cooking.

    When we lived in the big split-entry, we put an air-tight wood-burning insert in the downstairs fireplace. It heated both floors just fine, and saved us $90/month on electricity.

  177. Comment by Stark Dickflüssig on December 1, 2012 4:47 pm

    hahahahaha…Stark is old school Hostage, I like it.

  178. Wood’s somewhere North of $200/cord around here. I’m not so sure you’re saving much money, but I could be mis-taken.

  179. Flowers do have that special way of saying, “I’m Sorry”, after a good raping*.

    *not rape-rape

  180. Pellets are fluctuating around 250 per ton, and we can expect to go through 2-3 tons per year, depending on the Winter, and not really worry too much about the exact temperature we’re keeping in the house. That’s awesome, compared to what we pay for oil, and the physical comfort aspect is huge.

  181. Oh, and this is pretty cool.

  182. Stark,
    We live in the Pacific North Wet.
    City folks grow grass. The rest of us grow trees, as far as the eye can see. If’n you don’t have wood, you know someone who does and wants some of it cut.
    Large amounts of it fall in the winter due to wind, snow, and/or ice.
    It’s along every road and rail-line.
    Bring your own chain-saw…

  183. How on Earth are you s’posed to stay warm cutting wood with a chain saw?

  184. I’m sorry, I’m being contentious. I’m going to go back to drinking & sulking.

  185. Yeah, that’s the thing about the wood stove in the cellar. We can get one practically for free on Craig’s list, and our property generates enough dead wood to feed it, for the few times we might need to fire it up.
    All we would need to buy is the pipe for the flue.



  188. I’m going to go ahead and say that this is the most astute she’s ever been:

  189. I don’t know too many real names here except for those who use their real names.

    My real name is Frieda.

  190. Besides being the world’s biggest porn star, she’s an idiot:


  192. I thought Carmen, late of BBF, was the world’s biggest porn star?

  193. It’s funny to read on twitter, etc., how the fans of Alabama and Georgia think the other team is getting the calls. I don’t have any skin in this game, Do. Not. Care. I just want the winner to crush Notre Dame. And if the winner doesn’t crush Notre Dame, the SEC is dead to me and I will forever mock them for the pretenders they are, they can shove their superior attitude up their ass, but I digress.

    Reading the comments is a hoot, with the outrage and the emotion, and what not.

  194. Christmas cheer is about 85 cents a gallon. It burns pretty good.

  195. comment by mare BENGHAZI TRAVESTY on December 1, 2012 5:50 pm
    II just want the winner to crush Notre Dame.
    Amen sister! I want them to go down in flames.

  196. All my hate keeps me warm.

    That and the highs in the low 80s here.

  197. Mare – Why do you hate the catholic kids?

  198. Watching Future World on MGM Classics – the womens’ pantsuits are glorious

  199. The USS Enterprise (CVN-65) is dead.
    Long live the USS Enterprise (CVN-80)!

  200. Anyone who lives in colder climes and have piped natural gas, consider installing a generator that burns NG. You get heat and electricity by burning the fuel only once. Honda and a few others sell these.

  201. Human technicians replaced with robots – “See they have no ego, so they have no hang ups.”

  202. It’s a no brainer. It’s going to cost about $2500 to save $2000 a year.

  203. Because that fake Catholic piece of shit school invited the most pro choice, pro partial birth abortion President to speak AND receive an honor from the school.

    Those freaking chickens are coming home to roost.

  204. Good call, Scott. You’ll recoup that in nothing flat.

    Is it in yet?

  205. Mare – yeah, I’m sure the administration consulted the football team on that call!

  206. I didn’t see the football team protest. Did you?

  207. I just want the winner to crush Notre Dame.

    I love you, Mare. Deep, deep commitment kind of love.

  208. It was standing room only.

    A couple of your favorite schools screwed the pooch on doing the right thing.

    I don’t like them, no harm to you, I assume you don’t care.

  209. Hey, Aggie, I know that’s the drugs talking but how are you and did you poo your pants after the accident?

  210. HEY!!! I only take the drugs before bed. The alcohol, however, will flow before too long ;)

    I’m doing fine, sore as hell, and have a bruise that looks like a rainbow tattooed on my hip. I am pissed off, however, that they cut away my Soma bra and my new undies. On the upside, I managed to keep them clean :D

  211. Feel better soon, Aggie! These next few days are going to be rough on your body, and don’t take so many pain meds that you cannot tell if there’s something really serious going on.

  212. I am glad the Ford class carrier after Kennedy will be named USS Enterprise. I hope to one day see USS George W Bush and never have to see any named after Clinton or *gag* Obama.

  213. Was the at-fault vehicle driver impaired? Oh and take pics of your bruising.
    /mom and adjuster hat off

  214. “…I managed to keep them clean ”

    Good girl and excellent job on the pretty underwear during an accident.

  215. Dammit! Someone got to see nekkid Aggie, and it wasn’t me.

  216. No worries on that count, Cyn. I hate taking medication, and avoid it if I can. That doesn’t apply to wine, though.

  217. Get well soon, Aggie. And enjoy the meds in the meantime.

  218. Nice to see you, Agatha. Take one hooker and two booze out of petty cash.

  219. Oh sure, Brad. Twenty five people THAT WORK WITH HUBBY got to see my bruises and bumps. Yay…me…

    I have no idea, Cyn, but the police officer took their info and I have the case number and yes, pics of bruising will be taken.

  220. Thanks, Tushar, and I’m way ahead of you, Pupster.

  221. Yeah, take pics. Post them here. ;-)

  222. Twenty five people THAT WORK WITH HUBBY got to see my bruises and bumps. Yay…me…

    The office Christmas party won’t be awkward at all this year…

  223. Aggie, were kids in the car?

  224. So 25 people who were not close family or medical staff got to see you naked?

  225. Yeah, take pics. Post them here.

    HA! Noooope.

    The office Christmas party won’t be awkward at all this year…


    Aggie, were kids in the car?

    No, thanks be to God. I was alone, coming back from dinner with scrapbooking friends. I break down every time I think what would have happened had they been in the car, since they hit the passenger side.

  226. I loaded and unloaded 5 truckloads of firewood today. I dunno how many cords it is, it still needs split, but it was too good of a deal to pass up. Dude is clearing a wooded lot and said come get it.

  227. Tushar, they were medical staff :D

  228. “Twenty five people THAT WORK WITH HUBBY got to see my bruises and bumps. Yay…me…”

    I almost asked if your husband knew any of the Docs/nurses who worked on you.

    10,000 points on the clean/pretty undies. To be used for booze, new undies and some more booze.

  229. “…since they hit the passenger side.”

    OMGOSH….that kind of made my stomach turn.

  230. And that is why I love you, Mare :D

  231. Pupster, are you going to be sore tomorrow?

  232. If that many people saw you, one of them is bound to have taken pics. I’m sure XBrad will find them on the internet soon………..

  233. Glad to hear you are ok, Aggie.

  234. I’m pretty effing sore RIGHT NOW.

  235. And that is why I love you, Mare

  236. Thanks, MJ.

    XBrad will find them on the internet soon

    I pray y’all have a firewall.

  237. Aggie – Heal up, amiga.

  238. Glad you are going to be OK Aggie.

    I haven’t been in a bad wreck for a long time but I remember what it feels like.

  239. How do I make a 3 1/2″ hole through the back of my fireplace?

    Where is that whore Hotspur?

  240. Found ’em!

  241. The AL-GA has been punctuated by a fair amount of yelling at the TV in this house. Good game.

  242. Found ‘em!

    No, those are PJM’s post-tummy tuck pics.

  243. No, those are PJM’s post-tummy tuck pics.


  244. The AL-GA has been punctuated by a fair amount of yelling at the TV in this house.

    Is the Tide rolling?

  245. I’m sure Andy is pissed, but, wow, that was a great game.

  246. Aggie, the Tide rolled. 32-28, a battle right down to the wire.

  247. Aggie, the Tide rolled.

    Now I just want to hear the lamentation of Notre Dame ;)

  248. Yeah, what Mare said about Notre Dame. They came here to my son’s high school to recruit, and I said under no circumstances am I paying for you to go there and end up with your faith warped by those clods.

  249. Hey, you guys think we should’ve spiked the ball to stop the clock there at the end?

  250. Is this something?

    Time for a drink!

  251. I’d rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother who played for Nick Saban. Just sayin’.

  252. Yeah it was a great game. One of the best I can remember, with huge stakes.

    So of course we lost.

  253. Aggie I’m glad you didn’t get super konked honey.

  254. **kicks Andy while he’s down**

    **orders Yellowjacket apparel for him**

    **spikes the ball**

  255. Aggie I’m glad you didn’t get super konked honey.

    Thanks, Dave. I’ll let the wine konk me :D

  256. I haven’t read up yet, your car rolled? Sonofa.

    That’s the worst thing ever. I’m so glad you’re ok!!

  257. A friend made lasagna so I wouldn’t have to cook tonight. And Eldest just made chocolate chip cookies. And did I mention there is wine? Because there is wine.

  258. Where is that whore, Leon Caruthers?

  259. AGGIE!!!!!!!

    So very glad that you are OK, dear one – scary stuff ♥♥♥

  260. Hey Aggie, have you ordered a hoveround yet?

    Maybe you can get the Dr. to prescribe a hot tub, for “therapy”.

  261. Did anybody ignore anybody else’s “safe word” today?

  262. Fire is a good safe word.

  263. Mr. TiFW and Rebecca just got back from getting dinner – apparently Rebecca was so touched when she heard “How Great Thou Art” that she started crying in the car.

    When she came in the house she took my hand, wiped her eyes with it, and said, “Sad, Mama”.

  264. Anyone else just see their granddaughter in The Nutcracker?

  265. There you are.

  266. Hotspur, I may be installing a pellet stove insert in the near future. It needs to breath fresh air. Any suggestions on putting a 3.5″ hole through the back of my fireplace?

  267. Time travel has not yet been invented, Hospurt, so no.

  268. No, but I helped to carry a 300lb+ safe up a set of rickety stairs.

  269. Awww – was she adorable, Hotspur?

    I bet you were grinning from ear to ear :P

  270. >> Any suggestions on putting a 3.5″ hole through the back of my fireplace?

    That’s about 3 sticks of dynamite, right?

  271. That’s what I was afraid of.

    I need to buy or rent stuff.

  272. I was thinking cannon.

  273. >> Any suggestions on putting a 3.5″ hole through the back of my fireplace?

    A 2.4mm mortar should do it.

  274. Seriously, though: find one of those whores who promises to do anything you want for $50, & have her drill the hole.

  275. Scott, you could go old school and do it with a star drill and cold chisel. Or hire a mason. It would take him about 2 hours max.

  276. Comment by scott on December 1, 2012 9:24 pm
    Any suggestions on putting a 3.5″ hole through the back of my fireplace?
    Maybe Aggie could help, she’s got experience at wrecking stuff. ;-)

  277. C4 is the ticket.

  278. The alternative costs about $350

  279. She was indeed, adorable. They all were – ages 20 down to about 5 or 6.

    Nice production.

  280. Mr. TiFW is hooking up the new Internet-friendly Blu-Ray player/system. There are wires EVERYWHERE.

    After going through all of the steps to set this stuff up, he’s wondering how many people are able to hook their stuff up by themselves.

    It’s taking these 2 college-educated yokels a long time to figure out what we’re doing…..

  281. Wait, what kind of cack-handed job is this that you’re putting a fucking pellet stove in a real fire place? Did you regularly buy things from BILLY MAYS (RIP, you coke-addled SOB)?

  282. $650 installation is looking better.

  283. $350 for a mason is cheap, my brother.

  284. That’s only part of it MCPO. The exhaust parts will cost me about $400, and I will have to get on top of our chimney.

    Screw that.

  285. Dickfloss, how do you drill if your wall is thicker than 4″? Drill 4″, chisel away some material, and drill again? I am interested in punching through a brick wall to exhaust the odoriferous curry fumes from the kitchen.

  286. Go for the full install Scott. It will be done quickly, with a guarantee, and you’ll break even after 2 or 3 winters.

    Not that you couldn’t do it yourself, of course.

  287. Stark, it’s a small house. We only have room for an insert, meaning 2/3’s of it will be inside the fireplace.

  288. >> Mr. TiFW is hooking up the new Internet-friendly Blu-Ray player/system. There are wires EVERYWHERE.

    Power cable + HDMI = done. Throw the rest of the wires away.

  289. Hotspurt, I think I accidentally deleted some of your comments when I was messing around with commenting on images. Sorry ’bout that.

  290. Accidentally, my ass.

  291. Shut up, Cyn. Love you!

    Scott, you could go old school and do it with a star drill and cold chisel. Or hire a mason. It would take him about 2 hours max.

    Sir, you obviously have never hired a mason in Connecticut. It would actually take him 20 minutes. Next Summer. But you won’t know that, until he shows up at 6 am while you’re in your bathrobe. And he wants the cash right that minute. At 6 am. When you’re in your bathrobe. Eighty-seventeen months after you originally hired him.

  292. Hotspur, that star drill is nice and all, but that’s why God invented the hammer drill/masonry bit combo.

    Hammer away. I’ll be at the bar.

  293. Laura, buy him a star drill and sledge hammer for Christmas.

  294. Hey Scott, buy some slugs for the shotgun and blast away, problem solved!! Probably better to shoot from the inside out.

  295. *leans back, sipping sangria and munching popcorn*

  296. Thanks Hotspur, I might try that.

  297. $350 for a mason is cheap, my brother.

    Try a Freemason, and save the $350.

  298. Try talking to it.

  299. Evening all!

  300. Masonry bits and a hammer. If you ask me Scott.

  301. That is pretty funny Xbad

  302. Where is that whore, Leon Caruthers?

    I was busy watching all of season 3 of Archer.

  303. *sets b-rad on fire*

  304. Good morning Revvy.

  305. Hi Scott.
    It’s not morning.

  306. Scott is big in Japan.

  307. Not in my world.

  308. I’m huge in Korea. Seriously, those people are tiny.

  309. Revvy’s avatard is giving me the agita.

  310. Leon – You’re big in Ann Arbor too.

  311. “It would actually take him 20 minutes. Next Summer. But you won’t know that, until he shows up at 6 am…”

    just finishing a home renno that included a substantial masonry undertaking. I couldn’t get any of the local “contractors” to do the hard part. They were more than willing to show up at their leisure to supervise the job as long as i had brought everything to grade, poured the footings, set the forms, ordered the concrete and hired a pump truck and labor… they were very reasonably priced too… only 3 X materials.


    i did the job myself.
    just finishing – took me a fucking year.

  312. She doesn’t sleep MCPO.

  313. Whore LeonCaruthers, I am read all these articles about sprouting and fermenting grains to make them more safe for consumptions. Supposed to reduce the phytomites and anticritters.

    You are fourteen steps further along on the research trail than me. Thoughts?

  314. I am like MJ among the Masai tribesmen.

  315. Pictures Scott sitting in the fireplace tapping away. Ominous rumble, whole fireplace collapses except for the brick he’s drilling………….

  316. Laura.

  317. Ominous rumble, whole fireplace collapses except for the brick he’s drilling………….

    *tries to stifle, fails*


  319. jam2, compounding the difficulty with hiring a mason in CT is that they all have the same first name. There is not an Italian Vincenzo or Vinny or Vincent in the state of Connecticut, whose life mission isn’t to attach mortar to stone and brick.

    And none of the fuckers identify themselves definitively when leaving a telephone quote for work. This happened to us, ten years ago, when we needed a cap on our chimney.

    After leaving messages at many different companies, requesting work quotes, we ended up with six answering-machine messages from guys who all said: “HEY. Dis is Vinny da MASON. I saw yer jahb, look like seven hunnerdollar to me. Let me know. *click*”

    SO. Six of the ten Vinnies called me back.

    How do I know which ones they are, from my original call list? And how do I know which one is the one who left the best quote?

  320. I’ve read up on it, Laura, and it’s plausible. The Weston A. Price people have done the yeoman’s work on researching how traditional cultures have made use of grains over the years through sprouting and soaking and fermenting and all that stuff.

    My opinion is that it seems a lot of work, and it makes sense if you’re starving and the only thing you’ve got to eat is some grass seeds. If my needs call for starch in a particular day, I may indulge in some white rice because it’s fairly low in toxins (and nutrition other than just amylose). Other than that, I just can’t see going to all that effort to make something marginally safer to consume unless it’s literally all that’s available.


    I’ll take the one on the left.

  322. I also hear good things about buckwheat (not really a grain, or even related to wheat). I’m indifferent. Tubers are enough for me.


  324. Correct. It’s a famine food. Be good to keep a couple 5-gal pails of whole-seed rye around, for no reason.

  325. *Reads Laura and Leon’s discussion. Heads up to kitchen for PB sammich and a big ol’ chocolate malt.*

  326. XB, it appears that someone cut slits in those poor girls’ uniforms.

  327. I boiled some buckwheat groats last Spring and I am not a fan of the flavor. I sowed the rest and they were a good green cover crop for a bad patch of my garden. Good bee plant, too.

  328. “Vinny or Vincent “….
    i had the same results… one uncle / nephew team helped break the monotony though… Vinny and Luigi – no joke

    i hate masons (XB’s lodge #666 not withstanding) – i muled for a couple of the bastards when i was younger; to make money for school. they’re pricks. And they prey on ppl who can’t find an alternative.

  329. Lumping for masons is hard, dumb, low-paying work, jam2. That’s why God made strong idiots.

  330. Mare?

    (may be NSFW)

  331. Sleep time.

  332. >

  333. A pic of Mare kilt it?

    Bedtime for me……………..

  334. Pepe – It’s safe enough for MY work. *goes back to playing piano in whorehouse*

  335. “I’ll take the one on the left.”
    xb your BFF needs one of these:

  336. looks like MCPO picked a bad week to stop smoking crack

  337. Power cable + HDMI = done. Throw the rest of the wires away.

    My bad – forgot to mention that the wires were for the new speakers…..

  338. Be good to keep a couple 5-gal pails of whole-seed rye around, for no reason.

    If Leon has gluten issues, he can’t do that – rye is one of the “big three” no-nos…..

  339. Tifw, had a member return dog food yesterday. Her dog has a gluten intolerance! I thought of you!!!

  340. Did Oso just call TiFW a dog?

  341. so, does anyone remember when I met that guy last year who promised me a job at his radio station?

    And how that turned out to be a total clusterfuck?

    So, at tonight’s Xmas party, I met a guy who works for a radio station who PROMISES he would call me back re: a job.

    I can’t tell you how excited I am….

  342. Good luck on that Wiser :D

  343. Good luck on that Wiser

    oh yeah…..

    I’m totally holding my breath…..

  344. Good luck, Wiser!

  345. XB, heh. I just thought it was funneh that someone has to read nutrition panels for their dog. (Ignores the fact that my dogs can only tolerate an expensive dog food that I have to buy at a doggeh spa or online)

  346. Good luck, Wiser!

    trust me, it’s not happening.

    I really want it to happen.

    so it’s not happening

  347. I can hope anyway. I may be a PollyAnna.

  348. I can hope anyway. I may be a PollyAnna.

    have I ever told how awesome it is here since you delurked?

  349. Thank you.

  350. Just remember, Wiser. Turkeys can’t fly.

  351. Thank you.


  352. Turkeys can’t fly.

    as God is my witness,,,,,,,

  353. sleepy time


  354. G’night!

  355. Family friend that was “adopted” into family as Aunt was just diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She has been a part of my life for over 40 years and her eldest son married one of my cousins. I am so sick of cancer.

  356. Oso changed her name to “Polly”? Dafuq?

  357. Superman or Green Lantern ain’t got a-nothin’ on me
    I can make like a turtle and derp for your pearls in the sea, yeah!

  358. Heh, TGSG. PollyAnna, rose colored glasses, Bright Side of Life. I have to believe that there is something better out there for all of us. The alternative is too much to contemplate. At least I’m not a Cubs fan.

  359. I’m a bit like that too Oso.

  360. At least I’m not a Cubs fan.

    I was born into that. I think someone pissed off a gypsy a few generations ago or something.

  361. I’m glad TGSG.

  362. Sean, I thought it was bad enough you were an Angels fan. I always felt bad that the Cowboy never got his WS. I never really hated the Cubs because I could never get enough effort to do so…yawn.

  363. Hell, at least the Angels won it in 2002. I don’t think I need to remind you of what happened to the Cubbies the very next year.

  364. My Fantasy baseball team was the Steve Bartman’s after that. There may have been Cub fans in my league. I always post A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request on opening day.

  365. Pupster!

  366. Being a Cubs fan is easy. There’s no stress. You don’t have to worry about “will my team win the World Series?” or fight to get playoff tickets.

  367. I understand the Navy goat, but not the Cubs goat. A guy wanted to take a goat to a game? Really? Dumbest baseball superstition ever!!!! (Cactus League Schedule is out. SQUEEEEEE!)

  368. Happy Birthday, BiW!!!!

  369. *back in the hole – slave*

    this project is never going to end

  370. did Pupster sign the appropriate release forms?

  371. Good morning, faces of ass.

  372. Rain today, who the hell piled up all this firewood in my backyard?


  373. Rained here too, which was the capstone of my “clean up the yard with fire” plan for yesterday.

  374. Comment by wiserbud on December 2, 2012 12:03 am

    So, at tonight’s Xmas party, I met a guy who works for a radio station who PROMISES he would call me back re: a job.
    He probably just wants to get into your pants……………..

  375. Watching the birds pig out on niger seed.

    Fucking racists.

  376. Christmas Casting Couch Solutions

  377. Foggy here this morning. Warm front.

    Good morning. Sorry if I was annoying last night. I had dranked some stuff.

    Doing brunch at MIL today. Gonna show her how to make a batch of delicious toasted coconut butter.

  378. Last night?

  379. Yesterday was just such a beautiful day, 50’s, overcast, slight breeze, perfect for working outdoors. The lot where I picked up the firewood is in a pretty swanky country neighborhood, 3 to 50 acre lots, big houses, barns, horsies. The first time I pulled up to the woodpile there was a momma deer and two yearlings looking at me from about 50 feet away, just hanging out.

    Today is still warm but it started raining as soon as the sun came up, I don’t think it is going to quit. I was hoping to get the wood stacked and start splitting the big pieces, but I ain’t gonna do it in the rain.

  380. Wakey wakey

  381. Good morning, Hotspur. Did you ever find out why Hotwife draws dotted lines on you while you’re sleeping?

    How big is that big new oven of hers anyway?

  382. I thought those were to delineate where she was going to begin caressing first.

  383. *points to Hotspur’s shoulder, which has been written on*

    Who’s ‘Chuck’?

  384. You’d have to be desperate to roast meat that old.

  385. Probably be okay if you dry age it.

    Hotspur, does she make you sleep in a really cold room on a salt slab?

  386. I dunno, I’d still go with a slow braise rather than roasting.

  387. Pupster, sorry your outdoor festivities were cut short. I hate it when that happens. Especially this time of year; good weekends for getting things done outside are in short supply.

  388. New Poast.

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