Big Boob Friday™ Super Girl Edition

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a super hot girl with big ‘ol hootdanks! This week we’re doing a themed post because there’s been a rash of posts with actual content. I feel pressure to keep up. POST ENVY!11!!!!


I wrote this song while thinking of things that Supergirl could do to me on a lonely Saturday afternoon, after making me a sammich.


I believe Lindsey Strutt has been featured on this POS site before, but I’m too lazy to go look so let’s just pretend she’s new, mkay? Today’s model was born in Doncaster, England way back in 1987. She regularly appears in Maxim, Nuts, and Loaded magazine, which must make her parents very proud. During Christmas in 2007 she visited British troops is Basra, Iraq which makes her a wonderful human being. Super? Yep.


So….today we’re going to try something different. The researchers at Boob Central have told me that people are tired of somewhat related attempts at funny in the form of loosely connected links embedded in random historical facts.

*phone rings——-Hang on a sec, ok?

“Yes Mr President, the Giants won last night. Anything else?

I’m kind of busy.

Yes, I know that presidentin’ is hard.

Yes, I know that real change can only come from the outside. Yeah, that makes perfect sense, change only comes from the outside so that change on the inside is possible, but can’t really be accomplished because you’re on the inside.

Yep, makes perfect sense.”

*hangs up phone.

Well, looks like you guys are fucked. Real change only happens when it comes from the outside, but I’m on the inside so you’re going to have to deal with poorly associated—oh fuck it. I lost my train of thought and the SCOAMF couldn’t make cents with the change in his pocket.


455 – Emperor Avitus enters Rome with a Gallic army and consolidates his power.

1776 – Part of New York City is burned shortly after being occupied by British forces.

1780 – American Revolutionary War: Benedict Arnold gives the British the plans to West Point.

1860 – In the Second Opium War, an Anglo-French force defeats Chinese troops at the Battle of Palikao.

1937 – J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit is published.

1942 – The B-29 Superfortress makes its maiden flight.

1971 – Bahrain, Bhutan and Qatar join the United Nations.

1993 – Russian President Boris Yeltsin suspends parliament and scraps the then-functioning constitution, thus triggering the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993.






Let’s all smoke some butt this weekend, eh?


  1. this seems dirty

  2. I’m not shallow. I don’t care how big a girl’s tits are as long as she’s really good looking.

  3. I was almost going to insert content, but then I thought “why spoil a nice poat?”

  4. I don’t know … she doesn’t really look nice.

    Something about her boobs hanging out the bottom of her shirt.

  5. Not bad, MJ, not bad at all.

  6. WTWM?

  7. Speaking of Supergirl…

  8. “Something about her boobs hanging out the bottom of her shirt”

    Yes, I think you spotted it. Too much shirt.

  9. With friends like these…

  10. “WTWM?

    Mare doing the breast stroke


  11. Lindsey needs her name on her underwear because she probably loses them a lot.

  12. I vant her to bonk my schnitzel.

  13. I’d stroke Mare’s breast.

  14. Lindsey needs her name on her underwear because she probably loses them a lot.

    It’s also helpful if the guy has forgotten her name.

  15. Huh? What? She has a name?

  16. It the T were silent, and she were in Japan, it would be pronounced Slut.

  17. Why are there a bunch of black and red squiggles between the first and second pictures of the nice lady?

  18. MJ?

  19. WTWM?

  20. “I’d stroke Mare’s breast.”

    Not with two broken arms. And soreness around the middle from my kidney, liver, spleen punch series.

  21. My my, xbrad, what fetching fingerless gloves that young lady is wearing.

  22. Texas has the best fans EVAH!!!

    “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be alright. God bless, and the Texas Rangers, Texas Rangers.”

    And he’s not alone!

    Several have thanked the Dallas Cowboys football team for providing them enjoyment.

    Now that’s a fan, amirite??

  23. poor girl must have hip dysplasia or something. She can’t seem to close her legs at all…

  24. You’ll notice no one on death row ever gives a shout out to the Chicago Cubs. Just sayin’.

  25. yannow, I used to really like this song until I found out he wrote it about Jane Fonda.

    fuckng scrunt

  26. You’ll notice no one on death row ever gives a shout out to the Chicago Cubs.

    That’s because, after living as a Cubs fan, death is a welcome release.

  27. Chicago doesn’t have a death row. (Illinois)

  28. I always thought it was because Chicago is Murder Central.

  29. Chicago doesn’t have a death row. (Illinois)

    Mare is Soledad O’Brien’s Earpiece?

    It’s all so clear to me now….

  30. Mare is Soledad O’Brien’s Earpiece

    Them’s fightin’ words, wiser… given what comes out of Soledad’s piehole.

  31. Illinois had a death row, but Jim Ryan commuted all death sentences shortly before he left office.

  32. but Jim Ryan commuted all death sentences

    except for the Cubs

  33. Where’s the goat?

    Just wait until next year!

  34. The Cubs, as usual, are on life support.

  35. The media coverage of the election is truly amazing. Their candidate lost 7 points this week, but Romney is in trouble and needs to completely change his campaign that is moving in the right direction.

    That makes absolutel……oh. Ohhhhhh.

  36. tl;dr

  37. wiser, I knew one of the smart ass pedants here would say ILLINOIS state law not Chicago….and you know it too.

  38. Pupster!

  39. tl;dr

    It isn’t in a language he understands.

  40. I like the way this girl is built, but she looks like she’s definitely carrying several incurable STD’s. I’d have to take a wire brush and a bottle of clorox with me if I took her to supper. Maybe some Saran wrap as well.

  41. A Most Excellent BBF, MJ!

  42. That picture of Obama on Ace’s sidebar is priceless. That should be everywhere. He’s such a pussy.

  43. Not with two broken arms. And soreness around the middle from my kidney, liver, spleen punch series.


  44. I wasn’t being pedantic, Mare. Just pointing out that Ryan had commuted all the death sentences. One the one hand, it was clearly against the wishes of the citizens of IL, but on the other hand, there were multiple examples of clear prosecutorial misconduct in death penalty cases in IL.

  45. Ryan commuted all death sentences? ZOMG!

    Ryan wants to not kill all murderers!

  46. Mare and xbrad on a date

  47. If the Hostagettes ran a strip club.

  48. Xbrad, I was commenting on Wiser’s comment. I didn’t even see your comment.

  49. Why does Beckel have air time on fox? He’s a classless fat, old drunk. Yes, I know he quit drinking….but he still sounds drunk.

  50. If the Hostagettes ran a strip club.

    I assume the cover charge would be $30. I wouldn’t go in if they paid me any less.

  51. **pouts**

  52. If the Hostagettes KosGirls ran a strip club.


  53. Hostagettes Strip Club™: Our poles always stay upright.

  54. He is there to make everyone else look thinner and smarter.

  55. HA! Cyn, is running our club. Obviously, I’ll be the bouncer.

  56. Cover will be $50.

    Our pole mounts don’t come cheap.™

  57. “He is there to make everyone else look thinner and smarter.”

    HA! So true.

  58. Heh. We should have Dick Pole be our bouncer, Mare. Can you run a blender? I’ll be you make a mean daiquiri!


    This is stupid, doesn’t the SS have better things to do?

  60. Cyn, I don’t even know what’s in a daiquiri. I’m a wino. However, I will oversee to make sure Carin isn’t over pouring for her Michigan Hostage friends.

  61. Cyn’s club’s name: Dick Bear Lemon Pole.

  62. This is stupid, doesn’t the SS have better things to do?

    I saw that yesterday and almost turned it into a poat, but then thought better of the potential attention it would draw.

    I want that guy to be my grampa.

  63. However, I will oversee to make sure Carin isn’t over pouring for her Michigan Hostage friends.

    She would totally kill our profits. Those people drink like fish.

  64. HAHAHA! I kinda like that, George! Well, not the “Dick Bear” part.
    “Lemon Pole Cyn” has a nice ring to it.

  65. Lemon party at Cyn’s!

  66. No more lemon parties. We won’t get Hotspur or Chief to leave.

    Turnover is KEY, people!

  67. Eeeeewwww!

    *drains the hottub, boards the club shut out front; keeps secret entrance out back*

  68. Those people drink like fish.

  69. 3 bottles, 2 changes and 1.5 naps.

  70. But how is Debra Grace doing?

  71. You missed Leon and me at the ghetto bar last night.

  72. Hotspur – She is doing fine. Trying to roll over.

  73. We understood, what with the granddaughter and all, but we still took your name in vain.

  74. This is stupid, doesn’t the SS have better things to do?

    2 incidents in the entire country?

    The last “lynching” happened over 50 years ago – how many people still alive can actually say they heard about one in real time?

    Maybe the guy got tired of people swiping his chair from his lawn.

    It’s only a symbol of racism if the viewer chooses to see it that way. Some people see racism on every street corner…..

  75. Not the first, and likely, not the last.

  76. Those people drink like fish.

    Simply untrue, only Gabe and I did any swimming.

    Oh, drank okay, yeah, that happened.

  77. HA! Cyn, is running our club. Obviously, I’ll be the bouncer.

    I can toss out the rowdy midgets MJ.

    If you want me to tend bar, Imma hafta have one of them platforms like Linda Hunt had in Silverado…..

  78. Do you have a hunter-seeker dart like Linda Hunt in “Dune?”

  79. “But how is Debra Grace doing?”

    HAhAHA….good one, Douche!

  80. Good day, people who hopefully have more sense than to be waiting in line for a stupid goddamn cell phone.

  81. The trick is not to wait in line, but to use your license to kill as a means for shrinking the queue.

  82. I’m old enough now that I won’t wait in line for anything. I won’t even bother with Cedar Point anymore.

  83. You know, we fought a whole Cold War so we wouldn’t have to stand in line to buy stuff.

  84. I had Frito Pie that could have used some of Oso’s chile sauce.

  85. They interviewed some douche who said he was offered $500 for his phone. He said he wouldn’t part with it for $1,000.

    What the fuck is seriously wrong with these people?

  86. Apple FanBoys™

  87. More money than brains?

  88. My best friend was bitching on facechimp about how he has to wait to have it delivered. This must be what the decline of Rome was like.

  89. Saw this the other day (probably here):

  90. Today’s BBF gal looks kinda slutty.

    I like that.

  91. No, their quantitative easing required actual money printing, not just keystrokes.

    Humorous example, paying soldiers in pieces of iron, then taxing their estates in gold. You gave soldiers… iron… then asked them for gold? If I don’t have gold, but I’ve got iron, and you want gold from me, I’m going to give you the iron back, and you may not like the form it takes.

    Speaking of which, anyone know where I can buy a foundry on the cheap? I’ve got a bidness idea. Mostly unrelated.

  92. Contact GM, they may have a few for sale.

  93. “keeps secret entrance out back*

    Low hanging fruit there people! CONCENTRATE

  94. It’s Detroit. I would think the foundries would be laying around in piles.

  95. I like Apple products but these idiots make us all look bad.

  96. I’m glad that TGSG is here to pick up the loose shit.

  97. Chris Carpenter to pitch against the Cubs today, in about 5 mins.


  98. Wow, Jay. He really hasn’t done much of anything since The X-Files.

  99. >> I like Apple products but these idiots make us all look bad.

    Not unless you’re standing in line outside an Apple store.

  100. Contact GM, they may have a few for sale.

    I was hoping to pick one up cheap in bankruptcy litigation. No dice.

  101. There is a real sharp gal on Fox ripping Obama’s policy on Islamic Radicals. Shredded the idiot spokesman for Obama.

  102. Low hanging fruit there people! CONCENTRATE

    Crap, you’re right!

    *craftily penetrates Cyn’s back entrance*

  103. Are you talking about Brooke Goldstein, mare? She’s a frequent guest on Red Eye.

  104. I wouldn’t stand inline for free wine much less an iPhone.

    Now if you want to scorn me for standing in line at Disney, well, I’m guilty.

  105. Sean, I missed her name, she has brown curly hair, slender face, pretty,articulate and doesn’t allow a false premise….my favorite deal.

  106. I love my Mom dearly, but having to watch news is like taking a knife and stabbing myself in the eye….repeatedly.

    My 87 year old Mom keeps saying, loudly, “How in the world did Obama get elected he was a COMMITTEE person for Heaven’s sake.” “Anyone can be a COMMITTEE PERSON!!” “I was on more committees than Obama’s age!!”


  107. I’m glad that TGSG is here to pick up the loose shit.


  108. Heh. Romney released his 2011 tax returns while he was in Nevada.

    Got anything to say now Harry?

  109. AARP can kiss my ass.

  110. cmon, mare, free wine? You wouldn’t wait?

    Your nose is growing.

  111. Why would Harry Reid even consider questioning Romney’s tax returns?

    I get the lame “distraction” line, but it’s so ridiculous. How much did that idiot Reid make and pay in taxes? Romney should force Reid to release his 2011 returns. Pressure, pressure.

  112. I wish he wouldn’t have. I suppose it’s better now to self release rather than have it leaked in October.

  113. No Jay. No line for me wine or not.

  114. He’ll probably release them slowly throughout the month. Just gives them less time to find stupid shit.

  115. Same thing Obama did with the long form birth certificate.

  116. Harry Reid isn’t worthy of anyone’s attention.

  117. True, MJ, I think there Reid has mental retardation as in, non functioning parts of his brain. Really, something is not right. Same with Pelosi, I generally thing liberals’ lack of reason is a mental illness.

  118. Just had a customer in here. I have long considered her one of the stupidest people I have ever met and her performance today did not disabuse me. She was telling me how “Romney is going to kill us. Your business is going to improve as soon as Obama gets in there again, you’ll see it’s all going to get so much better. Did you hear what Romney has been saying? He hates the middle class, poor people, he’s going to kill us. KILL us”

    I was done with her transaction, so I actually turned my back and walked away from her while telling her to have a nice day. I literally cannot even countenance the ignorant sheep anymore.


  119. I wouldn’t stand inline for free wine much less an iPhone.

    Now if you want to scorn me for standing in line at Disney, well, I’m guilty.

    *goes and stands in line with Mare.

    And I LOVE cedar point. I’d wait all day for some of those rides.

    [what if the free wine line was REALLY short? we could chat while we waited]

  120. omney is going to kill us. Your business is going to improve as soon as Obama gets in there again, you’ll see it’s all going to get so much better.

    Yea, that makes sense.

  121. Harry Reid isn’t worthy of anyone’s attention.

    Oh, I don’t know. The families of all those missing prepubescent boys would probably like to have a word with him.

  122. >> Why would Harry Reid even consider questioning Romney’s tax returns?

    Because he’s a dick. And he basically accomplished what he wanted to. People like Romney can rarely get their returns filed by April 15, too many other investment companies are filing shit that impacts his return well after that date. So he has to extend and wait for those results. The Dems knew it, and took advantage by claiming he was hiding something. Nothing Romney can do, even if he explains it, it’s too confusing for avg. people to comprehend. Damage done.

    Laura, take a deep breath and imagine Mitt Romney killed your dopey customer first. Violently.

    That should help.

  123. Your business is going to improve as soon as Obama gets in there again, you’ll see it’s all going to get so much better.

  124. I filed my 2011 returns yesterday. Suck my dick, Harry Reid.

  125. Sorry, Hotspur, but unless you’re a seven-year-old boy, Harry’s not interested.

  126. The new iPhone maps app is a piece of dog shit.

  127. You know, I don’t know why, but I never really liked the Beach Boys when I was growing up. I’ve come to appreciate their stuff more over the years.

  128. You got the 5, Hotspur?

  129. Woot hoot… spotted the space shuttle!

  130. They did some innovative stuff, Sean!

  131. Nice pic, George!

  132. I’ve got new socks on AGAIN!

  133. I’m going to call them iSocks.

  134. That’s terrific, Dave!

  135. Shuttle flew over my grave in southern Clownifornia twenty minutes ago.

  136. You know what they say, iSocks really make the outfit.

  137. No, Laura. The new iOS is launched for all phones now, and it replaced Google Maps with some bullshit Apple cooked up.


    *shuns Hotspur*

  139. Don’t be so mean.

  140. Wow. Beasn has gotten really, really good at her job.

  141. So, I should shun this iOS upgrade then?


  142. Shuttle just landed at LAX.

  143. I didn’t know there was a Meijer’s in wiserbud’s town.

  144. That’s cool. Asstroglide is on sale.

  145. Dave – Looks like a party. You and Wiser sharing a room again?

  146. And that friend’s name is DaveinTexas

  147. I didn’t know there was a Meijer’s in wiserbud’s town.

    Worst part was, you never showed up.


  148. Linky no, um, specific-y, wiser.

  149. I told you that clown getup freaked me out.

  150. hmmm… works for me….

  151. Nate Silver does a masterful job of using the oldest statistical trick in the book: It depends how you look at the data.

    Having Obama at a 66% chance to win the election is simply nuts. His chance is 50%, no matter what, seeing as it is a two way race.

    The probability that Obama wins is correlated to the national number, not the individual states as silver claims.

  152. I told you that clown getup freaked me out.

    And I told you, I wasn’t wearing make-up

  153. 2nd attempt:

    And that friend’s name is Dave in Texas

  154. five seconds of space shuttle over LA

  155. Tony Villar just had to ask the crowd at LAX three times whether or not they approved of the Space Shuttle landing.

  156. She got to go home, now I’m on a narcotics run.

  157. I know a guy, J’Ames.

  158. Yo… any Hostages in the Alexandria – DC area tonight?

  159. They are out. I might need your guy.

  160. I’ve got some leftover Jay but I can’t get em there till tomorrow.

  161. For Roamy


  162. Saturday delivery is expensive.

    I was on Skunk Misery Road today.

    Best street name ever!

  163. *Smacks pepelp2* Focus, dude, focus and try again.

  164. Wow, they even have diabetic socks. This is an epidemic.

  165. Che che showed up at AOS!

  166. Paul!!! Where have you been?

  167. Is there a new thread?

  168. H5 Mare


  170. Oldest is preparing for a football game.

    Next oldest is next door.

    Daughter is napping.

    Second daughter is at a slumber party with her soccer team.

    Youngest is killing zombies.

  171. I knew this would happen one day, I leave a stupid comment, it hangs there sadly….everyone is laughing at me at the NEW hostages. I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

  172. “They’re all gonna laugh at you.”

  173. *cue the pig’s blood

  174. I don’t think I have anything decent to drink in the house.

    HOW did this HAPPEN?

    I need *people* to take of such stuff.

  175. *whistles*

  176. *snickers*


  177. I hear muffled laughter… son of bitches!!!


    She’s back

  179. Mare, what are you doing tonight?

  180. Carin, my Mom just said, “You know, we should have stopped and picked up a bottle of wine!”

    “On it Mom!!”

  181. Did you drink all the Buckeye Vodka?

  182. Watching TV with my Mom. And, evidently, having a bottle of wine when I get back from the store.

  183. I wonder what Scott’s busy smoking RIGHT NOW.

  184. I still have the Buckeye – actually. I had some the other day. But I’m out of cranberry juice.

    I’ve got Hawaiian punch. How does that sound?

  185. And, evidently, having a bottle of wine when I get back from the store.

    Crap. I need a “mare” to run to the store for me.

  186. Vodka, cranberry and fresh lime sounds kind of good.

  187. Debra just had her bath and it is noe playtime with her Daddy.

  188. Yes, exactly Mare. Chop chop. Get on it.

  189. Halp.

  190. Vodka and fruit punch is okay if you are into that kind of thing. *furtive look at sean*

  191. 2nd good news in two days, eldest daughter earned herself a promotion today.

  192. Steaks on the grill Car in. I smoked chicken breasts wrapped in bacon on Wednesday.

  193. No smoking? What the hell?

  194. mine are bigger

  195. Sohos!

  196. It was gift meat. Nothing I could do about it.

  197. Mare!

  198. “Vodka and fruit punch is okay if you are into that kind of thing. *furtive look at sean*”


  199. hahahahahaha, I always ask people if I can pet their dogs.

  200. she’s right

  201. 20 dead at Occupy Pakistan.

  202. Why does it always seem to be you looking at me,me looking at you. . .

  203. 20 dead at Occupy Pakistan.
    Hopefully they’ll do better tomorrow.

  204. Did anybody ask anybody else how to lose weight now today?

  205. 20 dead at Occupy Pakistan.

    They might just be observing Ramadan very, very quietly.

  206. *sends Sean an HerbalLife press kit*

  207. For Car_in

  208. >> 20 dead at Occupy Pakistan.

    Also known as “a good start”.

  209. Pupstah!

  210. Does China have problems with Islamic terrorists?

  211. No, MJ. They don’t have YouTube.

  212. No, MJ. They don’t have YouTube.

    For a country so top-heavy with men, it’s a good thing too. Think of the man hours they would lose if all that porn were readily available.

  213. Someone put together a YouTube video in Chinese, translate it to whatever the fuck language the terrorists speak, then wait.

  214. Japanese porn is weird enough. I can’t even imagine what Chinese porn would be like.

  215. Wiserbud,

    It’s not me. It’s you.

  216. Occupy Pakistan needs tents,,,,and pizza.

  217. Next week’s headline:

    Romney Gives $4M to Alleviate Cancer Death Ray Guilt

  218. Pupster?

  219. Isn’t Pakistan really just one big occupy camp?

  220. Isn’t Pakistan really just one big occupy camp?

    With nukes.

  221. I can’t even imagine what Chinese porn would be like.

    It’s incredibly difficult to make porn with people who can fly.

  222. Isn’t Pakistan really just one big occupy camp?
    With nukes.

    However, most of the rape isn’t heterosexual.

  223. China has Islamists. The most famous being the Uygurs, of course.

    Pakistan uses a very contrite tone toward China, don’t they. Not so to the US.

    Raid on Islamists in China: the police have to fight off the Han men who are forming their own violent mob. Start just before the six minute mark.

  224. That kind of amazes me. The police go to arrest suspected Islamic conspirators. Who do they have to fight off? The local citizenry, all trying to get a piece of the captives.

  225. However, most of the rape isn’t heterosexual.
    I’m not sure it’s heterohuman.

  226. All these guys lining the streets have clubs, and the cops are running for their lives, along with their captives.

    Just, unreal.

  227. >> All these guys lining the streets have clubs

    You mean like Jay-Z and P-diddy?


  228. MJ’s curious.

  229. Heh. Puppet fisting.

    *considers linking …


    MJ’s curious.

    Elmo’s pages had better not be the only super-sturdy things.

  231. It’s even weirder when you consider both Elmo and Grover already have someone’s hands up their bungholes.

  232. The Chinese Divisions, one point fuckin three million of them that poured across the Yalu river in the winter of 1950 were a little bit more fuckity, back then.

  233. Ace is just going-off on “Mirror Universe Mitt Romney”.

    I’m stunned, stunned, i tell you, that he’s actually reading the comments on his own blog.
    He almost never does that.
    It’s hilarious…

  234. Well, Breitbart can’t read them any longer, so there’s that.

  235. Oh, man. Yeah, Ace is out for viscera. Guess the animal tranks kicked in.

  236. Oh dear. I just don’t know. I just don’t.

  237. George?
    WTF, O?

  238. CrazyBear!
    I figured you’d like this, stolen from Theo:

  239. Thanks Laura. Interesting stuff.

  240. Pup meets Mare.

  241. I shanked a guy in the next cellblock for this?

  242. Nice.

  243. Chrispy, that’s a topic we don’t discuss here. Take it to email.

  244. Xbradtc,
    I did not know that! Thank you!
    I hope he feels better soon. Head-colds suck.

  245. Who needs a cocktail and a debriefing?

  246. briefs… off!

    cocktail, accepting!

  247. Where’s all the hawt chix?

  248. Mea Culpa.
    Will not happen again.
    Sorry, all.
    Editors: Thank you!

  249. DiT,
    I thought you were a boxers guy!
    Here, have a drink…

  250. briefs… off!

    cocktail, accepting!

    It’s a good thing I like green.

    *puts on dark sunglasses, tosses out leis to everyone*

  251. Dangit. Didn’t see Cyn up there when I left the hawt chix comment.

    I’d love a cocktail. Bourbon. Rocks. TYVM.

  252. Where’s all the hawt chix?

    *leis to everyone, except Xbrad*

  253. heh

  254. Mea Culpa.
    Will not happen again.
    Sorry, all.

    Were you guys swapping stories about Enzyte again?

    Never mind. Do NOT answer that.

  255. I made a comment here then the hubby came home so I had to give him the D/L on moar new procedures for the Axeman.

    NOW it’s cocktail time!! FTR, I’m debriefed too.

  256. Sit, Pupster, siiiiiit……

  257. Cyn,
    Do you not miss “Bob”, with the toothy grin, and his strangely-pleased wife?
    Me neither…

  258. *slides a bourbon down to Xbad with a bacon swizzle stick*

  259. I actually loved those commercials, Chrispy. Funny as hell. That stiffy hand wave. HAHAHA!

  260. Is this something:
    It might not paste right:!12

  261. Don’t need Enzyte with those pics I’m guessing. Helloooooo.

  262. Enzyte? Stiffy?


  263. Cyn,
    with his shit-eating grin, and the wife was classic! You could NOT parody that. It was awesome. What a great hook!

  264. Holly Weber has pointy elbows.

  265. Xbradtc,
    I’m thinkin’ that you might have a problem…
    So it goes…

  266. I watched a few minutes of Ed Schultz earlier tonight because I’m a glutton for punishment. I learned that Obama’s “can’t change Washington from the inside” comment was actually a brilliant masterstroke and that, further, Romney (who has never yet been POTUS, to my knowledge) is a hypocrite because he said the same thing on the campaign trail back in 2007.

  267. I was thinking the same thing: decent rack, sharp elbows. Plus she’s good at giving ‘the look’ even thru the lens.

  268. You could NOT parody that. It was awesome. What a great hook!

    No kidding! It was probably hard not to laugh when shooting those commercials too.

  269. I learned that Obama’s “can’t change Washington from the inside” comment was actually a brilliant masterstroke

    Man, they do sure know how to spin it, whether it’s shit or full on diarrhea.

  270. Cyn,
    Yes! Watching that, you had to be really impressed that those people could get through the shoot without breaking-up! It was awsome!

  271. Cyn,
    His “Can’t change it from the inside” really gave Mitt the opening to “Let’s give him a chance to change it from the outside” starting from Nov 6!

  272. I am back did ya miss me?

    Working on my book and filling out 10 page application to work for the City.

    Then a 20 page application to work for the Police Dept.
    GGAM! (Good Gosh Almighty) They are crawling up my back side!

  273. Here you go, Cyn.

  274. Vmax,
    With the re-write, should I even critique the one you sent me?
    Good Luck with the job-app!

  275. And ever job I have ever had?
    I am freaking writing a dictionary. After 5 pages I am ignoring 3rd jobs because I don’t want to remember 10 pages.

  276. Go ahead Chris. I am writing story. My details might be mixed I am furiously rewriting as we speak to kill more people and update the details.

  277. I killed it
    I need a snack. Killing things makes me hungry.

  278. Snack?

  279. Heh George

    Good stuff

  280. Way to go, Chick-Fil-A!

  281. I am so craving doughnuts! Where’s Sohos when I need her?

  282. Awesome. So the MFM and gaytard bootlicker Moreno just lied about Chik-Fil-A, flat out lied.

    There needs to be a lot of tar, feathers and habanero chili powder spread around.

  283. When I’m far from home
    Don’t derp me on the phone
    To tell me you’re alone

  284. *sniff sniff

    Ok, who had the beef and broccoli last night?

  285. Wasn’t me. I had BBQ.

    Speaking of last night, I don’t know how to react when a co-worker’s kids say, “OH! You’re Roamy!”

  286. Grab them by the shoulders and shake, while demanding to know what “that lying whore has been saying” about you behind your back.

  287. Wake wakey

    I had chili

  288. Homemade?

  289. Sweet! There’s a kick ass new narrative out there for everyone paying attention to polls: if you take out Rasmussen and Gallup, Obama is up big.

    Hahahahahhahahahahaha. This is like saying, if you take out all of the games the Cubs lost, they are a winning team.

    How stupid do they think we are?

    Oh, right.

  290. Of course it was home made.


  291. You know, MJ, if you just poll Democrats, Obama is running away with this election.

    Romney should just concede now.

  292. Obama is so far ahead, Democrats should just stay home.

  293. I hate wedding DJs. The assumption that after dessert is served, it’s time to make the room so loud you can’t see pretty much makes me want to do murder. I wonder if I have permanent hearing damage.

    The absolute worst part is that I feel hungover, and I never got to be drunk.

  294. but did you impress with your tie?

  295. Yes, the tie looked nice. I was bored and in pain, but I looked good.

  296. Well, that’s all that really matters.

  297. Just fetched my daughter back from a slumber party at her coach’s house.

    I kinda missed her last night.

    She’s the kids that is ALWAYS at my side. Her and the youngest.

  298. Who can blame them?

  299. I love Mark Steyn

    “On the latter point, after a week and a half of peddling an utterly false narrative of what happened in Libya, the United States government is apparently beginning to discern that there are limits to what even Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice can say with a straight face. The official line — that the slaughter of American officials was some sort of improvised movie review that got a little out of hand — is now in the process of modification to something bearing a less patently absurd relationship to what actually happened.

  300. Dave, I think they kinda push the other ones away, lol. My Matt (16) will often sneak in (really unobtrusively) if one of them gets up and take their spot. It’s kinda funny, because he’s so grown now. But if they complain, he’ll say “YOU ALWAYS get to sit next to mom.”

    My my my … it just got dusty in here.

  301. Steyn is a treasure. We’re lucky to have him.

  302. My 17 y/o could care less to sit next to me, though.

    But – he does like to talk to me. He gets pissy if I’m in the car and he can’t tell me his day’s stories.

  303. Awww….

    The only thing I know about teenage boys and moms is the stuff I experienced as one. We had a good relationship but I was being kind of a dick with the whole “pulling away/growing up” thing, so much so that after I graduated, dad said (and it wasn’t a suggestion) I should move out early and work in Waco until school started in the fall.

    After that though there was this amazing change in the relationship. She accepted that her eldest grew up, and I appreciated her more when I gained that perspective you get when you go out on your own.

    Till the day she died, we loved each other a lot. It was always good.

  304. Sohos!

    Pupster had me marry Carin’s boytoy?

  305. That redhead is a doppelganger for one of my cousins on the Italian side.

  306. Does your cousin have a cousin?

  307. wait, I messed that up.


  308. hahahaha thats awesome layra. do I need to poat something?

  309. hang on lazy’s I will make a new poat

  310. NEW POAT!!!

  311. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the ladies, Paul Ryan […]

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