I think it was Bugs Bunny who said, “It is to laugh.”

Sandra Fluke, the woman at the center of a media firestorm earlier this year after Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut,” spoke Saturday in front of about 10 people at the Sak ‘N Save in north Reno.

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Go Kart Times

Here are the top 5 times for each heat (9 people raced):

Heat 1 Heat 2
wiserbud: 47.702 Hotspur: 45.920
Jay in Ames: 48.502 wiserbud: 45.984
Andy: 49.538 Jay in Ames: 47.387
Hotspur: 49.655 geoff: 47.466
geoff: 50.388 wintersetruss: 49.441

Special shout-out to Russ, who managed to stave off the vengeance of the previous night’s vodka shots till the race was over.


Kill em with cuteness or in other words driving Wiserbud CRAZY

Happy Saturday FIF. The weeks seem to be  just flying by don’t they? I wish we were all somewhere together right now doing something fun like go-cart riding or pounding shots , dancing on a bar or maybe just hugging an old friend….

This is seriously the best band out there right now…

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Now that the kids are in bed, time for some grownup fun


For obvious reasons, this post will be Obama/Biden kryptonite. Work? That’s for suckers.


As SCOAMF/Drunkle/Facelift-osi would have you believe, living in mom’s basement until you are 29, sucking up free bandwidth, insurance, food, and false praise while you pretend to be a folk singer or poet is the American dream. When did the left go back to sitting on the training potty? When did the infantilize society as the ideal, and more importantly, when did it become acceptable to wear the childish emotion of envy as a badge of honor? It’s time to outwork these fools and take away their binky.

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Have a Seat for the Debate!

Ringside seats for the Debate tonight! Come see Teh Won display his amazing debating talents again!

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Monday’s Muscular Motivation

Did anyone else drive across most of a state, have dinner, and then drive back in pouring rain and not get home until an ungodly hour?

Happy Anniversary to my parents, btw, 39 years and counting.

I got nothing this morning. I’m beat and the weather’s got me down. Let’s see if I can cheer myself up.

Maybe some squatting would help.

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