Potted Cat

I think I’ve finally figured out why my orchid is doing so poorly.

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Aunty Acid, perfect for Wednesday Eve

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Muscular Monday Motivational

Long, busy weekend, late bedtime, and I feel kinda blah this morning. Welcome to to the Muscular Monday Motivational Minimalist edition.

Went to my “unused” folder and grabbed the bottom 6 images. Not the top six, the bottom six. There’s some sort of deeper meaning to that, I’m sure.

White shorts, tiny shirt, cellphone:

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Lazy Saturday

Good morning, Mare.

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Let’s turn Friday the 13th into BBF the 13th!

Superstition? Pshaw! Let’s check in with the luckiest man ever!

Ok, maybe lucky is a strong word. But it’s just a day. Let’s get on with the business of Friday, which we all know is BBF.

Today’s guest is from Szigetvar, Hungary. Born on Friday (she was destined to be featured here) April 17, 1981, today’s model is no spring chicken. But, we all know things get better with age. Hugh Hefner thought so, he made her Playmate of the Year (in 2004, work with me here). Standing 5′ 9″ tall, our model needs every inch to stand up to her name. 1st Hostage to pronounce her name correctly wins one of Car in’s chickens (not Little Jerry, though). Let’s welcome Zsuzsanna Ripli!

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