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Last week I drove from Ohio to Tennessee, and while passing through Kentucky, a radio station played my favorite scream-along-to-the-radio song. It is possible I may have blown the speakers out of the rental car. YOU DON’T KNOW.

Bad news, Jennifer.

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  1. You may now worship me as your dog.

  2. For me, there is but one dog, and his name is Riley.

  3. Jeez Laura, not one mention of massive quantities of alcohol (for medicinal purposes only I’m sure).

  4. Gwen Stefhuskie.

    [video src="http://vt.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc9s3alFk31r6ego3.mp4" /]

  5. Gwen is so talented!

  6. Riley is one of the handsomest puppehs EVAR!


    You too pups. *gives pupster a Cheezit*

  7. TEXAS!

  8. Thanks beansesasensas.

  9. Whoops, sorry beanner, I meant to say..http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l8ndamKvp01qzis54o1_400.jpg

  10. You scamps and your cute puppy pictures!


  11. Fired up the grill, gonna cook some steaks. Second try with the paleo bread later, I think it needs some more flavor. Maybe some garlic.

  12. Whoops, sorry beanner, I meant to say.

    Awww, that looks like a baby peeg.


  13. HAHAHA…poor little brown bebbeh.

  14. You scamps and your cute puppy pictures!


  15. Goodness, this is what I missed last weekend, A nap!

  16. Afternoon, freaks, geeks and chicks with firm cheeks!

  17. Second try with the paleo bread later, I think it needs some more flavor. Maybe some garlic.

    I was thinking of using pumpkin pie spice when I make mine.

  18. Ooooh, good idea.

  19. We can live without bread, but crackers are the real issue. Scott needs his crunchy crackers and pretzels. NEEDS.

  20. This is a recipe blog, right?
    Just ran across tihs one for White Chocolate and Caramel Banana Pudding:


  21. Jesus. Just one teaspoon of the homemade dulce de leche would be enough sweets to make my teeth ache and my eyes roll around in my head. I can’t imagine eating the rest of that stuff with it!

  22. Don’t tell TiFW, but I’m doing gluten-free crackers in lieu of regular ones. . .

  23. Lauraw!

  24. *licks other side of glass*


  25. This weekend is gonna suck.

    I have ‘Goals.’

  26. What are you douches doing tomorrow? Is it true that whenever you try to go to church, it rains toads inside the nave?

    They need to hire a plumber to see what that’s all about.

  27. Question: Do you know how to make EVERYONES day more enjoyable?

    Answer: Any time you fart in public, yell as loudly as you can, “NOTHING BUT NET!”

  28. beasn, MU sucked less than UK today.

  29. LauraW – I’m scheduled to play golf tomorrow, but the forecast ain’t looking good.

  30. Defrosting some bread dough I made a while back, for grilled pizza tomorrow. The sauce is bubbling on the stove. Pulled some frozen garden basil out for finishing that. A little italian sausage, some chunks of smoked chuck shoulder we froze in small portions a while back….got peppers and onions…gonna be good apizzas.

    *Flashes Italian street gang signs *

  31. MCPO, you might as well go on ahead and play. According to the local forecast, the entire Eastern seaboard from Maine to Virginia is going to melt like sugar. Soon you will be surfing where you used to golf.

  32. The raking of the leaves (leafs?) will begin tomorrow. Today was rainy and cold, tomorrow should be less rainish.

    I don’t wanna listen to no jive ass preacher talkin to me about heaven and hell.

  33. *Flashes Italian street gang signs *

    Portuguese gangsters reach for hidden chorizos. . .

  34. mmmmmm……chorizo

  35. Raked, burned, ate, napped, now I feel like crap and have to go to a party in Allen Park. Bleh.

  36. I’ve been searching for something
    Taken out of my soul
    Something I’d never lose
    Something somebody stole. . .

  37. This poat has been alive for 3hrs and 38 minutes….or 218 minutes. In that time it has had 37 contributions made. That comes out to about 1 contribution every five and a half minutes.

    This is what ON LIFE SUPPORT looks like in cyberspace.

  38. MCPO would’ve fucked up my math had I done any.

  39. Math is for sissies!

  40. Bread is baking. Didn’t have punkin pi spice, went with cinnamon and nutmeg. New baking powder.


  41. PD?


  42. Velcro dog.

  43. Mare.

  44. Leon??


  45. Pup, I do not understand the question and therefore will not answer (did you watch Arrested Development?):


  46. New baking powder?


    Hurricane Sandy doesn’t have a chance.

  47. What’s in horseradish that makes me crave it? I usually hate shit like that.

    *eats paint chips*

  48. Isn’t that an awesome looking cat? Really beautiful.

  49. I was just going to say that, mare. What a lovely beastie.

  50. It’s the meth, beasn.

  51. Leon!


  52. Horseradish is meth?

    *mainlines that shit*

    Maybe I’ll pass out and Mr. Beasn can call in for me tomorrow.

  53. I better go look at my radar app. My head is hurtin’ and I really don’t want to go to our cul-de-cue.

  54. There’s no calories in pumpkin cheesecake, right?

  55. Horseradish is just a type of mustard where the fire is in the root, really.

    I wonder if you can prepare mustard from horseradish seeds?

    *runs off to google this*

  56. Jay….no.

  57. Horseradish is delicious on White Castles.

    (wipe off the onions to preserve the integrity of your piping)

  58. I’m doing this thing:


    Perfect for a lazy bastard such as myself.

  59. SeanM – Good for you! Of course, if you are calling peeps in your immediate area, some interesting responses can me anticipated. . .


    Fuckin` A, Bubba. Loaf is already 2 inches taller than the pan.

  61. me = be

  62. Nevada voters, Chief.

  63. Do the sheep in Nevada vote? I saw more sheep than people last time I was there.

  64. roast beef + horse radish = yummy

  65. “Nate Silver says Obama has a 75% chance of winning.”

    WTFF? No really, WTF?

  66. Brewman!! How’s your life?

  67. For the most part, the sheep in Nevada don’t seem to answer their phones.

  68. Mare – Who is Nate Silver and what expertise does he bring to the issue?

  69. I’ve ‘answered’ a few calls. The one I got for McCaskill, got her ear singed.

  70. My rights will be violated tomorrow by the racist cable company. They said we must provide a government issue ID in order to be serviced. o_O

    (we are hooking up the cable again because it will not cost us any more than what is costing us internets/landline)


    Hurricane is not going to be here for days, but the nearest gas stations are all out of fuel.

  72. Wow, there’s some dandy anti Akin ads on Fox Sports KC. I see what you Mizzou people are dealing with.

  73. http://is.gd/zJW0nU

  74. What did you bring me my good friends. . .

  75. Would one of you kind people help me die in a fire, rather than host this party supposably in my honor?

  76. Hi mare! Life. She is good.

  77. It would have been a little better if I could have got to see my fake internet friends again but just not possible this time.

  78. *sniffs underarms*

  79. *cups hand over mouth and nose, exhales*

  80. *checks underwear for skid marks*

  81. *walks in wearing gas mask & hazmat suit*

    Brewfie! Hey man. I heard you were here.

  82. CT is out of D batteries.

  83. haha! Hi lauraw! *quickly spritzes entire body with Fabreeze*

  84. I got to meet Brew once. He smells more pleasant than you’d think.

  85. Scott, just become a looter after the storm. Problem solved.

  86. Herself has concluded that I should regrow my chin-hairs.

  87. Thanks SeanM! I take a bath once a month whether I need it or not!

  88. *sets Xbrad on fire*

    Honestly, this blahg is slipping.

    Bread good. Will have to be toasted, fried, or sliced thick to hold up to sammiches, but it is the right size.

  89. It must be hard for the likes of you
    To get by in a world that you just can’t see through. . .

  90. Link on top of Drudge right now:


    Boy, that Nate Silver is a genius.

  91. The storm surge will be the worst in 70 years. The coastal areas will be wrecked, and NYC is going to be a mess.

    4-8 foot surge and waves to 20 feet.

  92. Surf’s up!

  93. Scott – Stormaggedon 2012!

  94. Brewfan doesn’t smell like Rosetta at all, so we have that going for us.

  95. You just don’t understand Nate Silver’s grand plan. Once Obama’s approval goes below forty, he will be perfectly staged for a dramatic comeback. This may take place in late November, but not after December 7.

  96. Scott, you can make batteries!


    One Of The Few Real Surprises Of The Campaign: The Des Moines Register Endorses Mitt Romney

  98. I will have to watch that episode again.

  99. Where’s J’ames? He will enjoy this news out of the Des Moines Register.

  100. Obama obviously doesn’t care what happens to white people.

  101. Pupstah!


  102. Funny, that dog doesn’t look Nipponese.*

    *I denounce myself

  103. I turned $12 into 4 lbs of kickass roast beef today. I also took care of the leaves, cut the lawn and made 2 plumbing repairs.

    I should be on Mt Rushmore.

  104. That is Scott on the left: http://tinyurl.com/9vrk769

  105. *checks the sky for SMOD

    The Register endorsed Romney? WTF?

    Cats and dogs, living together. Let me be clear, this is unprecedented.

  106. J’ames: What’s The Matter With Iowa?

    You know it’s coming.

  107. Oh yeah, George. I’m pretty sure some of the DMR’s own editorial writers will be saying it.

  108. I might buy the paper tomorrow. Gotta improve their sales.

  109. Iowa: Romnesia has been replaced with corn-pwning.

  110. Well, time to make the pizzas. Homecoming tonight, and ISU is winning at the half. I think we’ll be a little busy.

  111. DMR transcript: THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, guys. I appreciate you taking the time. I want your endorsement.

    Q: Thank you so much.

    THE PRESIDENT: You’ll feel better when you give it. (Laughter.) All right? Bye-bye.

    The 44th president is our first Asperger’s president.

  112. Mare?


  113. Heh.


  114. George, you misspelled assholedickfistmotherfuckdouchetard.

  115. You are all getting this for Christmas


  116. [i]You are all getting this for Christmas

    I tried to cut off its head with the circular saw in the basement, but all it did was spark.

  117. Did anybody get carsick on anybody else today?

  118. Mare?

    hahahahahahaha….that’s the funniest crap I’ve seen in weeks….even better than Bad Luck Brian….hahahahaha

    “I don’t need friends they disappoint me.”


  119. Carsick? No, I was nowhere near the car. . .

  120. >> I tried to cut off its head with the circular saw in the basement, but all it did was spark.

  121. Who loves ya baby?

  122. “My name is Babbling Barry, and you’d better vote nice to me!”

  123. Wow, there’s some dandy anti Akin ads on Fox Sports KC. I see what you Mizzou people are dealing with.

    I KNOW, right? Sheesh. Noone is reporting McCaskill’s being Barry’s bitch while raiding the treasury.

  124. HA! My Dad and Mom use to say that!

  125. I actually thought Savalas was a pretty good Blofeld in that one oddball James Bond film.

  126. Kim Jong Un is a pretty creative kid, at purging the old regime:


  127. OMG This is the best song ever!!!!!!


  128. Cyn is dancing to it.

  129. This is kinda interesting:

  130. Scott dis you make your smoker?

  131. d
    My bad

  132. Why did Homo-erectus not use stone hand axes?

  133. Because they were homos?

  134. Um, thar Canada Free Press link won’t stay put and keeps selling me a porn app for iPad. NTTAWWT.

  135. Why did Homo-erectus not use stone hand axes?

    Because a Sawz-All is much easier.

  136. Vmax, Scott has three smokers now. To which were you referring?

    He made some more delicious medium-rare tender smoky roast beef tonight, to die for.

    I have no idea how he takes a terrible cut of beef and turns it into something tender several hours later, and still ends up with the center being medium-rare. He has learned some voodoo majiks.

    The nice thing about being mostly low carb is that I don’t wonder how we’re going to dispose of over four pounds of awesome roast beef in a few days.

  137. Newport, RI to Ann Arbor in exactly 12 hours.

  138. George,
    I just clicked on it again, but I’m using Firefox, running MalwareBytes and Vipre, and it works fine for me.

  139. Dang! Did you stay in Newport the whole week?

  140. Hotspur,
    Were you, perhaps, scoffing at the “Speed Limits”?

  141. Hotspur – You were Motivating!!

  142. We Michiganders think of speed limits more as suggestions, not rules.

    Laura we drove to Provincetown and spent a night, but we didn’t like it, so we went back to Newport. I want to move there.

  143. Hey! I went to school in Newport – twice!

  144. ChrisP, I think it’s just a script on the page that kicks up an ad for an app if you are using a mobile device.

  145. Third double shift of the week.

    Who’s going to massage my feet?

  146. Third double shift of the week.
    Who’s going to massage my feet?

    Just don’t count on any phone calls returned from the CIA.

  147. went back to Newport. I want to move there.

    Well, that’s your problem, but do you understand that I am going to pat myself on the back for that suggestion only 70,000 times?

    So happy that you liked it. My arm is killing me.

  148. Ouch, Car in. You need to go shoe shopping!

  149. Scary movie time: “2016.”

  150. Sean,
    2016 rocked, there were 6 other people in the theater with Anita and me.
    So it goes…

  151. I will Car in,

    Thanks Laura
    If I get this job I have some things I want to buy. I will email Scott. A cold smoker is high on my list.

  152. Just me and one other guy, Crispy. The other guy is a dog, so if he’s voting, it’s probably for Obama.

  153. MCPO,
    You saw Anitas picture of our ‘Yard Rats” on Face Chimp. Wasn’t that a handsome young man?
    He succeeded at getting the Doe away from her twins from this year. I think he’s wanting to breed his own fawn for next year, IYKWIMAITTYD…

  154. 295 “The stunning part of the story is that Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty killed 60 of the attacking force. Once the compound was overrun, the attackers were incensed to discover that just two men had inflicted so much death and destruction.”
    Just think how much could have been accomplished if they’d had the support of their Commander-in-Chief.

    Posted at 10:19 pm by Glenn Reynolds

    Stolen from AOS…

  155. It’s dead, jim…

  156. Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a cob-logger!

  157. ChrisPy – Once given to mating, he would make a fine Thanksgiving meal!

  158. I have to try that bread tomorrow, Pupster’s loaf looks awesome.

    It will go nicely with the pulled pork I’m doing.

  159. I survived.

    I blame Mare.

  160. Oooooh racist word you is BIG!!!!

  161. “2016” was pretty good, but I can’t really say it told me much of anything I didn’t already know. It would be interesting to find out what non-political-junkie types who were on the fence about the SCOAMF thought about it.

  162. When shadows fall, I passed a small cafe where we would derp at night
    And I can’t help recalling how it felt to kiss and hold you tight

  163. I felt the same way about 2016, Sean.

    Just another media vehicle, to get the word out.

    My non-political aunt got some info from it, as well as my parents. They were amazed that I already knew this stuff.

  164. Ha, seeing the meltdown on FaceDouche from the Register endorsing Romney. This is SWEET!

  165. Coffee!

  166. That Sandy has turned into a monster. I cannot believe the press’s hyperbole but when it was off the coast here the tropical storm wind field was 250 miles across.

    My weatherwoman just said it is now 1000 miles across.

    Tropical storms are nothing storms here but I have lived up north where new projects are designed for a 100 year storm event. 100 years ago they were not, so even if you live in a new home the older neighborhoods upstream will be overwhelmed and no amount of engineering (cost effective) will be able to prevent flooding.

  167. I went out for Chicago deep dish pizza with friends last night. Two leftover pieces.

  168. So if an area doesn’t have power, what do they do about early voting, or day-of voting for that matter?

  169. The only thing on offer last night that was drinkable was cider. None of the junk food was even remotely tempting, thankfully.

  170. I believe there is always a paper ballot option, Geoff.

    Here we go hanging chads again.

  171. I didn`t notice last night that the almond butter Mrs. Pupster bought had “evaporated cane juice”. Might be why this batch of bread tastes so good. That’s sugar…right?

  172. Oh, CLP5!

  173. “I went out for Chicago deep dish pizza with friends last night.”

    You are lucky you didn’t get shot.

  174. Yeah, that’s sugar. It’s not HFCS, at least. On the scale of sugars you might have added yourself, it’s not the worst.

  175. Pennsylvania appears to taking the brunt of Sandy before anything affects MI. Thanks, PA, I can no longer say you’ve done nothing for me.

  176. So, I gotta ask, why do the Tigers suddenly suck at playing baseball?

    Is their regular competition just awful compared to the Giants?

  177. Last night I dreamed that I was a meetup guest in a hotel. My stuff was scattered everywhere- I had so much crap I can’t even believe it- and I had to be out by 11 am. Every time I turned around there was another mishap (…are these my shoes? I don’t think so…dog peed on the rug! NOOO) and more stuff piled everywhere that for some reason I just couldn’t get under control.

    Then, I found a pack of cigarettes. Was surprised to see them because I knew I quit. I felt the pack in my hands, and tore off that little fiddly piece of foil (in the dream now, I suddenly know I’m dreaming, and I’m enjoying these vivid details deliberately and with wonder). I shook out a cigarette and it fell to the floor. I picked it up and felt the paper, and lit it.

    All that other anxiety shit in the dream? Gone. I walked around the hotel taking deep draws, exhaling and smelling the smoke in the air.

    Nicotine, you are such a jerk.

  178. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 28, 2012 9:37 am
    So, I gotta ask, why do the Tigers suddenly suck at playing baseball?
    Pretty sure they’ve sucked for decades……………

  179. Laura, I smoked a lot when I was in CT. After coming back, I stopped just like that. **snaps fingers dramatically**

    Nicotine hasn’t been trying to seduce me.

  180. How’s your arm this morning, Laura?

  181. Went numb so I just have it taped to my side. 🙂

  182. And now you two can say you saw New England and classic Newport just before it was wiped off the map.


  183. Aaron enjoyed jamming out to the tune in the poat while eating breakfast.

  184. That little black cat is sitting next to the garden again. He’s hunting the edge of the bee balm, all crouched up and listening.

  185. Tushar, it’s weird. I don’t feel much of a pull at all when conscious. Only that Friday night when leaving, and people were outside the bar smoking. For just a moment there while I was buzzed it seemed like a good idea. But that was pretty much it for the weekend.

  186. It’s End-times, people. The Mayans were right.


    *lights house on fire, just to watch it burn

  187. “2016″ was pretty good, but I can’t really say it told me much of anything I didn’t already know. It would be interesting to find out what non-political-junkie types who were on the fence about the SCOAMF thought about it.

    Black guy from CA that I know said he saw it and it has him seriously considering voting for Romney. Of course, his friend half-jokingly called him a traitor to his race.

  188. MJ, I work as a poll worker. The answer to your question is: they use paper ballots.

  189. * looks out window and sees a NY Giants grill cover fly by *

  190. Nicotine is indeed a jerk.

    I finally got my doc to prescribe, something, I don’t know what the fuck it is, but it’s supposed to help. It’s time. I have a nice, persistent cough now that never goes away. Ugh.

  191. Wiserbud

  192. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFpwgXCwMNQ

  193. So if an area doesn’t have power, what do they do about early voting, or day-of voting for that matter?

    I think Obama is looking into possibly canceling the election should this happen.

  194. * looks out window and sees a NY Giants grill cover fly by *

    Was the grill still in it?

  195. Wiserbud



  196. Just plan on a 3-4 day flu Dave.

    I found eating a shitload of carbs helpful too.

  197. If I were Tushar I would call in sick tomorrow.

  198. Dave, this is what worked for me: I started using e cigs. That took away the cigarette craving, but I was still getting nicotine. Then I smoked those e cigs for 2-3 months, and then, a bit of amnesia set in. I started forgetting to smoke. I went down from 4 a day to 2 a day, to occasional. Now my amnesia is so severe that I forget where that damn e cig is. I think it allows a slow weaning away.

  199. Scott, commute is ruled out. If I have electricity and internet, I will work from home, otherwise it is a day off.

  200. Scott, hah! Yeah, a bad cold makes cigs really taste awful.

    I’ve got some ecigs around here somewhere Tushar, might try em again

  201. I think I ate 2 bags of pretzels a day for about a week.

  202. No carbs for Davey. I’m 7 pounds away from a weight that starts with the number 1 for the first time in maybe 30 years.

  203. Oh, and careful with the coffee. Smokers eliminate caffeine twice as fast as non-smokers. If you quit smoking and don’t cut your coffee intake your head will asplode.

  204. Carrots then. Continual snacking helps.

  205. carrots. can do. Thanks, I forgot that about caffeine.

    Ok, off to do music stuff – catch y’all later. Stay safe you boogers in the path of whatsitsname

  206. Don’t bring a knife to a car fight.

  207. Coach seems displeased.

  208. Don’t bring a knife to a car fight.

    Oh my. That mook must have been jacked. Even after being slammed horizontal by the car, he has enough piss left to stand up and hurl down the knife as if to say “Okay. Fine. Have it your way.”

  209. New poat.

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