Welcome to the last day of the work week and our treasured Big Boob Friday. I never did hear from MJ as to WHY the hell he didn’t have  BBF ready, so I’ve thown this together.

Music… something goes here about music… let’s see… how am I feeling about the party of elephants lately? Oh, yes; right.


I searched her name in our H2 archives and it appears that she’s a nOOb to the BBF pages. She’s an all natch 32H lassie from England with beautiful blue eyes (yeah, she has eyes). Some have contemplated that she looks like that whore Lohan; sure, why not. Please watch that you don’t splatter Jergen’s everywhere as you give a round of applause to Robyn Alexandra!

Learning Tyme!

  • 1799 Napoleon Bonaparte participates in a coup and declares himself dictator of France.
  • 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt leaves Washington, D.C., for a 17-day trip to Panama and Puerto Rico, becoming the first president to make an official visit outside of the United States.
  • 1914 The Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney wrecks the German cruiser Emden, forcing her to beach on a reef on North Keeling Island in the Indian Ocean.
  • 1918 Germany is proclaimed a republic as the kaiser abdicates and flees to the Netherlands.
  • 1935 Japanese troops invade Shanghai, China.
  • 1965 Nine Northeastern states and parts of Canada go dark in the worst power failure in history, when a switch at a station near Niagara Falls fails.
  • 1967 NASA launches Apollo 4 into orbit with the first successful test of a Saturn V rocket.
  • 1972 Bones discovered by the Leakeys push human origins back 1 million years.
  • 1983 Alfred Heineken, beer brewer from Amsterdam, is kidnapped and held for a ransom of more than $10 million.
  • 1989 The Berlin Wall is opened after dividing the city for 28 years.

Hi-eeee Robyn!!

One more? M’kay!

See–pretty blue eyes.


  1. Enjoy the quickie.

  2. That was darned nice of you.

  3. You are pretty handy with the bewbs. For a chick.

  4. *blushes*

  5. **hands Cyn two drinks**

  6. If only I had something like the interwebz to find half-decent looking well-endowed chicks. Someday, I suppose.

  7. Good job, Cyn.

  8. Our refrigerator died last night. Repairman quoted $850 to fix it – starter and compressor shot. No effing way.

    So, HotBride has just purchased a Kenmore 72003 in stainless for $1,050, and she’s happy as a lark. Gets delivered tomorrow morning.

  9. At first I thought, how weird to get all pumped up about a fucking refrig. Then I remembered how geeked I was about my new grill last spring.



  11. She seems nice….and slutty. But I mean that in a good way.

    A lady shouldn’t sit like that unless she wants attention drawn to her crotch, which would make her a crotch attention whore. hjhashahaha, I crack myself up.

  12. Hey, it looks like the Lakers ownership is a little more results-oriented than the voting public.

    Also, RAYCISS!!!

  13. I now love my stainless, but at first hated it. I missed being able to magnetic stick up stuff on the fridge.

    The very best thing I’ve found to clean the outside of it… Pledge. No NOT waste your money on the special sprays like I did.

  14. Hmm, magnets don’t stick to stainless steel? You must have aluminum.

    Nice job on short notice, Cyn!

  15. OMG Mare!! My search terms to find her were “slutty”, “nice”, “but in a good way”. Amazing.

  16. IIRC, when I went shopping for a fridge almost 2 years ago to hold enough food for two boys, I kept seeing that the ‘stainless’ was non-magnetic, except one out on the market, but it was a brand I didn’t want to buy.

  17. “OMG Mare!! My search terms to find her were “slutty”, “nice”, “but in a good way”. Amazing.”


  18. My favorite is MJ as a bronie!! hahahahaha

  19. Magnets on the refrig is a no-no in my house. So no problem.

  20. Since stainless steel is ferromagnetic, I suspect that Cyn has a faux-steel fridge as well.

  21. She’s gonna itch like a bitch, when her snitch grows back in.


    I’m tellin’ ya mare, we’re gonna ride in the same wagon to hell.

  22. If you can’t speak English, leon, here’s your obamafone!

  23. SEAL team six to be reprimanded for military secrets showing up into Medal of Honor Warfighter.

    O’reary? When will Obama be reprimanded for all the shit he’s leaked or sold to cartels or al qaeda paid in American blood?

  24. I don’t know whether to laugh or fucking choke somebody.

    Option C.: Laughingly choke.

  25. sean, I’m going with ‘choke somebody’.

    I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Axelrod and that other creepy douche, are Bath House Barry’s butt pumpers.

  26. Beasn, I saw that bit about the SEALs earlier.

    Not just the WH is guilty. The squids have been pimping the SEALs for well over a decade. Heck, even back in the 90s, it seemed half the kids I talked to who joined the Navy thought they were gonna be SEALs. Uh, how about 0.5% of the Navy?

    Institutionally, they’re VERY big on PR. But low-level guys get hammered. Douchetastic.

  27. O’reary? When will Obama be reprimanded for all the shit he’s leaked or sold to cartels or al qaeda paid in American blood?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You funneh, beasn.

  28. CEO of coal company says prayer, announces lay-offs.

    Dear Lord:

    The American people have made their choice. They have decided that America must change its course, away from the principals of our Founders. And, away from the idea of individual freedom and individual responsibility. Away from capitalism, economic responsibility, and personal acceptance.

    We are a Country in favor of redistribution, national weakness and reduced standard of living and lower and lower levels of personal freedom.

    My regret, Lord, is that our young people, including those in my own family, never will know what America was like or might have been. They will pay the price in their reduced standard of living and, most especially, reduced freedom.

    The takers outvoted the producers. In response to this, I have turned to my Bible and in II Peter, Chapter 1, verses 4-9 it says, “To faith we are to add goodness; to goodness, knowledge; to knowledge, self control; to self control, perseverance; to perseverance, godliness; to godliness, kindness; to brotherly kindness, love.”

    Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp. for the decisions that we are now forced to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises that you have helped us build. We ask for your guidance in this drastic time with the drastic decisions that will be made to have any hope of our survival as an American business enterprise.


  29. Not all stainless is ferromagnetic. Sinks and appliance stainless are usually not.

    Look up body centered cubic vs. face centered cubic.

  30. Think on this. By 2016, there will be a fair contingent of 18-24 voters that have never really known prosperity. They will have no idea that our natural economy isn’t trillion dollar deficits and 8% unemployment. They’ll be too young to realize there was a time, almost within their lifetimes, when being on food-stamps was a badge of shame. They’ll be too young to remember there was a time when people could graduate from high school and get a job, or attend college and not have a debt load greater than a home mortgage.

    Not knowing that there is a better way, it’s going to be hard to convince them to vote for the party that isn’t telling them “I’ll clothe you and feed you and care for you.”

    In 2012, most of the electorate can remember the prosperity of the 80s, 90s, and 2000’s. But memories fade, and for many, the past will disappear. This self-inflicted mediocrity will be the pinnacle of the American experience for many.

    It is to weep.

  31. Ah, right, I’d forgotten about that. I’m used to fishing for dropped screws with a magnet on a string, and my old sink held magnets pretty well, so I’d assumed that was the sort normally used. Must have just been an old sink.

  32. I don’t see Obama as Santa Claus. I see him as a crack dealer.

  33. This is the same damn conversation that was going on here 4 years ago

  34. there’s something extra titillating about smart sexy chicks picking out the weekly boobage….

    Thanks Cyn!

  35. TBOM!!!

    Where in the world have you been?

  36. Who’s the new guy? Looks familiar. But certainly no one would abandon us for so long.

  37. This is the same damn conversation that was going on here 4 years ago

    Dude, we do this every Friday. Where the hell have you been?

  38. This is the same damn conversation that was going on here 4 years ago

    No, back then we were talking to PJM and Rosie, and I hadn’t met anyone yet in person.

    Also I was a fat nerd.

  39. I thought Wiser bannned TBOM?

  40. Where in the world have you been?

    Mare, I got 5 to 10 for peeping through you windows…+time off for good behavior.

    What the hell happened to Rosetta?

  41. thought Wiser bannned TBOM?

    hahahaha…now that’s funny

  42. Rosetta has a baby and a Floyd now, so he’s busy.

    PJM has facechimp. And sOhOs has some other reason to depart.

  43. What the hell happened to Rosetta?

    Jaeger induced brain rot, I imagine. He can’t walk and chew gum raise a child and hang out here at the same time.


    He stops by now and then.

  44. Once Facedouche came along, PJM discovered there was a far larger audience she could annoy.

  45. We need to find Rosetta and have a “You Crossed The Line” post….revive the old days

  46. Hey, TBone. Do the stories of your “exploits” that have filtered back here from the country’s many alpaca farms have any merit to them?

  47. Huh. We have some sort of spambot in here. What’s shakin’, TBOM?

  48. Once Facedouche came along, PJM discovered there was a far larger audience she could annoy.

    That right there is funny.

  49. TBOM! How are things with you? Anything new? Anything old?

  50. Well…. now we know why Paetreaus hasn’t been sounding off on Benghazi.

  51. thought Wiser bannned TBOM?

    hahahaha…now that’s funny

    Oh, you’ve missed at least seven or eight seriously funny things in your absence.

    Please tell the class what you’ve been doing.

  52. Well, TBOM, we,( and by “we” I mean I) are happy to see you and wish you would hang out here more. Rosetta was around for awhile last night.

  53. Well…. now we know why Paetreaus hasn’t been sounding off on Benghazi.

    what did I miss, xbrad?

  54. What happened, xbrad?

  55. >i>Please tell the class what you’ve been doing.

    Raising offspring

  56. Let me guess, Paetreaus is getting a promotion?

  57. Xbrad, what are you talking about with regard to Patreaus?

  58. nice to see my html skills have not suffered

  59. Sec State?

  60. Mine are out of the house TBOM…SADFACE!

  61. Oh my, resigning as CIA chief.

  62. Hanz and Franz! Have they kicked your ass yet?

  63. Petreus could go either way on this. He’s either getting promoted, or he’s Eisenhower 2.0.

  64. Where did you get that info, Jay?

  65. I think this is what b-rad was talking about.

  66. Just up at AOS. No source yet.

    He had it up before Drudge.

  67. Why would resigning as CIA chief make him keep his mouth shut? Is it to do with benefits?

    Can he talk after the fact?

  68. TBOM, I’m sorry that excuse is not valid.

    Most of us are busy doing this, and the rest have serious porn addictions that take up an equal amount of time.

    We’re going to need a signed note from your mom or something if you want this to be excused.

    Although it has ben a while since Cyn has been able to carry out “the discipline”.

    We used to let Lauraw discipline , until [[[[shudders]]]]] that one time. PTL we had a good place to hide the body.

    /glances under couch

  69. How convenient. Another woman, like anyone cares. I wonder if it was ‘forced’.

  70. eh. who cares.

  71. What brad said. Couple that with the fact that the death panels will be putting down the ones that do remember better times.

  72. AN AFFAIR????

  73. Every time I remember that Elizabeth Warren got elected, my blood boils. Just like ti did back when Al Franken stole his senate seat.

    Fucking democrats are pond scum.

  74. An affair is no reason to resign as CIA head unless she was a foreigner. He was pushed out.

  75. Well now, perhaps Huma can recommend someone for that postion.

  76. Benghazi. It has to have something to do with that.

  77. You’ll notice, the resignation was turned in Friday, but the WH sat on it until after the election.

  78. I’m sure, Scott.

  79. Obama: Where’d everybody go? Hillary? Leon? David? Eric?

  80. Rats…ship

  81. You know who would make a great Dir of CIA? Candy Crowley. She earned it.

  82. Funny how he told of his private business in a resignation letter.

  83. Something is not right.

  84. Everything is crazy.

  85. A FB friend says this –
    …”Who knows how long Petraeus was being blackmailed, and what scandals other than Benghazi he had already kept quiet on? Once
    Obama got him to betray his country in a small way, it would be easier to ask him to betray America and Americans in bigger ways.”…

    And I say, if he had any humanity left, he would come clean for those that died under his watch.

    It is rotten from top to bottom so let’s vote it back in over a squeaky clean man with a sterling business record.

  86. You know who would make a great Dir of CIA?

    I’m available, and unlike Obama, I can pass the background check.

  87. Last Friday, huh?

  88. Wouldn’t that be the same day our drone was shot at near Iran?

  89. J’ames, I think I jumped the gun on that Friday bit. Even with Cyn’s gracious gift of bewbs, for some reason, my peabrain keeps thinking today is Thursday.

  90. My new fantasy now that Oface has been reelected is that he’ll be forced to resign. It’s a log shot but so is Mila Kunis and I haven’t given up on her yet.

  91. General Touchsquaw likem some Cherokee purse, white man.

  92. Hahahahah!

    *stabs MJ in the neck*

  93. Oh sweaty Lord. Want a laugh? Listen to Ed Morrissey’s show on ustream now, talking to Hugh Hewitt’s producer Duane. A spectacle of titanic cluelessness. It’s our “messaging.”
    I thought Romney was the perfect messaging vehicle. Hewitt and Duane told me so.
    LOL worthy stuff.

  94. Sorry. That was for the Mr. Crowley comment.

    *hands MJ a tourniquet*

  95. Dammit xbrad, don’t tease me like that. I was gonna get all indignant for no good reason!

  96. Having said that, I’m pretty damn certain someone in the WH knew what was coming.

    As a 4-star, or as DCI, it’s simply logistically impossible to have an affair without other people knowing about it. You simply don’t have time alone to do so. And those people have to either aid and abet, or at a minimum, be complicit. And that leaves you open to compromise. In this case, the concern isn’t that the Russians will turn you, but rather your own government, the Obama admin. The obvious theory is that he STFU about Benghazi because of this.

    And those people that know about your affair? You’re own staff? Once they’re complicit, or knowing of it, you are at their mercy. One wrong step, and they’ll rat you out. Or just do it for sport.

  97. Drudge’s pic is awesome.

  98. His use of quotes is also noteworthy.

  99. New fantasy: Patreus was fucking the ho when the call came in about Libya, Oface was forced to make a call and let ’em die.

    Then he resigns.


    And we get Biden.

  100. I’ve given up on Mila Kunis, not gonna happen.

    Still got my fingers crossed for a shot at Laura Prepon though.

  101. Petraeus can save his bacon if he declares he’s a Democrat.

  102. Laura Prepon was, of course, and early Load HEAT

  103. In her Maxim interview she talked about shooting handguns to relax.

    It peaked my interest.

  104. Now that Barry doesn’t have to worry about his next election, he should just go whole hog and appoint a bunch of 60s radicals to important positions. And famous ones, too, not people who gave an obscure speech here or there.


  105. I’ve never had time for an affair either.

  106. The lounge at my freshman dorm was named for Angie Davis. I went in it exactly once, then looked her up.

    Never again.

  107. I’m sure Tom Hayden is available for high appointed office.

  108. I’ve never had time for an affair either.

    I’ve never had a woman other than my wife offer to have sex with me, so I can’t say for certain that I don’t have the time. I don’t feel like I do, but I think I could shuffle my schedule a little if Ms. Prepon propositioned me.

  109. Secretary of Business Abbie Hoffman.

    (Yes, I am well aware.)

  110. It peaked my interest.


    *invoices Hotspur .25*

  111. Who does Obama appoint for Philandery Czar?

  112. No, there was a peak involved. Several, in fact.

  113. Who does Obama appoint for Philandery Czar?

    I’m available, and unlike Obama, I can pass the background check.

  114. It peaked my interest.


  115. So missing a whole thread last night was fun..


  116. Aww, there’s a position that had Ted Kennedy written ALL over it!

  117. **stabs Laura voodoo doll with a nerf lightsaber**

  118. Anthony Weiner could fill the… slot.

  119. “I’ve never had a woman other than my wife offer to have sex with me”

    Try being the guy who fixes the last tiny detail in a new house, to my credit, I never once took any of them up on it.

  120. Try being the guy who fixes the last tiny detail in a new house, to my credit, I never once took any of them up on it.

    *signs up for trade school*

  121. *hands Leon a wetnap with one hand and shoots the armadillo cannon at xbrad with the with the other*


    Hey there kids. I have been so busy lately. What’s up?

  122. Try being the guy who fixes the last tiny detail in a new house, to my credit, I never once took any of them up on it.

    Have DeWalt power tools, will travel

  123. Bill Ayers for Sec. of Defense!!

  124. Sec. of State – Jeremiah Wright

    A.G. – Bill Aires

  125. Hey, the husband has a woodchipper going, anyone need anything, chipped?

    *throws in 10 pound roast*

  126. Wow, Did NOT see that coming from Petraeus!

    Sadly, the most competent person in Obama’s cabinet is now gone. I’m curious to see how long our new CSAF, Gen Welsh, will hang in there. He’s a very good man and does not tolerate fools. I was surprised he made to four stars in the first place, much less CSAF.

    Here’s a speech he gave at the Academy that still manages to motivate an old bitter Lt Col like myself. Give it a watch when you can carve out 50 min:

  127. It’s as if in 72 hours the nation has not only become a banana republic but the reality show version of one.

  128. Why?

    The question answers itself.

  129. Why?

    Because God is tired of our bullshit, and by God I mean gravity, Austrian Economics, and the forces of natural selection.

    Also God.

  130. With the events of the last week, B. Hussein Obama is the luckiest primate on earth.


  131. Not a good enough reason in the realm of stupid men. There is a reason why he won’t testify. A deal with the commie to keep pictures out of the press? What the hell does that even matter?

  132. I don’t get that part of it either, beasn. I’d burn down every part of my life and live in infamy and poverty for the rest of my days to save this nation. If he can’t do that, I finally have a reason to feel the better man.

  133. I was thinking the Aztecs were quite accurate..though not in a KABOOM meteor of death killing us all kind of way.

    Tuesday morning, I took a nap and had bad dreams….I was in China, watching from a balcony above, and people were rounded up and being marched down the street…all of the sudden someone hollered and the people broke ranks and scattered with the armed soldiers giving chase…and one by one, wherever the people fled and tried to hide, they got shot.

    Fade to next dream….Russia-type place or was it the same place as first dream….a man and woman, dressed in their skivvies, on the shores of some river, told to jump…but whoever told them, gave them a look and pointed to a small dingy because the alternative, if they didn’t, was a bullet in the head.

    Thus, my bad feeling about things to come were intensified when I woke up.

  134. Phat, I watched that presentation by Walsh. And thought “how the fuck did that guy end up in the Air Force, and not the Army?”

  135. The couple in their underwear were given a reprieve – allowed to escape – from someone who was supposed to shoot them.

  136. Holy fuck. It just dawned on me. Now we’re going to need a new range, dishwasher, microwave, and faucet.

    Someone beer me.

  137. Uh oh, the carpets don’t match the drapes.

  138. I need a new range, too. Gas, with a power burner.

  139. I’m just happy I stocked up on ammo and 30 round magazines before this recent turn of events. Still need a shotty…slim pickings at my usual haunts.

  140. I’m feeling a little giddy in a way. We may have years of clarity coming up. I love clarity. Go back and re-read Codevilla’s essay.

    It’s the ruling class vs. the subjects. Today, nearly everyone that reaches and succeeds in the ruling class is a fraud. Everything about Obama’s life is a fiction. The most respected general according to conservatives can’t keep his royal American in his silken undies. Stim money goes to husbands of senators and bundlers for Democrat pols. Voters vote for a massive parasite bureaucracy to leech upon the voters’ own medical care. If Tammany were still alive he would gape in wonder at how much more efficient and vast his descendants efforts have proven.

    The American experiment has ended, and we return to the default state of humanity. The biggest liars and charlatans rise to the top, scraping their mountains of lucre off the peasants one wallet at a time.

  141. I might add we found a possible president who actually did not have a nasty, corrupt personal history… and he was flatly rejected.

  142. If shit hits the fan, hard, not sure me even working would matter. Only the EBT whores will afford cakes.

  143. >> There is a reason why he won’t testify.

    Once they read him out, he can’t testify about classified info without permission.

  144. People will still have their jobs, go grocery shopping, clean the house, etc. We’ll just live with European standards of disposable income, congestion, and corruption. 8% UE is permanent, as is zero to 2% growth of GDP, and most of that will be gubmint spending.

  145. Once they read him out, he can’t testify about classified info without permission.

    Permission from Obama? That doesn’t sound right if Barry is part of the cover-up. As if he would give it.

    If that’s the case then, and Petraeus knows shit and steps down knowing this, he’s as corrupt a shithead as the rest of them.

    Rule of law? Laws are for peasants and video makers.

  146. >> Permission from Obama?

    Probably the DNI, but of course the DNI reports directly to Obama.

  147. Morrell to testify instead of Petraeus.

    Are there no honorable men left in our government? With the demonization of Romney, we certainly must keep them out.


    Like I said, banana republic. But we do it big in the Nation Below Canada.

  149. Are there no honorable men left in our government?

    Depends on your definition of honor. It’s situational, dontcha know.

  150. Why couldn’t congress force him to testify and tell Obama to pound sand?

  151. Dave’s right, maintaining the integrity of classified information is a lifelong obligation. The only person with unlimited latitude to declassify is the president. For Petraeus, it would be treason.

  152. Because he has to have permission if any of his testimony covers classified intelligence. They can force him to testify, they can’t force him to divulge classified.

  153. Hello fellow losers of elections.

    Today’s boobs are of a varietal I approve, well done Cyn. And by well done, I mean, ya know, like, well done.

  154. He won’t talk about Benghazi. He’s a “tainted” figure now, and the fascist administration would paint his testimony as unreliable and that of a man striking out to deflect scrutiny upon himself. Besides, the classified proviso is far more powerful in preventing testimony.

    Kim-il-Obama will get away with treason in Libya.

  155. So basically, any of these scum can commit a crime, label it classified, and go about their merry way. Got it.

  156. Rally ’round the flag, boys

  157. Well, what do you think happened with F and F? In that case it was an unprecedented claim of “executive privilege.”

    So, yeah. No recourse. Under the law*.

    *your results with “law” may vary, not guaranteed

  158. So, did the good General fall on his sword for Obama, – I don’t understand why he would, which means he is part of the whole corrupt business.

    Yeah, I would want my kid to serve in the military. Not.

  159. Doesn’t always go that way. If the ball gets rolling and Congress gets the Heisman, they can always go the Independent Prosector route. Nixon claimed executive privilege too (Billy Jeff too, if memory serves). Didn’t hold up.

    In this case though they don’t have to just call it classified, it most assuredly meets that standard already.

  160. Actually I think it’s more of case beasn of the administration shutting him up, rather than him falling on the sword.

  161. I’ve come up with a better flag for our republic

  162. If that’s the case dave, then hopefully congress will find a way to get him to talk. An honorable man can’t sit on information that would block justice for those 4 dead Americans.

    There is that hope word again. *spits*

    I have no confidence in congress doing the right thing.

  163. If screwing around is a crime in the military then why was Billy Jeff let off the hook?

  164. >> An honorable man can’t sit on information that would block justice for those 4 dead Americans.

    I wouldn’t call it sitting on it, without some help he can’t divulge it. He could be prosecuted for doing that, it’s a crime.

    So yeah, a Special Prosecutor is about the only option. That said, there are plenty of other high-rankers in CIA that know the whole story too, it isn’t just him. Including Deputy Director Mike Morrell (who may wind up as acting director).

  165. The most transparent administration ever!

  166. Yeah, Scott, it’s transparent allright.

  167. Clear as mud.

  168. Yippeeeee!! I has heat. (I hope – last repair lasted all of three days.)

    Let the record show that, given how bad some folks in the NE are having it, I am not and did not bitch, even though it got down to a frigid 45 degrees last night. I did some powerful whining about it though.

  169. Heat is good.

  170. We were out for a week last year about this time. It really sucks. The first day or two isn’t so bad but after that each day gets worse. The people in NY and NJ have probably gone mad by now.

    Xtian, where is home?

  171. a facedouche friend said she JUST got her power back.

  172. fantastic Steyn column today

  173. If there is a replacement for Little Jerry Seinfeld, perhaps he can be named Pokey Davey Petraeus.

  174. So this time David is really going to Betrayus?

  175. Scott, home is roughly half way between Destin and Panama City Beach, so you can tell I wasn’t really suffering a lot. Mostly just uncomfortable. I didn’t even dig out my two little space heaters, although I was going to this afternoon.

    It was just enough to sharpen my appreciation of what it must be like in your neck of the woods. At least I had power.

  176. * cough *


  177. If there is a replacement for Little Jerry Seinfeld, perhaps he can be named Pokey Davey Petraeus.


  178. I’ve been meaning to tell you all this – but Little Jerry never received a proper burial. Something … took his body. Circle of life.

  179. rdbrewer ‏@rdbrewer4

    #OtherPetraeusBookNames “In My Foxhole”

  180. Leeetle Yerry has risen!

  181. from an insty link, pure awesome:

  182. Something … took his body.


  183. I wish I could figure Twitter out. Seems to me it’s like watching a stream of sewage, and every once in a while a kernel of corn floats by. Surely I’m doing something wrong.

  184. Petraeus book name

    “Battle of the Bulge”

  185. [i] it’s like watching a stream of sewage, and every once in a while a kernel of corn floats by[/i]

    Oddly, that is the precise technical description of the protocol.

  186. Today’s model looks friendly!

  187. Mr. TiFW says “Thank You!!!!!”

    The new James Bond movie is most excellent –
    The new “Q” is a sexy nerdy little boy.
    I could hurt him.

  188. MCPO escaped while they were cleaning his cage!

  189. See David Petraeus’ zany life story in the hilarious Blake Edwards’ film

    What Did You Do In The War, Sugar Daddy?

  190. George, what picture at Drudge did you see that you thought was great? I was out and missed it.

  191. Scott – I am home and have my feet up. Life is good.

  192. I don’t know about you guys but I cannot believe what has been happening. Everything is crazy and back alley and icky. WHat is going on?

  193. It’s the new normal Mare.

    * passes joint *

  194. Mare, what on earth made you think that things wouldn’t be this way?

  195. Mare – Screw ’em. Go Galt.

  196. I am not sure I am buying this affair stuff. From her website she looks like a bit of an attention whore. The affair, real or fake, will be worth millions to her in book sales.

  197. I’m about 1/3 to 1/2 the way through the Khan Academy chemistry series.

    He hasn’t talked about meth yet, but there has been some foreshadowing.

  198. George can you answer my question at 7:28?

    Do we know who he had the affair with?

    I am so full of thoughts on this deal I can’t get them straight. So many implications, paradigm shifts, legalities, and just general what the hell?


  200. mare, it was just a picture of Petraeus grinning like shit, with a woman in the background also grinning

    don’t know if it was the woman in question, just a goofy pic

  201. I’m changing my car horn to go “derp”

  202. Idea here. New York and New Jersey are paying cops to enforce the odd even rationing at gas stations.

    Wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper to give generators to gas stations without power? That would free up cops to shoot looters.

  203. Mare, see my link at 7:08.

  204. Or you can look it up on your own

  205. According to the story about the FBI investigation, Paula Broadwell, his biographer. The FBI was investigating her for attempting to access his classified email.

  206. Mare – see my link at 6 o’clock. IYKWIMAITYD!

  207. So they think the affair was with her based on the FBI no doubt checking her emails in the investigation. Who boy.

  208. No, they uncovered evidence of the affair as they were conducting the investigation.

  209. This all smells like fish encased in dead fish entrails wrapped around fish sticks without tartar.

  210. Dave, that’s what I said.

  211. In other words ; it smells Lille the Castro District.

  212. Or they just made all this shit up to cover for Barack.

  213. George, did you see the comment to the post you linked at EffYou where the commenter thinks we should just let it crash, let the left have their way but make sure people know exactly whose policies cause the crash?

    Seems to me that with the media in the left’s pocket the right will be blamed, somehow, for everything bad anyways. All this bullshit about getting the message out. Well, sure, a swell idea, but how do we do that, what with the media’s refusal to report anything but sunshine and skittles about the left?

    In my opinion, the media is the problem and there’s not enough recognition of that fact on our side.

    Preachin’ to the choir, I know.

  214. >> Dave, that’s what I said.

    You said based on the FBI checking her emails. That detail is a fact not in evidence.

  215. Drink a box of wine and read it again.

  216. George, did you see the comment to the post you linked at EffYou where the commenter thinks we should just let it crash, let the left have their way but make sure people know exactly whose policies cause the crash?

    My take on that EffYou post was merely that there are very ugly unintended consequences coming up from Robertscare, and we had better be ready. Can’t think of any way to “blame” the libtards, not in this MFM and low-info voter environment.

    My attitude now is Candide’s as he turns away from the eventful world: “Excellently observed,” answered Candide; “but let us cultivate our garden.”

  217. Drink a box of wine and read it again.

    STOP. You had me at drink a box of wine.

  218. and something something fish something.

    That part was important.

  219. This all smells like fish encased in dead fish entrails wrapped around fish sticks without tartar.

    In other words, Rosetta’s kitchen.

  220. That fish something is that chick up yonder with her haunches spread.


  221. beasn: worst wingman evar.

  222. Oh shit.

    Interior proposal would limit commercial oil shale development on federal lands in West

    Waited until after the erection. Stiffed again.

  223. I’m attacking an old classmate on facedouche. From my elementary school. In Detroit. He said “America is great once again”, etc.

    It’s truly amazing.

  224. Xtian, that’s the most apt description of Twitter I’ve ever heard. Quadruple that when there’s a disaster with a hashtag.

  225. beasn: worst wingman evar.


  226. It will be interesting to see what transpired over the course of the next two years, and what the results will be for the mid-term elections. As Ace’s “unprecedented” post mentioned, the pendulum does tend to swing a bit.

    Right now, there’s a lot of Republicans wondering if they should shift politically to the left. But if the national situation does deteriorate under leftist government, that will be an electorally untenable position. And it will be the champions of the right that can succeed, while those who shifted to the left will be discredited.

    I’m not particularly optimistic about the future right now, but I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel.

    We face enormous challenges, and have the potential to destroy our republic. But I’ll just say that as bad as things appear from our perspective, I think they are less calamitous than various times in the past. The obvious era was the Civil War. Less obvious, the upheaval of the 1960s. As bad as it has been, there hasn’t been a heck of a lot of rioting these days (though L.A. is overdue for its generational riots). Further, we despise FDR for his socialistic policies and institution of the welfare state upon us, but we have to remember, at that time, liberal democracy worldwide was widely considered discredited, and capitalism a crime. The impulse for either a communist or fascist style of governance was far stronger than we today realize. To some extent, I’m sympathetic to the argument that FDR gave us just enoug socialism. That is, just enough to stave off massive civil unrest.

    We’ve certainly, as a nation, made poor choices in our governance the last few years. And I don’t see any potential for a seismic shift in what the electorate will tolerate in terms of reform, especially in terms of “entitlements” that is, the wealth transfer payments virtually every American has come to accept as their due, even, all but the most extreme conservatives (how many of YOU are not only willing, but demand to decline Social Security payments, or Medicare in your dotage?).

    So on the strategic level, if you will, the underlying problems are still there. But at the tactical and operational level, who knows what changes the electorate will demand. They may be less willing to follow the Democrat agenda over the cliff than they first appear.

  227. HA! She sucks at that.

    Car in, a customer told me today that we have it good. “Do you know what the inflation rate is in Iran? People here have it easy.”

  228. Is Dave around? SOSG did a poat on the guy he met with:

  229. HA! This is starting to shape up as a classic Chicago style take down. FBI “investigates” this woman BUT no charges expect to be filed. “Investigates” means reading her emails, you know, in the interest of a possible national security breech. Well lookie here, interesting conversation between the General and this woman who poses no threat to national security.

    Holy crap this is classic Chicago style. They’ve now crapped on his reputation, that’s handy if he testifies.

  230. I am buying bullets tomorrow.

  231. Good luck with, Scott.
    People seem to be having trouble doing that today.
    Let me know how you do…

  232. Did anybody drop a not-so-subtle hint about the money that anybody else owes them today?

  233. I doubt there are shortages here. If you need something let me know ChrisP.

  234. “Gimme my money, bitch!”

  235. Scott, a friend living in England was arguing a similar thing with me today.

    I finally shut her up with my argument that I didn’t care how much it SUCKED there.

  236. Sean?

  237. England is where we are headed.

  238. Yep.

  239. Welfare in England kicks ass.

    Welfare there might be better than here.

  240. Gonna go out to L.A. and see these guys tonight:

    If any of youse watch “No Reservations,” they do the theme music.

  241. Compare the size & population of England compared to the US. Unsustainable here for more than 20 years.

  242. It’s called “The Dole” there. Something to do with fruit or Viagra.

  243. >> HA! This is starting to shape up as a classic Chicago style take down. FBI “investigates” this woman BUT no charges expect to be filed. “Investigates” means reading her emails, you know, in the interest of a possible national security breech.

    It really sounds more like they were looking at his email acount, not hers, which would be expected in his position. The email exchanges led to her, but they started with him.

    It would also explain why no charges are expected, and the initial reporting of her “attempting to access his email” was just a stupid interpretation by a reporter of “she sent emails to his email (account).

  244. Okay, gotta run. Don’t sell each other bootleg DVDs while I’m out.

  245. Hope so, Scott.
    Saw some comments today about folks going to ‘large’ gun-stores and finding only a couple of cans of .177 air-gun pellets, while they were at 80% inventory two days ago.

  246. I didn’t know that you could send classified emails. All my classified work was in the pre-email days, but it seems like: 1) they wouldn’t allow insecure transmission; and 2) his computer would have to be in a secure location where she couldn’t get to it. You don’t just leave classified info on any computer – it’s got to be in a classified area or have the hard drive locked up in a safe.

  247. Don’t sell each other bootleg DVDs while I’m out.

    Dude. We just swap flash drives. And recipes.

  248. Doesn’t matter ChrisP, we can still send live lobsters.

  249. She’s the one being investigated not him.

  250. Someone told axlerod or some other scum that they might want to take a look at Paula and David’s relationship, could definitely have some Chicago play there…and it did.

  251. She’s the one being investigated not him.

    The point being that unless she was left alone with classified material in a secure facility (which is a huge security violation in itself), there’s no way she could have possibly accessed his emails.

  252. there’s no way she could have possibly accessed his emails.

    …if they were really classified, I mean.

  253. Geoff, likely not anything inside a .mil net (secure on nonsecure isolated), but as Director he would also have access to the outside world, the public internet on a network that is segregated.

    We don’t know if it was a personal email account, or his public facing one (yet), but as a senior intelligence official his email traffic, all of it, personal and official is most certainly monitored. Which would have led to her.

    Mare, you’re splitting hairs over a barely just known and reported story, which the intrepid reporters will fuck up for days. They already got “she was trying to access his classified email account” completely wrong. They’ll get other stuff wrong too. Because they are a) stupid and b) ignorant of things like SIPR and NIPR and issues geoff just raised. I’m simply offering up my opinion, based on knowing more about that world, how this likely went down. To be accurate, they were both “investigated”.


  254. I agree Dave – I’m just saying that the reporter’s implicit notion that classified emails are sitting around on an accessible computer or network is nonsense.

  255. **deletes SIOP and other warplans from my gmail account**

  256. Exactly.. another nonsensical bit of reportage because the people doing the reporting have no fucking idea how this stuff works.

  257. The whole Petraeus story strikes me as a concocted drama and I don’t believe a word of it.

  258. Benghazi has been reduced to a question on Jeopardy and once again bedroom politics is an issue. Except when it isn’t. Silky Pony took primary votes from Hill for How long before the MFM reported on a douche that would cheat on his cancer stricken wife.

  259. I can absolutely see it being used as a warning shot to shut him up, in case they were worried about him spilling.

    As of now, he can’t say shit about anything classified, without permission of the DNI. Which likely ain’t forthcoming.

    Good warning shot to anybody else thinking about wandering off the reservation too.

  260. Oh, I can believe Davey was schtupping his biographer. Disappointed to learn that, but within the realm of reality.

    But as to how it came about to his resignation? It’s also well within the realm of possibility that it was a hit job.

  261. **pulls in a rolling cooler full of beer, wine, and Diet Dr. Pepper**


  262. You’re gonna need a bigger boat cooler.

  263. Dunno. Not a big crowd tonight.

  264. Evenin’ folks.

  265. FIL was in the 15th Air Force during WW2, said he saw the Enola Gay return to Roswell, NM, and he has a picture of the plane and crew “somewhere”.

  266. Happy belated birthday, Andy.

  267. I’m reading what you’re writing.

  268. Hi Roamster!
    Thanks for the beer.

  269. First wknd in April and Oct you can go to Ground Zero in NM. Rest of the time it is off limits. Roamy, we have the Goddard Museum in Roswell and Los Alamos. The VLA. soon we’ll have the Spaceport. Nerd central. Plus we have the lame UFO Museum in Roswell.

  270. I have more to write, just not particularly motivated today.

  271. Thanks, RC.

  272. Nice post at my place, Roamy.

    8th Cav is, of course, Esli’s unit (he’s got 3/8Cav).

    I hope you noticed I posted not one, but TWO ‘splodeys for you today.

  273. That was URR, not me, XBrad. And teh ‘splodeys were nice. Mini-me gave her approval, too.

  274. WTFITS…..1970’s girlie photos? No photo winners points, except you know a couple, but that’s it.

  275. Oh. Hey, at least I read *parts* of my blog.

  276. Good warning shot to anybody else thinking about wandering off the reservation too.

    And that kind of shit can’t stand. Four people dead, one in jail, and we have to play goon to silence everyone. Makes me more suspicious that Barry was doing something very very bad as in not in our best interest.

  277. The Chicago Way.

    I haz been to Ground Zero. I expected a burnt out nuclear wasteland, but it looked pretty much like the rest of southern New Mexico. Which isn’t far from a burnt out nuclear wasteland.

  278. Beasn?

  279. It all seems to lead to POTUS. And by POTUS, I mean Valerie al Tehrani Jarrett.

  280. When I first read the posts about trading the blind sheik for the ambassador, I thought it was black helicopter b.s. Gun-running to Syria? Now maybe it’s not so far-fetched.

  281. XBrad, your 8:21 comment should be a poat on your blog. Just sayin’.

    **checks blog to make sure it’s not already there**

  282. I thought about it, Roamy. But I’m too lazy to cut and paste. Maybe Dave’ll do it. I emailed him the keys, but he blew me off.

  283. OK, made a couple minor edits, and will post it at my place.

  284. I bill $325 an hour. I accept Mastercard, Visa and AMEX. Fuck Discovercard.

  285. Roamy, I thought the same thing. It felt too highbrow for the H2. Well thought out and well written.

  286. Dave, if your posts were half as good as Laura’s, I’d pay you. Well, I’d pay you half of $3.25 and hour.

    Payable in 7.5 min increments. And it only takes about a second to hit the “publish” button.

  287. DiT, everyone knows that southern NM is a wasteland. Northern NM is truly the Land of Enchantment.

  288. Heh, we tried to double-poat.

  289. I spent most of my time at Mrs. Dave’s hometown (Lovington). First time I went to northern NM I asked someone “Are we still in New Mexico?”

    xbrad, I can’t do better than Laura. I have to do different.

  290. I’m not saying I buy it, but it certainly is an interesting theory…

  291. I tried to comment at Xbrad/Roamy post and all I get is a blank screen.
    So it goes…

  292. Have you seen that hump? Nobody does “different” like Laura.

  293. Chris, Roamy deleted her version. Refresh the home page and give it another shot.

  294. Lovington, Jal, Hobbes, Clovis, Roswell, or as I like to say “Far West Texas”. Don’t get me started on Elida.

  295. I got my 1st paycheck today. Goodness the government takes 2x what God does!

  296. Sadly, I cannot recommend Iron Sky. It was a great concept poorly executed, and loaded with anti-American sentiment.

  297. Good-night, my fake internet friends.
    Working on getting wasted, taking a sleeping-pill and crashing.
    Hope to wake-up to the America I remember, tomorrow.

  298. True, Vman, but the government isn’t telling you not to go out and get laid, so they’ve got that going for them.

  299. I have property in NM that glows! I am lying it is just desert with a dirt road within a mile of old Mexico.

  300. They are telling me I gave to wear a condom if I appear in a porn flick though.

    Damn right-wing fascists trying to control what happens in my bedroom!

  301. So X recommends I spend it on strippers and booze?

    I am not in the Navy. I will buy grocery’s And powerball tickets!

  302. Hah! I have been to all those burgs except Elida. And I have no idea why we were in Jal, maybe going to that ski resort

  303. Vman, how is Zeke? I haven’t seen any pics of him in a while. You didn’t have to eat him, did you?

  304. VMax, congrats on the job and the wages.

  305. No X,
    I did not eat him nor did I put him on the roof of my car. He is missing me while I work. I over compensate by throwing the tennis ball in the dark for 30 min. I also over compensate by taking him for 2 mile walks 2x a day.

    We used to walk 2 blocks.

    It is good for me too!

  306. Thanks Dave

  307. Groceries?
    I cannot spell much.

  308. You don’t spell em, you eats em

  309. That’s good to hear, Vman. And honestly, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. But that still isn’t the same as posting Zeke pics.

    Hurry up!

  310. X,
    My camera is within arms length. I will take a bunch of pics tomorrow and Sunday.

  311. Oso needs to post some Ginger and MaryAnn pics, also!

  312. Habakkuk seems totally appropriate for where we are.

  313. I have no posting skills. I am lost without My Share on FB thingy. I am still surprised that MaryAnn was still enough to get her pic.

  314. Hello?

  315. Well, I guess everyone has called it a night.

    //takes off pants.

  316. Don’t make me take off my shirt.

  317. Ice ain’t got nuthin’ on me…

  318. Really? H3.14? Because you bastards all like pi(e)?

    I’m getting lonely here.

  319. Dear Diary-
    Day one- all my “friends” have deserted me. It’s nice here, but the halls echo as I wander down them. On the other hand, I don’t have to be nearly as fastidious about my personal hygiene, so I’ve got that going for me.

  320. Pie is real. The cake is a lie.

  321. I had pants once. I don’t know whose they were.

  322. Xbrad on a date, as told to wiserbud

  323. Actually, pi(e) is real, but irrational. Oddly enough, e is irrational too. But it’s not like I’m keeping a log of this stuff.

  324. But it’s not like I’m keeping a log of this stuff.

    I (think) C WUT U DID THERE!

  325. This pun could go exponential.

  326. This thread minus George’s “humor” would be much better.

  327. I take it you mean “humor” in the sense of medieval bodily fluids. I admit I am excessive with choler.

  328. I was just outside, smoking, and is my wont, I was pondering the state of the nation and of man.

    And it occurred to me to consider the ubiquity of licentiousness in today’s society. Every medium today is filled with sexuality. Modern digital communications have led to, ironically, the near demise of the porn industry, while at the same time, amateur provided explicit content has exploded. There are any number of sites, webcams, and compilers that provide tens of thousands of hours of video and millions of pictures of people providing all the content even the most base individual could want, of every kind and fetish (even that sick shit Rosetta’s into).

    And this realization filled me with great sadness. Do you realize, children today will never know the awe, and wonder of one of life’s greatest, most serendipitous discoveries? Of course, I’m describing…

    Forrest porn- that black trash bag that some adult had tossed out when his wife found out he had dozens of copies of Penthouse, Hustler, and Juggs.

  329. Are we there yet?

  330. In my shoes,
    A walking sleep,
    And my derp
    I pray to keep.

  331. We should just raise the fiscal cliff limit.

  332. Are we there yet?

    Not quite. Soon.

  333. wakey wakey

  334. Good morning.
    *slithers to the coffee pot, coils around it and hisses*

  335. I made cocoa. Coffee is for closers, and I’m not.

  336. Let me pour you some coffee laura …

    *watches as cup fills with grounds


  337. I’m so old, I remember when it was a big deal for a guy to touch a girls boob.

  338. *chews the coffee and smiles, gritty grounds stuck in teeth*


  339. It’s still a big deal, mare, that’s unchanged. Ask anyone that’s had an uncomfortable talk with HR about it.

  340. Right on the button.

  341. It’s still a big deal. When Leon touched mine, I thought I’d kill him.

  342. It’s still a big deal for at least one guy I know to touch a real boob.

  343. It’s still a big deal for at least one guy I know to touch a real boob.

  344. Dammit, it was an accident, I told you that. Let. It. Go.

  345. Its raining in Oceania.

  346. In 8th grade, Brian Hayes tried to grab my boob while I was at the drinking fountain (as his circle of friends watched). What they ended up seeing was Brian doubled over dry heaving after I full forced punched him in the stomach.

    Sister Mary dismissed the issue when the term “boob” was used. Brian never tried that again.

  347. Left, mare…right, pups:

  348. I wish to go to war with Oceania

  349. I wouldn’t grab her boob if I was you pups.

  350. Conjugate bases now. Still waiting for my chem textbook to arrive. I wish I’d stolen my copy in high school, the prices on those things is robbery.

  351. Seriously, someone needs to destroy the textbook racket. Print-on-demand and Kindle ought to have eliminated 90% of the cost of those things, and yet a poorly-bound mechanical engineering text is still $90 new.

  352. Take it one step further, Leon. With the ability to instantaneously “sit in” on a lecture over the Interwebs, how many colleges and, more importantly, college professors do you really need?

  353. Obscene profits, Leon.

  354. It’s a cozy little relationship, the professors who write the books and then require them to be read, the publishers, and the campus bookstores.

    I still remember the first class I took where the instructor told us the required textbook was one he wrote. Said out loud “well that must be a sweet deal”, which might have been a mistake, but I was 18 and dumb.

  355. Andy, I’ve had that thought, but Lecture is the least important part of a course in my opinion, for exactly that reason. There are a number of programs now where they assign the online lecture essentially as homework, and then spend class time working specific examples and doing individual coaching on problems. It doesn’t eliminate the need for a teacher, but can alter the role significantly.


  357. I had a course in grad school where the text the prof wanted to use was out of print and had some errors, so he’d contacted the copyright holder and gotten permission to essentially reprint the whole thing — with corrections — as a coursepack. Best $20 textbook I own.

  358. Hi!
    Coffee on the deck in simply fantastically beautimus weather.

  359. Man, I haven’t slept well this week.

    Scott is wheeling a shit-ton of work in here that he picked up last night.

    He is informing me about each of the various jobs, in a way that indicates he expects me to work today.

    This is slightly alarming, let me tell you.


    Heh, it’ll happen.

  361. I am at work, but this does not mean I am working.

  362. H2 apparently hates my kindle

  363. Man, I haven’t slept well this week.

    Me neither, and my winter hunger isn’t getting better. The two things might be related.

  364. winter hunger?

    What is this phenomenon of which you speak, this winter hunger? Is it different from “I sure do want a sammich right about now”?

  365. I’m hungrier than normal, and the only difference I can point to is that it’s cold now.

  366. Like, I could probably eat an entire bacon explosion right now, rather than just half of one.

  367. What they ended up seeing was Brian doubled over dry heaving after I full forced punched him in the stomach.

    TiFW ♥♥♥s 8th-grade Mare


    This guy is pretty much my guru now.

  369. Mr. TiFW is complaining because he’s putting on weight again.

    And I tell him the same thing that I tell him every year at this time: his body is preparing for winter, and it will come off – just like it has every other year – when it warms up again.

    I should probably put these pep talks on tape and save myself the time and effort…..

  370. Hey, did you know that today is the season premier of My Little Pony?

    Guess what I’m stuck watching right now.

  371. This deserves a new poat.

  372. I have inflicted wickedness upon the blog. Forgive me.

  373. ESPN is trying to convince America that the msm gives a rat’s ass about the military today. It’s kinda cute.

  374. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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