new poat to hold this place together until BBF

Don’t worry, I brought some content. I may have posted these before.

Holiday related? Sort of, but I guess it’s the wrong holiday.

Feel free to add T-Day crap to this poat of hot chicks in costumes.


Just got the pics back from the sooper-sekret meat-up me and the H2 Ladies held a few months back in.. well, I really shouldn’t say.

Yes, we had fun.  And I was given permission to post one pic and one pic only.  I kinda like the composition on this one.  I call it “Rosebud”

Here’s a fun game you can play.  I call it “Spot the Mare.”

Special Thanksgiving wishes for Wiserbud:

*where is that carving knife?*


  1. I don’t have to cook anything today. Assuming I can wait until 230 to eat. I probably can.

  2. I ain’t adding shit. As is my custom.

  3. Staying at an Embassy Suites on tg instead of your sil’s house is the best idea my wife has had in a while. No dogs or cats here who want to sleep with me.

  4. How far did you travel PG?

  5. I’m watching one of the Resident Evil sequels on my free-for-the-weekend HBO.

  6. I’m going 144 miles one way today.

  7. I’m a shut in.

  8. I cooked ham and eggs for breakfast for everybody who was awake in my house. Party of one.

  9. Monkey hug!

  10. About 350 miles vmax.

  11. Good morning, cool kids and cook lids.

  12. Hurry up Wiserbud. I has a content.

  13. As thick as the fog is right now, I almost wish I were shut in.

    It’s like I’m stuck in Silent Hill.

  14. Houston Texans v. Detroit Lions (12:30 p.m. CBS)
    Washington Redskins v. Dallas Cowboys (4:25 p.m. Fox)
    New England Patriots v. New York Jets (8:20 p.m. NBC)
    [fixed for Eastern time]

  15. Hurry up Wiserbud. I has a content.

    Well, be sure to flush afterwards…

  16. Stoddard Bowl: Platt vs. Maloney 10am Eastern

    later, semi-cool kids. have a great turkey day.

  17. o, and content added to give this poat that much-needed shot of “interesting” and “humorous.”

  18. Is that Kerrie Marie in the back?!

  19. It’s trick, Mare’s hiding behind the bulk of the ones you can see.

  20. That ham looks real killer.

  21. Must be a trick question; I’ll bet Mare is behind the lens.

  22. That OJ picture is total bullshit. There’s no green jello.

  23. *makes duck face*

  24. fiddling with pool pump

    not a euphemism

  25. Ready.

  26. Hi Dave.

  27. Starting yesterday, I have successfully brined a turkey. Now, I just need to figure out how to roast it to 170° before guests arrive. I think I’m supposed to use one of these stainless steel things in the kitchen with a big door, and a temperature probe.

    Maybe I’ll just take the dang bird outside and BBQ it.

  28. Where does your SIL live, PG? 350 miles from where you are is just gettin’ the motor warmed up, amiright?

  29. Hey pups!

  30. Turkey that marinated overnight in a herb-olive oil paste is now in the oven.

    Cornbread stuffing (the way *I* like it, dammit. If I’m going to eat carbs, I’m going to make it worth my while. It has bacon in it.)
    Mashed potatoes
    Sweet potatoes
    Cranberry sauce
    Pecan pie
    Pumpkin pie made by Mini-me

    The kids don’t like the traditional sweet potato casserole, so I bought a steamer bag of fingerling-size sweet potatoes that I can nuke and serve with butter.

    Real butter, not diet margarine, dammit.

  31. Oh, and served on my grandmother’s china.

  32. Good morning, everyone, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

    Also, nice cosplay. I vote for #3.

  33. You forgot to say ‘dammit,’ that time.

  34. *sends more carbs and red wine to Roamy*

  35. Dammit.

  36. Thank you, Aggie. I was going to say it’s too early to drink, but there’s been another battle with the remote, “Oh God, what did I do now?”, and trying to gently explain that HGTV shows the Rose Parade, not the Macy’s Parade.

  37. dammit!

  38. *remembering Wiser posing for pics with a throng of women in a bar in St. Louis*

    ….shit. OK, I get it. This is ‘a thing’ for him.

    Five bucks says he’s actually under that pile of naked chubettes, up there.

  39. *Looks at OJ greeting. Restrains self so as to not make obvious watermelon joke.*

  40. …is that…? OK, no, that’s a foot. Thank goodness.

  41. Beautiful day in the neighborhood.

  42. I think we have set a new record with the “What the hell is THAT supposed to mean??” query here, Roamy.

    And I haven’t even started roasting the turkey.

  43. Happy Thanksgiving, all y’all!

  44. Scott just came in to tell me that the timing is going to be perfect, and he sounded happy.

    Also, he smells like sweet wood smoke.

    Life. Is good.

  45. Good Morning, Kool Kids, Hawt Chix, and Pupsters.

    I’m the dullest cook here. I’ll pull my 5# turkey breast from the fridge and pop it in the oven about 2h15m before serving it. None of your fancy brining or frying in peanut oil or smoking or any of that shit. Nice and plain.

    I was going to make StoveTop stuffing, but as Cyn tells me it is the root of all evil, I’ll just make some Pepperidge Farm stuffing instead. Works the same way.

    I think I have a can of peas somewhere. I know I have cans of cranberry sauce.

  46. >> Five bucks says he’s actually under that pile of naked chubettes, up there

    I’ll take the under.

  47. I’ll take the I would love to be under.


  48. How long before Scott tries to smoke one of the chubettes above?

    The Connecticut Brisket Long-Pork Research Center.

  49. PIE!

    Also, has anyone here been to Price Edward Island? Is it anything like Prince Albert Island? Cos that shit hurt.

    Oh, uh, I’m extremely Thank Full that nothing important fell off this year.

  50. #1 shouldn’t be trying to get 160lb of groceries in a bag rated for 120lb.

  51. Where has that whore Mare been?

    She’s not waitressing too, is she?

  52. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! There’s a “traditional” TG song posted at my place, if’n anyone’s interested.

    I’m giving thanks today for all of my FIFs who have kept me sane when the world around us sometimes seems like it’s going to hell in a handbasket.

    Love and big squishy hugs to you all ♥♥♥

  53. Dickfloss, the only thing I know about PEI is that they produce the cleanest nicest mussels.

    Oh, man. I shoulda bought a bag when I was at the store two days ago…smoked mussels…*drool

  54. Big Breasts kilt it?

  55. I think I’m just going to get a big ol’ bag of gluten & snort it.

  56. I doubt 11 minutes of silence counts as dead on this shitty weblog.

    Merry thankgiving, y’all.

  57. Sorry, was trying to pacify my sister and talk her down from a ledge. Apparently, her daughter was supposed to bring some casserole, but instead she decided to skip Thanksgiving and go down to her dad’s family.


  58. uhoh

  59. Lookin’ good, Cyn!

  60. Eh, not my kid. She’s 23, and able to reap the consequences, which will come down on Saturday ;)

  61. Happy Thanksgiving, you jive turkeys.

  62. I just meant you having to talk her down (sis)

  63. Dave, I’m ALWAYS the one to talk everyone in my family off the ledge.

    One day, Imma just gonna go running and jump off it, taking them with me :D

  64. **slides emergency box o’ wine to Aggie**

  65. *bing-bong*

  66. You could mebbe move to a ranch house, Aggs.

  67. Happy Thanksgiving Sean. Anybody misplace their turkey baster today?


  69. Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey is smoking, bread is rising, stuffing is, well, still in bags. Better get on that.

    Have fun!

  70. Not so far, dave, but it’s early yet.

  71. You could mebbe move to a ranch house, Aggs.

    Get out of my head!!


  72. I’m ALWAYS the one to talk everyone in my family off the ledge.

    Are you the middle child? My middle brother is the peacemaker and ledgetalker in the family. I thank God for him.

  73. And an emergency box o’ wine is an EXCELLENT idea.

    **saves some pecan pie for XBrad

  74. As the oldest child, my attitude was, “Oh, you want to jump? Make sure you get good distance, it’d be a shame if you landed in the roses & got all scratched up.”

  75. Get out of my head!!

    Aw, but the rent is so reasonable!

    It’s nice to see you, by the way.

  76. I’m the youngest. I’m usually pushin’ ’em toward the ledge as hard as I can.

    **puts on shit pecan pie eatin’ grin.**

  77. Nope, I’m the eldest, but I was a freakin’ doormat growing up, so that may be why I’m the diplomat, so-called.

    *waves to Sean*

  78. Can someone hand me the dickfloss? My balls had a poppy seed muffin for breakfast.

  79. Happy Thanksgiving ppl!
    hopefully you all get home safe (or make it thru the feast-tivities) with only minor restraining orders in your wake(s).

  80. Dickfloss? I think Hotspurt had it last.

    *sends email to MJ with Hotspur’s pager number*

  81. i went out and bought some booze…. only to catch hell from MrsJam and the hostess…. evidently no EtOH allowed this year.
    *son of a bitch…. this is gonna suck shit*

  82. There’s a law against that, Jam.

    I’ve already cracked open the Bailey’s for teh coffee.

  83. No booze??

    *says a prayer for Jam2*

  84. It is delightfully quiet here this morning.

    Jake is playing quietly in his room. Ethan is on the computer downstairs, My wife is reading in the bedroom.

    Only the soft hum of the computer in my ear.

    If I close my mind, I can almost hear the sound of the snow falling in the mountain passes.

  85. i wonder if they’ll notice i’m drinking out of a bottle in a paper bag?


  87. The Twilight Zone marathon has Outer Limits episodes mixed in this year. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

  88. 2 hours to the feast. Turkey smells awesome.

    and…. here come the first relitics.

    *pours first drink*

    Happy one to you all.



  91. No alcohol?

    Well, if Sean can do it, so can you.


  92. Imma gonna go for a quick run. Then the ducks go in the oven. Turkey is in already.

  93. no alcohol here either.

  94. Hmm, Car in was more prepared than we were led to believe.

  95. No alcohol?

    Well, if Sean can do it, so can you.

    It really helps that Diet Dr Pepper tastes more like regular. For that, I am thankful.

  96. The Twilight Zone marathon has Outer Limits episodes mixed in this year.

    What the…?? HERESY!!!

  97. **rubs Pupster’s belly, but not in a ghey way (NTTAWWT)**

  98. They were different?

  99. *burp*

    now I have room for pie.

    mmmmmmmmm pie

  100. They were different?

    *shuns J’Ames*

  101. Another reason to be fankful:

    Happy birfday!

  102. Well, the Stuffin’ Muffins are done – they’re…..interesting.

    We’ll be departing shortly for our friends’ house. It’ll be Lola’s first Thanksgiving; our friends’ pre-teen sons will be drooling, I’m sure.

  103. Outer Limits? Just watched “Demon with a Glass Hand.” Not bad for a schlocky show.

  104. Eat me.

  105. Wow, George…. That’s some pig.

  106. i was given whores do overs detail…. time to tro shrimp at at ’em…

    i found out there will be a cards and drinks gathering afterwards…. at a safe house.
    i’ll report in after the after hours get to together..
    wish me luck

  107. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  108. Happy Turkey Day, osita. You having green chile stuffing?

  109. I think Osita would have green chile everything :D

  110. I’m always semi ready j’ames.

  111. Luck pg

  112. Ok, peeps. Time for me to go to my sister’s and pour oil over turbulent waters.

    And vodka.

    Have a great one, and remember: this Aggie is grateful for y’all ;)

  113. Reading the comments here is like holding a mirror up to my life. I would like to break that mirror.

  114. We took Dan’s parents to Mimi’s. The turkey needed green chile.

  115. Avatard test…

  116. That’s better. Now to dip that frozen tom into five gallons of hot oil. Got my asbestos underwear and everything.

  117. Breakfast- Cinnamon Rolls. Good.

    Lunch- Biscuits, sausage, gravy- soon.

    Dinner- Turkey breast, dressing, cranberry sauce, peas. – We’ll see how that goes.

  118. Thanksgiving stupid at the linky in my name. Nerds only. (Yes, this means Sean.)

  119. Quickie visit to the in-laws – CHECK
    Rolls a’rising – CHECK
    Mint Chocolate Sumthin’ in my coffee – CHECK
    Potatoes boiled over – CHECK
    A quiet house with just the dog, me, and you peeps – CHECKERS!


  121. I’m actually more of a dweeb.

  122. Good clean Star Trek fun. Can’t go wrong with that, Geo.

  123. And I’m more of a geek. I think. With just a little nerd.


  124. I’m actually more of a dweeb.

    It’s worse… you’re a Clownifornian.

    *Orwell pretends not to be poating from Clownifornia*

  125. Thanksgiving dinner (lunch?) over, everything was good except for the fingerling sweet potatoes, everyone’s about to nap and/or watch the football game. “I’m just resting my eyes!”

  126. Why did I buy the cheap meat thermometer? Turkey looks fantastic but I’m leery about taking it out yet. Son of a……


  127. Yay for success, Roamy.

    It’s always nice when you can knock everyone out and not have to touch your chloroform stash, am i right Xbrad?

  128. It’s worse… you’re a Clownifornian.

    Born and raised.



  129. Here, Mare, let me probe you with my “meat thermometer.”

    Just checking to see if you have a fever.

  130. Funny, I seem to remember Rosetta bragging about his cheap meat thermometer.

  131. Sean, you’re nearer to zbrad, would you please kill him, but hurt him first, thanks.

  132. Cheap meat thermometers should all die in a horrid fire.

  133. Mine looks like it did.

  134. If the juices are running clear, Mare, you should be good to go.

  135. Has your button popped?

    *she said, giggling like a 4th grader*

  136. Mare, why aren’t you having Thanksgiving at the Hilton Hawaiian Resort?

  137. “Has your button popped?”

    My turkey doesn’t have one. But I’ll check the juices.

    You people are all 4th grade scum which means we have a lot in common.

  138. “Mare, why aren’t you having Thanksgiving at the Hilton Hawaiian Resort?”

    Because I’m a dumb ass.

  139. Uhhhh….

  140. I must say, my table looks really nice this year. Last year we were at friends, and the year before. This year I wanted to be home and do my own, relax, watch football, etc..

  141. First basting is done.

    I may need to borrow your meat thermometer, Mare. Or Xbrad.

  142. Skip the meat thermometer. What’s the worst that could happen?

    **kills all the Hostages with undercooked turkey**

  143. Best turkey EVER.

  144. Pics stat from Mare and Scott.

  145. Hahahaha…it would take an act of Congress (and you know what slow, do nothing, dip shit, assholes they are) to get a pic of my table downloaded and linked up to H2.

    The outside of my turkey looks pretty good, but the inside kind of looks dry and tasteless, much like Madonna.

  146. **kills all the Hostages with undercooked turkey**

    You can’t kill me… I’m already dead!!

    *eats Rosetta’s brains*

  147. The outside of Madonna looks awful, too, mare.

  148. For Sean- no one else click-

  149. it would take an act of Congress to get a pic of my table downloaded and linked up to H2.

    We don’t do that any longer, darling. We do everything by executive order now.

  150. Sean’s special link led me to a story that warms my heart for this bountiful holiday. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    Pennsylvania’s Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is slashing the hours of 400 adjunct instructors, support staff, and part-time instructors to dodge paying for Obamacare.

  151. Heh. I like Spike’s speech about how we beat the Indians in that one.

  152. Family ish dinner at step in laws done…a little awkward but no fisticuffs. Home now for the football nap.

  153. Also, if Erin Andrews wants to be taken seriously as a sideline reporter, leather pants are probably not the best ch…

    Forget I said anything.

  154. I think I put the turkey in the dishwasher instead of the oven. Big mistake. It doesn’t look right. It just looks clean.

    Maybe I can still order some pizza.

  155. Happy Thanksgiving Hotsausages and Hotsausagettes!!

  156. I think I put the turkey in the dishwasher instead of the oven.

    If you put the dirty dishes in the oven, you’ll create a nice rustic glaze on your china.

  157. Daddy’s butterfingers.

  158. Hiya Brew, happy turkey.

  159. OMG PIE!!

  160. Gonna need a translation.

  161. We had the most unbelievable clean turkey.

    It’s the new thing in turkey cooking. You set the dishwasher to Pots and Pans, Hi Temp, Sanitize, Normal Wash, and the turkey comes out perfect.

  162. Somehow today’s 15 lb turkey cooked faster than the 13 lb test turkey.
    I was pretty sure I wrecked it and told everyone it might suck.

    It didn’t. MIL gave it an OMG!

  163. Awesome Scottw!

    Congratulations on being responsible for cooking on Thanksgiving from now on.

  164. *pins the Croix de Smoke* on Scott.

    Two oak leaves.

  165. Scott was so miserable when we took the turkey off the grill. The grill thermometer had been hitting the turkey when we closed the lid, so it was showing a lower temperature, when it was actually a lot hotter inside. We were shocked when the turkey was done way ahead of schedule. Scott was certain it was ruined. The skin was overcooked. And the drip pan water stank of creosote.

    So we brought this expensive local farm fresh turkey to my family, with our tails tucked between our legs.

    Then when we carved the meat off, it was moist and delicious. You could really taste the lemon and rosemary, and a nice overall mild smokiness. My sister proclaimed it the Best Turkey Ever.

    Naturally I credit my prowess at Rub Design.

  166. drip pan water is a pretty good add to a martini..

    just a little bit

  167. I think we can count on Romo doing something stupid in the near future.

  168. I rely on this

  169. Two oak leaves.

    Should be two maple leaves or cherrywood leaves.

  170. Apparently a turkey standing up cooks way faster than a turkey on its back. I was very lucky to catch that when I did.

  171. Tony, you so stupid.

  172. That only took 15 minutes. I bet he does it again.

  173. Seasons Greetings!


  175. From Dave’s football thread at Ace’s:

    Pretty cool!

  176. Oh I pure hate yew now.

  177. What’s your problem

  178. It’s probably gluten related.

  179. Get ready for some stupid.

  180. Stupid.

  181. First “If you wanna decide how shit gets cooked, you cook the damn meal!” of the day issued.

  182. Why didn’t he score on that onside kick? What was the line?

  183. I think the “yew” was directed at me.

    Very punny.

  184. Time to log my day’s eating on FitDay.

    “Fuckload” isn’t in the list, I’ll have to make a custom food.

  185. I did pretty well! The cookies and cakes were unappetizing curiosities to me. I even *tried* to get myself interested in an almond horn, but went, ‘Meh.’

    Only thing I partook in that had wheat in it was Mom’s sausage stuffing.

    Got to have Mom’s stuffing.

  186. I had a brownie and a piece of pie.

    *apologizes to colon*

  187. Warm turkey meat counts as a dessert, right?

  188. I thought it was a “folding” joke.

    Move along. Nothing to see.

  189. Do you understand that this relationship is a two-way street?

  190. Did anybody stab anybody else with a serving fork today?

  191. Oh dear, I’m not sure I want to know what other avatard-equipped body parts will start commenting here.

  192. Apologies. Always with the apologies.

    Apologies don’t help me.

    You’re best pals with the taste buds. I understand. Taste buds are good friends. They like to party.

    They’re not stuck here processing solid waste, doing the boring job of SAVING YOUR LIFE.

    I get it. I understand.

  193. Do you understand that this relationship is a two-way street?

    Oh I know. I deserve your scorn, li’l buddy. I’m really sorry. I promise lots of salmon and eggs and stuff tomorrow.

  194. Do you understand that this relationship is a two-way street?

    Um, did leon’s ass just out him?

  195. turkey sammich with melted swiss cheese..

    because I can’t stop.

  196. Oh no, putting some gluten through the poor thing is the worst violence I do to it. I’ve never made it a receptacle for human germ cells in an immuno-suppressive mucus matrix.

  197. Don’t tease me.

  198. Well, that went mucho less better than expected.

    I may need another glass of vino. Or five.

  199. Slides glass to Aggie…

  200. Did any one else climb a fence to illegally walk their dogs on the golf course today?

  201. Funny, I just had some more stuffing and thin slivers of roast beest.

  202. Scott, it’s impossible that you made the best turkey ever, because that one was here today.

    But it did use a drip pan, and butter rub with Simon and Garfunkel. Maybe it’s a tie.

    Drip pan, with gravy, BEST IDEA EVER!

  203. aggie, have some more wine. I don’t know why exactly, but you deserve it.

  204. When are the Jets going to stop spotting the Patriots points? It seems unwise.

  205. The second feeding of the day in some ways is better than the first.

    You have refined your desires with knowledge and experience.

    not a euphemism.

  206. Dave found a fortune-cookie in his turkey?

  207. Anyone want a piece of pumpkin cheesecake? It’s great!

  208. Don’t mind if I do.

    Feast went fine, until the talk turned to politics. My sister was trying to convince me and my nephew how Obama is so true to his job and to the public, whereas Romney was a snake in the grass and could never be trusted. And she identifies herself as a republican.

    I just sat there and let her go. My nephew was trying to explain to her how taking guns away from the law-abiding was leaving them to the predatory whims of outlaws and the State. She kept saying the UN had a good idea. He told her she only called herself a republican because she was too afraid to call herself a democrat. That shut her up.

    I sat back and watched the fireworks. I was done mediating :D

  209. I’m not allowed to talk politics with my inlaws. I scare them. They didn’t bring anything up today.

  210. Heh, no politics here either. We were with the wife’s family, which is decidedly left wing.

  211. Sucks that you have to listen to that nonsense, aggie. But you kept the peace, so there’s that.

    Here, have some wine.

    You too, oso.

  212. I sold my relatives to the company store and we feasted on the youngest child, as is our custom.

  213. Thanks, J’ames. Drinking Evan.

  214. Usually it’s a politics-free zone, but my nephew is on the front lines with illegal immigration, being a State Trooper, and has been taking the Constitution 101 course from Hillsdale College.

    I can’t imagine where he got the info about that…


  215. We also raised a toast to the regiment. Later we were all slaughtered by Zulus.

    It was a pretty good day.

  216. Hahaha Go Aggie! Go Aggie!

  217. Rorke’s Drift. I love that movie.

  218. Is it wrong to shop for PJs? I’m asking for a friend.

  219. *gives Osita wine because she didn’t get chile sauce with turkey*

  220. Aggs,
    Thank God for folks like your nephew.
    Glad he jumped-in so you did not have to.

    Did not do friends, or family today.
    Too soon after the election and did not want to have to kill anyone.

    Hope all the snausages are thankful for what they have.

    I thank God that we are warm, dry, and full, and have the warm little box we built to live-in, rather than the refrigerator-box under the bridge.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  221. It’s wrong to shop for a friend’s PJs.

  222. Thanks, ChrisP. He’s a smart kid, and lives in the real world :)

  223. I like PJs. Just not the footed kind.

  224. Well yeah, it’s a good flick and all but I got stabbed in the belly.

  225. We made through the Lions game before my dad asked an assortment of family members if we’d seen Eric Idle on Bill Maher’s show, then he pined for a country where — like Britain — political ads could only be run in the month before an election, and not on television.

    I was ready to leave before he said it, and decided not to ask him why he thinks the First Amendment is such a bad idea, or whether he thinks MSNBC should just be turned off entirely. This is not a stupid man, but he is utterly blind to anything beyond the immediate. He’s annoyed, and that makes it okay.

    Don’t want to see the ads? Turn off the TV, you big baby.

  226. Everyone in my immediate family is a jackbooted Reichwing deathbeast like me, so we can comfortably talk politics at our holiday table.

  227. As seen on TV*


  228. Sean,
    My dad is a like-minded soul.
    Some of the siblings, not so much.

    It’s because “They Deserve It”, you see…
    The “Government Owes It To Them”, or some such nonsense.
    Disgusted, I am…

  229. Last fork in the dishwasher, and iiiiiii’m spent.

  230. you can’t eat a dishwasher.

    I’ve tried.

  231. Is it wrong to shop for PJs? I’m asking for a friend.

    If by “PJs” you mean corsets, it’s fine.

    We used to have our own PJ here but she pretty much abandoned us.

  232. I’m inspired. We need a new version of Archie Bunker, with me as Meathead and my dad as Archie. I can be the young idealist with fresh ideas that can actually make the world a better place, and my dad can be the reactionary crank with a recliner.

  233. FTR: that neat trick of cooking the potatoes in the skin and then twisting off the skin… It does work, very well in fact. However…

    If, like me, you use a bit of potato water to thicken your gravy, you’ll get none of that.

    Oh, and not enough of the starch gets washed out, so you end up with paste. No, I’m serious. I should have taken a picture. There was absolutely no fixing these to be edible. Nothing. This would have kicked ass as wallpaper paste. Or brick mortar maybe. I think I could have used this shit for stucco repair.

    Instant Idahoan Potato Flakes To The Rescue. Thank You.

  234. Chicks think I’m sexy, not so much because I’m fairly short, have bad skin, a small penis and no teefs, but mostly because after dinner, I do the dishes and clean the kitchen.

  235. Eh, my familars are past the pint of changing, so I let it go.

    In the same vein, I am past the point of being the savior when things go bad.

  236. Chicks dig me because I have a good dental plan.

  237. Point, not “pint”. Shit.

    Also, I feel your pain, Cyn.

    Also again, rocks.

  238. GAH! I think I’m in the spam filter.

  239. You are going to make someone a very good wife someday, Xbrad.

  240. *takes out the trash*

  241. Seems that Wal Mart strike is going to go over well:

  242. Freed, Aggie.

    Ooooo, soooommmmaaaaaa…

  243. There’s something about the cake dept at that chain, isn’t there? My MIL says it’s a zoo, too.

  244. *hauls the bags, shirtless, and tosses them effortlessly into the container*

  245. Thanksgiving is done.
    Time to break out my Christmas decorations:

  246. J’Ames, I saw the write-up at the Puffy Ho, and had to snicker :D

  247. HA! I was just wondering if Beasns knew that punk chick.

  248. Xbad,
    I understand, as I do the grocery-shopping, cook the food, then clean-up the kitchen and do the dishes, as well as clean the toilets and do the laundry.
    It is what it is…

  249. Thanks, Cyn!!

  250. *checks out Dave’s shirtlessness on the sly*

  251. Chrispy, at least in your case, Anita drives the tractor.

  252. 63 degrees.. slightly nipple-y, not rough

  253. *gives the Jets a pity cheer*

    Pie Time!

  254. Soma?

    Why does TigerCyn have leopard spots?


  256. Xbad,
    She does, indeed.
    But it is HER tractor, as she got it for her birfday.
    We spent the day cleaning-up the garden, leaves, and debris from the last storm. The Day-Lilies, African Daisey’s, pole-beans, and chestnut-leaves have been vanquished, at last…

  257. Oh my, just saw the trailer for the Jack Reacher movie.

    Tom Cruise, really? I thought they might be kidding, but they aren’t.

  258. I missed Cyn’s potato trick. Did she fall on it or wtf is she talking about?

    Reads upthread*

  259. Jay,
    They are going to do Jack Reacher as a midget?
    How the fuck could they cast Tom Cruise in that role?
    How many times do they have him stand on a box, or use the “low camera angle” to make him seem normal stature?
    WTF, O?

  260. Vman, While I’m sure Cyn has sat on a tater a time or two, in this case, she’s talking about a video posted a couple days ago showing how to quickly peel a potato.

  261. They didn’t even try in the trailer, chrisp. They are just gonna ignore the fact that Reacher is an imposing figure, height wise.

  262. Hollywood keeps telling me that they don’t want my money. I’m listening.

  263. I gotta go to bed. If I stay up any later I’ll end up watching the free Skinemax.

  264. How the fuck could they cast Tom Cruise in that role?

    Elevator shoes?

  265. You can’t go to bed yet! The Patriots aren’t done running up the score yet!

    Watch them lose another player.

  266. Thanks X

    How was your Thanksgiving?

    Last night was a family night and good today there were only 40 of the 80 extended family around but I made acquaintances renewed friendships and possibly made a job prospect from an in-law that knows a principal of one of the oldest engineering firms in the county.

  267. The Jets aren’t even trying anymore.

  268. Good luck, vman!

  269. Good luck, Vmax!

    As for me, I still have to pack, and gather the doggies’ stuffs and finish laundry before we travel tomorrow, so g’night!!

  270. Reacher’s like 6’5″ and 300 pounds. Who better to play him than Tom Cruise?

  271. Four hour nap and then some leftovers and more football. Good day.

  272. Jay,
    Yeah, when we watched “Lincoln” the other day, that trailer was in the 30 minutes of commercials before the feature. We’re looking at it and going: “WTF, O?”
    Perhaps he can pull it off like “Collateral”, I don’t know…

  273. NYTOL,
    Gonna eat and sleep now,
    Love you all and pray for the best for all of you.

  274. Thank you, ChrisP, hugs to you, and hope you feel better.

  275. Ooh! Somebody just put his paws up on a chair and swiped a piece of white meat off the kitchen table while we weren’t really paying attention.

    Dogshaming, here we come.

  276. I guess, if that’s what it takes to get Riley pics here…

  277. Boy, I hope BBF gets hear quick!

  278. Happy Taking-Things-Away-From-Indians-Day!

    *grabs Jager bottle from Tushar*

    *runs away*

    Best Thanksgiving ever.

  279. Hey Floyd, bite Rosetta!

  280. here

  281. They took the whole Indian Nation
    Locked us on this reservation
    Though I wear a shirt and tie
    I’m still part red man derp inside


  283. wakey wakey

  284. had the most unbelievable clean turkey.

    It’s the new thing in turkey cooking. You set the dishwasher to Pots and Pans, Hi Temp, Sanitize, Normal Wash, and the turkey comes out perfect.


    My ducks turned out pretty good and I never even made it to tasting the turkey.

  285. Oh, and I officially hate football.

  286. I’ve come full circle to once again not caring about it in the slightest.

  287. Morning, CaRIN. Congratulations on not murdering anybody on Thanksgiving. Was your dad`s turkey a hit with your guests?

  288. did wiser make bail?

  289. It looked on the edge of a bit dry. I got back from my run, and checked on it – OMG. I grabbed it out of the oven as quick as I could. He seems to always forget that turkeys NEVER take as long as “they” say.


    I brined it for him, and got it going in the morning. I know he wants to cook it but he really should just let me do it.

  290. You people up north are talking about pro football, yes?

    Your “college” team has a fighting chance tomorrow, should be a good game.

    Care to wager?

  291. Good morning! I’m all psyched to harvest the horseradish Carin gave me. Hoping for nice big pieces. I read online that it is wise to bring the blender outside to process it. Supposed to be way worse than onion tears.

    And I also have seeds to harvest for Carin, finally.
    And I have to make a furrow for pea seeds to go into in March, in case the ground is frozen and I need to just throw them in and pour bagged dirt over them…

    Holyshit there’s actual gardening to do today.

  292. * ticks GardenBlogging off to-do list

    * checks recipe files

  293. OSU wins – CARin and Leon have to eat a whole box of little debbie snack cakes and live blog.

    Wolverines don’t lose, Pup does not eat a whole box of little debbie snack cakes.

  294. I don’t gamble and haven’t watched a single MI game this season. I was at a bar where one was on the wall, that’s as close as I’ve gotten.

    Also, Denard’s elbow is tweaked. That means we’ll lose.

  295. Dang, my refrigerator is jammy packed with food. Both me and my guests supplied stuffing and gravy (mine were better). We didn’t coordinate too well on who was doing what. I’ve got pie. I’ve got fruit salad. I’ve got mashed taters. I’ve got blueberry muffins. I’ve got a lot of turkey.

    Plus, I’ve got a huge crock pot making turkey soup from the carcass (I added 1/4 cup vinegar like somebody here suggested).

    Son Michael called to tell me that Manu Ginobili was in his restaurant (Spurs beat the Celtics in Boston). I told Son Michael to give Manu a dessert on me. Mostly we talked about Pure Lutheran Theology™. His new GF is an atheist, and apparently difficult to talk with on the subject of religion. I think I’ll send him some C.S. Lewis books to give her.

  296. LOL. If I was a Michigan fan, I think I’d slit my wrists.


  297. Of course, my bil is an OSU fan, so that does make me root for Michigan for this game.

    He’s such an ass.

  298. Also, there’s no way in Hell you’d get anything described as a “snack cake” into my gullet at this point. If I have any more junk food my SAD will come crashing back. Not that I had very much, but I can feel myself nearing that edge.

  299. If Michigan beats an undefeated OSU team again, it will be the greatest day ever. I will leave $20 on the dining room floor for the first person who stops by to congratulate me.

    If OSU wins, please send the coroner’s van to my house, and ask them to feed the dog. Purina chow is in a bin in the pantry.


  300. I didn’t go crazy yesterday – sure I ate pumpkin pie, but I don’t have issues with that, and it’s actually a pretty healthy dessert.

    One helping, no seconds. No gravy. No potatoes. No starch at all, in fact. Duck. Salad. Asparagus. No horsedovers during the day. A few glasses of wine.

    It’s all good.

  301. You got a deal.

  302. I didn’t go crazy either, but my carbs have been pretty high all week.

  303. Got *two* turkey carcasses stowed in the freezer. Will wait for a really cold dry mid-Winter day to pull them out and make soup with them.

  304. We came *this close* to beating OSU last weekend so I’d say Meechagin may have a chance.

  305. I get to do my Black Friday shopping later today. Should be some cheap frozen/fresh turkeys, and a few beef specials right now.

    My freezer will be full. So essited.

  306. Guys, Denard’s elbow isn’t playing in this game. UM is toast.

  307. ” A few glasses of wine. ”

  308. Got *two* turkey hobo carcasses stowed in the freezer

  309. If I have any more junk food my SAD will come crashing back.

    I looked up “SAD” in an online acronym dictionary. It stands for Slovenská Autobusová Doprava. I’m confused by your comment.

  310. Carin, do you get any use out of that big infrared oven?

  311. My turkey carcass is half-way to soup already.

  312. The infrared grill? No. We really need an exhaust for that. I got home to smoke everywhere on wednesday night from dad grilling a steak.


  313. This whole house smells like turkey soup. Maybe I should throw some bacon in there.

  314. And gluten, Michael.

  315. Add a quart of vinegar too.

  316. Hah; hey, if you have an old fella around, you’re gonna put out fires. That’s the way it is. My grandfather was the same way. The male interest in doing things around the place is still there, but the energy for dealing with the results, not so much.

    That’s where you come in…

  317. I went a little crazy but not terribly. A little meaning I had servings of things I don’t eat right now, bread, cornbread casserole, even a slive of pie (mmmmmmm… pie). I’ll go back to my normal plan today which isn’t really a plan so much as it is just not eating certain things.

    Then I will find $20

  318. I’m going to my Dad’s house tomorrow and need a tasty paleo pickyfood or appetizer to bring that is not bacon-wrapped dates again.

  319. OK, I just added a strip of cooked bacon, some celery salt, and a pinch of oregano (on top of the turkey carcass, onion, two whole potatoes, and a tomato).

    Somebody has to stop me.

  320. Hmmm….little pumpkin custards would be good but I don’t have enough ramekins.

  321. You put the potatoes in already? Aren’t you just making the stock at this point? Potatoes suck all the flavor out of stock.

  322. …a pinch of oregano in a whole crock of stock? WHOA MICHAEL DON’T GO CRAYZEE MAN.

    (how am I doing?)

  323. How about bacon-wrapped- bacon?

    I have to make that carrot cake …

  324. Annoy
    An Annoyance
    ^ me

    OK, time to go play in the dirt.

  325. Youngest kid said “there’s a noise in the truck when I stop”.

    So I drove it. I am 99% certain the noise is metal grinding against the inside of a rear brake drum. Gettin that taken care of today. Plus, I looked at her tires, and it’s time. Sat her down yesterday and laid out what I thought it would cost, and she was sad (she’s workin, but doesn’t make much and only has a little saved up). I thought tires would run about $800 minimum, but I found a deal online for $435 all 4. That helped cheer her up. I said I’d help with the $$ (I don’t want to do it all, this is life and life must be learned). To her credit she sat down and worked on her budget and realized she could do it all if I’d front her half for a month. We agreed.

    Took it in this morning, and they said “you get a black Friday special on the tires, $150 off”.

    That cheered her up.

    Now, coffee.

  326. Tell me how that came out!

    I have this other thought of making a fresh liver pate and some paleo crackers to go with it. Like sesame crackers or something. We shall see.

  327. I have to work a double today, so I’m sitting here doing NOTHING to rest up.

  328. This morning Dave? What time do tire stores open in Texas?

  329. Normally 7am. I got there at 6:45 and they were already rockin, they opened at 5 today because of the deals they’re offering. So we dropped it off. Wish I had checked the time, I could have gotten up at 4:15 just as easily as 6:15. Ah well, she’s in no hurry to get home, so I expect it’ll be around 1 or so this afternoon.

  330. Hmmm. I found something in the pantry called “dried tomato and garlic pesto.”

    That can’t do any harm.

  331. Hey Michael, you got any Cheerios?

  332. anchovies. YOu have any anchovies?

  333. I would think that he’d want to use the chocolate cherrios.

  334. I haven’t left the house yet.

    I am a slacker.

  335. Laura, the potatoes are whole, with skins. They’re just in there as an ultimate thickener. The carcass is almost all dissolved.

  336. And mint. You got any mint left Michael?

  337. Hey Michael, you got any Cheerios?

    Yes, Dave, yes I do. Honey Nut Cheerios.

    *looks at Cheerio box, looks at crock pot, thinks about it*

  338. Early morning BBF.

  339. I’m sorta thinking that the Honey Nut Cheerios won’t work too well with the whole cranberries.

  340. Sure it will

  341. Maybe I could just serve the Cheerios on top of the soup, like croutons.

    Everybody would remember that I had a unique turkey soup recipe.

    (but not one I can replicate, because at this point I’m not sure what I’ve done)

  342. Just to be clear, I am exercising some discipline about the soup. I declined to add fajita seasoning, teriyaki sauce, and Canadian steak rub.

  343. Happy Thanksgiving, you hostages.

    Wait! What?


    Heh heh heh… As you were.

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