damn, you people are lazy

Here’s some stuff to keep your staggering intellects busy:

Who’s on the left?

Pretty girl:

Imageokay, back to the chatting


  1. Yer linkylink is broked.

  2. Tramp stamps are trampy, but I’m sure there’s something crude to be said about watering her flower, and I’m just the guy to say it.

  3. Lazy? Do you realize I will have to take a nap after typing this?

    So I can hit the bunk.

  4. Yer linkylink is broked.


  5. Tramp stamps are trampy,

    trampy can be fun at times….

  6. You want to see lazy?

  7. I don’t like the racial implications of the title of this poat.

  8. You want to see lazy?


  9. Oh my. Making that poor dog tow the car.

  10. Just don’t call me tanned and shiftless, crackah.

  11. From what I’ve read, George, you haven’t given a shift in years…

  12. Face, meet palm…


    How can I be broke? I still have checks!!!

  13. Oh my. Making that poor dog tow the car.

    Probably an electric that ran out of juice.

  14. I prefer to think of it as posthumous constipation.

  15. What you people call “lazy”, I call “efficient”….. 😛

  16. Many years ago, Mr. TiFW told me I was “lazy” for designing and installing a watering system in the garden – thought I was some sort of slug for not wanting to stand outside and water the garden like his mother does.

    Interestingly enough, though, he thought it was pretty cool that all we had to do was turn on the outside faucet for an hour a week in 100+ degree heat.

    I may have given him a hard time about his “lazy” comment every time we watered the plants after that……

  17. The scary thing about that DU post is that we are monetizing public debt. The largest buyer of Treasury debt is the Fed. The question is how long it can continue. The entire world runs on fiat money.

    What happens if everyone starts “counterfeiting,” or printing as much cash as they like? Obvious answer. But what if only a few do? How long can it continue?

    Central banking is a black art, but only a fool would believe you can print like tomorrow is named Weimar, and succeed.

  18. http://is.gd/tHIxuJ

  19. only a fool

    Those are your key words right there.

  20. Well, they do have one point. Once — and once only — we can print every dollar we owe and send it to our creditors to pay off debts denominated in dollars. Thereafter, we will be forced to pay debts back in gold, silver, or something more dear.

    Also, the only reason oil is bought and sold in dollars is our deals with OPEC and the House of Saud. That could turn off like a light if our military might were in sufficient doubt.

  21. Hidden truths.


  22. OK, I’ll admit it – I was the “vicious Republican” who told everyone who showed up that the “rally” had been moved to the Dollar General parking lot across the street:


  23. This is cruel to the dog. But next time Wiser suggests we all drive to his house at 3am, this is totally the method we’ll use.

    TiFW, you’d think your husband would get that you can’t be out in the heat with your MG. If my husband tried being outside in that heat, he’d be in bed for three days afterward

  24. I think the most telling phrase in that email from Sandra Slut is where she says “Extreme Republicans tried everything to keep ME quiet.”

    I fear this misguided young mannish person named Sandra has a dangerously inflated opinion of her importance.

    At any rate, I don’t recall seeing any of her vast throng of 10 people heckling or viciously oppressing her the other day in Reno. Maybe they all showed up just to ideologically “divorce” themselves from Sandra. I hear Reno is a good spot for that.

  25. This is cruel to the dog
    At least Romney put his dog on the roof. By the way I didn’t know the Obamas drove a Camry. I guess they keep the hibachi in the trunk.

  26. TiFW, you’d think your husband would get that you can’t be out in the heat with your MG. If my husband tried being outside in that heat, he’d be in bed for three days afterward

    Oh, this was YEARS ago – back when I first started working on our garden (I wasn’t diagnosed until 2010). I just give him a hard time about calling me “lazy” instead of “efficient” – if he’d come up with the idea, I never would have heard the end of what a smart guy he is….. 😛

    It’s a running joke with us now; he realized what a bone-headed comment it was almost as soon as he said it –

    Heck, I’ve often said that engineering types (I’m one myself) are just “lazy” people who also happen to be “tinkering” smart – it wasn’t an accountant who invented the washing machine or the lawnmower, after all. It was someone who got tired of working so dang hard……

  27. Alice – I need your e-mail addy, plz!

  28. Basset hound upon hearing the Obama’s have adopted him


  29. Sharp elbows.

  30. TiFW – alice dot harrison at that gmail thingy

  31. She has elbows?

  32. You know that thing, when you make a funny sound way dow deep in your throat, and it sorta kinda sounds like tiny tiny giggle with an expulsion of a little bit of air out of your mouth.

    I did that

  33. A Seinfeld thread, a thread about nothing. We’re lazy that way.

  34. Thanks, Alice! 😛

  35. A Seinfeld thread,

    Who? 🙂

  36. The 80s called, and they want their foreign policy back.

    Says the guy who thinks he’s Reaganesque.

  37. The ’90s called, they want their crappy structured joke back.

  38. The funny thing is, MJ, that the 70s are calling, and they want Jimmy Carter back.

  39. Your momma called, and she said the $25 I gave her was too much.

  40. Rutherford B. Hayes called. That is all.

  41. You know Sean, that debate seemed like a montage of all of the strategies that Obama ditched in favor of Kill Romney™.

    Obama tried the out of touch, flip flopper, not qualified routine all mixed into a big bowl of snarky asshole soup.

    There’s a reason they decided these themes weren’t good for the long haul: they were stupid then and they’re stupid now.

  42. The B. is for badass.

    Might also stand for Betterthanobamaonhisworstday.

  43. I thought the “B” stood for “bayonet”……

  44. I saw Snarky Asshole Soup open for Faith No More back in ’93.

  45. Waaaaaaaaaaas sup?

  46. back from work.

  47. I thought the “B” stood for “bayonet”……

    Only for Mrs. Hayes.

  48. **gives Car in “just the tip.”**

  49. Bored at work.

    But at least I have tonight off.

    Trying to figure if I can fit a run in BEFORE Erin has soccer, or if I should run during.

  50. Rutherford B. “All Up In Your Ladybusiness” Hayes


  51. Where ya going, xBrad??


  52. Might as well roll my own


  53. Can someone make dinner for me tonight?

    What’s that whore Mare doing?

  54. I got an $8 tip on a $22 check.

    That’s how it’s done, folks.

    I get good tips. I just need MORE TABLES.


  55. Getting sent out to pasture, MCPO.

    Just like Obama in 2 weeks.

  56. Copying Dave:

  57. **gives Car in “just the tip.”**
    I don’t know who makes the official call on these types of things, but I think that may have been funny.

  58. IIRC, one of Rutherford’s confirmed kills may actually have been a bayoneting.

    And if that isn’t true, by God it should be.

  59. I’m not cooking tonight. Pizza, Chinese or Pittsburgh salad?

  60. What’s in that salad?

  61. Leon – Strips of sirloin over rabbit food.

  62. Leon – Strips of sirloin over rabbit food.

    Fixed for a meal worth eating.

  63. What’s in that salad?

    Strips of Roethlisberger, with Polamalu dressing

  64. Of the 3, the salad would be my choice, followed by Chinese, and I’d skip a meal before I’d eat pizza.

  65. http://qkme.me/3rh1ve

  66. I’ve seen the wall-painting of cavemen riding dinosaurs while delivering pizza (that was called in on their charming rock & wood mobile phones), so don’t give me that bullshit about pizza not being paleo-.

  67. All I know is I can be a fat guy eating pizza and beer or I can be a thin guy eating steaks and drinking tequila.

  68. Leon – This is my once a month indulgence.

  69. I’m just telling you what I’d do. I don’t miss pizza any more. If I’m going to indulge, it’ll be a Brazilian steakhouse.

    Which is my plan for Monday at lunchtime, coincidentally, when Mrs. Caruthers and I celebrate 7 years of marriage.

  70. I just went through that DU thread, laughing my butt off and cursing, and then I refreshed and saw the newest comment:

    65. Obvious Question

    Why would anyone ever work?

    Ta DAAHHH! Dawn Comes To Marblehead.

  71. I don’t really care for pizza, but if it something special I’ll eat it.

  72. That comment will be deleted, or someone will claim that work is good for the soul and people will choose to do it in the absence of worthwhile compensation.

  73. I just went through that DU thread, laughing my butt off and cursing, and then I refreshed and saw the newest comment:

    65. Obvious Question

    Why would anyone ever work?

    Ta DAAHHH! Dawn Comes To Marblehead.

    I read about 10 comments and my vagina started itching.

  74. White Horse Tavern in Newport, RI for a cocktail. Then we’ll stop in at The Black Pearl.

    Then later tonight Ima have the biggest whacking huge lobster in this fucking town.

    There are sailboats here with more square footage than my house.

  75. Holy schiesss, this guy is good looking:


  76. There are sailboats here with more square footage than my house.
    Are you sailing at all?

  77. Mare! http://i.imgur.com/eqBSw.jpg

  78. hahah…Cowhead milk….smart kitty.

  79. I hope Hotwife is enjoying Newport too!

  80. she smokes Newports?

  81. When Barack retires to Hawaii, will it be racist to call him a haole?

  82. He’s hapa.

  83. She is indeed enjoying Newport.

    We went to The Breakers today, where she proceeded to tell me the name of every kitchen utensil and its function.

    We won’t be doing any sailing, but there’s a schooner here that would be great fun. Kinda chilly though for the clothes we brought.

  84. SCOTT!! http://tinyurl.com/8couhga

  85. Papolo

  86. Awwww, cute little fella….KILL ROSETTA!!


  87. Mare!


  88. I like goofy pictures like that.

    horse head….check
    open ocean…check
    fishing troller…check

  89. We went to The Breakers today, where she proceeded to tell me the name of every kitchen utensil and its function.
    Do really wealthy people still have servants?

  90. Mitt Romney ‏@MittRomney
    America is going to come back, but we need a president who will work across the aisle. http://mi.tt/Uxqzvw

    That is my LEAST favorite Romney tweet.

    IF we have the house and senate (please, Lord) I don’t want any compromising, there wouldn’t be a need.

  91. He’s not appealing to the voters that have already made up their minds. That’s why he “took the high road” last night, as the expression goes. No committed Dem or Rep is changing their mind 2 weeks out.

  92. What’s with those pictures headlining Drudge?

    I see a ginger Sheltie and a mummy in a pink housecoat.

  93. It was obvious after the first 30 minutes of last night’s debate what Romney was doing.

  94. Glenn Beck was talking about that in the first hour today. We all know Romney’s got the ammo, and Romney knows that too. He’s choosing what he says very carefully in the debates to appeal to the uncommitted. It’s a strategy. If it works — and I think it will — it puts him in office in a much stronger position. If it doesn’t work, it’s precisely what our side will blame the loss on.

  95. Amazon Prime is the shizznit! Blew out my 5 yo Footjoy golf shoes on Sunday. Ordered late Sunday evening and got a new pair today, sans shipping costs!

  96. Get ready for the thriller of the fall season:

    The Hunt For Allred October

  97. The Obamites were dipshits to attempt characterizing Romney as a woman-hater fatcat greedy bastard warmonger. That fable dissolved instantly on contact with reality. They actually did a lot of Romney’s work for him, by doing that.

    Mitt is a boring milquetoast of an executive motherfucker and he is never going to set a room of Americans on fire. But because he was so obviously NOT what O said he was, people were shocked anyway, in a good way.

    Stupid Obamites. Thanks.

  98. I can’t wait for the return of boring.

  99. Amazon Prime is excellent, MCPO.

    I get lots of videos streamed for free.

  100. I’ve had Amazon Prime for about 3-4 years now; love it!

  101. Cyn, you were holding out on us. I was hemming and hawing and of course it was way more than worth it.

  102. Yeah, I love streaming Prime movies and TV shows too. It’s a good deal.

  103. I was? Well, not intentionally; I thought I’d mentioned it a while back but maybe not. Anywhoo, I use the crap out of it at Christmas time and it probably more than pays for itself.

  104. A Plan for Jobs.

    1-4 Blow Jobs
    5-9 Hand Jobs
    10-15 Steve Jobs
    16-20 Jabba the Hutt

  105. I’ve debated getting Prime. I have a bad enough addiction as it is, though, and facilitating it further seems like a bad idea.

  106. That’s funny, me and Jackstraw had an argument way early on in the primaries, where I mentioned Romney is just boring.

    Turns out boring really means serious, and it’s an asset.

    Example 3,547,548 of Dave being wrong. Since 2010.

  107. That seems like a good plan, MJ

  108. Dave – Mitt wasn’t my first choice either. But, when he came out swinging and I knew he wasn’t MAVERICK redux, I went all-in.

  109. Obama is in the unenviable position of having to convince the teacher that he really was sick, and will turn in his report tomorrow.

    Hahahahaha. That sounds like when Mrs MJ tries to use weird Southern localisms and ends up with, “I wasn’t born at night, but the bull on a horn are pretty early.”

  110. I don’t think you can stream porn, Leon, so you should be good. Unless maybe you’re referring to another addiction, like shopping, in which case Prime would be reeeeeally bad for you to do.

  111. I was wrong too Dave. So were all of us Anybody-But-Romney people.

    Now, of course, I think about the other candidates and wonder what I was smoking at the time.
    Newt up there with Obama? Perry? Oh Jesus no.

    *sucks the last freshly smoked clam out of the shell*

    This is really the best way to prepare these things. Lawdy.

  112. Amazon shopping was a very bad habit of mine for awhile. I’ve cut back a lot, but Prime would wreck that.

  113. Newt would have plunged a bayonet into O’s neck last night, but has more baggage than a carousel at Dulles.

  114. Yeah, I agree MCPO. He really applied the shiv a few times in the primaries, he wasn’t gonna wuss it. I liked that too.

    Even now, when we wanted some more red meat in debates 2 & 3, I get why he didn’t go that far. It’s smart. He has a lead and the momentum building from debate 1. When you’re ahead you don’t do that. When you’re behind (like Obama) you do.

  115. goddamn those clams were the shit. Boy howdy!

  116. I liked Newt a lot, but only because the man suffers no fools, he’d never have won. Perry had a great resume, but I don’t know that he could have won the general election. All of the other candidates helped sharpen Romney for this, though. I’m glad we had such contention for the slot, and it got us the right guy to displace Obama. For all its faults (I’m looking at you, Iowa), the primary system worked.

    And Reince Priebus >> Karl Rove.

  117. I liked Newt.

  118. Hahahaha. Leon and I are dirt eating, millstone lifting, chicken raising twins.

    But I don’t know what any of that is.

  119. Santorum would have been a nightmare. He would have risen to every petty attack, making that War on Women thing fucking deadly. Forget about it.

    Yeah, I think Newt would have stuck it in and broke it off in any and all debates. However, that may not be what is called for, when rallying the independents behind you.

  120. Vicodin is not the best debate prep. I’ve known Perry and his political temper for years, he was more than acceptable to me. But he jumped in late and stepped on his dick, and that’s not gonna sell. GWB had similar ground in 2000, a weak field and a shot, and he jumped on it hard.

    Plus I have to give Romney’s campaign some credit, they knew how to do the ground game. In retrospect that’s the thing that won it for him, the hard primary slog. He was ready Freddie with the cash and the strategy. Looking back the rest of the field were banking on his lack of appeal, and they fucked that up miserably when contrasted with his having worked it better than any of them.

  121. They’re not the shizz for everybody, but I just like simple foods, Dave. Clams casino or Rockefeller are wonderful too, but I am just as happy with a simple roasted picnic thing with a little smoke on it.

  122. testing

  123. Yeah, Santorum would have been a sure loser. I’d have voted for Gary Johnson and looked into moving to Belize to weather the collapse of Western Civilization.

  124. Hahahaha. Leon and I are dirt eating, millstone lifting, chicken raising twins.

    Salt’s like dirt, right? Barbells are basically millstones, so you’ve got that right. I didn’t know you raised chickens, though.

    Choked ’em, sure, but not raised.

  125. I thought Ann Coulter lost her mind.

  126. Don’t watch this Mare


  127. Yeah, me too. As it turns out, she wanted to win too.

  128. At what point, Scott?

  129. Ah, nm, I remember.

  130. Ann Coulter is still kind of a scary broad, even if she did want to win.

  131. HAHAHAHA! “Eccentric” HAHAHA! *cough*

    Yeah, um, Mare, that video is not for you. I watched it so you wouldn’t have to.


  132. What frosts my ass is that Ann Coulter was right.

  133. My comment was written before the last about 10 comments.

  134. Scott, you are now on “a” watch list.

  135. HAHAHAHA!

  136. Have I made to any lists yet?

    *rolls out wine box on wheels*

  137. As in, I’m watching your ass with regards to kitten treatment.

    Son of a….

  138. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uepaCFTo8U

  139. Cyn – Your kiss is on my list. . .

  140. Cyn ♥s Bob… and Scott

  141. Was Reagan more conservative than Romney at this point in the election cycle? He’s a towering figure, but I don’t know if he came in that way, or what.

  142. and ♥s MCPO too

  143. There are only 2 episodes of Bob.

  144. I remember Reagan as being moreso, but the voting body didn’t seem quite as stupid as what they’ve become.

  145. I now feel cheated.

  146. I’m not so much frosted that she was right, I’m more frosted that she kept selling his deep conservative creds instead of his electability.

    And it’s a minor frost, not a huge one.

  147. Steven Crowder ‏@scrowder
    His lack of a grasp on the English language is astounding. Literally a moron. – Farrakhan on Jews http://shar.es/cGsbV

    If you go to that link and listen to Farrakhan, you will get nauseated. It’s horrible. I don’t understand someone who does not accept racism will speak that way about Jews. Then the whole deal about aid……does this idiot know what we give to arab countries?

  148. Cyn – I concur.

  149. MJ, everything Reagan did was filtered by the MSM in those days. He was strong in his convictions, gentle in his approach. He had a tendency to dismiss the attack and instead look to how things could be better.

  150. Awwwwwww…

  151. I am not old enough to remember Reagan.

  152. Evenin’, party people.

  153. Did anybody warn anybody else about the brown acid today?

  154. Just shaved off my goatee.

  155. Scott, I thought we were nearly the same age. I campaigned for Reagan. Am I having an “episode?”

  156. WHAT!? WHY?

  157. Reagan kept his resolve behind a smile.

  158. “Fun with Facial Hair” is one of the perks of being retired.

  159. “Reagan kept his resolve behind a smile.”


  160. Just shaved off my goatee.

    how YOU doin

  161. I have to keep mine until my face matures beyond the cherub stage.

  162. i.e. until I’m MCPOld’s age.

  163. I like a good ol’ plain face, no hair, just good eyes* and a smile.

    *and by good eyes I mean eyes that are looking at me while smiling

  164. Rubbish, Leon, you would look good with or without facial hair.

  165. MCPO!


  166. I’m not losing the stach, unless it gets those grey streaks under my nose and looks like I have a cold.

    So far the grey is evenly distributed.

  167. Rubbish, Leon, you would look good with or without facial hair.

    Thanks. I personally think I give off a “Fester Addams” vibe without it, that or I look too boyish.

  168. /large

  169. I’m keep a close-cropped stache for now.

  170. Neatly trimmed moustache is okay.

  171. I’m cooking bacon. I thought about cooking other things to go with it, but it seems like too much work.

  172. I’m considering growing mine out to Hayesian length and magnificence.

  173. My beard and mustache areas don’t connect, and the hair is not uniform in color. It is my secret shame.

  174. But can Rosetta do a ‘stache? Or would it mar the glory that is baldness?

  175. Best mostly-paleo brownie recipe so far. OMG. So good.

  176. oh yeah, I don’t go for that crazy stach over the lip scraggly thing.

    I gots style

  177. so I’m reading this from my phone, because someone broke the blog format and I’ve never been able to actually read the comments here from my phone, and lo and behold, there’s a ‘reply to comment’ feature.

    The clams were awesome. Imma make you deliver some to wherever my next hangover is, because they were the perfect cure.

  178. *and by good eyes I mean eyes that are looking at me while smiling

    Technically, your tits are a part of you.

  179. Technically, your tits are a part of you.

    Some parts are more important than others.

  180. “Technically, your tits are a part of you.”

    Fair enough.

    Eyes are for eyes, hands are for…..

  181. *fumes at brackets, braces, symbols*

  182. George is an HTML geeeeenius!

  183. Alice, sweetie, I will send a bag o’clams, along with prep directions, anywhere you want, dear heart.

    Alice was so sweet and funny this weekend. I wish she were a Connecticutian so we could hang.

  184. *fumes at brackets, braces, symbols*

    Whatever are you nattering on about, Eric?

  185. I think my liver fell of somewhere on thr Merritt Parkway.

  186. also clams got legs

  187. For a dead socialist, that was adequate HTML.

  188. This year’s Joe the plumber might be the giant pizza guy that has lifted Obama off the ground a few times.

  189. MJ done got his car stuck!


  190. There was no HTML in the latest edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. The Inner Party shall hear of this.

  191. There is an amazing lack of Obama yard signs in the limousine liberal east.

  192. I think I ran over Tushar’s liver in the parking lot.

  193. Did anybody slip somebody else’s name onto the Kennebunk Zumba list today?

  194. Mixed marriages; do they work?


  195. Eggs Benebigtits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET7wb651VFI

  196. Did anybody slip somebody else’s name onto the Kennebunk Zumba list today?

    You, sir, will be hearing from my attorney.

  197. The First Lady is going on a little shopping trip to relieve the stress of the campaign.


  198. I have a bacon-related injury.

  199. Wiserbud goes fishing.

  200. Wiserbud goes fishing.


  201. I can’t believe it’s been 29 years since Beirut.

    Semper Fidelis.

  202. Good evening lovely people!

    I’m hoping for a slow midnight shift tonight.

    But then again I did not bring a book. Not being able to have e-readers in the command center kind of sucks.

    I never buy physical books anymore, just get them from the library.

  203. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 23, 2012 9:22 pm
    I have a bacon-related injury.
    I told you to never cook bacon in the nude.

  204. What’s a library?

  205. Blistered my thumb lifting it onto the paper towel from the grease.

  206. What’s a library?

    It’s where ex-presidents waste a lot of money and preen like operatic divas. There’s a really bad one opening in about three months.

  207. Alice was so sweet and funny this weekend. I wish she were a Connecticutian so we could hang.

    Laura bailed before shit got real.

  208. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 23, 2012 9:38 pm
    Blistered my thumb lifting it onto the paper towel from the grease.
    Put some grease on that burn. 😉

  209. Yesterday I was using a foam-cutting tool in the shop we refer to as ‘the steak knife’ (it is not a steak knife) and I split one of my fingertips straight down the middle, through the meat and dividing the top of the fingernail, before I realized what was happening and pulled back. Man, that was hard to make it quit bleeding.

  210. HAHAHAHA! Herself noticed, after an hour, that the goatee was gone.

  211. Laura, I am wincing as I read this. Hope it heals fast.

  212. Ouch.

  213. Please tell me you saw a doctor about that, Laura.

  214. Will be fine, Tushar, thanks.

    Not looking for sympathy, I’m just trying to belittle Leon’s grease blister.

  215. No doctor required, it stopped bleeding and it is obviously not infected. Nice clean cut, it’s knitting together with bandage pressure. No problem. Thanks for your concern though honey!

    Alice, is really nice.

  216. I’m not allowed near sharp things anymore

  217. Ouch. That had to hurt.


  218. If it was one of those fancy heated wire foam cutters, it would have cauterized the cut. They’re much safer, i’m sure.

  219. Romney & Ryan speaking live right now to a huge crowd at Red Rocks http://www.therightscoop.com/watch-live-romneyryan-in-red-rocks-amphiteatre-in-morrison-colorado/

  220. you can put superglue into guitar string cuts and play another set.

    got that tip from Stevie Ray

  221. Super glue is great for cuts, but it doesn’t want to stick if the blood is flowing.

  222. Great snag on the sidebar, Andy, on the WH being in on the Benghazi email updates within minutes of the attack.

  223. I’m pretty sure this is a life-threatening injury.

    It’s a blister, right behind my cuticle. I’m going to die.

  224. Would you will me your tumblr feed? Thanks.

  225. BEHIND your cuticle, Leon? Hm. I’m sure it’s fine.

    Do you have life insurance?

  226. Do you have life insurance?

    The wife is looking at it right now with $ in her eyes.

  227. Thanks, Cyn. Via John Podhoretz on Twitchface.

    They’re talking about it on FNC right now.

  228. I always pull out the policy whenever Scott gets a minor scrape. That is totally normal wife behavior.

  229. I’m watching FNC too; it came on not long after I saw it at the HQ. Bolton was on, Palin, and now Liz Cheney is speaking. Palin was beside herself livid.

  230. Just saw Liz Cheney. I’ll have to catch a replay of the stache and Palin.

  231. Because I am slower than slow Joe at lunch today I came up with a good comeback to O’ Bumbles horses and bayonets being replaced by aircraft carriers.

    Why is he cutting carriers?


  232. Laura thinks I’m nice. DinT might have argued differently when he was politely asking me to remove my hands from around his throat.

  233. That is totally normal wife behavior.

    Completely. We also tend to peek whenever power tools that plug in come out.

  234. Dang, how did I miss you choking Dave?

  235. And no pictures either. Could have been great fodder!

  236. Watchin’ Bolton now.

  237. I just voted, bitches!!!

    When I cut my beard down from 3″ to 1/3″, I have to point it out to Anita.
    She doesn’t see me with her eyes.
    She sees me with her heart.
    To her, I’m still the 20 year-old she married in ’69.

  238. That big Texan leatherneck is not easy to choke. I speak from experience.

  239. I can’t manage a camera and strangling someone at the same time.

  240. She sees me with her heart.

    Love really IS blind.

  241. We need to put a wood/ pellet stove in our cellar this Winter. That would take care of a lot of problems for us.

    I need advice.


  242. “. . . One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes. . . . It’s the time that you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important. . . . You become responsible for what you’ve tamed. You’re responsible for your rose. . . .”

    -The Little Prince, St. Ex…

  243. Dan says the same thing about “seeing with his heart” when I gain and lose weight.

  244. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All this talk ain’t getting me a sammich!

  245. I remember the dogs takin my knees out on Sunday. I don’t remember much else.

  246. **offers Chief a knuckle sandwich**

  247. Get a step-stool, small, brown man!

  248. Don’t worry, Dave, I remember EVERYTHING.

  249. Chief,
    I’ve seen Tushars picture. He’s small no more!
    Tushar, back off on the carbs!

  250. The stupid replacement refs blew that call, Dave. You were totally clipped.

  251. I see that Phat managed to get Hillary, Bill, Sean Penn, and their entourages to Haiti for the daily photo-op.
    There’s a few million of our tax-dollars well spent.

  252. ChrisP, I have a Doc appt early tomorrow. I think he will put me on diabeetus medicine.

  253. *slaps everyone on this thread*

    *burns xbrad with the iron because he forgot to starch my shirt*

    Tushar, please call me tomorrow and leave a voicemail telling the joke where you do the Chinese accent. If you don’t have my cell phone number please email me. That is seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

    I’m getting ready to watch this:


    I’ll report back later. I don’t know if you’ve seen this but it’s hilarious.


  254. Rosie, I am not leaving you a voicemail. But I might consider making a recording and emailing it to you.

  255. Send me that email too, please? 😀

  256. Tushar,
    I’ll pray that you are not subject to the evil diabeetus.
    Watch your diet, buddy!

  257. **offers Rosetta some candy**


  258. Howdy Rosie!
    Is anyone hiring in StL?

  259. Shoots Rosetta in the face with this…

  260. THH, I am not sure I want to make an ass of myself, but if I record that, I will CC you.

  261. them dogs shoulda been penalized 15 yards. I still feel that.. shit.

  262. After hanging out with Tushar for a couple of days, I hear his comments even more in his voice than I usually do.

    * ^^^ imagine me imitating Tushar as you read ^^^ *

  263. I’m pretty sure Chinese jokes are only funny if you’re telling them 😛

  264. Why are there people commenting that I have no knowledge of?

  265. I thought we were going to have to call in the cart from the sidelines.

  266. There’s something on Science Channel right now about the “Missouri Lead Belt”.

    That would certainly explain Rosetta.

  267. If you had come to the thing in the place last weekend, you wouldn’t be asking that question, El Jefe.

  268. Chief,
    Who would that be? I can see no comments from ‘unknowns’.
    “Thisheanenlyhell” and Alice are old-timers…

  269. Huh? Whut is Andrew talking about?

    Hi Andy.

  270. I am? How do you know me? xD

  271. “Thisheanenlyhell” = ThisheavinlyHell.

  272. Hey Tushar, I was just cleaning out the cooler.

    Turns out your liver is in the Jaegermeister bottle.

    Go figure.

  273. I think he left his dignity in there too…

  274. Good to see Alice and THH finally typing words on the blog.

  275. Heh, Tushar was our point man with the cops. No bad mouthing the brown guy’s choices in the parking lot.

  276. Lauraw, I have quite a few friends with wood/pellet stoves that swear by them. We don’t really have a traditional winter here though.

  277. Well, you know, you’ve already seen me making a jackass out of myself in person….

  278. All the wood pellet stoves I know of are smokers.

    Then again, that fits.

  279. Was it just me, or did the cops did not appear pleased?

  280. No, it’s not just you.

    And they did not appear pleased to be there.

  281. Do you guys have “No burn nights” back east?

  282. I think the cops were perturbed that they got called out. If I had a guess, they were called when the Free Candy van was there in full swing, and when they got there the ‘party’ was much tamer than described. I wish they’d made you walk, though, Andy.

    I have the biggest girl crush on Krysten Ritter, I absolutely hate that her current gig is on such an awful TV show. I feel compelled to watch it but nauseous at the same time.

  283. Did Wiser’s monkey make an appearance?

  284. Thanks for the GA, Roamy!

  285. Depends on what you mean by “Wiser’s monkey”…

  286. That’s what stood out from a previous meetup – Mrs. Peel, Wiser and “touch my monkey”.

  287. Osita, my favorite GA song is queued up in tomorrow’s HHD.

  288. Another one for you. http://youtu.be/NP-wutmgmQ8

  289. I’m off to the land of Nod. Tomorrow, after workout and chores, I shall grace you all with my cyber presence.

  290. Roamy, I really like Songs about Rain. GA is one of my favs.

  291. damn nice song, rfh. Hadn’t hard that before.

  292. MCPO and Leon?


  293. Oh, hells yes. Loves me some Gary Allan.

  294. I am so not clicking on jam2’s link.

  295. Okay, one more Gary Allan, then bedtime for me.

    I wish I had legs like the woman in this one.

  296. I’ll see that one, and raise you this:


  297. Gary Allan killed it? G’night y’all. I’ll be listening to some Gary Allan and getting some sleep. Voting tomorrow.

  298. Wonder this time where she’s derp
    Wonder if she’s derp to stay

  299. Hey Tushar, I was just cleaning out the cooler.

    Turns out your liver is in the Jaegermeister bottle.

    Go figure.


    Jager: 1
    Tushar: 0

  300. Ugh, barely hanging on for the last hour of the shift.

    I plan on waking up around 2:00 pm tomorrow. Vaguely curious about what the dueling Allred/Trump bombshells will be.

    I REALLY hope Trump’s is the college admission records/transcripts.

    If it’s not at least that big he needs to STFU.

    Have a good day, daywalkers.

  301. Arouse yourselves. Not that way.

  302. CONNECTICUT (Rasmussen): Obama 52, Romney 45


  303. Wakey wakey.

    I work a double today. Boo hiss. I’m gonna try to get a short run before I go, but I don’t know if I’m going to make it ..

  304. Huh, the Obama campaign (well, Gloria Allred) is digging up divorce records on a political opponent.

    Who woulda thunk it?

  305. you should run to your tables.

  306. I thought Obama showing off his little pamphlet yesterday at campaign events was kind of cute pathetic.

    WTF? His re-election team needs some sleep or something. THey’re losing it.

  307. >>I think he left his dignity in there too…

    You may find this difficult to believe, but I was not drunk at all on Saturday night. I was being a clown for fun. Friday I was hammered.

  308. Obama ate a dog.

  309. Lib family members on Faceplant are complaining about all the campaign emails. “It’s like the campaign who cried wolf.” “It reeks of desperation.”

    Not that the Romney campaign is much better about the email avalanche, but I can ignore the spam.

  310. HHD is here!

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