It’s Deer Season!

Sunday hunting was legalized last year for archery only.

I did all my prep-work . . .
I scouted the area all summer. . .
I searched out the best location for my tree-stand . . …
I set it all up a month ahead of time . . .
I trailed the herd . . .
I picked out a trophy buck .. ..
Two days before opening day I rechecked every aspect of the hunt . .. .
Everything was in place . . ..
Sunday morning, I woke up at 2 am . .. .
I put on my camo, loaded my pack, set out for my stand . . .
This was destined to be an epic hunt . . ..
As I approached my deer stand . .

. . . I changed my mind–decided to go to church instead.


Good point, Jay. Why don’t people dress up for church anymore?


  1. I wonder if my feed store takes EBT.

  2. Why not, everybody else does. Plus, animals have the right to eat too!

    EBTs for cattle! It can be part of the new farm bill.

  3. If they don’t they are racists.

    Wait, what color are your horsies again?

  4. I should divorce my wife and let her live with me rent-free. She has no income and might get a ton of bennies.

  5. My horses are brown and red.

  6. Phew, at least they aren’t evil white horses.

    They make Elmer’s glue from white horses. It’s all they are good for.

  7. Golden.

    You should also look into opening a casino on behalf of the red one.

  8. “I should divorce my wife and let her live with me rent-free. She has no income and might get a ton of bennies.”

    It’s beyond comprehension that whole sections of our society consciously make those kinds of decisions.

  9. This post reflects what day it is.

  10. When you incentivize something, you get more of it.

  11. This post has been updated like maufauqer.

  12. Amen, Leon.

  13. *incentivizes blowjobs

  14. The best part is that the bennies grow if she has our children out of wedlock.

  15. Excellent update!

  16. If you are not married, Medicaid pays for the birth. If you are married, you pay.

    Do the math.

  17. Dammit, this is starting to sound like a good idea.

  18. My mascara says it will add 200% more volume to my lashes. I think that’s bs. Leon, may I please borrow your electron microscope?

  19. Don’t get any electrons in your eyes, mare!

  20. *incentivizes responsibility

  21. *incentivizes responsibility

    Crazy talk.

    Leon, may I please borrow your electron microscope?

    I haven’t started that business yet, so it’s still on my Amazon wishlist.

  22. “If you are not married, Medicaid pays for the birth. If you are married, you pay.”

    That is so crazy and assbackwards that, again, it’s beyond comprehension.

  23. Don’t let her take it, Leon! I loaned her my flux contabulator months ago and she still hasn’t returned it.

  24. Yes, if you are a responsible person, you worry about being able to afford having children.

    If you are an irresponsible person, you don’t worry about it.

  25. “flux contabulator ”

    I needed (need) that to measure if my face serum is softening my fine lines and wrinkles. So far? SUCKS!

  26. When I buy the EM, though, I’ll totally do it through the Hostages Amazon link.

  27. 100% true. My wife’s half sister has two kids and adopted one from the father. He has 5 kids from 3 different girls. Surprisingly, he split.

    She’s 21 with three kids and works part time at McDonalds.

    How Mrs MJ turned out normal is totally beyond me.

  28. This is not dissimilar to my mother-in-law’s family.

  29. snow is falling here

    pretty, puffy, hate-filled flakes of snow

  30. I give some people so much credit, they really do rise above their circumstances…against the odds. I’d like to think I would have, but pffffffft, who knows?

  31. Hah, Wiser. The snow here is especially hatey.

    *runs outside to catch a snowflake on my tongue*

  32. “pretty, puffy, hate-filled flakes of snow”


  33. I attribute much of my success in life to my short stature and early wakefulness. It made me try harder, and forced me to solve problems with my mind. Problems like “how do I get a bowl out of that cabinet up there so I can eat before mom gets out of bed”.

  34. Given that, I don’t think there was any way I could turn out a parasite, if only because it gave me contempt for those that didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t do things on their own.

  35. I think I’m that way too, Leon. I do have that hatey style contempt for the slackers of the world.

  36. Today is going to beautiful. 75 degrees with a very slight chance of hate rain in the afternoon.

  37. I can’t wait to be a parasite. I’m going to be a parasite in Hawai’i though. Probably Oahu since they have more food banks. I do have a beach picked out on Kaua’i if they ever get their transportation/free food stuff figured out. I may have to Island hop.

  38. Isn’t it cute how they’ve tried to sweep Benghazi under the rug, like it’s something only us right wing nut jobs think is worthy of the Country’s attention?

  39. Ambassadors being murdered isn’t interesting.

  40. The election is over. Benghazi was just a right wing distraction. We really don’t want questions answered, we’re just trying to harass TFG. H8 questions from H8ing H8Rs that are also Rayciss!

  41. “Raciss H8r” would make a great t-shirt.

  42. Comment by MJ on November 27, 2012 10:06 am
    How Mrs MJ turned out normal is totally beyond me.

    Ummmmm, she actually married you, so I’m not too sure about the normal thing……….

  43. 4 men dead AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO BE, 2 former Seals, whom I’m sure put their lives on the line numerous times for our Country.

    It truly makes me sick.

    Please watch for about 2-3 minutes starting at 35:58….just a few minutes, it’s a perfect response as opposed to what happened:

  44. No snow here, but my neighbor (Dr. Mike) has this cypress tree that dumps hate leaves into my pool in the fall, requiring me to clean them up. Not griping too much, Dr. Mike hooked me up with his housekeeper and yard guy, both of whom do fine work.

    Dr. Mike is an interesting guy. He’s actually a doctor, but spends most of his time traveling all over the world as a food writer. I think he’s at home about 15% of the time. I thought I used to travel a lot, but this guy is amazing. His real home is an airplane.

  45. Nothing sticks to Obama. I remember the left & media defending rape and murder in the 90s.

    But there’s no bias.

  46. If anyone is still interested, here’s a bargain on an electron microscope. You can buy two at this price.

  47. George, I was gonna order two of those electron microscopes, but they don’t accept my Discover card.

  48. Howdy, beautiful wimmens and self-abusers!

    Cleaned up, shaved, dressed and laundry started.

  49. I need one that works, George. That’s a fixer-upper.

  50. Hey, I’m sure all it needs is some paint and after you grease the vacuum pump with some hate it will work fine. Looks like it will store easily too. You can put it in your desk when you’re not using it.

  51. MCPO, did you lose weight? I was thinking there was a little something different about that photo last night, besides your hairdo.

  52. Everybody’s losing weight!

    *runs around banging pots together*

  53. I’m almost on my last belt notch, but my weight’s not really going down much. Recomp!

  54. LauraW – Yes, ma’am. I’ve lost about 35 lbs since we last met.

  55. You’re looking svelte, MCPO.

  56. Still some work to do, especially now that golf season appears to be ending.

  57. Looking good, everybody!

  58. Now poop on them Oliver!

  59. Looks like our rulers are sniffing around 401(k)s and the mortgage interest deduction again. Levin thinks they will come after your retirement savings. I wish that guy weren’t correct so often.

  60. Bear tastes better than deer anyway.

  61. George, they’re not seizing your 401(k), they’re guaranteeing your retirement!

  62. How ’bout we stop subsidizing banks, Monsanto, the wind farms, solar panels and farmers growing grass first? Just a thought.

  63. Time to cash out the retirement fund, I suppose.

  64. Anybody watch Blood and Chrome? Is it any good?

  65. Looks like our rulers are sniffing around 401(k)s and the mortgage interest deduction again. Levin thinks they will come after your retirement savings. I wish that guy weren’t correct so often.

    But, you’ll get a voucher for every penny in your 401(k)! That voucher is guaranteed, too, by the full . . . oh, sorry, by the Nameless Ones at the Social Security Administration. Just don’t make eye contact (& try to not look at the name plaque on the desk: if those syllables get into your mind we can’t be responsible for your soul being stripped from your body, breaded, & deep fried by the Ancient Ones) & that Obama Cash™ will keep pouring into your Fully Vested & Secured Social Security Trust Fund (in ever increasing amounts, I might add. For instance, this year you qualify for $830/mo, & by next year that’ll be up to $45,000/mo, an increase of 5300%!!!).

    Also, uh, inflation has been legally capped at 200%, so your money is definitely safe. Seriously, we have price controls. Those work perfectly.

  66. Heh, like they won’t make it retroactive, Leon. Our CT governor made ex post facto biz regulations already, and he is basically Obama’s mini-me.

    There is not law anymore, only the will of our betters.

  67. How is that not unconstitutional, Laura?

  68. How does it matter, when no one will enforce the law, Leon? Republicans are vastly outnumbered in the state legislature. We also have a balanced budget requirement in the state constitution, but he has violated that each year running. And the courts are his tools and useless to us, too.

  69. Constitution? What’s that?

  70. When the speaker of the house was asked about the constitutionality of the health care act, and she laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of the question, there’s your answer.

  71. Oh yeah. Some old wooden boat in Boston.


  73. John Roberts phones to say no one is more devoted to the Constitution than he is, for purposes of the Anti-Injunction Act.

  74. Hilarious, xbrad!

  75. Republicans are vastly outnumbered in the state legislature.

    but.. but.. but..

    Malloy’s now inviting Republicans to sit at the budget meeting table and to offer up their ideas to help cover the $1.2Billion budget shortfall (one year after a $2Billion tax increase.)

    Gee, he wouldn’t only be doing that so he can blame those evil, nasty Republicans for not bringing anything reasonable or practical to the table, would he?

    Seriously…. “spending cuts???” Why, that’s not helpful at all, you silly Republicans!

    But thanks for giving the dear Gov. a talking point to beat you over the heads with in the next election!

  76. Seems legit. . .

  77. Anybody else having trouble getting Insty to load?

  78. Yeah, that “invitation” isn’t an obvious setup, right? Like Obama’s “invitations” that are just offered so that he can use the pulpit to publicly ridicule his target while they do the slow burn?

  79. Mrs MJ made an excellent point while we were driving back from the Italian market (she took today off).

    What’s the difference? We’re going to pay more in taxes, so we’ll just cut our charitable donations.

    Sad face emoticon.

  80. That’s what the Obamites want. They would love to eliminate personal charity completely, starting with the deduction.

  81. That’s what the Obamites want. They would love to eliminate personal charity completely, starting with the deduction.

    So, I guess because I stopped donating to charities years ago, I’m really fucked, huh?

  82. I meant ‘private,’ not personal. duh

  83. All these needs can be served by the state.

    Next, religion!

  84. Next, religion!

    Already taken care of.

    See: “our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama!”

  85. It’s not Obamites. It’s America that wants it. We, who believe in personal responsibility, the Constitution and American exceptionalism, are now an ever-decreasing minority. I see nothing to reverse the trends of the last 30 years.

    The America I spent 30 years defending will be gone in my lifetime. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to save it.

  86. Already taken care of.

    Subvert their rules: must provide contraception and abortion services, against the code of the much older church

    Donations will go down, reducing their power and control of charitable donations.

    Soon, tax exempt status will go away, too.

  87. All sex, with no responsibility. That seems to be one of the common drivers.

  88. See: “our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama!”

    I once saw his face in a sand trap and I felt a calling to erect a shrine on the 18th hole.

  89. I’m glad you didn’t get caught crapping on the green, George.

  90. Kilt it with that?

  91. Gotta kill it with something. Crapping’ll do.

  92. That’s what the Obamites want. They would love to eliminate personal charity completely, starting with the deduction.
    I agree with you. This is a good line of attack.

    War on Charity. Forget religion, it’s too polarizing. Everyone likes to think of themselves as charitable.

  93. Just got done with “enrollment” in my post-PPACA health care plan. New surcharge added because the wife is eligible for other coverage. Dandy.

  94. Wheel in a bald kid and explain that they will die because of the War on Charity.

  95. Paying taxes is charity, right? You’re helping people.

  96. I see Ace has suggested vagina for person of the year.

    Yes, Vagina. There is a Santa Claus.

  97. Good day, people who are avoiding MJ’s church.

  98. Paying taxes is charity, right? You’re helping people.
    Nope. Your money is being taken to fund the lavish lifestyle of the new aristocracy.

  99. No, no, no. My money goes solely to help people. I was assured of this, during the last election.

    It’s your money that funds that other stuff, not mine.

  100. My tax dollars go to buy that poor Sandy Fluke a blowjob, to get his mind off of condoms.

  101. It’s helping me, Jay.

    *uses ex-wife’s EBT card to buy chicken feed*

  102. Dear Cairo Protesters,

    Please don’t throw rocks at my Embassy.

    Try the presidential palace.

  103. The Egyptians have a legitimate beef with the US, Pupster. Without Obama, Hosni wouldn’t be president.

  104. Don’t blame me, I voted for the guy who doesn’t have Muslim Daddy Issues.

  105. Your mean Morsi.

    I don’t give a fuck.

  106. You’re right, I do. I can’t keep track of my turd world dictators anymore.

  107. In a free market you have the Invisible Hand guiding prosperity.

    In the state-directed economy we voted to install, you have consequences, sometimes known as the Invisible Pimp Hand.

  108. They said if I voted for Romney, the economy would continue to flounder!

    And they were right!

  109. I can’t wait for another Ken Burns documentary about a randomly chosen historical event that astonishingly can only be explained by white racism.

  110. >> New surcharge added because the wife is eligible for other coverage. Dandy.

    I’m kind of in favor of this (where I work). We’re self-insured, we pay all the bills out of our pocket and pay an insuror to administer the plan.

    My attitude is “why should I give all the other companies in town a free ride?” I’m ok with coverage for family members if they aren’t eligible for other coverage.

    Same for Tri-care and retired military employees (our workforce is 70% veterans, and all but a handful choose tri-care)

  111. I can’t wait for another Ken Burns documentary about a randomly chosen historical event that astonishingly can only be explained by white racism.

    Pretty sure that’s what ended the Sumerian civilization. Google it!

  112. Wife is eligible for Tri-care for at least another year. I’m not against the reasoning for the charge, I’m against the fact that ObamaCare has inflated costs by so much that they felt it necessary.

  113. You’d think that Ken Burns would have learned that the Democrats fought to keep slavery during his documentary about, you know, the Civil War.

    He’s a racist fuckface asshole that needs a haircut.

  114. MJ, most men under 25 need a haircut nowadays, so he’s not special on that count.

  115. There is something about Ken Burns’s look that screams “pedobear.”

  116. He’s 60.

  117. Is that his IQ or the length of his penis in millimetres?

  118. He’s 60.

    I know, I was just expressing my opinion of young men’s haircuts in a tangential manner.

  119. Backup card:

  120. I know, I was just expressing my opinion of young men’s haircuts in a tangential manner.
    I can’t have an opinion on abortion because I don’t have a vagina, so you can’t talk about hair because you don’t have any.


  121. Midget fight!

  122. I look forward to the day no woman is allowed to have an opinion about male sexual behavior because women have no penises.

    Obvious exception for MMM dick-tuckers.

  123. There is something about Ken Burns’s look that screams “pedobear.”

    So, it’s his look that he keeps locked up in the basement?

  124. I can’t have an opinion on abortion because I don’t have a vagina, so you can’t talk about hair because you don’t have any.

    I have hair, it’s just all on my chest, legs, back, and face.

  125. So still shaving the balls, then?

  126. BREAKING NEWS!!!11!eleventy1!!!

    Teevee networks don’t especially like it when you (as an invited guest) go on their airwaves and talk shit about their integrity.

    (Link goes to the hilariously-named “ThinkProgress.”)

  127. Trimming, really.

  128. Once again, they get away with a lie.

  129. Oh.

  130. “Comment by Stark Dickflüssig on November 27, 2012 2:06 pm
    My tax dollars go to buy that poor Sandy Fluke a blowjob, to get his mind off of condoms.”

    Sandy Fluke….hahahahah


  131. What is life like on a boat without girls? What about on a sub?

  132. derp

  133. wakey wakey

  134. Did anyone { } some one in the { } today?

  135. There was a fairly hot chick tailgaiting me on my morning commute, so certainly considered it.

  136. How was work, Car in? Uncover any liberal tendencies in more co-workers?

  137. Carin – My son was in your fair town yesterday.

  138. Dear Car in,

    Does the verb have to be transitive?

    Stuck Dickflössing

  139. From the CrinkThogress linkie:

    Ricks’ assessment of Fox’s role in what they themselves dubbed “Benghazi-gate” is accurate.

    Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods could not be reached for comment.

  140. Is anyone else avoiding political blogs as much as possible these days?

    I just don’t give a shit right now.

    I can’t deal with level 11 fear and outrage right now; I guess I’m sticking my head in the sand.

    These assholes are gonna screw it all up anyway, so might as well figure out how to hunker down and ride out the storm. Keep me and mine as safe as I possibly can.

    Entertain me, peasants! :P

  141. Fox’s role in Benghazi gate. That says it all right there, doesn’t it? It’s not the fault of the White House, it’s Fox’s fault for mentioning the issue!

  142. Teresa, the closest I go to a political blog is Hooker and Booze, and this place.

    That should tell you all you need to know about my fed-up-iness.

  143. I still want the Tweeter from the US Embassy in Cairo fired. They are at it again, now that Egypt is flaring up. NM National Guard has 2 weeks left in Egypt.

  144. How dare FOX question The One?

  145. Every time I have to deal with IRL people. . .

  146. >> I’m against the fact that ObamaCare has inflated costs by so much that they felt it necessary.

    I wish that was the worst of it. The worst of it is that current private plans have about an 85% actuarial value, with catastrphic caps – basically the plan pays 85% you pay 15%

    Obamaplans have an actuarial value of 60%. Employers will have to adjust their plans downward or else all the healthy kids go buy O-care and employers are stuck with the more expensive enrollees. There is no way around this, carriers and companies will be forced to adjust actuarial values to 60%.

  147. So if you like your private insurance plan, you can keep your private plan. It’ll just suck like the public plan does (and cost more)


  149. I haven’t been paying attention much, other than to complain. I haven’t watched tv news since the election but I read ace and hot air.

    I really don’t think the details matter. I believe we’re in for at least 5 years like the last 5, if not more.

    The 80s had a huge reduction in tax rates and the introduction of efficiency with personal computers to spur growth. The 90s had the internet. The 2000s had real estate values soaring, leading to wealth creation (and ultimately destruction). What do we have? Green energy? Ha! That’s a total scam used to pay back political patrons.

    I’m assuming the country will grow at about half the historical norm, which is basically nothing.


  150. They didn’t need to die, after teens break into a man’s house, and they are killed by man (robbed 8 times in recent years).

    Sounds a little excessive, but you don’t shoot to wound, right?

  151. It’s pretty simple – don’t break into another person’s house, you don’t run the risk of getting shot by the homeowner.

    Am I missing something?

  152. They are always star students, too. Most students I know don’t break windows in a solitary man’s house, that is known for shooting weapons on his property.

    And they don’t laugh when the gun jams. Something is fishy here.

  153. “Star students” with addiction problems…..

    Thankfully, most of the comments are coming down on the side of the homeowner.

  154. So, now that Obama has 4 more years all outstanding student loans will go into default, right?

  155. Home broken into 8 times before. They were suspected in at least one of the earlier break-ins by the homeowner. The girl may have been looking for drugs. I wonder if he pretended to be out to bait them?

  156. Did you see the sidebar at AOS, about the spike in delinquencies?

  157. If he DID administer a coup de grace, that is in fact murder. Potentially, even premeditated murder. You can only use deadly force up to that point when the intruder ceases to be a perceived threat.

    As to the post shooting behavior, it’s fishy, but arguments can be made at trial that he was in shock.

  158. J’Ames – Yup. If you were 20 something and owed $100K and listened to the media, wouldn’t you think it was OK to just walk away?

  159. Having said that, I’ve got absolutely no sympathy for the dead.

  160. Well, he admitted to doing that, xbrad.

  161. People do it with their mortgages, why not student loans?

  162. J’Ames – Yeah, it’s not as if any would actually enforce the fucking law.

  163. Well, student loans don’t go away on bankruptcy, so they will find that a little harder to walk away from.

  164. Well, I think I begin too many sentences with well.

    Not very well done.

  165. Well, you should stop that.

  166. Well, ok then!

  167. Deep subject.

  168. J’ames. No

    Stark- no.

    Chief -what was he doing here?

  169. There’s a trillion dollar in debt, owed by the least likely people in the country to pay it.

    I’m not a bright guy, but I’d guess the default rate will be around 50% minimum.

    I know quite a few people that lived on student loans, worked a bit, and partied like rock stars into their late 20s.

    You and I will pay for that, and just about everything else because we are prideful suckers.

  170. Well, he admitted to doing that, xbrad.

    Police say he admitted to doing that, J’ames. That’s a tiny bit different.

  171. True, true. But it’s in the news, so that’s going to be common wisdom soon.

  172. That story is screwed up.

    – 2 kids out breaking into houses on Thanksgiving? OK maybe..
    – After listening to her cousin get shot twice, she decides to walk down into the basement?
    – She laughs at him after being shot and falling down stairs?

    The man is nuts, I seriously doubt it happened that way.

    I don’t feel sorry for them.

  173. Carin – Selling aviation insurance – clearly.

  174. Where is that whore Mare?!

  175. “…and that’s when he ran into my knife.
    He ran into my knife 10 times….”

  176. Speaking of parasites…..coworker was telling me that she would work more but she is collecting disability.

    Another coworker, who got ‘hurt’ while in the freezer which was not witnessed, received workman’s comp and then a settlement from our employer. Over 10K. She and husband, who gets disability and many many drugs via Medicaid ( fat ass doesn’t take care of himself), are now looking for a house and she says that they only have enough money to pay closing costs. Once they buy said house, she is going to quit her job and go on disability too. Getting a loan based on the amount the husband receives in ‘benefits’.

    Now that husband can sit upright and does the housecleaning at home. How the f*ck can’t he find work work, outside the home?

    And someone tell me why I should continue to do things the right way when I have to subsidize so many f*cking stupid parasites? Or am I the stupid one?

  177. Oh, oh, and another lady that used to work with us but quit and moved out to CA, to be with her son and grandkids, came for a visit this past weekend.
    She came to this country about 7-8 years ago, became a citizen 2 years ago. Her husband, who never worked in the US, receives SSI.

  178. Or am I the stupid one?
    Let’s start a Suckers Club™.


  180. And people wonder why I’m a grumpy, cursing curmudgeon?!

  181. I never wondered.


  183. “And people wonder why I’m a grumpy, cursing curmudgeon?!”

    Me too, MCPO.

    I’m a big sucker and not the good kind.

  184. “I never wondered.”


  185. Anyone else smuggle contraband during their conjugal visit today?

  186. Yes, but I was smuggling it out, not in.


  188. Beer! Beer! Beer!

  189. Guys, I just finished rebuilding my KERNEL

  190. not wondering here

  191. Evenin’, H. sapiens.

  192. Just make sure you stop at species. Jury’s still out on my correct subspecies determination. I’m hoping for neandershort.

  193. Jury’s still out on species, too. Have you seen Rosetta?

  194. Leon’s more of a Neandershart.

  195. One of the many benefits of a low-fiber diet: no sharts.

  196. I do have to be careful when I supplement magnesium, though.

  197. T. M. I.

  198. Magnesium farts light up like the sun!

  199. You brought up sharts.

  200. Magnesium farts light up like the sun!
    Hahahahahahahahaha. Wha?

  201. A little Big Head Todd?

  202. You might not get the sharts, but you will get nasty hemorrhoids.

  203. MJ, I just discovered Youtube has dozens of 2 hr long trance tracks.

  204. Did anybody fail to read anybody else’s fine print today?

  205. Sean – Yes and now Facebook owns my soul in perpetuity!

  206. You might not get the sharts, but you will get nasty hemorrhoids.

    Only in the absence of sufficient saturated fat. I get plenty of that.

  207. I saw Sufficient Saturated Fat open for Mott the Hoople in ’76.

  208. MJ, I just discovered Youtube has dozens of 2 hr long trance tracks.
    Well, welcome to whatever century we’re in. I find this sort of strange, but I recently rediscovered Big Head Todd and I love it.

  209. I play bass in a Sufficient Saturated Fat cover band.

  210. I spent many hours driving around twisty roads with that BHT album blasting away. Good, contemplative music.

  211. Not working now. It’s a good thing.

    Who wants a soup or salad?

  212. BHT is no Tool.

  213. BTW, Youtube’s recommendations algorithm is just unbelievably fucked up.

    It recommended I try listening to Wonderwall by Oasis because I’d listened to Kiki Dee.


    Oh, remember about 10 years ago when the Gallaghers were the next gods of rock?

    Oasis who?

  214. I saw BHT open for BTO at the L.A. County Fair in 2007.

  215. Sean – That was at BYU in 2003!

  216. Here’s a poke at you.

  217. Wait for it….

  218. Scott, I opened that while MCPO’s song was still playing. Not a bad mashup.

  219. The Who are a band I’ve come to appreciate more and more over the past few years. For some reason, I was never really into them when I was younger.

  220. Pupster?

  221. I generally prefer The Who over the Stones, and the Stones over the Beatles.

  222. I’d agree with that ranking, xbrad.

  223. John Entwistle was one of my bass heroes as a kid.

    Figures. Guys like him and McCartney learned lead guitar first.

  224. I’m going through old posts of mine, and finding shit I’d completely forgotten I’d written:

  225. Where did his ranking go?

  226. John Entwistle was one of my bass heroes as a kid.

    We need the link to the story about the chick distraught that she slept with the bassist thinking he was a guitarist.

  227. I released it from the ‘pending’ folder. How did that happen?

  228. In which I ruin one of the Stones’ lesser hits for everyone…

    (Stop before 1:38 if you’d rather not have nightmares.)

  229. It’s a possibility I forked it up. I’m using an iPad and I’m not exactly used to it.

    *crushes iPad. Uses iPad to make a line of crushed iPad on an iPad with a mirror app on it.

  230. >> We need the link to the story about the chick distraught that she slept with the bassist thinking he was a guitarist.

    Hell. I woulda lied more about being the guitarist

  231. So, I’m reading this and from behind me I hear “Centerfold” coming out of Anitas computer.
    Curious, I turn around and see that she has clicked on an MCPO link on Facechimp.
    He’s everywhere…

  232. “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” – Napoleon

  233. Wiserbud banned me from Facechimp.

  234. I really think that place is evil.

  235. I’ve been trying hard not to go back. Have not been on FaceChimp or Twit-douche for a month.

  236. Scott – Wiser was banned from FB because of his antics on MySpace.

  237. Facechimp ruins a lot of lives.

  238. I chopped orange wood for Scott today. After using a hand saw my sawsall was welcome.

    I want to make bacon.

  239. Orange….drools.

    We can send that box back with apple or maple.

  240. So, I waxed my Beemer today.

    And by “waxed my Beemer” I mean, as I was up on a stepstool to use the buffer on the roof, I put my hand on the roof. As soon as I put some weight on it, it slipped on the wax. And my face hit the roof hard. If I had teeth, I would have broken some. And dropped the buffer, which, last I saw of it was trying to shine the cul-de-sac. And fell off the stepstool and landed on my shapely, but now bruised, ass.

    How was your day?

  241. I can reciprocate with grapefruit and oak Scott. Perhaps Hibiscus?

    I included some pink peppercorns aka Brazilian Pepper. The wood smoke is irritating so I just included the fruits. I also have a tiny tiny bit of lemon wood.

    I have a little more orange, a bit or grapefruit and a tiny bit of lemon.

  242. Heh X
    I feel for you but snicker too.

  243. Sean?

  244. I was wondering how hibiscus would taste in smoke. I have perennial ones, but the wood is really light.

  245. We have oak.

    I have a feeling that all fruit woods are the same. We have only tried apple and cherry and they are really close.

  246. It is Jay,
    But I have 5 10′ wide bushes. Perhaps just dried flowers? I can have a bushel quickly.

    Tea Meh

  247. **ships Scott some cactus**

  248. Grapevines…those are supposed to be really good for smoking food.

    I need to take a mosey along some woods’ edges and cut some up.

  249. I think Citrus is citrus. However Apple and Cherry are light flavors for light foods the difference is noticeable on some fish and most chicken and pork.

    I will volunteer to experiment with hibiscus wood and perhaps flowers.

  250. I know the flowers are popular to cook with in high end restaurants. In other words, I’ve never eaten one.

  251. Laura,
    You have grapes growing wild? Seriously?
    The only ones here are in arbors or planted, on purpose, along chain-link fence.
    But then, we don’t see the sun for 9 months out of the year…

  252. Lots of vineyards in Iowa. They are cleaning them up now. I should see if there’s a woodpile somewhere.

  253. The Best Turkey Ever™ was smoked with apple over charcoal.

  254. Hear in the deep south our grapes are sea grapes, and muscadine grapes

  255. Indiana is beating North Carolina by 24. They are scary good.

  256. Scott, I have some particle boards, gorilla boards and plywood scraps. Not sure how that will taste though. Some Formica too.

  257. Local wild grapes (the ancestors of the native-bred Concord grape) are mainly only of interest to birds, Crispy, but yes, they are everywhere here.

    In Summers when they do well, you can smell them ripening in the woods. It’s a delectable musky floral scent, unmistakeable.

  258. Pork is ready to be smoked tomorrow in Orange or Cherry wood. I have not decided.

  259. Nice avatar, Tushar.

  260. Mmm, Formica smoked beef.

  261. Laura,
    I find that very strange, as a northwest native. The native fruits here are Beeble-Berries(Brambles), with a few Himalayan Black-berries, and some “Mountain Blackberries”.
    Those are tiny, and tart/sweet, and wonderful for pies, but, as they are small, you need to get a lot of them.
    Many folks pick the “Bramble-Berries”, as they are BIG, and it’s easy to get enough for a pie. They are mostly water and bland, and they SUCK!
    BUT, folks can say; “I picked these Wild Black-Berries and made a pie!”
    We have no wild grapes…

  262. Jay,
    It’s all about the glue….

  263. We have wild blackberries here but I’m not fond of their seedy/pithy nature. There are also small half-domed black raspberries here that we call ‘black caps.’ Those are awesome.

    I need to find some and transplant them…

  264. OSB is good for smoking pork. . . or so I’m told.

  265. Laura,
    “Black-Caps” are a totally different berry, and worth cultivating.

  266. I heard that Obama uses old $1000 bills to smoke with…

  267. Your momma so fat, after sex, she smokes a ham… with used 2x4s!

  268. Anita is reading “American Sniper”, and observed that Chris K and his brothers were leaving the Marvel Comics “Punisher” stencil in their wake.
    I saw that referred to on many of the mil-blogs, and the Day-by-Day comic.
    Ahmed would just end-up dead, nobody around, and that stencil would be on the wall.
    Reminded of the article I read the other day about a couple Aussie snipers going after a target 1.2 miles away. They had Barret-882s(50-Cal). They fired at the same time, the flight-time of the rounds was 6-seconds(picture the drop), and the guy exploded. Neither he, nor his compadries, heard the shot. He just blowed-up!
    Ain’t technology grand?

  269. Christpy kilt it was a .50 BMG

  270. Samn fine shot Chrispy!

  271. Don’t let the sun go derp on me
    Although I search myself, it’s always someone else I see
    I’d just allow a fragment of your life to wander free
    But losing everything is like the sun going derp on me

  272. uhhh Damn too

  273. Jeebus Titty Christo. Where is everyone? I’ve been up for 2 fluking hours.

  274. I’ve been up for an hour. Fed and medicated indoor animals. Made coffee. Caught up on fitocracy.

  275. Waiting for actual sunrise to go feed and water the livestock.

  276. I’m up, I’m up. Goomorning.

  277. Who the hell is screaming and banging pots together?

  278. Media Strategy:

    1. Short term: all media people should be challenged on their bias. I have no idea how to do this other than constantly talking about the partisan nature of mainstream journalists. Forget the NYT. Forget MSNBC. I’m talking about George Snuffalubpogus, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley, Chuck Todd, etc. They have all voted 100% democrat, have worked for democrats, and only associate with democrats. Could you imagine Dana Perino being given consideration as an MSM news host? What about Ari Fleisher? This is corruption, pure and simple and it needs to be mentioned on every newscast, during every interview, during every segment. This can be done in an amiable way, such as, “I’m xxx Senator from the state of xxx representing the republican party. Before we start the interview I think it would be instructive for your audience to know the point of view that you are presenting. My point of view is clear. You have worked for democrats and have voted for democrats your entire life, correct?” I’m sure this would be edited out, or would end the interview in some cases, but if republicans were disciplined it would become the price of admission for all interviews. There is expected bias in many places, but the low information voters that swing elections don’t know that they are being fooled. They are the mark in the con, not the consumers of the typical partisan outlets.

    2. Long term: The personal lives of the media people needs to come under serious scrutiny. It would be instructive to hear about the social habits of mainstream leftists in positions of objective power. I guarantee that making an example of one of them will instill fear in the rest. This has been a bit of a third rail, but those times have passed. Jimmy Carter’s grandson was instrumental in secretly taping Romney making is ‘47%’ remarks illegally, but was given a pass on his behavior. Had the tables been turned the conservative in that position would have been personally destroyed in order to deflect from the meat of the story. It’s sad, but we need to treat everyone on the left as if they are Anthony Weiner–because many of them are. Everyone is fair game as is every aspect of their lives.

  279. wakey wakey

  280. MJ, at the gym I was discussing politics with my group and I mentioned that EVERYTHING comes down to media. Everything. An independent media is essential to a functioning democracy and they,imho, can be blamed for the FUBAR position we’re in.


    I mean, snakes will be snakes. Liars will be liars. They’ll continue on just as they have. It’s the media that has given them power.

  281. Carin, check you hoe-mail

  282. I saw it.

    Are you that organized with everything? lol

  283. *inserts Bravo gif here for MJ’s diatribe*

  284. Oh hell no. I rely on Garanimals to help me dress in the morning. Except I’m a big girl now and I get to pick out the shoes that I wear!!11!

  285. Looks like it’s now officially Wednesday… HHD Poat!

  286. A lot of what I believed to be true isn’t quite so. I believed that the message and the messenger could be a marriage of convenience.

    Not so.

    I thought that the media could be worked around. Nope.

    I believed that the country was still essentially center right. Not really.

    I’m trying very hard to examine what needs to change in order to get back to a basic conservative principles and I’m in agreement with many that the culture has been dragged too far to the left. I would describe the media as the biggest piece of the culture pie chart, and the MSM to be the biggest section of the media.

    We can talk about making movies after the media is brought to heel.

  287. Does the msm provide secret service type protection for their stars? I don’t know what makes me wonder.

  288. What was 2010 and the Tea Party all about then? Was that just a convulsion?

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