Happy Pre-Veterans Day

Thanks guys and dolls.




  1. Git yer asses up hosefockers, I’ve got to go back to work.

    Look, Rove is being introspective again. Same shit with Bush – don’t stoop to their level. These people really are in on it.


  2. Rove is one of the reasons I’m done watching Fox.

  3. After talking with a bunch of SCOAMF voters over the weekend, it seems pretty clear that:

    1. They hate us.
    2. They are woefully misled.
    3. Social issues had a huge impact.
    4. They don’t care about economic issues.
    5. Fear and hate work well.
    6. Buzzwords stick in people’s minds.

  4. I haven’t watched any news since the erection. I’ve been trying to decide what is a better political strategy, either to broaden a coalition or stoke the base through demonization of the opponent.

    Not sure we have the numbers for pure fear mongering. Instead I think we need to stick with belittling them as ignorant. Lefty voters have no idea what they are talking about. They just know I’M GOOD AND YOU ARE BAD AND NOW I CAN STOP THINKING.

  5. Thank you, veterans. Now please tell the Council for Equitable Treatment why we should continue providing you with expensive health care.

  6. Yay, I know how to typo my e-mail address now!

  7. Since everybody knows that all military people are just savage babykillers (but the bad kind of baby killer, not the righteous kind that actually murders innocent babies) the Fresh Prince of Nairobi is declaring it Preznit’s Day II: Electric Bugaloo, so you can celebrate his totally hype basketball & golf shit, y’all.


  8. I’m hearing more and more about constraints being put on the chaplains. This should concern us.

  9. Wakey wakey.

    MJ, from the Obama voters I know, they voted for TFG because …

    O-Ba-Ma … O-Ba-Ma …

  10. Do any of you know if it has been scientifically proven, beyond a shadow of dobut, that there really is a difference between shit and Shinola?

    Shinola lost the election Tuesday.

  11. President ThreePutt played his 105th round of golf yesterday. Ambassador Stevens could not be reached for comment.

  12. And I’m sure the people on Staten Island completely understand that Teh One needed his little me-time.

  13. I fucken knew he’d be back on the golf course.

    Of course, he deserved it.

  14. Someone needs to do a compare/contrast of Obama on the golf course.

    Not just those w/o power. Obama golfs and vacations while the country suffers.

  15. Comment at White house dossier that is teh awesome:

    “You ever actually try to talk to an Obamabot? It’s like playing cribbage with a three year old – the cards go everywhere and sometimes you find yourself pegging backwards.”

  16. You know what I find sad? There was a time I could write in a post that “we are all grateful” for our veterans. Today I just couldn’t do it.

  17. Coffee finally brewing now that I’ve been up for 3 hours.

    Yard work today. Raking and clearing space for the meat factory. Need to spec out what the fencing and shelter is going to cost me.

  18. Meat factory?

  19. Now what?

  20. Good morning. Thanks, MCPO and other vets in this here chatroom … err, blog.

    Unrelated: ICYMI, this’ll give you a little chuckle. http://twitter.com/TheH2/statuses/267481484967936000

  21. Andy, I read it as dozen burritos instead of frozen burrito. With Meggy Mac, the joke still works. Better even.

  22. Meat factory?

    Coop for meat birds next spring. I figure I can get 2-3 harvests each year if I time it right.

  23. Which, of course, means I need to build it before the snow.

  24. I need to shift my diet big time to meat. The trouble is that my wife, being not much of a meat eater herself, is unenthusiastic about cooking it, and I don’t have time. So here is what I am thinking: i will buy an electric meat grinder, and start buying all kinds of meat, (except beef ofcourse. I have a beef with beef.) I can grind, season and freeze the stuff on weekends. During the week, all I have todo is slap patties on a skillet and fry.

    Chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, goat, buffalo. That should to the trick. Supplement with copious amount of non-starchy veggies, eggs and cheese, and I got myself a diet that works for me.

  25. I crock-pot a lot, Tushar. Chilis (beanless) and stews freeze and thaw well, and keep for a week or more in the fridge.

  26. Why does Craiglist remove the best ads?
    Via Iowahawk

  27. Don’t give me your crock-pot theories, Leon!
    On second thought, thanks! I will remember that. I love hearty stews and chilis.

  28. Obamabots also vote because everything Paul Ryan says is a lie. Romney is just evil, and rich.

  29. Todays PSA for men’s health


  30. Hey Tushar, do you have a Kitchenaid mixer? I have a grinder attachment for that that works great.

    Cabelas has crank grinders for sale, Sausage stuffers too.

  31. Stews, chilis, and burritos with smoked meat is even better.

    Just about every weekend I smoke 5-15 lbs of whatever is on sale. Some we eat as is, the rest becomes soup, stew, or burritos and tossed in the freezer.

    We are saving a bunch of money and eating really really well.

  32. Jay, I don’t have a Kichenaid. I am seriously debating whether to get a Kitchenaid+grinder. That is a bit too big investment considering my wife and I are too busy with work and brats. I am too lazy for a hand cranked grinder. I am willing to use my hand to grind only one kind of meat, IYKWIMAITYD. A $120 panasonic is looking attractive.

  33. Yes, the bargain cuts are made better by low and slow cooking. It’s amazing how much better it is. It’s not that much work, or initial investment, either.

    You have to do a little work, but the reward is so great.

  34. Instead of a Kitchenaid, you can get just a grinder: Cabela’s Grinder

    Everything you need. You could also find a butcher that will do it for you. Or a grocery store with a real meat department.

  35. Heck that was the first one I saw. Lots more down below that grinder.

  36. Hmm, I was thinking about this: http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-MK-G20NR-W-Meat-Grinder-White/dp/B000260JSA/ref=sr_1_1?s=appliances&ie=UTF8&qid=1352648148&sr=1-1&keywords=meat+grinder+panasonic

    I won’t be grinding on an industrial scale, so maybe this will suffice.

  37. Plenty of grinder, that’ll work.

    Seriously though, don’t any grocery stores out east have a meat department? The one I go to will grind anything you want.

  38. Scott’s getting a little carried away with the grinding and smoking thing.


  39. NEWSFLASH! Numerous, reliable sources have now confirmed that Mare IS the person who put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop!

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

  40. I don’t even ride motorcycles and that Craigslist ad makes me want to don a pudding bowl, big bells Levi’s, and make like Peter Fonda.

  41. Jay, I am sure there are. The trouble is, I don’t have frickin time. Dumping packages meat in the cart during the weekend costco run is the best I can do. Also, I like the price-quality equation at Costco. I don’t have the expertise to judge the quality of meat. I trust Costco to not rob me blind.

  42. Pork at $3 a pound, $2 for a bigger pack. Boneless legof lamb for something like $4 a pound. I can live with that.

  43. Scott’s getting a little carried away with the grinding and smoking thing.

    So, is this your crockpot?

  44. Now that PJM rarely hangs out here, I want to know why we don’t feature more nipples at this joint? I’m asking for a friend.

  45. This guy is a fountain of awesomeness:


  46. Tushar check some of the smaller neighborhood grocery stores too.

    We have one near us that does catering and during the winter they have awesome stuffed pork roasts for $3.99 lb.

    All you have to do is turn on the oven and throw it in.

  47. Thanks to the Veterans that are here and to the family members that have served. Happy Veterans Day!

  48. You just think you don’t need a Kitchenaid mixer, Tushar. Your wife will thank you for it later. And fifty bucks of what you’d be paying for a stand-alone grinder can go to the Kitchenaid mixer.

  49. Seriously? More than half the people who can bother to vote want four more of fail, and we are supposed to wring our hands over how to woo these people? I’m not sure how to characterize the job of psychoanalyzing the willfully ignorant, the obtuse and the avaricious but it sure ain’t gonna be with sweet reason. Perhaps the Italians had the right idea. Run a porn star for office. Couldn’t do worse than we do now.

  50. Happy Veterans Day!

  51. 11 am on 11/11. Whether you call it Remembrance Day or Veterans Day. Listen for the cannons, bells or bugles.

  52. Alice, can you give me a brief rundown of what a kitchenaid can do? Remember that we don’t do the typical American cooking, being brown and all.

  53. The thing is, we rarely bake at home, which means kneading dough, whether for bread, cakes or cookies, is a rare occurence. No homemade pasta either.

  54. Love love LOVE my Kitchenaid mixer. Got the basic model years ago, but I was making so much bread I stripped the gear (newer model has fiber gears, upper model has metal). Mixes batters, whips cream (much better than the bought stuff), lots of attachments to do lots of things (grinder, pasta maker, shredder for cabbage, carrots, juicers, ice cream maker).

    Can’t go wrong if you do a lot of cooking at home.

  55. Do ya think Obama and/or his cronies are ever going to get caught in something so over the top that even his knob slobbering media cover uppers will be so disgusted that they’ll report it honestly.

    It’s been one outrage after another for four years now, and frankly my outrage receptors are getting tired. I almost wish they’d quit telling us about it. Maybe dumb and happy isn’t so bad after all.

  56. I have that mixer but I don’t eat most baked goods. The almond loaf was the first time I’d ever used it. I think I got it for Christmas 3 years ago.

  57. Xtian, as the media does a better and better job of covering up for them they are getting bolder, brazen and I suspect, a bit careless. Will they bite off a bigger piece than they can chew, we will see.

  58. I just saw on our local news channel that the dollar crash and the stock market crash had nothing to do with the election. Nope, it was Europe’s fault.

    When is this blame game going to end?

    We’re sort of at the point where Obama could eat a dog and people would describe it as a sign on his worldliness.

    Oh. Right.

  59. If F&F can slide, I don’t see what is going to stick. As long as they have “good intentions (advance the leftist agenda)” I don`t see them getting called out on anything. Hell, their boyfriend didn’t even talk to them for months, and they still carried his water.

  60. Mare?

  61. MCPO, I got the chance today to thank a Vietnam vet personally. It kinda surprised him that out of the blue a random someone would say thanks.

  62. Teamwork!

  63. Mare?

    HA! You asked, therefore you will not get the requisite stomach punch.

  64. I`ll take that as a maybe.

  65. Happy Veterans Day to teh military Hostages. Thank you.

  66. XBrad is still sick as a dog.

  67. Oh, God, he’s got that disease that makes you refer to yourself in the third person!

  68. Next thing you know, XBrad will start writing for the local weekly.

  69. Pups, that was not teamwork. That was robbery. The cat did all the work and got nothing. The dog was the 47%

  70. Nice jeep:


  71. There’s a jeep?

  72. All settled in for the day. Dressing changed, foot elevated and drugs taken. Bring on the football!

  73. I’ve done my requisite reading, I think I still have a viable plan. Time to go clear some brush and rake some leaves.

  74. You want to know if there is anything that wil be so brazen that the media is compelled to write about it?


    Compare the media coverage of the aftermath, and you have your answer.

    Like I said, my give-a-damn is busted.
    I think a lot of us feel that way.

    If the idiots who voted for Obama had any sense, they would be VERY concerned about that attitude – those clueless folks are convinced that their lives are about to get a whole lot better/richer.

    The fools.

  75. Dressing changed, foot elevated and drugs taken.

    I must’ve missed something, Chief – what happened?

    *sends the Chief and XBrad some chicken noodle soup, made with love (and chicken)*

  76. How’s you cut your foot Master Chief?

  77. Well, now we know who carried off Little Jerry’s mortal remains…

  78. Nice jeep:


    Those two tires look properly inflated.

  79. Mmmm, I’ll bet little Jerry is delicious.

    Not much to him, though. Cornish game hen-like.

  80. Dave – I was trying to trim down a callous between my toes that I couldn’t see. Stuck them scissors down to the bone and cut. Dumbass move on my part.

  81. Katrina.

    Compare the media coverage of the aftermath, and you have your answer.

    Since we are now France’s twin, I wonder what it’s like living there and observing their media. Are they simply inured to the fact that the bias is overwhelmingly one-sided? I mean, how much real difference is there between Le Monde and Le Figaro?

    Which reminds me. We’ll likely see a Democrat bailout of certain newspapers’ parent companies in the next four years.

  82. Down to bone?!? Sheesh, MCPO. Nasty. I sliced off a rather small corner of my index finger a year ago but it still has no feeling on one edge of its tip. Amazing how a cut that didn’t even need stitches can be so perilous.

  83. Just remember, Chief, it’s down the road, not across the street.

  84. If we are going to be France, we better get some good food out of it. Cheese, wine, the whole thing.

  85. Snails.

  86. Holy crap MCPO! You ain’t no corpseman! Unauthorized surgery!

    Get well.

  87. J’ames, you’ll get a small diet soda, a ban on salt, and you’ll like it. Or else.

  88. This is truly frustrating; my Democrat friends think that all of the current round of lay-offs and cutting FT works to less than 30 hours is some sort of rich, Republican pique, rather than the result of Obamacare. WTF is wrong with these people’s critical thinking skills?

  89. Hah, it’s always the Republicans fault. It doesn’t matter what it is.

  90. Oh, great. Because MCPO fucked himself up, the rest of us have to take a safety stand-down and a day long course on injury prevention, suicide prevention, and sexual harassment sensitivity training.

  91. No, the sexual harassment is all your fault, xbrad.

  92. I’d disagree with you, J’ames/Isaac, but then we’d have to throw diversity sensitivity training into the mix.

  93. xBrad – I’ve done worse to myself. No broken bones, stitches or dislocated joints this time.

  94. When “mugged by reality” just isn’t enough anymore…


  95. I was sitting at the kitchen table building a model (F-111F 1/72 scale) and was cutting parts off the tree. One piece jumped off the table and fell to the floor. I quickly bent over to grab it. Still had the X-acto knife in my hand. And sliced it completely across the back of my right calf. About 4 inches long and just about a blade length deep. That was a bit of a bloody mess.

  96. Tushar, anything that involves whipping or mixing can be done with a Kitchenaid. We were on a kick for a while where we were making HFCS-free marshmallows using vanilla bean paste (that were better than Jet-Puffed styrofoam) a few times a month (dammit, now I can’t find the recipe – I’ll see if I can find it). Homemade whipped cream is better than the stuff out of a can. Homemade mayo kicks Hellmann’s ass. Souffles. Really, anything that needs mixed.

    We also use the pasta extension to cut anything that needs to be cut into strips. Back when I was still doing wheat and flour, I’d use the pasta maker to cut tortillas into thin strips for baking or frying up to go with tortilla soup.

  97. I’m bookmarking that pup. That cat is just fantastic.

  98. >> WTF is wrong with these people’s critical thinking skills?

    You already said they were Democrats. Seems circular.

  99. And sliced it completely across the back of my right calf. About 4 inches long and just about a blade length deep. That was a bit of a bloody mess.

    But how did the F-111 turn out?

  100. We are not amused…

  101. my Democrat friends think that all of the current round of lay-offs and cutting FT works to less than 30 hours is some sort of rich, Republican pique

    It’s the movie mentality. The only perpetual villains are Nazis. Never gets old.

    Even when the entire Congress and the Half White House belonged to Demotards, everything that went wrong was because of them obstructive, racist Republicans.

    In 2050 these people will be blaming Republicans in 1980 for their problems. They will never learn because it isn’t about learning, it’s about religion, the worship of the State.

  102. Just got back from deer hunting with my boy. It was colder than hell. 18 degrees when we left, but calm. Once we got up on the mountain, the wind picked up and it got nasty. No shootable bucks, but got to spend time with T (he’s away at college).

  103. Sean, that cat is a giver! Love him (or her).

  104. Here’s another one, mare:

    You can use it whenever a certain someone fucks up

  105. Sean, is there anyone, anywhere, that hasn’t been disappointed with me at some time?

  106. HAHA…Bookmarked, Sean!

  107. Xbrad, if you have a sexual relationship with yourself who gets all the recriminations, disappointment, shame and what not?

  108. Well, this about says it all:

    “My goal was to get us organized … our job is to help people find a job. Even if we don’t have it, to get them organized.”

    Chicago is the New Normal.

  109. Mare, when that happens, I blame…


  110. Angus top round roast is smoking in the grill.
    2 whole chickens are about to start smoking in the egg.

    It’s 65 degrees, sunny, and we have beer and football.

    How awesome is that?

  111. Ohai Xbrad. Congratulations.

  112. I blame…

    Well, okay then.

  113. Don’t knock it, Pupster.

    It’s sex with someone I love.

  114. Pretty awesome Scottw.

    I went to Costco for the first time evah today. I don’t recommend going on a Sunday afternoon. The prices weren’t low enough to stop me wanting to FUCKING STAB THE SHIT out of the oblivious lookie loos stopping in the middle of the aisles. I mean, it is a warehouse with double wide aisles selling bulk food. You gotta stop in the middle, 4 feet away from the shelves, and SQUINT AT THE HUMONGOUS PACKAGES with GI-FUCKING-GANTIC SIGNS WITH THE PRICE ON THEM?

    God, I hate people.

  115. Thank you veterans.

  116. I did find a new doormat, which is nice.

  117. So, uh, make sure your fire is properly isolated before you light it.

    I got it back under control, but it required some beard trimming.

  118. The Wiserfamily is coming so I can’t screw this up.

  119. I remember having dinner with two Army captains, a black guy from Haiti and a Puerto Rican (Ernest and Randy), who had begun life in poverty. The Army welcomed them and gave them an opportunity for success. They happened to be sitting next to me while I dined outdoors in San Antonio, and we started talking. Randy was just back from Afghanistan waiting for orders. Ernest was about to be deployed to Hawaii. I shook their hands and said, “Thank you for serving your country.”

    Ernest said, “Our country.

    I don’t think I have ever met two finer patriots than these guys.

  120. Not that anyone here ever eats anything that’s not 100% healthy, but I found the recipe for the HFCS-free marshmallows that I was making way too often last winter:


    I may or may not have substituted frangelico or amaretto for the water in these on more than one occasion.

  121. Leon has false teeth?

  122. If we are going to be France, we better get some good food out of it.

    Now there’s a positive attitude. Nobody in France ever had to suffer through a bowl of Skyline Chili.

    Who the fuck decided that cinnamon belongs in chili?

  123. I had a funny dream about wiser and his family last night. Food, clean-up, hilarity.

  124. I was probably due for the trim. I could have done without the smell, though.

  125. Uhm…yeah, Scott? Wiser might not be in a very good mood when he gets there. Tell him I said http://www.pleated-jeans.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/wwiao2.jpg

  126. scott, are you smoking clams?

    god damn I miss those.

  127. Comment by scott on November 11, 2012 2:56 pm
    The Wiserfamily is coming so I can’t screw this up.
    Wiser’s gonna be in a great mood after the Giants game………….

  128. heh

  129. So, if you have a scheduling conflict, you don’t have to give testimony in front of Congress? I have to remember that; you never know.

  130. . ‏@SooperMexican
    In a bar with Giants and Bills fans. About as cheery as Election Day.

    Uh oh.

  131. http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3rqjca/

  132. hee hee.. sorry Giants

  133. Cyn, Xbrad some really good news:


  134. *hits the crack pipe.. oh shit, wait, I had a flu shot*


    She still doesn’t believe in space.

  136. I don’t believe in space either. It’s all just crystal spheres and phlogiston.

  137. She still doesn’t believe in space.
    I’m not sure I believe in earth anymore.

  138. Some days, I envy the real conspiracy nuts. I’d rather believe that men are actually smart and decent, and that everything that’s falling apart was really the fault of the evil reptoids.

    *asks the demon Netflix to conjure They Live*

  139. I’m agnostic on space, but I sure believe in hugs.

  140. Pepe, sorry you didn’t get to kill Bambi. One of my friends got a big elk in Chama last week.

  141. Louis Chama was hunted by Clint Eastwood and Robert Duval. . . just sayin’.

  142. Thanks, MCPO. That is Dan’s favorite musical. Mine is Showboat.

  143. Glad I don’t live there, but this is gonna be like watching a huge economic science project:


  144. G-Mo – Don’t have to look much further than Bulgaria or Englandistan to see where it’s heading.

  145. CA is gigaboned.


  147. Headed out to patronize Applebees in honor of their free Veteran’s Day dinner for servicepeoples, as well as their Obamacare hiring freeze.

  148. i’ve kissed mermaids, rode the el nino
    walked the sand with the crustaceans
    could find my way to mariana
    on a wave of mutilation,
    wave of mutilation
    wave of mutilation

  149. Wanna have some fun? You’ll need facebraille for this, so mare is excluded…

    1. Go see if any of your “friends” have “shared” something about Applebees offering free meals to vets today.

    B. Read just a few of the comments.

    #. Shoot yourself because you quickly realize that this is why we can’t have nice things anymore. Ever.

  150. In addition to their new voted taxes, that short article talks about:

    raising payroll taxes on employers
    repealing Proposition 13′s tax cap for commercial property
    make it easier for cities to raise taxes
    an oil severance tax
    extend the sales tax to services

    PS – Happy Veteran’s Day to all here.

  151. My FIL just asked me why I was making chili when there are perfectly good cans of chili at the store.


  152. Sean, I hate to ask, but what kind of nonsense are they saying?

  153. I set up a membership for a Applebees GM this week. She has a former Marine hubby working as a contractor in Iraq and a 3mo old baby. She has only spent a few months out of her 4 year marriage with her hubby. She is glad that Applebees celebrates today and not tomorrow. She will be working all day. I don’t even like Applebees but we’ll be going to her location this week. $20.

  154. I like Applebees, my wife likes Red Robin….

    We go to Red Robin.

  155. Mare, mostly the ones I’ve seen, question why veterans and military get all the discounts. People are just that stupid.

  156. Yikes, I guess they don’t really get what goes on in the Military life.

    There is a part of me (small, very small) who sees Patreaus as someone who has given his whole life to the military, to travel, to duty and to sacrifice. The good man, as it were. He saw Paula Broadwell as a shot at being not responsible. Just completely giving in to the pleasure/ego stroke/foolishness.*

    This is in no way condoning the CF he created by this selfishness.

  157. Veterans, thanks for everything. Thanks too to the families that love and support them.

  158. Protip: Don’t reach over the truck tailgate, grab a big storage bin full of Sunday newspapers and give it a big ole jerk ’cause you just need to move it an inch or so. Unless you appreciate the finer points of pain, that is.

  159. Also, I feel badly for Mrs. Patraeus. The pictures shown of her are not good. Frumpy, kind of fat, in one she is even wearing horrible, “sensible shoes.” I’m not making fun of her, but when you see the pics of her against a very dynamic “other” women….gaaaaah.

    Reading hundreds of comments on the subject, leads me to believe that others see a bit of justification because she’s “let herself go.”

    No justification from me at all. A vow’s a vow. Just seeing this as horrible for everyone.

  160. Reading hundreds of comments on the subject, leads me to believe that others see a bit of justification because she’s “let herself go.”

    As AnitaP says, it’s not the outer package that you fall in love with.

    Would those same people be saying the same thing if Mrs. Petraeus had cancer or some other debilitating/potentially fatal disease?

    Would they put up with that type of behavior if their significant other saw their “excuse” as justification for cheating on them?

    No doubt the ones making those comments are the same ones who call us insensitive……

  161. Holly looked a little like Spongebob in that pic.

  162. Mare, she was out and about with the Mooch and DR Jill Biden before the last election. Eff her! Xtian70, my hubby did the same thing getting his clubs out of a minivan when we were on vacation one year. Wasted a green fee.

  163. Applebees was too crowded :)

  164. Leon, that’s a good thing. Person on Applebees FB page has her vet dad in the VA. Applebees gave him a free meal voucher for when he gets out of the hospital. The threads are ugly there and at Papa Johns Pizza too.

  165. Oso, I was afraid to go there without checking it out although I had heard quite a bit.

    Teresa, I still look at my husband and think, “wow, he’s an impressive man both physically and otherwise.” If he was to “let himself go” because of an illness, I would still look in his blue eyes and think, “Wow.” (His devotion as a father would be enough for that, not to mention his being an excellent husband.)

    If, however, he lost his looks because he didn’t care what I thought, was lazy, ate like a pig, wore unflattering clothes and was generally a slob and did little to improve the look (not even try), well, I’m not sure how to say this delicately but, I HAVE A HEADACHE.

  166. “Oso, I was afraid to go there without checking it out although I had heard quite a bit.”

    About Mrs. Patraeus with Fat Ass and Biden’s wife.

  167. I just remember her giving their military family bs credibility in ’08 and I think she got a job out of it. When my infertility crap started to get real with treatment choices, Dan pulled the “I could live without kids but I wouldn’t want to live without you” card. Ass.

  168. This is kind of interesting (I don’t know if I agree at all). Read the part about Mrs. Patraeus:


  169. Comment by Teresa in Fort Worth, TX on November 11, 2012 6:20 pm

    As AnitaP says, it’s not the outer package that you fall in love with.
    So……….you didn’t fall for Mr. TinFW’s package?

  170. I’m not sure it’s legitimate to say that “looks don’t matter.” I think they do.

    Pointy elbowed cheerleaders, Big Boobed girls, Hunky Hunks, we all seem to appreciate them.

  171. I have dated extremely good looking guys who I would not date a second time.

    Holly Patreaus was a cute, long haired blond that caught David’s eye.
    (As well as the daughter of the Superintendent)

  172. “Holly looked a little like Spongebob in that pic.”

    HAHA….She does!

  173. I’m shallow. I admit it. Dan lettered in “Tennis” in HS. First non-jock I ever dated. Unless you consider tennis a sport.

  174. Oh, and Paula Broadwell was a VERY fit person, it is said she met General Patreaus for runs where they both kept a 6 minute pace. Evidently her physicality (did football commenters make that word up) mattered.

    That is a connection. A physical connection.

    I can’t find a picture of those “horrible sensible shoes” she wore but unless she’s had several foot surgeries she’s crazy to be seen in public with those.

  175. Hey Oso, I still have a couple of days left to kill Bambi. The boy has to go back to school tonight though.

    Which Sams do you work at, Eubank?

  176. Heh.

  177. West Side!!!!! Coors Bypass.

  178. sean, not Heh. More like, EWWWW!!!!

  179. We hardly ever get out to Coors. Usually we end up at the one by I25, right across from the Costco. Sportsmans Warehouse is right there, so I can look at toys too.

  180. Pepe, we shop at the Renaissance location too. Same reasons you do. I wish we had a Cabela’s and a Bass Pro but Sportsmans Warehouse is ok.

  181. Take my love, take my land
    Take me where I cannot stand. . .

  182. We are getting a Cabela`s. *excited*

  183. Pups, SQUEEEEEE!!!!! On my way to Casa Valdaz for Dan’s early birthday dinner.

  184. Valdez. Sheesh. Later, guys.

  185. Jealous of the Cabelas.

  186. Cabela’s is A LOT more fun than a Nordstrom’s.

  187. We have a Cabela’s about 10 minutes away. It’s a wonderful place.

  188. Paula Broadwell tucks. Look at the width of her shoulders.

  189. I still enjoy looking at all of the animals that are displayed. I could roam for hours.

  190. The fish displays too.

  191. Agreed, they have those convex windows that make the fish look huge.

  192. Live displays would be better.

  193. I need to get back there before the apocalypse.

  194. These are the Cabelas locations nearest to me:
    Pennsylvania 120 miles
    Connecticut 156 miles
    Maine – 344 miles
    West Virginia – 377 miles
    West Virginia 509 miles.

    For the first time I am getting a feeling that I live in the middle of nowhere.

  195. Camp stove, bullets, shotgun, collapsible fishing rod…..

  196. Ours is about 10 minutes away too.

    Our Cabela’s (and I’m assuming others)has a cool fishing pond, waterfalls outside and a beautiful sculpture of a cowboy on a horse wrangling a huge deer:


  197. Oh, I just love driving in there:


  198. They’re opening a Cabela’s very near my house – even closer than the Guinness-certified world’s largest liquor store. I might apply for a part-time job there just for the employee discount.

    Tushar, another thing is buttercream frosting. I have to make some tonight because Teh Hubby forgot to buy cookie mix at the store for the kids and all we have is cake mix.

  199. Looks like ours.

  200. Is the sculpture different, Scott? Maybe more locally pertinent?

    On the other hand why would it be different, you have deer wrangling by cowboys in CT, right?

  201. Alice,
    Kitchenaid sounds like the quentessential sweet stuff appliance.
    The wife is determined to cut diabetes short in the family. My kids have very little exposure to sweet stuff. A bit of mango pulp in the daily cup of milk is about it. So, not seeing much use for a Kitchenaid yet. I think a grinder and a blendtec will be more useful in my house.

  202. Furthest Cabelas for me is in Oregon. 2900 miles.

    **gears up for a road trip**

  203. Although I like cowboys, I think I like your sculpture better.

  204. So……….you didn’t fall for Mr. TinFW’s package?

    Hey, ANITA’s the one who said it.

    FTR, though, I have no complaints :P

  205. Ours is about 10 minutes away too.

    Our Cabela’s (and I’m assuming others)has a cool fishing pond, waterfalls outside and a beautiful sculpture of a cowboy on a horse wrangling a huge deer:

    Holy crap, Mare – where exactly do you live?

    ‘Cuz that’s only a few minutes from our house, too!

  206. Close, evidently Teresa, close.

  207. The blog comment is coming from inside your house!!

  208. I’ve never worked in retail, only the service industry, but I would consider working at Cabela`s.

  209. AnitaP fell for Mr. TiFW’s package? This places is getting raunchy.

  210. Tushar,
    It’s a long, ugly story…

  211. AnitaP fell for Mr. TiFW’s package? This places is getting raunchy.

    *reminds self to type slowly and use small words whenever the brown person is on the blog*


  212. Close, evidently Teresa, close.

    Are you north or south of 820?
    East or west of I-35W?

    Animal, mineral, or vegetable?

  213. Did anybody treat anybody else like they just fell off the turnip truck today?

  214. a quiz for y’all:


  215. I’m a meat Popsicle.

  216. Are you north or south of 820?
    East or west of I-35W?

    Ah, what language are you speaking?

  217. 17% chance of survival

  218. HAHAH, MCPO! I have an 18% survival rating.

  219. 28% chance of survival.

  220. “I’m a meat Popsicle.”

    What does that mean. You’re cold?

  221. Laura, can hold her breath a long time!

  222. Never tell me the odds.

  223. Ah, what language are you speaking?

    Oh, I see – I’m not going to get to meet you, either….. :-(

  224. “Never tell me the odds.”

    HA! I know it makes you want to win even more!

  225. 14%

  226. No Mare, I have slept with someone who smells like pine cones and rabbit blood.

  227. 4% chance of survival – good thing I never go into the woods.

  228. Mare – It’s a line from, “The 5th Element”.

  229. Jeez, nearest Cabelas is in Glendale, AZ. That’s about 7 hours away.

  230. Actual conversation with husband minutes ago:

    Mr. Mare: What are you laughing about? Something sick I suppose?

    mare: Yes (still laughing) something at the Hostages.

    Mr. Mare: That’s what I thought.

  231. Pepe, where are you?

  232. 4% Oops!

  233. Someone pick me up from work. I’m done.

  234. I’m sitting in my living room. Just kidding, I’m in west-central New Mexico, 70 miles southwest of Albuquerque..

  235. Chrisp, you’re not trying hard enough!

  236. For some reason I thought you were further north. They’re building two in the Denver metro area, but they’ll still be 7 hours from you.

  237. Whew! I only have to outrun ChrisP.

  238. Did you guys discuss meat grinding all day?

  239. Mare,
    It didn’t ask if I carry a .45 with hand-loaded hollow-points…

  240. What if Bigfoot just isn’t really into it?

  241. “What if Bigfoot just isn’t really into it?”

    How fricken rude!

  242. Random thought:

    Given that teh party of cocksuckers has won the last two presedential elections via having AA’s, as well as an assload of white squishies vote at unprecedented levels in order to show support for they homie, who is the next AA on deck for them to put on the ticket? MSM started creating the O myth at the 04 convention, but I don’t see them creating Omyth version 2 at present.

  243. You think we’ll still be having elections in four years? You optimist you…

  244. Je$$e Jack$on Jr. probably isn’t busy.

  245. aliceache, get outa my head. I was finda edit my shit to note that I place the probability of future presedential elections at 1:4.

  246. King Putt.

  247. Obama runs the country in the same way that Mao did in the last 3 years of his life.

  248. The Cabela’s in Dundee is about 25 minutes away. I go there maybe once a year. It was more frequent when ammo was cheap.

  249. Where’s that whore mare?

    No, seriously…

    *looks over shoulder*

  250. I was going to kill Sean and leave his corpse on Mare’s front porch as a present, but it costs too much gas to drive to Sean’s.

  251. Where’s that whore mare?
    Et tu, Sean?

    *cries quietly into pillow while telling my cat he’s my only friend*

  252. We haven’t heard much about Little Bo lately. Is he no longer cute kitten?

  253. Just 20% chance.

    MOM! I don’t want a squatch hole.

  254. Heh,
    This morning I set my flashlight down and thought “You shouldn’t put that there, you will never find it.”

    Sure enough I cannot.

  255. I do that all the time Vmax.

    I think it’s a sign of genius.

  256. I must be a freakin’ Einstein, then –

  257. Tonight’s dinner was quite good. Smoked whole chicken on the egg was excellent. I am gaining confidence cooking on that thing and am pretty sure I wont ruin Thanksgiving.

  258. I wish I had ladled some of the drippings (from the beer-and-herbs pan under the birds) over the chicken before we served it tonight. I didn’t find out until later how good that is.

    Kicking myself.

    I did two different chix tonight. Scott smoked both of them in The Big Green Egg, which I am really starting to understand and appreciate.

    With one bird I made a really nice traditional ‘green herbs’ poultry seasoning, mixed it with a little lard, and pushed it under the skin of the bird. Meat came out moist and fragrant.

    The other bird I used my cardamom-rosemary spice blend that I use in chicken soup, mixed it with olive oil, and rubbed it on the outside of the bird, only getting under the skin at the top of the breast to keep it from drying out.

    Both came out good, but the lard-bird was juicier.

    I’m smoking the family turkey this year, and I’m definitely going to apply lard-herbs to it. Maybe mix in some butter too.

  259. Jesus, Scott. Get off my channel.

  260. Care for a shot, Scott?


  261. Comment by scott on November 11, 2012 10:33 pm
    Smoked whole chicken on the egg.
    What came first, the chicken or the egg?

  262. *shoots pepe in the face with the salmonella cannon*

  263. We go to PHX just to shop at Cabela’s and Bass Pro. My CiL sold his Rocky Mountain goat mount to Cabela’s. It is in the Dallas/Fort Worth store.

  264. Comment by lauraw on November 11, 2012 10:49 pm
    *shoots pepe in the face with the salmonella cannon*
    You smoke salmon too? ;-)

  265. I used to be one of Bass Pro’s better customers.

    I spent almost all of my play money there.

  266. I still wear some of the clothes I bought there nearly 20 years ago.

  267. Serial killer cats make me smile for some reason.

  268. The Bass Pro in Vegas is really cool. It is one of their flag ship stores. It is attached to the Silverton Casino. We actually stayed at the Silverton once just so I could have something to do while Dan spent 4 hours at BP.

  269. Has AOSHQ become a content-free zone?

  270. I got my camp shower at Bass Pro. The enclosure not the actual shower.

  271. Their stuff used to always be top quality. I never had a bad experience with them.

  272. Enclosure?


  273. Dan used tarps, trees, and cut some poles for my shower one year. My BP shower has pouches for soap, shampoo, places to hang your towels, etc. If I have to tent camp, I want a few basic necessities.

  274. I never carried soap, shampoo, or towels.

  275. MMM will erupt upon you at 0630.

  276. Erupt might not be the best word.

    It’s tomorrow!

    Gotta go. Goodnight all.

  277. Heh.

    Comment by MCPO Airdale on November 11, 2012 11:13 pm

    Has AOSHQ become a content-free zone?

    Comment by scott on November 11, 2012 11:26 pm

    Their stuff used to always be top quality. I never had a bad experience with them.

  278. There’ll be love and laughter
    And peace ever after
    Tomorrow, when the derp is free

  279. Good morning. Pup is mobile…on the road and only half rabid.

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