Big Boob Friday™

Here piggy, piggy. Time for BBF!!!!


I sincerely hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I read about half of the comments, and then started skimming, but it looks like no one stabbed anybody else with a serving fork. That’s probably a good  thing.


Rosetta forwarded this song to me via the email/internet system. You should memorize the lyrics and sing it to your kids when you tuck them in bed at night. It’s so goddamn sweet, but NSFW.



Today’s model is a veteran of the ass for cash industry. She does not discriminate as to the gender or race of her many, many suitors, nor does she particularly care what theses ladies and/or gentlemen do to her. Careful study and thought has led me to believe that she is only in it for the money, although she dutifully memorizes her lines and always wears a smashing wig. Please welcome Carmen Hayes!11!!!!!!1


You know who likes the test section of this weekly recurring wank-fest? Your mom.


534 BC – Thespis of Icaria becomes the first recorded actor to portray a character onstage.

1644 – John Milton publishes Areopagitica, a pamphlet decrying censorship.

1808 – French and Poles defeat the Spanish at battle of Tudela

1910 – Johan Alfred Ander becomes the last person to be executed in Sweden.

1936 – Life magazine is reborn as a photo magazine and enjoys instant success.

1972 – The Soviet Union makes its final attempt at successfully launching N-1 Rocket.

1990 – The first all woman expedition to the South Pole.

1992 – The first Smartphone IBM Simon was introduced at COMDEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1996 – Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 is hijacked, then crashes into the Indian Ocean

2010 – The Bombardment of Yeonpyeong occurs on Yeonpyeong Island, South Korea.


She looks a little different after Thanksgiving dinner, but I’m 100% sure this is still Carmen. You can tell by the facial expression. Anyone who thinks differently is a lying liar, who lies.





  1. DIAF

  2. Well, this must be MJ’s swan song.

    Blaze of glory and all that.

  3. *watches as H2 men toss loaded weapons into their vehicles and all leave together as a posse*

    MJ, you may want to go lie low at a hotel or something for a week or so.

  4. Lauraw, meebee you could sent him your flying monkeys as protection?

  5. No way, I’m not risking them to get shot to protect MJ! Besides, they’re assassins, not rescuers. They’ll fuck it all up.

  6. I’m not angry.

    I’m hurt.

  7. what, the fuck man.

    what the fuck.

  8. It’s the 23, so Scott still doesn’t have a weapon.

    I bet today that waiting period REALLY chafes.

  9. She’s… unforgettable. Wow.

  10. MareJ-spur

  11. Anybody know what today is?

  12. The last day of your life?

  13. The day your wife severs your connection to the internet?

  14. Apparently MJ’s already been “taken care of”.

    We’ll miss you MJ.

  15. The last day of your life?
    I’m in my panic room. I should be good for a week or two.

  16. Did anybody here ever believe there would come a day when we longed for Kerry Marie?

  17. The day your wife severs your connection to the internet?
    I’ve taken a lesson from government: she’s entirely dependent on the internet now, which means I can abuse the shit out of it.

  18. In fairness, I now have a well defined mental image of MJ’s mom.

  19. I like the Thespis and Life magazine links. One of the scientists I work with posed in Johnnie Walker ads to pay for graduate school.

  20. You’re just encouraging him, Roamy.

  21. SEE! Roamy gets it, and she’s the smartest one here.

    At the moment.

  22. I wonder if Aggie is up. I have to borrow one of her machetes.

  23. I’m laughing my ass off. You know Rosetta had worse than this.

  24. So…………which is worse, getting caught with the Bert & Ernie porn, or getting caught googling this shit? B&E are bad enough, but I’m not sure your wife would understand this monstrosity.

  25. There’s really nothing to get, man, this is is just awful. It’s like a book report written by a crack-smoking dyslexic.

  26. And just to drive Wiser over the edge, I need a good recipe for turkey frame soup.

  27. This is what’s known as a “fat naked woman with greased thighs”.

  28. “Turkey Frame Soup” was Spinal Tap’s sixth record.

    I bet he sells one today.

  29. We were discussing that in the previous thread this morning, Roamy.

  30. That was a pretty brutal way to start the day.

  31. I saw that, but I’m not putting Cheerios in it.

  32. Seriously?

  33. One nice thing: nothing I put up on Monday matters now. It just has to be recognizably human.

  34. Two future BBF models killed in ironic accident:

  35. Miss me yet?

  36. Where are you?

  37. heh, hotspur should take a picture like that billboard of Bush, caption it, and put it as the header.

  38. If a car left Boston traveling at 65 MPH … how many guns would it have in it?

  39. It’s 20 degrees, wind blowing about 30 mph.

    Perfect football weather! Time to go to the tailgate, before ISU beats West Virginia today at 2:30.

  40. *starts scribbling numbers on a piece of paper

    What color is the car Andy? I’m good at math. I can figure this out.

  41. Which Hostagette is this?

  42. * factors in tailwind

  43. The family and I were waiting in line for 40 minutes to get into Target yesterday for the Black Friday specials. We were talking about how crazy people get during the specials, so when we finally got to the door, I messed with my daughter: gave her a shove to the side while saying “out of my way, kid!” Then I looked up and saw an event photographer snapping picture after picture of us.

    I’m going to be famous as the jerk shopper who mauled a little kid.

  44. I need to go check out the meat sales.

  45. HAH! *Greedy shopper attacks his own daughter at Target over video games”

  46. >> Miss me yet?




  48. If anybody wants some really great turkey soup, just let me know. I am offering it for FREE!

    That’s right, I said FREE!

    *shipping and handling charge is $29.95*

  49. in a postprandial daze yesterday I offered to make turkey soup today.

    Dammit, first thing my woman asked me this morning was, When you making the soup?

  50. Dave in Texas has his annual “Crap Tree” post; I now humbly present my “Angel Tree” post – in which I relate an infamous (and embarassingly hilarious) tale in TiFW family lore:

  51. Those are the strongest high heels in the world.

  52. Their made of carbon fiber and can support up to 7000 lbs.

  53. Well, this must be MJ’s swan song.

    Blaze of glory and all that.

    Apparently, Carmen went out in a blaze of gravy.

  54. They’re. SHIT!!!!!

  55. The 24th Regiment of Foot, holding the base camp at Islandwana are fixing to get their asses kicked.

    (I got tired, I’m picking it up where the battle starts)

  56. Way to switch things up, MJ. And by way to switch things up, I mean you`re a dick.

  57. Black Friday was good for 20 lbs of pork.

  58. MJ scored some pork too.

  59. Black Friday was good for 20 lbs of pork.

    Looks more like 200 lbs. to me…..

  60. I LOL’d 7.3 times for your links, MJ.

    However, I’m still nauseated after seeing your model.

  61. I picked the wrong day to make a visit over here.

  62. Today’s model makes me look absolutely svelte in comparison (and that’s saying somethin’)

  63. I LOL’d 7.3 times for your links, MJ.
    However, I’m still nauseated after seeing your model.
    Fat chicks need love too! And by love I mean gravy.

    Man, et al.

  64. MJ scored some pork too.
    Take yer medicine, you deranged Fire Alarm Guy.

  65. Soon.

  66. Fat chicks need love too!

    Carmen doesn’t need love. She needs gastric bypass surgery.

  67. Soon…

  68. A pic from MCPO’s trip to MI

  69. Carmen needs Spanx

  70. Relax, John E. It’s just pictures of ORCA.

  71. I think she ate an orca.

  72. We could have a Beautiful Bones Friday. Here’s my submission.

  73. Carmen has a dog.

  74. I give this poat no thingies. At all. Ever.

  75. In about 7-15 hours, there will be pulled pork.

  76. Carmen has a dog.

    Isn’t that Pupster’s PoL pic?

  77. A pic from MCPO’s trip to MI

    Looks like the UAW is building Toyotas again.

  78. Carmen needs Spanx to stop eating everything she sees.


  79. Yay Christmas Avatard already.

  80. Love the holiday avatard, Cynabuns!

  81. Thanks. Maybe you could drape some garland around your horsehead thing.

  82. ATTENTION: Homegrown horseradish produces a fresh horseradish sauce that is approximately twice as strong as the stuff from the store, and some tiny drips of it are muhflubba delicioso on some cold smoked turkey.

    I would not recommend eating any straight from the jar. Trust me…

  83. Sounds… cleansing.

  84. Isn’t horseradish also good on roast beast? I’ve never been a fan, personally. Except in shrimp cocktail sauce.

  85. Horseradish doesn’t do that, Cyn. That’s more of a chile thing, I think.

  86. Horseradish is also really good in deviled eggs.

  87. *remembers the five pounds of roast beest in the fridge*


  88. *skulks into lauraw’s kitchen, rubs wasabi on roast beast, skulks out again*

  89. **facepalm**

    That’s a Russian Wolfhound- mascot of the 27th US Infantry Regiment, as recognition of their fighting in Siberia in 1919-1920.

  90. *hairs prickle up on back of neck*

    There’s a dead guy in my kitchen.

  91. There’s a dead guy in my kitchen.

    It was tough sneaking the coffin through the doggie door.

  92. So when is MJ coming back to put up the real BBF?

  93. Oh, you mean like homegrown jalapeños?


  94. Andy, I think this is it. This is as good as it gets today.

    I’m logging some hours at the office, so I can’t do anything about it.

  95. Roast beef and horsey radish is gooooood.

  96. After the Tricky Poblano Incident of 2012, I won’t be partaking in chiles anymore. They are just not for me.

  97. Christmas avatard? Check.

  98. Poblanos inevitably leave me ill.

  99. I pushed this poat down like a fat chick, but it took a Bobcat and a running start.

  100. I saw Tricky Poblano Incident open for Selena in 1993.

  101. Good day, people who envy the blind.

  102. After the Tricky Poblano Incident of 2012

    It took place in the mysterious Bermuda Onion Triangle.

  103. Hey, b-rad, you probably don’t want to watch the following video:

  104. Run across some weird things looking for a Christmas avatar. Here’s one for any of you pervs who wants it.


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