Monday Muscular Motivational

I feel like I really ought to follow Rosetta’s lengthy, content-rich poat with something to make the lurkers feel like poats here are often worth reading.

Since that would be an utter disservice to them and a flat-out lie, this poat is gonna have even less than usual text, but a little more than the normal content. I’ve got some kinda crud infection in my throat, it’s high-intensity week in my training cycle, and I’ve got to finish this week’s lunch prep in about 20 minutes. Happy Monday, folks.

43 days until the election. The president means to harm the nation, and must be replaced. Help that to happen.

IMPOTENT UPDATE [Herr Morgenholz, who oddly actually remembered his password]:

OK, there hasn’t been a Sophie update in a while, so I present the following:

Sophie and Great-Grandpa

This was in July, when we went to Tennessee for a family reunion.  Sophie’s great grandpa there (the Fraulein Morgenholz’s grandfather) just passed away a week ago.  Honestly think the old fucker held out just to meet the Soph-meister.


  1. Booyah. Easily in my top 40 efforts.

  2. Wake up, people. There’s Monday’in’ ta do.

  3. I was looking for info. on cooking cassava last night.

    Really don’t know why this video just makes me laugh and laugh.

    *17,000 chest-hairs fall gently into the food*

  4. Wakey wakey.

    I’m up. Doing stuff.

  5. 2 and 4 are the tuckers.

  6. The redhead is nice

  7. Wow, Lauraw. Wonder if he fries bacon like that.

  8. I’m up. Doing stuff.

    Me too. Like forgetting to start my rice cooker after I load it. For like 10 minutes.

  9. Good heavens, man, shirt-free cooking is something to be done privately, not youtubed.

  10. Also, that dude may want to cut back on his yucca for awhile.

  11. I think it’s telling that Leon isn’t even trying to find females anymore.


    Oh God, it’s like a whole channel of cooking fail.


    You’re just jealous that a few of them have higher endogenous testosterone than you do.

  14. About the emmy’s, but I think this issue has come up here :

    “Listen-up, Hollywood: Beautiful actresses are not funny. They don’t know how to do comedy. (As Bowen demonstrated with her acceptance speech that repeated the phrase ‘nipple covers’ 3 dozen times. To zero laughter.) Only women who grew up ugly and stayed ugly, or through plastic surgery became beautiful, can pull off sitcoms or standups. Bowen isn’t a comedienne just like Brooke Shields wasn’t and a zillion more. Because it’s all about emotional pain and humiliation and rising above both by making people laugh with you instead of at you. So stop casting beautiful actresses when you should be giving ugly women a chance. (Tina Fey always points out she looked like a troglodyte when she was younger.) This also applies to handsome men, by the way. Now argue amongst yourselves.”

  15. I attribute my fantastic humor stylings to years of being a fatty.

  16. @thesavvy “You can’t change Washington from the inside” = “I’m a crappy ass leader and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.”

  17. Yup
    I was handsome and women fell for me with no effort.

    I am hideous now and women run screaming at the very sight of me. Not to mention I am less humorous than Xbrad.

  18. Sounds like a rough life, Vmax.

  19. Romy,
    That is what a miserable failure of a politician looks like flailing about for relevance grasping at straws to avert his impending retirement. Desperately hoping he does not turn into a bitter husk of a weeping failure like Jimmeh Carter living the rest of his days cursing his “You didn’t build that” moment. Or the rabid bunny

    Wow that is exciting! I think I just made my day.

  20. It is not so bad Leon
    Zeke likes me.;

  21. I killed it. Yes I did.

  22. The blonde boxer dude scared me.

    And good morning, peeps.

  23. I like you V-man. I’m sure there’s a woman out there – you just haven’t met her yet. That’s always the problem. The meeting aspect.

  24. Car in,

    By your theory, I should be the funniest man alive. Unfortunately for me, my humor tends to run towards dry wit and puns. Beautiful people don’t usually get this kind of humor and then you’re back to the vacant stares and scornful looks.

    I have a new hope though: I’m postulating if I start sprinkling the term “nipple covers” in polite conversation, I’ll be pop-pop-popular in no time! :)

  25. Got the second son of the year married off this weekend. I’ve alreay told the 12-year-old he has 3 months to find a girl so we can be done with it :)

  26. Good luck with the “nipple covers” bit, and congrats on pawning off yet another of your offspring.

  27. I can’t believe Obama/Biden want to talk about Romney’s 14% effective tax rate! Especially when they gave like 30% of their income to charity, and Smokin’ Joe Biden gave like $5300 to charity.

    If you follow the meme the Democraps use that the rich don’t pay enough taxes (% versus amount), Obama gave a measly $245,000 to charity as opposed to Romney’s $4,000,000. Obviously, Obama’s not paying his fair share to charity!

  28. Thanks, Car in. They’re both good boys and will be good husbands.

    Up until now I’ve resisted going blue with my humor, but if the nipple covers bit doesn’t work, I may have to go Chris Rock on tier butts. [Kidding: I really hate Chris Rock]

  29. You know, most of that Obama giving was the proceeds from a book. A book from which I believe he was legally prohibiting from profiting.

  30. I have recently found that all my lib friends think it’s only fair that investment income should be taxed at the income rate. Except if you make less than 53k. Yeah, lots of people like that have tons of investment income.

    It’s already been taxed once, idiots!

  31. I have a Canadian friend who is quite wealthy. He worked hard for it no doubt. He makes high 6 to low 7 figures a year. Spends 2 weeks a month on a cruise ship.

    And he complains that because all of his income from investments he does not qualify for SSI.

  32. Well, he did pay for it, so I guess he’s got it coming.

    I like how Romney went to the means testing of entitlements in his 60 minutes interview. I know they paid in, but the cuts have to start somewhere.

  33. Wait…we’re giving SSI to Canadians now?

  34. I just want to stop indexing entitlements for inflation. It discourages the Fed and cuts bennies slowly all in one swoop.

  35. It has to index for inflation, somehow. Otherwise prior contributions would be worth less.

    Or am I thinking that wrong?

  36. I do not know Tom but he feels cheated that he cannot get it. He would have to work for someone rather than go on cruises

  37. It has to index for inflation, somehow. Otherwise prior contributions would be worth less.

    They already are worth less than if you’d just invested it in, say, a savings account. The difference is that this saves money (for the program) and keeps the promise as written.

  38. I like 6. She looks normal.

  39. I actually heard someone say that paying into SS your entire life and getting back 76% of the money would be a good return.

    We are doomed if basic economics isn’t understood by the population. Do kids even take econ in HS anymore?

  40. So Elisabeth Warren is not a Lawyer but practices law in Mass.

    Why do I think this will never be mentioned ho hum who cares?

  41. She’s not a lawyer (in MA), but she *did* stay in a Holiday Inn Express (in MA) that night.

  42. I ran that by our buddy Gabriel, who said that looks solid, but they should check to see if she was “waived in” on the cases she worked, which is a way of letting an out of state practitioner bypass the state’s bar rules. If she surrendered her NJ license this year, then it sounds like she at least was licensed in NJ during the period in question.

  43. Hey, I’ve got an idea, how about we end all entitlement programs? You can’t force someone to ‘pay’ for them their whole life and then tell them when it’s time to collect, they can’t have part or all.

  44. It’s already been taxed once, idiots!

    I’ve had that conversation with coworkers. They had no idea and a few gave me blank looks which told me they either didn’t believe me or they didn’t get it. *sigh*

  45. Morning, twerps!

  46. Beasn, for most folks, it’s not good enough that the money has been taxed once already. It’s important to them that the person be taxed.

    Seriously, I’m aghast at the number of people that feel tax policy is more a social matter than a means of raising revenues.

  47. Finally got around to reading my e-mail from the weekend, and found this gem in there:

    Be sure and click through to read the original post, and click from there to the comments at Reddit – the dude is a 1st-class whiny Apple fanboi douchebag, and they let him have it with both barrels…..

  48. 2 aspirin and a shot of whiskey in my coffee. Get behind me, nasty cold!

  49. Hello?

  50. What?

  51. Where?

  52. When?

  53. Cyn – Did you see the D.G. photo I posted last night?

  54. How?

    /Elizabeth Warren

  55. Missed it, Chief; crazy assed weekend of work. I go look for her now!

  56. My gosh, she is getting so big! She really is very beautiful. Gerber baby beautiful. Pretty hawt lookin’ dude holding her too!

  57. How?

    /Elizabeth Warren

    HAHAHAHA! Jay wins the internets today!

  58. Cyn – Not so hawt today. Still in my jammies and trying to make myself eat something.

  59. Where wolf?

  60. I hope you feel better soon. You ought do another shot of whiskey in the coffee so that it works more better faster.

  61. Eat cyn.

  62. Eat cyn.

    I would.

  63. You know, like, if there was a plane crash in the Andes and she died on impact.

  64. Me too. Totally hawt.

  65. Brainzzzzzzzzz. . .

  66. Brainz? I’m heading for her butt.

  67. Hunh. When I’ve been called ‘tasty’ in the past, I did not know it was quite that literal. *licks arm to check*

  68. Tastes like a peach.

  69. I’m thinking Sohos is the one with the tasty butt. Rawr.

  70. I realized my comment might look lewd, so I tried to save it with cannibalism.

  71. cyn tastes like frog legs

  72. I realized my comment might look lewd, so I tried to save it with cannibalism.

    We knew what you meant.


  73. Woot, my diet is working. So thin, I’m transparent.

  74. I took your lewdness as a compliment, Leon. Hahaha!

  75. Tastes like a peach.

    Peach flavored Tiger.

  76. I’ve got a crappy cold and a fever too *eyes MCPO suspiciously*

  77. You two must have been making out.

  78. I took your lewdness as a compliment, Leon.

    Then it was absolutely, positively meant as one. Just ignore the creepy part about the plane crash afterward.


  79. she may taste like a peach, but she smells like teen spirit

  80. He didn’t kiss me in CT, he kissed, I forget, some other dude.

    BUT on the plus side, after 10 weeks of rehab my left knee is fine, and nearly pain-free. Way less pain than before the replacement.

    Right knee is catching up, still a ways to go.

  81. Lemme know when Cyn’s butt tastes like beer:

  82. Lighten up, Francis.

  83. Good morning, pre-op party people.

  84. Hey Sean! How is that AL west race going?

  85. she may taste like a peach, but she smells like teen spirit

    And Love’s Baby Soft. Sometimes.

  86. I smell of fever sweat and Ivory soap.

  87. And garlic.

  88. I smell like curry.

  89. Techno vampires don’t fear garlic. . . they fear anti-virus programs.

  90. Don’t fear the reaper anti-virus program. Baby take my hand.

  91. Hey Sean! How is that AL west race going?

    Not that great, though we’re not eliminated quite yet and are still in the hunt for a wild card spot.

    I suppose it would be rude of me to sarcastically turn around and say something like “How ’bout them Phillies?” or “Sorry about that ‘E’ I see next to your team in the Games Back column,” so I totally won’t do that.

  92. Ga. I need moar coffee.

    slept like crap.

  93. I’m OK with Cyn’s butt in any flavor other than broccoli.

  94. Go. Rangers.

  95. Hehe, the cat sound is back on the Dana Loesch radio show.

    It’s hilarious.

  96. I’m not too sure about where this conversation is going. . .

  97. Good Monday to y’all. Did anybody else hurt themselves while playing this weekend?

    And # 4 is a tucker, but # 6 is nice.

  98. We knew what you meant.


    Takes one to know one.

  99. I smell like egoiste.

  100. The legs on #2 remind me of my old Masters of the Universe action figures for some reason.

  101. I’m not too sure about where this conversation is going. . .

    So crazy adorable! I must nibble on those cheeks!!!

  102. I’m not too sure about where this conversation is going. . .

    Heh. Check this out:

  103. I smell like egoiste.


  104. I think you misspelled goatse there, MJ.

  105. *runs through thread naked*
    *ignores the snickering*

  106. Herr! Long time no see! Are you here to gloat about the Reds?

  107. Jay! Are you here to kill the thread?

    Yes, yes I am.

  108. Any you do it so well, Jay.

  109. Oh goody, President 3 Putt is going to speak to the UN General Assembly!

  110. Any, And, All, Ass – those three letter words that start with A get me confused.

  111. thanks a get, AD!

  112. Before or after he goes to the Ryder Cup?

  113. I have GOT to stop picking at these scabs.

  114. Obama should just resign and become Sec Gen of the UN. Perfect way for him to save face and get an even bigger ego (if possible).

  115. My wife called me at lunch time to inform me of a death in the family.

    At approximately 11am, my beloved 42″ LCD died of natural causes. It was 5 years old.

    First my car, then my cat, now this. When does the misery end?

  116. Chief, your granddaughter is just beautiful!

    Hi, Herr! How’s it going?

    Pepe, can an American be Sec. Gen. of the UN? I thought the UN Charter prevented certain countries from being allowed to hold that office. Besides, the Arab states have no respect for the manchild – no way they would vote him in, even if he ran as a representative from Kenya.

  117. >>>Are you here to gloat about the Reds?

    I believe you mean “The National League Central Division Champion Reds”.

    And the Bengals are 2-1 despite having a defense that Wiser and I could penetrate while drunk and handcuffed.

  118. Sorry for your loss, Leon.
    It’s always hard when the good ones die so young…..

  119. Cool, I gave a friend of mine an Animosity International T-shirt for his birthday. He posted a pic of himself wearing it on his knife forum. Hopefully Wiser will get some orders at the record store. ;-)

  120. Hey TinFW, no funding ’til they take him off our hands. Time to play hardball……………..

  121. It’s good to see a great organization like AI making itself known.

  122. Strolls through the thread fully clothed but slows long enough to flash the mob his hairy ass.

  123. Five years??

    *checks my warranty card*

    Kinda nice to see the Reds move up.

  124. dave?

  125. Impotent update added

  126. Herr, Sophie is adorable! Glad her great-grandpa was able to see her before he passed.

    She looks like a hell-raiser….. :P

    Hey TinFW, no funding ’til they take him off our hands. Time to play hardball…..

    Cut, jib, newsletter.

  127. >>>She looks like a hell-raiser…..

    I had to defuse an IED just the other day.

    OK, that was a diaper, but she is without doubt the rottenest and most irascible child in my not-insignificant experience. She asks for juice by flinging her sippy cup across the dining room. No shit.

    Finally, the kid I deserve…….

    She’s fucking perfect.

  128. I did not know there was a version of the Henry repeating rifle called “Mare’s Leg”

  129. Did they ever get a motto for AI? I’m kinda going with “We hate everybody”.

  130. get her a Gold AMEX.

    What could go wrong?

  131. “Hatred Across Borders” was my personal favorite.

  132. That’s kind of a short, chunky rifle right there. I’m just saying is all.

  133. I see what you did there.

    Friend of mine bought a Henry rifle in .44 to raise funds for a children’s home. $5 a ticket. I told him to put me down for $300.

    Now, do I need a Henry rifle? No.

    Do I want one? Oh hells yeah.

    This is how I justify my attempt to buy one,

  134. I have a tv over 5 years old, waitaminnit…

  135. Sophie sounds like my kind of gal – glad you’re having so much fun with her!

  136. Mare was in Grindhouse? Huh.

  137. The Henry rifle looks like it’s about the right size for MJ –

  138. That thing is HUGE!

  139. I’m looking for a Henry for wabbit season. Cabela’s didn’t have any when I checked, so I’m stuck looking around.

  140. I love the name of this one – “The Varmint Express”:

  141. Did I miss the “brand name” of Leon’s dead TeeleVee?

  142. It was a Sylvania, bought at a deep discount after it spent 3 months as a floor model. 5 years wasn’t an unexpected lifespan.

  143. *checks my warranty card*

    You came with a warranty card?

  144. * steals blog’s wallet *

  145. Yeah, like the H2 wallet has any money in it.

  146. Dirty pictures, Dick Pole’s library card and a condom.

  147. Soiled.

  148. For a chat room, you folks don’t “chat” much.

  149. wiserbud gets mad at us if we chat too much. So we ignore him most of the time. But occasionally the medication kicks in and we go comatose for an hour or so.

  150. For 3 days now the local “reporter” has let me know that gas is DOWN in price……. 3cents on average. Good news!!

  151. Cheer up, Agile…here.

  152. My local news tells me that Romney is gaffe prone and that Obama is going grace the UN with his magnificence.

  153. Cheer up, Cyn.

  154. A palate cleanser I put together for you fellas.

  155. That’s the spirit, Chief.

  156. George is a ginger?

  157. Carpet or drapes?

  158. Collars or cuffs?

  159. Dressing a hot model up in a Dr. Who tee-shirt does not make her a nerd.

  160. You guys aren’t very entertaining tonight.

  161. I am preparing for a run by smoking 6 lbs of meat.

  162. I am preparing for a run by smoking 6 lbs of meat.

    And Car in thinks we aren’t entertaining.

  163. How did the smoked eggs turn out?

  164. I’m nursing a cold and loafing in my recliner.

    Dance monkeys, dance!

  165. The cold smoked hard boiled eggs were delicious.

  166. According to Laura. My allergies were so bad today I couldn’t taste anything.

  167. what happened I was in a coma

  168. Bratwursts and homemade pepper relish for dinner, yum.

  169. Serves you right for not coming to see Leon and me.

  170. Not one of you guys got my Blues Brothers reference? Pffft.

    *fires up heroine bong*

  171. BTW, Ghetto Bar, bitches.

  172. *scrolls up*

    ah. The condom.

  173. That was Frank Oz handing back Jake’s stuff.

  174. Right on, Roamy!

  175. Oh, and Dave too.


    Back to all work and no play for a while.

  176. I was in one of Frank Oz’s summer homes.

    I got lost in the kitchen.

  177. Today was one of those days that makes up for the bureaucratic bullshit on the other days.

  178. Bratwursts and homemade pepper relish for dinner, yum

    Roamy gets the Honorary Cheesehead Award! Go Packers!

  179. Well that’s a good thing then.

    Yes. Frank Oz cameo. He did good.

    *takes my temperature* whew.. I thinks I has brokens the fevers

  180. except I woke up nekkid on the deck again…

    ,, hmmm….

  181. Why is cyn smoking lady heroes?

  182. *fires up heroine bong*
    Why was I not told of this recent, purely for science, amazing new invention.

  183. ?

  184. Finally some hawt blondes (and that includes beautiful Sophie)

  185. SoHoS – Speaking of beautiful blondes, how are you doing?

  186. well this is a good thing.

    *combs my hair*

  187. heh.. I loved covering that tune.

    good bass lines

  188. Brewfan!

  189. I listened to the 60s station on Sirius almost the entire trip to/from Michigan (with some Sinatra mixed in).

  190. Roamie!

  191. MCPO did you notice the bridge work in Ohio? Is that still going on?

  192. Scott – In both Ohio and PA, almost every bridge over the turnpikes are being replaced.

  193. Ohio bridges? Shovel ready.

  194. I haven’t spanked a 15yo girl in a very long time.

    Ah, memories.

  195. Swing states don’t have 9% unemployment. Swing states get new bridges.

  196. Scott – Officially, PA is at 7.9%. However, if you look around at the foreclosures, shuttered businesses, the under-employed and those that have given up, I’d say it is more like 11 – 12%

  197. MCPO, CT is around 9% official, so you can imagine what the real rate is.

  198. Did anybody leave all of anybody else’s best scenes on the cutting room floor today?

  199. Sean – Yes. I didn’t like the lighting flare coming from DinT’s spangled g-string. Made the whole thing look like a cheesy Star Trek rip off.

  200. Dave, bookmark.

  201. U3 in CT is almost 14%…

  202. Um, is it okay if I bookmark that, too?

  203. good call by you pups

  204. I first drove on PA turnpike in Jul 2001, and many times in last 11 years. That thing is always under construction. I don’t think it will stop unless all the people involved are buried alive under the pavement.

  205. Our governor is a tax-hiking, union-owned, stereotypically prodigal Democrat, which is all that the constituents of the formerly great State of Connecticut now choose and therefore deserve.

  206. In other news, this perfume that my stepmother got me for Christmas last year is ME.

    She really gets me. I need to send her a note or something.

    *buries nose in own wrist*

  207. Sure thing Seanie.

  208. Can we link to girls that at least look 17?
    This one, for example

  209. stepmom hits one deep over the cheap seats.

    good job, stepmom.

  210. Lauraw, I left a link for you at 5:54.

    *starts holy war*

  211. Can we link to girls that at least look 17?

  212. I don’t think it will stop unless all the people involved are buried alive under the pavement.

    Look on my [larded-up public] works [project], ye Mighty, and despair!

  213. The meat is done.
    Now we wait.

  214. Is this DiT behind Jesus?

  215. Oh my God, my dog is killing me.

    He must have found kitty snacks tonight.

    It’s motherfucking chemical warfare in here tonight.

  216. Last time I did this we ended up with 4 lbs of roast beef. I am pretty certain I just made 6.5 lbs of roast beef for about $3 per lb.

  217. I lost some weight Could be, old pic.

  218. we leave the fan on for beagle farts when he occasionally gets some fried chicken from Ervin’s

  219. Central is 15 minutes from here.

  220. Night kids.

    *closes eyes, smells brisket*

  221. Our governor is a tax-hiking, union-owned, stereotypically prodigal Democrat, which is all that the constituents of the formerly great State of Connecticut now choose and therefore deserve.

    Best part about living in CT is…..


    oh yeah….

    Best part about living in CT is…..


    hold on a sec…. I just had it….


    Oh yeah..

    Best part about living in CT is that almost anywhere you go when you move out is a step up.


  222. It’s not California!

  223. Wiserbud?

  224. >>Best part about living in CT is that almost anywhere you go when you move out is a step up.


  225. Ahem…..

    I said “almost”

    next year’s tourism campaign:

    “come to CT. We’re not New Jersey!”

  226. It’s still a nice state, Wiser.
    In a few years of continuous Malloy governance, who knows.

  227. I likes visiting there.

  228. It’s still a nice state, Wiser.

    Yeah, it’s a nice state we got here. Be a shame if anything happened to it…


  229. I likes visiting there.

    “Come to CT! WE GET RAIN!!!”

  230. One day I shall return.

    Cook the shrimps.

  231. Cook the shrimps.

    what, you don’t like sushi?


  232. I didn’t see you lining up with the wasabi.

  233. I fucking hate sushi. If I go to a restaurant, I damn well expect the cook to, well, COOK!

  234. I didn’t see you lining up with the wasabi.

    It’s CT sushi.

    We use lemons and crushed dried maple leaves.

  235. Do you people realize how lucky you folks in CT are? Have you ever been in Karachi, Pakistan, Alexandria, Egypt or Tunis, Tunisia?

  236. I fucking hate sushi.

    I’m sure sushi feels much the same about you….


    lemons and crushed leaves.. were in abundance!

  238. Have you ever been in Karachi, Pakistan, Alexandria, Egypt or Tunis, Tunisia?

    You ever been to Bridgeport, East Haven or Hartford after dark?

    15 year old kid was just stabbed to death in my town Sunday. Saw a number of cop cars racing in the general direction of the incident tonight as I was driving home from band rehearsal.

    I’ll guarantee you that it had something to do with what happened Sunday.

  239. lemons and crushed leaves.. were in abundance!

    it’s a delicacy…

  240. Have you reminded the missus about our deal? *hands you a pack of filterless Luckies*

  241. Have you reminded the missus about our deal? *hands you a pack of filterless Luckies*

    yeah, I did.

    *missus snatches pack of Luckies from my hand and lights 3 at once.*

  242. that’s my girl!

    dang.. dave needs sleeps now.. the chicken soup is working

  243. Good night, davey


  244. Do they still sell filterless cigs?

    I remember my Mom telling a story about one of the first fights she had with my Dad.

    She used to work in a factory, and this little old lady who worked there too would ride in with her every day.

    Well, this little old lady smoked unfiltered cigarettes. She left the butts in the ashtray of Mom’s Ford Fairlane 500.

    Dad was convinced those butts belonged to Another Man, because women did not smoke unfiltered cigarettes.

  245. ‘Night, Dave. Sleep tight. Don’t let the giant bedcrabs bite, with their huge pinchy claws that only get you after you close your eyes.

    *waves goodnight*

  246. Do they still sell filterless cigs?

    yep, they do.



    *spit *spit



    *spit *spit* *spit

    first cigs I ever smoked were Luckies


  247. Sincerely? Do they fall apart while you’re smoking them? Jeez. How do they stay alive as a product?

  248. Do they fall apart while you’re smoking them?

    not if you pack them tight enough.

    How do they stay alive as a product?

    yeah, that’s a puzzler. Then again, who smokes Pall Malls or Benson & Hedges?

    Other than grandmothers.

    The ones that confuse me are menthols. I never could stand those things. If I was bumming a cigarette, no matter how badly I needed one, I would always refuse those.


    Some people have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much free time……

  250. by the way, I have yet to see an Obama yard sign.

    Huge difference from 2008…..

    I saw a Romney yard sign in New Haven, but not a single Obama sign.

  251. My dad was a Pall Mall guy, so of course that’s what I started smoking down in the barn.

  252. I shoot darts right next to Obama headquarters in Des Moines. Huge sign on the side of the building.

    Of course they were using an Obama sign as a doormat to the bar. Maybe it wasn’t on purpose, but me and another guy had fun walking on it.

    I looked, but there were no deer around to feed it to.

  253. Of course they were using an Obama sign as a doormat to the bar. Maybe it wasn’t on purpose, but me and another guy had fun walking on it.

    If it were possible to buy Obama swag without the money going to Obama, I would buy as much of it as I could.

    Just so I would have something to use for humorous purposes….

    use your imagination…

  254. Holy crap. Seahawks win?

  255. Wow, Green Bay is gonna get screwed out of this win. The end play was an interception.

  256. Plus the blatant push off

  257. WOW.

    Okay, I have not been bitching about the replacement refs, but holy shit, that was bullshit.

  258. think this helps the real refs position?

    yeah….. just a bit….

    Couldn’t care less either way, but that was a bullshit call.

  259. twitter is going insane over this.

  260. Jennings had that ball. Unbelievable.

    Yeah, this is good for the real refs. Sports radio is gonna be GREAT tomorrow.

  261. Of course my connection is acting up.

  262. Pete Carroll cements his reputation as a douchebag.

    He knows he lost, yet he’s celebrating the win.

  263. What the hell? Refuse to take the field, Packers!

  264. I’m sorry. that was not a tie.

    The replay shows that Jennings had the ball and the other guy’s arm was flailing as they went to the ground. Only one guy had that ball.

    fucking amazing. Might as well be watching Pee Wee football.

  265. The ref who called the TD messed it up. There wasn’t any way for them to reverse, after he called the TD.

  266. That call was fuckingbullshit.

  267. Why isn’t anyone talking about what the “sticking point” is for the regular Refs? I can’t remember what it is, but I know I thought eff ’em.

  268. There wasn’t any way for them to reverse, after he called the TD.

    you’re wrong.

    sorry, but that’s why they review every touchdown.

  269. Damn crime.

  270. He just explained why they couldn’t reverse. No one called it an interception, so there wasn’t a way for the refs to call it. the only call was TD.

  271. Man, am I feeling crabby right now *big internet frowny face*

  272. As a Packers co-owner I’m calling Roger in the morning and am going to demand his resignation.

  273. >>> the only call was TD.

    one ref called it a TD. the other ref called it not a TD.

  274. As a Packers co-owner I’m calling Roger in the morning and am going to demand his resignation.

    Call Jennings and tell him to slap the ball away next time too.

  275. And as i noted on facechimp, I am convinced the ref on the right only signaled TD because he had his eye on the other ref and when that ref started to raise his arms the one on the right threw up the TD signal. At least the Giants whooped us fair and square.

  276. I agree. Why would you possibly even try to intercept the ball on 4th down? WTF? KNOCK THE FUCKING BALL OUT OF THE END ZONE YOU FUCKING MORON!

    ok, I feel better now.

  277. ok, I feel better now.

    and there was much rejoicing…

  278. Hold tight, wait ’till the party’s over
    Hold tight, we’re in for nasty weather
    There has got to be a way
    Burning down the derp

  279. wakey wakey

  280. Last time I did this we ended up with 4 lbs of roast beef. I am pretty certain I just made 6.5 lbs of roast beef for about $3 per lb.

    So you made Lauraw a snack for today?

    She *did* say you were the best husband ever.

  281. I think the replacement refs are working for the mafia.
    This is just crazy.

  282. I’ll bet you $1000 that Obama mentions it in the debates in some sort of cute, snide remark.

  283. Yeah, I’m going nuts again. My goddamn lying eyes. I have heard quite a few times that Obama is pulling ahead in Florida, yet two polls in the past week have it 48-47. There is one that has it 50-46, but it’s PPP.

    I have to get better glasses because I’m starting to believe that I’m being lied to.

  284. is this thing on??

  285. I’d also like to re-pupularize the term ‘Yellow Journalism.’ I think most people have an idea of it from middle school.

    That should piss off the MBM.

  286. I bet they are closer to reality.

  287. I see 3 O/B yard signs on my route to work, in about 13 miles, half of which is through what passes for a commercial district. No Romney signs.

    This is UAW country, though, so I understand not volunteering for vandalism. OTOH, this is UAW country, and I see 3 signs out of 100 or so yards. There are an equal number of signs encouraging you to get your sons to join BSA.

  288. They do not care about what the little people think of their ‘work,’ MJ. For God’s sake, they read Media Matters spin directly on the air.

    Their job is not to convince partisans. Their job is to slowly, bit by bit, steer the zeitgeist in the direction of their narrative by filling the air with their suggestive noises. And as they have already proven, they can destroy lives they disapprove of just by repeating a lie over and over again louder and faster than you can debunk it.

    Facts, truth, blah blah blah. It’s all subjective. But don’t worry, citizen! It’s all being done to benefit you. You just don’t understand yet. But later you are going to be so grateful.

  289. Romney signs are popping up in our neighborhood.

  290. Sorry about my previous comment, seeming to be random, but the first 2 I tried dissappeared completely.
    Living where I do in western PA, it’s pretty much Dem country, that being said, I see more R&R bumber stickers everyday, as opposed to new Obismal ones. I take that as a good sign, since this area is heavy union (steel and coal).

  291. Sorry about my previous comment, seeming to be random,

    Here? You’re apologizing for that, here?

  292. Coal unions support Obama? That turned out well.

  293. Wait, really? UMW is supporting O?

    The rank and file have got to know that’s bullshit.

  294. Good news, the TV is not dead, and appears to have recovered from its stroke yesterday.

  295. Fortunately, the coal that China burns doesn’t cause global warming.

  296. Is revenge best served cold, or red fucking hot?

  297. I got run over by a coal truck I think.

  298. Comment by leoncaruthers on September 25, 2012 8:23 am
    Good news, the TV is not dead, and appears to have recovered from its stroke yesterday.
    It’s just fucking with you. It will be fine until the critical point in the game/show then sputter and die.

  299. Exhibit 987 of how we are through the looking glass:

    This ad by a white chick claiming to be Native American because her parents told her it was part of their family lore is surreal.

    My eyes. They lie!

  300. If there’s any national catastrophe the American people can rally behind, it’s football.

    October surprise?

  301. Sandra Fluke has also weighed in on this important issue:

  302. Welcome to another episode of naked gay bear chef.

    Start watching this one at about 2:35.

    I like how he 1) looks straight at the camera to deliver that exciting line and 2) has the sparkling personality of a lump of clay.

    Grey clay. With hairs sticking out of it.

  303. G’morning peeper

  304. or peepers

  305. That bear has a pretty nice kitchen. Country French style.

  306. Happy Birthday Jewstin, where ever you are.

  307. So is the new guy tied up in the basement with duct tape as per our usual welcoming committee custom? Yes? Excellent.

  308. >> Grey clay. With hairs sticking out of it.

    I’m not quite that hirsute. But I am more entertaining in the kotchen.

  309. Do you wear see-through pants, too?

  310. I don’t often cook shirtless, but when I do, I look better than that dude.

  311. I don’t often cook shirtless, but when I do, I look better than that dude.

    me too.

  312. >> Do you wear see-through pants, too?

    pants? I don’t need no steenking pants.

  313. You get to vote on my outrage of the day:

    a) was the worst call in yesterday’s game the pass interference that was clearly on Seattle

    b) the more than obvious interception the last play of the game

    c) the US continually throwing Israel under the bus like they recently did at the UN

    d)Obama’s continual bungling foreign policy to the point where not only are soldiers dying in Afghanistan regularly….we’ve got ambassadors being pulled into the street, raped and killed.

    e) is Pete Carroll in fact the biggest asshole in football

  314. I’m torn between C and D, mare.

    where are you at? I’m leaning toward D.

  315. me too.
    Pics or it didn’t happen

  316. Comment by daveintexas on September 25, 2012 10:02 am
    >> Do you wear see-through pants, too?
    pants? I don’t need no steenking pants.
    You do if you’re cooking bacon.

  317. I just saw a Gary Johnson yard sign. No TFG or Mitt yet.

  318. Mare, I’m staying away from the news today because TFGs speech at the UN may make my head explode.

  319. I got home last night and can’t wait to stay home for awhile. I enjoyed the summer but it’s been a lot of traveling and I have so much stuff to do, people to respond to and general what not.

    I think I’m most outraged about C.

    I went through San Antonio and although I see a lot of soldiers while traveling through airports, that particular airport is chock full of them. I was looking at those young people and I enjoyed watching them but had pretty strong fear for them too.

    Vman, I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve been in a whirl wind.

  320. Oso, I should probably do what you’re doing. Just stay away today. But I can’t tell you how happy I am that Michelle Obama is warning the US that if her husband isn’t elected we may have slavery again.

    Good to know.

  321. F) Obama ate a dog, thought it was relevant enough to write about, read it out loud during the audiobook version, and it never occurred to him that it might be weird.

  322. I may hang out here a lot today because I have dusting (when you’re gone from a house for a time), laundry, my body clock is off and my cat wants to hang with me and vise versa. Plus I want to hang with my husband.

  323. Also…..OBAMA IS A DICK!

  324. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this poat is out of date and getting slightly long in the tooth.

  325. I don’t like that our President calls himself “eye candy.” Why? A) It’s undignified for the Office. B) He’s not.

  326. C) An American President should not be delusional.

  327. David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog
    The season of flaming, blood-soaked progress. RT @NoahPollak Obama says regarding the Middle East, “this is the season of progress.”

    PROGRESS???? This President is dangerously incompetent.

  328. This is an outrage.

  329. Hahahahahaha

    I didn’t read the poat. I didn’t know we were on the topic of outrages.

  330. HA! Hotspur….simpatico.

  331. David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog
    It was a great run, Western civilization RT @tobyharnden Obama: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    Wait? Did Obama actually say that? He’s f’ing insane. That must be misquoted.

  332. On my way to the zoo. Saw 2 more Gary Johnson signs and waved to a guy standing in the median with a huge Romney/Ryan sign.

  333. Not a misquote. I’m hoping to have a nice, blissful stroke today.

  334. “I’m hoping to have a nice, blissful stroke today.”

    HA!! Me too, in fact I just said something similar to my husband.

  335. But I’m hoping to stroke out after the laundry is done.

  336. There is a new post up for enhanced bitching.

  337. Lauraw

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