Let’s turn Friday the 13th into BBF the 13th!

Superstition? Pshaw! Let’s check in with the luckiest man ever!

Ok, maybe lucky is a strong word. But it’s just a day. Let’s get on with the business of Friday, which we all know is BBF.

Today’s guest is from Szigetvar, Hungary. Born on Friday (she was destined to be featured here) April 17, 1981, today’s model is no spring chicken. But, we all know things get better with age. Hugh Hefner thought so, he made her Playmate of the Year (in 2004, work with me here). Standing 5′ 9″ tall, our model needs every inch to stand up to her name. 1st Hostage to pronounce her name correctly wins one of Car in’s chickens (not Little Jerry, though). Let’s welcome Zsuzsanna Ripli!


1573 – Eighty Years’ War: the Siege of Haarlem ends after seven months.
1863 – New York Draft Riots: in New York City, opponents of conscription begin three days of rioting which will be later regarded as the worst in United States history.
1923 – The Hollywood Sign is officially dedicated in the hills above Hollywood, Los Angeles. It originally reads “Hollywoodland ” but the four last letters are dropped after renovation in 1949.
1962 – In an unprecedented action, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan dismisses seven members of his Cabinet, marking the effective end of the National Liberals as a distinct force within British politics.
1973 – Alexander Butterfield reveals the existence of the “Nixon tapes” to the special Senate committee investigating the Watergate break in.
1977 – New York City, amidst a period of financial and social turmoil experiences an electrical blackout lasting nearly 24 hours that leads to widespread fires and looting.
1985 – The Live Aid benefit concert takes place in London and Philadelphia, as well as other venues such as Sydney and Moscow.
1985 – Vice President George H.W. Bush becomes the Acting President for the day when President Ronald Reagan undergoes surgery to remove polyps from his colon.

Zsuzsanna break!


1821 – Nathan Bedford Forrest, American Confederate cavalry officer (d. 1877)
1864 – John Jacob Astor IV, American entrepreneur (d. 1912)
1940 – Patrick Stewart, English actor
1946 – Cheech Marin, American actor
1963 – Spud Webb, American basketball player

Another Zsuzsanna break!

One More? OK, twist my arm.

Somehow, this video seems on topic for today’s post:

Happy Friday the 13th! Hope Jason Voorhees doesn’t know where you live!


  1. Holy Shit. First!!!!!!!

  2. I’ve come from Alabama / With my banjo on my knee

  3. Oh, Suzanna, don’t you cry for me.

  4. Hahahahaha

    ILY, Cyn.

  5. I see aureola.

    Can we get a ruling from Peej?

  6. My ruling as it stands is:

    what are we talking about?

  7. oh and yes, humpy’s post is teh awesome……..scares me how fucking stupid those people are, though

  8. ILY2, HS

  9. I give this poat 6 of these thingies <<<<<<

  10. was that 6 erections?

  11. Sideways erections

  12. come ON……….my coffee breath cannot be that bad. You people need to wake this thread up!

  13. well, he was circumcised cyn……..don’t embarrass the guy

  14. I thought erections were how leaders were chosen in China.

  15. No, no; erections in the horizontal position.

  16. uh oh, I think I see some non-natural bewbs in this post. I find that far more offensive than areolas

  17. I didn’t read the post, but I’m sure its moderately ok.

    Nice job, Jay!

  18. BOOM from Xbrad Ha Ha!

  19. Non-natural bewbs? Uh oh

  20. I know cyn, I know.
    tits just don’t hold themselves up like that……you should see my fucking knees

  21. Thanks for the New Egg link Cyn. Our next computer has been ordered.

  22. oooooh, scott and laura are getting a new shiny?

  23. I love horse. Big horse, little horse, and horse with pointy knees. All horse are good horse.

  24. Her name is fake tit lady. Do I win the chicken?

  25. They look pretty real in the blue knitted thingy up there. The way they’re laying. Not that I studied that much, mind you.

  26. Very cool, Scott. They’ve been good to me in the past.

  27. shut up stark, get on my horse

  28. nice poat

  29. She seems nice….

  30. The knit bikini threw me off too. Maybe she got a boob job mid career.

  31. Nice work on the BBF, J’ames. Your life will be spared yet again. We may still need to beat you mercilessly just for GP.

  32. “tits just don’t hold themselves up like that”

    If any of you ladies need help holding them up…..

  33. Pre-surg pic, post-surg pics

  34. http://tinyurl.com/7hcst22

  35. Thanks, TGSG. My bra does happen to be in the laundry today.

  36. Good day, superstitious people. If you fuck any salt today, make sure to throw it over your shoulder afterward.

  37. All research done prior to posting says natural.

  38. Is it your left shoulder, or right?

  39. score!

  40. All research done prior to posting says natural.

  41. Is it your left shoulder, or right?

    Whichever is opposite your throwing arm. You don’t want to throw like a girl.

  42. I found a source that said “natural” and went with it.


  43. Journalism!


  44. She seems really nice.

  45. I love it when Rush calls the left, “lunatics.” Why? Because they really are lunatics.

    Now he’s talking about quarterly taxes and it’s a sore subject at our home too. Can’t believe what we pay a year in taxes.

  46. I thought the left was just a bunch of drug-addled gomosexuals. Not that I’m basing anything on personal experience, mind you.

  47. Hey now!!

  48. Mare, you obviously are not paying your fair share.

  49. Gomosexuals?

  50. Liked your post at Ace Laura. The willful stupidity of people knows no bounds.

  51. Buenas tardes, chicas caliente y hombres tonto!

  52. I bet we could balance the entire federal budget if Mare paid her fair share. Which is trillions of dollars, so Mare should get busy.

  53. Buenas tardes, Chiefmosabe.

  54. SeanM – Did you bludgeon anyone with a spiral notebook today?

  55. Not yet, Gramps. Besides, a three-ring binder makes for a much more effective bludgeon than a spiral notebook.

  56. Excellent F the 13th BBF. Because superstitious can be respelled as I O U super tits’ in it. with an extra s.

  57. Not sure what this is about, but I’m pretty sure I like it.


  58. haha chief… i’m on that page right now at iszeeseezeewtf

  59. Thanks, guys. Lame-o secret: I lurk at DU to feel better about myself.

  60. ” I lurk at DU to feel better about myself.”

    You must feel great!

  61. MCPO, you keep shooting those 76’s and your handicap is GOING DOWN!

  62. oh wait… that’s a good thing… nevermind

  63. I lurk at DU to feel better about myself.

    Sometimes I punch myself in the poon.

  64. I really admire some of those people in the DU thread, laura. The ability to completely shut out everything, and demand socialism and communism as the solution to all.

    *hums the Soviet National Anthem

  65. I lurk at DU to feel better about myself.

    It’s nice to be sane.

  66. Most of the people at DU could not find their own asses with both hands, a map and a flashlight.

  67. Most of the people at DU could find your asses with both hands, a tube of “mapping fluid”, and a strangely phallic flashlight.

  68. “It doesn’t matter! Raise Taxes anyway! The money must come in!”


  69. It makes me want to be a troll over there, so I can ask questions.

    What happens when NOBODY feels like working anymore? Oh, would never happen? OK, then. What happens when just half the people don’t feel like working anymore?

    If you are not entitled to your own earnings, what are you? Regardless of profession, what is your true job description (Hint: The Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution)?

  70. I want to buy Stephani Scruggs a beer.

  71. Never stop thinking about boobs. Never ever stop thinking about boobs.


  72. Laura, you are just red-baiting and I’m not falling for that.

  73. If you are not entitled to your own earnings, what are you? Regardless of profession, what is your true job description (Hint: The Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution)?

    I would go in a slightly different, darker direction: Kulaks.

  74. You are very principled, Hotspur, and that response shows that you are very intelligent, instead of just unable to explain how stealing from your neighbor to keep bureaucracy fat is the right thing to do.

  75. *polishes fingernails on shirt front*

  76. Serfs!

  77. Anytime someone challenges me on my indefensible bullshit, I’m just going to point at them and say “You’re baiting me. Not falling for it.”

  78. Help, help! I’m being oppressed!

  79. The stupid dick thinks that his own affirmative action life was such a success (NOT) that everyone needs grade inflation, quotas, and a general “leg up” for “trying hard.”


    And if this complete f’ing idiot thinks that graduating more women than men is a “great accomplishment” for this country he’s not just stupid he’s nuts.

  80. Barack confers with “Slow Joe” Biden: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYpYs9GBXwY

  81. *swats puppeh with rolled-up violence inherent in The System*

  82. I believe DaveinTexas played bass on this track. . .

  83. And we’re the flat earth, anti science party? Hmm.

    *goes back to DU

  84. Austrian Economics is as close to a science as that field of study gets, and they deny it entirely. But we’re anti-science.

    They fervently believe in evolution, yet simultaneously believe they can eliminate natural selection and variation with legislation. But we’re anti-science.

  85. ‎I saw a woman reading 50 Shades of Grey in the park today.

    “At least you don’t have to lick your fingers to turn the pages” I said with a smile.

    “You disgusting perverted asshole!” she screamed and stormed off.

    Are all Kindle Fire readers such miserable cunts?

  86. Whenever I hear arguments along the lines of anti-something, I generally translate to:

    I am a libtard, and have don’t really understand the concept I am attempting to defend. I know a few talking points, or opinions on the subject at hand, and because I am too lazy to actually do any research or expend any thought on the topic, I’ll retreat to the intimately comfortable place of ‘anti-something.’ This also has the benefit of reinforcing what mommy always told me: You are a beautiful and unique snowflake that can’t do anything wrong, ever. I constantly need to seek moral superiority to patch over the fact that I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake, which is probably related to the fact that I still live in my mom’s basement.

  87. HAHAHAHA! Bitch!

  88. I am disappointed that I haven’t been called a pervert in quite some time. No one uses that insult anymore. I’m sure I’ve got Hotspur beat in that department, and yet he gets the award and I’m stuck here ignored.


  89. That’s what you get for telling everyone about how you gave up porn, leon.

  90. I said I was trying, I never said I’d succeeded. It’s my last vice, and quitting has proven difficult. At this point, the only honest thing I can say is that I’ve cut back a lot.

  91. “You disgusting perverted asshole!” she screamed and stormed off.
    Your mom shouldn’t talk like that.

  92. I never said I’d succeeded.

    Well, hello letcher!

  93. I get the feeling that this walking hot mess thinks that the Red Cross is anti-gay – according to her, it should perfectly OK for her to donate blood, even though she’s had sex with gay men:


    The narcissistic stupid in that article almost made my head explode….

  94. Well, hello letcher!

    Guilty as charged. There’s a reason it’s among the 7 Deadlies, though.

  95. Wait, she has had sex with gay men?

    I’m pretty sure that’s impossible, liberals told me so.

  96. Afternoon, desk drivers.

    Mole is the new pervert. Have you been called a mole lately?

  97. No, but I have moles (skin), and also moles (yard), and I have a recipe for mole` that I want to try.

  98. Okay, still, you’re not really helping your case as a pervert, are you?

    But if you’re determined to keep your rep without porn, there are other things you can do:

    -Buy a used windowless van. The dingier, the better!
    -Grow a mustache. Try to go with either really wispy or really thick.
    -Wear a raincoat everywhere.
    -If you smoke, get a long cigarette holder.
    -It may sound counter-intuitive, but work hard to cultivate an almost unnaturally wholesome image–a guy like that HAS to be hiding something!

    You can do it, leon. I have faith in you.

  99. You can do it, leon. I have faith in you.

    Your support means a lot, Sean. Thanks.

  100. I worked on a ticket a few weeks back moving a guy in with his fiance.

    Me: Hey, nice rape van.

    Coworker: *Laughs hysterically

    Guy: That’s really not funny.

    Me: We still get a tip, right?

  101. I know a pervert who likes to hang out at the bus transfer station between 4 and 5:30 so he can leer at the office ladies when they get off work. I could ask him for tips.

  102. http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/146539/


  103. I know a pervert who likes to hang out at the bus transfer station between 4 and 5:30 so he can leer at the office ladies when they get off work.

    Wait, you mean that’s not normal?

  104. I favorite pervs are the ones pretending to shop for their wives and gfs at Victoria’s Secret.

  105. I need to order that SonicCare.

  106. I’ll bet PJ could tell us whether that SonicCare also makes a good facial massager.

  107. Well, crap. No one is answering my phone calls today. At least now I’m free to talk about chickens n’ stuff.

  108. Or kittens

  109. When you do a moving job (sywm) what kind of tip do you usually get ,Jewston?

  110. Oh, sweet, internet protections at work protect me from… Amazon. But only through firefox.

  111. Leon, is there a possibility of you ever having a real avatard? I’m use to your triangle but something more….representative would be fun.

  112. If we talk about chickens, are we talking about how cute they are, or about “separating” them?

  113. I had all my teeth pulled just to avoid such false charges of racism.

  114. Yes, separating the cute from the non-cute. Squeeeee!

  115. I’ve considered having a real avatard, but it seems like work. Maybe I’ll make it a weekend project. Right after I rake all the leaves and sticks out of my drainage ditches.

  116. Leon, don’t add it to your “to do” list. Let it happen (as the hippy’s say) organically.

    hahahahaha…..talking like a hippy is douchy.

  117. Quick question: how do you do it?

  118. It just depends on the client, Mare. Usually $10 or $20. The best was a $50.

  119. I don’t hang out at Victoria’s Secret, but the manager of a Frederick’s of Hollywood was so impressed with how I helped enlist her son that she gave me a standing 40% discount.

  120. Go to gravatar.com and upload a photo you like there, Leon.

  121. I’ll have to do it later, can’t get to webmail from here.

  122. Leon, the “gay” men she was talking about were still “questioning” (even though they were engaging in sex with other men, they were insisting that they weren’t gay).

    I just pass the articles along – like I said, the author is a hot mess herself…..

  123. And the suckier the moving job, the less likely there will be a tip.

    On one I had to stand at the bottom of a stairwell, holding an eight foot couch on end above my head while the other guy went upstairs and lifted from the top because it wouldn’t fit around the landing.

    We each got a caffeine-free Diet Coke for a tip.

  124. (even though they were engaging in sex with other men, they were insisting that they weren’t gay)

    I’d laugh at this, but it comes up a lot in the YBOP forums. Men addicted to pr0n can start chasing the dopamine high through actions that used to disgust them, specifically because the disgust triggers more dopamine release. Straight guys start acting out with men, gay men with women. It explains a lot of the stuff we see in the news about family men getting caught with gay escorts and such. Brain chemistry run amok.

  125. Oh, good, I tipped all my several hundred movers appropriately, $25 a piece.

    From what Scott tells me, I may have dropped the ball on a washer/dryer delivery.

  126. Despite my obsession with women’s butts, my name is NOT Krissy DeMonte.

  127. I hope the Coke was at least cold. Ugh.

  128. We gave our moving guys cash and cold beer. Sounds like we did okay.

  129. I’ve never hired movers, I just end up buying dinner for my friends and offering to help them should they ever move.

  130. I swear this is not a judgement toward anyone here, but porn seems to be creating havoc with those involved. For some it’s like how gateway drugs work, you need a more powerful high.

    Man, listening to religious talk radio there seems to be an epidemic of porn addiction.

    It makes sense that younger kids (high schoolers) who watch end up needing crazier crap to get off and at a much younger age. Stuff I hear about that happens at high school and college parties (and what is represented in movies and tv) seems pretty hard core.

  131. Drinks are always included for my movers.

  132. I hope the Coke was at least cold. Ugh

    Well, no. Not really. But the lady did hand us glasses and a giant bowl of little round ice cubes that had conveniently fused into a single block of ice.

    You’re one of the good ones, Mare. I bet you even cleaned your house before the movers arrived.

  133. >> Drinks are always included for my movers.

    Speaking of pr0n …

  134. Mare, that’s the common theme. The younger you are when exposed to high-speed internet, the bigger your problem tends to be. There are 18yo guys on the forums with ED that are trying to quit just so they can lose their virginity with real, flesh-and-blood girlfriends with whom they can’t simply perform.

  135. Should be “simply can’t perform”. I got ahead of myself.

  136. Yeah, Andy, that was sounding like the beginning of a 70’s deal.

    “Are you big strong guys thirsty?”

  137. Six A-10s just low-passed over the house on the way into McChord.
    Hardly ever see those here, anymore.

  138. Catching up on the poat. In my mind, I switched the “Watergate” link for “polyps from his colon”.

  139. Heh, Mare.

    “You fellas sure are sweating a lot – why don’t you take off your shirts and cool down?”

  140. Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has pooped.

  141. Is it hot in Texas, Mare?

  142. “wow, you guys are so strong. I bet your shoulders are sore from all that lifting … let me rub them just a bit for you …”

  143. Pupster?


  144. Xbrad?


  145. MCPO, did you play golf today?

  146. hahahaha….That’s exactly how my cat looks at me. When I do anything.

  147. ” hey when you guys are done, you can cool off on the pool”

    “but we don’t have swimsuits”

    “what’s your point?”

  148. “wow, you guys are so strong. I bet your shoulders are sore from all that lifting … let me rub them just a bit for you …”

    ‘Thank you ma’am. My wife hasn’t done that for me in the last 7 years.’


  149. Well, Jew, you shot that script all to hell.

  150. With the visual.

  151. http://tinyurl.com/6uhls9z

    Well, THAT makes for some pool filter fun.

  152. Let’s see if that worked.

  153. Nope, not yet.

  154. Freed you from teh bucket, Pups.

  155. Might need to wait awhile for it to propagate.

  156. Booyah.

  157. Thanks Cyn.

  158. My old eyes can’t tell what Leon’s new ‘tard is.

  159. Hard to believe Xbrad is still looking for work.

  160. Dave should totally tweet his comment. Great news is worth sharing!

  161. Is that some kind of monkey face on a chip-dip platter, Leon? I can’t really tell either. NO, MY EYES ARE SO NOT OLD.

  162. Heh.

  163. Leon’s ‘tard is probably pretty spiffy, but I can’t tell what it is.

  164. It looks like Admiral Ackbar to me. It’s a trap!

  165. Roamy – No. Workout and watching golf on TV. On & off showers here.

  166. Heh.

  167. Day 3 of home PT is going well. Swelling and pain are down.

  168. Full size.

  169. Glad to hear it, Dave.

  170. Dinner time. Off to scenic Canton.

  171. Oh that is a cool avatar, Leon. Have fun at dinner.

  172. So are you just about ready to try out for the H2 Rugby team now, Dave?

  173. No more cleaning or painting for me today.

    I need a drink.

  174. Day 3 of home PT is going well. Swelling and pain are down.

    Didn’t you leave a bit of pertinent information out of this update?

  175. ‘Thank you ma’am. My wife hasn’t done that for me in the last 7 years.’

    *shoots Jewstin in the face with a bazooka*

  176. That’s why Jewstin doesn’t do HHD anymore.

  177. LEON!! That’s a pretty cool avatar!

  178. See message above for other pertinent info.

    It’s a full report.

  179. A full report in two parts?

    That’s not how it’s done.

    *shakes head and mutters to self

  180. Pretty sure the pervs at the mall hang out by the escalators, hoping cute women wearing short skirts will use it. (Or so I’ve heard)

    Leon, if you’re more of a perv than Hotspur, you may need professional help, just sayin’.

  181. I don’t repeat jokes. I’m punchy the first time.

    That’s how I roll.

  182. Maaare…will you come to Lapeerpaloozah?

  183. That puppy just about does it!

  184. I’m not a perv.

  185. Waiting for a table at Logan’s. Discussing lapeerapalooza plans with Mrs Caruthers.

  186. The mover’s thing reminded me of an ex who would build absurd fantasies about our future until I came along with a wrecking ball.

    Ex: We’ll live in a loft atop a skyscraper in Manilla. From there we’ll manage our ranch in the hills.

    Me: That sounds nice. But I don’t speak Tagalog. Where will I go after your drinking problem and abuse drive me away in shame and tears?

    I thought it was wildly amusing. I’m not sure why he dumped me.

  187. I always think of DU as depleted uranium first, Democratic Underground second. After reading Laura’s links, I’m certain that the densities of DU are the same.

  188. Your new avatard bit the dust, Leon.

  189. Is anything happening next Friday?

  190. Going to feed my neighbor’s dog. A big, sweet guy named Bear.

  191. I’m going to Carin’s. She sent her address and everything.

  192. I’m not even going to try logging in from my phone.

  193. Comment by Hotspur on July 13, 2012 7:55 pm
    I’m not a perv.


    That’s not what Mare says……….

  194. Leon, be there as much as you can next weekend. You won’t see all these people together again and you will love them better in person.

  195. “Me: That sounds nice. But I don’t speak Tagalog. Where will I go after your drinking problem and abuse drive me away in shame and tears?”

    Was I supposed to laugh at that? Because I did.

  196. How did the 5 Hour Energy guy get this gig?

  197. He should be the “ask your doctor about Quaaludes” guy.

  198. I think the same thing when I see that commercial. Waaaay too mellow.

  199. Upped the weights this morning and my bad shoulder is killing me. Going to give in and take some Motrin.

  200. Anita is getting ready to go to Portland for a wedding this weekend. The FedEx truck just dropped-off her new Generac 3000psi pressure-washer.
    Shes jumping up and down saying;
    “They’ve got to postpone the wedding! I’ve got pressure-washing to do!”

    * She HAD to buy it. No sales-tax and free shipping.*

  201. How did the 5 Hour Energy guy get this gig?



  202. * invents 6 hour energy *
    * hires crackhead to market it *

    Why am I not rich?

  203. 6 hour energy is going to be so good that 8 minute abs will only take 7.

  204. I am going to pick up a hitchhiker on the way to Car in’s and tell everyone it’s Mare.

  205. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QaNHh6shFw

  206. Get one with dreadlocks and one of those goofy knit hats.

  207. Here is Leon one week from now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-QBvz_1m4I&feature=youtu.be

  208. “I am going to pick up a hitchhiker on the way to Car in’s and tell everyone it’s Mare.”

    Hahahahaah….you son of a……

  209. Ace’s last post is really good. The snark is as good as it gets.

    Plus, it’s hard to believe which makes it particularly funny.

    do gooding dickweeds = dumbasses

  210. Did anybody recognize anybody else’s picture on a wanted poster today?

  211. Four of my oxheart tomato plants are mutants. Great.

    You know how you’re supposed to remove the suckers? Well that is hard to do when the suckers grow conjoined to the thickened main stem for a foot.

    And Jeebus, who KNOWS what kind of crazy fruit are going to grow from these giant multiblossomed flowers with fucked up half-sepal-half-petal parts.

    I’m buying a shotgun tomorrow.

  212. OK, I’m in serious pain and contemplating breaking my diet to drink heavily.

  213. 😦 Sorry you are hurting, MCPO. Dave, give him somethin’.

  214. Go for it.

  215. Kindle Fire!!!!

  216. Apple iPad!

  217. Obama is upping the ante. Earlier he planned to have one person faint at his rally. Now he is having 20 people faint at a time. If this continues, Romney is toast.

  218. MCPO, I will support you in whatever vice you choose.

  219. Why do I have to keep reusing these catheters.

  220. Whoever “truckstopmare” is….is going to get their ass kicked. With pointy cowboy books.


  221. MCPO,
    You’re stronger than me. I have already given-over to self medicating. The ibuprofen just ain’t cutting it tonight.
    Whiskey, it is!

  222. Why do I have to keep reusing these catheters.

    You spent all your money on meth.

  223. “Mare”,
    If that is your real name, do you actually own ‘pointy cowboy books’?
    Pics or…
    You know the rules.
    Boots would work, as well.

  224. Good news, the grad party was moved to the 4th of August. Movie starting in 7 minutes.

  225. Why do I have to keep reusing these catheters.


    **runs like hell

  226. Doug?

  227. That’s not funny

  228. I didn’t say anything about rape.

  229. >> Dave, give him something.

    You mean, one of these? *clutches the pill bottle* The precioussssss?


  230. Pain pills are evil. Get off of them as soon as you can.

  231. Pain is worser, but I half as much pain today so I cut em in half.

  232. I haven’t done aspirin for about 25 years.

    Pain sucks, but it is there for a reason.

  233. Sorry you won’t make Lapeerpalooza Dave. I am gonna hug Car in when I meet her and I don’t think it will be weird.

    If it is I will tell her it’s from you.

  234. Hi! How are You?

  235. >> If it is I will tell her it’s from you.

    Make it weird then. I will miss you all.

    >> but it s there for a reason.

    Well, yeah, there is a reason. My knee got ripped apart by knives and clamps and saws, new pieces got glued and screwed into freshly cut bones, and the whole thing was hammered in place and stapled shut. Some tendons didn’t make it. They get tossed. Also, nobody puts in artificial kneecaps anymore, they pull yours aside and grind the back of it all nice an smoove again.

  236. I’m sure my pain in no way measures up to what Dave is going through.

    Get better, Dave!

  237. Scott,
    “Pain sucks, but it is there for a reason.”

    Sometimes, the reason is that you’re old, and have used some of your parts to their limit.
    They’re ‘timed-out’, as we’d say in the airplane bidness. What then? Hurt until you die, or take pain meds.
    I’ll take “Pain Meds” for 1000, Alex.
    Si it goes…

    Hi, Vmax! How the hell are you? Getting eye-strain yet?

  238. Si = So.

  239. I don’t know MCPO while I have had surgery Nothing like Dave. And I have had broken bones too. I would gladly have both rather than the back pain I have experienced.

    I feel for you my friend.
    Dave too!

  240. Yes Chris I am.
    So I took a break and hang out here.

  241. Dave,
    How much of your knee got replaced?

    With Anitas hips, they sawed-off the top of the femur, drilled into it, hammered a spike with a ball-joint into the top, then joined it with a ground-out pelvic-bone with an implanted plastic-cup to receive the ball in the other half.
    They made the plastic-cup “replaceable”, as they have a life-expectancy of ten years(assuming you don’t ‘bump-ski’), as it is held in place with one screw. Kind-of like getting your brakes re-lined…

  242. Vmax,
    Back the hell-up on your book.
    I know someone that was 3/4 done with their book, had a disc-drive shit on them, and had NO-backup!
    Don’t be THAT GUY!!!

  243. OK Chris
    Backing up now
    40k words uploaded to my amazon cloud.

  244. I know someone who did that with his doctoral dissertation. Three years of work, poof. IIRC, he never did get his Ph.D.

  245. Full joint.

    Here’s a vid, it’s animation so it’s not painful or gross. Kinda interesting.


  246. Dave,
    My right knee was injured 8-9 years back and it hurts every time I take the stairs. I cannot jog and run, but I can walk. I tried going to Orthos, but they send me away with painkillers and exercise advice. Apparently, I am too young to qualify for surgery. Any suggestions?

  247. Kindle Fire!!!!

  248. Spinal problems like ruptured or herniated disks are way harder to fix, especially cervical. If you decide to go the surgery route, they will remove the disk and fuse the vertebra together which is an unnatural construction. You’ll still have pain, it just won’t be as bad.

    Knee, hip and shoulder replacements pretty much leave a “normally working” joint, and most of the pain is gone.

  249. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on July 13, 2012 10:45 pm

    I know someone who did that with his doctoral dissertation. Three years of work, poof. IIRC, he never did get his Ph.D.


    That sounds suspiciously like “The dog ate my homework.”

  250. Tushar, you’re not too young for ligament or athroscopy if it’s damaged cartilage.. I did that to this knee twice to treat that and it bought me some time. My main problem was arthritis deteriorating the joint until I had no cartilage left, and it was just bones grinding on each other. That’s kinda rare for someone as young as you (even me).

    I’d go see an ortho surgeon and ask him for a full diagnosis. If they haven’t done an MRI they haven’t looked hard enough. And even then, sometimes they can’t really see what’s wrong until they get in there with a scope.

    Also Fuckin Kindle Fire

  251. Did they end up putting you under a general, Dave, or did you go with the spinal block + dreamy stuff? How was that if that’s what you did?

  252. Scott & Laura’s Gov is an idiot!


  253. If it’s a torn ligament, that’s easy to fix too. Longer recovery time cause you have to remain mostly immobile with that joint for 4-6 while the microsutures hold the repair together and the ligament regrows and repairs itself. Yours sounds like damaged (torn) cartilage to me.

  254. General anesthesia, completely out. I was surprised because I came out of it pretty fast in recovery, and it didn’t make me sick as hell (which a general usually does to me)

  255. It makes my mom pretty sick too (so I’m assuming it would me as well). I seem to remember that they told me that they added a bit of nausea cocktail to her juice during and after surgery for a bit.

    Are you able to notice any kind of bionic difference yet?

  256. Pepe, he did the research, I saw that part.

    I was going to say that I can’t believe someone would do all that and not finish, but Mr. RFH tried. He said the coursework helped, and he didn’t the piece of paper. I said, the hell you don’t, you’re finishing it. I did not hold the fort for six years for him not to graduate.

  257. And by ‘juice’ I meant her IV.

  258. Dave,
    I am going to some good ortho now. Worst case, I will visit India and get it done. In India we have a novel concept where the doctor and patient together decide what to do, and the patient pays a reasonable amount. 3-4 K, I presume. Govt and insurance companies don’t meddle.

  259. If I ever meet Marie Callendar, I’mma give a big ol’ smooch to that chicken pot pie makin’ hootchiemomma.

  260. Today is Han Solo and Indiana Jones’ 70th birthday!

  261. From Insty:

    “Prior to about 1970, we everyone in this country spanked or got spanked. In a related note, we built a Transcontinental Railroad, won a couple of World Wars and went to the moon. Since then? We’ve elected Obama. Spare the rod, spoil the child…”

  262. Still too stiff and swollen to know yet Cyn.

  263. Dave,
    The other route for ruined disc is a replacement. They can now do cervical and lumbar replacement with a totally mobile and functional prosthesis. WAY better than fusion, which only passes the flex-loads to the disc above it, and causes it to fail next.
    It’s what I’m hoping for.
    The only way I’ll get my life back, as I have crushed the two bottom discs in my spine.
    We’ll see…

  264. Spare the rod, spoil the child…


  265. Still too stiff and swollen to know yet Cyn.

    Stiff? Swollen?

    TMI, Dave, TMI.

  266. HA! I’m glad that was you that said that and not me 😉

  267. They can now do cervical and lumbar replacement with a totally mobile and functional prosthesis.

    That’s amazing… all the stuff that they can do now. It’s more important than ever to get the government completely out of our healthcare system so that these innovations can and will continue.

  268. Dave’s new knee is a dessert topping and a floor wax.

    And a Kindle Fire!

  269. http://tinyurl.com/74pbsk2

  270. That is stinking cuuu-uuute.

  271. http://tinyurl.com/7fdbmp4

  272. Hey, I coulda said turgid.

    I didn’t know about replacement Chrisp.. that’s amazing. Cervical shit is a bitch cause they go in through the front of your nack (well, a little too the side). That’s what my buddy Cliff went through 3 months ago and his shit was WAY worse than mine.

  273. Cyn,
    They were doing these replacements in Germany 5 years before FDA approved them in this country. You could fly into Bremen and for 30,000 Euro, you had taxi-fare, hospital, surgeon, facility-fees, PT, taxi back-to the airport. All you had to worry about was transport.

  274. Yeah, but Bremen is a pretty dull town. You have to head further south to get to the good parts of Germany.

  275. Dave,
    Yeah, a friend of ours had that done, fucked-up his larynx, and he couldn’t talk for a month. But, he was NOT dead or paralyzed. There’s that.
    Crazy skydiver, what can you expect.

  276. The FDA always takes so much longer it seems to get stuff approved*

    (*read “approved” as “all the pocketed properly lined and stocks bought”)

    Also, the word “turgid” seems very close to being wrong; like “mastication”.

  277. *crosses skydiving off the bucket list with prejudice*

  278. **shoves Cyn out of a plane without a parachute**


    I thought it was the neighbor’s cat.

  280. *falls from the sky screaming, looking for the laundry on the ground to spell out words of wisdom*

  281. I was arguing with a co-worker about Obamacare. Made my point when I said, “You really want someone like (incompetent manager) or (inept quota hire) making decisions about what kind of treatment you get?”

  282. Friendly little dude. Seems a bit odd that he came >that< close to you.

  283. Hahaha!!! Raccoons are vicious! Lucky all it did was sniff!

  284. the word “turgid” seems very close to being wrong; like “mastication”.


  285. I was housesitting in Chama, NM in the 80s and a raccoon would use the pet door to get in the cabin. I latched the pet door and the raccoon started knocking and sitting on the steps. Like I was going to let him in!

  286. I’ve been here 4 years and never seen a racoon here before.

  287. Hmmmmm, what is your beverage of choice tonight Xbrad? Might have something to do with it.

  288. >> *falls from the sky screaming, looking for the laundry on the ground to spell out words of wisdom*

    GO ON

  289. Maybe the raccoon is rabid.

  290. Orange juice probably doesn’t attract them too much. Booze won’t make an appearance until much later

  291. If a skunk comes up to you, I heard you’re supposed to thump em on the nose to scare em away.

  292. No, no, no, you grab a skunk by the tail!!! Trust me 😉

  293. Pretty sure you’re supposed to lure skunk with a black&white cat. Sox?

  294. (Ears perk up) Ahhhh, Cheri, come with me to the Casbah!!!! Smooch, smooch, smooch………..

  295. I just had a friend from Taiwan post a FB status that a mutual friend from college commented on that had a mutual friend from Liberia comment on. Mind officially blown.

  296. Dead, dead, dead, one day we’ll all be dead. (My favorite South Park Christmas song)

  297. Don’t ever request polka.

  298. Biggest surprise on FB: lots of HQ diversity. I never realized how many black, hispanic, asian morons there were until FB. Coming out of the wood work. Ready to vote Romney

  299. wakey wakey

  300. NO!

  301. I literally don’t understand people that feel success is some sort of a negative trait.

    America loves winners, and the underdog. When did we start loving losers?

  302. 2008. Right.

  303. I came out of the woodwork once.

  304. America loves whiners.

  305. I literally don’t understand people that feel success is some sort of a negative trait.

    successful people just won the lottery of life, and thus it is unfair. Plus, they became successful off of the backs of their workers (stealing their labor) and piggybacking off of all of the rest of our support for roads and shit.

    They need to pay it forward.

  306. YES!!!


  307. Whiners go on TV or get lawyers and win big cash settlements.

  308. What job is Sununu going to have in Mitt’s administration?

  309. Scott gave me the day off.

    SPA DAY!!

    I’m thinking of sittin by the pond watching hummingbirds fight. With an oatmeal facial on.

  310. You’re living the life, Lauraw.

  311. …right after I do the food shopping, laundry…

  312. With an oatmeal facial on.

    hmmmmmm breakfast! Enjoy your day! You deserve it!

  313. *watching TV commercial*

    I never see daytime TV.

    I think this Magic Mesh™ outdoor curtain is fucking brilliant. I need three.

  314. I’ve got to get painting.

    My kids said they were unimpressed with the painting because it’s the same color.


  315. That magic mesh thing does look cool. Get one and tell me how it works.

    Oh, and when you’re here pay NO attention to the screen door that’s completely shredded*

    *true story

  316. KINDLE FIRE!!

  317. I think ‘Shut up and keep painting’ was perhaps the second or third most important life lesson my parents taught me when I was a kid.

    Good job, Mom.

  318. I have PICKED the color for the doors.

    “sable brown”

    Everyone bask in my momentous decision.

  319. Who wants a facial?

  320. >>With an oatmeal facial on.

    **snorts bath salt, eats oatmeal**

  321. Picture from my last road trip:


  322. I got the recipe for breakfast casserole from my SIL. Set it up last night, baked this morning. Nom nom nom. It is posted at hostagerecipes.

    Speaking of new poats, shall I put up something?

  323. Hey goobers and gooberettes! Woke up feeling pretty good, first morning since the op. Not bad at all.

    I bet pooping helped.

    Also I found $20

  324. Yay, Dave.

    Sent that twenty over. I was the one who lost it.

  325. “pooping helped.
    Also I found $20”

    When you pooped?

  326. Did I type ‘sent’? I meant send.

  327. Ok, if that is where you found it, don’t send it over.

  328. New poat!

  329. Well, hello my future eastern european mail order bride/prostitute. How you doin’?

  330. Whiners go on TV or get lawyers and win big cash settlements.

    I really disagree with whiners going on TV.

  331. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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