Big Mutha Fockin’ Bootleg Boob Friday™

Lawd Reekris!  Get the fuckin’ water, hostages!


Welcome to another edition of BBF.  I wrote this song yesterday (yes, it’s a Kim Wilde cover) for the kids that decided to throw David Axeldouche a little party in Taxachussettes.  I suspect that there’s a large group of kids that have worked hard their whole lives, only to see their shot at a decent future pissed away by the whiny little Choom Gang bitches that put O-tard in office.  Lets help these FLOA get a shot in life rather than settling for sucking uncle sugar’s tit and living in mom’s basement.


I’m sure that today’s model has graced this POS blog before, but fuck it, I had to work last night, and I’m pretty sure you pud whackers won’t really care anyway.  She’s a bit fat, a bit fugly, but has great big giant knockers that even a fucker that believes her home country is responsible for death camps can admire.  Please welcome Polish beauty, Ines Cudna!!!!!!!!



If you have lost your merkin, please report to lost and found directly following the test.


193 – Roman Emperor Didius Julianus is assassinated.

1252 – Alfonso X is elected King of Castile and León.

1495 – Friar John Cor records the first known batch of scotch whisky.

1533 – Anne Boleyn is crowned Queen of England.

1779 – Benedict Arnold, a general in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, is court-martialed for malfeasance.

1792 – Kentucky is admitted as the 15th state of the United States.

1796 – Tennessee is admitted as the 16th state of the United States.

1831 – James Clark Ross discovers the North Magnetic Pole.

1974 – The Heimlich maneuver for rescuing choking victims is published in the journal Emergency Medicine.

1980 – Cable News Network (CNN) begins broadcasting.

2009 – General Motors files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is the fourth largest United States bankruptcy in history.

2011–Barack has sex with Michelle.

2012–Facebook stock drops past what even MJ thought it would.





Meh.  I’m not a big fan of blondes.  Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Ohai!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm….Ines.

  3. Mr. TiFW thanks you….. :P

  4. 2011–Barack has sex with Michelle.

    ba haa haaa

  5. Meh, she’s kind of thick and blonde for my taste.

  6. I put that in there for you Car in. I know you like cow porn.

  7. Let Me Put My Love Into Moo Babe.

  8. How Now Brown Cow

    Starring Jada Fire.

  9. I wonder if Jada Fire lurks here.

  10. I am Jada Fire.

  11. I’d hit it.

  12. You’re a lot whiter and uglier in person.

  13. Cudna? Sounds like cow porn.

  14. The camera adds 10 pounds of blackness.

  15. The camera adds 10 pounds of blackness areola.

    There you go.

  16. Has anyone else read about the snuff video that gay porn star made?

    They’re calling it “1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick” and the description makes me want to crawl into the fetal position on the floor.

  17. No.

    What kinda fuckin’ derelict websites to you hang out besides this one?

  18. Yeah, Rosie – sick stuff.
    Dude filmed a kitten being squished by a python.
    Some folks need killin’…..

  19. That barely sounded pretty messican for realz.

  20. I forwarded the “MJ” link to Mr. TiFW – he’s gonna laugh so hard that he cries.

    I can’t wait…..

  21. Looks like Elizabeth Warren changed her hairstyle.

  22. Hooray! Let’s here it for real tits!!!

  23. Looks like Elizabeth Warren changed her hairstyle.

    Bitch can assecorize like nobody’s bidness though.

  24. Yay! Short day today. My dogs is barkin.’

    And I get to sleep in tomorrow. We aren’t starting until 6:00.

  25. I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Warren claims to be black because she was a Brownie as a child.

  26. I find your lack of fresh boobage disturbing. Eventhough it does make me hungry for a polish sausage……the tasty, non-manmeat kind, you pervs.

  27. Green Lantern? I always figured it was either Robin, The Boy Wonder or The Flash.

  28. Dallas’ version of Al Sharpton got caught red-handed:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer scumbag…..

  29. Excellent model today, MJ

    And your links get better and better every week.

  30. Dallas’ version of Al Sharpton got caught red-handed:


    Is this the “black holes is racist!” idiot?

  31. One and the same –
    A real peach of a guy….

    Spent an entire year terrorizing a local elementary school because of “racist” policies.

    Mind you, the school was in FORT WORTH, not Dallas…..

  32. I’ve about had it with these animal rights activists:

  33. And your links get better and better every week.

    Now if we can just get rid of naked SWAT stalker.

  34. NEVER.

    I love that shit. If you checked the links last week, you would have seen my replacement, which was much, much worse.

    Rosetta would back me up. That’s the best GIF evah.

  35. Car in and leon are gonna be RICH, if egg prices go 8X.

  36. Man, I love the create page gif. That’s awesome.

  37. Try now. I know you’ll like it.

  38. dickhole

  39. Once again, you’ve topped yourself.


  41. Frigging car show!!?! Errand took twice as long because of traffic. . .

  42. What kind of cars MCPO?

  43. Car in and leon are gonna be RICH, if egg prices go 8X.

    And they laughed at me! Laughed!!!


    *eats giganto farmer’s omelet*

  44. Vman – This week is the Ford National. FMC has completely taken over our little civic center and the fairgrounds and town are packed.

  45. *eats giganto farmer’s omelet*

    This is Leon’s face, eatin up the profits.

  46. Leon, you need some ostriches if you’re going to make giganto omelets. That way you would have egg left over to sell.

  47. Sarah informed me that there was a dead kitten on the back porch.

    One with a curly tail and a snout.

    I always wondered what possum babies looked like……

  48. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

  49. Now, you always say that you wanna be free. . .

  50. Pupster?

  51. See, this is what happens when you give TiFW a bottle taquila. She flashes a little pussy for us. Whore. ;)

  52. TGSG is not a link clicker.

  53. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

    It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

    /Alan Jackson

  54. It’s never 5 o’clock here.

  55. 5 o’clock is over rated. I prefer beer thirty.

  56. So, I’m the one that gets to kill the thingamajig today? Fine. Screw you guys, going home!

  57. Muthafocking bootleg rain. How am I supposed to go for a run?

  58. TGSG is not a link clicker.

    not today, too busy gettin shite done. headed to work


  59. Why can’t you run in the rain?

  60. I dunno if this is going to let up. I think if I go running, I’m going to get wet.

    Not sure how I feel about this.

  61. Because it’s about 56 degrees out there.

  62. If it can slow up to a light misting … it’s doable. I just don’t want to be drenched, running in 56 degree weather.

  63. Car in, like a mudder!

  64. 1) Get a garbage bag, cut a hole in the top
    2) Put it over your head, put head through hole (important!)
    3) Profit!

  65. You need gore-tex pants.

  66. Yea, that would work, Scott

    *ignores J’ames suggestion. ALthough I did start the freep half in a garbage bag. keeps you warm w/o having to throw away a sweatshirt in the first few miles of the race, although a lot of people do that.

  67. Tornado Watch just posted for my burgh. . .

  68. Crap, Chief. Stay safe!

  69. Oso – I’m inside. . . there are thousands on the fairgrounds for the car show!

  70. ALthough I did start the freep half in a garbage bag.
    I did the same thing for a half marathon. It was in the 30s.

  71. Chief, best thing about ABQ? No tornadoes. No hurricanes. I hope that the tourists are getting accurate information.

  72. First, second and third place in the spelling bee goes to brown Indian origin kids.

    White people can’t spell. Neener neener…

  73. Jeez, a perfectly good idea, thrown right out the window.

    Just like that iPad.

  74. I don’t get to see many hurricanes in Michigan. Not a lot of volcanic activity, either. Tornadoes on occasion, though.

  75. “Chief, best thing about ABQ? No tornadoes. No hurricanes”

    Venomous lizards.

  76. Recycling speeches again:

  77. I’m waiting for National Day Old Donut Day, coming up tomorrow.

  78. See, this is what happens when you give TiFW a bottle taquila. She flashes a little pussy for us. Whore.

    I’m not a whore.
    I’m a slut. :P

  79. I just don’t want to be drenched, running in 56 degree weather.

    Thing I hated about hiking in wet weather was the constant ‘wiss-wiss-wiss-wiss-wiss’ sound of my waterproofs.

  80. To my very confident fellow Democrats I say, be afraid. Be very, very afraid. I remind you of how certain you were in 2004 that, with a challenged economy and the nation fighting two wars, John Kerry would win and you were shell-shocked when he didn’t. Be afraid that Mitt Romney could win. Do not discount the the power of his narrative: the fiscally conservative business guru who built Bain Capital, saved the Olympics, successfully governed the liberal state of Massachusetts and is just the guy to turn around America’s economy. That most Democrats know he’s a moderate in conservative’s clothes — evidenced by his former positions on health care, gay rights and abortion — doesn’t hurt. And, let’s not forget he’s white which, sadly, could be a huge factor this time around.

    HuffPo link, for those of you with with sensitive nethers.

    My only real thought on this piece is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  81. I think if I go running, I’m going to get wet.
    Not sure how I feel about this.

    Most people run to get OUT of the rain….

    *dials up room service, orders online movie, makes appointment for in-room “massage”*

  82. I didn’t know scott had a new job.

  83. Venomous lizards are so overrated! The wiss-wiss-wiss sound is even worse with corduroy. *shudders*

  84. This is Leon’s face, eatin up the profits.

    You misunderstand, this is Leon indulging in luxuries denied to the proletariat.

    You wouldn’t understand, it’s a Vanguard thing.

  85. And, let’s not forget he’s white which, sadly, could be a huge factor this time around.


    And we’re the racists?

  86. It’s time for today’s episode of “MJ, What Do You Have Shoved Up Your Ass Right Now?”

    MJ, what do you have shoved up your ass right now?

  87. Richard, tell me a quick joke.

  88. I mean, I might be in the 1% that can afford eggs if that passes.

    I’m making a t-shirt with an egg with “1%” written in it. I’ll take pictures of myself eating eggs and make a tumblr blog for them.

  89. Where’s beasn? Capybaras are so cute!

  90. Richard, tell me a quick joke.

    according to Mrs. MCPO, Mr. MCPO

  91. and, right on schedule, wiserbride is home.

    later, chillens

  92. Can’t you fit “suckas” in that title, leon?

  93. according to Mrs. MCPO, Mr. MCPO

  94. hmm…

    It works.

  95. I like your new power tool Rosetta.

  96. How the fuck did pong evolve into this?

  97. And, let’s not forget he’s white which, sadly, could be a huge factor this time around.

    Yeah – I couldn’t leave that one lying there without picking up the gauntlet; don’t know if my comment will make it out of moderation.

    Quick, somebody hose me off!

  98. Why recall Scott Walker?

  99. Mitt’s Dad was born in Mexico. He’s our first WHisp candidate! Viva La Raza!!!

  100. MJ, what do you have shoved up your ass right now?

    That’s the biggest damn hamster I’ve ever seen…..

    *ducks and runs*

  101. *pours tequila for Oso.

  102. Gracias, MJ! Salud!

  103. This looks good.

  104. De nada, mamacita.

  105. This thread is exciting.

  106. Everyone is on twitter and FB.

  107. Where’s hotspur? He may actually appreciate this:

  108. I’m not sure I get Twitter.

  109. Even most of the people using twitter don’t get twitter. They’ve just gotten used to it. It’s like calculus.

  110. osoloco, do you like ossobuco? I only ask because of the alliteration, but it IS pretty good. ;-)

  111. You should tweet that, MJ.

  112. You should tweet that, MJ.
    My bio or tagline or whatever on twitter is ‘Still don’t get this.’

  113. I feel like teasing lefties again, but I don’t want more twitmo time. Fuckers made me gunshy, dammit. Thinking before I say something chafes..

  114. Jazz, not really. I grew up too close to the food chain. I like things packaged and full of preservatives and steroids!

  115. Jazz, I’m not funny enough for twitter. I really like the morons that I follow though.

  116. ^^this.

  117. Facecock is a pretty good buy under $12. Should be just a few weeks, now.

  118. So, I’m a joke? I’m funny to you? I make you laugh? Like a fucking clown?

  119. Sky, Peej, Cyn, and BiW are all over on FB right now.

  120. MCPO, yes.

  121. I really miss PJ. She’s funny in so many ways.

  122. She’s back in school and barely does drive bys. I try to guilt her into coming over but she’s all “grades” and “family”

  123. Facecox.

  124. Friday’s are supposed to be easy, dammit, but this day is kicking my ass.

    I miss FiaF.

  125. Cyn, me too!

  126. I haven’t hit the links yet, MJ, but you can never go wrong with Ines. I’m pretty sure she’s got some Scandi in her too. I mean, if you like that sort of thing.

  127. Leon’s chickens:

  128. Comment by Car in on June 1, 2012 3:55 pm
    Muthafocking bootleg rain. How am I supposed to go for a run?


    C’mon, HTFU. I was running when it was 30 degrees, 35 mph wind and a little sleet last winter. A little rain is no problem, you’ll get sweaty anyway. I’ve got muthaftcking thick bootleg smoke from a forest fire. Breathing outside is discouraged, no way you can run. It sucks.

  129. HAHAHA! You made your funny quota day-one, Xbrad!

  130. I heard on the news that your fire is now the largest ever for NM. I was sorry to hear that for you peeps there. We still have a few fires here, but they’re getting greater control everyday. Unless today’s record heat/winds manage to screw that up.

  131. Interesting Observation:

    25% of women in this country are on medication for mental illness.

    *That’s* incredibly scary……..

    It means 75% are running around with no medication at all.

    //runs far, far away

  132. Bravo Xbrad!

    They determined the cause of 95% of domestic violence in the US…..

    Women WON’T LISTEN!!!!

    //runs and hides with Xbrad

  133. I self medicate with chocolate and wine.

  134. My Mustang project poat is up
    I sneaked in a pic of Zeke

  135. They determined the cause of 95% of domestic violence in the US…..

    Women WON’T LISTEN!!!! STFU!!


  136. *finds secret hideout of the He-Man Girl Haters Club and nukes it from the surface of the Earth, turns to sip a cocktail and nosh on dark chocolate peppermint bark*

  137. Hey Pendejo, I’ll save you a seat.

  138. Hey, I love women, but you’ve got to admit they’re all bat shit crazy, at least some of the time..

  139. PepeLp, I see the panties bunching both ways. That is why the H2 is my happy place.

  140. Word

  141. Meh. I’m not a big fan of blondes. Have a great weekend, everyone.


  142. …but you make us that way.


  143. Oh my

    Was I ever that dumb? Probably

  144. Hi Sohos! Bye Sohos!

  145. I saw Zeke, Vman! Great pictures at the site–you are a wiz with that camera.

  146. Sohos needs to stick around this wknd. She’s moved in. She’s bought groceries. Nina has her learner’s permit. (Crap, I can’t remember her internet status)

  147. Hola, Sohita!

  148. I am here shunning MJ

  149. Hi Oso, tell me more about your panties……

    Just kidding.

  150. Hola!!!!

  151. I was in a big discussment (a halfway between a discussion and an argument) today about the BLM’s/Forestry Service’s 100% fire suppression policy. Fire is fact of nature and inevitable, and stockpiling fuel through suppression seems a bit foolish if one wishes to avoid conflagration of biblical proportions, IMHO. My acquaintance argued that the potential damage to improved property necessitates a “total suppression” policy, and we’ll just have to deal if the shit gets thick.

    Anyway, I didn’t stab him in the head or anything, and the gov’t still adheres to the total suppression policy that started the whole encounter.

    “Potential damage” seems to be a recurring argument with this guy. He more than occasionally justifies governmental encroachment on freedom based on what might happen rather than in response to a historically demonstrated need, and Constitution-be-damned (or, rather, “What Constitution?”). It’s a rationale I think pervades the left, though; they simply fail to recognize boundaries.

  152. Thank you Cyn
    My nephew’s youtube is disturbing

  153. Jazz, our huge fires are lightning caused. Lots of fuel. Lefties/greenies can’t blame anyone. Pretty sure if I had an home in the Gila, I’d be breaking the law in regards to raking, controlled burns, and fire breaks. The only positive is that fire danger may free me up for Lapeerapalooza.

  154. I am kid free this evening and trying to decide what direction to go in

  155. Sohos, do you have cable yet? You should catch up on TV and chat with us here.

  156. Jazz, you hit the nail on the head. The forest service has been suppressing fires for 80+ years. Everything is overgrown and just waiting to go. They know they have a problem, but there’s no easy way out. They do controlled burns, but the problem is, there are houses on private land surrounded by the forest. If they do a controlled burn and it gets away from them, the houses go up, and they get sued. If it’s started by lightning, or an individual, it’s not their fault. It will all go eventually, and it’s always bad. Because there is so much fuel, the fires burn hotter and kill everything. Fires used to burn the small brush periodically, and leave the big trees standing, not anymore.

  157. I do have cable but my couch doesnt get delivered until next Friday

  158. Pepe, I may have been paid under the table to clear areas and do controlled burns around rich peoples cabins. I was in college and needed the cash. Other girls stripped. I illegally cleared property of undergrowth and protected trees.

  159. Sohos, SWEET! You’re stuck with us!

  160. Hi Sohito!

  161. I find that any endeavor the government undertakes other than those spelled out in the Constitution tends to cost more than expected, yields results significantly poorer than those projected, and the more tenuous the nexus to the Constitution, the more tenuous the nexus with common sense.

  162. Now they encourage people to clear the brush and trees. Defensible space is their mantra. There’s a canyon near us that has homes all up the bottom. Only one road in or out. Half the people won’t touch their property, thick thick brush. If a fire starts at the bottom a bunch of people will be trapped. The forest service even has people go in and clear brush, but it’s still bad.

    The area above my place is horribly overgrown. The trees suck up all the water, so springs and wells keep drying up. Heck, 50 years ago, the canyons used to run most of the time. Now it takes a really wet year for the canyon to have water in it.

  163. Hola, sohita!

    No sofa…. Got wine? Wine can make even the most uncomfortable hours pass happier.

  164. Gotta go work on a bulldozer, you guys play nice. :-)

  165. Pepe, they spent the 90s building in the bottom of arroyos in Albuquerque. Last year we had an actual monsoon season.

  166. tI love the Gay Patriot. That dude makes me laugh. He and Taronto have perfected the art of re-tweet mockery.

  167. Evenin’, Fuqueurs de Hose.

  168. Welcome back from Twitmo, Jazz.

  169. Yay! Jazz. You just saved me from an H2 strikeout. And yeah, Taranto and Gay Patriot are great! I love Adam Baldwin too!

  170. Andy, you rock! Thanks for the help,

    Whacha mean by the strikeout, oso? I’m thick sometimes… I do follow Adam Baldwin, tho.

  171. What’s a French cannibal’s favorite food?

    Frog’s legs.

  172. If I check here 3 times and there are no new comments, I have to do an household chore.

  173. **saves Oso from dusting**

  174. WooHoo! I’ve already had to load the dishwasher today. MARE!!!!

  175. We were trying. Sheesh.

    @glockandpearls must’ve passed you her hacksaw blade.

  176. Heh – were I to spend the time here I used to, oso you’d need a new, larger wardrobe.

  177. Meh. I’m not a big fan of blondes. Have a great weekend, everyone.

    Me neither. Brown hair or black for me, with occasional, notable exceptions.

  178. So, Sohos didn’t get custody of the new couch?

  179. Rebecca’s attendant braided her hair for her, and now Rebecca is preening and pointing out her pretty hairdo to all of us.

  180. Is @glockandpearls back yet?

  181. I’m a big fan of blondes.

  182. Underpants

  183. I successfully installed a USB wireless device on HotBride’s computer, and it connects to the web and her wireless printer.

    I’m a mothafuckin bootleg IT genius.

  184. Yes, she busted out a couple of days ago.

  185. @glockandpearls……. Michael is on twitter?

  186. The sky is really freaky. . .

  187. I’m a big fan of blondes.

    I’m a big fan of “willing.”

  188. Wife has been away two weeks now, so I’m laundering the bedding, I vacuumed, did the dishes, and swept all the linoleum.

    It wasn’t especially messy or anything, but it seemed like a nice thing to do. And maybe she’ll think she’s the messy one.

  189. Leon, you’re fucking doing it all wrong.

  190. Sounds like someone missed his wife …

  191. Hubby has been out of town for 4 days. I can’t wait for him to come home and deal with doggie depression.

  192. Hotspur I didn’t get the new furniture and I left about 90% of all the shit with him. I am starting over from scratch and I mean bare bones.

  193. I did that twelve years ago, Sohos. In many ways it’s better.

    I wasn’t the one who started shit. I just finished it.

  194. When I moved to California, I took two carry-on bags.

    It’s a good excuse to buy all new shit.

  195. Sounds like someone missed his wife …

    I mentioned the whole “I gave up porn” thing, right?

    I lit candles, too.

  196. I hope she doesn’t have a headache.

  197. He lives in the country, Car in. If the wife’s not accommodating, he’s got “options.”

  198. She does.

  199. Right. I really wanted a fresh start. Careful what you wish for lol. I have a couch and dining table/chairs coming on Friday next. I have bought all new dishes, glasses and towels, bathroom stuff, and kitchen stuff. toaster, blender, and coffee pot all match, same brand. I love it! It will probably take me several months but it is fun. I am sick of sleeping on the blow up mattress so that is the next big purchase.

  200. She probably will, she’s driving from TN. On the other hand, the house looks nice, and her memory of that will outlast the headache. If I were gone for two weeks and came home to a mess, I’d be rightly furious.

  201. I was on a first name basis with the Bed Bath & Beyond chicks.

  202. Having children changes your perspective. I don’t even know how a person CAN be messy by themselves.

    How is that possible?

  203. Rats, Sohos. Sam’s Club just had an huge Serta mattress event. Now it is back to regular inventory.

  204. Hang on to your hat MCPO

  205. Costco has a lot of fine stuff with which to furnish a house. That and BBB made my life so easy.

  206. Ikea (Thanks PJM) carries a mock tempurpedic (however you spell that) and it feels great and is a fraction of the cost. That is the route I am taking. Man, anything will beat this air mattress. It really isnt that bad but still….Ghetto

  207. Car in, I’m a slob. I used to get my drawers (SYWM) and room inspected by my Navy nurse mom. I rebelled. My German/Lace Irish hubby never stood a chance.

  208. Sohos, make sure you do the test nap in the tempurpedic.(Sic) I felt like I was being swallowed by the bed. Can’t sleep on the pillows either. Plus they’re hot.

  209. My Navy attack pilot dad never inspected my room.

  210. ZOMFG!!11! it’s an early Chess Thread!

  211. XB, you’re lucky. I think it was just an excuse to beat me. My brother and sister had no problems passing inspection. LOL

  212. Man, anything will beat this air mattress. It really isnt that bad but still….Ghetto

    I had a Sleep Number bed for a while. It was just a glorified pool air mattress. Dang thing squeaked every time I turned over. It was atrocious, overpriced, and crap. I believe in real mattresses, not dumb air mattresses.

  213. I have heard those things are hot. They are also the worst freaking thing you could possible have if a fire breaks out.

  214. >> ZOMFG!!11! it’s an early Chess Thread!

    YEAH? *runs to go look*

    I wonder if we can get someone to sponsor an AV Club thread?

  215. Scott, they are really hot. At least the pillows are.

  216. Crap, DiT. I had to google Pamela Smart for the AV reference and still couldn’t come up with a joke. MARE!!!!!

  217. We need a new bed. I was hoping a Sleep Number would work.

  218. Sohot,
    Listen to Crazy Bear. We have the Tempurpedic(sp?). I don’t even dent it when I lay on it (but I’m a stick-man), and it is SUPER-INSULATION! Way hotter than a normal mattress.
    Most of the time here, that’s ok, as it’s either cool or cold at night. During our short(!) summer, It’s too damn hot! Seems like in Tejas, it would be too hot all the time, but I don’t live there, dammit!
    The pillows are pretty firm.

  219. We had a Tempurpedic for a while, it was too hot for me to sleep on.

    Now I sleep on a pile of dry ice and old spark plugs.

  220. Scott, we spent months mattress shopping and I still prefer the couch. The dogs love our pillow top Serta though.

  221. Scott,
    A couple of friends in Tacoma have a Sleep Number bed and they love it!

  222. I also sleep in the Big Man’s Chair and on the ottoman so I may not be very reliable.

  223. crap! So maybe I just buy a regular bed. They ain’t expensive

  224. Well, except for one more month sleeping in the recliner.

  225. Costco mattress here. Love it.

  226. Looks like the RED on the RADAR is right on MCPOs house(on Scots link). Shouldn’t last long, but looks intense!

  227. Sohos,
    Go to the bed store and spend 10-15 min laying on each kind. Very instructive, and you get some funny looks from the browsers in the store! I kinda liked a couple of the pillow-tops, but Anita didn’t.

  228. Sounds like 5 or 6 batteries of 105s going off!

  229. I loved water beds, just not the risk of hypothermia should the power go out.

  230. ChrisP, my hubby liked the tempurpedic beds but I didn’t. I rarely spend a full night on the pillow top that I had to have. He and the dogs snore.

  231. ZOMFG!!11! it’s an early Chess Thread!

    The 70s would be envious of this brown stripe. And it’s still a little damp.

  232. Apparently as your body heat accumulates in that memory foam material, the little bubbles collapse in layers, so that you sink in, in a perfectly form-fitting way. They are supposed to give you a great sleep.

    But yes, hot.

    I read an article about how those mattresses ruin sex. It’s pretty funny. Part of it is the slowly sinking-in effect, and part of it is the dampening of all movement. This mattress is ‘dead,’ no bounce.

    So if you’re the guy, your partner slowly sinks into the mattress away from you, your own hands and knees are disappearing into the thing, and creating a rhythm is totally exhausting because there is no energy coming back from the mattress- it’s all work.

  233. Screw that.

  234. Gambling should be outlawed in Africa. Too many cheetahs there.

  235. Hawt.

    Wait. What?

  236. Word…that is all I needed to hear. I am taking crispy’s advice

  237. Waterbeds. My Aunt had a waterbed crib in the early 80s. The babies loved it.

  238. hahahahandy!

  239. Sohos, take a towel or pillow case so you aren’t in total contact with the tester beds. (germaphobe)

  240. Did anybody squeeze anybody else’s Charmin today?

  241. Ever check into a Motel 6 Oso? How does a germaphobe do that?

  242. $4,000 gold vibrator stolen in Brazilian armed robbery. Wax off….

  243. I wanted to burn my waterbed after about six months. I spent the next six months figuring out how to ignite water…. Needless to say, I just threw it out.

  244. I travel with lysol spray and my own sheets. I wear flip flops and try not to touch until I’ve sprayed.

  245. ba-BOOM! ba-BOOM! ba-BOOM! *CRACK*. . . ba-BOOM!

  246. I’m very happy with my Tempurpedic. It’s a little warm, but not too bad.

  247. I understand. I got some Vietnam jungle foot thing from a hotel in NC about 20 years ago.

  248. Just don’t wash for a couple of weeks before you’re going to check into a hotel or motel. The trick is to build up your own protective layer of virulent filth.

  249. XB, what temp do you keep your AC at? What is warm to a desert dweller?

  250. The prior owners of the $4,000 house were Richard and Shelley Walter, who had a son who served as a Marine in Iraq. I wonder if they’ve read Granny’s impassioned attacks on foreclosures: “Foreclosure rates are skyrocketing. Is it a civil right to lose that home in a sheriff’s auction?”

    The Dems should be lynching her, not voting for her.

  251. Link to The Great Brazilian Dildo Caper:

  252. >> So if you’re the guy, your partner slowly sinks into the mattress away from you, your own hands and knees are disappearing into the thing, and creating a rhythm is totally exhausting because there is no energy coming back from the mattress- it’s all work.

    I didn’t want to mention that part, but I can confirm it.

    Or deny. Really, let’s just say I read about that. It’s only an issue if you can do it for longer than 90 seconds, so I really don’t know.

  253. Check out the fly ride:

  254. MCPO, love the BooBoo pics!

  255. Awww

  256. Oso, if I had my druthers, the AC would be kept around 75-78. But normally, it’s 81-82 in the house, which is just a touch too warm for me.

  257. She’s home, no headache :)

  258. Didja meet her at the door in your ball gag and chaps, leon?

  259. If what you meant to say was “shorts and a t-shirt”, then yes.

  260. XB, you are like my PHX family. I like the AC in the 60s. You’re a Jawa.

  261. Badass whip, Chief. That yung’un seems to have mastered the art of napping anywhere. Kudos to her instructor.

  262. Not yet. She is probably trying to figure out who cleaned the house.
    That will give her a headache.

  263. awww, leon – I had a whole “Dodgeball” imagery going for you. Party on, Garth. ;-)

  264. I am watching Ancient Aliens. They’re talking about the “Ring of Cosmic Sovereignty.” I love this show. We are the aliens we’ve been searching for.

  265. When Mrs. Leon comes home…

  266. I LOOOOVED our waterbed – it had baffles around it, so it was like having a regular mattress.

    I was able to sleep on my stomach all the way through 4 pregnancies – just kept lowering the water level on my side.

    We couldn’t find a good one when that one finally gave up the ghost, so now we have a “normal” mattress. I’d go back to a waterbed in an instant, but I think Mr. TiFW likes the one that we have now…..

  267. We keep it between 74-76 and that is COLD. the a/c went out the other day and I called the office to report it and when I got home it was fixed. WIN! The shower curtain rod fell in the bathroom and that was fixed and too high in the other bathroom and that was lowered. I might could get used to this.

  268. The Dems should be lynching her, not voting for her.

    Dang, b-rad, you’re not supposed to make cracks like that about minorities.

  269. Hahah xbrad! Reminds me of this commercial

  270. I’m an eskimo! I’ve been returning portable ACs because of our stupid heat wave. People don’t understand how Swamp Coolers/AC work. I would die in the 70s. (Dramatic license)

  271. Lynching Indians isn’t racist, right? Smallpox blankets and firewater, maybe, but lynching shouldn’t be a cultural affront to Indians (at least on a large scale).

  272. Euros didn’t even understand that blankets were carriers at the time. That would be like blaming feather Indians for lung cancer.

  273. I used to do shots of this stuff called “firewater” it was bright red. It was yummy and make me feel all warm inside. I forgot about it until just now. One time this bitch I hated was trying to be all cool and brought me a shot of it and I said no, I’m too drunk I don’t want it. She was like come on you wussy do it! Taunting me and so I shot it and as soon as it hit my stomach I immediately spewed it all over her face and white frilly blouse. It was AWESOME and totally involuntary.

  274. Sohos for the 20$

  275. We keep the A/C at 77 in the daytime and turn it down to 75 at bedtime. In the winter, it’s 68 during the day and 66 at night. I may up that to 70 this winter as my bones are old.

  276. I love drunk chick stories. Moar, plz.

  277. We haven’t turned our heater on in 3 years. Keeps the temp in the 60s in the winter. Portable air and swamp cooler keep me in the 60s in the summer. I like stability.

  278. Strike 2.

  279. Hey, Chief, Robin Roberts is June on my HOF calendar. I figured you’d dig that.

  280. It is like Oso is speaking some other language that i dont understand

  281. Sean – He was the real deal!

  282. Where’s beasn? Capybaras are so cute!

    Oh indeed. Whistle pigs. And one better not be up anyone’s arse.

    *evil glares rosetta*

  283. Mets get their first no hitter.

    Jazz doesn’t care.

  284. I thought for a minute Sean was talkin’ ’bout the Good Morning America anchor. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how she got in the HOF.

  285. Euros didn’t even understand that blankets were carriers at the time.

    They most certainly did, Oso. They just didn’t know precisely how it worked. But they knew that you could spread disease with goods used by sick people. The infection of certain Natives with smallpox was absolutely deliberate.

    Lord Amherst.

  286. Do we have evidence that that ever actually happened? I read an article awhile back claiming that it was a commonly-repeated story, but no documented case of deliberate smallpoxing had ever occurred.

  287. I think I just swallowed a bug.

  288. Laura – Are you smoking water lilies again?

  289. Washington ‘innoculated’ his troops from smallpox. I think it was the smallpox.
    Partly because of the worry of bio-terror.

  290. Gonna go watch Jeopardy. The guy who was champ until last night was from my hometown.

    Congrats to wiser on the Mets’ first no-no!


  291. Wow, Lauraw. I just read some links. What about new world infections that Euros took back with them? Were those deliberate too?

  292. leon, I read something too about the infected blanket story could not be proved.

    Washington did see many a man die from disease in close quarters but also worried about the enemy sending someone infected into their camp…thus the innoculating.

  293. Leon, I don’t know. I always heard Amherst did the deed. Too late for looking things up, for me.

  294. Stupid Mets nono.

  295. Were those deliberate too?

    Anything is possible, but men will be men whilst away in another world and will walk away with some serious itching and burning.

  296. ” I immediately spewed it all over her face and white frilly blouse. It was AWESOME and totally involuntary.”

    Best Christmas ever.

  297. I’m an Occam’s razor kind of person. I really have an hard time buying into conspiracy theories. I’m Simple Jack that way.

  298. ” I immediately spewed it all over her face and white frilly blouse. It was AWESOME and totally involuntary.”

    I can’t tell you how often I’ve uttered those words.

  299. Sohos,
    ” I immediately spewed it all over her face and white frilly blouse. It was AWESOME and totally involuntary.”
    If you had that on youtube, it would have a million hits!

  300. Just finished watching Jeremiah Johnson. Great flick on a big screen TV.

  301. Twitter Gulag: How It Works:

    And Chucky J, who got me my timeout, plays a significant role.

  302. We bought our son a 42″ teevee for his birthday. I’m jealous.

    My eyes are starting to have trouble watching our 27″.

  303. OMG, how cute is this? Help for paralyzed rats.

  304. Chief,
    We’re old-people. We still have a 27″ CRT-TV. There seems to be nothing worth watching on our satellite-feed. We turn it on for the 2100 local “news” then go to bed. I can’t see spending the bucks for a HD-Flat-screen when there is nothing of interest on.

  305. gack

  306. I only have 2 flat screens. Guest bedroom is still on regular cable/720.

  307. I was just watching a youtube clip of the Prez and Laura Bush unveiling their white house portraits. What a gracious couple. GW truly respected the office of the President, and was always mindful that no single human is greater than the office itself. He served with dignity and honor. Thank you, Mr President.

  308. Such a contrast huh Tushy

  309. Tushar is funneh.

  310. Just finished watching Jeremiah Johnson.

    There’s gotta be a market for porn “parodies” of old movies. Plus, the stuff just writes itself!

  311. Jeremiah’s Johnson.

  312. We don’t have a/c. It always gets cool at night, so we open the windows and it cools off the house. Gets a little warm in the afternoon, but usually not too bad. I freeze when I go to town and they have refrigerated air.

  313. I watch Netflix, Amazon and Sony streaming stuff mostly.

  314. Olson Johnson is right!

  315. >> And Chucky J, who got me my timeout, plays a significant role.

    While denying that it exists. Asshole.

  316. We don’t have a “Data Plan”, just basic satellite w/local channels. Nor do we have ‘smart-phones’, just phones. Our cell-phone is a phone, nothing more. People seem to have a hard-time accepting that.
    All this iPhone,iPad, iPod, iMac shit is repulsive to us. We have been in IT since the late ’60s. The computing devices do not rule us, we rule them. Some folks seem to have lost that. I not only do not understand that, I do not care.
    Yes, a curmudgeon, I am one.
    Get off my lawn!

  317. Andy,

  318. Pepe, if I were in Chama or Hondo, I’d agree. it gets too hot in Burque for me..

  319. Peckerwood Johnson

  320. I don’t think I could get my A/C to drop the temp in the 60s during the summer. It runs pretty much full time during the day in the summer, and struggles to keep it in the low 80s/high 70s. And we’ve got a whoppin’ big AC unit.

  321. Howard Johnson

  322. ChrisP, the beponytailed asshat Chuck Johnson is behind a lot of the conservative twitter bannings, and then he turns around and accuses cons of being delusional in thinking there’s a move afoot to ban them.

  323. The smallpox blankets did happen, and even intentionally. I did a project a good while ago, but still remember it. I found primary records for two cases where blankets and things were given to tribes from homes known to have been infected with smallpox. The usual practice at the time was to burn everything; the Army made a conscious decision to not burn everything and give them to Indians.

    But, contrary to the history people are taught, those incidents were exceptions. There was no systemic biological warfare waged against Indian tribes.

  324. Meh. It’s all in the game.

  325. Hi Jew!

  326. So, you’re saying the evil oppressive racist Army only put forth 1/32 the effort needed to kill Lizzy Warren’s ancestors?

  327. Jewstin! How’s it going up in sheep country? Where the men are men and the sheep are nervous.

  328. Jewstin,
    But biology got its revenge when Columbus crew brought syphilis back to Europe!
    That’ll learn ’em!

  329. I prefer this game song:

  330. Hi, Vmax! How’s things?

    Pepe, the nights are cool and sheep are made of wool. It’s basic math.

    And as Churchill said: Never forget Montezuma’s Revenge.*

    *Possibly not Churchill.

  331. Pepe, the nights are cool and sheep are made of wool. It’s basic math.

    That’s genius right there.

  332. Wyoming is one of those places where there’s two seasons, winter and Fourth of July.

  333. Wyoming is one of the seven states I have not seen.

  334. Dave, you should visit Yellowstone. Put it on your bucket list.

  335. Once again, the Brit papers cover stories our MSM refuse to cover:

  336. Wyoming is one of the seven states I have not seen.

    So, you’ve seen 43 or 50 states….

  337. Ive been to all 57

  338. Sohos, DO NOT BUY A PILLOWTOP MAT. After just a bit of time you’ll be very sorry and will be sleeping in a “valley” … I speak from sad experience.

  339. A “bum-off.” What a spectacularly magnificent concept. Simply splendid. The world needs more bum-offs.

  340. I know it! So, I am lost on the bed thing. See when I was really fat and stuck in the bed, in the same position for months, b/c of my leg I killed our bed. Pillow top. It was ruined.

  341. I really do want to see Yellowstone.

    Hey Sohos. You’re lighter now. With two good pins. You’re what the mattress industry calls “the best customer ever”

    You will be fine.

  342. I went to Wyoming for a Dierks Bentley/Lynyrd Skynyrd concert.

  343. *tackles Dave!*

  344. I’m three miles from Wyoming, Michigan. It has a rodeo, but the rodeo is electric, it has no livestock, and nothing gets ridden – except, maybe, a nerve or two (the electric rodeo is a summer concert event). So, it’s really not Wyoming-y in the Great State of Wyoming sense.

  345. *tackles Sohos back you can’t just tackle me and NOT get it back*

  346. Dave, Sohos… two come up for air. I beg you.

  347. The Saturday Nite Chess Thread is up!!

    The Saturday Nite Chess Thread is up!!

    *puts on pants*

  348. shut up and leave us alone

  349. Lucky muhfuck……

  350. Derp is the magic number.

  351. wakey wakey

  352. This is on the sidebar at Ace’s – Glenn Greeenwald:

    And now we have the spectacle of Obama’s “senior administration officials” boasting to David Sanger about the details of this highly classified program and Obama’s heroic seizing of the mantle (“From his first days in office, he was deep into every step in slowing the Iranian program — the diplomacy, the sanctions, every major decision,” a senior administration official said. “And it’s safe to say that whatever other activity might have been under way was no exception to that rule”). In other words: Dear Vital Jewish Voters in Crucial Swing States: behold what this great leader did in secret to pummel Iran.


  353. Good morning, Carin.

    I don’t know why Obama is pandering to the Jews, they’ll vote for him anyway.

  354. I would say yes, but he certainly has cause to worry about their enthusiasm. We had our “Jewish” friends over a week or so back, and they weren’t very happy about Obama. They have children/adult who are living in Israel … so … I would say Jews who know people in Israel, they aren’t too happy.

    But your average non-practicing jew? Yea,they’re all still on the Obama bandwagon.

  355. Why is everyone still asleep?
    even the dogs went back to bed here.

  356. Well, he’s got an enthusiasm problem across the board, I think. I remember the black woman telling Obama at a press conference some time ago saying that she was tired of defending him.

    Even Axelrod sounded flat, saying the Etch a Sketch line. The average voter won’t know WTF he means by that.

  357. Woot. Looks like nice running weather for the next week. Highest is 77 or so!!

    Who’s excited?

  358. Axelrod sounded like he needed a vacation.

    I also thought Obama’s little speech – yesterday – about the economy and the effects from Europe … he sounded like a little boy repeated words he didn’t really understand. I felt like asking “Really, Mr President, could you explain how Europe’s collapse directly affects our labor market?”

    So in over his head.

    Mothafocking bootleg Thingamajig.

  359. Yeah, I missed the Thingamajig yesterday. Too much stuff going on.

  360. he sounded like a little boy repeated words he didn’t really understand

    This was different from normal?

  361. *sneakily removes Carin’s left leg*

    *puts three bbs inside it and then screws it back on*

    (oh,man….the sound of those bouncing around while she’s running is going to drive her crazy…snicker)

  362. he sounded like a little boy

    I say he behaves like a teenager. He wants to party with his friends and won’t do his homework.

  363. Sounds like a paint can being shaken.

  364. This is the first time I’ve been convinced that I was the intellectual superior of the sitting president. I definitely take my job more seriously.

  365. *walks to kitchen to get more coffee

    What’s that sound? I kinda like it. Sounds like I’m moving around with maracas.

    *considers joining a Zumba class

  366. Zumba is too loud. At least at my gym. I’ve had to duck into the room a couple of times during it to grab a step, and my ears felt assaulted.

  367. Do they do prog- metal Zumba? I’d join that.

  368. *mails Car in Reg, Fake.

  369. Two last soccer games this weekend. I’m kinda depressed about my son’s. The team – it’s a mess. The next coach up pilfered a bunch of the kids (including Ethan) to play a tournament, and now I feel a bunch of the kids just want to “play up” with that coach – who coaches the next year up older boys.

    It’s depressing me, because so many parents are … so impressed with the idea that their kid is “playing up” (they call it) – despite the fact that the team loses most of it’s games.

    Why can’t kids just play their own level? Why does everyone have to puff their ego, playing up, then losing all the games because they ain’t all that (none of them.) It’s like everyone getting an “A” in school or something.

    /ramble off.

  370. I caught up to where Vmax linked his car blog. Some suggestions for you, Vmax –
    1. Change the top photo to something to do with cars. I saw Japanese lanterns, hit “home”, and got a pic of a chess set.
    B. Once you get more that one poat, create categories. “Ford” “Mustang” “Rebuild”, etc.
    Phi. Tag the hell out of the poats. “springs” “low-profile tires”, etc.

  371. And my daughter’s? Next year, it looks like the coach WHO SUCKS is going to be her coach.

    Ugh. Mr Car In tells me not to get so worked up, but I’M the one driving them to practices and games every day/ every other day. It’s easy to say “don’t get worked up” when you’re not IN THE THICK OF IT.

  372. What do a cheap hotel and Dave’s emerald green butt thong have in common?

    No ball room.

  373. Do they do prog- metal Zumba? I’d join that.

    I don’t even know what that means. Is Ke$ha prog-metal?

  374. No ball room.

    So…….comfortable for him, ever since the “incident”.

  375. I don’t even know what that means. Is Ke$ha prog-metal?

  376. I am planning that Romy, but I have been lazy. Thank you. The header pics are my first priority but I am hazy about how to change them.

    If you see any cool cars send me pics!

  377. First day of training. Ug.

  378. I’m doin’ a new poat, this one’s sluggish like Floyd.

  379. And my masterPOS is finished.

  380. […] The Hostages Big Boob Friday […]

  381. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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