Big Boob Friday™

Afternoon, fuckers of oldness.  I wrote this song for Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker while in a white room, with black curtains, by the station.



Today’s model is from the Czech Rzpzblzc, and is listed as 25 years old. I’m calling bullshit on that, although maybe it’s the miles, not the years. Who knows how old anyone is in the former USSR satellites? This super hot chick lists herself as 29, although I’m guessing she’s not a day under 30. Please welcome this week’s model, that once again proves it’s pretty hard to airbrush a butterface, Gabrielle Passtel!!!!


Testes time!1!1!


1633 – The Holy Office in Rome forces Galileo Galilei to recant his view that the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the Universe.

1783 – A poisonous cloud (NSFW) caused by the eruption of the Laki volcano in Iceland reaches Le Havre in France.

1839 – Cherokee leaders Major Ridge, John Ridge, and Elias Boudinot are assassinated for signing the Treaty of New Echota, which had resulted in the Trail of Tears.

1898 – Spanish–American War: United States Marines land in Cuba.

1906 – The flag of Sweden is adopted.

1941 – Germany invades the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa.

1990 – Checkpoint Charlie is dismantled in Berlin.


Think seduction, don’t think drowned elf. FAIL.


You’re a sexy beast, not a squirrel. FAIL.


Does smile mean ‘look weird’ in Czech?


Look!  There’s a tiger!  PERFECT.


The End.


  1. She seems like she might be a perfectly lovely conversationalist.

  2. As long as you know Czech, yeah.

  3. Motherfuckin’ bootleg boob models..LAWD REEKRIS

  4. Oh, the huge mammaries!!

  5. She’s so ugly she can make an onion cry.

  6. She looks like she smells weird.

  7. That is a pretty awesome version of White Room, though. Phil Collins is the drummer.

  8. super hot chick

    Hatey hate ewe.

  9. You know that old potato smell?

  10. Phil Collins is the drummer.

    He must be one of those jackholes with Pink Floyd.

  11. Mmmmmmm, boooooobs!

  12. HAHA!

  13. I’m saddened that I cannot think of a link between Genesis and Pink Floyd right nao.

  14. I’m saddened that I cannot think of a link between Genesis and Pink Floyd right nao.
    Two bands that did not play at a bar mitzvah I attended.

    *claps hands together.

  15. …that old potato smell


  16. I’m saddened that I cannot think of a link between Genesis and Pink Floyd right nao.


  17. The picture with the black background does something special to my nethers.

  18. Two bands that did not play at a bar mitzvah I attended.


  19. I bet she smells kind of like the super hot chick that I linked.

  20. DAMMIT!

  21. That old ass-potatoe smell is even worser.


    Sorry Cyn.

  23. Troll-Helen has a belly button but no peepee.

  24. Just doing my part. . .

  25. Meany.


  27. Knitted bikinis are fucking ridiculous. I hate them.

  28. If you connect the dots on her stomach, it looks like the Big Dipper.

    And if you connect the dots on her face, it looks like this:

  29. Heh.

  30. Well, she may not be all that pretty, but at least it looks like she was born sans wedding tackle. So she’s got that going for her.

  31. Haven’t heard from Mare. Think she’s OK?

  32. Oh, Lawdy Regis, I’m going to stab every one of youse with a sharpened old asspotato.

  33. Well, she may not be all that pretty,

    yannow, first pic, not so bad. Then, woofa….


    I swear, not HT.

  35. by the way, thanks for leaving the nip-slip in the 1st pic, MJ. That should get PJM screaming in here to lay down the law real quick-like.

  36. I swear, not clicking.

  37. *grumbles and curses under bacon breath, overs mouse over…*

  38. And if you connect the dots on her face, it looks like this:
    Hahahhahahaha. HAWT!


  40. Wait… there was nipple up there??

  41. good news today. Just beat my former employers out for a deal in NYC. Definitely is going to be a marquee site for our system, plus they are part of a larger chain of centers along the east coast.

    This could work out very nicely.

    Former employer quoted over $350k for this site. That’s 5 times what we quoted them for the same basic system. And I know their pricing policy, so I know for a fact that thy bumped the price by about $100k simply because the site is in Manhattan. Hell, their annual support was would have been almost as much as what we sold ours for.

    The materials manager said you could hear the laughter of the owners and the admin throughout the facility when they were presented with their quote. Sweet. And these are the tools that refused to listen to me when I told them that their prices were out of line with what the industry will bear.

    Damn, it’s a good day.

  42. I’m BACK.

  43. House in Detroit now has water.

    Some people like that I hear.

  44. Wait… there was nipple up there??

    Either that or she’s got a toomah.

  45. Wiser – Does this mean back to full-time sales for you?

  46. House in Detroit now has water.

    hot and cold?

  47. So. What did I miss?

  48. hot and cold?


  49. Wiser – Does this mean back to full-time sales for you?

    Oh hell no.

    I am assisting the sales team of our partner close the deals, but they do the prospecting and dealing. I just offer advice and background info. And do the demos, which I don’t mind.

    Although I do have to go on the road next week for a couple of meetings. Driving this time. ugh.

  50. shit



  51. Actually – we had to redo all the water pipes, and there was a leak in the fitting to the hot water heater.

    So – no – no hot water yet. I actually turned all the water. We’ll go back tomorrow and chase down leaks, and paint and et c…

  52. PJM isn’t the law around here anymore.

  53. We’ll go back tomorrow and chase down leaks, and paint and et c…

    slumlord: yer doing it wrong.

  54. PJM isn’t the law around here anymore.

    Has anyone screwed up the courage to tell her that?

  55. You are assuming that you will still have pipes tomorrow?

  56. hot water heater


  57. Congrats and well done, wiserbuns!

  58. I actually turned all the water.


  59. Has anyone screwed up the courage to tell her that?

    She’s just a wimp now.

  60. well, day just took a turn for the worse. in-laws have arrived.

    bye y’all.

  61. Wiser – I’m damned sorry I’m going to miss you this time around. Hopefully, you’ll be back here to close a deal in the near future.

  62. Congrats and well done, wiserbuns!

    thanks, sweetie.

  63. Running water in a Detroit rental? Sounds like you might be pricing yourself right out of the market, Carin.

  64. Hopefully, you’ll be back here to close a deal in the near future.

    ditto, my friend.

  65. PJM isn’t the law around here anymore.


  66. Ed Zachary.

  67. We don’t gauge our success by the noobs we attract, we gauge it by the veterans who don’t come around anymore.

  68. wiserbud, how long before you kick the high school graduate out of the house?

    In my senior year, I got accepted for entry to the college I wanted for January admission. I thought “Great, I’ll hang out from HS graduation until then.” My folks said “You are in school in the fall, or you aren’t living here.” I applied for a semester at the local college the next day.

  69. Ed Zachary.

    Sounds dreamy.

  70. That’s pretty much the way it was at my house too, A’Dog.

  71. AD – As I told #1 son at his graduation party, “Here is a new set of Orvis luggage for you and a new set of Schlage locks for me!”

  72. Redundant.

    No. It is not. I have a furnace – it heats the water for both the “hot water” dispensed at my sinks, and the water used to heat the house in the baseboard heat system, which is technically the “heat water”, not the “hot water”. So a “hot water heater” is a very specific device, and is not redundant. 🙂

  73. The honey wholewheat bread is out of the oven and smelling divine!

  74. Insurance enrollment time at work.
    How do these muthafuckin’ forms work?!? GAH!

  75. AD, that explanation is so flawed, and it reeks from your having just pulled it out of your ass. Put it alongside your collection of bullwhips.

  76. So – no kids for 2 whole weeks, Cyn?

    Does this mean we’re only gonna hear from you when Mr. Cyn lets you up to go fix him a sammich? 😛

    *thinks back fondly to days when kidlets would go to Camp Grandma*

  77. When you have kids do you have to put this sign on the door?

  78. Insurance enrollment time at work.
    How do these muthafuckin’ forms work?!? GAH!

    Don’t bother filling them out before next week. If the Supreme Court knows what’s good for it (wink wink) the gubmint will send over a unicorn to take care of it for free.

  79. Does this mean we’re only gonna hear from you when Mr. Cyn lets you up to go fix him a sammich?

    HAHA! Oh Silly TiF, don’t you remember that there’s no moar sex after you’ve been married for 10 years?


  80. …a “hot water heater” is a very specific device…

    The place that Mr. TiFW’s family stays at for their reunion started building new cabins a few years ago, and they decided to use “tankless” water heaters instead of traditional ones.

    Fast forward to this year, when we couldn’t get ANY hot water in the shower in our cabin; the maintenance guy that the front office sent out said that ours was one of the last cabins that was scheduled to have its tankless water traded out for a “real” hot water heater.

    It seems that those “efficient” water heaters required that the water in the kitchen and the bathroom sink had to be running in order to get enough hot water to the showers.

    Another “Green Energy” fail….. 😛

  81. When you have kids do you have to put this sign on the door?

    We used to hang a tote bag of videos and some Pepperidge Farms Goldfish. Kept ’em busy for the ENTIRE seven minutes.

  82. TiFW,
    Are they electric? My BOSCH propane tankless works great! It puts out enough to have both shower-heads and a washer-load going at the same time.

  83. Oh Silly TiF, don’t you remember that there’s no moar sex after you’ve been married for 10 years?

    *quickly erases Cyn’s comment before Mr. TiFW can see it*

    I thought the rule was “Once the last kid leaves the house, every room is a bedroom…..”

    (bonus points if anyone remembers the TV show)

  84. Say, that sign kind of contradicts itself…

  85. ChrisP – I would imagine so; this is out in a heavily wooded area, their insurance company wouldn’t allow them to install stoves/ovens in the newly-built cabins because of the potential risk of fire.

    I don’t recall seeing any propane tanks by any of the cabins, and given how remote this place is from the town proper, I would bet that getting gas lines run there is cost-prohibitive (the fine layer of dirt covers a deep layer of rocks and caliche).

  86. When you have kids do you have to put this sign on the door?

    I’m reminded of a time with the oldest was barely 2 years old. The hubby and I told him to be good watching SBSP while dad and I cleaned the bathroom, and off we went. About a minute into our ‘scrubbing’ there’s a knock at the door; he wanted to help us make the bathroom sparkly.

  87. I see no nip. We need a Prominent Pudenda Post to go along with the BBF. TYIA

    WORK /Maynard


  88. I’m not sure how our model *slash* prostitute smells but she seems nice.

  89. We thought Rebecca was fast asleep; a little while later, we heard this little voice say, “Get off of my mommy”

    We laugh about it NOW……. 😛

  90. She smells like fail.

  91. I’m not sure how our model *slash* prostitute smells but she seems nice.

    Her elbows are kinda pointy, though –

  92. *looks up from muthafuckin’ insurance forms*


    *goes back to muthafuckin’ insurance forms*

  93. Hi super hawt chicks and men who try harder.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  94. Avis?

  95. Mare, you’re to big to fail.

  96. Mare!

  97. Ha. This is what we used to consider fat.

  98. There are no sharp elbows in the main poat.

    The comments, maybe. Not the main.

  99. Dom Deluise in Fatso?

  100. I’m reminded of a time with the oldest was barely 2 years old. The hubby and I told him to be good watching SBSP while dad and I cleaned the bathroom, and off we went. About a minute into our ‘scrubbing’ there’s a knock at the door; he wanted to help us make the bathroom sparkly.
    A minute or two? MOM! Cyn is bragging!!!!!

  101. Fatso was a great movie.

  102. Mare, you’re to big to fail.

    *high fives every person in the world except HS.

  103. Hallooo! My wife just had a 3 hour lunch with the girls – she sounded… tipsy! This could be the night!!!

    *hones skills by watching pron*
    *recalls married life B.C.*

  104. Aaaaannnndddd DONE with insurance forms.

    Welcome to Margaritaville.

  105. Who is Sasha Grey and why do I need to know?

  106. I finally got my phone interview at 3pm. I suspect I made it past the “is this guy an idiot?” filter, so now the waiting for a real interview begins.

  107. Who is Sasha Grey and why do I need to know?

    Porn star that’s done some mainstream work. Small tits, fantastic heinie, foul mouth.

  108. Hallooo! My wife just had a 3 hour lunch with the girls – she sounded… tipsy! This could be the night!!!
    Good luck. When you have to go to the ER, tell them you slipped and fell on a rubber fist.

  109. Ms. Grey is a very, very dirty girl.

    And I’ve got about a gig of video to prove it.

  110. Only a gig?

  111. Sorry, brain cramp.


  112. This could be the night!!!

    Drunk chick fail.

  113. That makes more sense. Typical torrents for her movies were around 1GB iirc.

    I honestly have no idea what to do with the TBs of hard disk space I have empty now that I’ve scrubbed the porn off of it.

  114. Which is not the same thing as Terra Patrick.

  115. I plan on having whiskey bone so that I can capitalize on the 15 minute window.

  116. *recalls married life B.C.*

    *stifles a sob*

  117. I honestly have no idea what to do with the TBs of hard disk space I have empty now that I’ve scrubbed the porn off of it.

    Recipes. Lots and lots of recipes.

  118. Breaking Bad will fill a lot of that space.

  119. I only need 4 recipes, and I have those memorized.

    Bacon Explosion
    Date Nutballz
    Anabolic Pudding

    The rest is just mixing ingredients more-or-less haphazardly.

  120. I honestly have no idea what to do with the TBs of hard disk space I have empty now that I’ve scrubbed the porn off of it.


  121. All nice seasons of One Tree Hill should take up a fair amount of disk space!

  122. nice= nine.

  123. Yeah, so, like I said, no idea what to do with it.

  124. 15 minute window

    How you doin’.

  125. Congrats on not screwing up your phone interview, Leon; I hope they call you back soon.

  126. Watching more and more BBC mini-series. American TV, for the most part, really is a vast wasteland.

  127. So not feeling weights today. But pushing through. One more set to go.

    Unless someone wants to be funnah …. I could be pursuaded…

  128. Whaaaa-Juan Williams doesn’t seem to be getting much love today on The Five. Eric Dreamy Bolling just shot him the nastiest look. I used to sorta like the guy, or maybe more accurately, I had some respect for him/his opinions. Now, not so much.

  129. MCPO – yes.

  130. Chief, that’s all HotBride and I watch. Lots of stuff in the early 20th century historical era.

  131. Good luck on the interview, leon. Bring meatza to the phone interview! Couldn’t hurt.

  132. All I watch at this point is Swamp People, Mountain Men, and anime.

  133. The Grand was a hoot, because we started watching it the night we closed on selling the hotel.

  134. Wives & Daughters is good too.

  135. I was watching the five while i lifted. Juan is usually pretty weak on that show. He’s kinda stunk up the joint on Fox in general the last few weeks.

  136. I don’t watch anything. I’m going to start watching Breaking Bad. Apparently I have a lot of episodes to attempt to find.

  137. Did you like the first episode, Car in? I recall you were watching that one.

    The first season is a hoot.

  138. I managed to hit the gym this morning. Deadlifts, standing presses, and weighted chinups. I waited for the phone call for 30 minutes before I gave up and went into the gym.

  139. Where’s CB? I’ve got a new song I’ve been listening too… he’s going to hate it, and I know how much you all enjoy telling me my taste in music sucks. The singer is hot, though.

  140. I did enjoy the pilot, J’ames. Now I just need to locate the rest.

  141. Your taste in music sucks.

    (I didn’t click the link.)

  142. Brideshead Revisited is also quite good.

  143. Today was Bi/tri/shoulders day.

    WHere’s Wiser? I’ll wait until he gets here before I detail it.

  144. If you didn’t click, then your insult means nothing, HS.

  145. Carin, I saw a commercial last night that they were going to re-air ALL the Breaking Bad episodes late at night to DVR for catching up.

  146. 25 seconds – your taste in music…

  147. The singer is hot, though.

    Meh. She’s okay, if you like blondes with big bewbs.

  148. Cool.

  149. Cyn, you suck.

  150. She’s okay, if you like blondes with big bewbs.

    Yea, that gets old, amiright?

  151. *holds breath until cyn changes her mind

  152. Carin’s musical tastes suck.

  153. Meh. She’s okay, if you like blondes with big bewbs.

    I’m married to one. It’s not novel anymore.


  155. they were going to re-air ALL the Breaking Bad episodes late at night to DVR for catching up.

    They already started airing the old episodes, IIRC.

  156. ah. There it is.

  157. Barack Obama is a SCOTUS of a SCUBA. Or whatever those cool kids are calling him these days.

  158. *gives Carin ‘the look’ to stop holding her breath and hands her a gluten-free carb-free sugar-free beer*

  159. You are soooo very close, Stark. I think. Not that I have any idea what you’ve just said, but there you go.

  160. Oh, crap, don’t bring up gluten.

  161. Oh, crap, don’t bring up gluten.


  162. Ga, Obama is an asshole.

    Item:Obama gift registry.

    Item : His supporters are assholes

    Item: His wife is going to London for the Olympics with the girls.

    She’ll get her vacation this year on our dime one way or another.

  163. Wheat is murder.

  164. Brainscrub to fix brain after listening to Carin’s song:

  165. I’m pretty sure cyn will love that song

  166. Receiving a wedding invitation with an Obama registry would earn the happy couple a “0” RSVP with a Romney donation receipt.

  167. Awwwwww, DAMMIT. I CLICKED THAT, CB!!

    *carves Pink Floyd Sucks into Xbrad’s arm*

  168. I do so love the way you think sometimes, Leon.

  169. Okay. Ghetto Bar. BBIB

  170. I should go trim some trees and bushes or something. Blah.

  171. You should tweet that.

  172. And that one too.

  173. Looking at the young lady makes me think bras actually do serve a purpose. Huh.

  174. We’ve got nasty weather up here. Plus I was busy all day. I don’t need to do shit right now.

  175. Oh, crap, don’t bring up gluten.

    I’ve been behaving myself….. 😛

  176. More like “DOrk Side of the Moon”, right Buzz?

    Uh, roger that Neil. Over.

  177. Okay, Ghetto Bar.

  178. Did they have your bullwhips ready for you HS?

  179. Wow, Juan really did step in it today, Cyn. You’re absolutely right!

    Even Dana gave him the death stare.

  180. If by bullwhips you mean a pint of Labatt Blue, then yes.

  181. I feel sorry for Juan. He tried to leave the plantation to sit on our porch, but we just laugh at him.

    Thomas Wolfe, Juan.

  182. Obama is a demagogue of unrivaled baseness.

  183. Canadian beer and Car in’s music have a lot in common.

  184. The weird thing is that I *also* like Canadian beer.

    Canadian, german, and various microbrews.

    Actually, the only beers I don’t care for are …the bud, bud lite, miller lit genre.

  185. Pretty cool

  186. The header pic is basically how my sheppard-huskie-jack russel mongrel dog was made.

  187. He header pic reminds me of my bantam rooster hopping-up for some action on the full sized chickens.

    It’s hilarious.

    We’ve named him “Little Jerry”.

  188. gag:

    For the first 10 years of our marriage, Barack and I lived in an apartment in my hometown of Chicago.

    The winters there can be pretty harsh, but no matter how snowy or icy it got, Barack would head out into the cold — shovel in hand — to dig my car out before I went to work.

    In all our years of marriage, he’s always looked out for me. Now, I see that same commitment every day to you and to this country.

    The only way we’ll win this election is if we can rely on one another like that, all the way to November 6th. Barack is working hard, but he can’t do this alone — he needs your help.

    Does he show that commitment to us while he’s golfing? Or complaining about having to meet with congresspeps from Podunk USA?

  189. I’m bored.

    Where’s Rosie with his stupid games when you need him?

  190. I tried to fuck an Amazon once. When I saw she only had one tit, I said “Do I get a discount?”

    When I woke up my wallet was gone. And my pants.

  191. On the way home from work we heard an ad on the radio for FML Accounting.

    HA! Good luck with that.

  192. Barack, get out there and shovel out my car before I pinch your nuts off. If I want kids I’ll invite Eric over.

  193. That’s almost as good as a local construction company called….It’s Good Enough Construction.

  194. Pickup Truck Bubba, with the Tail Light Guarantee.


  196. >> ah. There it is.

    That’s what she said.

    Well, it’s been quite a day of dealing with the high maintenance chick in business development. She came outside when I was smoking and talking with one of my senior test engineers who’s been putting up with her shit all week doing technical writing on a proposal, literally yelling “I NEED HELP! I NEED HELP!” Then she ran back inside.

    I thought “Oh fuck. Tom had a heart attack” so I got in there quick but Tom was fine and she was fretting at her laptop all panicky.



    “Would you like me to call the Help Desk for you? Is that the help you need?”

    Tom stifled a snicker and I looked at him and said “Well hell Tom, I’m glad you’re ok.”

  197. Those utters look horrible on her skeletal frame. Or vice versa.


  199. Ijust fixed thespacebaron mykeyboard

  200. it’s been quite a day of dealing with the high maintenance chick

    Heh. I was sharing stories today of one of the high maintenance chicks. There was one day where she ran into my office and nearly shouted, “Have you seen (coworker who is also the building manager)!!!” in a tone of voice I reserve for equipment on fire and/or blood on the ground. I jump up, I follow her as we race around the building trying to find the guy. When we find him, she says, “I need to order a birthday cake for my daughter!!!” (Coworker’s daughter is a professional baker.) I turned to her, and I said pretty angrily, “THAT was your emergency?!?!” She said, “YES, her birthday is tomorrow!”

  201. Serial, I had my phone out and was about to dial 911

  202. Udders. Utters is what her pimp does when he tries to explain how much his cut is.

  203. I know that type too well, Dave. I got mad at Mr. RFH for saying I was high maintenance. I told him he didn’t know what high maintenance was, and if he liked, I could have him move all the furniture, paint every room, move the furniture back, and then I would cry for no reason.

  204. Did anybody knock anybody else’s block off today?

  205. >> I could have him move all the furniture, paint every room, move the furniture back, and then I would cry for no reason.


  206. What the copulation is this scat?

  207. OMG! THE ICE CUBE TRAY IS EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. Udders.

    Fingers were moving faster than my brain, Hotspur.

  209. You would have a reason Roamy, we just wouldn’t understand it.

  210. Ice cube tray?! What is this, 1964?

  211. Not everybody can afford a freezer with an icemaker or fancy store-bought ice, your majesty.

  212. I didn’t have an icemaker until last year when we moved. Mostly because I never hooked up the one at the old house.

  213. I didn’t get the ice maker for our fridge because of calcium and lime deposits clogging the line. Guess who gets to keep the trays filled? Grrrr.

  214. Romney should make ice cube trays a campaign issue.

    If I were running his campaign he would be up by 70 points by now.

  215. I’ve never had an icemaker. I actually do just buy bags of ice.

  216. We got a fridge w/icemaker when we built this house. First one ever! It sure takes-up a lot of space in the freezer.

    My late, ‘know-it-all’ mother saw that and let-out this dramatic sigh; “Well, that’s going to make your water-bill go up!”

    I had to give her the; “Oh, yeah?
    1. It fills the ice-tub and shuts off.
    2. I’m on my own well. I don’t have a water bill…”

    On the other paw, I probably wouldn’t drink this much if we ran out of ice…

  217. Sean, I was buying bags of ice but Dan threw a fit about it. Almost as bad when he caught me putting Culligan water in the dog bowls.

  218. Our ice maker is broke for the third time. I haven’t mustered the motiviation to pay the ridiculous fee to fix it this time.

  219. Oh, and the Cardinals are currently kicking the crap out of the Royals.

  220. I have a pack of midgets we keep in a storage building couple miles from here who make me ice every day.

    Them bitches gonna be busy this summer.

  221. Bags of ice? Well, la-tee-da!

  222. My ice maker facilitates my astonishingly serious iced-tea habit.

  223. 1%ers.

  224. Leon – Do you sweeten your iced-tea? I use blue agave nectar to sweeten mine.

  225. The correct term is a tidbit of midgets, dave, not a pack. They’re very sensitive about that.

  226. No, as a damned yankee, I prefer my tea unsweetened.

  227. Well, as a Got-damned Yankee who lived in the south for 12 years, like mine sweet!

  228. The whole “Win a date with Anna Wintour” thing is starting to look good by comparison.

  229. >> They’re very sensitive about that.

    I stand corrected.

  230. Blue agave nectar?

    That sounds like something Hotspur would be into.

  231. I miss my sweet tea. Stevia just isn’t the same. Stupid diabetes. I also miss my Moon Pies and RC Cola.

  232. Agave nectar is just immature tequila.

  233. GUILTY!

  234. I miss my sweet tea. Stevia just isn’t the same. Stupid diabetes. I also miss my Moon Pies and RC Cola.

    But you’ve still got feet, so you’ve got that going for you.

  235. Oso – Check out the nutritional info on the blue agave. You may be able to use it.

  236. “We paid for your tickets.”

    Soccer is for fags, but that’s some funny shit right there.

  237. I’d have sworn that I got blitzed on shots of blue agave. Musta been the sugar coma I was thrust into.

  238. Thanks, Chief. I’ve had it in my mixers but I’ll see about getting some for the casa.

  239. I’ve had agave margaritas at restaurants that only have beer and wine licenses.

  240. I didn’t read that article, Sean. Not when this one was in the sidebar:

  241. Any bets on the over/under how long Sandusky lives in prison if he gets convicted of 40 counts of child-rape?

  242. My sisters took me to see a guy give a talk on the raw food diet tonight. Vegan, you know.

    It was so weird learning about this whole other philosophy, and a completely different set of ‘facts.’

    Also, the room was uncomfortably warm because they don’t use A/C and I had eaten 1/2 a chicken just an hour before the thing and was running hot.

  243. 12 months or less

  244. Cyn,
    I’m leaning in the “or less” direction.

  245. meat makes you sweat.

    I heard.

  246. I’m usually pretty slow to trash the BBF chicks. Seriously.

    I did a google image search on “ugly-assed bitches with pendulous titties” and didn’t find a picture of her. I don’t see how.

  247. Meat sweats. Hunh.

  248. Vegan, you know.

    Way to demote yourself on the food chain, dipshit, and malnourish yourself in the process.

    meat makes you sweat.

    TEF: Thermic Effect of Food. It’s real and it’s spectacular. Very handy if you’re shoveling snow.

  249. Guilty on 45 counts…

  250. He didn’t look the least bit shocked either.

    He should fry.

  251. Guilty. 45 counts.

  252. My money’s on a bedsheet hanging suicide.

  253. He will be found beaten to death. And curiously, the guards will not be nearby and the prison cameras will malfunction.

  254. He is incapable of shame.

  255. Sandusky is an animal. My beliefs tell me I should not wish ill on anyone, but I’m struggling to abide by that tenet right now.

  256. You don’t rob little kids of their childhood for your sick pleasure, you goat faced, asshole!!

    Hope you enjoy that prison rape. Salad anyone?

  257. Salad? HAHA!

  258. I don’t want him tortured or anything, but I don’t see why we should have to pay to feed and house him for any length of time.

  259. I think the other inmates will be lining-up to do to him, what he did to those boys, before he “accidentally” dies…

  260. I think his enablers need to go to prison too.

  261. His biggest enabler is already dead.

  262. Amen, Oso! It’s complete crap when his wife.and everyone else said/act like “they had no idea.”

  263. I’ll bet he gets his share of” horseplay”

  264. I suspect Jerry won’t be spending a lot of time in GP.

  265. Actually, Leon, the guy looked pretty good. Not skinny or unhealthy looking at all. He did talk about how he had lost a ton of weight when he first started then learned how to get it back on and build mass.

    It’s just SO different. They look to keep fat below 10-15% of total caloric intake; and he eats about 3000 cal/day. So that’s a shitload of veg and fruit. Like, he’ll eat ten bananas in a sitting (but that’s only 1,000 calories- he still has to eat several heads of greens, piles of other veggies, more fruit, etc. to get to his mark).

    Also, even though he’s from the NE, I think he lives in a warm climate since he started this way of life. Which is fine, for him.

    I’m sorry. I am NOT going to make it through Winter on bananas and giant salads.

    He mentioned the traditional Okinawan diet, which was yams, fish, and lots of veggies. Okinawans were some of the longest-lived and spry people on the planet (before their kids started eating Western style). Obviously this was a cooked food diet, but it still had very low fat and high carbs.

    He did not mention why he rejected that model and went all raw.

    I will say this; there is a fast I used to do that made me feel great every time.

    First day all fruit and water (no bananas), second day all fresh and cooked non-starchy veggies, and third day fruits + raw veggies.

    It does make you feel good. You eat until your ears are clogged, but at the end of the three days you feel light and strong and your pants fit better.

    But that’s it. Three days. It’s a wonderful fast at the beginning of a heat wave to get you acclimated to hot weather, you get a nice dose of vitamins (especially C) and hydration, but after its over, the meat craving is pretty powerful.

  266. Stark – Bullshit!

  267. All covered up to protect UPenns football program.
    I guess one has to have ‘priorities’.

  268. Who would that enabler have been?

  269. Not UPenn. Penn State.

  270. Corrected by Andy, Penn State, not UPenn.

  271. Somebody already has him in S. Weasel’s dead pool. That’s a shame.

    Because I wanted to pick him, I mean.

  272. It’s interesting what power the Alum associations and the football programs can have.

  273. His wife is the most egregious enabler. Followed by the CYFD or whatever they are called in PA. The wrestling coach and the asst. coach that actually witnessed the abuse. Lots of adults after that. I am so proud of his son that testified. The boys/young men that spoke up are to be commended.

  274. Laura’s kinda sexy when she eats.

  275. Pupster, look out!

  276. Poor Pups

  277. Laura, the vegans get exactly one thing right: food quality matters. They then proceed to exclude the most potentially nutritious foods available to Man.

    Also, anyone can look good as a vegan… for awhile. Particularly if they cheat by getting dosed with B vitamins on a regular basis. There are populations of native people that live on very high plant diets based around starchy fruits and/or tubers, but none of them are vegan (including the Okinawans, the only people on Earth that consume more pork per capita than Americans).

  278. If I ate fruit right now there would be consequences.

    Dire, consequences.

  279. You’re also right to note the “warm climate” thing. All the high-starch tribes are equatorial.

  280. I haven’t had a piece of fruit since April 10th.

  281. I eat it now and then, mostly berries.

  282. True…he didn’t say that he took B vitamins, but he advised people to get their blood checked for B12 and D periodically. He said that the main reason B deficiencies happen is the loss of gut flora that produce it in modern people. I kind of assume that he uses supps.

    BUT on the same note, he did admit that modern raw-food vegans are ‘pioneers,’ and that there are no historical models to support their way of eating except for our nearest primate relatives (bonobos).

    He did acknowledge that it is modernity itself that made raw food veganism possible. Without modern trade and shipping, it’s impossible. And he took a big hot dump on the all-organic people, which I thought was funny.

  283. He said that the main reason B deficiencies happen is the loss of gut flora that produce it in modern people.


  284. I’m like a dozen grapes away from shartasm.

    Can’t let that happen.

  285. SHIT!! I forgot to put in a bramble patch last Fall. I want black raspberries.

    Knew I forgot something.

    Oh well. Out of season, they’ll be on sale.

    I should go to Mom’s and see if she still has wild black caps growing on her property.

  286. Sandusky was denied his request that he serve his sentence in a juvenile prison.

  287. Yeah, Leon, and he was advising this diabetic old guy to eat more fruit. I was gritting my teeth.

  288. raspberries would have put me in the hospital. The paramedics would have seen me in the bathroom, with “CALL A PRIEST” written on the mirror in lipstick.

  289. Hemp protein comes next. Or the ultra-concentrated pea and/or soy protein. All of which have the virtue of sucking as protein sources and being shitty for the environment. But hey, they didn’t come from animals! Which is good because we destroyed their habitats to grow all those stupid plants.

  290. And we have home grown tomatoes.

    But I know better than to eat more than one.

    I know. Better.

  291. He did say some really retarded things about blood sugar.

  292. Does it help if you cook them, Dave?

  293. I miss my glass of Irish in the evening. Other than that, my new eating habits are quite satisfying.

  294. Obama ate a dog.

    Is that paleo?


  296. He did say some really retarded things about blood sugar.

    I’ve read some jaw-dropping insanity on the topic from the 30BAD crowd. 30BAD = 30 bananas a day, btw. I’m sure that’s healthy and not diarrhea-inducing.

  297. On the plus side, my triglycerides are now in the mid 100s. Also I have xray vision, bonus from the stupid eye thing. LDL, HDL, in happy places.

    And I found $20

  298. Obama ate a dog.

    Is that paleo?

    No. You and the dog share a mammoth that you killed as a team.

  299. 30 fucking bananas?!? W.T.F.?!

  300. Dog is pretty good. My hubby threatens the dogs with my history of eating chocho.

  301. I only have pineapples, Basil, Scotch Bonnet and onion. With Scotch.

  302. Leon, I think it’s more a case of “introducing new things better goddam well be in moderation, because your whole body/food chemistry is now geared toward burning off the fat, and you know what I bitch I (my body) can be when you take away my carbs”

  303. DinT – That only lasted about 2 weeks for me. Once my body adjusted, it was okay.

  304. WTF is right. They have forums where you can read “success stories”. The pattern repeats:

    drop standard diet
    go raw vegan with lots of fruit
    get a bit better and then gush about how awesome you feel
    start to feel slightly worse, show signs of deficiency, get “advice”
    continue to decline in health

    At this point the person usually either leaves the site or is banned for some perceived offense against veganism.

  305. So, why would one want to eliminate carbs (bread, grains, spuds, starch, legumes)? Quick energy, no?

  306. I’ve stayed in ketosis while eating fruit, mostly berries.

  307. ChrisPy – My problem with carbs is that they are affecting my blood sugar.

  308. I stayed in Palm Desert and had mac and cheese with ground beef and frozen mixed veggies.

  309. 30 bananas is part of a harry chapin song, not a diet.

  310. Tonight, I had two lean hamburger patties and some baked sweet potato slices.

  311. Chris, if you’re insulin-resistant, carbohydrate will cause you to swell old fat cells and to make new ones. And even if you’re insulin-sensitive, grains and legumes contain inflammatory and mildly-toxic compounds that can prevent optimal health in many individuals.

    White-fleshed potatoes are iffy, as they all contain soaplike chemicals called saponins that can increase intestinal permeability and let stuff out of your gut that really ought not escape it, leading again to inflammation. The amounts vary by breed.

    Assuming you have good insulin sensitivity, sweet potatoes, yams, plaintains, yucca, and a few other things can be eaten safely as starches.

  312. y’all complicate my basic rule, if it’s white, don’t bite.

    I’m down 15 now. Two more times.

  313. Dave – I’m down 15 as well, but the weight loss has really slowed down.

  314. Leon,
    I did not know that. Seems like “normal” diet”, to me.
    Getting late, for an ‘old person’.

  315. Chief, how’s your fat intake? If it’s very low, you might try raising it (with good fats) and lowering your protein intake slightly.

  316. Leon – What kind of fats?

  317. Fats?

    Like today’s BBF?

  318. Just sent my sisters an email listing the guy’s contradictions and some plain dangerous advice. They’re going back tomorrow for a dinner.
    Just want to point out one thing this guy said tonight about diabetes and blood sugar that was absolutely wrong; you cannot have a ‘back log’ of blood sugar due to slowing down the absorption with the presence of fat. That doesn’t even make any damn sense. Avoiding a big sugar spike is a GOOD thing. Big spikes provoke the big insulin response that we know is dangerous and unhealthy. Slower processing of sugars is desirable.

    Then a little while later he said that if you measure your blood sugar after you eat an apple, in comparison to after you drink the juice, the juice will slightly spike your sugar, and that is bad.

    Make up your mind! Is it good, or will it produce a ‘back log’ of sugar?!

    Also; he does admit that the only historical example for this raw vegan diet of his, is monkeys. He says that the reason people haven’t done this before, is because we didn’t have the modern distribution that makes the best food available to us all the time. So he is a ‘pioneer.’

    But remember; human beings do live in the same place and climate that those Bonobo chimps do. He’s using these primates as the closest model for us to follow, but excluding the eating habits of the humans that live there in the same place and have access to the same foods, year round.

    Obviously, these chimps don’t need international trade and logistics to get their dietary needs fulfilled. But instead of showcasing the humans who have lived in the same place as these monkeys since time immemorial, he showcases the distant Okinawans, instead?

    The Okinawans: Who, according to his chart, have amazing longevity and health, and eat COOKED yams and COOKED fish and COOKED vegetables.

    Speaking of clams, I bet he doesn’t eat those, either.
    Yeah, I’m talking dirty.

  319. Someone better call 911. Wiser’s cutting himself, and about to bleed out.

  320. Fatty fish or grassfed beef, grassfed butter, avocado, coconut, cold-pressed olive oil. Grassfed isn’t critical, but it’ll help keep your omega 3s up. If you don’t do that, make sure you’re getting a good fish oil supplement (and keep it in the fridge or it’ll go rancid). The fish oil is probably a good idea anyhow, but you’ll need more of it if your other fat intake is mostly from grainfed meat and/or poultry.

  321. The Columbus Zoo has quite a few Bonobos. They are fascinating to interact with.

  322. Clams can’t feel pain and don’t move. Basically vegetables.

  323. Leon – Thanks.

  324. Wait, that’s oysters. Oh well. I don’t like either one. Too yucky.

  325. Nipple alert!!!

  326. Welcome. I hope it helps.

  327. Damn, I want some rawbar now.
    Raw, icy cold Littlenecks + cold beer = Happy Hunchback

  328. Does grassfed beef really taste any different? I mean, in a significant way?

  329. Bonobos are ghey. Just ask the Howler Monkeys.

  330. All your talk about food has made me hungry at bedtime, so I will have to have some cottage cheese, I guess

  331. A little different. If it’s exclusively fed grass, the fat will be yellow in hue — a sign of the stored vitamin A — and it will taste… well… different. It’s not exactly gamey, more slightly buttery and pungent. If you’ve only ever eaten “normal” beef, it will taste off at first.

  332. If your grocer is selling what he claims is “grass fed beef” and you don’t see yellow fat, don’t buy it. It was probably pastured until the last month or two and then feedlot-fattened just like normal cattle. He’s not lying to you, but it’s also not worth the extra money he’s probably charging you.

  333. So Leon, what do you think about the health claims made for jelly filled doughnuts?

  334. So Leon, what do you think about the health claims made for jelly filled doughnuts?

    All true. The guys at 30JDAD are legit.

  335. Did I finally kill it? Thank Heaven, even I was getting sick of me.

  336. I’m still hoping Leon is wrong about drinking delicious refreshing beverages at night and getting plenty of sleep. Wishcasting.

  337. Well, looks like there’s no way to defeat Barry S. now!

  338. Someone should remind Snooki about the Tanning Tax. She might have forgotten.

  339. Bedtime.

  340. Thanks, Leon! Goodnight.

  341. what happened here just now?

    right the fuck now?

  342. dang its late



  343. Dennis Evaded Rookie Policemen.

  344. wakey wakey

  345. No.

  346. Heh, a Jim Treacher follower suggested that we send our unwanted wedding gifts to the White House and imagined the fondue sets stacking up.

  347. Flying into a tropical storm – yay.

    Catch y’all later.

  348. Mornin’ folks. Looks like there won’t be rain here today after all, so I can actually get to all that tree trimming I skipped yesterday.

  349. I’m gonna make an omelet. Anyone else want one?

    TOO BAD!

  350. I can’t find my car keys. They’re in my pants I think.

  351. *reads upthread*

    And you guys fuss at me for talking about gluten? 😛

    I wish that I could access some of the stuff that I had saved in my Outlook Express account – there was a fascinating “study” done back in the early part of the 1900’s by a doctor whose mother was diagnosed with diabetes (I’m assuming Type II, since back then most children with Type I died too early to reproduce).

    This was back in the days before they used “live” insulin – if you were diagnosed with TIID, you were basically toast.

    And this doctor couldn’t bear the thought of his mother dying.

    He had noticed that many patients with high blood sugar actually went back to normal levels of blood sugar if they were denied food for about a week (which explains why all of those gastric bypass patients are “Diabetes Free” right after their surgery).

    So he did an experiment. As food was reintroduced to these patients, he monitored their carbohydrate intake/blood sugar levels, increasing the carbs by small amounts over the course of a few weeks.

    Each patient’s carb tolerance level was different, but basically the doctor discovered that these “Diabetic” patients could live TIID-free if they kept their carb level below their personal tolerance limit.

    Then they found pig insulin, and all of his research was deemed obsolete.

    He may or may not have found $20…..

  352. I think Taubes put a summary of that study in GCBC, it sounds very familiar.

  353. Thiis guy – his stuff is still being used today (although it has been significantly modified from his original findings/treatments):

    He was building on the results of this guy:

    For both of them, though, insulin was discovered before they could expand on their findings.

    And insulin was arguably the first miracle “drug” of the modern age.

  354. It’s no Bayer aspirin.

  355. I was reading all the vegan conversation from last night while eating a jalopeno and cheddar stuffed sausage made by some Germans in Fredericksburg TX, wrapped up in a tortilla made by some messicans in Albuquerque NM washed down with some sweet tea which I guess we should give a nod to the Brits for bringing out attention to. I’m all about diversity and shit.

  356. Ahem, ladies:

  357. FYI, Dave:

    Though I guess you worked on CT II.

  358. hello mother flaggers, repobates and lapeer – losers

  359. Yeah, it was the II birds. Still, pretty cool.

    Hey krow, glad you made it. Can you microwave soup now?

  360. Good morning, champions of breakfast.

  361. not yet dave, but everytime i fart the cell phone rings

  362. Time to watch abe Lincoln kill some vampires.

  363. Krow doesn’t need a nightlight, his IS the nightlight.

  364. Hotair VP survey results are out.

    First five:
    Allen West
    Paul Ryan
    Condi Rice?

    Wtf, republicans? Just one white guy in top five? Why can’t you be racists like democrats claim you are?

  365. For the record, my preference is for Ryan or Condi. Romney can use some help with foreign policy or fiscal policy.

  366. Detroit, bitches.

    Good to see you back Krow.

  367. Krow, I am not up to date on the happenings around here. What happened to you?

  368. If you have a moment, sashay on over to NiceDeb’s and read about gangliosidosis. Her youngest child was recently diagnosed with this nearly 100%-fatal disease.

  369. No one on that list would bother me as a VP choice. I have reservations about Condi because I don’t know that’s she’s ever campaigned for office, but she’s sharp as a tack and carries a decent bit of gravitas.

  370. It’s no Bayer aspirin.

    True dat –
    (Probably should have clarified – “miracle drug in heretofore fatal conditions”…..)


    Krow is the second coming of Jesus? 😛

    *ducks and runs*

  371. Krow is a cyborg now. More machine than man. Twisted and evil.

    Or something.

  372. Detroit, bitches.

    My, what a cryptic remark.

  373. Tree trimming injury count:

    Two bleeding fingers
    One bleeding eyebrow
    9″ chest scratch

    Plants are trying to kill you. I’m not kidding about this.

  374. Leon, Romney has turned out to be a better than expected campaigner, and is sorrounded by very capable surrogates. Having a veep candidate who is a good campaigner is not a necessity. I am less enthusiatic about Rubio and West because while absolutely wonderful folks, they lack experience. Granted West has military experience, but that is not enough, unless you have Eisenhower or Grant level of experience.

  375. Love a Condi/Biden slugfest of a debate. Pure awesome fun.

  376. Leave West in the house. For God’s sake, he’s a first term congressman. And Rubio has a bright future in the Senate.

    I’m a little down on Rice as she’s a bit of a squish, but on the plus side, she looks fantastic in stompy boots.

  377. There isn’t a name on that list (or any list) that doesn’t make Biden look like a stumbling buffoon.

  378. Plants are trying to kill you. I’m not kidding about this.


  379. I still think John Engler would be a great VP, and I can almost guarantee no one’s done opposition research on him. He could flip Michigan.

  380. If you want gravitas, Christie is your man. Dude doesn’t have just gravitas. He has his own freakin gravity.

  381. Are you suggesting he has “gravit-ass?’

  382. Smaller Governors revolve in orbit around him.

  383. I just watched Bill Whittle on F & F over at the HQ. The answer to his final question is no.

  384. Considering that I am brown skinned, I cannot help but root a bit for Jindal. But I am not sure if America is ready for a veep of Indian origin yet. May be in another 30 years. That is when my kids would turn 35. One of them has potential. He already steals candy from his brother.

  385. You should have him start representing your family at funerals, Tush.

  386. Sean, I am angling for the office of President for my kid, not VP

  387. This poat is as dead as my lawn.

  388. The Bill Whittle vid was excellent. Pity the “Real” reporters can’t put together a succinct, coherent, accurate presentation like that.

    Shouldn’t somebody put up a spankin’ new poat with attractive wimmen?

  389. Tush, Difibulator installation and Death Ray

  390. YAY!

  391. Is that you, Doctor Jones?

  392. Welcome back krow! Abe Lincoln was Meh.

  393. Tushar – You underestimate us. Bobby Jindal is a helluva lot more American than Barack Obama

  394. Man, looks like the interwebs are dead today.

    WTF? Is everyone resting up for Obamacare Monday?

  395. I had mowing to do. It’s done now. Whole damn lawn has been mowed in the last 7 days. That’s a record for me and this lawn.

  396. Not just here, Leon. The whole blogosphere seems dead.

  397. Eerie. Well, I’m here for like 15 more minutes.

  398. “It’s quiet. Too quiet!”

  399. Did you notice the Obama proclamation to donate your wedding gifts came after Valerie Jarrett’s daughter’s wedding? Will she retroactively gift them to the Obama campaign?

  400. Donations are for little people. I’m sure the Jarretts are exempt from tithing to the Church of O.

  401. There’s no sensation that compares to this..
    Suspended animation, Sate of Bliss

  402. Angela Corey wants him charged with ADW and attempted murder:

  403. Just hangin’ baby.. Where’s the funnay?

  404. Poor kid. Doing something like that so young can mess you up if your family and friends don’t give you good support. Hope he’s okay.

  405. Awright, off to Monroe.

  406. TGIF!


  407. Man.. Empty.. just walkin’ thru..

  408. The H2: The Movie:

  409. There’s a new low-ridin poat up. Check out the short bus!

  410. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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